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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 367

367 Curious Content


The man muttered, 'You monster...', as he fell down vomiting blood.
It's weird how the man I punched in the face flew off while this one on the stomach didn't.
I just chalked it up to the power being concentrated into destroying his innards.
The man's life was no more as the blood kept coming out without stopping.

"Ah, why does it always end this way? And now I'm curious. What are they hiding in the cave. There's nobody who could possibly ignore that once they've come this far, is there? Guess I'm sticking my neck in..."

I murmured as I turned my gaze at the cave. There's only one option left now, a house search. My action has become templated. My curiosity has won over the urge to reject.
These guys wouldn't have met their end if only they just showed me the way to the nearest human dwelling.
However, it was abundantly clear the 'something' inside me would never let that come to pass no matter how hard I struggled regardless.
I rummaged the two's pockets for money while being wrapped in that sentiment.
I've gotten really used to this stuff. My sense of value might have veered off the course now. I don't even feel a tinge of guilt anymore.
I'm so good at it, it might as well be my profession? which disgusted me a tad.

(Money gotta circulate in this world. The dead has no use for it. Might as well grab their equipment too. I'll leave only the bodies for the nature. A fitting end for villains.)

For those who have no 'worth' in society, their only use is to become nourishment in the ecosystem of the great nature. Even that might be too good for them.

"Hm~? When did I become this cold to baddies? Heck, I might turn out being the baddie here depending on what's inside the cave."

I carefully stepped inside the cave. The cold air sent a chill down my spine.
It seemed quite deep but the path was straight with no junctions. I arrived at the deepest end soon enough.
The space seems to have been artificially dug out, enough to comfortably fit ten adult people.
That alone would have been nothing weird, but here I saw a classic in fantasy.

It's people with their limbs tied up.
All three of them are women. They must have been kidnapped and confined here.
Their mouths aren't gagged, but there's clear traces of tears on their faces.

"What's the reason for your kidnapping?"
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I asked that curtly and bluntly. No delicacy at all.
That's not important now. I have no more reason to be here after getting this far.
I found what those thugs were hiding. What comes next is their story. Then I'm gonna need to send these women back to their homes. That's the final goal of this mess I've found myself in now.
Of course my conscience won't allow me to leave these women here. Hence my question as it relates directly to that goal.

The women got up frightened, naturally not knowing my intention.

"W-who are you!? What are you planning to do to us!?"

Several magic lamps have been installed in this place, there's enough light to illuminate the area.
Of course they'd be frightened by the hooded mantled me.
Someone like that showing up out of nowhere would put anyone at a MAX alertness level.
However, that fact missed me because I was busy thinking about myself. Wracking my head trying to formulate how to end this mess.
Their worries can be postponed. This is a mess I put myself into, so I'm gonna see it through to the end.

"I'm here to rescue you people. I'm not your enemy. Rest assu... I guess no point. Anyway, I'll get those ropes off you."

I took a knife and tried to cut their ropes, but then I realized what they were afraid of so I took off my hood.
They finally relaxed enough to let me untie them and give me a listen.






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