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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 63

63 Gap


We're walking deeper into the back alley. Eltros's steps seem heavy but his pace isn't plodding.
The man's currently leading me to his boss.

We eventually reached an area with shabby looking housings. Yes, the so called slum.
A crime syndicate in a big city with a lot of back alleys and slums. As cliched as it could, but now that I've come this far, it's getting fun. Relieving even.

To begin with, all reasoning I used to justify [Crushing] them are just excuses, I just want to.
In most cases, syndicates like this tend to [Hold grudges], [Stuff about honor], and [Doesn't know when to quit], they'd keep coming back at you persistently. And no, it's not an exaggeration.
To kill a snake, you crush its head. It's the same logic.
They'd buzz around forever, annoying you beyond belief if you don't crush them at the root. They'd keep chasing you even if you get away.

Therefore, I'm having Eltros to bring me there and end it all.

(Ah, I just gotta let this guy deal with the aftermaths! Nice idea!)

Just as that idea popped in my mind, we made a turn and then a huge mansion completely out of place in a slum came into view.
Gaudy, extravagant, bright and dazzling, a mansion that's so needlessly furnished with all those that glitters, I can't believe anyone had the sense to build this.
A courtyard as big as an elementary school's yard, a tall wall that surrounds them and a gigantic gate that intimidates those standing before it.
How much money was thrown just to get this built?

I checked on Eltros, 'Here?', which he nodded. Doesn't look like he's lying.

There's some guards standing near the gate. That's good and all but why do these guys also look like your average dirty thugs that scream 'Hi, we're thugs.'

"Can you get through this?"

Eltros responded with a nod just like before, thus I decided to be quiet and leave everything to him.

"It's Eltros. I have an urgent message for boss. I'm seeking an audience with him."

He approached the guards and said that. One of the two guards replied, 'Please wait a moment' and jogged through the mansion's yard.

(That front door's way too far from the gate. Isn't that bothersome? What a waste of time.)

The remaining guard glared at me while I was having that trifling thought.
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Eltros covered me to clear his doubt.

"He's my new aide. Is there anything bothering you?"

The guard turned away, losing interest.
The other guard returned right after.

"Please go ahead. I believe you can see him now."

The gate is opened. I got lost in thought while we took our time walking through the long courtyard.

(Wonder what's up with the lack of feedback whenever I'm moving in Accelerated state?)

Shockwaves should have been produced in its surroundings when something moves at supersonic speed. Enough to blow everything around in my case.
And yet, that weirdly never occurred. Even though there shouldn't be a huge difference in law of physics between this world and previous one.
But considering magic exists, that might be one explanation. Or perhaps my [Power] is a completely different concept than [Acceleration].

We got to the front door, and another man who looks like a 'Ruffian' no matter the angle greeted us.

"I shall be your guide to boss room. If you would please follow me."

I was dumbfounded at the exquisite greeting and salute.

(Even these types can do it if you make them learn huh. What a shock, that's way too much gap from his attires.)

I couldn't hide my surprise at the huge difference from what I imagined.
Also at how high up Eltros seems to be in this syndicate.
Getting to see the boss without an appointment made this a quick ride, really nice.

(I was waiting for an elderly butler to show up, what's with this medieval European-style mansion and all.)

Our footsteps resounded in the corridors littered with works of art that are also predictably gaudy.

I had that nonchalant thought in mind on my way to meet the boss of a crime syndicate.
The man stopped in front of a door, said, 'Here it is', and left after bowing.
Eltros knocked on the door after.

"Damo-sama, it's Eltros. Pardon my intrusion."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 62

62 Negotiation in Name


'Eh?' Aryl sounded confused at my suggestion as she stared at me with a dumbfounded look for a while.

"I've gotten a bit fed up, so I'm thinking of crushing all these annoying stuff at once."

She slowly nodded at that. With her mouth still agape.
On the opposite side, the man called Eltros turned ghastly pale.

We put away the goods and the stall. She had a worried look on her face directed at me all the while, but we worked silently until the end.
I only told Eltros 'Don't even think of running, yeah?', yet that was enough to make him rooted to his spot.

(Is my power something [That shouldn't exist] in this world? People will go after my life if this becomes public...)

That anxiety convinced me to just crush all seeds of trouble. First thing first, I'm gonna root out the syndicate this man is affiliated to.
Fortunately, I bear the power to make that a reality. Though it's ironic that this power also brought about this situation.
The reason why I could so calmly adopt such an extreme line of thinking is because the me at this time has [Snapped].

And once we were done cleaning up, I saw Aryl off at the main street, together with Eltros. Of course we stayed silent all the way there.

I've set my goal on a [Peaceful Life]. A dream of slow life reminiscing the good old days.
Yet I'm completely clueless on how to even begin.
Working as Aryl's bodyguard is like asking for constant trouble in the future.

I'd prefer to have a job with no human contact. Is there even a job that can be done alone?
I've only been Aryl's bodyguard for two short days, but I plan to give her my resignation notice once this is all over.
If I want to lead a solitary life by myself, bodyguard isn't it.
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I walked around the backstreet looking for cafe-like establishments and couldn't find one, so I just picked some random seemingly right one and went inside. It's got a signboard with a liquor-looking drawing.
I brought Eltros inside. By the way, the man had been walking funny all the while, probably from shivering.

Lots of customers here and there inside even though it's still noontime. All men, looking like thugs and mafias.
I passed by these men and picked the innermost table. And began my negotiation with Eltros.

"Have a seat and then we'll talk. Your survival is guaranteed as long as you follow what I'm about to tell you."

My tension has reached its apex creating a [Character] in my mind which I act out as.
It's gonna be a pain if I don't see this through. I'm not like this ordinarily.
If that side resurfaces midway through, this might end half assed, making things more complicated than needed.

A stern looking old man, probably the clerk, came to our table and asked for our order.
I replied curtly, 'Two boozes'. And threw a silver coin to the old man, telling him 'For the bill.'
He left despite putting on a dubious look before quickly returning with two glasses of golden translucent liquid with foams on top. The exact same as that one beverage in my past life.

(Beer? Well I'll let that slide. Now's not the time.)

By the way, I only found out later that this booze only costs one copper coin a glass, but since I couldn't be bothered to rummage through my wallet then, that was me saying, 'No need for change'. I got some extra allowances on my way to this city, so some additional expense doesn't hurt. Easy come easy go.

Eltros seemed to have collected his thought while I was thinking, he opened his mouth.
A weak yet clear voice.

"...What your wish?"

To Eltros, my demands must look like a very tight walking rope. Yet I actually need him alive if I want to get close to his syndicate's root. Even if this negotiation is nothing more than a one sided threat with me holding an overwhelming power.

"Get me to your big boss. Right now. You be my guide."

"What... wil you do..."

I glared hard at him and put on a 'know your place' face before I speak.
Making sure to fully get in the character.

"You can't? Then, die."

I said that as coldly as I could while pretending to get ready to stand up. A reply swiftly appeared. With a trembling voice.

"I can. Please allow me to."

Cleared the first stage. I spoke the truth anyway, I'd have used this guy to get to their base one way or another even if he wasn't cooperative.
Well even if he refused, I wasn't planning to kill him. I'm not eager to create another scene as disastrous as that, so I was gonna stop at threats.

(The issue is how to deal with the aftermath after crushing them.)

My [Power] is the rough foundation. Things will go fine, it's probably gonna turn out all right, such optimism. I've half resigned myself to it.
After all I've got a bit of my personality mixed in, so this should be the proper course of action for a power this great.
Nevertheless, I'm not stupid enough to think that everything will just go fine and dandy if I simply eliminate all members of this crime syndicate.
I gulped down the booze at once to change course and get myself adapt to [Just Charge] mindset needed now.
It has an unexpected fruity taste to it, easy to swallow. Guess it being a bit too light is unavoidable though.

I gave a warning Eltros who had no idea what I was thinking.

"Don't even try to escape you hear? Think your life as no more if you did. Be quiet and go along with me."

His back leaped up with that warning.
As I didn't care to hear his response, I stood up.

That was when I realized. Nobody else is sitting in the tables around us.
The clerk must have cleared it away. Not like our chat was something that needed so much secrecy though, he must have taken that silver coin as that kinda signal.
Eltros stood up one beat after me. After making sure of that, I gave the word to depart.

"You're the lead. Get me to your boss."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 61

61 The Girl's Suffering


I can't comprehend what just took place before my eyes. My heart couldn't take it, and it took the form of a repulsion instead.
People have just died. Three of them at once. In an incomprehensible way. Those huge bulging men are now full of holes with blood gushing out.
Instantly? No, it's nothing that shallow, it's more. Like it was just a blink. I won't blame anyone if they don't believe it, I almost couldn't myself.

That was when someone shouted, 'Dammitall!', and a knife was thrust before my throat.
I couldn't follow what was happening. My consciousness has so far off the ground, the knife doesn't even feel real.
I finally came back after hearing him saying 'Oy, don't ya care what's gonna happen to this girl!?', next to me, 'Ah, I've been taken hostage.'

"Don't ya dare move! Otherwise this girl's gonnamwe!"

"Aah, you took my employer hostage, guess I got no choice."

That man called Eltros had an evil look on his face when he heard that, but just a moment later, his expression turned into shock.
'Clang clang', by that point, the knife had fallen on the ground.
The thug who pointed a dagger on me was gone. Then as if it was nothing, he called out to me with a worried tone standing next to me, even though he was quite far apart just now.

"Are you okay? Injured anywhere?"
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I could only shook my head many times at his kind words. Out of fear.
Because. I caught the sight of the man that had just been [There] embedded in the wall without a sound.
He's convulsing so he's still alive at least, but he's in a miserable state.
All his limbs are pointed in unnatural directions. Twisted impossibly.
The man slowly slid down the ground, unmoving.
I came back to my sense as I watched that. Along with trembles.

But then, thud, I heard a sound like a heavy luggage thrown down the ground so I looked there.
A man quivering with his teeth clacking and his supposed guard lying face down next to him foaming at mouth.
And him who was standing next to me just now.

(He said he doesn't use magic. Just what kind of power is this then? How could you believe it after this. It must be magic right? Tell me it is.)

I only know that there are all kinds of magic, but I've always had a vague inclination that magic should be able to make something like this a reality.
It'd be weirder to believe that some unassuming young man that's neither a great hero or a demon could do all this. And yet I can't deny what's happening before my eyes.
Even if that reality is hard to swallow.

(No human can do this, no matter how extraordinary...)

This was when I finally began harboring question, 'What is his power?'
I should have questioned it much earlier, but since I was the side being saved, I never attempted to tread deeper.
I looked back at every single event up until this point after being saved from the bandit gang.

(What have I been dragged into since that time I was saved?)

I'm nothing more than a merchant that's just started out and yet look at all trouble I got myself into, I lament at my unreasonable fate.
And thus, these words sound like a lifeline to me.

"Why don't we close shop for today and explain the situation to the merchant association?"





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 60

60 A Man Called Eltros


Eltros thought. This must be some kind of joke.
He had brought the strongest, fiercest looking three pawns under his command.
How come they all died.

How come a feeling he's never experienced before is awash in his mouth?
Eltros was still unaware that is the [Taste of Death].

His heart is beating furiously, blood getting pumped in his entire body. Urging him to run away as fast as he could.
The young man that should have turned into a rag is completely fine.
How!? Why!? What's going on!? His state of mind swirled with doubts and more doubts, unable to face reality.

He was set on bringing his biggest battle force after hearing reports of his subordinates getting the table turned on them.
What did he do wrong? Which step was a mistake? He was completely sure there was no way he could be outwitted.

He didn't believe the brat was the one who beat his subordinates. And yet he never let his guard down and ordered all three men to go at once.
There is no mistake. There is no way his commands would be mistaken. His inner thought began to go around in circles.

Then finally, he recalled the taste in his mouth, a familiar taste he once experienced in the past.
That time when he was ambushed due to a small misstep. He bet on a 30% chance of dying in order to create an upset.
A similar taste as that time. Tens of times denser and thicker is filling his mouth.
A taste of unavoidable [Death].
The feeling of having the grim reaper's scythe rest on his neck.
Even the slightest gaffe would mean instant death.
Such terror is gnawing at his entire body.

He's unable to make a voice before the young man. Despite how much he looked down on him just earlier.
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(Who is this guy!? How in the hell is he human!? It's just impossible! What the hell are you damn brat!)

Despite the resounding alarm in his head, warning him of his impending doom, Eltros's pride wouldn't allow him to admit that and he cursed out in his mind.

"Eltros-sama! Eltros-sama!"

He was finally able to digest the situation after his hoarse-voice subordinate's multiple calls.
The two subordinates who were standing watch have come back and stand guard in front of him with knives in hands.
Honestly, Eltros didn't even recall their existences. They're threatening the young man who created this disastrous scene, but the protection they offer here is pretty much zilch.
They're nothing more than dregs in comparison to the three big men that just got crushed.

(It all happened before my eyes, not even a moment, yet I can't even fathom it. Against someone like that, letting these pawns take the blow while I escape is...)

Eltros entertained the idea of sacrificing his own subordinates, but quickly abandoned it for being infeasible.
That calmed him down a bit, and he started to frantically try to think up a way to get out of this situation alive.
And yet he just couldn't come up with any way to erase the [Taste of Death].
He won't give up despite sweating waterfall.

(I'm gonna get out of this alive! Then I'll prepare for real and kill this brat off...)

That thought is gradually fading from the unceasing acceleration of his heart beats.

(Like hell I'm gonna die here! I'm escaping alive! Absolutely...)

A silence that felt simultaneously too long and too short elapsed.
The answer all his thinking led to is the certainty of his death.

(That can't be... I'm still alive! I've still got things I want to do...)

Just as Eltros started giving up, his hoarse voiced underling ran up to the young girl called Aryl.

(What's this guy... But I don't care what! So long I'm saved...)

That was the last straw he clung onto.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 59

59 Three Parties


Blood still gushes out of the fallen men. Seemingly not stopping anytime soon.
Noticing the sound of flowing water, the two who went to stand watch came back.
But they screamed and froze when they saw the scene before them.
Yet they managed to pull themselves together and called out to the man standing in stupor.

"Eltros-sama, are you all right?!"

The hoarse voiced man called, yet there was no reply. The person in question has frozen stiff with his mouth wide open.
Can't blame him. He couldn't tell what was happening before his very eyes, only that his subordinates were covered in blood by the time he realized.

≠==  ≠==  ≠==  ≠==

Eltros. He's an executive of a certain syndicate. One of the people working in the underside of this city.
He climbed up to his position in this crime syndicate from a [Mere Member].
During his underling days, he gathered thugs under his commands and made them do evil deeds.
He seized money from the weak through violence, worked as a loanshark, organized bandit gangs, did backroom dealing of weapons, small or bigtime, all of it he did.
He paid his tribute little by little to climb up the ladder. Without dirtying his own hands all while, only issuing orders from behind the scene.
Then two years ago, his superior died of illness, relinquishing the position to him.
However, to him the only change was that he got more subordinates and a bit more freedom.
Things are getting done just by him issuing orders. That was no different even before he took the executive seat.

The only reason someone like him came to this site was merely a whim, a simple stroll he felt like having.
It also matched with the timing on the missing tally for the scheduled [Spot] of the dealing his subordinates failed to bring back even though he had made a prior underside arrangement in the association.

In reality, this was due to the association chairman finding out the scheme and inserting his own plot.
Which Eltros was none the wiser.

≠===  ≠====  ≠===

Association Chairman, Bonats. He has always been on guard of the [Underside]. Knowing they're an obstacle in doing business.
All the more with the increase of accidents related to the [Underside] in recent years.
He discovered a suspicious staff member taking part in the tally allotment this time.
It started when he caught sight of a man who looked like he never once took part in business dealing all his life.
Despite having no other proof besides his hunch as a longtime chairman, Bonats started an internal investigation from that.
His guess proved right. There's a high chance that one of the staff members they hired in the past year is connected to the [Underside].
This member is a talented woman who can chew through paperwork.
Bonats decided to leave her alone until she made her [Move].
She'd keep doing her job and live her life like usual. Yet he never let up on monitoring.

And today, that woman staff member put in her shift to work as a receptionist for tally allotment. Just for that day, that one day.
She never took part in tally allotments until today.
Bonats came early in the morning, checked on the tally being allotted that day and performed a shuffle just before the association opened. For the specific tally the woman was supposed to hand out.
Indeed, he was the person who made it so the [Spot] would be handed out to Aryl.
That [Spot] was the worst site possible for doing business. And must be the reason the [Underside] chose it.

"Well then, how will Randolf's outlook turn out I wonder?"
He spoke in amusement of the young man Randolf had a match with yesterday.

A wicked person at heart, Bonats wanted to see that young man dealing damage to the [Underside] or perhaps doing even more interesting things for his own amusement.
He had no way of knowing at this point.
His ploy was going to be short lived as his face quickly turned dead pale from the reports the watchmen he sent there later.

≠===  ≠==  ≠===
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A huge jolt ran through Mercenary Guild. Guildmaster and Sub Guildmaster opened their eyes wide to hear the report from their employee.

"Oy! You sure there's no mistake?!"

Ginbelt beat his desk, 'Bam!', as he stood up.
Ginbelt almost couldn't believe the report he heard while part of him was relieved from having one less problems.
The man detailed in the report was once a member of Mercenary Guild, but he was banished for his criminal activities and blacklisted in every other guilds.
The man's name is Zolden. He became a thorn on the guards' side after all the crimes he committed. And now, they just received the report of his death from the guard station.
Once he calmed down, a doubt arise.

"That guy is good, that is for sure. What's the cause? Accident? Illness?"

Vilma urged the reporting guild employee to read the detail on the document.
A hooligan who couldn't be arrested through brute force like that must have died from getting caught up in a disaster, an illness or perhaps even a divine punishment.
They can't see that man dying otherwise. Can't imagine a human doing him in.

"That man had skill and luck on his side. There's no way he'd get killed easily."

Ginbelt groaned, and the answer came to them while they were still in disbelief.

"The one who did it is a young man working as a bodyguard of a merchant by the name Aryl. It was a personal contract, not mediated by the merchant association."

Ginbelt's eyes squinted trying to remember that familiar name before he shouted in surprise.

"With the girl asking compensation yesterday! It's that young man!"

"I'll go send someone to look into it."

Vilma said that and left the room.

"Alright, good work. You may go now."

Ginbelt dismissed the employee who brought the report.

"My hunch wasn't wrong after all. I'm not gonna let Vilma live it down now."

His expression didn't change despite his joking tone.

"Is this a harbinger of some sort...?"

The guildmaster put aside his ominous hunch, and collected all the scattered reports to give his order to their covert operatives.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 58

58 Disjointed Conversation and Splatters


"Hello there. Do you mind if I take a look at the goods here?"

The man has the look of a neat and elegant gentleman.
With a clear and sonorous voice, completely ill-fitting in this kind of place. Such is our customer.

Another thing shocked me. The man is wearing a [Suit].
The design may have been arranged a bit however. My doubt grew deeper. This must be another [God's handiwork].

Behind the man are two men who look the part of [Ruffians] no matter the angle.
They're standing by the wall in silence, with a bitter look on their faces.

"By all means, take all the time you need."

Aryl didn't seem to see those men by the wall, she had a wonderful looking smile on her face.
Can't blame her. It's finally someone you can call a customer for real.
Or perhaps she's 'Reset' the counter since the previous two are nothing you could call customers.
Hence why her sight never caught the two men by the wall.

"Every one of them is of high quality. Quite cheap too. Much better than the items on the market. You have quite the talent at discerning goods."

The neatly trimmed all-back haired gentleman customer whose face would fit with glasses praised Aryl.

"Thank you very much. Though they're worth nothing if they don't sell."

Aryl thanked back, and made a joke at her own expense.
As they exchanged back and forth about goods, I slowly relaxed my guard.

(Guy seems like quite the gentleman, guess those two men are his bodyguards? Doesn't seem like I need to worry.)

Just as I thought that, the customer turned to look at me.

"And this man would be?"

My skepticism just shot up at this abrupt question.  

"He's my bodyguard. Just you know he's very strong."

"I see. So this is the guy who did Zolden in."

The air around the man suddenly changed after he said that.
The way Aryl looked at him also changed considering that piece of information he just spoke.

It's too quick for him to know. Besides, the corpse was covered by a white cloth when it was taken away so nobody should be able to tell who it was. This guy got information from another source.

"What do you want?"

I asked the man while getting fed up at another trouble.

I threw a straight question wanting for a concise answer, and yet he began his story with the two men by the wall.

"Fumu, let us start from the beginning then. These men here were given a simple chore to grab the tally distributed at the Merchant Association this morning, see. For some reason they failed. Running back with shameless excuses like someone got in their way, or the appointed staff member gave them a wrong one."

I can see what he's talking about. But I have no clue how it comes to this.
Aryl looked perplexed. Her customer turned out not be an actual one again. She must be quite down. She might even break down.

Looking closer, the two men by the wall were the same men who tried to mess with us at the association.
Since Aryl didn't even send a glance at them back then, she probably didn't notice.

"Had things gone as scheduled, we should have finished our dealings here. With another organization, see. And so, to make up for it and to save our face, I will have you compensate for our loss."

"There should be no way to pick your tally. You're wasting your time trying to push the responsibility on us."

I know that the other party isn't the type that would accept reasoning.
His attitude of unilaterally looking down on people is proof enough.

(He's putting the blame on other since things didn't go as planned for them huh.)

Getting their hands on a specific tally that's given at random for the [Right Place] and with [Certainty].
Must mean they have an agent, a mole slipped in the Merchant Association.
This must be a so called [Crime Syndicate]. We've gotten ourselves mixed in with one such entity.
It's all so bothersome I just want to get off this train.

But my straightlaced personality came out here, prompting me to try concluding this conversation if only for appearance's sake.

"We have suffered a not insignificant loss due to this matter. I did not come all the way out here just to listen to hollow excuses, you see."

I tried to reason with him using logic, and yet the man made some outrageous claim dressed in polite words.

"We ain't giving you a dime for the mess you made yourself. Go wipe your own ass."

"Ah, I see you have resorted to foul language. I take it you won't mind the method we adopt then?"

"You can piss off with your condescending attitude. That means get lost. Or what, do I gotta spell it out for you, huh?"

I ended up snapping a bit here.
Have I always had such a short temper? Though the calm me may not be me too.
I never got mixed in a mess like this in my previous life.
Stress piled up from taking part in this persistently disjointed conversation.

(Ah, outrageous huh... I see, I get it now.)

"You have left me with no choice. Seeing as we have made violence as one of our selling points, it would do us no good to be taken lightly of."

The conversation that never saw eye to eye from the beginning is over now.

"Shoulda done that from the start. It really grated me off to no end. Going on and on pointlessly. Really gets on my nerve."

Three additional big men had shown up before I said that.
They have similar builds as Zolden, but their bulging muscles screamed [We've been training].

"Let us begin then. Go for the man first, turn him into a rag, make him regret using foul words on me. Ah, don't kill him right away you hear me? Make sure he suffers long and hard first."

The three men looking at me with grins. The two men by the wall stand watch to prevent people coming here.

"Ah right, right. Zolden was a member of ours too, but it was merely by chance he came here today. Well, a third rate that guy may be, he did provide some fund. A small fry. A weakling far down these three here. Do forgive us for having such a small fry drop by."

That was his roundabout sarcastic way to say, 'You only won by chance didn't you? We have three men far stronger than him, don't count your luck again, you hear me?'
Like, 'Don't think you've won, that guy you defeated was but the weakest member of our army!'

(Just how template-like can this be? Way too interesting.)

I almost laughed at this oft-used trite that popped up out of nowhere.

"Shut up already. I'm just about done with you."

"Now then, I shall enjoy the girl after you."

I hate characters like this. Egoistic, sarcastic, pretentious bastard.
Who could've imagined it was this stressful when I got to live through one for real.

(Stop! My patience gauge's at zero already!)

"Quit it with sleazy language, you scumbag!"

Not wanting to listen any more second, I focused in anger. Entering [Acceleration].

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====  ====  ====

I ran to the leftmost of the three men standing in a row like in a certain dra quest battle screen.
And kicked at him. A jumping kamen r*der kick.
My kick drove deep into the target's pit of stomach.

Next the man in the center. I calmly took a stance toward him.
And drove a simple straight punch at his side.

I let out a barrage of punches on the last guy's stomach.
In the image of a hundred meteor, or maybe like [Ora ora].
After about over 50 punches, I came back to myself and stopped.

By the way, the reason I hit them all in the stomach is because that's the farthest I can reach them.
They're all gigantic and tall. Their faces are too far up for me, and since I was fed up, I just picked the easiest to reach target, the stomachs.

====  ====  =====

A scene of splatters. Aryl screamed, 'Hii', and fell down on her bottom.
Even the perpetrator me, averted my gaze away from it.

(Everything turned white from anger... I overdid it. Way too late for regret though.)

A scene that made me hesitate to add 'But no regret' unfolded before us all.
The men didn't end up getting blown away, they were on their spots with holes drilled in their bodies.
And blood spluttering out of the holes.

I still can't control my power in Accelerated state yet went all out.

(It's like Ultimate * Fist, or Red Drag*n... Resulting in this...)

Even as the one who made this happen himself, my face turned pale.

A pool of blood on the ground with the three men on it. Anyone could tell they were no longer breathing. That's just how much blood there.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 57

57 Zeal


Meanwhile, two guards bringing a pulling cart with them came.

"We might need to ask for your presence at the guard station for further confirmation at later date. We hope for your cooperation. If you'll excuse us."

After saying that, six people carried Zolden to the cart and left.

I saw them off while spacing out and saying, 'Had no idea corpses were that heavy.'
Then Aryl sighed 'Haaa' loudly next to me.

"Okay! Let's keep at it!"

Her face still looked pale, still missing the color of blood.
Nevertheless, I could only respect her spirited figure regardless if it was a bravado or came from a true mercantile spirit.

(What an ardent zeal...)

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After the last two trouble, we had zero visitor afterward. Not even one.
Due to the spot being this bad, Aryl went to the main street to attract customers while leaving me to tend the store.
Yet no one would come. According to her, once any interested customer found out where her store was, they all ran off like they were avoiding it.
Even she went gloom after that and said this.

"Wonder if there's some shady history at this location..."

She cast her eyes down and muttered, 'Wonder if it's my luck...'

The allotment of locations is random by the association, and there have been cases of bad luck like this.
Apparently you can ask for a change of location the next day, in fact most merchants would ask for it right away. Though they'd need to pay for the labor, change of date and draught reissue.

She surely would have never thought she'd experience that in the very first day. I couldn't stand to watch her down so I tried encouraging her.

"It's the end of the line if you give up now."

"You're right! I'm sure customers will come once they realize the quality of my goods! I've gotta keep it together!"

(What's with this rapid change of mood... From just that, she's way too positive...)

A question popped up on my mind. So I asked.

"Will it cause trouble if we move somewhere near the street, not this far back?"

'Ah', she got down again and answered my question.

"We can't, or more like. We'd receive a penalty. Also, doing that would make my reputation plummet at the association. Then bad rumors will spread and other merchants will stop doing business with me. It's like cutting the 'String' that connects you to profit yourself. I can't do that."

"No problem so long as they don't find out, or I guess not. They probably have some watchdogs around huh."

"Apparently there's this so called inspection team. Though it's just a highly credible rumor. No one has come across them for real, or more like. There was once this corrupt merchant whose evidence of his corruption was brought to the association, but nobody knows who did it. It came as a huge shock in the business world when that merchant was banished forever from the association and arrested by the government official. That case kind of sealed the deal it's not just a rumor."

Aryl had a mixed emotion from that scary story and the lack of customers.

A while later, just as we were about to give up, the [Third One] for today showed up.

However, these [Customers] clearly have a different air on them compared to the [Second One].

At this time, I was none the wiser that this incident would bring about a huge change to Aryl's life.
The only impression I had in mind then was, 'A new type of thugs showed up.'





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 56

56 Death of a Scoundrel


"That was amazing! I knew it you must be a user of Offensive Magic!"

"...I can't use magic, you know?"

"Eh? Oh come on~. You're joking right. I mean you stopped someone like this in one go, right? ...H-huh?"

I knew it, she couldn't see me moving in [Accelerated] state so she thought I was using magic.
And that [Offensive] part. This must be the usual pattern.

As I was getting a bit excited at the fantasy RPG-like setting coming up here, Aryl walked up next to me and asked.
With her sight fixed at the downed man.

"Um, is he... maybe, dead?"

Her tone sobered up, asking that timidly.

She must have sensed the change of air on the man as she put her hand over her mouth with her eyes opened wide.
There's a huge difference in the air between a knocked out but living and the breathlessness of the dead.

"It didn't seem like I could hold back so I had to use my full power and..."

I didn't explain in detail. Only the nuance.
In reality, there was no full power, I only punched him a bit but with a clear murderous intent, which was enough to kill him for sure.
I didn't delve that much, I didn't need to.

(I didn't have to use this much power to achieve this result. Using as much as that time with the bandits would have been enough. And yet I couldn't control myself.)

Aryl had a pale face before she suddenly turned in the street direction.

"We've gotta call the guards! And quick!"

She ran off just like that.
I couldn't keep up due to how abrupt it was.
Yet I didn't need to go after her as she turned her face here and shouted.

"Please watch the store! I'll get right back!"

I could only whisper at that.
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"Just what's going on..."

Did I do something wrong? Am I getting arrested? Interrogated?
It's too late now that he's dead. I was being too short tempered.
What kind of joke is this if I end up the one regretting.

(And it's not like I can redo things...)

Then after about 10 minutes of anxiety and excuses,

(Ah, I should have just run away.)

Aryl came back with five guards just as I reached that conclusion.
That was when I realized my too serious personality.
Despite always thinking I could just run if it comes to it, I watched over this store cause she told me to.
I do have the full intention to make a break for it if push comes to shove though, bodyguard or not.

The guards are equipped with leather armor, long spears and helmet-like headpieces.
It'd be a huge pain if they enclosed me and said, 'Come with us to the station.'
As I was bracing myself for it, my fear turned out unfounded.

The five guards tried to turn the corpse face up.
The man I one punched to dead was just that big.

When it finally turned over, one of the guards let out a scream when he saw the face.

"Hii! What the heck is this..."

"...Zolden, confirmed. But his face has caved in to the point of being unrecognizable..."

What seemed to be their captain said that.
The fist-shaped cavity centering around the nose was awful. It's been dug half inside.
Any human would die from this.

They could identify it as Zolden from the big wound mark on its chin to its eye.

According to what Aryl told me later.
This Zolden was a huge problem, a small time scoundrel who would threaten and rob people through brute force, he even made them pledge so he could use it as an excuse later.
On top of that, he would act aggressively if anyone dared to confront him, making his victims hesitate instead.
Previously, the guards tried to arrest him but he turned the table on them instead, causing the guards to suffer a huge damage, after which they refrained from trying again.
His victims could only give up in frustration as nobody could help them.
Aryl who had gathered information beforehand noticed that this man was Zolden.

The guards were half cheering and half doubting when Aryl came and told them Zolden had died.
They decided to hear the detail later after Aryl pointed out Zolden's specific trait and went with her to the site, so now Aryl is giving the explanation.

As I watched over them while resting along the wall, someone called out to me.

"Could I have a bit of your time?"

The now clearly captain asked me.

(Okay well, I shouldn't lie. I mean there's no need to. Actually what's up with this guy, he's been glaring dagger at me...)

"I'd like to verify your side of story in addition to hers. Will you cooperate?"

His glare was still severe, but as he seemed like he could be reasoned with words, I told him the gist of things.

Zolden came to the store. He grabbed three items and tried leaving without paying so I stopped him.
Then he threatened us. He suddenly drew his sword and went slashing at me when he found out I was a bodyguard.
Having no other choice, I punched him but apparently it hit a bad spot so he died.

All the guards who heard my story had a 'Like I'd believe that!' expression on their faces.
But one of them seemed like he was entertaining the idea.
Ordinarily, no one would have believed a slim kid like me could kill a violent man who lived in criminal activities, no matter how contrived.

Will they believe the story if I looked like Randolf?
Wonder if they would accept it as an unlikely accident if I had a blade on me?

But despite the guards' doubt, marvel, wonder, bafflement and surprised faces, they were more happy about the [Death] of Zolden than me, so they didn't pursue the topic further.






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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-38

18-38. Ringrande in Another World (2)


Satou here. There's this phrase, 'don't count your chicken before they're hatched', rather than wasting your time imagining what you'd do after succeeding, you should use that time to prepare yourself so you can grab that success.

I brought lady Ringrande who has turned into a little girl to Japan.

"--wait, nah no way."

Hayato who saw through lady Ringrande's identity right away told himself it couldn't be right since the notion was too out there.

"Oh I know, you're Rin's and Satou's daughter right?"
"I'm telling you it's really me!"

Lady Ringrande got in a bad mood at Hayato's reckless remark.


"Huh? Satou-san?"

I heard a familiar voice behind Hayato while he was talking.

It's Tachibana Yumiri, Hayato's childhood friend.
As I was in adult mode when we first met, I clad myself in an illusion of adult figure to account for us meeting again.

"Are you with your daughter today? Uwaa, she's so pretty! Your wife must be quite a beauty, Satou-san."

She was excited when she saw lady Ringrande.

"Hi there, my name is Tachibana Yumiri. What about yours?"
"What's with this woman?"

Contrary to the friendly Yumiri, lady Ringrande took on a thorny attitude.

"Yumiri is my childhood friend. Be nice to her."
"This girl is? Hmmm?"
"I-it kinda feels like she's evaluating me, Hayato-chan."

Yumiri was flustered to receive Lady Ringrande's un-little girl-like pressure.

"It's Ringrande."
"My name. You asked for it right?"

Lady Ringrande introduced herself to the puzzled Yumiri.

"Ring-ra-den-chan? It's such a gorgeous sounding name, isn't it."
"No! It's Ringrande, Ringrande!"

Lady Ringrande corrected her irritatedly.

"That's one too many n! Ah, whatever. Just call me Rin."

Seemingly finding it a pain, she gave up.

"Nice to meet you, Rin-chan."

Yumiri greeted her with a smile.

"So, why's Hayato-chan hugging Rin-chan again?"
"What's wrong with two lovers hugging."
"Eh! H-Hayato-chan's turned into a lolicon-san!"

Hearing Lady Ringrande saying that, Yumiri started panicking 'Oh no, oh no'.

"Calm down, Yumiri. Rin is just teasing you."
"Eh? Oh it's just a joke. It's Hayato-chan after all, so I thought."

The last part was said in whisper so low I could barely heard it with Eavesdropping skill, Hayato probably missed that.

"So, what's your relationship anyway?"
"Hayato-san, do you mind if we change place?"

It's not something you talk about in front of entrance.
I mean, the neighbouring married women have been whispering at each other while looking at us for a while now.

"Ah, my bad."

Hayato led us in his house.

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"Now then--Thanks for coming, Rin. How's the other doing?"

Hayato prioritized asking his old companions.

"They're doing way too well for themselves. I invited Mary too, but she said she has her position as an imperial family, so."

The little sister of Saga Emperor, Lady Maryest was hesitating until the very end, but judging from her behavior, she's probably gonna come here too once she's done with the transfer of power there.

"Loreiya lazed around all day drinking expensive liquor in a big temple."
"That sounds like Loreiya alright--Satou, please tell her to turn it down a notch once you go back."

Hayato asked me with a nostalgic and amazed look.
Parion Temple priestess Loreiya has gotten herself engrossed in dragon spring liquor and fairy wine tasting if I recall right.

"Wy is busy with remodeling the dimensional submarine, Jules Verne."
"Is she eating well? Wy tends to forget her meals, I'm kinda worried."

Last I saw Archer Wiyaryi, she was hard at work trying to remodel the ship so it could endure travelling between worlds and help with otherworld saving effort.

"Nono is working as an ambassador of United Nations to coordinate talks between countries. Seina is doing her best helping Nono visiting each countries."
"United Nations! Hayato-chan, you know someone so high up!"

Yumiri sounded surprised at the term United Nations.

"It's probably not the same United Nations you have in mind, Yumiri."

Secretary Nono is acting as a liaison officer of a peacekeeping cross-national organization, not the UN of earth.
Scout Seina is doing her job as a skilled female spy.

"Rusus and Fifi are the same as ever. They're doing live training with lesser dragons and young true dragons."
"Dragons, that's extreme... wait, they got that strong? Guess I wouldn't be much help even if I got resummoned there now huh."
"That's not true. We'll never stop being the attendants of Hero Hayato (you)."

Hayato's joke was met with a serious tone by Lady Ringrande.

"Rin-chan, were you one of Hayato-chan's attendants when he was a hero?"
"I am."

Lady Ringrande puffed her flat chest.

"Wahee, Rin-chan, you're so great despite your size~"

Yumiri sounded amazed.

"Yumiri, Rin was an adult woman with a dynamite body when I was there, y'know?"
"Quit it with that vulgar hand gesture!"

Hayato used his hands to gesture her past body line, and Lady Ringrande elbowed him for that.

"Rin-chan turned into a kid from adult?"
"Yes, I did it to match Hayato's preference."

She turned to look at Hayato.

"What do you think?"
"Frankly speaking--you look like a very expensive out of reach life-sized bisque doll."

Hayato clenched his fist and shouted, 'Hell yeah, a real life Yes Lolita, No Touch!'

"My? I'm a [Legal Loli], so you can touch me, you know? Or rather, go ahead and do it."

Lady Ringrande clung to Hayato and rubbed her cheek.
Hayato overloaded after shouting, 'Little girl's cheek rubbing!'.

"W-wait, you can't do that. We have Minor Protection Law! You're prohibited from doing perverted things to minors!"
"Who cares about that."

Yumiri's desperate appeal was shut down by Lady Ringrande's casual remark.

"You caaaaaaan't!"

The flustered Yumiri desperately flailed around.

"Ara ara, and here I thought Hayato-chan finally made his move on Yumiri-chan, we had guests."

The door got opened as Hayato's mother came back.
I handed over a box of cakes from my Storage and apologized for intruding during her absence.


Hayato's little sister slipped through the gap of the opened door, zoomed inside and froze when she saw Rin.

"I'm Rin. And you?"
"Masaki Aika, I'm three year old."

Aika-chan did her best to name herself when asked.

"Nice to meet you, Mother in law. I am a daughter of Oyugock Duchy of Shiga Kingdom, Ringrande Oyugock. I have come to Japan to propose to Hayato."
"Ara ara, what a cute little lady you are. I'm Hayato's mother, Sakura. Ufufu, Yumiri-chan has got herself a rival, I see."

Hayato's mother smiled cheerfully when she saw Lady Ringrande's ladylike greeting.

"Mama, what is a propose?"
"It means, 'let's get married' from a lover."
"No! Hayato-nii is marrying Aika!"

Aika-chan got between Lady Ringrande and Hayato after she heard that explanation.
With both her arms spread, resisting to the bitter end.

"You're really close with your sister, Hayato."

Ringrande looked envious.
She might have seen her own sister Sera on Aika-chan.

"Sure am, Aika is my treasure."
"Ehehe, Aika number one!"
"Ou! Number one!"

Hayato lifted Aika with both his hands and spun around.

"That's dangerous, stop it. I can't believe you didn't even prepare tea for our guests, you boys are hopeless."
"Allow me to help."
"It's all right. You're our guest Satou-san, take it easy."

Hayato's mother brought Yumiri to the kitchen.

"I learned a new game today!"

With a huge smile on his face, Hayato cheered on Aika-chan as she played a game, while Lady Ringrande sat next to him with a complicated look.


She whispered and called me.

"I've made a mistake. I thought Yumiri would be my greatest obstacle, no, it's that girl all along."
"I don't think you need to worry, Aika-chan is Hayato's biological sister."
"That's not going to do much. She can just get adopted by some random noble and then they can get married."
"That may be true at Shiga Kingdom--"

I explained to the seriously pondering Lady Ringrande that you can't get married to close relatives under Japan's law.

"Satou-san, here's your tea. And for Hayato-chan, pecari."
"Aika too, pecari!"
"I have one here for Aika-chan~."
"Waii. Yumiri-chan love."

Looks like it's one without carbonated water for Aika.

"Satou-san, are you staying for long this time?"
"Yes, I have checked in for a week at our hotel."

I plan to go on a sightseeing tour using this chance to visit earth.

As I was having a chat with Hayato, lady Ringrande seemed to get along well with his mother and little sister (Aika), they're having fun chatting.
At the rate this is going, I can probably leave her in this house by tomorrow.

I intend to do something about disasters and disputes I saw on the TV earlier.


Lady Ringrande called while I was thinking.

"What is it?"
"I'm going to be a daughter of this house!"

Thus she asserted out of the blue.

"Oh, I'm super okay with that."
"Won't it cause you trouble?"
"Satou-san has your work cut out for you, right? Our house is open to Rin-chan while you're staying in Japan."

I see, in that case.

"Hold on! What about her room."
"Of course, it'll be your room, Hayato."
"No no, that's not good."
"Why? We would huddle up together when we camped and all."

Lady Ringrande said that like it was nothing to Hayato who was getting incoherent.

"Good grief, virgins are really..."

Eavesdropping skill caught Hayato's mother whispered that.

"You won't make a mistake just from sleeping with a little girl, will you? Or what, are you saying I have a damn pedo as a son?" <TLN: Yes, she really said that.>
"Of course not! I'm Yes Lolita, No Touch!"
"Okay, okay. Yumiri-chan is gonna get disgusted at you if you keep saying that."

His mother roughly cut down Hayato's resistance.

"Aika too! Aika wanna sleep in Hayato-nii's room with Rin-chan!"
"Ufufu, you two are so close already."

Aika grabbed lady Ringrande's arm and insisted.

"Some things were a bit off from my expectations, but I've cleared the first hurdle now."

Lady Ringrande grinned boldly.

"I'll make Hayato fall madly for my charm in one week!"





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 55

55 Second Time


It's a big man nearly two meter tall.
Burly and stoutly built with unkempt hair and an air of ruffian.
Guy pretty much looks like your classic thug.

Aryl's face stiffened up for a moment.

"Welcome. Our goods are of guaranteed quality. Please have a look around."

She summoned up her mercantile spirit.
I wouldn't blame her sounding a bit shrill there.
The man here has a much more evil look in his eyes compared to Randolf of Merchant Association.
No way an ordinary girl would keep their wit getting approached by a guy like this.

Since the guy looks very much the part, I've already positioned myself as to not let him run away.
This place is a [Blind Alley]. I'm keeping my guard up for once, being a bodyguard and all.
I'm not gonna let him steal our goods and run.

Well, I'd have caught up even then though. Just in case.

The big man didn't notice me moving. In fact, it's as if he never realized my existence.
Because I had entered [Accelerated] state the instance he came into my view.

The big man took his time picking out all the items in the stall and then he grabbed three of the most valuable things and packed them in a sack while saying, 'I'm gettin' these'.

"Thank you. As for the payment."

Aryl spoke out to the man as he was about to leave the store before she could finish saying that. With anger.

"Please pay for the goods!"

The big man stopped and turned around, then he spoke like it was a pain.

"Just be thankful I didn't crush yer store."

Brusque, curt and spoken smoothly like he's used to it.

"May I take your remark as an attempt at robbery? Is that fine?"

"Aa..? Who in the hell..."

The man glared at me, but I paid it no mind and gave a warning.

"I'm told that victims of robbery are given discretion to punish the perpetrator if they attempt to cause harm. Do you not mind dying?"

Aryl talked about it on our way here.
The big man didn't seem to care and asked back instead.
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"Who the hell're ya? When'd ya got there huh?"

"He's my bodyguard! Just you know he's strong! Please pay or give back those items. Or else, you're gonna regret it!"

Aryl had never been able to perceive me moving, but she understood the truth after the matter with bandits and those three thugs.
Her words contained trust. I felt a bit happy at that.
After all, this is the first time anyone besides my parents put their trust on me in this world.

However, a loud laughter echoed.

"Gyahahahaha! A shitty wimpy brat like this, bodyguard? That got a laugh outta me! Oy! Yer items are the charge for taking my time killing this brat!"

He must saying that his skill is worth the three items he took.
My response is decided after hearing that tasteless joke.
But I'll give him a chance here. I've gotta ask this one at least as a final confirmation.

"Have you been doing this all your life?"

It's a simple question. Yes, or no. Only two answers.
But even if he said [No], the answer is obvious from his behavior and how used he looks at threatening people.
No matter the answer, a punch from me is inevitable unless he pays or gives back the items.
Then why the question?
I wanted to confirm whether there is [Something] that remains in him, no matter how small.

But he answered like it was a pain to even do that.

"I ain't got no time listening to weaklings' whimper~ Come at me if ya dare!"

With a devilish expression, he abruptly drew his sword and held it overhead.

===  ===  ===

My [Measure] has decided this world doesn't need this guy.
It may be a hubris for someone with a narrow mind like me to hand down judgment in this vast world.
But I will use the small slice of this world my eyes see to base my idea.
This is what [Freedom] means.
That wouldn't work in my past life, but I have the power to accomplish that in this life.
I won't deny that I may be getting ahead of myself, but this is no [Japan].
Trying to bring common sense of that world into this world is [Dangerous].

Hence, I will use [Myself] as a measure.
I loathe those who live by poor interpretations of [Survival of the Fittest] and [Self-Conceit] like this man.
Those who weigh life less than a grain.

Back then, I would clench my fist whenever I heard news about people like this doing evil in news.

I twist my body to dodge the sword which was swung down so slowly from overhead.
As the sword went past me, I put strength into my twisting body like a compressed spring.

As the man's stance shifted to forward bend, I let out a straight jab right in the center of his face.

====  ====  ====

Thud, silence visited after that sound.
The man who cheerfully tried to kill me fell down forward.
Unable to even regret it. No, even if this man regretted it [This time], he would have never regretted what he had and would have done.
But it's now a thing of the past. The man is dead. There is no more future for him.

I took the sack with the stolen items and gave it back to Aryl.
Her face seemed to be twitching for a bit.

I give a suggestion here.
It's just impossible to open a store here.

"What should we do now? I don't think we can continue doing business here. How about we close early for today?"





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 54

54 Inference


I thought a bit as I saw them off.
What's happening to my body.

(So far, no one pointed out my unique trait. Despite how much I was avoided in the village because of it. Must be because this city's populace is [Unfamiliar] with it or perhaps the topic is [Obsolete].)

There's also a chance that [Manaless] and [Blessless] are things specific to that village.

But I realized that nobody cares about that here.

Black hair, black eyes.

Perhaps it's an existence that can [Accumulate] strength through training which will eventually goes beyond ordinary people [Limit] under this world's [Law].
A wall that cannot be overcome by those who have received Blessings. What if that wall never existed to begin with?

Did I get stronger just from working in the village field? From walking and hunting in the mountain? Wood-chopping? Transporting water?
It goes without saying with workout and form training. I did all that in daily life.

Are [Blessings] a [Cage] implemented to prevent people from going out of bounds? To restrain them?
Those with Blessings possess a considerable amount of mana. Is that a [Chain] put on them so they don't go beyond [Human]?
Thus my inference brought me.
Otherwise, there should have been more [Powerful People] in this world, no?

Randolf was hired by the association as a bodyguard.
How much stronger are people whose strength surpass him, twice or maybe thrice as strong? That difference looks pretty much nil from where I stand.
Someone hoping to match me has to be on a [Different Dimension] at the very least.
I'm not looking down nor trying to be arrogant here.
That's simply the term needed for one if they wish to match this [Accelerated] state.
Or maybe since we have [Magic], some specific effects could be used to fill the gap.

I only trained because I had nothing to do at first.
And then it was for self-defense after finding out I would be banished from the village.
I needed strength, but it wasn't for the sake of climbing to the top nor did I pursue it. And yet.

(Will my physical strength go up indefinitely just from living? To the point of superhuman? No, it's already [Inhuman] even now... Will it go even further? That's crazy...)

Foolish thought is idyllic thought or so they say. My line of thinking is amateurish.
However, I have experienced all of that first hand.
None of that thought was implausible.
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I heard a cheer suddenly, pulling me back to reality.

"That was amazing! It all happened so fast! Overwhelming!"

It hadn't likely taken that long. Probably less than a minute.

"...Thank you."

My tone was glum after getting an [Answer] from my inference.
She cheerfully continued on without minding.

"Oh you, that's my line. I'm always getting saved."

I must have a displeased look on my face. I'm aware.
Aryl was being considerate and treated me like usual despite seeing that.

"Ah well, you see I'm not used to praises."

I tried to switch mood and forget about that [Inference].
I'm her bodyguard right now. Having strength isn't a bad thing.
Even though the word [Excessive] is far from enough to express that strength, I decide to ignore that for now.

(Cheat? Cheat? Hmm, Cheat? ...That covers the meaning of [Trickery], [Unfair play], [Fraudulence], [Dishonest], a term widely used in gaming to mainly depict those...)

I did not trick anyone. Nor am I playing unfairly or being a fraud.
How are you cheating this anyway.

And I did not receive any such a thing from god.

Real cheat is usually perceived as [Ordinary] by those who have them.
Like, 'Eh what? Why can't you do that?' Or so the capable tend to say without thinking about others.
And a being like that must be so full of hubris they wouldn't think anyone would refuse receiving Blessings at [That Place].
I put a break on this yet again resumed train of thought.

(I got abducted against my will by this world's [God]. And you're gonna just explain it all away with a word 'Cheat'? Like hell!)

My cooled down anger rose again.
Aryl who sensed that asked.

"What's the matter?"

She must be worried. Her voice was gentle.

"Ah... Excuse me, it's nothing."

(To begin with, there is a huge gulf of power between the powerless me and god. That's a wall humans can't simply climb over... Hm, a wall?)

I felt like I caught something.
But Aryl's spirited yell blew that away.

"Okay! Let's just forget! What just happened! We're starting over!"

And then, just as the faces of those three earlier turned hazy on my mind, the second trouble made its appearance.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 4

Growth, Deterioration


As we kept walking in the forest, the tightly packed trees gradually turned sparse.
Advancing further, we came across a signboard with an arrow mark to the forest.

I was surprised to find out I could read it.
It's written in otherwordly language, and yet I read it like it's in Japanese.
Everything being too convenient like this is making me uneasy instead.

『-> Danger Zone - Magic Beast Forest Gruoz - Those without permit are to stay away.』

Danger Zone? I was there for real?
Judging from the name, people likely get killed inside, scary.

"You'll find a highway to the opposite of that arrow sign. Following the road will get you to the town."

"F-finally out of the forest. That was really tough for someone lacking exercise like me."

"Lacking exercise, even though you have a Combat Job? Were you recuperating from a cold?"

I don't have a Combat Job. Probably. To begin with, it's unappraiseable.

"No, uh, I'm... I don't know."

"?.. What is?"

"My, Job."

It makes me sound like a neet, doesn't it?
Look, even Alma has this 'What is this guy saying' aura around her.
Her expression barely changes though.

"You look like a grown up though, how old are you?"


"Everybody decides on their own Job when they come of age. You must have one too. Is it hard to say?"

"No, that's not it, I really don't know."

"...Really. Everybody has their own circumstances. Sorry for prying."

And now she's being considerate. What kind of Job does she think I have...

Hm? You get Job when you come of age?
I think Alma is 16 from her status...

<<In this world, individuals come of age at 15, they determine their Skills as well Job they wish to have by that point.>>

Ah OK. Really now.
I was just wondering and an information display showed up automatically, wonder if it's some kind of Tutorial for people who just arrived in this world or something.
The sudden pop-up sure was surprising.

The highway is so much more easier to walk on than the non path of the forest.
To think I could feel so grateful for being able to walk on a flat road. I don't wanna get in that forest anymore... Not even when that forest path turns flat.

After a while, I spot a wall surrounding something.
That must be the town nearest to this forest.

"You can see it from here. That's the town I live at [Daijel]."

"Ooh~! Finally a town!"

It's too bad we can't see the insides due to the wall. Wonder if it's a countermeasure for magic beasts.

We stopped before the gate then an armored guard approached us.
I'm feeling nervous even though I haven't done anything wrong.
It's like when a policeman comes to ask you things.

"Oh, Almatina. You're back in one piece."

"Yup, I'm uninjured."

"Glad to hear that. By the way, who's the man?"

The guard asked while looking at my face.
Calm down me. I just gotta need to speak honestly.

"My name is Kajikawa Hikaru. I was saved by Almatina-san when a group of goblins surrounded me in the forest, and since I had nowhere to go, I asked her to guide me to this town."

"Inside the forest? You mean you got in Magic Beast Forest!? That's a Danger Zone!"

"Well um, I found myself in the forest before I realized when I came to during the night."

"Were you abandoned there? Where did you come from?"

"I lived in a place called Japan. I have no idea how far or close it is from here."

"Japan... Never heard of it. You wait here a bit."

The guard went in guardroom after saying that.
I sure sound suspicious, don't I.
Even if I told the truth, it's all uncertain.

"You were speaking with formal speech."

"...What did you see me as? Even children can speak formal speech, you know."

"Sorry, it was unlike the image I had in mind."

I guess my image would be someone who screamed out loud from getting surrounded by goblins who then proceeded to beat them to dead with a club? That's just the worst!

As I thought that,
The guard from earlier came back with someone.
A gray haired middle-aged man wearing a monocle. Some sort of scholar perhaps?
Gotta check up his stat.


Age: 61

Race: Human

Job: Appraisal Master

State: Normal




Appraisal Lv10 - Clerk Lv6

【Master Skill】
Truth Appraisal

There's some curious points.
First of all, he's got no level?

<<Baring exceptions, humans with non Combat Jobs do not have base level>>

Eh, then they can't even level up by beating magic beasts?
Well, these stats would make that hard to begin with I guess.

What's up with INT and DEX being so high compared to other stats.

<<Baring a few exceptions, human with non Combat Job have upper caps of attributes. Especially ATK, as it is half of STR, they can hardly deal with magic beasts. Attributes without caps can be raised upon each individual effort.>>

What's that. You're saying those without Combat Job can't even defeat magic beasts then.
That's a bit, no quite weird. What's the reason?

<<Law of the World, Unknown.>>

...I'm guessing this gonna get displayed whenever something weird comes up from here on.

<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >

And, what's a [Master Skill] again?

【Master Skill】
<<Skills acquired when one raises specific skills to maximum level. The majority have powerful effects in comparison to ordinary skills.>>

Fumufumu. You see this often in games.
So what's Truth Appraisal again?

【Truth Appraisal】
<<Allows one to distinguish lies from truth. However as it depends on the perception of the individuals who write or speak thus, this can be objectively wrong depending on their beliefs.>>

...A skill for interrogation. That sure is powerful.
He's probably gonna use it on me now.

"Thanks for waiting. We need to issue your Appraisal Certificate and Pass Permit before you could enter the town. For that, we have to ask several questions."

"Appraisal Certificate?"

"Yea. A document that lists your status and Elimination History. Haven't you heard one?"

Status aside, Elimination History? You mean like Kill Log.
My Menu don't got no such functions. How enviable.

"Excuse me, I've never even done status check in my homeland."

The guard looked at the Appraisal Master who nodded at him.

"...Yer sure is unusual eh. Just how were you living up till now. Well fine. Any problem with us issuing those documents?"

"Err, do I have to pay or anything?"

"Don't worry. We don't do that to everybody wanting to get in. We get lots of travelling merchants thanks to this policy, though some do cause trouble once in a while."

"Is that so. Then if you would."

The appraiser gramps took two piece of papers from his bosom pocket.
Eh, he's writing here? Wouldn't it be easier on a desk?
Just as I thought that, the pieces of paper faintly lit up, and letters came up on them.
Oooh? Is that a Skill?

<<Appraisal Skill Lv2 Function: [Appraisal Projection] Project appraisal results to paper.>>

So it's like a combination of scanner and printer. So convenient.

The appraisal master and guard checked the results. Do I have no privacy here. Well I mean, I did peek on their status myself too (twice).
The two opened their eyes wide, then they looked at me with expressions full of pity and suspicion.
Yes, my Job is unknown and my stats are all zero, what about it?
Skill? I don't got one! Dammit.

"...Is this really true? His stats are lower than a baby."

"Ah, yup. As an appraiser this came as the biggest shock to me. There is no trace of status tampering or concealing. Everything is as intended."

"Job unknown, most stats are at 2. Even Skill has ※Acquisition not possible※ written. Is this guy cursed or something?"

Oy hold it, what did you just say?
My stats turning 2 must be because of my raised level, but what's that about skill? Acquisition not possible? Eeeeh?

"His state is shown as Normal. This truly is his normal state unbound by any curse. Wait, what the. Here, take a look at Elimination History."

"One kobold, two goblins!? O-oy you! You killed magic beasts in that forest!?"

"Ah, yes. By chance though."

"Like you can beat magic beasts by chance! Rather, how the heck did you do that with these stats!?"

"E, err, you see."

I explained how I got to beat that kobold.

I climbed up a tree after sensing the kobold-> Kobold climbed too-> I grabbed its neck when I almost fell down-> We fell together-> My butt got a critical hit. Kobold, dead.

...Oy, you geezer, stop looking away with those shaking shoulders. I wanted to die narrating that, dangit.
Alma, stop quivering with that expressionless face of yours! Might as well just laugh out loud!

After the laughing matter, I spoke about how I beat the goblins dead, and their countenances changed.

"Pardon me, Sir Filsdaim, is there a lie in his story?"

"None. This man spoke only the truth."

"However, that doesn't explain how he was able to beat goblins to dead with these stats. How did that happen?"

"Apparently he was born somewhere unusual, he might be possessing a power unknown to us. It would be hard to explain here, for now just conduct what needs to be done to let him pass inside."


Appraisal Master spoke while staring straight in my eyes.

"Kajikawa, what do you hope to accomplish in this town?"

"...I have nowhere to go, I'm thinking of planning my future once I'm inside the town."

"Do you intend to cause harm to this town or its populace?"

"I do not. I won't deny the possibility of self-defense if I get dragged in trouble however."

"...Fumu, very well. Issue his permit, prepare for it."

My, so easy. Isn't he being a bit too sloppy. I'm fine with that though.

"Are you sure? To be frank, there are so many uncertain points..."

"None has ever caused a trouble after passing through that check I performed. It is fine."

"...Understood. I'll go get his permit."

The guard went in the guard room once again.
Looks like I got the OK for now. Thankfully.

Ah, right. Might as well check with an appraiser.

"Um, I'm sorry, I'd like to ask some things, do you mind?"

"Mu, what is it?"

"...I have no cash on me so I'd like to sell some of my belongings, where could I trade them?"

"That depends on those belongings, what are you selling?"

"All kinds of seasoning and a few Efi Fruit. They should be fresh since I gathered them around dawn time."

"Hohou, let me see them."

He appraised the seasoning and Efi fruit.
Look wise, their freshness should be fine.

"How about I buy them off you? Ah, not the Forest Ginger. That's got a bitter taste, it's only good for herbal medicine, you know?

Forest Ginger...
No choice, I'll use it myself for cooking. Don't be down now, Forest Ginger.

"That will be a big help, but how much are you willing to pay?"

"Shouldn't you decide on that as the one selling? I'm an Appraisal Master."

No I mean, that's why I'm asking what's the right price.
...Menu-san, do you know the market price.

<<Street Price of things harvested half a day ago is,
12 Perilla: 1200 En
3 Big Sesame Pods: 1500 En
5 Efi Fruit: 50000 En
Total: 52700 En>>

Ah, it does know. And it uses En as a standard for money. It sure sounds kinda Japanese.
...Wait what, Efi's so pricey!? One of them is 10,000 En!? So pricey!?

<<Natural freshly picked Efi is hard to obtain unless one specifically requests Adventurer Guild. Its value may jump several times depending on the region.>>

Oou. I should have fetched more if only I knew.
Ah, but I've no regret letting Alma eat them. Yup. None at all.

"Err, considering their freshness,
12 Perilla: 1200 En
3 Big Sesame Pods: 1500 En
5 Efi Fruit: 50000 En
Total: 52700 En
What do you think?"

I spoke the prices as the Menu told me. Copypaste? Yes, and?
Normally you'd want to price them higher so they get haggled down to market price or a bit more, but
I'm up against an Appraisal Master. It'd be a pain if he withdrew his offer cause I did that, so I'd just take it even if he haggled it down.

"...You do not appear to have Appraisal skill, how did you decide on those prices?"

"...I know the rough prices just from looking."

T-that was close. I almost said 'Those are the prices in my homeland', but you can't lie to this old man.
It'd be a pain if the thing about Menu gets known, so I decided to speak the truth while not telling everything.

"Very well. I don't see any issue with their freshness, I'll take them at those prices."

"Eh? Ah yes. Thank you."

Huh? That got through without haggling?
I was ready for 30% discount at worst.
Was it because I didn't price them higher?
The appraiser took his wallet... it sure looks like a wallet. It's got all those ornaments, feel like the wallet itself is worth more than the content.
He took some gold and silver coins and gave them to me.

<<Standard value of money
Platinum Coin= One million en
Big Gold Coin= One hundred thousand en
Gold Coin= Ten thousand en
Silver Coin= One thousand en
Copper Coin= One hundred en
Small Copper Coin= Ten en
Dime= One en
Thus specified.>>

Okay. This stuff popped up without permission again. I'm thankful but it's really shocking, please do something about it.
I received the money and handed over the fruit and seasoning.

"Thank you very much. I should manage for now thanks to this."

"That is good to hear. I do not have many chances to get my hands on fresh Efi. Looking forward to enjoying them."

"Ah, make sure your MP has been reduced by 5 or more before consuming one. You'll suffer from Excess Mana if you don't."

"Fret not. That appraisal earlier consumed my MP, in fact these won't be enough to cover for it."

"I-is that true. I'm sorry."

"There is no need for apology, I am simply doing my job. Ah right, here is your appraisal certificate. Take it."

I got the result of appraisal earlier.
Its content is almost the exact same as my Menu display.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal





※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 17
NEXT: 30

Elimination History

Kobold x1
Goblin x2



These are written in otherworld language too, but I can read them no problem.

Hm? Title?

<<Titles are given to those who have achieved specific conditions like numbers of magic beasts eliminated or skill usage. There are titles that affect Attributes and Skills as well.>>

Ah okay okay. Really now. Well putting that aside.

...Attributes besides HP, MP and SP are 2. Guess it's better than 0. Well, that's not the big problem here.

It's the Skill column. I wasn't hearing it wrong earlier.
Acquisition not possible.

Since it was shown as [None] when I was Lv1, perhaps leveling up before I got a Skill as a base for a Job made it impossible to get one now?
Otherwise, people without Combat Job may acquire base level, creating inequality.

It's an explanation I came up on the spot, but considering the situation, it fits the bill to a T.
Then just give everybody basic level dangit. Why'd make it like this.

Which means, if a kid that hasn't decided on their Job manages to beat magic beasts by miracle and levels up, they may also suffer from the same phenomenon, I guess?

<<All humans in this world obtains at least one skill the moment they are born. Additionally, the concept of level does not exist on children that have not come of age, thus they cannot level up.>>

...Eh. Then are you saying this is a rare case that happens because I'm an otherworlder with no Skill no Job but has level and leveled up?

<<Affirming Conjecture.>>

You could deny that you know? Meaning, from now on I've gotta live in this world without Skill or Job?
What do I do. I wouldn't be able to even find an employment now.
A sense of despair unlike what I experienced when I was surrounded by goblins. I truly wished to survive back then, but now it feels like my will to live is getting sapped out.

"...What should I do."

"What's wrong, Hikaru?"

Alma called out to me due to my grave expression.

"Ah, un... I'm sure you heard it, looks like I won't be able to get Skills on top of having none."


"Of course, I've got no Job either. My Status is weaker than even a baby. Laughable isn't it? Hahaha..."


"...Ah,un. Complaining here gets nothing done! My bad! Thank you for all your help. I'm gonna think about what to do now after sleeping it off at the inn--"

"It's okay."

Alma grabbed my hands.
Then she spoke while looking straight at me.

"I saw with my own eyes how Hikaru beat magic beasts with these hands. You are not weaker than a baby. Absolutely."


"Let me introduce you to Adventurer Guild if you can't find somewhere to work. They offer work Production Job can do like herb gathering, so you should have no issue with money if you do it right."

"Are you gonna be all right, introducing someone inept like me."

"You are not inept. It's okay. My achievements in guild may only be at rookie level, but it should be credible enough. Besides, you can prove your ability to defend yourself by showing them your Elimination History."

"...I see. Then I'll take you up on your offer. Thank you, really."


Oh crap, I'm going to cry. My will to live is back.
This girl is such a really good girl. Alma-san's kindness knows no limit. Sniffle.

"Ah youth. Hohhou."

Gramps, read the mood you. Hey stop staring at us! It's embarassing!

Afterward, I got the permit from the guard and we went in through the gate.
I'm gonna register at the Adventurer Guild first before looking for an inn. Wonder how it's like.

~~~Gramps Perspective~~~

"Ho ho ho. Quite a pleasant lad that was."

I spontaneously muttered as I saw this Kajikawa young man and Almatina off.
That kid seemed to be down in the dump after reading the appraisal result yet he quickly got back on his feet from Almatina's encouragement. Truly a simple guy.

Well, the situation he has found himself in is not so simple however.

First of all, Status. I said there was nothing suspicious, yet there are only few that aren't unusual.
Most of his attributes are at 2. Skill acquisition not possible. Job unappraiseable.

And yet he has history of defeating Kobold and Goblins. How is that possible. Ah, not good. I got a stomach cramp from remembering that kobold story. Bufu.
Moreover, his Stamina is at 0 and yet he has not fallen to [Hunger] state. Normal. That alone is proof enough that he lives under a different law of nature than us.

On top of that, he accurately saw through the value of things without a skill. ...Huh? Am I even needed now?
I asked how he did it, but he surely did not tell everything despite not lying. Just what did he see anyway.

I bite on an Efi fruit I just bought. Umu, tasty. Natural freshly picked Efi are something else indeed. Really unlike the yellowed stale ones in the market.

My gratitude for these fresh Efi. [Drifter from Another World]-dono. May the path you tread on be free of trouble.

Appraisal Lv10 Function [Revelation of the World]

Allow one to see through Titles hidden and given by 『Law of The World』.
Only this Function is capable of seeing through Titles hidden by 『Law of The World』.


[Drifter from Another World] (Hidden Title)
Someone who hails (Do your Best) from a world different than this one (My Child).





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 53

53 First Time


She almost couldn't take it anymore.
But her remaining energy from earlier seems to help her stay positive.

Let me explain how it came to be.

At first, we went into the backstreet and found Aryl's spot near a corner.
My guess was proven right,

[Pretty much that], [Thug-infested], [Slum-like], [Bad public safety], and [Not visible from the main street].

About sums it up. Awful can't even begin to describe it.
Aryl was taken aback but that didn't put a damper on her spirit.

"I've finally gotten to this point! I'm not... gonna give up!"

She desperately tried to stay on her feet and stood up with zeal.

If it were me, I'd have thought this was some sort of punishment game and go back to the merchant association to complain and ask for a change of place.
'There must be some mistake here.' I'd press on the receptionist.

But it seems she didn't want to cause a scene at the merchant association as she took a simple manual assembly stall from her bag while groaning, 'Gununu...'

"Give me a hand please. Let's do this. We're gonna do this!"

Even her cheerful voice couldn't hide her worry.

(Well pulling or pushing here would end in trouble either way...)

She has two choices here, 'Her business won't grow bigger if she cannot overcome something this trivial', or 'Withdrawing after a careful deliberation shows her crisis management and risk evasion skill.'
This is an important turning point that will decide how she does business in the future.

And thus she decided to [Push Through]. That's fine.
I don't mind lending her a hand.
But there is one concern. An obvious one. Yes indeed.

(This situation is way too template-like... and the circumstances around it...)

This is no mere hunch. It's a surefire one.
And this is the proof.

----  ----  ----

"Yo yo, ain'tcha an unfamiliar face, missy."

"Welcome! We only offer excellent articles in our store. They're all reasonably priced. With no drawback whatsoever."

The moment we were done lining up all the items, our [First] customers dropped by.
Aryl had a moment of joy for having her first customers.
But her expression quickly turned dubious.

Of course.
These customers, a group of three men, look dirty with ragged attires and avaricious-looking faces.
They almost look like the bandits who assaulted Aryl. In fact, they're the exact match.

The words they uttered settled it.

Clearly showing, 'They're not here for business.'

A boorish line lacking any will for negotiation.

They didn't even take a look at the items, or ask for price, under what authority compelled them to ask this?

"I'mma take 'erything here. Hell, I'mma take you too missy hehe~."

The three laughed, wafting their foul breath around.

(Oh good. They're so obviously small time thugs.)

Much easier to handle than that idiot who blocked our way here. Uninvited guests they may be.
I inwardly said sorry to Aryl for feeling relieved at these men's small fry aura.
I don't want to get praised or used to driving these kinds away.
But I'm working as her bodyguard right now. It's my turn here.

I spoke thus with a sigh.

"Our first customer isn't even a customer. I can't believe it..."

Those words shouldn't have come from me, Aryl must be thinking that the most now.
However, her pride as a merchant doesn't seem to allow her to, she's putting up with them with her [Mask] on.

"Oy oy, cheer up now. I'mma make real good use of these things here, yeah?"

"I refuse."

A clear sonorous sounding voice denied him.
The owner of that voice still kept her smile up.

Now then, she wouldn't need a bodyguard if these types were willing to step back here.
The three thugs keep pushing, 'Ou Ou Ou!'

(What the heck is this... this chain of events really feels like a [Decided] thing...)

"Sounds like ya need some good hurting! Oy! Get 'em. Let's crush this brat and girl."

====  ====  ====
<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >

With that as a signal, I entered [Acceleration] state and flicked at the man's jaw who said that as [Gentle] as possible.

Trying my best not to kill him.

But his jaw probably got real messed up from that.
I don't care beyond that though, guy's just reaping what he sowed.
Those who try to hurt other must be ready to get hurt themselves.
What was it, gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes back?
These types of hooligans are lacking on that department. Hence doing it halfway will only result in grudge.
They'll bring up stuff like pride and honor even though they never had one to begin with.
Because they don't want to admit their weakness.
The majority of them are simply [Idiots]. That's template for you.

I'm gonna use them as practice boards on top of doing my job as a bodyguard.
On adjusting my power.

===  ===  ===

Among the three, the man in the middle got blown away. Without a scream.

"!!! W-what just, what!?"

I'm standing on the spot where the blown man stood before anyone realized.
You gotta get close to flick someone.
I undid [Acceleration] afterward.

I could have [Done] them all in one go, but I wanted to see the result first before proceeding with the rest.
Either they run away or keep going, I'm fine with whichever, now that it's come to this might as well enjoy this [Template] till the end.

The man got blown about 3 meter away, with a long air time. Not feels like, it really was.

I checked the [Remains] after he fell down the ground.

(Oh poor him... Crushed jaw... Lord have mercy...)

The man was barely hanging on to dear life, and despite being the one who did it, I felt dreadful and sympathized a bit at the disastrous scene.

One of the the two leftover men screamed out loud.

"D-damn youuu!"

He tried to draw a sword hanging on his waist, but I wouldn't let him to.

"Would you calm down for now?"

I pin down the arm he's using to grab his sword.
Naturally I did that in [Accelerated] state, thus the man couldn't perceive me even moving.
To other people, me in [Acceleration] state is not merely fast.

The two thugs are sweating bullets at this unthinkable happening.
I dealt the finishing blow.

"Take your friend and get lost forever if you don't want to get hurt."

This is as far as my leniency goes. I'll turn them into my [Practice Board] if they're still coming at me.
That said, I don't want to drown myself in violence, hence I'm not gonna give chase if they choose to run.

The man trying to draw his sword kept cursing out.
Still unable to move an inch with me suppressing him.

"Dammit! What's with this brat! The heck's going on!"

The other man was pale faced and spoke fearfully.

"I got it! W-we'll do as y-you say!"

The difference between these two is whether they checked the state of the man I blew away.
The sword-drawing man never turned his head to look at that blown man as he kept his guard on me.

I loosened up my strength for the man who was willing to listen.

The sword-drawing man sensed that and quickly back stepped away before cursing out in anger.

"You bastard! I'll make you regret this!"

The rest was [The Usual]. The most cliched of all cliche.

He must be confident in his swordsmanship.
He swiftly slashed at me.

I've already focused myself by that point.

===  ===  ===

In [Acceleration] state.
I went around and stood behind the frozen man.

I slowly, very slowly and delicately put my hand on his shoulder. Only for a moment.
Not putting in the strength for even a flick.
I gotta learn how to adjust this power little by little.
Maximum power is simple, I just let it all out.
But I gotta pile up the experience if I want to learn the control well.

To begin with, me moving around at a speed that makes everything else looks stopped must mean I'm moving hundreds times faster than them at least.
After being in so many accelerated state, I get it.

(From other perspective, I must look like I vanished in and out. Some fighting game characters also do that thing of disappearing in and out when they move too fast.)

This is absolutely not like the miraculous teleport of [Yoga].
It would have been interesting in its own way if I could do that, but unfortunately I have no supernatural power.
But to the receiving end, there's no difference between that and instantaneous transmission.

I unfocused myself while joking around like that in my mind.

===  ===  ===


The attacking man unceremoniously fell on the ground.
Lying face down, knocked out.

'Hiii!', I heard a scream next to me.
It's the pale faced last one.

I tell him.

"Get these two out of here. You can handle it yourself, can't you? Or do you need my help?"

Perhaps it was due to excessive terror?
The man kept nodding at high speed like a broken doll.
He quickly took the two knocked out men with him and left.
Running like they were weightless to him.
As if he didn't want to stay here a second longer.






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