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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 302

302 Paying the Piper


(Ah, right, I've been hiding under a hood and a mantle, so of course he wouldn't know.)

Nevertheless, there's not a lot of people wielding a katana in this world, normally you would put the two together, no?
There's also a chance Barido never even recognized me being there back then.

"Jump at him altogether! Cut him up to pieces!"

Barido loudly lost his temper, yet none of his subordinates dared to make a move.
Who can blame them. They must all think, 'Am I gonna die next?'
After my show of strength, these mob wouldn't dare to throw their life down just like that.

But that's too naive of them. Why am I here? Why did I go out of my way to talk to Barido?
Why did I let myself get surrounded? Cause that's all part of the plan of course.

"Go ya in the back!"
"You're full of openings."
"Fleeting flash in the sky, roaring echo, scorching ruin! 『Grieving Thunder』!!"

Kidd mowed down horizontally and cut up two mob. Then he swung his sword back, slicing another one.
Danku swiftly stabbed at the vital points, ending two lives in one breath.
Mary's magic produced crackling lighting in the air and burned down four people at once.

Only six 'Ring of Light' members remain. Plus Barido. Their number has been quickly curtailed.
Didn't think my ambush plan would work this well.

This was the strategy White Fang and I came up to after discussing how to completely crush Barido.
They all decided to take the matter into their own hands.
I wouldn't mind taking all these mob myself, however, White Fang folk were fed up with his crap.

"You have gone too far. This is the end of the line. Twice you have attempted to take our lives, we cannot overlook it anymore. It's too late for regret."
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Firuna declared Barido's impending death. Which made him fly into rage.

"Damn! Damn! Damn! How dare you use dirty tricks! An ambush!? Men, what's holding you up! Go and kill 'em quick! Move! Quit getting cold feet now!"

Barido lost all his composure and showed his true color.
Getting mad at everything. Blind at his own scheme turned on him. Screaming and shouting at random.
Who's gonna follow someone this pitiful?
The rest of 'Ring of Light' could only look around restlessly, unable to run, having no resolve, worrying only about their life.

One of them ran off ahead of everybody else. He took the perfect opportunity when all of us was focused on Barido's mad ramble.
The man was heading straight to second floor, Wearing a leather chest protector and two knives, an agile type.
Must be the scout. Around five meter away with his back behind us, he suddenly fell down.

"Where do you think yer running off to by yourself huh. You all is gonna die here."

Melgis jumped on the running scout and slit his throat.

"We've made up our mind. What about you, Barido?"

Barido started making excuse as if Kidd's words never reached his ears.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 27

To Tomorrow


Alright, it's been two days since the Stampede so now we're heading to the guild to grab our reward and register our party.
It's afternoon so other adventurers should have finished taking theirs already.
We purposely went late to avoid people trying to solicit Alma into joining their party.

By the way, yesterday we spent all day relaxing in the inn while discussing our future plan.
I mean, can't really muster up motivation to do anything after such a huge battle, can you?
Presently, we're planning to use this town as a base of operation while hunting in low level territories like the forest and such, mostly focusing on training and gathering stuff like mats, and ingredients.
I'm still weak with virtually nil practical experience after all. I've been relying on nothing but ambushes so far, direct confrontations are kinda a big hurdle with my stats.
And even though Alma has obtained Paladin Job, she's still a beginner in adventuring business. We gotta think up ways to work together.

At the guild, we went straight to the receptionist Neia-san.

"Ah, Alma-san and Kajikawa-san, welcome. Thanks for your hard work with the Stampede. I'm so glad to see you're both safe."

"Same to you, good work with the herb appraisal. Nobody's died all thanks to the stockpile of potions you got us."

"A-are you sure? Ehehe."

Neia-san shyly yet happily laughed. I'm being healed.
I confirmed something in a whisper before we took our reward.

"...By the way, is it fine for me to fetch my reward here? Officially, I was absent during the Stampede..."

"Ah, yes. We apologize, Kajikawa-san's reward will be handed out at a later date. Not only because it may cause a trouble with other adventurers, we are still currently processing the calculation for  Bladewings' mats and equipment carried by Hobgoblins."

"Mats aside, am I getting reward from Hobgoblins' stuff?"

"Master said it's kind of bonus for living up beyond his expectations. I can't believe master would praise someone outright like that, you're really amazing, Kajikawa-san! What did you do?"

"Sure you wanna hear it? It's gonna get pretty grotesque."

"Hiie, I take it back! You're scaring me, Kajikawa-san!"

How rude. I just squashed some weird birds and made minced meat out of Hobgoblins... Err yup, that's terrifying.
By the way, people who know about Soarer's real identity include Alma, her parents, guildmast, Appraiser Filsdaim, and guild staff members of Daijel.
I was kinda worried the staff might leak it, but apparently the guildmast's got a Skill that can prevent that. Even if a staff member attempted to leak confidential information, their mouth would immediately shut down on the spot.
Guildmast's Job is 'Commander', it makes the people under his commands work well together, a Job suited for leaders of organizations.
The reason he took the risk of being present in the Stampede the other day was for the sake of commandeering the people.
...Well, I guess I'll stop pursuing the fact that there were double the number of magic beasts than estimated then. Nobody died anyway, and honestly it was a nice little exp festival.

"Ah, we also have a message for 'Soarer'. They wished us to tell him the next time he dropped by the guild."

"Message, to Soarer? From who?"

"From Baredrai-san and Rasfin-san, 'We owe you one in the Stampede. Let us treat you to a drink at least. Dunno where you ran off to in such a hurry.'"

"Ahaha... I got a bit too much into the role and stood out. I didn't want to get barraged with questions in the celebration feast so I excused myself early. Those two were quite a big help to us themselves."

Had those two not been there, we likely wouldn't see zero casualty.
That Werewolf was just that dangerous.

"A lot of adventurers also talked a lot about Soarer and Alma-san. Like, 'What's up with that mask', or, 'We gotta have that Flaming Warrior in our party'. Someone's popular~."

"I have no say on the mask..."

"Oh E-ranked 'Heavenly Dragon' party led by Darandizma-san in particular is really persistent trying to invite Alma-san."

"Those are the same people who said to me 'You're worthless, go home' the moment they found out what my Job was back then... Frankly, I wish they'd go away."

Alma pouted with a very low voice. Oh she's mad alright.
No wonder with that way of rejection.
I mean, what the heck is Heavenly Dragon. They're still Rank E, aren't they getting ahead of themselves? Or maybe they put that name in hope of a bright future?

"E-err... Ah, right, let me give Alma-san's reward."

Neia-san steered the awkward topic away.
No no, it's not your fault.
It's all on that Darasomething! Damn you Darasomething! Whatshisname!

"First you have Stampede's participation reward for 50000 en, in addition to that are one Werewolf, four Bladewings as well as several goblins, the total comes at 75680 en."

"...I've never earned this much in one day."

Her sullen look turned surprised.
From what I could tell, it's more about a sense of accomplishment than the amount of money itself.

"It's really a lot of money. Wonder if this is gonna be a regular thing if we raise our Rank and finish some big job."

"We managed to get through it without anyone hurting this time by chance. Taking on jobs beyond our capability just for money is not good."

"Agreed. Well, about time I should start thinking of taking on low level monsters instead of just herb gathering though."

"I wholeheartedly agree! I'm so done with having to appraise so many herbs each time!"

Neia-san, you gotta keep that in your head.
Like, can't you at least worry about my well being a teensy bit.

"Ah right, with your accomplishments in this Stampede, both of you have Ranked Up. Congratulations."

"Oh, finally graduated from Rank G. Still Rank F though."

"Oh no, both Kajikawa-san and Alma-san have been promoted to Rank E."

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I get it with Alma who was previously Rank F, but why me too?

"Um, shouldn't I be Rank F?"

"...No F-ranked adventurer can take on five Hobgoblins and three Bladewings on their own, said master, however raising your rank too much would cause a problem so he made it so it's just one rank above normal."

"I'm not sure if E-ranked adventurers can do that either..."

"Probably not..."

Hey you two, quit it with distant eyes.

"At Rank E, you are to mainly deal with eliminating magic beasts that are over level 10, but please don't overdo it when you're just starting out... Oh wait, Alma-san already said that."

"We will. Thank you for your kind advice."

"We'd like to register a party. Hikaru and me are forming one."

"Ah, right you two haven't done that yet. I didn't realize since you were always together."

"Is there any merit to forming a party besides members helping out one another?"

"Well the commissions you can take expand based on your Skills the more members you have, and the more commissions you complete the more guild trusts your party. That opens up more chances to take on commissions that earn a lot, that's the chief reason for many people."

"I see. Well our party only got me and Alma, so we're stuck with magic beast culling and herb gathering work for the time being."

"To register a party, please decide on the members, party name and type of commissions you wish to orient on."

Party name huh...
A name that's too grand's gonna sound painful when you're still low ranked, something I've been made painfully aware of just now.

"Alma, any input on our party name?"

"...I'm not confident I'll give a good name. It's on you, Hikaru."


She threw it all on me. Uuh, let's talk it out a bit at least.
Heck, maybe I should just put some references or something. Like Chikuwadaimeibou... No no, rejected.
Nn, ah man, just gonna go with guts.

"OK then, let's go with 'Tomorrow of Hope'. Thought that up on the spot, whatchu think, Alma?"

"It's nice... Un, it's nice."

"Is it now. Well, that's that then."

Feels like the name sounds a bit pretentious, but well it should be fine.

In Japan, I was so swamped with work I had nothing fun to look forward to, the closest thing to goal I had was reaching my quotas.
It was depressing to have my goal for tomorrow be nothing but work. I don't have enough time. Tomorrow should never come. It was so bad I wished I could just sleep in forever.
But ever since I came to this world, I got to find so many things I wanted to tackle on like mana control, finding good food or culling magic beasts.
I don't have enough time. Same thought I had in my previous world, yet it doesn't feel depressing at all.
This party's gonna start tomorrow.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 301

301 Disorderly Crowd


As it turned out, 'everything went as expected', for better or worse.
I was waiting behind a tree when 'Ring of Light' party led by Barido arrived at the stairway to floor four.

"Scout, how is it? Any sign of 'White Fang' going down this stairway?"

Barido called out to his party, a group of 30 people.
They must be a joint group of the next party that went down after 'Ring of Light'. They then met up inside the dungeon.
Apparently there's no hard rules to the size of a party, however you can't have a party too big entering a dungeon either.
You generally don't want more than 15 people per party due to issues with luggage, coordination, fighting and traversing in narrow dungeons and so.
Yet despite all these issues, Barido still opted to lead that many people.
Yes, in order to crush White Fang and conquer this dungeon for real.

"I don't see traces of anyone treading this stairway. What's your order? Should we go ahead and clear the dungeon first?"

"The fact that White Fang didn't go down despite all the signs of them heading here bothers me... Check the perimeter. We must eradicate them once and for all here! Just you wait!! 'Ring of Light'! This great Barido! Will be the one standing at the adventurer zenith!"

(Oh boy, his small man aura is in full throttle...  Yup, it's pitiful how tiny he is. But thanks to that, I can leave my mercy behind.)

"Hey? Care to have a little talk? It's to decide whether you guys get to live on or not."

I came out of hiding while saying that.

"What? Who the hell are you? You realize you're speaking to 'Ring of Light'?"

Barido didn't have that composure he showed in our first meeting.
Then I noticed he too must have not been given another chance by his backer.

"Yeah, I know. I heard you just now. Eradicate White Fang, was it? What does 'eradicate' mean here anyway?"
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I decided to ask directly. I know there's no point in prolonging talking with someone who's been driven to the corner.

"I see, I must have you dead along with them if you heard us... the dead can't talk, can they? Exactly that. I shan't let those White Fang folk die easily, not until I'm satisfied. Aah, we're gonna sell the women as slaves once we're done with them. I'll make them regret for making a fool out of me!"

Everyone in the group smirked grossly while slowly encircling me as Barido made that speech.

(Ah, it's all of them huh... guess I don't have to hesitate then. Makes things easy.)

"Really now, well I'll put up a resistance since I don't wanna die. Have you guys prepared yourselves? You know that you can't complain about getting killed if you're going in for the kill, yeah?"

"Fufufu, hahahahaha! What a funny man! How do you propose to go up against us all by your lonesome! I don't care who you are and why you talked to me here. But this is where you die all the same. There is no turning back! Now dance for me until your last breath!"

(Here we go with the long monologue. I took care of three men while you were busy.)

I swung my sword at one of the mob surrounding me.
The second one with a return swing. And then the third one with a look of surprise on his face.
Why should I keep listening to the speech of someone aiming for my life?
The speech isn't even interesting or insightful. Barido was drunk with his own garble and didn't spare a glance at me.

I have not used Acceleration. I've broken through the encirclement around me.
So now I just gotta keep going after them one by one to prevent another encirclement.
But all the men here stayed still with a stumped look 'What happened?' without even attempting to draw their weapons. These guys are really inexperienced.

I did karate in my previous life. I've gone through quite a number of practices.
Practicing the know how on how to position yourself, footing, observing the surroundings and field of vision in one-against-many scenarios.
The dojo I went to was an old one that focused on actual combat situations, the basics I learned there worked even with a weapon in hand.
Thus, I'm able to find openings while slipping past their besiegement and avoiding hits.

These guys' biggest shortfall is getting cocky on their number.
Creating a fatal gap in their head, thinking 'What can a lone man do?'
All despite lacking information on what I'm capable of, thinking the power of number make them superior.
'Someone else is gonna do it, someone else is gonna take care of things', they all have the same thought running in their heads despite the lack of actual combat experience, simply carrying weapons to hit on things. Honestly they're no better than straw man practice targets.

By this point I had already cut down 15 people. It took a bit of time because there were many of them.
They surrounded me once again. Barido's voice finally cracked here.

"B-b-b-bastard, what have you done! Unforgivable! I won't stand this!"

In contrast to the reddened enraged face of Barido, the people surrounding me turned dead pale.
My head was occupied by something else.

(Barido... You... don't remember me...)

We met once during that time I was on my way back from the forest with White Fang after a test of strength. The fact that he didn't remember strangely saddened me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 300

300 Key Point


"First, let our pursuers go down the stairway ahead."

"For what? They're gonna beat us to the punch if we let them."

My plan still has key points left over, yet Kidd is already against it.
Thus I ask him, what's important here.

"I get that your goal is this dungeon's conquest. And it must suck to lose. But isn't that the least important thing for 'White Fang' right now? Which one do you pick, that or survival?"

"That will be 'Survival' of course. There is nothing more important than being alive."

Firuna gave her answer. Danku and Melgis agreed with her.
But our resident can't-read-the-room mage, Mary declared loudly.

"Both are important! Dungeon conquest! And living on! Also, I won't stop until I knock down that marquis whatshisface and Barido! That's easy with your power, isn't it!? I can't stand it anymore!"

The extreme Mary. The peace preferring Danku and Melgis. The dungeon minded Kidd. And the survival focused Firuna.
Thus the opinions are split.
As for why I delineate Firuna from Danku and Melgis.

"We should seek to discuss things with Barido and have him mediate us with the marquis."
"Get it on a written contract then get them deliver that to the marquis. Surely the marquis will pull back after, yeah?"
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Danku and Melgis spoke one after another. Fitting opinions from the peace loving faction.
But doing so also means having to discard their pride. Even if Barido agreed to them, there's no guarantee the marquis would.
Being aware of that, Firuna chided them sharply.

"Doing such would label not only you two but us all as less than third rate adventurers with no self-respect. Truly absurd. That may be indeed a good option if your goal is simply to survive. But we are adventurers. I'm sure you two don't need me to explain how fatal that is, right?"

Both Danku and Melgis couldn't rebut her. This adventurer business sounds pretty stringent. Goes to show that all jobs in any world have their share of hardships.

"First we should observe whether Barido truly brings an assault group in here. Once we're certain of that, we crush them."

"But why? What's the point now?"

Kidd asked the obvious question.

"It's to ascertain that they're really here to kill White Fang. Regardless of whether their turn to enter the dungeon after us was manipulated or by chance, Barido would have attacked us anyway. And I know that they've tried to pull that once before, but if they're going at it again, it shows that the marquis himself wants us dead. That much is clear considering Barido got acquitted by the authorities. Otherwise, the marquis would have severed ties with this rogue adventurer he hired. So I'm not going to show them any mercy."

With how divided White Fang was on this issue, I opted to lay it down all at once to prevent a dissenting voice.

"But if what showed up is a completely unrelated group of adventurers, we should retreat bringing with us all the info on floor three. Though we still need to be careful of Barido's group. If we come across them midway through our journey back, we'll crush them. Chiefly by me though."

They all took a step back when I said the last part. Even the extreme Mary. I'm only saying the truth though. I mean it was me who smashed all the monsters on our way here.

"Say we keep going down now and conquer the dungeon. Then we go back and bump into Barido's group, what then? Wouldn't that turn into an even bigger mess?"

'Ah', they looked like they realized something after I said that.

I said it like it was a plan to keep White Fang alive, but it was all just a mask for 'me doing all the work' at the end of the day. The key point here is to get them understand it's ultimately their problem.
Honestly, I don't think anyone can blame me for feeling completely whatever about all this which I hadn't had for a while.
I just want to put all this dungeon mess behind and go back to sleep in a fluffy bed at an inn somewhere.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 299

299 Pinch


One thing's been nagging me though.

"Hey so, you guys know where the stairway to floor four? Seems to me you're dead set on following a straight path, we gonna be all right?"

I'm sure my doubt is reasonable. Mary replied to me.

"Ah, that huh? In most dungeons, the entrance and exit are connected in a straight line you see. It's just the space between them is often time a maze, but since this dungeon's big with a good view and all, we should find the exit if we just keep going straight."

They didn't simply walk without a plan. All their actions have a basis.
Still, Mary sure is eager to answer my questions.
Wonder if it's a recoil to me saying she's not worth my trust.
Shows how serious she is with anything magic related I guess.

(Wonder what kind of face would she make if she found out I have no mana?)

I was a bit curious about that before quickly erasing the thought.
Now's not the time.

'Monster ahead', I entered Acceleration when I heard that and ran off.
I slashed at the monster and returned back to White Fang. Then I undid Acceleration.
I've been repeating that all this time. What kind of monster was it? How many? I never report such. They have no need to know about already vanished monsters.
Our only path is ahead since a threat is looming behind. They'll eventually catch up if we don't get to the next floor.

(It being a 'threat' only applies to 'White Fang' though.)

We spent quite some time repeating such. My sense told me it should be around two hours.
With me swiftly dispatching any and all monsters Melgis sensed, our advance has been quite, no, unbelievably fast.
To the point 'White Fang' started to worry about getting in too deep.

And then we finally found the stairway to floor four.

"Finally here... Now then, are we going down right off or what?"

Kidd was impatient to plunge straight away. Other members opposed the idea.

"Let's rest. None can tell what's in there. My legs need respite."
"Oh, oh, me too, my feet are hurting~ We walked so much so fast to get here, I wanna lay down~."
"Yeah, same goes for me. My concentration's at its limit. The fatigue's come rushing in now that we're here."
"I believe it would be wise to have our break down below..."

"We should set up our camp some distance away from this spot. We're staying there overnight."

All of them were surprised at my suggestion. Seems like I gotta tell them what I have in mind.

"Let's go look for a nice spot a bit far apart straight from this stairway. Melgis, do you know any skill to erase our footsteps along the way?"

"Just what exactly are you thinking? Well, yeah sure I can do it... but tell me why."

"Ah. It's for the sake of expanding your options to 'survive'."

I can't imagine ever finding myself in a pinch thanks to this 'power'. But the same can't be said to 'White Fang'.
Thus I proposed this plan to help with their survival.

"I'll enumerate some of ideas I have. You guys decide what's best."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 298

298 What's the Source of Your Fatigue? 'Mental'


"Why ask that now... Well fine. You see, the older a dungeon the stronger its influence on space grows. So a dungeon this vast must have lived for so long you can't even imagine the exact number."

"Hee~. So the entrance to this wonderfully old dungeon showed itself now of all time huh."

I was talking to myself there but she overheard.

"Yep. Something like this happening is super rare, just you know. Most dungeons popped their entrances above ground after about a year. This one is pretty much a Grand Dungeon class..."

She missed 'now of all time' it seems.

(Guessing it's because of me... Gotta accept that by now.)

Yes, as someone who constantly gets dragged into a mess after a mess, even this dungeon's emergence must have been caused by that 'something' on me.
However, that fact has got nothing to do with White Fang and I don't want them to start interrogating me, so I keep it to myself.

"I'm guessing dungeons that get this big have fewer floors to compensate, or maybe not?"

I still have a question left. An important one for this expedition.

"We still don't know about that point. I mean, there's no record of a dungeon this huge before, it's a first in history..."

"I believe this dungeon definitely has a boss. As for on which floor, we have no choice but to keep going until we reach the deepest one."

Firuna added to Mary explanation. Meanwhile our clothes dried up.

"Okay, I'm ready now. We've gotta move out soon or else Barido might catch up to us."

Kidd urged our departure. Apparently the next batch of adventurer party is given permission to enter the dungeon after a period of time from the last batch.

We erased the fire and went back to the lake and started walking around the bank.
There's no sign of monsters spawning even after a while.

"My magic search doesn't work underwater. But I managed to grasp the size of this lake somewhat."

"Tell us the rough distance between our location and the opposite bank."

Mary sighed at Kidd.
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"You don't want to hear it. We've still got a looong way to go. Knowing now's just gonna wear yourself out."

Kidd could only smile wryly at her reply. Same with other members.
I'm reminded that I haven't study length units used in this world.
It bothers me a bit but I can't tell if the knowledge falls on 'being study-able' or 'something your average country bumpkin doesn't know'.
Asking that question here is akin to giving them information about the relationship between me and this world.
'Was he in an environment with a good education or not' and such. You can trace it back from there.

Hence, keeping silent is essential. An important skill to live in this world.
My goal is to lead a recluse life somewhere peaceful. Currently, I still can't decide if I should get along with this White Fang party or not.
Still trying to measure if it's fine to get more involved with them or not.
I'll be fine with having White Fang as my cover, but if they make an attempt to utilize me for their benefit, I'm leaving the kingdom.
Guess my next destination is gonna be the federation? My mind wandered.

We kept trudging on when Mary finally spoke.
Think it'd been an hour since the last time? We came across zero monster in the meantime, the journey was smooth.

"In just a bit, we'll be right at the opposite end of where we were."

We must have covered quite a lot of ground. Thanks to that serpent popping up, all the monsters around must have scampered away, there's still no sign of any even now.

"How about taking a break here? I don't sense monsters nearby. It's a good spot to catch our breath."

Melgis proposed. He's weirdly assertive. I thought he was pro exiting this dungeon.

"Now that we've come this far, it's do or die. Both pressing on and falling back carry the same risk of dying. So I'm gonna bet on the former and do it right."

Noticing my gaze, Melgis replied. Seems like he saw through me.
The guy is a scout. He must be mentally drained from always on the lookout ahead.
I realized how inconsiderate I was being when he must be the one most fatigued among us.

(Right, I gotta take some burden off Melgis by killing any monsters he found as soon as possible.)

It was a huge misunderstanding. He looks tired *because* of me. However, that truth escaped me.

Melgis is mentally weary due to his fear of watching me eliminating monsters at a breakneck speed. It has nothing to do with scouting being nerve wracking.
Every single time, he would announce any enemy he found which then disappeared in the same exact moment. He couldn't understand what was going on at first, but gradually got it the more it happened and started to fear.
That fact took a toll on his mental fortitude.

"Alrighty, let's take a quick break. The rest of the way is a straight path through the forest from here. Melgis, we're counting on you."

"Yeah, I got your back. No worries. Just gotta go at it like usual..."

Must be the usual exchange between Kidd and Melgis.
There I added.

"I'll take care of any monsters you found right away, like I've been doing. You can relax. Leave it all to me."

Melgis's face cramped up when he heard that, but I missed this moment as my eyes were fixated on the forest.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 297

297 Getting Cornered


I still can't accept Barido getting acquitted.
Cause I just know the guy is going to come and mess with us again once he's free.
Guys like that 'never learn'. He's even got a backer. A noble who doesn't hesitate to play dirty. The worst possible combination.
It's so bad I can't think how you're gonna top it.

A cheap villain adventurer, and a noble who uses dirty tactics like he's breathing, just these two factors are full of red flags already. Way past the daily limit.

"What now? We ain't goin' nowhere stopping here."

Kidd sounded anxious. Not like there's any choice but to press on.

"Let us go around to the right of the lake. We do not have the means to cross this lake after all."

Firuna decided. But I just gotta ask this.

"I'm cool with that, but how do you guys plan to deal with those guys?"

All White Fang members looked at me like I said something wrong.

"You said that we'd be branded as bad guys if Barido's group caught up to us yeah? But that's only if we don't exterminate them all. Dead men tell no tales and all. It's within my ability."

However, I'd like to avoid that if possible. For a reason. Quite a simple one. It's a pain in the  rear. A huge one.

"Within your ability? Well I still don't have a clue on this 'trick' of yours, but you're not wrong either, I suppose we've just got to kill them all?"

Mary nodded to me while sulking a bit.
Melgis opposed the idea.

"No, we'd better off avoiding them completely. Better safe than sorry."

"And yet this isn't something that can be put off forever."
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Danku voiced how they can't run away from this forever.
I told White Fang that was inconsequential.

"Aren't you guys misunderstanding something? No I guess, you're not seeing the big picture. By 'exterminate them all', I mean it from the root up."

"What do you mean? You're referring to our pursuers, Barido's group correct? ...No, you're right. Simply exterminating our pursuers won't put this matter to a close indeed..."

Firuna noticed. But I made it clear in words.

"The second and third waves would likely come if we crush the first wave. They'll find out their loss and then blame us with some false accusation. The marquis himself is coming for White Fang."

"Oy... Is that for real? Forget cornered... We're in deep shit?!"

Kidd reacted like he just got a death sentence.

"People of this kind are always thorough in their scumbaggery. I just know. So, I mean it when I said 'all of them'. It's sink or swim."

I spoke to Kidd on the gravity of their situation.
They all finally seemed to get it, each started groaning.

"But against a noble..."
"There's just no way. But..."
"I don't want to become a wanted woman..."
"Heck, they'd arrest us right away..."
"Just how are we supposed to do... What's our best course of action..."

"Conquer this dungeon, take the core with you and go back outside without encountering our pursuers once. Then rush to the adventurer guild. I'm sure even they'd give up after all that, yeah?"

I blurted that out nonchalantly. Since I just don't see any other way out.
Raise 'White Fang' fame without hitting any blemish along the way. Do that, and this crisis should naturally pass.

However, all that is a total pain in the butt for me. On the other hand, me doing all the work here would make me stand out.
Hence I urged them to hasten our pace and conquer this dungeon.

Here I asked something unrelated that had been bugging me.

"Hey, is there a reason why this dungeon has so much space? How do you even explain this phenomenon?"






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 296

296 Traps


We went back a bit to find somewhere dry and lit up a camp fire.
We're keeping our clothes on as we're drying them. It would be suicidal to take them off with all the monsters roaming around this place.
We've all formed a circle around the fire to discuss on things.

"So guys. Shouldn't we pull back now?"
"Who coulda thought there'd be a lake of all things here. A really huge one at that."
"And what's with that super dangerous monster? We almost died for sure back then..."
"So it seems none is against us falling back now then."
"Indeed. With all the information we have gathered... And also, it would be prudent to prepare a small boat if we want to investigate the lake."

"Just you know, I'm gonna keep going okay?"

Sharp glances gathered at me.

"Please tell us your reasoning. Our firepower and personnel is simply lacking. Conquering a dungeon this vast would require cooperation and information sharing with other adventurers..."

"Did you forget about floor two already?"

Melgis realized something with that. Guy's got too sharp an intuition.

"I see... So that's the reason why I heard zero rustling about floor two."

"What do you mean, Melgis? Explain to us too. No point if only you got it."

Melgis spoke after ruminating a bit. In short.

In all previous dungeons White Fang delved, he always managed to gather enough intel beforehand.
And yet the thing about 'Wall of Orcs' in floor two was a complete unknown. Despite the fact that floor one is such an easy floor to traverse through.
Meaning somebody is controlling the flow of information to prevent info on it from spreading.

"And the person capable of something like that this time would be..."

Barido's backer, Marquis Alestain. He's the only possible culprit.

"I see, so that's what going on. A certain marquis has been muzzling adventurers who left the dungeon in order to make Barido this dungeon's conqueror..."

A lot of adventurers suffering grave wounds we saw outside must be from them resisting that muzzling attempt aside from monster attacks.

"And that's the reason why I'm against leaving this dungeon now."

I've been thinking the word Melgis spoke of on floor two's stairway all this time.
'Gag order' lit a light bulb above my head. Can you blame me with all the keywords thrown my way up until this point? If my fate is to get dragged into mess, there's no way I'd miss out on details like that.

"It's been some time since you brought Barido to the authorities right? He was released at once for being an adventurer hired by the marquis. Where would Barido go to cling on afterward? Marquis Alestain himself of course."

Even though it was a business on the 'underside' of things, there's no way some snotty noble would easily forgive 'White Fang' for thwarting him.
All of White Fang finally turned pale faced. Several traps have been laid up in this dungeon expedition.

1. Cutting off flow of information on the dungeon to get them face the Wall of Orcs.

If White Fang avoided fighting the orcs, they'd likely spread bad rumors about them being cowards who ran away in disgrace.
If White Fang fought off the orcs, they would for sure suffer enormous damage.
Then the marquis's side would simply crush the exhausted White Fang on their way back.

2. Even if White Fang managed to miraculously break through the orc wall, they must get too exhausted to make a good progress. The marquis would simply ambush them from behind.

By nine sets of party, 'Ring of Light' led by Barido. They're gonna bulldoze through the orc wall with sheer numbers and kill us off on floor three.
Having the numerical advantage, and against exhausted White Fang, missing in a dungeon.
Guess that's the risks that come with being an adventurer.
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Both us and them don't have information on floor three. Thanks to this vast field, avoiding their ambush should be doable.
In a way, the forest being so big has saved White Fang. Neither side could have predicted this.

Our fatal mistake is how we went in a straight line toward the lake. 'Ring of Light' could catch up to us simply by following our traces.

"So you're saying we cannot simply head back... very well then. Let us continue this expedition."

"Hey! Firuna? Are you sure? You know that things are only gonna get tougher if we did right?"

Danku told Mary the reason why here.

"It would have been the same either way, then we might as well keep going. Our goal has always been conquering this dungeon. And besides..."

"Going up against Barido and his cronies is a bad idea. If their scout escaped while we were busy fighting their main party, us 'White Fang' would get branded as criminals no matter how much we protested."

Mary looked mortified when Kidd told her that.
Fighting them would spell their doom regardless. That's the third trap. Hence, they have no choice but to keep trucking on.
There is no other way.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 26

Our Daughter is in Your Hands


TLN: Chapter 23-25 are sub-story, retelling of the story so far from Alma's POV. They can be skipped per author's word so I'm skipping them for now in favor of progressing the main story. They will be done at a later date.

This chapter is a direct continuation of chapter 22.

Chak chak chak
Hello, good evening. It's time for today's cooking show.
Our menu for dinner tonight is katsudon. Absolutely not kattadon even if it's to celebrate our victory.
And today we have Alma Mama, Lunatiara-san as our guest star.
Or more like she offered to herself. Which is a big help honestly.
Having a beauty with a nice body as a support would have normally been quite a boon, but she's a married woman and her husband is watching behind us, I really shouldn't have any weird idea.
This person is the mother of 16 year old Alma, so I believe she should be in her 30s, and yet she looks like someone in her late 20s.
Do you age slower if you raise your level from a tender age or something?

<<Conjecture: She simply dresses to look young.>>

Oh okay.
...Let's stop probing this topic further. Would be scary if she picked it up.

Let's focus on the cooking, for starter, the preliminary work.
First I put prepared seaweed (or something that looks like it) from the water into the pot and take it off the flame just before it boils.
It's gonna take time if you don't prepare beforehand, so be careful here. You'd get a nice stock soup if you had it sit in water for about 30 minutes.
Throw katsuoboshi (or something*(abbreviated)) into the seaweed-less water. Let it boil and take it out.
I stealthily store the taken out seaweed into 'Item Screen'. This Screen is handy and all but it's gonna turn into a trash bin if I'm not careful, I gotta remember to regularly sort it out.
Then I put in soiso (soy sauce-like), sake, sugar and mirin-like made from sake while sampling.
Everybody has their preference, and it's mine this time. Judging from their reaction to karaage last time, it should do well.

Once I'm done with the flavoring stock soup, I proceed with the ingredients.
I peel (slice) Rock Onion's skin, or more like husk and mince it.
Alma Mama helped with the slicing, at a tremendous speed, she was done with it as I stared in wonder.
I was gobsmacked. Alma Mama had a smug look with her whole body. So this is the power of Cooking Skill... No that's probably not all, her high stats must have contributed too. Also, another form of experience different from Skill exp from cooking everyday or something.

For the pork, I sliced it up shallowly and rubbed salt and pepper on it.
Pepper is even pricier than sugar at 3000 en per small bottle. My sense of value is going wild.
I smear the pork cutlets in flour, drop them on powdered flour, seep them in egg and cover them in bread crumbs.
I made the crumbs from cutting up bread, drying and crushing it.
It turned out too hard I had a hard time breaking it down, but Alma Mama easily did it by gripping it in her hand. Gotta take care not to make this person angry. Scary.

I threw the pork cutlets into heated oil. I flipped them over and took them off the flame after five minutes.
On the drying rack, I sliced the surface every 2 cm.

Then I put sliced up onion, stock soup, the softly cut cutlets, beaten egg into the saucepan and shake it so it makes a circle.
I poured the rest of the beaten egg, shook the pot and put them on top of arorice bowls after 10 seconds and sprinkled sliced spring onion-like atop.
I put pickles around bowl edge as a replacement for vegetable to make it a poor man's nutritionally balanced diet.

"It's done. Thank you for your help Lunatiara-san. I'm impressed how fast you were at cutting up the vegetable."

"Ufufu, you're very welcome. The way Hikaru-san cooked was quite unique, I had a lot of fun myself. That crushed dried bread looks like it'll go well with other cuisines besides meat."

"Yes. It also goes well with marine products like fish, and especially shrimp."

"My, that does sound good, I'll give it a try next time. For now, let's all dig in."

We took our seats and dug in our bowls. Thanks for the food.

Uumu, yummy. Donburi/rice bowl dishes really are the best for their sheer volume.
Can't remember the last time I ate my handmade katsudon.
Thinking again, I've only started cooking for myself every day after coming here. I usually made do with convenient store's or instant stuff back on earth.
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"This is good, really good stuff! It's so juicy yet crispy, I can't get tired of this."

"It really is. It looks a bit like oyakodon from back then, yet the texture and flavor is anything but. Tasty."

"Ufufu, now that I've learned how to cook it, that's another win for my repertoire."

I've probably been keeping at this because I'm sharing with someone else.
Having food you made raved on by other people does make you happy.

I washed the dishes and dried them up after we were done.
I've gotten pretty good at drying dishes while floating them, though I gotta take care not to let people see this.

"I-it looks as surreal as ever..."

"Oh but I don't do this when there are other people around."

"Naturally. Oh yeah, apparently you did pretty well during the Stampede."

"Oh not at all, I just threw the mushrooms and horns at most."

"From what I heard, you grabbed several Bladewings and crashed them down the ground."

"I've also heard about how you turned several Hob Goblins into minced meat or worse by dropping rocks from above."

"He also stopped a Werewolf with bare hands and gave me an opportunity to finish it off."

...My oh my, I might have stood out a bit too much.
Also, Alma, please stop adding fuel to the fire.

"...I can understand the former two seeing as you can fly, but what's this about grabbing Werewolf bare hands? That's pretty hardcore."

"Us two could do that easily, but that's quite a tall order for a beginner adventurer."

"Oh no, it was only thanks to the Werewolf being spent from fighting two level 20 adventurers and Alma."

"...I don't think that could be done by just anyone even with the Werewolf spent..."

Alma, are you pulling me up or throwing me down the cliff, which is it.

"M-more importantly, it must have been a hard work defeating the boss. Supposedly, there were a lot more high level magic beasts in the forest than the ones invading."

"Nah. I coulda easily beat it up bare handed."

"The boss was a mere level 40 Goblin King, we should have left Duke here to deal with the raiding beasts."

"Well, even the weak ones sometimes got physical void or magic void equipment, so you still wanna bring an insurance."

Aah, guess Alma Papa would've a hard time against physical void.

"...The boss this time managed to ambush Lunati. That thing's weirdly shrewd for a boss."

"Eh? W-were you alright?"

"Not really, the boss I mean. Lunati sensed the ambush beforehand and beat it down with her cane..."

"I don't need magic to deal with that. Ufufu."

I see even mages become physically strong when they're at a high enough level....

"Oh yeah, been hearing about people asking Alma to join their party."

"They all talked about how Alma-chan delivered the finishing blow to the Werewolf."

"It was only possible because the spearsman and the dualblade exhausting it, and also Hikaru stopping it. I didn't do it alone."

"Right. I'm proud of you realizing that."

"Ooh, look at how much you've grown...! Here, let mom hug you!"

"Just please be careful. I don't want to get choked to death."

She almost did earlier after all.

"So we told 'em we're not gonna butt in if Alma herself declines their invitations."

"Some of them were getting a bit too persistent, a little pressuring glare knocked them out. We won't entrust Alma-chan to people like that."

"That's good, thank you. I've decided on which party I'm joining."

"And is that Hikaru-kun's?"

Felt like the peaceful mood has turned slightly prickly.
Though unlike when we first met, I didn't feel hostility directed toward me this time.

"Un. Hikaru has saved me so many times. I want to repay him even just a bit from now on."

"No no, I haven't done much. But well, I welcome you with open arms. I'm still too weak though, gotta work hard not to drag you down."

"Ufufu, Hikaru-san has got enough guts to introduce himself in spite of Duke's and my glares after all."

"...I'm still not entirely convinced, but yeah, Hikaru-kun is a much better pick than those bunch."


And now I'm curious about that party.
They all looked like they did their best during the Stampede, had no idea there were good-for-nothing adventurers mixed in.

"Our daughter is in your hands."
"Ah, dare you make a move on her and... I trust you get it, capiche?"

"Ah yes."

I said yes in reflex, but what's with the way they say it like they're sending their daughter to marriage. We're just forming a party, aren't we?
Even Alma, why are you blushing a bit, looking content?

"Ah, almost forgot. Reward distribution for the Stampede starts the day after tomorrow, do make sure you go fetch yours."

"It seems the amount of reward is relatively small due to the few participants, but with all the clean-up and stuff, the guild can't make it tomorrow."

"Is that right. Thank you for letting us know."

People are gonna bother Alma into joining them again if we go during busy time, guess we're going later then.
I mean my reward is informally Soarer's after all.
Wonder what to do once our party is official.
Maybe wander around to different places in search of good food.
Ah, but I'm scared of strong magic beasts. Hmm what then.
Well we've got all the time in the world anyway, I'll discuss with Alma later.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 295

295 That Line


I ran with all my might while feeling like 'Amu*o, Launching!'.
And sure enough, I succeeded running on the water surface without sinking.

(Oh crap! This feels sooo good! No obstacles anywhere, and a flat open space that spreads out endlessly, there's nothing quite like this!)

I got close to the giant serpent while shouting inwardly like Ara*e, 'Kiin!'

(I know that we're in a pickle and all but I just gotta say this line...)

I shouted out loud as I drew my katana.

"Fighto! ...I*patsu!"

My blade slid into the serpent's trunk without any resistance. Then I kept running past it.

(Might start sinking if I stopped, gotta get some distance... there.)

I ran and ran and made a turnaround before I ran again and sliced up the serpent from behind while setting my sight back to the starting shoreline.

(Okay, I cut it up from the front and back... now just gotta see the result.)

I arrived at the bank and took a breather before turning around.
Oftentimes, stuff I did under Accelerated state almost always ended with extreme results.
As such, I can't imagine how it'd go this time. I exerted quite a lot of force on the water surface as I ran. Gotta take note on that.

(Now to undo it... here goes nothing!)


Those were the roaring sounds of multiple water pillars rising up the lake.
Around five meter tall water pillars rose up on the spots where I stepped on.
The impacts, sound and appearance-wise as well as from the water splashing here reached the shore where we were.
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(Why can I never hold back whenever I'm under Accelerated state?)

Spilled milk and all, and yet I can't help but to think that.

As for the giant serpent, the part above water surface is nowhere to be seen.
Of course. It flew up high the instant I undid Acceleration.
Like a PET bottle rocket. It leaped into the sky while spinning furiously, vanishing into blue lights far in the horizon.
The rest of its trunk sunk down into the lake while emitting mana light as well.
It was quite a fantastical sight, though it seemed I was the only one with that impression.

"...Hey? What's going on? Where'd that gigantic magic beast gone off to?"
"That was some seriously loud sound... Sure we'll be all right here?"
"Ah hey... Why're all of us so drenched!?"
"Damn I got no word... what the hell are you even..."
"Just what are we..."

The 'Embracing Great Wall' White Fang were hiding behind didn't have a top cover so they got splashed in all that water.

"Guess we'll have to take a break and dry our clothes now. Can't be helped."

I'd like to finish this dungeon asap but not while being this wet.
I took firewood out of my magic bag and tried to light them before quickly giving up due to all the puddles around.

"Let's move out. Can't light a fire here."

I thought 'White Fang' would complain since I was the culprit for it, yet they simply nodded obediently.

Or more like they were at a loss for words, I left them to it.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 294

294 Recklessness Against Violence


"Uwoo! Man, I can't remember ever seeing a lake this big! Just wow."

The lake is almost a sea on its own. I couldn't hide my joy at this.
I mean after so much forest and more forest on our way here, this change is a welcome surprise.

"Oy oy, who coulda foreseen we'd hit this unbelievable roadblock after coming this far..."
"I do not see how we can proceed further without proper preparations."
"How are we even supposed to go around the bank when it's this big!? Like for real!?"
"Yeah we gotta turn back here. There's no other way."
"Bringing back this information alone should suffice for this expedition. Let's take another break here and return..."

Something flashily showed out of the water surface before Firuna could finish.


Letting out that weird noise while breaching the water surface was a, sea serpent, I guess? It looked like a giant snake.

(This thing looks exactly like Salamander Snake.)

I was getting excited alone inwardly, while White Fang members turned dead pale.
Naturally. A gigantic snake has just come out of the water body 30 meters away from us, even the body that's above water is around ten meter long.
The body's diameter seems to be around two meter thick. That alone makes it clear that this is out of ordinary.

"The heck this monster's sprung out from!?"
"Guys, ready to fall back?"
"Hey!? That monster is going to shoot out magic!? I can sense it collecting mana!?"
"Oy! Mary, barrier! Quickly! Snap outta it!"
"Calm down guys! We're retreating once we stave off this attack!"

The serpent opened its mouth wide and produced a water sphere inside. The sphere is gradually getting bigger to match the serpent's gigantic size.

"O slumbering mother earth. Embrace and protect us in your bosom. 『Embracing Great Wall』!"

A bulky earth wall rose up in front of White Fang party.

"Get behind me quick! I've made the wall slanted so it should do well enough against impact from that thing! Figured a direct hit wouldn't last but how about this!?"

Mary's thinking is logical in a way. But only if the 'Water Sphere' is on the same level of her 'Barrier'.
I'm guessing the wall won't be able to endure the brunt of the incoming impact. How so, you ask?
Because the water sphere is obviously much bigger.

"Hey you!? Hide behind the wall too, quick!"
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Mary was worried about me which I brushed off.
There's something I'd like to test out as I attempt to slice that thing.

"There's no way for our attacks to reach that! Give it up! How long are you planning to stay there!?"

Kidd spoke too, but our fate was sealed the moment that serpent showed up. Defeating it is our only way out of this crisis.
Thus I replied.

"This whole place is gonna get blown up if that thing shoots that out. None of you would survive. Then what other choice do we have than to demolish it?"

I got into Acceleration afterward.

===  ===  ===

(Now then, the serpent's stopped moving cause I entered Accelerated state just before it could shoot...)

I stare at the water surface, from the shoreline to the snake.

(Now to see if I can run on the water surface in this state.)

Yep, this is a perfect chance to test that out.

(At worst, I'd sink on the first step, just mean I gotta swim the rest of the way.)

I never would have imagined that I'd now get to test the dumb idea of taking another step before your foot would fully sink in and see if it'd work.

(Let's see how will physics and law of nature rear their heads here...)

Regardless of success or failure, this is a good chance to test the limit of this 'power'.
I get away from the shoreline to prepare a running start just in case it works though.

(Imagine running like Ara*e from Dr. Slump. Guess I gotta assume I'd submerge if I stop?)

I calmly take a start inside my mind. A first step for mankind.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 293

293 Enemy Immediate Kill


Afterward, every enemy we ran into immediately found itself dead. Search and destroy.
Ten goblins, eight orcs, five Purple Eaters, three elephant-like monsters, and two Archaeopteryx-like monsters. All got cut in two in a quick succession.
Eh? Battle scenes? There's none of that. I'd instantaneously got close and cut one every time Melgis gave his warning. That's all.
Well, the Archaeopteryx-like monsters came dive bombing from the sky so I had to counter attack those two. But it was no biggie, a single stroke of my blade and that was it. Almost to the point of me going to mutter, "I cut another banal object..."
We've been smoothly advancing through floor three from our last camp site. They've got a mark on where the stairway is, so we're heading straight to it without any detour. I'm in perfect form thanks to the beauty sleep.
Despite having covered quite a distance, we still can't find anything else besides the ever sprawling vast forest.

"Mary, have you caught anything with mana search?"
"No~thing~ at all~. The entire area's chock-full of monsters. And yet I just don't sense anything else."
"We have suffered zero damage despite such a high encounter rate... Bringing him along was truly the correct choice."
"That's good and all, but sure we gonna keep going? Shouldn't we go back for the time being and sort out all the info we've got?"
"Indeed, returning to the surface might be wise if we still don't find anything after a bit. This floor is too vast. We are ill prepared to continue this expedition."

This floor three is about as big as Hokkaido, a fact that still eludes us all including me presently.
That kind of size easily outstrips what a single human could imagine. However, we couldn't afford to figure that out at this point of time.
First of all, all the tree branches limit our views.
Using Mary's special technique, spreading her mana over an area is like trying to scoop a spoonful of water from a lake.
And the frequent monster encounters also hinders our ability to size up this floor.

By the way, the reason why no monster came to our camp site was due to it being in the zone that belonged to the wolf monsters we came across to early on, neither me nor 'White Fang' were aware of that.

An ogre showed up next. Only one too. Like it's been waiting for us.
Apparently, 'Ogre' is akin to 'Oni' in this world.

"Dammit! Are you for real, an ogre!? We're retreating Danku! Hey you too!"

Kidd said that just as I entered Accelerated state.
Conquering this dungeon asap has fully occupied my mind.
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This ogre looks exactly like the oni depicted in Japan. It's about two and a half meter tall.
There's nothing especially of note about it. To me, it looks all too familiar.

(It's just a big sized human at the end of the day. A single slash takes care of it.)

I swung my sword at the ogre and went back to 'White Fang'. Undoing Acceleration after I got back to my previous spot.
The reason why I didn't undo it in front of the ogre is simply for appearance's sake, so they feel like we're all conquering this dungeon together.
No matter even if that intention falls flat.

'Not again...', someone muttered that as they all had dead fish eyes when they witnessed the ogre got split in two and fell down.
I bet 'White Fang' party would be a master of putting no expression by the end of of this expedition.
At this rate, me looking for the stairway myself would be faster than letting Melgis lead the way, but just as that thought crossed my mind, the scenery ahead suddenly opened up.

There, a lake so huge you couldn't even make out the opposite shoreline came into sight.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 292

292 Resting is Important


I swiftly started making preparations for meal. Produced a tent, a table, chairs, pre-seasoned ingredients into the pot on a portable stove.
I also took some pre-made food and heated it up

I had this all cooked in the kitchen at the inn I stayed in the capital while White Fang was busy having their meeting yesterday.

"Ah, gotta take out the portable toilet too."

Apparently there are stores that specialize in selling necessities for adventurers, and some of White Fang luggage from such stores is inside my magic bag.
I was surprised to find portable toilet among those tools.

(Must be another handiwork of god. I'm just happy it's handy for once.)

Didn't think I'd come across god-related stuff here of all place, but I gotta thank this one for convenience's sake.

I took care of preparing everything and our campground was set up in no time.

"Hey guys? We're inside a dungeon, aren't we?"
"I can attest that we didn't come here to have a picnic at least."
"Um no, you don't see food this fancy even in an ordinary picnic..."
"Anything goes with you huh? Cooking in a dangerous zone like this... Can't deny they look good tho'..."
"You had the food prepared to be cooked right away before putting it into the magic bag... How did I never think that."

Can't tell if they're praising or dissing me. Weird.

Thus I finished making simple soup, bread, salad as well as magic beast steak.

"What a luxurious meal..."
"Having this inside a dungeon..."
"It looks so good, I can't..."
"No comment from me..."
"Such rich flavor... You can't find this outside famous restaurants..."

Mary's fervor diminished once we had the good meal.
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(Humans can't fight on an empty stomach after all. Guess their irritation and anxiety abated a bit now?)

It's not like I'm chaperoning White Fang. I simply did it for my sake, so I could have a quality rest after this.
My inner clock is telling me to sleep.
Time to tell them straight.

"Sorry, I'll leave nightwatch to you guys. I'm going to bed now. You guys decide on departure time. G'night."

I took two personal tents out my bag. One for me alone, and the other for 'White Fang'.
It's a big tent so they can take it easy inside, also by lending them one, I can avoid having to stand watch.

I lay down and fell into slumber right away.

Morning after, or so I guess? There's no night inside a dungeon so the brightness here never changes.

"Morning... fua~. So sleepy..."

I greeted Kidd. It's not like I dislike this 'White Fang' party.

"Ah, managed to get a good rest? The rest of us should be up in a bit. That'll be our cue to depart."

Hearing that, I started preparing breakfast.
I'd put quite a lot of foodstuff inside my magic bag. I served a huge platter-ful of stir fried vegetables enough for us all.
Kidd looked like he couldn't believe it. Weird.

They all woke up by the time breakfast was ready.
And stopped moving once they saw the vegetable platter on the table.

"Breakfast too huh..."
"How can you be so relaxed..."
"We got to eat good food in a dungeon. You won't hear me complaining."
"I have a feeling everything will be fine, come what may."

Seems Melgis has accepted this reality. Firuna is looking long term.

We finished breakfast without a word. I handed out water and cloths for wiping to all of them meanwhile.

"What's with all this...? How are you so thoughtful... Oh, forget it..."

I disregarded Mary who seemed like she'd given up.
Afterward, I brushed my teeth, did my business and wiped my body into a refreshing me.

"Come on, let's do this! I'm so done with this crap, let's crush this dungeon today! Yup, I'm gonna tear a new one!"

They all looked at the pepped up me with a, 'Oy, was he that kind of character?' look in their eyes. Weird.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 22

Celebration Party, Formed Party


The stampede combat is over.
The guild's staff members are in charge of cleaning up the monsters' bodies and collecting materials, rewards will be distributed after confirming Kill Logs later.
People who have defeated magic beasts carrying powerful equipment can take them with them right away. Some people got into scuffles over who defeated which monsters but in most cases, the ones delivering the killing blows had the right of ownership so disputes didn't last long.
Can't believe they still had energy to fight after all that. Some lively bunch for sure.

I went straight to the guild office before I got dragged into the post-battle mess.
Then I returned the rental items and went back to my inn.
There's going to be a celebration party sponsored by the guild tonight. I'm not going, I mean I technically didn't participate in the battle.
I could join as a 'Soarer', but I can just imagine getting swarmed with questions, so no thank you.
Have got guildmast's permission and all already anyway, I'd rather eat and go to bed.
I went in the kitchen to prepare for dinner and sat down to catch my breath.

"Aah, I'm beat..."

"Good work, Hikaru."

"Nuoou!? O-oh it's you Alma, when'd you get so close?"

It's a bit scary how this girl occasionally creeps on me without me realizing.
She doesn't have any ill intent, but man does it feel like a jump scare.

"Sorry for startling you. I went back ahead of time knowing you'd have gone back by now."

"Ah, really... I'm just glad we both made it out alive. Good work, Alma."


I sure don't want to join another battle of that scale ever again.
Then there's Alma's parents who proactively jump in such battles all the time, they must be superhuman.

"Alma, aren't you going to the celebration party?"

"I'm not. After the battle, many people came to me asking about magic swords or inviting me to join their party, it was more tiring than the fight. I honestly don't want to be there anymore."

"O-Oh yeah... You got invited? And your response?"

"I declined them all. They kept mentioning my magic swords, or me being mom and dad's daughter, they didn't even look at me. Most were the people who kicked me out of their party when they found out I was an Apprentice Paladin back then too."

...Is she angry?
Her face remains expressionless but her words sound kinda prickly.

"Then when they started getting pushy saying it would be a waste and I'd hit a limit if I stayed alone, Fifraila got mad and shooed them away."

"Fifraila? That name kinda sounds familiar... Ah, eh? Was it the red haired girl from that three girl party?"

I seem to recall that was her name when I peeked at adventurers' statuses.
Eh, that girl covered Alma?

"Fifraila also asked me to join them after she did that."

"So she shooed those people because she wanted to monopolize you."

"But she was the only person who kept inviting me back then unlike other. I think she's not like them. She can be a bit of a bully, but she's actually really kind."

Ah, a tsundere huh.

"So, what's up? Did you join their party?"

"I didn't."

"Eh, why?"



She quietly murmured after falling silent.

"...I, I... Want to form a party with you, Hikaru."

E, eeeh?

"Fifraila's party is woman-only, so Hikaru can't join. That's not good."

"...Eh? Y-you couldn't get in a party because of me?"

"That's not it!"

She suddenly raised her voice, unusually for her.
She looks at me with a serious expression and a reddened face.

"I didn't have much fun before I met Hikaru. I couldn't get anything done. People kept saying my Job was a failed Job, it made me feel inferior. I kept trying my hardest to no avail, so I, I ended up thinking I was a failure."

She continued while looking downcast.

"But every day has become fun ever since I met Hikaru. Meals taste good. Learning doesn't feel suffocating. It's fun even, I get so much into it."


"Hikaru, will you, form a party, with me...?"

She asked with teary eyes.
Oof, that's some destructive power.

"Please, Hikaru you've given me so much I can't even begin to give back. I want to repay you as much as I could from now on... Or, am I a bother?"

"Not at all. In fact, I'm the one getting helped all the time. I'm not sure if I'd only drag you down too."

"That's absolutely not true... Then it's fine, right?"

"Y-yeah... I know it's late and all, Alma, wanna form a party with me?"


She looked at me with a blossoming smile she never showed before.
Guhaa! W-what power! Oh crap, she's seriously cute.
Dunno if I could keep my conscience... but I might end up like that goblin and Werewolf if I don't keep it together. Gotta throw away evil thoughts.

"Err, well then, let's get along from now on too, Alma."

"Likewise, thank you."

Umu, to be frank, I didn't expect her to depend on me this much.
Trying my hardest to no avail was something people often told me on earth.
Well, I worked to my bone due to that and managed to secure my place, but I was someone whose existence made no difference whatsoever.
Yet Alma thinks that I need to be around huh.
...Oh crap, that's the first time anyone told me that. I dunno what to feel, like a mix of happiness and anxiety.
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A stomach rumbling resounded in the room as my mind descended into chaos.
Destroying the atmosphere.

"...I'm sorry, of all time."


Ah, she laughed again.
Thinking back, today might be the first time I ever saw Alma's smile.
She's usually expressionless after all. Yet she still looks cute, kinda unfair.

"Now then, let's go with extravagant Katsudon for dinner!"


"You fry meat like with karaage then put it on top of arorice. The name sounds like katsu (win), and you're supposed to eat one before a match, so it's the other way around this time."

"Then it would be katta(won)-don?"

"No no, it's still katsudon. Doesn't matter if you eat it before or after a match. The results don't change the name."

Never heard kattadon before. Sure sounds like something the mascot of a rhythm game would say.
Now then, time to make meals for two-



Correction. Meals for four.

Alma's parent could be heard shouting out loud after a loud sound of the door getting flung open.
No no, didn't you two play important roles this time. You should be in the party, hey.

"...Hikaru, do you have enough?"

"Well, I'll manage..."

"Ah! I knew you'd be in the kitchen! I sensed your presence here!"

"Oh! Hikaru-kun, glad to see you're safe too!"

They went straight to the kitchen. Wait, they could tell through presence?! Scary!
And forget a wound, their clothes look barely disordered. Must have been an easy victory as expected.
...Wish at least one of them could stay behind and deal with the mob...

"Good work, you both."

"Good work out there. Err, is it fine for you two to not attend the celebration party?"

"Our celebration party is wherever Alma-chan is."

"I don't dislike some good ol' get together with other adventurers. But not today. We've left all the bothersome stuff to guildmaster, no worries."

I see nothing but worries!
I'm gonna pray for guildmast's gastrointestinal health.

"Err, I'm about to make dinner now, would you like-."

""Yes! Make ours too!""


They're super enthusiastic. Well, they ate up the karaage back then, so they should like this one too.
Now then, time to start cooking.
Ah, it finally feels like I'm back to my daily life.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 291

291 Glared At


"Let's take a break. Quite some time has passed since we entered this dungeon. We need to catch our breath."

Our sense of time has gone haywire since this floor is bright even though we first stepped inside the dungeon in the evening.
Kidd took a pocket watch-like thing from his bosom pocket and checked on it.
Mary who had been snarling at me quieted down after Firuna gave this suggestion.
Understandable. You can tell she was emphasizing on 'calm down' in her serene and sonorous voice.

"Yeah it's way past dinner time. So, should we set up camp here? Or should we make do with rations and go back outside for now?"

Kidd asked. Melgis responded.

"Best to retreat for now. We've got a new intel about this floor. Should fetch a good price. Should be plenty of chance to resume this expedition in the future."

Looks like Melgis is the type who prioritizes safety first. No wonder he's tasked with sensing danger.
However, Firuna is against that.

"We ought to map at least 60% of this floor first. Otherwise the intel can't possibly worth much. Like what we have now."

"Yeah. There's the thing about floor two too. We've got to keep going."

Danku agreed with Firuna. Kidd followed up.

"Yeah, we've only come across one type of monster that spawns on this floor. Not to mention we know absolutely nothing about their attack patterns or their traits. Even if we had fought and got the intel on all that, it'd still be too early to go back."

Once it was clear that we were gonna camp out, Mary spoke out.

"I've got lots of stuff I wanna ask you! Tell me! Just what is that magic you've been using!? I just have to know no matter what!"
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A passionate love call directed at me. Pertaining 'magic' at that.

(I haven't shown them my black hair and eyes after all. This woman seems like an avid researcher of magic, she surely knows about 'Manaless' and 'Blessless' stuff.)

Naturally I don't have mana. No mana, no magic.
Once in the past, I tried producing a flame on the tip of my finger like my mother showed me once.
The result was 'impossible'. I simply don't have the disposition to cast magic.
No matter how strongly I made the image in my mind, or how straining I groaned, I just wasn't capable of casting the simplest form of magic, 'Fire'. I found out the hard way.

That fact would likely come as an unnecessary shock to her if I told her now.
They've also agreed not to inquire. I don't need to respond here.

"Make me think you're 'worthy of trust' first if you want me talk about myself."

"Mary, restrain yourself. We're inside a dungeon remember? Your flippant behavior will only bring us danger. Get a grip."

Firuna glared hard at Mary. Mary immediately quieted down.
Not only Mary, even Kidd, Melgis and Danku flinched a bit.
Firuna must be pretty scary when angered.
I spoke out my mind here in order to shift the mood.

"Now then, what are you guys gonna do? Set up camp, go back, or keep going? Or maybe you're going to quit investigating this floor? I'm personally just about done with all this crap, I'm gonna head straight to this dungeon master and take it out after taking a break."

At this, all members of 'White Fang' glared at me with a bitter look on their face.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 21

Stampede (4) ~End of Fight~


The Werewolf is trembling while crouching and holding the kicked part.
Um well, I suppose everybody can empathize with that pain. Or more like cries of pain?
I mean, when did she even get behind the Werewolf anyway.

BOOSH, Alma's sword was clad in a blue flame along with that sound.
She swung it down at the Werewolf's head who perceived the crisis and barely dodged it by rolling away.
Managing to move in that state huh... This guy's got some guts himself.

"Aren't you that Apprentice Paladin... What is that sword!?"

Rasfin looked surprised as she stared at Alma's Burner Blade.

"I'm no longer an Apprentice. More importantly, we need to defeat that."

"Y-yeah... What's your level?"

"I leveled up once to 11 after defeating a few magic beasts earlier."

Come to think of it, I seem to recall several Bladewings crashing down after eating the Spark Wolf Horn's blinding light, maybe Alma beat them?
She must have gained exp from those and then killed a few more mob to level up and refill her MP.

"That's not quite enough to go up against that thing... Let me handle this, you get back, guh...!?"

Rasfin fell on her knee before she could finish.
Looks like she's starting to lose motor functions due to running dangerously low on MP and SP.

"You can't possibly fight in that state. I will defeat that."


I felt the Werewolf converging mana in its mouth while the two were talking.
That's a sign of 'Berserk Howling' activation huh.
Looking again, the surrounding magic beasts have had their Berserk state undone.
Either it had a time limit or that ball kick earlier prompted their sanity back...

"I won't let you."


"W-what's up with that speed!?"

Flame disappeared from Alma's blade, then right afterward she closed in and slashed at the Werewolf at tremendous speed just as it was about to howl.
Fast!? What the heck is that, her speed rivals my maximum flying speed!
...Hm? I can feel some sort of mana flow on Alma's blade. Is that the source?

<<Magic Sword Lv2 Ability 'Tempest Blade':  Enshrouds sword in wind element as well as grants half of INT to AGI and increases ATK and INT by 10%. 『Addendum: By controlling mana directly, one can consume MP to further increases speed and power.』≫

Another magic sword huh.
I can't really tell the difference in appearance because it's wind element, it's clear that it's enabled her to move at a much faster speed than ordinary however.
She can deal with the Werewolf's speed if it's with that.

Also since Berserk Howling got interrupted, the rest of magic beasts remained in their normal states.
It's the time to clean them all up!

"Those magic beasts are no longer under Berserk state! Now's our chance to get rid of them once and for all!"

I shouted at the adventurers below.
No telling when that wolf's gonna howl out again, no better time than now.

That seemed to had an effect as the tide is gradually turning on adventurers' side.
The number of magic beasts is decreasing over time.
We just gotta take care of the Werewolf now.


"Fuh! Haaa!"

That Werewolf in question is currently exchanging blows with Alma.
Despite the huge gulf in levels, they're having an equal match.

But time is not in Alma's favor.
Alma's MP is decreasing fast from her usage of magic swords.
Even though she's got the speed, her strength remains the same thus she's unable to deal the finishing blow.
I should help her, but how, my stats can't...

(I can at least act as her shield!)

Almost felt like Bared's word resounded in my head.
A shield, huh.

Can't be helped, I'll show my guts too!

FWOSH, I flew at high speed and wedged myself between Alma and the Werewolf.


"It's Soarer."

I corrected Alma as she was about to say my name. That was close.


The Werewolf looked surprised for a moment before immediately swinging its claws with both its arms at me.

*Grab, grab* I caught and held down those arms.


I've wrapped my arms in mana cushion so I'm getting zero damage.
Who knew the failed product of mana blade practice would prove useful here.

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『Gururu....!! Gwu...!?』

When the Werewolf noticed its claws couldn't reach me, it shifted into trying to shove me away with brute strength, but it's useless.
It would have easily done that if I relied on my strength alone however, by controlling the mana I wrapped around my arm, my strength has been reinforced like it's some sort of powered suit you see in SF.
I don't have much MP left to lift this wolf off ground and drop it down, but stopping it on its track for a bit is no problem.
Now then, you can't move like this, can you?

"Now, go!"

"! ...HAAA!"

She activated Burner Blade once again, a blue, nay, a white flame powered up by mana control jetted out of her sword.
She thrust that white blade through the Werewolf's still body.


Bubbling blood dripped down the wound.
Reddened tears and drools also seeped out of its eyes and mouth. It's pretty gruesome looking at them up close like this. Blech.
I can tell its strength gradually loosening up from my grip. Yet it kept glaring hard at me. Ah, yup, you did your best.
But it's time to rest. Die.


And as Werewolf's displayed status turned from blue to red, its body fell down listlessly, it's dead.

"D-did you kill it...!?"

Rasfin murmured anxiously.
Ah stop that, you're gonna set up a flag. It is dead though.

"Yeah, it's down for good."

"...Sorry, you're lifesavers. I shudder to think what'd happen without you two."

"That is our line. There would have been more victims if not for you and that spearsman holding this Werewolf back."

"You said it. Ah, Bared's fine, he's alive. He came to after I got him drink a potion, guy was even raring to rush back here. I stopped him though, wasn't healed yet."

"I see... Thank you."

"Now then, time to take care of the mob."

I felt my MP fully restored after defeating the Werewolf.
Another level up huh. Guess I got some exp from healing Bared and pining down the Werewolf.
As I was thinking that, Menu display suddenly showed up in front of my eyes. Please stop doing this, it's bad for my heart.

<<Level has reached a certain point confirmed. Starting Menu Function Update.>>

Wha? What's going on?

<<Update complete. [Item Screen] function has been added.>>

<<[Item Screen]: Unlocked upon reaching Base Level 10, a function to freely put away and take out one's property. Store-able items are limited to inorganic materials Kajikawa Hikaru can lift. Stored items are unaffected by passage of time. There is almost no limit to quantity of store-able items.>>

Eh, ah, what?
Item Screen? Unlimited quantity?
It's all so sudden I'm still processing it all, but in short it's kinda like Item Box or Inventory, and I can use it now?


Wish I had this function sooner.
Could have stored random roadside stones and rocks, and carpet bombed the heck outta those beasts, this stampede would've been a cinch.
Well, I'm just glad it seems super handy. But, you know.
Well whatever. I'll make good use of this in the future.

Ah, right. Might as well check my status out.
Would love to see how much my attributes increased.
Status Open.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal

HP: 100/100
MP: 69/69
SP: 0/30

STR: 56
ATK: 56 (+30)
DEF: 56 (+5) (+20) (+15)
AGI: 55 (+30)
INT: 57
DEX: 58
PER: 64
RES: 54
LUK: 54


※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 2078
NEXT: 2500


Iron Sword

Mask of Bewitchment

Arrow Ward Overcoat

Gale Boots
DEF+15 AGI+30

Uwoo, lots went up lots.
Even then the initial numbers were so low, going up lots just means I'm now about equal a goblin stat-wise.

Fumu, looking at the increases of RES and LUC attributes which I haven't trained at all, it does appear that my attributes increase by the same amount as my level.
The sum total of 1-10 is 55, since my stats were 0 at Lv1, you get 54 subtracting that by 1. It's definitely that.
Dunno if I'm just imagining things, my body kinda feels lighter than before the eve of battle. Might just be my mind playing trick.

Welp, done with checking my stats, time to get rid of the remaining mob.

The throwaway match continued for a few dozens more minutes before all the magic beasts were decimated.

There were several people who got gravely injured by the Werewolf but thanks to the plentiful stock of recovery potions, they were all promptly healed resulting in zero casualty. A miraculous end game.
Neia-san, your effort of appraising herbs with blood and tears has borne fruit here. Please keep at it from now on.
Ah, felt like I heard Neia-san's scream just now, must be just me.

Almost at the same time we cleared up the mob, the dark cloud hanging above magic beast forest dispersed away.
Looks like they've taken care of the boss over there as well.
So we got over Stampede safely and got lots of bonuses. Uhahaha. I can't stop laughing.
We're gonna party hard tonight... Ah, I'm too tired for a drinking party, guess not.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 290

290 Gap


We've run into wolves. They have around five to six thorns growing out their backs.

"Here they come... eight ahead, two behind... oh crap. We're surrounded..."

Melgis whispered the situation. Seems like these wolf thingies had been targeting us since awhile ago.
They're gradually closing in on us in an encirclement. These monsters are better than us at scouting it seems.

"We gotta take care of the rear ones first... No, we don't have enough men. Don't look like they're gonna let us go either..."

Kidd gave his opinion, half given up. Firuna replied.

"We cannot avoid getting injured as it stands. I would have liked to preserve my mana for healing...."

I wonder why? I really don't get it.

"I'll ward off the ones coming frontally. Melgis, take care of the escapees."

"Got it. I can handle stopping them at least."

The two are getting heated up on their own. Not to forget the most dangerous person here.

"You guys buy me time, I'll erase them with my magic~. Never seen these monsters before, but my magic's still gonna blow 'em all away no problem!"

Mary held out what looked like a cane to set up her magic.
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(Why do these guys always forget about me? Is my power so unreliable in their eyes?)

That wasn't the reason which I only found out later. Everybody possesses mana no matter how little and during battle you can sense it or something. Apparently it's an indispensable technique all adventurers have to learn.
And I don't have mana. Thus, the moment they switch to high gear, they lose sight of my existence.
As I was still not aware of such thing at this point of time, I thought I was being shunned or something.

But that wasn't it. Thanks to that, I'm also late at reacting to the situation.
Firuna was the one who noticed it first. She calmly realized my presence and asked for my help.

"I beg my pardon. Is it possible for you to get us all out of this trouble?"

After hearing her, I drew my katana.
The other members finally noticed me as well and turned their sight here, yet they looked doubtful when they saw me just standing still.

"How are you so relaxed?"
"Ah hey! Are you going to steal my spotlight again!?"
"Can we leave this to you?"
"Ha~, why the hell did I forget you... I'm sure this is nothing for someone who demolished those orcs..."

Mary was being competitive for spotlight for some reason. While Melgis sounded tired.
Kidd looked so stiff I wondered if he could even fight like that. Well guy must be anxious, Mary did mention they never saw this monster before and all.
Danku had his shield up while looking at me with a complicated expression.

I remained silent. Rather than using words, showing them that these monsters are no threat is faster.

I got into Accelerated state. Sliding my katana on each and every wolves.
These things are dungeon monsters, no chance of grotesque scenes getting produced. Hence I'm cutting them worry free.

(I ain't gonna hold back using this 'power' in this dungeon thanks to that fact...)

And once I eliminated the eight wolves ahead and two behind us, I undid Acceleration.
And then, 'Chin!', I made sure to make the katana sheathing sound. Yep, the only reason I keep doing this is simply because it's cool.

(My chuni-ness... is surfacing after getting this katana...)

White Fang turned around toward that sound.
The wolves had been cut in two and vanished into blue particles of light by then.

All members of 'White Fang' stared in wonder while remaining silent. Mary alone started to quiver before suddenly yelling out loud.

"Hey you! Give it a rest already! Just how did you kill all those monsters from so far away instantly like that!? And all at once!? Tell me! The principle behind that magic!? No! What kind of magic is that even!?"

Looks like this Mary woman is a 'Magic Nerd' as befitting of her ridiculous personality.




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