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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 145

145 Entry at Last


"What is your basis to name yourself emperor, Goldeuro."

The emperor spoke quietly yet sternly enough to permeate the whole venue.
The rustling crowd quickly quiet down.

"That guy, Alvart is 'powerless'! He lacks the absolute power of an emperor! How could someone without the power to command this empire takes the throne!"

The emperor calmly refuted the guy's absurd argument.

"Politics, economics, negotiations, leadership, not one of those have you surpassed Alvart. And you are saying he is powerless? Ridiculous. Does your mouth know not but to utter begrudging cavil? Goldeuro."

Not even that scathing sarcasm seemed to get through to him. Goldeuro's unceasing grin is proof.

"Hmph! Alvart knows not a single thing about military matters! Our empire will be made light of with him on emperor's throne. And once it comes down to it, his indecisiveness shall bring about irreparable damage in times of war. But not me! With my power! Any and all opposition shall prostrate themselves before me, there won't even be a war!"

"That is not the making of an emperor. It is a system of politic that seizes citizens in terror. A tyrant. The people shan't follow you."

"And what of it? Those who don't abide by this country decisions are rebels. And something like that is trivial regardless, all it takes is for me to demonstrate my dignity as the emperor with my power. This empire will grow bigger! So big it shall envelop this entire continent, at which point the people will bow before me. I am capable of turning that into reality! I possess the power to!"

His argument is nothing but empty words. Goldeuro still hasn't shown this power of his and the emperor never tells him to shut up.

"First of all, I will annex the kingdom! Including those impertinent rabble at the commercial city! And then I will make every single one of those elves my slaves!"

As he got heated up on his own, the emperor spoke with cold eyes.

"Have you gone mad, Goldeuro. Every word you speak of carries no persuasive power. Do you deny everything you have learned as a royalty. As you have voiced your intention to rupture the peace treaty with the kingdom, the freedom of trades and the pact with elves, I deem you a traitor of this nation who threatens to disturb the peace of this empire and its laws. Knights! Arrest him!"

"Very well! Very well then! Right here! And now! I shall claim that throne as mine! With my power! I'll show you! Tremble in fear! Revere it! For this is the very essence of 'power' itself!"

The knights stationed here gathered and stopped a bit before Goldeuro. They're on guard.
Because the bracelet on Goldeuro's arm he raised up high was shining.
The light filled the entire venue before settling down after about five seconds.

As silence fell, something high up in the sky gradually came down along with sound of flapping wings.
Yep, that is Goldeuro's secret weapon, his 'Power'.

"Feast upon your eyes, the truth in my words! With this power, I shall have my name resounded throughout this empire! Nay! This entire continent! As the one supreme ruler! Kneel before me if you wish to live on! Those who defy me shall bear witness to this power with their lives, may they leave this world in regret and dread!"

(Man those are some chuuni sounding lines. This guy's just full of surprise. I guess this is what you call a natural born huh. And to think that's the thing that came out...)

The guy himself must be completely serious when he said all that, but to me he looked like a clown.
It all made the thing coming down from the sky look especially comical to me.
The 'Secret Weapon' finally made its entrance in its fully, I got dizzy from yet another fantasy showing.
All the audience fell into panic as they rushed toward the exit, creating a jam.
'That thing' landed in the center of the venue before lifting its head toward the sky and howled.


The howl was intense enough to jolt the entire building, making the fleeing audience panic even more, some passed out on the spot while some fell down and discharged bodily fluid.

"Father? Have you seen the light now?"
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Goldeuro calmly asked the emperor.

"My foolish son. Where have your path strayed. No, my rearing is to blame here..."

"Rejoice. A champion has been born among your sons. Hereafter, I will be the one who paves the age. Deeds that shall never be erased from the annals of history. All of you will hear from inside your prison. Until your death."

While that conversation took place, the venue had been almost completely deserted. The royalties had fled as well.
Even Alvart ran off in fluster. Guy must have judged that he's no match to this thing.
The only people who haven't evacuated this place are the emperor, me, the six elves and Reikana.
Even the knights who were going to arrest Goldeuro earlier had scampered away.
Looks like Reikana's courage and resolve are the real deal.

"To think it was such a monstrous beast... I cannot be helped. There is no besting that. We should escape too... What's the matter, we must hurry and..."

"Nah, there's no need to, is there? Serena, and you girls, can you beat that thing?"

"What are you saying! Look at that thing! How do you propose mere mortals hope to best that!? I know I asked you to take care of it, but that is simply too much! I was too naive trusting my intuition! Let's hurry and run!"

Even the princess has raised the white flag after witnessing that thing huh. She's even telling us to escape.
A clear and collected voice resounded.

"By your will milord, it shall be done even if cost us our lives."

Serena uttered the word 'lives' lightly. But I won't stand that.

"Nope, out~ Safety First! Come now! Everybody repeat after me! The plan is, Safety First! Let's hear it!"

Despite looking at each other in confusion, the elves spoke the word 'Safety First' in unison like usual.
Reikana froze up with a 'Wha?' dumbfounded expression.

"Don't you say something like that so willy nilly. Why don't you get it, I've removed your collars and all. Weren't you going to lead the way to the elven village? For now, give it a go first, just stay safe no matter what. And if it looks like you can take it down, feel free to."

"Yes milord! We shall give our very utmost in response to milord's kindness and expectations!"

The elves knelt and bowed down before immediately jumping high up in the air and landed in the center of the venue, encircling that thing.
Thus the curtain of battle dropped.





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