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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 151

151 Goldeuro, Yells


(What what what! What the hell are those! Matching my 'power'... no, outdoing it!?)

Goldeuro is not foolish enough to deny reality thrust before his very eyes.
Even though he can't believe how these six people managed to keep up fighting against his magic beast, he has no choice but to accept it.

(Who are they!? Damn you, Reikana! To think she was hiding such forces! And that's spirit magic! Elves! Why are they cooperating with her with the nonintervention pact still active!?)

Goldeuro understands now's not the time to care about that.

(My power isn't losing, but neither can it kill them! Dammit! How could mere six elves push it around!)

His head keeps boiling no matter what he thinks. He's desperately trying to calm himself.
But Goldeuro is getting unnerved after having his pride damaged.

(Nobody in this world can stand up against my 'power'! That's how great it is! This power of mine should be capable of easily destroying the Kingdom's strongest, 'Arcane Blade', this cannot be the extent of my power!)

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in anger. Not realizing he has stood up to watch the battle.

"I was meaning to save it until the last, no more! Do it!"

Goldeuro held his bracelet up high and commanded the magic beast. A light shone out of it.
The venue was dyed in white thunderbolts a moment later. Goldeuro believed he had 'won' when he saw nobody else standing besides the magic beast in the aftermath.
But that quickly got doused in water.

"Milord, our diminutive power is incapable of triumphing over that magic beast. We beg your forgiveness."

They dodged it. Moving so fast his eyes couldn't catch up. Beyond him. Proof that the elves had not brought out their full power. His premonition of victory crumbled that instance.
This repeated damage to his pride made Goldeuro inadvertently swung his arms and hit his chair.

"How dare youuuuuuuu! How dare you make a fool out of meeeeee!"

Then as he looked back, he saw a black haired, black eyed young man facing off against his magic beast.

"Every single one of these mongrels makes a mockery out of me!"
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He cannot forgive this completely ordinary looking existence standing before his 'power' following the elves.

"Get crusheeeeeed! I don't care who you are, none may affront my 'power'!"

The magic beast lifted its foreleg high and swung it down hard as he yelled.

"Smashed! Yes that's it! There is nothing in this world that can stand up against my 'power'!"

The young man is not there as the beast slowly lifted its leg. He should have been somewhere nearby if he dodged, but there's no sign of him anywhere.

"I....Inconceivableeeeeeeeee! That's just not possible! It just caaaaaaaaaaaaaan't!"

His mistake is understandable. The man looked like a common dime a dozen ignorant mass.
Yet the only thing everybody here shares is the fact that nobody saw him dodging at all.
He literally 'vanished' a moment before the paw crushed him.
No preliminary motion, no sign, nothing at all that precedes him vanishing.
The only ones acting calm here are the elves who knew about it.
Goldeuro never noticed a man standing next to him in his bewilderment.

'Clack', he turned his eyes toward the source of this metal sound, yet what he saw was his 'power' that was supposed to be undetachable, missing.

The bracelet is a magic vessel. It has a mechanism that will lock itself through mana interference when someone else attempts to take it off. As such, only the wearer can.
And yet it's gone. It shouldn't have been possible. Even the most masterful of mana manipulator in this world can't possibly take it off. The mechanism employs the most fundamental of mana theory, hence it's also absolute.

"What is this...? How is this happening....? ....What the hell is happeniiiiiiiiiing!.......?"

Goldeuro's yell resounded.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter Chapter 150

150 Indecisiveness Invites the Shadow of Death


Dagzas is Goldeuro's personal knight. The very reason why he's here.
He now stands in a fork road of his life.

(Just what are those six!? Could they possibly defeat that magic beast?!)

The surprisingly gutless Dagzas is bewildered at the scene he's witnessing.

(This lot is undoubtedly the group who crushed that syndicate... No better proof than the way that magic beast's legs sank earlier...)

He spoke thus to Goldeuro when he first saw this magic beast.

"Surely, there is not a single soul in this world capable of standing up against a magic beast this grand! No matter who they are, the only choice they have is to prostrate themselves before Goldeuro-sama."

He truly meant that at the time. That's why he's here. Not running away.

(But how could you expect me to still believe that after seeing them... What now!?)

They haven't beaten the magic beast yet. But these six don't look like they're going to run out of steam either.
The battle has been unfolding for a while. Any 'human' will surely meet a swifth death had they dared to get in between the two sides.

(Nobody told me elves were this strong! 'Humans' can't possibly win!)

Dagzas is convinced the six people moving around at inhuman speed must be elves.
He thinks of that and his excuses while gradually inching back toward the exit of the special seating area.

(I was standing behind a cover. The emperor couldn't have seen me here... if it looks like things are looking bad for me, I'm gonna scram deserting this guy.)

The only reason he followed Goldeuro thus far was because the man gave him a chance to get ahead in life. If he succeeded with his ambitions, Dagzas would also profit.
He was so sure of Goldeuro's success.
But now, something has appeared to shake that up a bit.
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Dagzas is a coward. It's why he latched on someone with absolute authority like Goldeuro. Everything done under this authority is Goldeuro's responsibility. He simply moves as the man's limbs. His way to 'protect' himself.
But he is in fact an indecisive and opportunistic individual. Up until this point, the plan was going so well that aspect never surfaced up.
And now he's found himself in water hot enough to have that surface.

(I should go look for an escape path if it seems like there's even the slightest bit of chance we're losing.)

Dagzas formulated his escape plan unbeknownst to Goldeuro. But before that, the mana emitted from magic beast swelled up.

(I'll make my judgment after watching how powerful this magic beast's offensive is and how will those six deal with it!)

The spectacle unfolded before this plan of his was the entire venue being engulfed in lightning strikes.

(Such a powerful offensive magic! Not even hundreds, thousands of troops can win against this! I wasn't wrong about this magic beast!)

However, a clear sonorous voice resounded in the silence that came after.

"Milord, our diminutive power is incapable of triumphing over that magic beast. We beg your forgiveness."

(...How!? How is this possible!? They can't have survived... they dodged that!? ...But wait, they said they can't defeat it. What do I do!? Should I run? Or should I stay here a bit more?)

He opted to stay as he could have never imagined this indecisiveness would cost him his life. No he couldn't leave. His indecisiveness has never changed.
Running away here would mean throwing away his years of hardships. That thought alone stopped his legs.
However, he should have run if he values his life. But too late now.

Because a dark shadow is approaching behind him.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 149

149 Wonder What is a Soul? 


A question has always been bugging me. What is a soul?
I initially thought it was something humans 'imagined' or use as an 'excuse' to explain things convenient to them.
But now that I'm in another world, I'm second guessing that. If you can't explain what 'soul' mean to human, then what about to the beings human call 'gods'.
Generally, humans simply don't have answers to supernatural stuff like that. They're 'invisible', 'intangible', so you can't even observe them.
Which means there must be something this supernatural stuff is good for.

So now let's think in order since I got abducted to this world.
First is body. The past me kept moving around without any problem even though his soul left his body. I've confirmed it since I was there until it happened. So it seems your body can live on no problem even without a soul.
Then what is it anyway? I understand that it must be something mere humans cannot comprehend.
But it connects to being reset when you get purified and cleansed by the gods here.

In occultism, there are stories about humans who have their past life memories. Doesn't that happen because your soul from previous life gets recycled?
And perhaps some sort of stimuli make that memory resurface?
The me now is proof to that. I got reincarnated along with my previous life memories because I rejected god's blessing.
I don't know why a soul is important to make a man. I mean your body keeps living on even without one. No clue what does it affect humans.
However, the beings known as 'gods' need souls to create 'humans' as well as 'something else'. In fact, it would make sense if they're necessary to keep those gods existing.

There was an 'exchange' performed between the 'god from my past life' and 'the god of this world'. Their conversation that time was seared in my memory.

Soul, body and mind. I recall having played a game with this occult setting and got into it so much I read about all kinds of trivia and knowledge about the topic.
Mind is what links body to the soul, and soul is where everything is recorded. Or so was the setting, I think. Thus, my memory now must be the 'recording' up until my soul got separated from my body.
To begin with, scientifically speaking physical information is recorded in DNA, mind is electrical signals in your brain, and soul isn't even a thing, 'out of question'.
And yet that happened to me, and I can't even tell that to anybody.
In fact, disclosing that will only make people see me as an oddball. Both in that world and this world.

Nobody can understand or sympathize with my circumstances. Only those who undergo the same experience can.
After all there's no way to prove it. You can't make others experience what you go through.

As I don't think there will be anybody who can ever resonate with me in this world, I only wish to live without getting bound by anybody or obligations until the day I die.
Not that I've given up living, but to die while remaining as me.
'I am me', someone who rejected god's blessing, and I don't wish to live a 'new me' in this world.

That's why I don't want to get dragged into trouble or any kind of mess. I shouldn't have existed in this world to begin with, it's better if I don't stand out or be the core of anything.

But presently, the direction I'm going isn't heading that way.
My life at the village was a peaceful one, yet the instant I left and met Aryl, it was like I just kept rolling and smashing into mess without ever hitting the brake.
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~=~=  ~=~=  ~=~=

Everything is gonna be over once this ends right? That's all I wish for.
I face off against the chimera with that desire inwardly.

(Now then, what do~. Sure makes you wonder when you're actually seeing it up close, I mean look at the size of this thing.)

I'm not under acceleration right now. I did when I moved here from Reikana's seating area, but undid it to make an observation.

(I just can't bring myself to. Wonder why? And I was so eager to make this thing a test subject for a full power punch, but now that it's in front of me, all I feel is pity somehow.)

The chimera's rotund eyes look surprisingly pure to me, and its movement as it tried to crush me with its down swinging fore paw has no 'vigor' to it.
It feels lifeless. Leaving an impression of hesitation even though it could have moved so much more nimbly.

After various experiences of facing off against Randolf in commercial city as well as all kinds of thugs, I can now tell when my opponent is going 'all out'. I know when an attack is coming with the intention to harm.
Yet, for some reason, all I could sense is bewilderment and rejection on full display emanating from Chimera.
The faces Serena and the elves had when they were under subordination collars' influence and Chimera's overlapped in my mind. They're entirely different species and yet that's what it felt to me. That was when it hit me.

(Ohoho? ...This pattern, could it be?)

I entered 'Acceleration' as I dodged the next attack and observed the Chimera's full body. Looking for a certain 'thing'.
I couldn't find it and recalled the bracelet Goldeuro held high up before Chimera's entrance.
I muttered to myself 'this is how it's gonna be huh' as I headed for the conclusion.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 148

148 What the Imperial Princess Sees


She was so dumbfounded her feet rooted on the spot. The shock from the scene she's seeing made her forget to even run.

(Against a mythical class magic beast like this... And these elves won't even let it made its move while they keep their offensive... We have been truly complacent.)

Princess Reikana was made to realize the pettiness of her caliber. Humans are such arrogant and foolish beings.

It was made evident after watching the currently fighting elves. The reason why she never touched upon the topic about them was due to the pact she must uphold as a royalty.
What's even more shocking is how those elves serve this completely ordinary looking young man.
Just how enormous the power this young man possesses if such strong elves answer to his calls.

(But still, he hasn't moved at all. I understand about that 'safety first' matter. But the elves do not have the mean to end this stalemate.)

There's no telling what's gonna happen at this rate. The magic beast might rampage on and cause collateral damage on the city. Reikana thought the worst. And suppose the magic beast has more tricks and the elves end up dying, there will be no one left to stop Goldeuro.

"Reikana-sama! Please evacuate this place! Why do you still remain here! Come, let's hurry!"

That was Hanna. Her personal maid wasn't initially present here. She had to take care of some things for the ceremony and arrived late.

"Hanna, this is the moment that shall decide this empire's future. I must see it through to the end. It's my noblesse oblige."

At first she was overcome with so much fear her thought was dominated with fleeing. Forgetting her pride as a royalty. Running away from her obligation.
None can blame her. Not when it's against such a magic beast, no, it was actually her first time seeing any kind of magic beast.
The first magic beast she saw was this gigantic beast, not to mention the sharp mana emanating from it that felt like it had been stabbing her from the moment the beast showed up.

And then there's the young man who acts completely normal to that. She doesn't even know his name, no she never regrets intentionally not asking.
Her intuition warns her that if she ever asks and finds out about it, a cataclysm that dwarfs this moment will befall this empire.

She doesn't feel 'anything at all' from him just like previously. That brings her terror. Far more than the magic beast ahead.
The elves are still on the offensive unceasingly.
Compressing mana dwelling inside oneself is the basic of secret art.
And these elves' mastery on it is on a level simply unthinkable. So much so that it's utterly impossible for mere men to ever achieve.
And yet, the magic beast doesn't even flinch against such powerful attacks as it keeps countering. While the elves keep dodging those counters.
'If this keeps up', just when she thought that, the magic beast changed. To be more precise, it's emitting much more mana than before.

"That's not good! Please tell them to get away! That magic beast is planning to launch a wide area attack!"
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She warned that loudly but the elves had already sensed it. There's no way they would miss something Reikana sensed.

Cracking white lightnings surrounded the magic beast before spreading out toward the venue.

By this point, the elves had already moved out of the way and back at the seating area. The white lightnings roared loudly, tearing the atmosphere apart.
Those thunderbolts never reached the audience seat and silence fell once more when it was over.

"Milord, our diminutive power is incapable of triumphing over that magic beast. We beg your forgiveness."

"Nah, there's nothing to apologize for. I mean, I never told you to 'beat it no matter what'."

"What is your plan now? Have you noticed anything after watching all that? I mean, why haven't you done anything at all?"

Reikana asked sounding a bit irritated. Understandable. They have no prospect of winning at this rate.
Even such strong elves, six of them at that, were hopeless against it.
And yet he hasn't even so much so as moved a muscle. Hanna next to her couldn't stand it anymore.

"You've been hired by Reikana-sama, haven't you! Please defeat that thing if you have a plan!"

Even Hanna used 'please'. An entreaty mixed with fear.
Implicitly saying that there would be no greater terror than now. The situation was this grave.
Reikana was considering bowing as a princess but stopped short.

"Is your head so light it keeps going down again and again?"

Since she was told that previously. Hence she expressed through words.

"I beseech you. Please, protect this empire. For the sake of our people."

"Guess I gotta... Haa."

Then he vanished before her eyes. She had no idea about the terrifying 'truth' that was about to happen. There was no way to know.
Reikana thought. 'He can't possibly put that magic beast down', tucked deep in her heart.
And yet if he's the only one she could cling on in this most desperate time, she was ready to throw herself if it came to it.

Yet the reality reflected upon her eyes in the next moment made the shiver the princess felt when she first saw the magic beast seems trifling.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 147

147 Elves vs Magic Beast


There was no signal to start the battle. It was quiet.
Serena got into close range and slashed at the beast's leg. Only a scratch.
Of course it is, look at this magic beast's size. It's as big as a large semi-trailer, the legs supporting that massive body are naturally as huge.
Cutting at it with a mere sword is simply not enough to deal any significant damage.

(Still, that thing is a Chimera no matter where you look, isn't it. Lion head, bat wings on its back I think? And snake for a tail...)

The wound regenerated in a flash.

(Ah, smells like this is gonna turn into a protracted battle... Wonder if those elves are gonna be okay.)

All of them must have seen how the wound Serena dealt got regenerated. They've shifted to an all out attack all together tactic.
Probably realizing that gradually whittling it down is a bad idea.

Three elves concentrate on slashing at the hind legs. Like Jet Str**m Attack.
They keep focusing at one spot to slash at. One after another, taking turn slashing. Smoothly, decisively, unceasing.
But the snake tail didn't like that and tried to stop them.
The instant they stopped, that wound got regenerated. The three elves were forced to retreat.

While that was being done, the beast's right foreleg had been stopped. It sunk down into the earth, restraining... or not.
The Chimera forcefully pulled its sunk legs and broke the hardened soil apart.
Then it sharply swung that leg down almost hitting Kardia who nicely dodged it.

Mere slashes do nothing but scratches and even those get regenerated right away.
Restraining it is not an option either as it simply breaks free through brute force.
I don't see how they could win this, but since the elves still look motivated, I let them at it for a bit more.
By the way, Reikana was dumbfounded to witness the elves' high physical prowess.

(Maybe I should at least have gotten the princess evacuate the place?)

As I turned my attention at the battlefield again with that in mind wondering what the elves would do now, the Chimera made its move.
A flame is swirling inside its mouth it opened wide.
A flame breath. Two elves that were in front of Chimera disappeared in the flame.
Not because they turned into charcoal, they got away right before the flame hit them.
They used wind spirit magic to protect themselves and leaped out of the spot in one jump.

A moment later, countless water arrows rained down. Serena's water spirit magic.
The arrows pierced Chimera's back. Opening many holes on its wings. Due to its gigantic size, every single arrows hit with none missing.
But even a damage that grave got regenerated.

The Chimera mowed down the elves in front of it with its sharp claws.
But the elves easily dodged that.
It's got the range, but it seems to move sufficiently slow enough to these elves.
Had there been hundreds of knights here, it would only result in needless victims.
These elves can afford to go up against that thing thanks to their physical ability and spirit magic.
Doesn't matter how trained a knight is, they can't possibly surpass 'Common Sense' surely. Knights would have been useless here no matter how many of them you gather. Death would be the obvious end. Heck, they would probably drag these elves down instead, getting in their way literally. A fact that wouldn't have changed even accounting ex knight commander Goddel. That's just how big a deal this magic beast is.

This time masses of soil flew toward Chimera's eyes. Countless sharp pointed lumps. They must be trying to blind it. But it leaped above right before they hit.
Yep, it's flying now. Then once it reached a certain elevation it opened its mouth wide. Looks like it's going for another flame breath.
Shot from there, the elves would have nowhere to run. But that was when a thin black line scythed down Chimera's eyes.
It fell into panic and crashed down the ground. The impact of that fall even reached here.

(What was that? I saw one of the elves shot it while moving around without aiming.)
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I think about how she shook her index finger toward the flying Chimera.

(Seems like spirit magic. I believe that elf is only contracted to wind spirits, so it must be wind magic...)

Serena and Kardia are contracted to multiple types of spirits. All other elves are only to wind.
I stopped trying to figure it out and looked at Chimera. It was writhing about from having its eyes crushed, but it suddenly stopped and stood up.
If even eyes get regenerated, I just don't see how they can defeat this thing.
But it seems those elves still have some tricks left, Serena lunged at Chimera with a flame-clad sword.

(Magic sword is it... So cool, man...)

I feel alienated from all these parade of fantasy.

(I only wish to lead a quiet life... How'd it come to this?)

Serena slashed at Chimera's torso, cauterizing it.
But it got healed right away. Following that, the three elves who did the chain attack earlier went for the snake tail.
One lured the snake, while the second one superbly got within range. And the moment the snake stretched itself out in an attempt to bite, the third one cut it off.
Even after getting cut off, the snake kept lunging at them. But the decoy elf swiftly cut off the head dead.

What this entailed was a shocking show of tenacity the Chimera possesses. Not because of the moving cut snake but how it regenerated a new snake tail in its place almost instantaneously.
The newly regenerated snake resumed attacking just like the one before it.
This leads to the conclusion, 'You can't defeat this thing unless you attack it with high enough firepower to stop its regeneration.'
Seeing as the elves haven't seemed to find how to do that, continuing this will only lead to their eventual defeat.
Magic beasts are still living beings so they may be able to eventually make it use up all its healing power, but these elves don't have the time nor leeway to afford that.

(If there's one option, I guess toxin? But we didn't prepare one, heck, there's no telling it'd even work.)

No way to know if it's effective until you give it a whirl, but we have no means to.
To begin with, what kind of 'toxin' does this world even have? If it's fantasy-like, it's probably the type that gradually saps you down.

(No wait, no point in thinking all that, I'm not knowledgeable in the topic. It's a waste of time.)

The elves easily dodged all the rampaging Chimera's attacks while simultaneously countered.

(The classic for this kind of enemy is destroying 'core' to defeat them.)

Smashing what akin to their heart should kill them if they're living creatures. But maybe not.
There might 'something' that puts this world's magic beasts apart from ordinary living creatures.

(It might regenerate even if you crush its heart, or even brain.)

Considering how the way the tail got killed earlier should have killed it for real yet it didn't, common sense might be uncommon here.
This is a fantasy world. I've experienced how the common sense I have just don't work here many times already.
I sighed by myself, 'ha~', while the battle raged on.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 146

146 Research Result


How was it born? This was the crystallization of a certain researcher after many long years.

At one point, the empire was entertaining the idea of artificially producing magic beasts.
These beings are known to cause enormous damage whenever they appear, but they could prove to be powerful assets if they can be controlled.
The research pinpointed that magic beasts are the result of animals in nature that received an influx of mana for reason unknown, survived and evolved into one.
However, even after experimenting on a huge variety of animals, they were never able to produce a 'result'.
The research's funding was not unlimited, thus it was eventually halted.

But a certain researcher was unwilling to give up and persisted with the research at his own expense.
The same researcher Goldeuro killed. Nobody in this world has any way to know his name.
Even Goldeuro as well as his aide, Dagzas had already omitted the name from their memory.
All traces of this researcher ever existing has been erased. There is just no way to find it out now.

His research was a simple one. First, he made a distinction between types of animals that have weak and strong mana aptitude. Then he applied 'Mana Enchant' on both types and feed the animals while observing them. With mana ingestion as the basis, he would at times directly pour mana into them using weakened composite magic to induce stress reactions.
Even if each data point only gave a small change, over time he accumulated a vast amount of data. From the moment the test subject was born, growing period and up to their death.
Everything he could think of, as many mana related experiments as possible, he kept writing down the research data.

Then once he found a very small glimpse of possibility led by the vast amount of data, his funds ran out.
Goldeuro picked that up. The researcher jumped at this chance, unwilling to end it like that.
Afterward, all the tests performed led to the creation of a 'Successful Case'. However, the animal that turned into a magic beast couldn't be controlled and had to be put down.
Goddel was the one tasked to kill it. It was done in a certain hidden room in the research facility. So it would never leak out.

The thing that overturned this 'failure' was a magic circle enchanted with subordination magic. Its  principal is close to magic vessels.
First the test subject would be put on a magic circle while it was still small. This would make them servile.
As a bonus, the success rate of magic beast-fication rose because of this process.
Then what became of all those magic beasts? Selection process. All the successful test subjects were made to kill each other to select only the strongest individual.
The magic beast standing in the center of this venue is this very same strongest test subject.
The very last and the zenith of magic beast produced through selective breeding. Controlled through subordination magic linked with a bracelet that can command it by the user's will.

By the way, the same research also identified a new novel precedent that came with magic beast-fication, but the killed researcher was the only person who knew about it.
Normally, a beast retains its form as it evolves and gets stronger, but this novel precedent transforms into an entirely foreign stronger form.
As the researcher was murdered before he could decipher the pattern that makes this possible, nobody would ever able to explain this mystery anymore.
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~=~=  ~=~=  ~=~=

The magic beast controlled by Goldeuro is this unique specimen. He has summoned it here in order to make a demonstration of its power.

However, his ploy had a pitfall. He didn't account the spectators falling into panic and fleeing. On top of that, the knights that were supposed to fight the magic beasts all ran away in terror and nobody else would take their place.
Nobody but six people of unknown quality. Clad in hoods and mantles from top to bottom looking highly suspicious, they jumped from Reikana's seating area.

There's also another one wearing the same suspicious attire staying at Reikana's area.
Goldeuro scowled at this. 'What is going on'.

(No matter. Nothing in this world can measure up to this power of mine regardless. Absolutely not a single thing can make me tremble no more.)

Goldeuro was ignorant.
He was none the wiser. In this world, there exists an embodiment of unreasonableness and the unknown, 'always someone better out there'.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 145

145 Entry at Last


"What is your basis to name yourself emperor, Goldeuro."

The emperor spoke quietly yet sternly enough to permeate the whole venue.
The rustling crowd quickly quiet down.

"That guy, Alvart is 'powerless'! He lacks the absolute power of an emperor! How could someone without the power to command this empire takes the throne!"

The emperor calmly refuted the guy's absurd argument.

"Politics, economics, negotiations, leadership, not one of those have you surpassed Alvart. And you are saying he is powerless? Ridiculous. Does your mouth know not but to utter begrudging cavil? Goldeuro."

Not even that scathing sarcasm seemed to get through to him. Goldeuro's unceasing grin is proof.

"Hmph! Alvart knows not a single thing about military matters! Our empire will be made light of with him on emperor's throne. And once it comes down to it, his indecisiveness shall bring about irreparable damage in times of war. But not me! With my power! Any and all opposition shall prostrate themselves before me, there won't even be a war!"

"That is not the making of an emperor. It is a system of politic that seizes citizens in terror. A tyrant. The people shan't follow you."

"And what of it? Those who don't abide by this country decisions are rebels. And something like that is trivial regardless, all it takes is for me to demonstrate my dignity as the emperor with my power. This empire will grow bigger! So big it shall envelop this entire continent, at which point the people will bow before me. I am capable of turning that into reality! I possess the power to!"

His argument is nothing but empty words. Goldeuro still hasn't shown this power of his and the emperor never tells him to shut up.

"First of all, I will annex the kingdom! Including those impertinent rabble at the commercial city! And then I will make every single one of those elves my slaves!"

As he got heated up on his own, the emperor spoke with cold eyes.

"Have you gone mad, Goldeuro. Every word you speak of carries no persuasive power. Do you deny everything you have learned as a royalty. As you have voiced your intention to rupture the peace treaty with the kingdom, the freedom of trades and the pact with elves, I deem you a traitor of this nation who threatens to disturb the peace of this empire and its laws. Knights! Arrest him!"

"Very well! Very well then! Right here! And now! I shall claim that throne as mine! With my power! I'll show you! Tremble in fear! Revere it! For this is the very essence of 'power' itself!"

The knights stationed here gathered and stopped a bit before Goldeuro. They're on guard.
Because the bracelet on Goldeuro's arm he raised up high was shining.
The light filled the entire venue before settling down after about five seconds.

As silence fell, something high up in the sky gradually came down along with sound of flapping wings.
Yep, that is Goldeuro's secret weapon, his 'Power'.

"Feast upon your eyes, the truth in my words! With this power, I shall have my name resounded throughout this empire! Nay! This entire continent! As the one supreme ruler! Kneel before me if you wish to live on! Those who defy me shall bear witness to this power with their lives, may they leave this world in regret and dread!"

(Man those are some chuuni sounding lines. This guy's just full of surprise. I guess this is what you call a natural born huh. And to think that's the thing that came out...)

The guy himself must be completely serious when he said all that, but to me he looked like a clown.
It all made the thing coming down from the sky look especially comical to me.
The 'Secret Weapon' finally made its entrance in its fully, I got dizzy from yet another fantasy showing.
All the audience fell into panic as they rushed toward the exit, creating a jam.
'That thing' landed in the center of the venue before lifting its head toward the sky and howled.


The howl was intense enough to jolt the entire building, making the fleeing audience panic even more, some passed out on the spot while some fell down and discharged bodily fluid.

"Father? Have you seen the light now?"
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Goldeuro calmly asked the emperor.

"My foolish son. Where have your path strayed. No, my rearing is to blame here..."

"Rejoice. A champion has been born among your sons. Hereafter, I will be the one who paves the age. Deeds that shall never be erased from the annals of history. All of you will hear from inside your prison. Until your death."

While that conversation took place, the venue had been almost completely deserted. The royalties had fled as well.
Even Alvart ran off in fluster. Guy must have judged that he's no match to this thing.
The only people who haven't evacuated this place are the emperor, me, the six elves and Reikana.
Even the knights who were going to arrest Goldeuro earlier had scampered away.
Looks like Reikana's courage and resolve are the real deal.

"To think it was such a monstrous beast... I cannot be helped. There is no besting that. We should escape too... What's the matter, we must hurry and..."

"Nah, there's no need to, is there? Serena, and you girls, can you beat that thing?"

"What are you saying! Look at that thing! How do you propose mere mortals hope to best that!? I know I asked you to take care of it, but that is simply too much! I was too naive trusting my intuition! Let's hurry and run!"

Even the princess has raised the white flag after witnessing that thing huh. She's even telling us to escape.
A clear and collected voice resounded.

"By your will milord, it shall be done even if cost us our lives."

Serena uttered the word 'lives' lightly. But I won't stand that.

"Nope, out~ Safety First! Come now! Everybody repeat after me! The plan is, Safety First! Let's hear it!"

Despite looking at each other in confusion, the elves spoke the word 'Safety First' in unison like usual.
Reikana froze up with a 'Wha?' dumbfounded expression.

"Don't you say something like that so willy nilly. Why don't you get it, I've removed your collars and all. Weren't you going to lead the way to the elven village? For now, give it a go first, just stay safe no matter what. And if it looks like you can take it down, feel free to."

"Yes milord! We shall give our very utmost in response to milord's kindness and expectations!"

The elves knelt and bowed down before immediately jumping high up in the air and landed in the center of the venue, encircling that thing.
Thus the curtain of battle dropped.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 144

144 Announcement and Objection


The musical play started with a calm melody then a march, then a slow tune, an intense drum roll, really all kinds.
Once the musical play was over, around a hundred knights in flashy armor came out replacing the band. Must be guards of honor.
Is this Exi*e? I thought at first but they're not moving intensely. In fact, it's slow and graceful. They form a group of two that move in unison based on timing, exchanging blows. It's a game of sword dance.

Once that was over, dancers showed upnext. Their clothing were Arabian?-like, I think. The men and women all look gorgeous exuding bewitching auras. They jump around everywhere in their thinly veiled attires.
There's no form or rule, they're dancing freely utilizing their whole bodies, moving in harmony with the tune.
The people playing the accompaniment musical instruments also move around to the music. Their outfits are just as flashy.
The spectators were enjoying the show swaying to match the music.

Nearing the end, the dancers gradually left the venue bit by bit.
Once they were all gone, the place fell into silence. Apparently next up is the closing address from the emperor.

"I have an important announcement to make here. I am naming the next emperor that shall succeeds me."

The entire venue rustled. Including the royalties bearing the rights to throne.
Even Reikana was so shocked she was frozen solid. Her face tells me neither her information network nor her intuition was able to predict this, but that's neither here or now.

Goldeuro glared at the emperor with a serious look. Only the crown prince Alvart remained as he was without a change in expression.
Meaning he has been told about this beforehand. How that he will succeed the throne.

"First on the succession right, Alvart. I proclaim him as the next emperor. All of you here bear witness to this."
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"Objection!" that voice resounded in the venue. Must have used a megaphone-like magic item. It was heard by everybody in the venue as they all looked at Goldeuro.

(What is this, a certain trial and tribulation game?)

"I am far more fit to sit on the emperor throne than that weakling!"

That was a lese majeste toward the emperor himself. Objection, then denial without any grounds, and then an appeal of himself.
The mood should have been more scornful here, but several voices could be heard saying, 'That's right, Goldeuro-sama is better suited'. They must be people in his factions.
More people from second prince factions also voiced their support. Around half of them gave their support to Goldeuro.
Still grinning non stop, he raised his hands to quiet down those voices.

"I did not think Goldeuro-niisama would be this stubborn."

Reikana looked like she was about to break her resolve after seeing that and uttered that word in frustration.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 143

143 Ceremony Beginning


Despite all the evil ploy brewing for this ceremony, apparently there's no canceling it since it's important and all.
A fine weather today. I'd be lying if I didn't think, 'Won't they just cancel it~?'

(If they knew beforehand that an armed uprising is imminent, why didn't they just smash it in its infancy? Nothing to do with me though, I should keep my mouth shut.)

Even if it were cloudy, I guess wind spirit magic could just blow it away, or so a thought crossed my mind. I just gotta keep it for when it's needed. It's scary how that's probably feasible though.

Thus we walked in the hallways following after the princess.
Heading to the ceremony site. We've been told nothing.
Wearing hooded mantles looking like suspicious individuals yet we're given the pass because we're acting as the princess's personal bodyguards.
I was shocked as I arrived at the place.
It's a circular arena about as big as Tokyo Dome.
Apparently we're in a special seating area protruding farther than the audience seat.  
There's one chair here where Reikana sits down.

"My apologies. Please forgive me for not offering you a seat."

Of course there's no reason for her to apologize. I'm still her bodyguard. Were I sit here, somebody would shout 'Hey, the heck you're doing!'

"Don't worry 'bout it." I said before looking around the huge venue.
There are six similar areas like this each quite a distance apart. There are people in each of them.
Must be the guards. In the center of the open space is what seems the be a band. People playing all kinds of foreign looking and familiar looking musical instruments.

Besides the six special seating areas, there's one other seat that's higher than everybody else. Must be the emperor's.

"Second to the left from here is Goldeuro-niisama's seat. Please be prepared for when he makes his move."
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A man that seems to be Goldeuro wearing luxurious clothing is haughtily sitting cross legged while resting his chin on his hand. Grinning without trying to hide it.
I noticed that he only has one bodyguard.

(Looks like he's super confident. On that secret weapon of his.)

As I looked around, other royalties arrived at their seats.
All of them is wearing luxurious clothing. Looking obviously hard to move around in.

"My princess, is it all right for you to wear plain clothes? I mean look at those members of imperial family."

Flaunting their vanity must be important in this ceremony that's about to begin. Reikana's clothes are adorned with ornaments, but they're still on the plain side. At least compared to other royalties.
However, Reikana sighed before saying.

"They have no sense of crisis at all. The third, fourth and fifth are using this opportunity to grasp the right to throne, no, they're not thinking of anything. They don't know anything at all. Only that there is a ceremony to be held."

In other words, they're dumbasses who know nothing nor make any plan. Her sigh tells me that the only thing they know is to get pampered as royalties. You could say, incompetent.

The crown prince showed up wearing a sturdy armor and a sword. This is proof that he's in the know and has a sense of crisis. Crisp moves and prim and proper behavior. Despite wearing an armor, he carries himself in such a way it doesn't look out of place in this ceremony. In fact, he looks apt to be here. To the point that other royalties' attires look gaudy.
But there's no telling how alert he is.
If it's more than Reikana, then Goldeuro's coup d'etat should be quelled without much fuss.

Goldeuro's expression didn't change even after the crown prince entered his field of vision. His secret weapon must be so powerful that something like that isn't even worth batting an eye.

And since I'm the only one being pinned on to take care of that thing, I'm starting to get worried.

(Just how ridiculous that thing's gonna be anyway... Could I end up going all out for once? Wouldn't that turn into a painting from hell?)

I can't even imagine my 'power' losing. However, I dread how the end result would look like.
Worried that my 'power' would be excessive against the upcoming adversary.
I'm not drunk on this power. It's just a fact. Stemming from my inability to adjust its output even now.

(Would be nice if it could be beaten by hitting like I did to that bullf*ngo in my village. But what if it took more? How strong my strike should be to prevent a splatter scene?)

I've been frequently creating a scene that makes me hesitant to eat meat for a while afterward.
Eltros's subordinates, those Purple something spider monsters, that knight commander.
Despite thinking I should stop producing those scenes time and time again, I just can't grasp how to control this power well.

(I somehow know it's not really a 'power control', and yet it's definitely something to do with control of power...)

As I was pondering that contradiction, the common audience seats are getting filled with a crowd of people.
All of them wearing full dresses. They must be other nobles or their descendants at least.
What seems to be traders, administrative officials and other people of varying trades are here.
I know because Reikana told me a bit that professionals are gathered in this ceremony.

Once the seats got completely filled, the seemingly never ending buzzing rustle suddenly came to a halt.
Because the emperor made his entrance.
And then he said this.

"It is my joy to once again welcome the empire founding memorial day. I hereby vow to strive for a government that promotes continued well being of our citizens."

Thus a ceremony that would leave its mark in the empire's history began.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 142

142 Value of Intelligence


I may have decided to stay in my room, but I guess that'd be tough for the elves? Thus I ask Serena.

"Got any plan for today? Maybe you need to get something done?"

"We are but milord's limbs, eyes and ears, as well as mouth and nose. Use us as you see fit."

(Hm? I'm not gonna do anything in particular, so not like I could ask them to follow me along.)

I tried to think up something. What will be beneficial for these elves?

"Then how about you go collect intelligence in town. Elves don't leave the forest do they? Keep that up and you guys might get one-upped when the forest gets in danger, so why not create special forces that gather information to prevent that? And you Serena's group gonna be the first generation. I think wind spirit magic's gonna come in super handy for information control and deliveries."

I'm always careless. I should have known what would have happened if I suggested them this.
And yet I just couldn't stop speaking whatever on my mind. All while forgetting previous pain, really an idiot.

Sure enough, the elves opened their eyes wide. Staring at me with sparkling eyes.

"We've been truly humbled at milord's keen insight. To think you have devised such a way."

By the way, this world got no internet. As such, information is highly valued in this world. No cellphones either, so communication between distant individuals is even more valuable.
Frankly speaking, these elves' wind spirit magic worth more than gold in this civilization.

When I was working in my past life, looking into info about your partner company beforehand was simply a standard procedure. Then you come up with what to do in order to draw a contract with them.
At times, you make good impressions on the people in charge, other times you find out what the other party likes.

Without them, you're bound to fail. With them, your chance to succeed increases. A strategy you must take to win.
Failing that could result in defeat. All the more in this world since defeat can easily mean 'death'.
You can never have enough intel, even 100% is not enough. Knowledge alone is insufficient. You must take control of information flow.

I'm not one to talk so haughtily though. After all, I'm the one most not in the know about this world.
But I don't plan to delve deeper.
Since I'm dropping out of society soon. Thus, I only need to know what I need to know.
I'm already self-sufficient from stuff I learned in the village, I can live hunting in the forest. Alone by myself.

"We shall dive into every nook and cranny in this empire."
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After saying that, the elves jumped out of the veranda all together.

(Eh? Why don't they get out of the castle the normal route? I mean, we're on the third floor, aren't we? I mean... Ah man, too many things to retort.)

I lose if I mind. I stopped thinking further and started working out.

The elves came back by dinner time that day. Through the veranda, again.

(I lose if I quip here, don't I? Right?)

"Welcome back." then they were gonna report to me, which I said no to. Tomorrow is the last day I'm in this empire anyway. Besides the me now doesn't need intel.

The princess visited the room for dinner right afterward.

"Tomorrow will finally be the day. I have put my trust in you. Please save this empire from this crisis."

"That's a huge responsibility. How did that fall onto a commoner like me anyway... You're gonna dispatch your private army to deal with it aren't you, no need to rely on some random with unknown background, no?"

"Our forces are narrowly enough to hold Goldeuro-niisama's troops at bay. We still have not been able to identify this secret weapon. You're the only one we could rely on. Please I beg of you."

Reikana's attitude toward me has fear mixed in it ever since the duel yesterday.
I did think I overdid it, but too late now. Tomorrow is the terminus.

After meal, I thought.

(I got dragged into this situation the moment I arrived in this empire... Could this be all because of god's blessing? Nah, can't be, that's just absurd. Must be a 'predisposition' or something.)

A predisposition that brings in coincidences sounds just as comical, but I'm serious right now.
Cause and effect, spiraling karma. If I can't escape it, what was the starting point anyway?
Was it since I declined that 'blessing'? Or the moment I got kidnapped? Or perhaps the second I was born on earth.

Even entertaining this line of thinking is pointless. Nobody can give the answer, or perhaps there's none to begin with.

(Oh crap... If that's true, I'm gonna keep getting dragged in mess after mess even once this is over...)

'Tonight is the last time I can sleep in this super high class super fluffy bed', I forcefully changed the topic in my mind and fell into slumber.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 141

141 The Known, and the Unknown


The intel came in just as the ceremony preparations were done.
All that left was to take up their positions. However, dark cloud loomed over the plan that had been going quite well.

"What is the meaning of this? Dagzas, have you got anything?"

"Sir, information blockade has been thorough. Even our moles have been 'removed'."

"Anything is fine. Doesn't matter how absurd it sounds. Spill it all out."

"...There was a trace of magic sphere meltdown."

Goldeuro put on a dubious look. But the next report drove it further.

"Both bases of operations came under attack simultaneously. And most of those who were captured had been 'buried'."

'Haa?' Goldeuro let that out involuntarily.
Even Dagzas giving the report was doing his best to suspend his disbelief.

"I loathe those who must be told twice before they understand my command. But, I shall grant you a chance this time. Dagzas, you are not joking around, are you?"

"Sir! This intel has been verified as valid. All member of the syndicate has been arrested, and we had dispatched our people to check on site. The one who saw that with their own eyes is one of our people. There is no mistaking it."

How could something like that be done? They tried to find clues from all the intel they had but it all hit a dead end.

"Inconceivable... even if those garbage have no more use, their numbers are convenient to assist gaining control. Who? Who dares get in my way now..."

Goldeuro tried to think up candidates, but he couldn't pinpoint one. They have no time to investigate it now either.
He's been acting in a way to avoid making enemies. Yet sometimes there's no way to avoid a bit of confrontations, but none would warrant such a drastic step as this.

"I cannot believe someone is capable of burying so many people at once considering the labor required. It can't have been human..."
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"Oy, what did you just say again?"

"Goldeuro-sama? Do you perhaps have an idea?"

Goldeuro folded his arms and ruminated.

"...Could it be, elves? Spirit magic? What is going on? Those folks are shut-in who never take a step out of their forest...? Why would they of all things attack our syndicate? A coincidence? But..."

"Elves!? Haven't they signed a 'nonaggression pact regardless of anything' with the imperial family!?"

"Directly that is. Even if it were elves, this was done indirectly and that syndicate had nothing to do with me on the surface. That would be their excuse. They got me good."

As Goldeuro clenched his fists in anger, Dagzas voiced out his doubts.

"Were it truly elves, what does us relate to them? And what is the meaning of 'burying' those people...?"

"I know not. Nothing makes sense. But very well. I have the power unstoppable by anything, the power to accomplish everything I so desire. If these elves show up to stand in my way, I shall destroy them. I'll show them despair beyond regret. Indeed, with this power, even rooting out those elves hiding deep inside the forest is but a simple matter."

"Should we attack the elves once my lord has obtained the emperor's throne?"

"It won't be a revenge for this, but we can't let them make a fool out of us can we? To hell with pacts. Those folks are nothing but fakers. There is no reason for us humans blessed by god to fear them."

"Truly my lord. They lived secretly in the forest only to suddenly get in my lord's way, what is that if not an attempt to ridicule you. It's their fault if they are exterminated."

"There's a slight change in our plan tomorrow. Make the adjustment Dagzas. Do we have numbers on our soldiers?"

"Sir. Their forces were only accounted as extras from the start, as such there is no need to make any adjustment, my lord."

The two were none the wiser.
How each elf is an army on their own. The details pertaining the pact.
A 'World Reformation'. And the man who did this had no idea about all that, he simply destroyed the syndicate because he couldn't 'look the other way'.

Even indirectly, the 'Black Clad' is involved now.
"Do not get in contact carrying greed, do not attempt to manipulate, do not approach with ill will. Failure to destroy me shall be the end of you. Know your own caliber."

The destruction of Damo's syndicate, emerging faction and knight commander duel.
They don't realize. Sounds of footsteps coming for their ruin, climaxing tomorrow.

They received report of Goddel's death that evening, but they didn't attempt to collect more information and just left it be.

"Either way, tomorrow will be the end. We should be wary indeed, but too late now. Once I am an emperor, these peons are trivial. Mere knight commanders are akin to garbage before my power. I suppose I should praise him for good service until now."

At this point, Goldeuro was drunk of his secret weapon, resulting in him taking lightly of any other form of power.
In fact, he was trembling in elation when he first got the 'mark' and saw 'that' in action.

The end results of those drunk with power, that thought never even crossed his mind.
He wouldn't even dream that tomorrow will be his judgment time.
Tomorrow is his zenith in life, as well as the day he falls of cliff.
The end of the line for Goldeuro, without any chance for him to look back.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 140

140 Nothing Happening


A pleasant morning. Not swimmingly though. I'm mentally drained.
'Was I being too harsh to the princess yesterday?' has been on my mind.
No matter how much she believes in her 'Intuition', she surely still wants to make sure of things with her own eyes.
After all, I did make that mess just a day after wrecking that syndicate and telling her I won't make another mess.
Considering that, I guess it's only reasonable for her to test me out.
But that's not all with her. She's not looking at the 'Elves' accompanying me.
It's as if they don't exist. Like they're not there.
But she's doing that so naturally, never trying out of her way to.
It all felt eerie when I realized it. She only tested my power.

(It's not like she's scorning them, ignoring them nor looking down on them. She really acts like they're not here, and yet it doesn't seem like they're reflected on her eyes.)

Despite all that, she prepared their rooms each and meals, which makes this all the more confounding.
Might be because they're my attendants, but this treatment is just excessive.

(Guess there's no need to overthink this. I plan to vanish once it's all over anyway.)

I'm sure she hasn't realized they're elves. They've been hiding their ears all this time. And yet it's just weird.

(How far does her 'intuition' tell her? If she does know, what's with her behavior?)

As I was doing my morning stretch while thinking that, my meal got brought in.

"Good morning. What will be your plan for today?"

"Aa. I'm gonna sleep all day in my room today."

We had our meal after exchanging those words.
In reality, I'm gonna work out. It's hard when I don't move around.
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I gave Reikana a 'report' during the meal.

"So, that organization we demolished the other day? About 90% of that was done by these girls here. I barely lifted a finger."

"Is that quite right. I do wish I had such skilled subordinates as well. I wonder if things would be different if only I had even one trump card like them under me?"

I asked that in an attempt to probe Reikana's reaction on their identity as elves, yet that was the answer she gave.
She doesn't seem to be lying or trying to avoid the topic. She's being honest.

(Guess I should keep their identity as elves hidden then. It's just gonna get messy.)

I finished the meal without touching the subject anymore.

"Tomorrow is finally the day right? What should we do then?"

I checked again during aftermeal period.

"The ceremony will be held in the morning. I shall send someone to lead the way once it is time. Please follow them. Please relax as there is no need to do anything special."

I saw the princess off my room.

"Well now that I'm stuffed, time for some training."

I didn't leave my room that day and enjoyed a day of 'nothing happening' for once in a long while.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 139

139 Imperial Princess' Motive, Elves' Doubt


He had just told me not to lower my head so easily as a princess the other day. But there is no denying that I am sorry for getting him caught up in this. Therefore, I lowered my head.
At the same time, I did think it was my chance to see his strength that afforded the destruction of that organization.
However, that was naive of me. No, I took his existence in itself too lightly.
But I believe I'm justified here. How would anybody believe that this slender young man could kill a man multiple times his size?
Resulting in a ghastly end words simply cannot describe at that.
I believe in my intuition. However, I think it's also important to ascertain with my own eyes.
Without realizing that was a mistake this time.

I sensed it when he was facing off against knight commander Goddel.
There was no reaction from him when I lowered my head so I focused on him, at which point I sensed 'no mana' from him.
The mana leaking out of Goddel standing so far was so obvious, and yet there was not even the slightest bit of mana coming from him despite our proximity.
A little training is all it takes to control your mana flow, and sensing that isn't that difficult.
And yet there is simply 'nothing' to be sensed from him.
That combined with my intuition, a chill ran down my spine. Coldest it has ever been in my life.

I quickly retreated out of dread. To the edge of training ground.
Yet the chill wouldn't settle down. An ominous premonition took hold of my chest.

Just as my nerve was nearing its limit, the match signal was given out. At the same time, Goddel's fighting spirit shook my body.
It was so intense it rooted me on the spot despite the fact that it wasn't directed at me.
But as I desperately tried to keep my eyes open, he 'vanished'.

As he did, Goddel met a horrific end.

The shock was too much I passed out.

~~~~   ~~~~   ~~~~
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I cannot comprehend milord's intention. It should be possible for him to make use of his new connection with an imperial family to rise higher in the world.
Milord and his strength is fit to hold a position that allows him to move this empire.
And yet he showed no sign of such.
He told us to do as we wish yet again today. We are grateful for his generosity, but we have already bought everything we wanted.

"Wonder if milord doesn't expect anything from us."

Kardia replied to that.

"Perhaps, milord's true goal is information gathering? He has allowed us scatter in all directions while he stays still. That's how it's like with those who stand on top."

"I see, so that's what hidden behind his words. We have no time to waste then. Or so I'd like to, but I still don't know what milord seeks."

"Indeed, despite having such strength, he never attempts to shake the world, makes himself know nor seeks fame and glory."

"If only he did, we would have moved in accordance."

We all wrack our brains over it. We could have asked milord directly, what is it that he wants, but that would be blasphemous of us.
We can't possibly ask our savior to explain this and that.

As there's no point in discussing a matter with no clear goal, we decide to leave the alleyway and tour around just as milord told us to.

We only found out about milord's duel when we went back at the castle by evening.

We sought milord to make sure he's ok where he greeted us back like it was nothing.

"Did you have fun?"

We all knelt down.

"Yes milord. We're truly grateful for your magnanimity. But we have caught news about your duel, milord. Are you hurt anywhere?"

As we still haven't heard about the circumstances surrounding the duel, this was all I could ask. We must not probe further unless milord speaks of it himself.

"Ah, thanks for worrying over me. But there's no way I'd get hurt."

All of us had 'As expected of milord!' inwardly.

(It was disrespectful of us to even doubt milord's intention. We simply need to serve him the best we can.)

Arriving at that conclusion, I renewed my servitude toward milord.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 138

138 Extra


"Is there anybody devastated by the commander's death?"

I went and asked just that.
I was sure the princess would be absent during today's dinner seeing as she fainted during the duel but she showed up like it never happened. So I threw a question her way.

I'm a bit concerned about getting rid of that lump of bad debt without thinking.
No, it's not like I have no wall on 'killing'. That wall is just so short and easy to jump over.
Even if 'value of life' is relatively low in this world thinning the antipathy on the deed, I won't just go around proactively killing people. Also, I'm still not sure on the 'law' about murder.
But the duel earlier had 'Death' as an option, and I voluntarily chose that coldly.
That type of people are usually terrible with unjustified resentment. Even if I made him admit his defeat or knocked him out, he'd have for sure insisted it was a 'mistake' and made a mess of things.

Doesn't matter how it rolled, I would be the one ending up 'dealing' with it. I want to scream here.

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"It has come to light that commander Goddel originally came from the slums. Goldeuro-niisama took him in and faked his background so he could get appointed in the knights. The man was strong and used that fact to go up in the world. He also had experience on all kinds of evil deeds in the slums, he was well known for his dauntless attitude."

The princess paused for a bit and spooned her soup before resuming.

"However, there is nobody who mourns his death. If there were, it would be those who were planning to make use of him for their own gains."

The guy was only known for his strength, personality-wise he was a scumbag. The haze in my mind cleared up after hearing that.
And now I need to ask her about one thing.

"Hey, princess. Hear me out. I don't want to stand out. I don't wanna get dragged into mess, really, no thank you. You get what I'm saying?"

I spoke with the flattest tone I've ever spoken with. With a cold mind.
Reikana who took that head on gradually turned pale.

"I humbly beg your forgiveness. I have imposed a gag order in this matter to the knights. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me."

Reikana stood up and bowed her head so low it almost touched the floor, I resumed.

"You were using me to deal with that commander, weren't you? Or perhaps you made up some excuses to gauge my strength.  Also another thing, if that did me in, that would be how much your 'intuition' amount to and you intended to give up, didn't you?"

The princess is still bowing. Usually, her maid Hanna would send a killing glance at me, but not this time.
She saw how Goddel 'ended up as' back then. That seemed to work quite well, her face was dead pale.

"I was only supposed to help you at the 'ceremony' to deal with 'Goldeuro's' 'secret weapon' wasn't I? That's fine by me since I agreed to it. But you know, dealing with the knights was supposed to be your job. Am I wrong? You had no reason to drag me into it. Yet you did, without consulting me first. This isn't what I agreed to, or is it? Am I wrong or what?"

Reikana finally lifted her face and stared at me straight.

"You are not. I have wronged you as my guest. It was thoughtless of me. I deeply regret it."

"I'm not smart. But neither am I stupid nor softhearted. That isn't to say I'm heartless though."

I took a long deep breath and sighed.

"This time, I was at fault too for taking a carefree stroll inside the castle. Even with notice, it's normal if some people didn't get the memo and found me suspicious. That man's attitude was still something else though."

I resumed while relishing on the grilled fish menu.

"So let's make the matter this time an 'extra'. An 'outsider' like me shouldn't have asked the permission to tour this castle after all."

I tell the still standing Reikana to sit down.

"Let's resume the meal. It's gonna get cold."

"My gratitude for your boundless generosity."

"Well, it did have something to do with Goldeuro after all. Otherwise, I probably would have been long gone by now."

I make that knight commander being a 'Goldeuro's spy' as a concession.
That should serve well enough as a warning.

Honestly, asking how in the heck something like that became a knight commander would be a pain.
It's clear I wouldn't get it anyway.
And if I ended up showing them how stupid I am, 'I don't know what I should ask to get it', I probably would run away from here.
Whatever happens to this country ain't my problem if it comes to that.
I was inwardly relieved it didn't end that way.

(Feigning ignorance and leaving it all behind really spoils my mood. Now that I've come this far, even I'd rather see this through to the end.)

It may be cruel of me to still be thinking of running away, but please spare me that much.
Anybody would want to run away if they find things are unbearable.
Thus our meal that day ended as I made excuse for myself.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 137

137 Emperor's Recollection


Succession ritual must first be held before transfer of power to a new emperor.
The ritual is done in a private room attended only by the emperor and the previous emperor. A book gets taken out of a securely locked box of which the current emperor then transcribes.

The content is top secret, but also ordinary. It details street gossips, legends and folklore of the 'Black Clad'.
Despite sounding like a suspicious nonsense, today only a few people are aware about its existence, nobody is researching the topic and this was clearly the last known work on it.

But a name is written at the end of this book.
'Founding Emperor Laios'. This book was written by none other than the first emperor himself.

(It reads so vividly and even details the flows of events from start to finish. It's nothing like all the 'identical ones' circulating in the world. What does this mean?)

(Everything else looks like 'fake' in comparison to this book.)

Black Clad, is said to have been abandoned by gods.
Black Clad, is said to be free.
BLack Clad, is said to always stay true to themselves, unaltered.

"They must go around a mountain to reach a neighboring town, thus they bore a hole. Done through a single strike of their fist, they delivered a letter by vanishing only but for a moment after receiving the letter and then said, 'It's delivered.'"
"Not a moment is needed to split a huge amount of firewood, entering a mountain only to return in a blink of an eye with troves of game back."
"A single breath is all it takes to till the field, ten big water jugs get filled instantly when they draw water."

Even more impossible things are written besides that. Depicting life of an ordinary commoner. Daily life for some reason.

Not a word must be spoken until every letter has been transcribed in this ritual. The current emperor must keep writing while his father, the previous emperor watched over.

I could only glare at father for not explaining what does this all do with the succession ritual.
But once I finished transcribing, he said only a single line after ascertaining my work was flawless.

"Everything written here is real."

This was the most shocking thing I had ever felt in my life yet. No, likely also hereafter.
The previous emperor has 'recognized' what reads like a fictional work.
Clearly as 'real' at that. Declaring that what's written here truly took place.

And I too must recognize it as truth.
Know that the existence of Black Clad is real here and now.

I wanted to quip back. Strongly rejecting the idea of even believing that.
However, I could not even budge from the heavy pressure containing in the word 'Real' spoken by father.

Unsure whether father was aware of that, he burned it. The book he took from the box.
And told me to store the book I just transcribed into the box. And that would be the end of this ritual.
Father burned the book he transcribed. This is how the subject about Black Clad gets passed down.

Nothing about this felt real. But then I was told this as if denying me that.

"You must never speak what is contained in this book to a single soul."

The emperor recognizes it as real and yet they must never reveal it to public. Why would that be.
Why must us royalty know about a matter that has faded in public memory?
What is the real purpose hidden inside this gap? What does it entail?

Thus was written at the very end of the book.

"Get in contact carrying greed not, attempt to manipulate not, approach not with ill will. Failure to destroy me shall be the end of you. Know your own caliber."

~~~  ~~~~  ~~~  ~~~~
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I came back to my sense when the door to the hallway was knocked.

"Your majesty, there are several matters that require your urgent approvals. We await at your office."

"Very well. I shall be there. Get me tea if it looks like it's gonna take time."

I stood as I responded.

(Alvart will surely take it even while doubting, though not seriously.)

I contemplated while walking in the long hallway to my office.

(Goldeuro's probably not going to go through this ritual in the first place. That guy will definitely attempt to make me kneel by force, forgoing all tedium.)

I couldn't stop ruminating in my office.

(Third, fourth and fifth kids do not have the calibers. Reikana has potential. But there's the Black Clad...)

I finally directed my focus on the documents as I sunk on my chair. There were documents pertaining appointment of a new knight commander.

(Had I not asked Lervi the detail on Goddel's death. And the black hair and eyes, I would have forgotten about all that.)

Once the circumstances surrounding the duel was laid to me, I realized the Black Clad mentioned in that ritual is 'real'.
As well as the terror of not knowing what would happen in this castle where he's staying.
Doesn't matter how careful you try to avoid him, the moment that power is directed at me, there is simply no way to go against it.
Frankly, I cannot even imagine a way to cope.

(It won't be long until the Founding Ceremony. I suppose what will be, will be...)

Thus I began working on the documents before me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 136

136 Emperor


"Aah, what now? It's gonna get harder staying here..."

I sighed at my own doing while lying on my bed.

(Not wanting to stand out, can't use that excuse anymore... Not after doing all that in front of so many knights and the royalty...)

News of what happened today would spread, for sure.

"Gotta run. But wait, I've already promised. Besides, I'm kinda curious about this Goldeuro guy's secret weapon. Also, this country is probably doomed if I leave now."

I don't care when it happens outside my awareness and unrelated to me, but I can't just walk away when I've been dragged in the center of it all.

I spent time just lying in my bed while thinking.

(The princess's definitely gonna press on it in today's dinner. Ah, how do I explain...)

She probably won't accept it. I could imagine.
As I kept trying to come up with excuses, I snapped.

"Eeeeey! Why do I gotta worry over this! Who cares! It's all a pain!"

I let myself lost in dream in a huff after throwing it all away.

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====  ~~~~  ====

"The Black Clad... That Reikana... Does she even realize just what has she brought upon her side?"

The man muttered while sitting on a luxurious throne with the vice knight commander kneeling in front of him. All while furrowing his brows. As if he couldn't believe what he heard.

"I do not comprehend. What is that person? If I may presume, your majesty appears to possess the answer. Would you deign me? The knowledge is necessary for us knights to prepare for countermeasures as well."

He's acting too familiar for a mere vice commander. However, there's no wall between these two.
The emperor himself told Lervi to not be uptight when it's just them two.

They're having a secret conclave. Neither prime ministers or other ministers are present in this room. Vice commander Lervi is one of the emperor's trusted aides.

"It's fine." thus the emperor left it at that. Lervi had a dubious look.

"I possess the answer indeed. However, I am forbidden to narrate that. Do understand."

Before Lervi could ask, the emperor continued.

"One must take care, no, do their utmost to avoid contact with the Black Clad. Moreso if one bears ulterior motives with them."

Of course Lervi would come to harbor more questions after hearing that.
And of course he would ask for the meaning behind that.

"What would that be like concretely? Reikana-sama has already taken him in as a guest."

Lervi didn't speak further. As that was enough between these two.
They're childhood friends. They know what the other means to say without going to the last word.
It's a common sight. Taking someone you trust as your right hand man.

"That is indeed the mystery. I do not know why that girl has not met her demise despite taking the Black Clad on her side. What manner of motive does she intend to use the Black Clad for..."

Lervi denied that.

"Forgive me beforehand... but I do not feel the sense of Reikana-sama trying to 'use' that person from her."

The emperor looked surprised to hear that.

"Is that so... I trust your words. I see. I am to perish then..."

"What should we do for the ceremony? Should we increase surveillance?"

They're well aware about the princess often going incognito downtown. Yet they let her be.
This empire has grown big in the name of freedom. The current emperor knows more than anyone in the empire how important that is, thus he opts to only watch over his daughter.
His past self being as rebellious also plays a part.

"Leave her be. Goldeuro should be the one we monitor more. Late it may be."

He sighed as he ridiculed himself.

"...I'm speaking as your friend here. Bardos. Go get some rest. You look way awful to show yourself before your subjects."

The emperor quipped back.

"It's fine, you're the only one here anyway. I can be at ease precisely because it's you. Let me catch a breath for now. It's too stuffy around my subjects."

These two pals in their younger rebellious days laughed.

"I wish nothing more than for your continued good health, my liege."

Lervi bowed gracefully before leaving the room.
As the door closed, the emperor muttered.

"My fate will be decided here huh... No greater sign than the Black Clad being present in this empire, as Reikana's guest at that..."

Bardos sunk deeper in his seat as he spat that out.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 135

135 Duel


I was told to carry a sword with me before starting. I said to them I don't need it but they insisted I hold onto it at least until the duel starts.
I'm told, striking unarmed foes goes against knight's code or something.
Aka, nothing but a formality. They don't care if I throw away the sword once it's started. Nor they think Goddel could be stopped by such a small difference either way.
So I might as well use this chance to test out that one thing I had been wondering about, I'm already mad anyway.


Goddel rushed at me while roaring loudly. The sword he held overhead was coming down straight to cut me clean in two.

Apparently this guy has been winning all his matches through this tactic. Every single one, no exceptions.
With nobody able to stand against it. Any foes who attempts to block it get their sword blown away, yet the slash is so furious there's no way to dodge it.
Or so it goes. He always goes with this tactic from the outset. At full power. Without ever playing around.
You could say that it's the only thing he's capable of. Classic muscle brains.

I had already entered accelerated state as I was thinking all that, coldly looking up at the slowly incoming Goddel.

(Guess I'll find out how it turns out if I cut things up with a sword now.)

I cut up trees in a campsite on our way here. Woods which are softer than metal got easily cut up under accelerated state. Then what happens when it's metal vs metal? Will it get stopped?
I cut up Goddel with the sword I had in hand without any reservation. There's no way to predict the result of actions I take during accelerated state.
Naturally, I keep slashing without caring about the 'end result'.
I even got too much into it and started slicing and dicing him up along the way, realizing I overdid it, I took some distance away before undoing acceleration.

====  ====  ====
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Goddel turned into small pieces in the spot I was standing at. Sounds of water splashing and clanking of cut up armor and helmet echoed.

(I felt no resistance at all during the chopping... It was supposed to be metal vs metal, yet it felt like cutting butter...)

Monstrous, this is devil's handiwork. I averted my eyes from the spectacle.
Reikana who had gone to the edge of training ground was so shocked at this, she fainted.
Hanna who was standing next to her caught and supported her before desperately calling her.
It's too late for me to regret making another splatter scene.

(Ah crap. I wasn't trying to stand out...)

Another one of my bad habit. The feeling of 'Whatever' toward the world at large.
All the knights froze up with the same looks on their faces. Even the vice commander.

(...Let's scram!)

I ran away from the spot. Under 'Acceleration'.
Vanishing even before the sword I let go hit the ground.

≠==≠  ≠==≠  ≠==≠

I came back to my sense when I heard the sound of a sword hitting the ground.
Still unable to process what just took place before my very eyes. Nevertheless, I must do my job as an umpire.

"Due to the... de-death of Commander Goddel, her highness' demand has been recognized as justified. From here on, I, vice commander Lervi shall assume the position of Knight Commander."

My duty remains the same. Heck, Goddel never even touched a single paperwork during his tenure. The work I must do has not changed at all.

Honestly speaking, the current commander's death is preferable to me. The only reason the princess had not done anything to Goddel was because she didn't have 'anyone stronger' than him.
I have been ordained to stop Goddel's rampage. By his majesty emperor. 'Do not interfere, simply contain him'. However, the guy had begun running too wild for me to contain lately.

Thus, I was pinning my hope during his reckless overdrive this time. But I abandoned taht hope once I saw the other party, a commoner you could find anywhere.
Black hair, black eyes. Those are the only things different. I pitied this newly come of age young man as the only fate awaiting him against Goddel's powerful slash is death.

A ghastly end right at the start. Absolutely no one present here could have foreseen this. Including the princess who passed out.
I thought she was merely using this so-called young man guest as an 'excuse' for her next move, and yet we got this ending. An ending nobody here could comprehend.

This was done through a formal procedure. There is no excuse, criticism nor protest to be had. None.
This news would surely spread among imperial family by today's end. His majesty included naturally.
As I was mulling over how to gave an explanation on this to his majesty, I gave my order to the knights who were still rooted to the ground in trance.

"Clean this up! Snap out of it! Who's on clean up duty today! Move it!"

Once I shouted that, around ten knights came to the center of the ground in a hurry and stared at a loss what to do with the non-human looking remains.

I have to do the paperwork for all this, as such I make my exit.

"I will be returning to my office. All hands! Dismissed!"

I walk in the hallway while wondering how to explain about sequences of events that resulted in this scattered corpse, I mean, sliced and diced body.
I cannot even begin to imagine how anyone could have done that.
By the time I came back to my sense, the one who likely did it had already disappeared. Yes, likely.
Because I never saw him carrying out the act. He was there for sure. But then he was already standing far away, and Goddel had died.

"I suppose... I could only depict what I witnessed and hear as is..."

As I was wondering and pondering what to write on the report in my office, his majesty summoned me.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 134

134 Butterfly Effect


"This man is my guest. I won't tolerate discourteous behavior toward him."

"So you say, your highness, I however cannot believe you would make a mere peasant like this a guest. You even let him wander around in the castle. Me, Goddel expresses his doubts on the royalty's judgment. I say we must expel this fellow from this castle right away for your sake. No, I don't need your permission. It shall be done under my authority."

This must be what they call hubris. His dumbass-ness is so hardcore I feel like I could see it.
To him strength is everything, but he only sees what he wants to see and ignores everything else. So it would seem. There's no understanding this mindset.

"Goddel, you won't listen to me? Then I suppose a directive is in order."

"As your bodyguard 'inside the castle', I am merely saying that there is a problem. Even if you grant your forgiveness, I won't allow a peasant of unknown origin like him stroll around in this castle!"

His opinion seems sound, but it's got this nuance of him looking down upon the royalty.
On top of being a hardcore dumbass, this guy is making light of the 'little girl' royalty. There's not even a hint of respect.

"Or perhaps, you are saying you could fire me from my position in the knights?"

'Kukuku', Goddel laughed as if he was speaking his usual clincher.
But his smirking face turned dubious the next moment.
Due to Reikana's words.

"I can. Right here and now. I will proceed with the formal procedure. As such, I need you to go to the training ground. I formally demand your dismissal effective immediately."

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~~~  ‐---  ~~~

"That man is a spy Goldeuro-niisama forcefully planted under the pretext of watching over me."

During our chat while we wait for the formal procedure, I found out that Goddel is a bona fide spy despite being that.
Confident of his own strength, he commands the knights through 'fear', forcing those who go against him to retire, turning the knights into his plaything.
Pure strength being a criterion to take up Knight Commander position was never a thing until this point, it was Goldeuro's handiwork behind the scene.
Goddel took first place in the tournament that decided that.
By the way, the princess scooped out all the 'usable' knights that were fired into her own private army.
Thus the princess spoke while staring at me.
For some reason, I got dragged into this mess. It's as if taking that stroll became an impetus for something much bigger.
I could only sigh. Even the slightest decision you made in life could evolve into such a huge pain like this.

(Butterly effect... was it? I want to believe... this is nothing that grand...)

Lervi is the only neutral party in all this, and his ability to organize the knights was too good for Goddel to kick out.
Thanks to him, the knights haven't been completely taken over yet. It's still so bad it's pretty much just one step away from total loss though.

~~~  ----  ~~~~

After such and such, we're currently heading to the training ground. Why? I don't get it.

"We are here to resolve a dispute between her highness who has demanded for knight commander's dismissal, and objection from knight commander Goddel on the matter."

All the knight members have gathered here. They have varying expressions on the 'Duel' that's about to take place.

"The method is extremely simple. The commander this time was decided purely by 'Strength'. Therefore, denying that means showing strength beyond his. Which will be demonstrated in a 'Duel' of Knights. Surrendering, neutralizing, or perhaps even killing, shall decide victory or defeat."

I thought it was way too intense, but there's more.

"If commander Goddel loses, his departure won't be treated as a retirement. There will be no severance pay nor reward from the imperial family. Do you acknowledge that your dismissal will be of a dishonorable one, commander?"

"There's no way I'd lose. Killing this dirty dregs would be nothing to brag about either."

"As for her highness's proxy, do you understand that this does not only concern your honor, but also your 'survival'? You can still back out now."

Being a neutral party and all, the MC, or umpire, Lervi asked me.

"I never agreed to this. Why do I gotta do this..."

Lervi caught my muttering.

"The impetus for this is commander denying your status as a guest. Between Reikana-sama's demand and commander's insistence on maintaining security, you will need to prove yourself. As you are now the focal point in this matter, you must demonstrate yourself otherwise it would put shame on her highness's, commander's and the knights' honor."

"Who gives a shit about honor. How do I end up in this crap when I just want to live a peaceful life? It's really getting to me..."

"I still recognize you as her highness's guest, for now. I shall refrain from reprimanding you as her highness herself remains silent... but allow me to say this much at least. It's profane. Please choose your words. Making a slight on the royalty before us is akin to insulting us all."

"Well my bad. But even I still have some worthless pride I'm not willing to back down from. Just know that I'm not saying that to ridicule you lot."

"Please forgive me for having involved you in this matter when it doesn't concern you. However, please, would you be willing to lend me your strength?"

Reikana herself came over next to me and bowed.

(She really is quick at lowering her head, isn't she. I told her already royalty shouldn't do that often. Wait, maybe she's aware of how 'high' her head is and exploits it to her advantage...?)

My line of thinking is getting dark due to my anger. I know that this princess probably isn't that malicious, but getting thrust in a farce like this makes me feel like it's true.

A rustle began to grow among the knights.

(Ah... What a pain... I don't care anymore...)

My bad habit cropped up again. A man's voice echoed in the venue expediting that further. A stupidly loud voice.

"You bastard! How dare you make a royalty bow! And yet you ignored that!? You stand below beasts! For your crime of lese majeste, I shall cut you clean in two here and now!"

I can only admire this guy for being able to say all that when he doesn't even respect Reikana in the slightest.
Must be an acting to show off before all the knights gathered here.
Thought the guy's nothing but a bonehead, but he might be unexpectedly cunning.

(Makes me care less and less though.)

"Enough is enough! Let's get started! I don't see any reason to let this guy alive! Lervi, give the signal."

Goddel spoke while smirking. Must be a smile after judging that the knights have now recognized me as being discourteous toward a royalty. All for the sake of his own gain.
An appeal to raise his stock among the knights. I'm nothing but a stepping stone to him.

Reikana who seemed to have perceived something after seeing me unresponsive to her request earlier turned pale and swiftly trotted out of the way.

Maybe she realized I was getting fed up? I was trying to act normal, but getting read like this is only adding to the fuel.

The vice commander spiritedly gave the signal regardless.

"Ready! ...Begin!"





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