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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 372

372 Consideration


I finished cooking the meat after a while. The only seasoning is a sprinkle of salt. Rabbikk meat has no gamey taste to it, enabling it to mix its meaty flavor with any spice well. Put simply, it's plain.
I've added some wild edible plants as well, so it should be filling.
I got us all our own bowl of piping hot soup.

"You all must be hungry. Here you go, oh and I don't need reward for this, eat to your heart's content. I've got seconds too."

It's noon now, a good time for lunch. The ladies can't seem to comprehend how there are a table and chairs out here.
They hesitated for a bit before seemingly giving up and sitting down. That got them near the steamy hot soup, resulting in their stomachs growling.
They turned downcast as if to hide their embarrassment. I pretended to overlook that and spoke sarcastically.

"Dunno what kinda food you usually have. I bet it's all high class stuff no? I'm sure this simple soup won't satisfy you, but bear with it. It'll fill you up at least."

I though it was actually pretty luxurious with all the ingredients, but that's an impression from a village man.
It must be laughable to daughters of federation's bigwigs.

But the word that came out of them after they took a spoonful was 'delicious'.
Afterward, nobody else spoke as they worked on their soup.
Even Linda asked for seconds. Their hunger must work as a spice here.
I finished my meal meanwhile.

"...That was quite the feast. How could I not reward you for this?"
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Linda hadn't given up, she kept pushing from another angle this time.
I warded it off while washing the tableware.

"Naw, no need. Getting rewarded for this is absurd. I'm fed up with this development. I'm busy thinking how to make myself scarce later. If you have time to bother me, you have time to worry about your own safety."

I kept refusing her. I just know accepting this reward is gonna plunge me down the rabbit hole.
Hence I bluntly cut Linda off to make her give up.
That may sounds strange coming from me who repulses connections with others.

(I'm always thinking about myself, I just don't express it well. Despite saying I want to run away... The circumstances never allow me to.)

If I run when things aren't finished yet, the thought of it will constantly haunt me forever.
The more I do that, the more it piles up. The luggage of regret.
Not wanting to carry that around with me is the biggest reason why I only get away when the time is right.
I have no choice but to hang around until that time. Nothing I can do about that.

"This tent's got sleeping bags inside, go ahead and use them. I'll keep a look out. Or do as you want if you don't trust me."

"You're really considerate for someone who keeps rejecting people, aren't you. What are you scheming? No, really?"

Thus Linda told me. What's so weird about treating kidnapping victims gently?
I did tell her that it's only until good bye. But I also said I'd guarantee their safety until then.
And since their kidnappers are no more, my only job now is to wait for the rescuers.

"I've got no ulterior motive. I just think you must be mentally exhausted getting stuck in that place all this time. Scheming? Why'd I do something so bothersome. Didn't you hear me? I just don't want to get involved in your mess."

"You're kind yet you find it bothersome to help other? You really are weird. Well, I'll give up for now. I see you won't be receptive no matter what."

Linda finally declared her withdrawal. Man, she's persistent.
Lady doesn't consider my situation at all.
If only she was the type who gets elated from not having to pay.

The three ladies went in the tent while I keep a watch outside.
They must be tired, they fell into slumber in no time.

(I don't want to think about it but I have a feeling this won't end just like this.)

Revolutionary army? Or so they claimed to be but I just don't agree with their crude methods of kidnapping and threatening. I'm expecting the usual template development.
Time flew by while I was coming up with all possibilities.
And sure enough my premonition came true. Those guys showed up around afternoon tea time.
I've given up trying to escape this mess as it's clear it won't let me no matter what.





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