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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?!

What Happens if I Decline God's Blessing?! 


Author: Konson
A company employee was reincarnated into another world through the work of Gods. So far it goes like your usual light novels' plot, but due to a certain reason and through a certain method, he denied the god's blessing that should have hit him.
The man got reincarnated as is without that fact being found out nor questioned.
Growing up through many hardships without a blessing, he would leave his village alone when he was of age... only to keep getting surprised by this world's common sense. Not to mention his fate of seemingly getting dragged into trouble constantly.
Why can't he just live in peace? There was a time when he thought he could lead an uneventful life as an ordinary man...


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Chapter 1 Prologue

Chapter 2 Otherworld and Me

Chapter 3 "Me" and 'Me'

Chapter 4 Absurdity Always Comes Unannounced

Chapter 5 Power Under Duress and Rejection

Chapter 6 Regret and General Knowledge 

Chapter 7 Wordplay

Chapter 8 Days

Chapter 9 Communication

Chapter 10 Born to Bedlam  

Chapter 11 Familial Love

Chapter 12 Harsh Reality

Chapter 13 Law of the World

Chapter 14 To Live, Culture Shock

Chapter 15 Prey

Chapter 16 Rage at the Malice

Chapter 17 Through the Bully's Eyes

Chapter 18 Consequences

Chapter 19 Where Power Headed to

Chapter 20 Through the Father's Eyes

Chapter 21 Before Departure

Chapter 22 Oneself

Chapter 23 Each One

Chapter 24 Companies in Travel and Life

Chapter 25 Circumstances

Chapter 26 Shock & Shock

Chapter 27 Optimism, Swept Over

Chapter 28 Fact, Lie, and Truth

Chapter 29 Price of Life

Chapter 30 Aryl's Perspective

Chapter 31 Merchant Association

Chapter 32 Way

Chapter 33 Looming Crisis

Chapter 34 Randolf's Perspective

Chapter 35 Head

Chapter 36 Reason

Chapter 37 Hustle Bustle

Chapter 38 Eye for People

Chapter 39 Worries

Chapter 40 Sense of Incongruity and Hunger

Chapter 41 Confidence Show

Chapter 42 Shocking Meal

Chapter 43 Change to Conviction

Chapter 44 Toilet and Magic

Chapter 45 That Thing You See Often

Chapter 46 Principle Reason Confusion 

Chapter 47 God, Intervention

Chapter 48 Vastness

Chapter 49 Dream Start Dash

Chapter 50 Morning and Fiery Gazes

Chapter 51 Not Going as Planned

Chapter 52 Communicated Uncommunicated

Chapter 53 First Time

Chapter 54 Inference

Chapter 55 Second Time

Chapter 56 Death of a Scoundrel

Chapter 57 Zeal

Chapter 58 Disjointed Conversation and Splatters

Chapter 59 Three Parties

Chapter 60 A Man Called Eltros

Chapter 61 The Girl's Suffering 

Chapter 62 Negotiation in Name

Chapter 63 Gap

Chapter 64 Indispensable Part of Fantasy

Chapter 65 Whereabouts of Power

Chapter 66 Sooner or Later

Chapter 67 End of Matter

Chapter 68 Thought

Chapter 69 Two Choices, Unpicked Yes and Progress Blocking

Chapter 70 Unbelievable

Chapter 71 Feigning Ignorance

Chapter 72 The Steeled

Chapter 73 Picking Up the Tab

Chapter 74 Contract

Chapter 75 Flourishing Business

Chapter 76 Pressure, then, Happening

Chapter 77 Sense of Distance

Chapter 78 Circumstances

Chapter 79 Where One Belongs

Chapter 80 Excuses

Chapter 81 Mind Set

Chapter 82 Elf Serena

Chapter 83 Flight to See Another Day

Chapter 84 Nailing Down

Chapter 85 Rotten Fruit and Nailing

Chapter 86 Alleyways

Chapter 87 Power Adjustment

Chapter 88 Looking Back

Chapter 89 Normal

Chapter 90 Various Later

Chapter 91 Magic Bag Power, Quickness

Chapter 92 Roles

Chapter 93 Morning

Chapter 94 Helping Other

Chapter 95 Denial

Chapter 96 Results

Chapter 97 Fantasy a Moment Ahead

Chapter 98 Encounter

Chapter 99 Carving

Chapter 100 Beyond Reason

Chapter 101 Ignore

Chapter 102 Those Who Can't Accept Reality

Chapter 103 Ability

Chapter 104 Spirits

Chapter 105 Explanation

Chapter 106 Impatience

Chapter 107 Arrival

Chapter 108 Entry Inspection and the Power of [Second Class]

Chapter 109 Emergency

Chapter 110 Sinister Plot and the Victim

Chapter 111 Reikana's Intuitions

Chapter 112 Behind the Out of Place-ness

Chapter 113 Strong

Chapter 114 Bridge Crossing

Chapter 115 Refused and Yet

Chapter 116 Irksome, Match Pump, Grace

Chapter 117 Giving Up

Chapter 118 Distrust and Sincerity

Chapter 119 Do You Want to Know How People See You Like?

Chapter 120 Value of Power

Chapter 121 Unfurling

Chapter 122 Ominous Feeling and Magic Beast

Chapter 123 Freedom and Faith

Chapter 124 Peeking Out of Curiosity 

Chapter 125 Feigning Ignorance and Hypocrisy

Chapter 126 Convenience

Chapter 127 Explosion

Chapter 128 End Result

Chapter 129 What a Surprise

Chapter 130 Overdid It

Chapter 131 The Other Trample Down

Chapter 132 Castle Stroll

Chapter 133 Bad Wake up and Hardcore

Chapter 134 Butterfly Effect

Chapter 135 Duel

Chapter 136 Emperor

Chapter 137 Emperor's Recollection

Chapter 138 Extra

Chapter 139 Imperial Princess' Motive, Elves' Doubt

Chapter 140 Nothing Happening

Chapter 141 The Known, and the Unknown

Chapter 142 Value of Intelligence

Chapter 143 Ceremony Beginning

Chapter 144 Announcement and Objection

Chapter 145 Entry at Last

Chapter 146 Research Result

Chapter 147 Elves vs Magic Beast

Chapter 148 What the Imperial Princess Sees

Chapter 149 Wonder What is a Soul?

Chapter 150 Indecisiveness Invites the Shadow of Death

Chapter 151 Goldeuro, Yells

Chapter 152 Ball Rolling to Unexpected Spot

Chapter 153 Conclusion

Chapter 154 Festival

Chapter 155 Inner Gate, Arrival

Chapter 156 Gate Open

Chapter 157 Fire Extinguishing

Chapter 158 Vicious Beating

Chapter 159 Avalanche

Chapter 160 Forest of Abundance

Chapter 161 What in the Pig

Chapter 162 Forewarning

Chapter 163 Rough Welcome

Chapter 164 Conversation [Elder]

Chapter 165 Accepting Favor 

Chapter 166 Getting a Rise on

Chapter 167 Insistence

Chapter 168 Guaranteed Development

Chapter 169 What Surfaces Up

Chapter 170 Child Mind and Conclusion of Inference

Chapter 171 That's Bad News

Chapter 172 Plan Starts

Chapter 173 Plan Succeeding

Chapter 174 Disposal

Chapter 175 Provocation

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