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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-4

7-4. At the Hometown of the Dwarves (3)


Satou's here. The sake is only after you've turned 20! It was the favorite phrase of my father when my middle school self accompanied him drinking after dinner. That phrase might have been unexpectedly important.

The next morning, the sword is completed.
I've struck enough to see it on my dream.
The dwarf's secret medicine was used when the mithril was being heated up in the furnace. Since one of the ingredient is magic core powder, it might be for dwarf-style magic weapon. Looks like the system is different than magic weapon made with magic liquid.

"We finished without changing shift huh. If you're want to seriously train, come here anytime. Someone like you will surpass me immediately."

Bang, elder Dohar slams my back.
Guho. It's about as painful as Wagahai-kun's tail attack. If you don't mind the one on the receiving one, they could die you know?

"You're quite good for a human!"
"Agreed, aren't you actually a beardless dwarf?"
"I didn't think that anyone other than Dohar-shi could swing that great hammer until morning existed."
"You're very welcome anytime here."

Uun, I've just swung the great hammer until morning as instructed by elder Dohar, but it seems I've been approved by the dwarf blacksmiths. I'm happy and all, but the beardless thing is none of their business. It should grow in 5-6 years. ...Probably.

Elder Dohar has gone somewhere while carrying the completed sword, and the other dwarves go to get breakfast.
I wake up Jojori-san who's sleeping on the corner of the room and am also going to get breakfast together with her.

After the breakfast, I was called to a hall near the basement. It seems that this place blows through two layers, it's four meter high until the ceiling.

"Try swinging it."

I receive the presented sword. Apparently, elder Dohar has added ornaments that also acts as an anti-slip on the sword.
The type of the completed sword is of double-edged bastard sword. It's only about 70-80% as heavy as swords made from iron. When I pick it on my hand, it feels a bit light. I think if sword is too light, it wouldn't be as powerful though...

When I take a stance, it feels firmer than the sword I've made before. I wonder if the balance is good?
I could swing better with this.

I swing it lightly.
It feels nice.

I try to swing faster this time.
I could feel air resistance if it's a cheap sword, but, I don't feel one with this sword, just like with holy swords. Yup, it's a nice sword.

"Now, put in your magic power and try it."

Elder Dohar who has been watching me swinging sword gives me an additional order.
Since Magic Edge is quite a rare skill, I guess it's fine to just put magic power normally?

I put about 10 MP.
Ooh, it accepts magic power easily just like Liza's spear. As expected of a sword created by the dwarf master craftsman. It might also because of the ability of mithril.

Ripple-like green patterns appears on the surface of the sword. Seems that it's a characteristic of weapons made from mithril. When I put more magic power, it begins to leak out red light like Liza's magic spear.

It'd be bad if it break if I put too much magic power, so I stop at 50 MP.
Mysteriously, the sword gets heavier as it accepts magic power. At the first 10 MP, I've thought that it's just my imagination, but now it's obviously heavier. We haven't drawn magic circuit during the sword's creation, I wonder if this is a characteristic of mithril?
I've had doubt whether the great hammer could be smaller if it's made from mithril instead, but later I'm told that the magic power from mithril-made hammer could adversely affect the mithril of the weapon that's currently being made.

"Umu, you have good skill. Let's have a bout for a bit."

Elder Dohar says so while taking a battle-axe and readies himself. My crisis perception kicks in as soon as I see the battle-axe.
No wait, that's a cursed weapon right? I could see a nasty red aura on it you know?

>[Ghost Vision Skill Acquired]

Uwah, don't need it. I don't want to learn it at all now.
Although I've seen real undead several times already, putting aside monsters, please spare me the evil spirit kind.
Horror is a no no.

In the end, I'm made to exchange blows with elder Dohar until he's satisfied while my thought is in another place like that.

Still, Dwarves are tough indeed. After pulling an all-nighter doing blacksmith, he's fighting for half an hour on top of it. Moreover, even though elder Dohar shouldn't have eaten breakfast yet, he's still energetic.

Even though I'm devoting myself to avoid his attacks as much as possible, he succeeds in seeing through it and grazes me several times. Even though I'm faster than him, I'm gradually running out of place to run to, just like a chess game, it's a curious experience. As expected of a veteran of many battles. Having a lot of real combat experience is amazing after all.

Dohar-san hands his battle-axe to his disciple, Zajir-san, and walks toward me. He's not running out of breath even after moving that much, as expected.

"Show me the sword."

I give the sword to Dohar-san, and then after checking the blade for any chips, he swings it to confirm something.

"Nice arm. There's no chips, and the sword isn't distorted too."

Is he praising himself? I've thought that, but it seems that he's praising my sword skill instead.
I've tried to move as much as not to have my high skill level known, but he might've seen through it.

"You must've been training on sword since you're small. I don't intend to pry, but you don't look your age. One couldn't be that skillful before having at least 10 to 20 years of experience."

My age certainly doesn't match my appearance.

After elder Dohar stares at the sword he holds with both hands in silence, he begins to chant as if determined in something.

"Umu, ■■ Name Order. 『Fairy Sword Trazayuya』."

That was dangerous, I almost let it slipped on my face. Poker Face is a really useful skill.
Is it fine to give that boorish straight sword, a name like 'fairy sword'? Mithril is also called fairy silver, so maybe he takes it from there.

"Is Dohar-sama familiar with Trazayuya-shi?"
"Umu, yer' know it too huh. It's an old story, but I've served the Sage-sama for a long time. This is the best sword I've made in my life, I've named it after the late Sage-sama just now."

It's not like he's shedding tears, but elder Dohar closes his eyes and falls silent.
After opening his eyes, he sticks out the sword to me in silence, and having taken by the momentum, I receive it.

"It's a sword formed by yer' cooperation. With your skill, that sword would probably consent too. Use it well."

Wait a minute, the market price shows [--]. The stronger magic swords also have [--] market price, so this one is about equal huh. This should be worth several hundreds gold coins, or maybe even more than a thousand.... As expected of the work of the master among dwarves.

After I receive it, Dohar-san lets out an awfully good smile and shouts.

"Today is a good day! We're drinking it off! Bring out all the barrels!"

And then, the drinking banquet happen just like that.

The place remains as the one where I've had a bout with elder Dohar for half an hour.
There, the dwarven women are bringing large quantities of grilled slices of meat, dried nuts and fruits, and fish variants that are good to have with liquor.
Not losing to them, the dwarven men are bringing out large amount of liquor barrels. Half of it are ales, and the other half are distilled liquor it seems.

Jojori-san pours me drink while I'm sitting beside elder Dohar. The strong drink poured into the silver cup is a transparent liquor with faint reddish tinge, and seems to be quite strong when I tasted it on the edge of my mouth. In turn, it tastes quite nice, so it's easy to drink. It tastes like the Awamori that I've drunk in Okinawa long ago.

"Guhahahaha, you sure can drink."
"Drinking it raw straight even though you're young, this guy has a promising future."
"The human that look like master swordsman from before magnificently choked on it."

The dwarves from the blacksmith room earlier are gathered around elder Dohar. Unlike when they're blacksmithing, everyone is a good-natured person.

Unfortunately, I don't know if it's because of my status or level, I can't get drunk. After I drink, I feel like getting drunk for a bit, but then I sober up very quickly. It's hard to become so even after I discard the effect from poison resistance.

>[Alcohol Resistance Skill Acquired]

I don't want to activate this skill.

Liza and the others are invited to the banquet too.
Since it's been a day, at first I want to spoil Pochi and Tama, but it's only until we get to the table on the corner of the room filled with smoked and grilled meat from unusual monsters.
Nana and Mia are drinking fruit water on my sides. Mia is biting variety of nuts while leaning on me. She looks cute like a small animal. Lulu is unusually eating meat around lead by Arisa.

The dwarven craftsmen's conversation begin to liven up. Although, since the topics are about blacksmith or mines, I mainly take the listener's role. It seems that they employ gnome magicians to deal with cave-in or gases, but when they're not accompanied by one, they use scrolls. It's expensive, but it's nothing compared to their lives they say.
That kind of scrolls aren't sold on the magic shop above the ground, but on the magic shop at the entrance to the dwarf mine district. I'm taught the place to buy earth and wind magic. If they're selling it, I will definitely buy it.

I had considered not to let Liza and the others drink, but since the dwarven old men insisted on letting them drank since it looked fun, I couldn't stop it.

"Ehehehe~ Satou. Fufuh~n Sa-Tou. Ahaha~, Satou♪"

Lulu is fully acting like a spoiled child, probably because she's taken off her sober face.
She looks like a merry drinker. When I take the cup from Lulu, she hugs me and begins to cuddle.

"Sniff, a person like me, it's alright to protect the membrane forever. I'll end alone in this world too."

Arisa is a downer, or rather, a maudlin drinker. I keep in mind as to not let Arisa drinks liquor.

『Kusukusu, it's fun, this is fun. Now Satou, go drink more. Ufufu, there are three of you, it's wonderful.』

Who the heck are you.

The always taciturn Mia talks furiously in elf language. It's a bit surprising.
It's fine that she's spinning around while looking so happy, but her skirt is going loose so I should stop her soon.

"Nihehe~ mas tar sa ara roresu."

Pochi's tongue isn't functioning well.
Tama curls up on my lap as if slipping and starts sleeping. When Pochi looks at it, she also gets on it.
Ah, she's already sleeping.

"Master, the condition of my logic circuit is unusual. This water has poison possibly, possibly, possibly?"

Dang, even Nana drank huh. She has become able to eat a bit of food since a week ago. I make Nana who's become like a broken record to drink a magic potion effective for hangover and put her to sleep.

Liza who has been drinking quietly beside me sleeps in sitting position.

I won't let these girls drink next time.
While I'm having such determination, the drinking festival continues late into the night.

>Title [Blacksmith of the Fairy Sword] Acquired.
>Title [Hard Drinker] Acquired
>Title [Heavy Drinker] Acquired
>Title [Heavyweight Drinker] Acquired
>Title [Friends of Dwarves] Acquired

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-3

<TLN: Changed Drial to Driar, and Jojoli to Jojori since their father/grandfather is Dohar and they're all dwarves.>

7-3. At the Hometown of the Dwarves (2)


Satou's here. Ironworks often come up in drama or theatrical play, but isn't it not the case with light novel?
Even though the leading role usually does a lot of blacksmith-related things, it's strange.

"Then let me see you forge a sword. We'll talk after that."

I look to her, but she averts her eyes.

We've come to elder Dohar's workplace after passing through less-than-one-and-a-half meter high tunnel. There are also numerous high leveled dwarves forging swords inside the room.
They're all good. Every sword's offense, sharpness, endurance and other parameters are 50% higher than the ones available in the city.

The word earlier was addressed to me after I introduced myself to him.

"Father, Satou-dono is an acquaintance of viscount Rottol, and--"
"Umu, I'm indebted to Nina, but this and that are different story. I can understand people's nature from how they forge swords. Zajir, heat up a mithril ingot."
"Uss, Shishou."

Driar interceded, but elder Dohar quickly proceeded with the trial.
The dwarf with gray beard, Zajir, offers me the seat before the prepared ingot and tools.
Well, since I've tried blacksmithing once in Muno city, I mostly understand the procedures, I'll try this once again. The skill is MAX anyway, I should be able to do it somehow.

I let the ingot to become red hot, and put it on the anvil. I gently strike it with the smith hammer.


Huh? Something doesn't feel right?
Elder Dohar seems to have sensed my hesitation, he takes the hammer and similarly strikes the ingot. After hitting it once, he calls Zajir-san and punches Zajir on the head with his fist.

"Idiot, how many decades have you dealt with mithril. Haven't I told you to always be at the workshop when you're melting the ingot!"
"Uss, Shishou."

I don't really understand, but it seems that there's a problem with the ingot Zajir-san has prepared.
The slight sense of incongruity was because of that huh.

"Arright, let's go to the mithril furnace. Follow me, young 'un."

Looks like elder Dohar is going to guide me directly. I haven't forged a sword, but I've probably passed the test. Driar-san and Jojori-san are also following from behind. Zajir-san has gone earlier, I wonder if there's some kind of preparation.

I don't know what kind of furnace it'd be, but I'm going to enjoy it.

The blast furnace for mithril is made from a metal that's strong against heat, Hihiirokane--something with Japanese-style name after a long while.

Zajir-san and other blacksmiths are making noise there, but everyone is lying down on the floor.

Apparently, this furnace is not fueled with coal, but with magic power in order to make it works.

Looks like the blacksmiths have ran out of magic power, and they're currently resting. Everyone here is a veteran with level higher than 30. Everyone has blacksmith and some kind of magic skills. The situation might be the same as the blast furnace above, with fewer people available than usual.

Apparently, they're waiting for their magic power to recover in two hours.
Elder Dohar's wrinkle become deeper and he's shouting, but there's nothing they can do without magic power. I wonder if he has also reached that conclusion, his argument turns here.

"Young 'un, since you're carrying short stick, are you a spell-user? If you're confident with your magic power, then put it into that furnace."
"Wait, father, don't make our guest act like your disciples."
"There's no problem if it's just magic power."

Driar objects, but I also want to look at the working furnace fast, so I gladly comply.

I put in my magic power.
I guess 200-300 MP should be enough?
It gets sucked rapidly. There's no response.



There's no lamp or some kind indication for when if it's enough, I guess I'll put the amount at the level where the surrounding aren't going to be surprised.




Oh, the fallen people's faces slightly change. I should stop here huh. 300 MP should be normal for a magician with slightly higher level than 30.
Still, seeing this reaction, wouldn't this able to accept 1000MP?

While acting like I'm wiping sweats that don't actually come out, I stop the infusion of magic power.

"Fuh, this furnace is amazing. Looks like it can still accept more."

Elder Dohar nods, and the surrounding people begin to move, the mithril refinery starts.

Jojori-san presents me sunglasses-like thing.

"Since it would hurt your eyes, please take this. Please don't stare at the fire even after you put it on."

I accept it while saying my thanks. It's pitch dark after I put it on. I could only faintly see the mithril furnace. As I stare harder.

>[Night Vision Skill Acquired]

I get the skill after all this time. After I activate it, I become able to see like normal even though I'm wearing sunglasses.

"I'm igniting it! Everyone, make sure to put yer' shade tools."

Uwah, this is dangerous. At this rate, there's no point in wearing the sunglasses.
I immediately close my eyes, but I'm late for an instant. White afterimage burned into my eyes.

>[Light Radiation Adjustment Skill Acquired]

Am I a robot! I activate it while cursing. I'd have liked this skill before it happens.
I open my eyes while feeling the self-recovery skill restoring my retina.

The temperature rises while the vermilion band around the furnace is mysteriously moving.  Can you understand if I say that I'm seeing the inside of the furnace like with CT-scan? The AR indicates that the temperature reaches 3000 degree. The temperature of the ironworks that I've seen earlier is 1600 degree. Looks like mithril is substantially more resistant to heat.
<TLN: The author doesn't state which standard he's using for temperature but it's most likely Celsius.>

"Umu, it's a nice vermilion."

I don't really understand, but elder Dohar seems to be satisfied while looking at the light leaking from the furnace.

Seems that the furnace could refine 100 kilograms of ingot in one go.
When the heat cools down, beautiful silver ingots with slight green tinge are completed.

Since this has taken quite a bit of time, Driar-shi has gone back to the city leaving Jojori-san here.

Elder Dohar sees the completed ingot, but then he suddenly raises his arm, and strike it with a small hammer, confirming the sound. He chooses several ingots that Zajir then carries.

"Young 'un, come here. I'll have you strike with phase hammer."
"Shishou, it's impossible for a human kid to use phase hammer."
"Noisy, don't butt-in my decision."

I wonder what's the original meaning of phase hammer that elder Dohar is saying.

"Young 'un, don't think you can sleep 'til morning. Jojori, meat, there's that smoked basilisk meat right. Bring it whole here. Let's fill our stomaches first."

Is Basilisk edible. Or rather, it's no good to not eat something that's been presented huh~

I ask Jojori-san who's going to go back to fetch food to bring message to Arisa and the others and arrange for their meal. Though, since they're going to stay in the guest mansion of the mayor, there's probably no problem.

It's exactly a lump of iron--
<TLN: Berserk reference.>

Putting aside the joke, the great hammer that Zajir-san bring is an unrefined lump of metal. Looks like it's an alloy made from iron and mithril.

What the heck is this? It's being lifted lightly, but isn't this at least one ton heavy?

"What's wrong young 'un. If it's just that much, dwarves could lift it on one hand. Put out your spirit!"

Dwarves are amazing. This, with one hand huh.
Zajir-san actually lifts it on one hand. He's trying to appeal to Jojori-san, but she thoroughly ignores him. Needless to say, Dohar-san put his fist on Zajir-san who falls then.

It's not like I can't lift the great hammer, but since my body is light, it's hard to get the balance right.  My balance shakes off several times as I'm learning. When I think about it, I might have not struggled if I just activate Transport skill.

While I'm learning to swing the great hammer, elder Dohar is checking the inside of the a jar that his disciples have brought.

"This is a bit weak. Bring out a stronger one."
"Shisou, we only have that for now."
"Then, have Ganza compound it."
"Ganza is having a meeting with the Gnomes, so he won't be back until tomorrow."

Elder Dohar looks like he's going to explode. It seems the blacksmiths use some kind of medicines. If I know the recipe I could compound it instead, but it's probably not something that could be taught to outsider.

"Jojori, anyone's fine, bring me an alchemist who could compound."

So sketchy.
If anyone's fine, then I'll step up.

"Dohar-sama, if anyone's fine, then shall I compound it?"
"Hn? You've done alchemy too huh. Yosh, then I'll leave it to you."

A prompt decision. Starting with Zajir-san, the disciples are becoming upset.
It seems they're not people who could say something directly face-to-face.

The recipe is hidden in an unexpected way. Instead of tablewares with the scales of the ingredients on the shelf, pots with raw material are lined up in accordance with the compounding order. Lastly, I have to finish it by putting it on the magic bestowing stand, but since the compounding is one of a kind, the setting is fixed.
I don't know the content of the jar, but thanks to [Analysis], [Appraisal] skills, and AR indicators, I've mastered the way to make [Secret Medicine of the Dwarves].

Elder Dohar checks on the medicine I've made, and then nods seriously.

"Good work. Let's boot Ganza out and have you replace him."

I'm not hearing elder Dohar's joke.

I follow elder Dohar to a different blacksmithing room than the first one. There's a small furnace made from hihiirokane inside. This one is for melting ingot, unlike the one for refining earlier. The anvil is also made from iron and mithril alloy. I wonder what's the liquid used for cooling called [Dwarf Water].
Zajir-san answers normally when I ask him. It's a 3:1 mixture of oil and spirit. I refrain myself from retorting, like 'it's more like [Dwarf Oil] rather than [Dwarf Water]', since the mood has become a bit tense.

"The preparation is complete."
"Yosh, let's do it."

Looks like it's quite an honor to help elder Dohar's phase hammer strike, the gazes from the surrounding disciples are painful.
If you have any complaint, I'd like you to tell it to elder Dohar.

I ignore the jealousy from the neighbors and concentrate here. I'll enjoy this rare chance of doing blacksmith together with a famous swordsmith.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-2

7-2. At the Hometown of the Dwarves (1)


Satou's here. I remember getting surprised at the fact that even the dwarven women have beard on the first fantasy novel I've read.
I'm not also sure about the loli dwarves from the recent days, but it'd be troubling if I have to choose between them and bearded dwarven women.

Dwarves are typically said to live in caves, but from the information I've collected with All Map Exploration, about half of them live normally in the fortress. The other halves are exactly like that typical impression, they're living on the caves next to the city.

This self-governing dominion of the dwarves isn't that wide. It's a valley of around 20 kilometers wide in radius. Inside the dominion, there's a city called Bollhart, and two villages. The city has population of 30 thousands people, there are 20 thousands dwarves with the levels averaging at 5-6, four thousands ratmen, two thousands rabbitmen, two thousands humans, one thousands weaselmen, and the other 1000 are other demi-humans. There is no elf. I wonder if they're in bad term?
There are a lot weaselman and human merchants from what I see on their occupations and skills.

There are about 10 people who are higher than level 40 among the dwarves. The highest leveled one is a dwarf called Dohar. If I'm not mistaken, he's the dwarf that makes Toruma (Ossan)'s dagger. His level is 51. As expected of dwarves. There are a lot of veterans.

There is no demon, transported or reincarnated person. Looks like it would be peaceful this time.

There are fields around the city, but the ones who're plowing them are not dwarves, but ratmen, rabbitmen, and other various beastmen. Seems they're not exactly slaves.

We're joining the queue to enter Bollhart city at the front of the gate.
I stop the wagon at the end of the queue and wait for our turn.

"I think we're the 20th in line? There are quite a lot huh."
"That's right."

Arisa climbs up my body and look over the queue.
Someone is pulling my sleeves, when I look to the side, Pochi, Tama, and even Mia are waiting for their turns. Since my clothes would get wrinkled if they climb it, I put them on my shoulders. Since Mia is the only one who wears skirt, I don't put her on my shoulder, but instead, I hold her waist and raise her up.

"I'm against discrimination."
"This is not discrimination, but distinction. If you're wearing pants instead, I'd put you on my shoulder."

Among the carriages that are waiting for their turn, about half of them are ridden by human.

"Pochi, Tama, keep your attention for any thieves on the back."
"Roger nano desu."

Liza who had just come back from scouting the gate gave direction to Pochi and Tama.

"Master, weaselmen seem to be going in and out of this city. Please be careful since they're shrewd fellows."
"Yes, I understand. Thank you Liza."

If I remember correctly, weasel men tribe is the one who have destroyed Liza's village.

"Onii-san, won't ye buy potatoes? It's delicious see?"

A weasel woman is trying to sell potatoes with awkward words. Seems it's one copper coin each. Three times the market price. I wonder why am I hearing her like she has fake Chinese accent.

"Onii-san, this yakitori is more delicious than potatoes from that potato girl. I've put a lot of Bollhart salt see? They're three copper coins apiece."
"Mister, meat is better, the taste of the grilled mother frog from the mine basement will surely satisfy you."

Are those mother frogs alright to eat?
It smells nice, but we've just eaten so I turn down their offers. Pochi and Tama look a bit disappointed, but eating too much is bad for your health.

The ones who come to sell things to us that are waiting for our turns aren't only the weaselmen, but also ratmen, rabbitmen and children, however, I only look at the market price of those without buying them.

Mia who has bought something from the front comes back. She's eating something.


Mia presents the yellow stalk thing she's eating in front of my mouth, so I eat it.

It tastes like flower's nectar rather than sugar. It reminds me of the time when I suck up nectars on the roadside flowers during my childhood. Nostalgic.

"Just now, it's an indirect kiss right?! then, next, is me."

Reproaching voices pour down from Arisa behind, and Lulu on the side.
Indirect kiss, we're not middle schoolers. No wait, Lulu is around that age huh.

Arisa extends her hand while coming here, but before she could, Mia nabs the stalk back. She quickly puts it in her mouth and shows V-sign toward here.
Since Arisa is making a noise, "Mukkii" behind, I want you to stop with the provocation. Look, even Lulu's eyes become teary.

Right at that time, a weasel person selling sweet stalks comes, so I buy it for everyone.
Somehow everyone made me hold the stalks in my mouth in turns, but I think I'd lose if I mind it.

In the end, we're finally able to get inside after 10 minutes.

We get preferential treatment from dwarven soldiers who come to check on Liza's magnificent armor.

It looks like nobles get prioritized. Even though I'm just of the lowest ranking honorary noble, it still applies. When we're getting inside, I'm the only one who need to show my ID, while my companions don't. They only trivially look in the wagon, and don't investigate or ask for the tax for entering the city.

Is it a special privilege?
But then, like this, some unscrupulous nobles would be able to smuggle things.

The first time I see dwarves, they're as small, wide and stout as I've imagined. They're about 130cm high. The dwarven women are like dwarven men without beard version. Since they're not like the legal loli that often appear in recent games, I'm relieved. No more little girls.

"Nice to meet you, Chevalier Pendragon. I've certainly received the letter from viscount Rottol. Is that courageous woman in good health?"
"Yes, she's taking the command energetically. You could call me Satou if it's fine with you."

I'm having a chat with Driar-shi, the mayor, after I deliver him the letter from Nina-san.
Liza and the others are relaxing in another room, but Arisa is here somehow.  That Arisa is talking very formally, far from how she usually is, with Driar-shi.

"Driar-sama, as is written in the letter, we'd like permission for sending exchange students here."

Hoo, Arisa. This is the first time I've heard about that though? Arisa who has noticed my glance look at me with a face that's as if saying, "I didn't tell it?". I'll poke her forehead later.

"Fumu, I was taken care by viscount Rottol when I was studying on the royal capital. I can accept if it's just a few exchange students."

Driar-shi answered while opening the letter. The lord of this self-governing dominion isn't this person, but his father, Dohar-san, is it alright to agree without his consent?

"It's alright, my father has entrusted me with the city unless it's a serious matter."

It seems to be alright. Good.
However, I think that the territory's technology is an important enough matter, or maybe they're taking stance of "If you can steal our technology, do it"?

"According to the letter, Satou-dono is doing blacksmithing, would you like to see our workshop if that interest you?"
"By all mean!"

Ooh, what a windfall.
Nina-san has done a good job.

"This is the greatest blast furnace in this city."

It's a 20 meters high building.
There's also a window to put fuel coal below the furnace, half-naked dwarves and beastmen are throwing coals to it while getting themselves blacked. I could only see white smoke from the outside, I wonder how are they dealing with the dirty smoke? Well, there must be some sort of absurdity (fantasy) going on there.

"This is a wonderful facility."

My words are not flattery. The facility's scale isn't inferior compared to the ironworks I've seen in the previous world.
The people here are me, Driar-shi, and a dwarven woman who looks like a secretary. She's Jojori-san, Driar-shi's daughter. Arisa and the others have gone to the city after receiving letter for Nina-san. They're looking for a merchant who's going to Muno-city to deliver the letter.

We're observing from a place that looks like VIP seat, slightly away from the furnace. It's quite hot here, but it seems that it's still better than the place with insulation magic applied. It's hotter if we go outside.

According to Driar-shi's explanation, about 30% of the iron ingot used in Shiga kingdom are made here.

Next, we visit converter and pressure facilities successively. In the pressure facility, people who look like magicians are putting magic power into magic tool like thing in rotation.  Everyone have dark circles under their eyes, looks like it's quite a hard labor. Originally, seems that there are more people here, but they've been dispatched on another level for different matter, so now they're in shortage. Well, Um. Do your best. I cheer on the floundering magicians inside my heart.

There are no heavy machineries, but in exchange, about 3 meter tall people from the tribe called Little Giant are carrying ores, finished iron plates and steel materials around.

I wonder if the facilities for Mithril are secrets, they're not showing me it. It looks like it's in the underground caves.
I guess I'll ask about it.

"Are facilities related to Mithril located in the underground?"
"Y, you know your stuff. Did you hear it from viscount Rottol?"
"No, I've heard from a merchant acquaintance that the Mitrhil products from this town are wonderful."
"Is that so, I'd really love to show you there, but we need permission from my father if we want to visit the underground facilities."

Driar-shi folds his short arms while frowning. Seemingly unable to see Driar-shi's grimacing, Jojori-san gives a suggestion.

"Father, if that's the case, shouldn't you try to ask grandfather. Even if it's grandfather, he wouldn't tell a person he's just met to suddenly forge a sword."

Jojori-san, that's a flag I think.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku 7-1

7-1. To the Hometown of the Dwarves


Satou's here. When I was on business trip, I sometimes caught sight of people who was transferring for job getting sent off on the platform for the bullet train.
I wonder how does it feel  to get sent off like that? I've thought of such thing, but when I actually experience it, it doesn't feel bad at all.

"Are you leaving no matter what?"

Viscount Nina who has come to see us off tries to detain me.
Behind her, more than 20 servants and maids have also come.

The maids aren't wearing the plain uniforms they've worn two weeks ago, but frilly maids clothes that one usually sees in Akihabara. Even though the skirt cover down to the ankle, it's still incomparably cuter than before.
Of course the mastermind is Arisa. Somehow the budget for it hasn't come from the baron but from my pocket instead, but if this is the result then I can consent.
However, even though I've heard that it would be completed in spring, it's done already. It might have touched the heartsrings of the tailor. Cute is justice they say.

By the way, it's early morning right now, the sun has just risen on the horizon.
To be honest, I didn't expect that they would come for the farewell like this.

I could see Pochi and Tama receiving something from lady Soruna at the edge of my view. Looks like the thing that entered their small purses are sweets.

As for the other, the men like the Baron, Hauto, and Zotol have also come.

Lady Karina isn't here.
I've asked the maid who's attending her room not to wake her up. Since she's always attacking me every day during the past two weeks here, I want to avoid troublesome thing when we're departing.

More than that, the maids that have been creeping up on me since awhile ago are scary.
Everyone folds their arms and stare at me with teary eyes.

No one is going to start a fight right?

"Chevalier-sama, please don't go."

Without hesitation, a slender red-haired maid steps up and shouts while clinging to me.

I'd love a bit more volume, regrettable.

Starting with that girl, the maids begin to cling on me in turns.
Kuh, the maids with loli bodies are too fast, I've lost my chance to get in contact with the maids with superb volumes.
Arisa kicks me from behind while saying, "Stop grinning.", but I ignore her.

"Chevalier-sama, please stay here forever."
"That's right, if chevalier-sama is gone, who would make crepes."
"Rather than crepes, I want karaage again!"
"Leave only Pochi-chan here~."
"What are you saying, Tama-chan is cuter right."
"Better yet, become my husband and make meals for me forever please."

Even though I don't think it's because I'm popular, everyone are aiming for foods, or Pochi's and Tama's cuteness huh.


Since I feel familiar sensations on my legs, I drop my line of sight--

It's Pochi and Tama. What are they doing hugging my legs?
The twos look up with sparkling eyes. I wonder if they're thinking some new play like Oshikura Manju?

"Everyone! I understand your reluctance, but don't trouble chevalier-sama."
"That's right, we have pound cakes made by chevalier-sama in the dining room. You can eat it after you've done your morning works."

The head maid claps her hands, and the maids step back.
Then after the chef's remark, they fall back as if pulling tides. It's a bit lonely.

"You haven't eaten breakfast right? It can't be compared to chevalier-sama's creation, but please eat this if it's fine with you."
"Thank you very much. I gratefully accept."

I pass the bento I've received from Chef-san to Lulu on the wagon.

"Really, won't you at least leave Arisa-dono here."
"No can do~ I can't live if I'm not beside darling."

Who's darling!
I ignore Arisa's careless remark, and say may farewell to Nina-san and the baron. I've received letters of introduction for nobles on various cities from Nina-san. I've also been asked to deliver several letters for influential nobles from Nina-san.

"I'll come back here after 1-2 years of training in the labyrinth city."
"Yes, we'll be waiting. At that time, we'll get territory rebuilt so we can return the money we've borrowed from you even for a little."
"Yes, I'm expecting it."
"I sincerely ask you to take care of Pochi-kun and Tama-kun."

The baron is giving off atmosphere as if he's sending his daughters for wedding. He's way too entranced by the cuteness of the two.
The debt that Nina-san talks about is 250 gold ingots that I've lent for rebuilding the territory. It's not enough to completely rebuild it with this, but it'd be usable for operating funds. The reason why I use ingots is because it'd look like hidden assets. I made it by crushing large quantity of gold coins. Since they were doubting where it came from, I showed them the magic bag <<Holding Bag>> and explained it. I told Nina-san that I was heading to the labyrinth city for the sake of Liza's and the others' training.

Liza and the others are already riding the horses, so I get in the wagon.
We leave the Muno castle behind while waving back to the people who keep on waving here.

Now then, even though there have been various things happening during this two weeks, the one that's immediately apparent is this wagon.

I was allowed to freely use the workshop left from the marquis era, so I remodeled the wagon as much as I wanted to. I mainly tried to remodel the suspension system by strengthening the shock absorption. Unfortunately, I couldn't make anything fancy for the shock absorption.
The wagon is now pulled by four horses, increased from two before, so I'm expecting speed increase. Especially since the horses that Mia and Tama have ridden have leveled up are now pulling the wagon, it would be more effective.

For the sake of avoiding thieves, Liza and Nana wear armors and ride the horses. The baron has given a horse for Nana from the same species that Liza is riding, Shuberien. The full plate armors that the two wear are my creations. When I was taking Nana's size, there were some lucky situations that arose, but Mia hindered them all. I think Mia's intuition is too good.

Needless to say, the reason why the ones riding the horses are not Pochi and Tama is because they're too short, they'd look like children from afar, and that'd invite thieves rather than repelling them.

Mia is riding a horse.
The reason is the horse that Mia is riding itself. In truth, it's not a horse, it's a unicorn that has been sold illegally on the black market.

Even in this world, unicorns are being sold for their horns since they're effective medicines for all kind of sickness. I saved this unicorn when it was going to to be sold to people with eccentric taste in food after it got its horn cut.

The business of selling unicorns is forbidden in the entire Shiga kingdom, not just in baron Muno territory.

I wanted to return it to the place where other unicorns were with Mia, but since it didn't have horn, it couldn't get accepted into the herds.

The horn is seen as a recovery item by other races, but for unicorn itself, it's an important organ. Without the horn, an unicorn is not only unable to use its race-specific abilities, but it also loses the way to communicate to its friends. According to the indication from AR, unicorns are not monsters but belong to mythical beasts category.

Even the baron administrative was troubled with it, but since the unicorn got attached to our Mia right from the beginning, Mia began to gradually take care of it. We'll take it to Bornean forest together with Mia, and let it live in peace there.

"Lulu, I'll change your place as the coachman."
"Don't do that, master has become a noble, so when we're at the place where other people could see, master should let the servant to be the coachman."

Since I get scolded by Lulu, I give up on being the coachman and sit beside her. It's cute that she's still holding the rein properly even while scolding me.

"The flirting guy is here huh~"

As if estimating the right time, Arisa snuggles on my waist while protesting in monotone voice. Furthermore, she purposely puts her face between me and Lulu.

"Oh Arisa, burned with jealousy are you."

Lulu pats Arisa's hair while smiling.
There, Pochi and Tama climb on Arisa as if flattening her.

"Prohibited nano desu."

The two are probably happy because it's been awhile since it's only us together.


Mia who's riding the horse on the side poke my shoulders while sulking a bit, probably because she's lonely.

The wagon gets out of the Muno city and head toward the highway.
We're speeding up from there. Since we've been going slow in the city, now the wagon advances close to three times faster.
The leveled-up horses speeding up the wagon don't bring only good things. The countermeasure I've made for the vibration goes to waste.

"Au, the vibration is harsh."
"Even though it's quite better than before, it's still too harsh I guess? Lulu I'll take your place, so you can sit on the Float Seat with Arisa."
"You don't have to be reserved, it's alright."
"Yes, I understand."

Float Seat is a chair made with magic circuit that have properties of opposing magnets. On top of having low weight limit, it also needs to be recharged with magic power every 30 minutes, so it couldn't be used on the wagon's body. It still needs some improvements.

If I could downsize it a bit more, I could use it on the coachman's seat.

"Fuh, I'm revived."
"My bottom isn't hurt, but I feel nauseated."
"I'll give you medicine if you feel sick, so say if you are."

In exchange of the two who are sitting on the back seat, Pochi and Tama sit beside me.

"Next to master~?""Nano desu."

Come to think of it, since we were busy with various things when we were in the baron territory, we hadn't been together much beside the time when we were sleeping. I decide to pamper the two until they're satisfied today.

The wagon gets out of the baron territory four days later.
During that time, thieves showed up on the radar, but their scout only loitered around without attacking us even once. So having cavalries outside does help after all.

Our route is not to the capital of Oyugock dukedom, but the slightly off-course self-governing dominion of the dwarves.
The self-governing dominion is inside Oyugock dukedom, about four days away from baron Muno territory.

Of course, our purpose is sightseeing.
It'd wasteful to avoid the live townscape of the dwarves so, might as well.

Incidentally, there's also the matter about the letter that viscount Nina has asked me to deliver.

After advancing through the highway located beside a river with reddish-brown water, we arrive at the hometown of the dwarves.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 6 Intermission 6

Intermission: Lord's Secret


"Baronet Leon Donan, over here."

At the center of the chapel near the royal castle that his majesty has lead me to, there's a crystal-like thing with 20 sides shining blue light while floating.
His majesty is waiting in front of that floating crystal.

"Leon, this is a City Core."

--City Core?

I stare at the City Core as if I'm charmed.

"This is the reason that makes a king and governing lords different than other nobles."
"...Reason, is it?"

His majesty solemnly nods at my parroting words of question.

"That's right. The City Core draws abundant magical power from The Source, it's an artifact that exist for the purpose of letting the person who becomes its master to make use of that vast magic power."

As if answering to his majesty's voice, the City Core flashes blue light once.

"Even if it's said that this City Core is an artifact, it's unknown if the core is made by someone somewhere. There was a certain king who once asked the gods, but the answer never came."
"Then, just who is..."
"I don't know. At the very least, the method to create one is already lost at the present time. Once, the Bornean sage, Trazayuya-dono, attempted to recreate one, but he could only make a counterfeit with much lower performance at best."

I wait for his majesty to continue his words.
I wonder what's the real intention of his majesty for showing me this artifact?

"The story has diverted, I'm sorry."
"No, I've heard some really interesting things."
"Although it goes without saying that this talk is a secret to anyone but the one who will succeed royalty's or lords' house. Revealing this to others is useless."
"--I understand."

Unpleasant sweats flow on my back.
Why would his majesty tell me such secret?

Even though I'm a relative of duke Oyugock, I'm not of the main family, and nothing more than a baronet.
Just what is the king--

"Now then, let's get back to the topic. The lord could establish this City Core to people so they could use it and uses ritual magic. Truly various magic; you could create walls that could defend against attack from high-ranking demon, attack magic that reduce armies to ashes, or climate magic that could manipulate weather."

Even manipulating weather!

Handling enormous amount of magic power from The Source, it could even resist high-ranking demon that could equal sub-gods.

"That is like--"

I hesitate to continue the words on the verge of my mouth.
Since the words are like sacrilege against gods.

"Like a living god is it?"

However, his majesty continued to speak those words lightly.

"There is no need to worry. Gods will not needlessly interfere kings or lords. It has been decided with the covenant between the gods and the ancient kings."

The king said so, but there was a large country comparable to the the old empire that got destroyed after angering gods.
Shouldn't we be careful not to let out many sacrilegious words?
Though a coward like me isn't able to remonstrate the king.

"The story keeps wandering off.  The lord is special precisely because they could wield the core power to transcend human."

His majesty repeat the story once again as if emphasizing it.

"The rank of the governing lords depend on the scale of The Source they control. Once, a lord raised his rank followed by numerous cities he had."

His majesty stops talking and judge my reaction.
I timidly nods at his majesty to show my understanding.

"And then a king is a person who's followed by his lords. And then, an emperor is a person followed by kings."

The difference between king and emperor is like that... I've thought that it's just a difference in naming.
I express a question that has crossed my mind to his majesty.

"Then, are guards and viceroy lords too?"
"No. They're both representatives that lords have given authority to act on their behalves. They could borrow the power of the City Core, but the master is still the lord."

--I see.

With this I think I understand the reason why rebellion that guards and viceroy have caused in the history is suppressed.
The reason why the rebellion have been able to be quenched isn't written in the history, but after seeing this, I finally can understand.

"Also, as the holder of City Core, you can appoint new nobles in behalf of the king."

So that's the reason why marquis Lloyd isn't able to appoint chevaliers.
I've always thought it's strange that a high-ranking noble couldn't appoint new nobles when earls of neighboring country could, but I understand now.

"[Nobles] are originally what people who control cities are called. The rank of nobles is indication of the level of authority a representative had. The one protecting the city is either baronet or a baron, the city's viceroy must be a viscount at least, those aren't just customs but in accordance to the authority level of the City Core."

I desperately try to understand his majesty talks, but it's too difficult to understand it all at once.

"Oy oy, you should understand this."

Ashamed with myself, I'm going to apologize to his majesty, but when I hear the majesty's next words, I get so dumbfounded, nothing is coming out of my mouth.

"Leon, today I will grant you Muno house name. Go to Muno city, release the cursed and blocked City Core, and become the new lord."


The same territory where nobles who've announced their candidacy to become its governing lords die one by one, becoming the lord of the [Cursed Territory]?

However, this is a royal order. I do not have the right to refuse.
The majesty has talked about the City Core earlier probably because he has maximum faith in me.

Right now, the thing I can do is to solemnly lower my head and answer, [Your will].

"Are you nervous?"

An old lady with miko outfit looks at me worryingly.

"No, head miko-sama. I, I am okay."
"You don't have to force yourself. Even for me who has long life of confronting monsters, standing in front of this door is making me trembling."

She probably said that to reassure me.
Latenion head miko lets out a young smile belying her age.

I take a deep breath, and together with the head miko, go toward the underground sanctuary on the Muno city where the City Core is.
The people who descend the spiral stairs to the underground sanctuary are only the head miko and me.

Originally, this passage is only to be used by the lord, but for the sake of exorcising the curse that the [Undead King] has left, I'm accompanied by the head miko this time.

I feel more sick each time I step down the stair.
It seems that many nobles die the moment they step on this stair.

It's probably safe this time because I'm with a head miko who holds the title [Saintess].

I continue following head miko while feeling nauseous.
In front of the sanctuary, the head miko touch the walls as if falling.

"Leon, looks like it's the limit soon."
"I understand. I'm going to go alone from here..."

I step into the sanctuary while holding my consciousness.

--My vision is shaking.

Bam, I hear the sound of my own body that has collapsed as if it's coming from other's, I look up.
A semi-transparent black shadow is floating in front of my eyes.

『O intruder. I am [Undead King] Zen--Its shadow. O pure person, show me that you deserve to become the lord.』
"Lord is--"

I faint in the middle of my words, and I get rescued by the golems controlled by royal court magicians that his majesty has deployed.

I tried challenging it for three times after this, but it was over right whenever I had just arrived to the sanctuary.
I wasn't able to grasp the City Core, but for my accomplishment of getting to the sanctuary, I was appointed to be the lord of this land.

Since I'm just a temporary lord, I am not able to tap the magic power of The Source to manipulate weather, resulting in famines often happening in the territory, and I'm not able to stop people from leaving this territory.

I was only able to become the true lord after 16 years.
I had to wait until a merchant who had just become an adult uncovered the plot of the demon by himself, and even saved the territory from the swarms of undead monsters.

I want to grant honorary knight to Satou-kun for his achievements, but since I don't have the City Core, I don't have any way to confer peerage to him.
I could ask Nina-dono to write a letter of recommendation for duke Oyugock, but I'd like to reward him with my own hands.

I proceed to the sanctuary where the City Core sleeps after 16 years, and over there I notice that the curse that has always been there is gone.
I don't know if the caster has died, or if the silver masked hero who defeats the demon has dissolved it.

I walk to the front of the City Core, and a voice that's neither man or woman greets me.

『Welcome, qualified person. Do you hope to become the lord of this land?』

This is probably words from the will of the City Core itself.
I answer clearly.

「I do.」
『The registration is complete. I serve lord Leon Muno from now on』

Lights separate from the City Core, one becomes a ring on my finger, the other flies beneath me.
When I concentrate on the ring that I've received, things that could be done with City Core come into my mind. Apparently, the demon wanted to do something by stealing the magic power from The Source. For the time being, I do ritual magic for controlling weather, I should be able to grant him rank too.

"■■■■ Weather Control. Warming."
『Executing Command. The average temperature of the territory will raise by 15°C for the next few days.』

I don't know how much 15°C is, but if I could decrease the freezing cold, the people who die from it would probably decrease too.
Either way, there's not enough magic power for anything more than this.

On the next morning, I do the ritual of conferring peerage using the City Core without any problem.

I go to the balcony in the early morning, and is surprised at the warmth.
Usually, my breath would becomes white. The cold of midwinter has changed into the warmth of autumn in just one night.

I'm trembling under the sunlight warm.

--It's excessively powerful.

The City Core brings power beyond human to a person.
I vow to use this power for the sake of people without drowning on it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 6 Intermission 5

Intermission: Satou's House Name


"House name is it?"

I was called to Nina-san's office to have me decide the house name for myself as I had been granted honorary knight.

"Isn't honorary noble title only applied for one generation? Is house name necessary?"
"Yes, it's certainly only for one generation, but there are surprising amount of honorary noble house which continue to produce more honorary nobles successively."
"Even though honorary nobles are only limited for one generation, most of them are wealthier than fallen nobles or poor nobles. They could pay for education of their children, and depending on the territory, one could buy titles with money."

Arisa who always hang around Nina-san's room during the day joins the conversation between her documents work.

"It is like that. If it continues for 10 generations, then your house would be bestowed normal chevalier or baronet title."

That's long.

"It's impossible to decide immediately right? We'll do it in 2-3 days, so decide carefully during that time."
"I recommend Tachibana."

If I'm not mistaken, the family name of Arisa past life is Tachibana.

"I'll refrain from that."
"Right, I believe there's already a chevalier called Tachibana. Please check if a name is usable for your house name or not on Yuyurina the civil official. She's more knowledgeable about it than me since she's studied them in royal capital."
"I understand, if I get the candidates to some extents, I'll check on her."

I've talked to Yuyurina-san several times before, she's a calm and taciturn official with brown braided hair. I was vigilant since she was flat, but fortunately the flag wasn't raised.

Since I catch the sight of lady Karina walking on the corridor toward here, I say my farewell to Nina-san and proceed to leave the room.

"Satou-dono, I understand that you're running away from lady Karina, but you're still a noble even at the furthest end. Stop going out from the balcony."
"I'm sorry, Nina-sama. Please overlook it."

I jump off the balcony of Nina-san's office located on the third floor.
In exchange, I hear the voice of Nina-san getting angry at lady Karina who has just gotten there. She came in without knocking again huh. What an obstinate person.

Well then, house name huh. The proper one would be Suzuki, and I would also change my name to Ichirou Suzuki. However, that would be the same as declaring myself as a Japanese, and it's probably safer to not do that.

If I'm to take one from my titles, if it's god slayer, then how about [Kamisaki], or [Kanzaki]?

Satou Kanzaki

It's not bad, but it'll be hard to answer Arisa if she asks about the origin of the name.
Then, from dragon slayer, let's try to take [Ryu] word, or Dragon if it's in western style shall we?

Satou Ryu
Satou Ryuzaki
Satou Dragon
Satou Dragonslayer
Satou Slayer

Not quite there.
I've thought of using hero's name from games, but since there are people who would understand where the inspiration comes from, like Arisa or that Saga empire's hero, it's difficult.

How about using holy swords' names?

Satou Excalibur
Satou Caliburn
Satou Durandal
Satou Longinus

Something's not right.
What about the name from Japanese katana.

Satou Kotetsu
Satou Muramasa
Satou Kikuichimonji

They don't sounds right. Or rather it feels like combining modern world with period drama... those are rejected.

Hah, maybe Satou Satou is good enough~

Not good, I've hit the roadblock.
If this continues, I'll come up with a weird name. I'll go and consult this with other people to change the mood.

"Turtles are delicious nodesu!"
<TLN: House name=kamei, turtles=kame.>

I asked Pochi and Tama since they were the closest from where I was, but they didn't even understand the meaning of [House Name].
The two are sitting beside lady Soruna while eating rice crackers shaped like bones. Recently, beside the time when they're training, they're always getting snacks from either lady Soruna in the baron living room, or the maid-san in the waiting room. You'll get fat you know?

"House name is it? Alright then, it's fine to use Donan name if you marry Karina."

Lady Soruna said so mischievously. Looks like that name is the one baron-san has used before succeeding Muno name.

Satou Donan.

It's not bad, but if it comes with lady Karina, I'll pass.
If she gets a bit calmer, I feel like she could become a friend, but right now she's an acquaintance at best. Of course, I won't say something impossible like her becoming ladylike.

"I will refrain since that sounds dreadful."
"Oh my, Karina's future is rocky huh."

I get out of the room while the lady is giggling.

"I recommend Nagasaki. It was the name of my previous master."
"How about Kishreshgalza? It is the name of my family, there shouldn't be anyone who call themselves so."

Those are remarks from Nana, Liza and Mia in turns.

Satou Nagasaki.
Satou Kishreshgalza.
Satou Bornean.

Or rather, Liza, and Mia, aren't those your family names?

"What are you guys talking about?"

Lulu who has just come back to the room greets. Her eyes are shining when she hears about the decision of my house name.

"Oh my! House name is it! How about Kubooku?"

I believe Kubooku is the name of Arisa's and Lulu's kingdom.

"As expected, it'll be bad if I use Kubooku. It'll look like I'm picking a fight with the country that has invaded Kubooku."
"Then.... Ah, no, it's nothing."

Lulu who seemed to have thought of something  stopped halfway. When I urge her to tell me, the name [Watari] comes out.

"It was the family name of my grandmother. She was from far away country, but the country where I was born forbade anyone besides nobles to have family name, so it wasn't used by anyone."

Satou Watari.

That sounds like Satori.
When I tell Lulu that I'll put it to candidate list, the other three are booing, so I also put the names from the three to the list. Liza wasn't saying any complaint, but I could feel it from her atmosphere.

"How about asking Yuyurina-dono? She should know many kinds extinct house names y'know?"

I asked knight Zotor and retainer Hauto, and although there weren't any good name that came out, I was told about a person that I could rely instead.

I check on the map and head toward where lady Yuyurina is.
She's in the dining room.

"Haus? Hausnemisit?"
"I'm sorry to disturb you during your meal."
"That's right chevalier-sama. In the first place, servant's dining room isn't somewhere you should often step your foot into."

I called out Yuyurina-san who had stuffed her mouth full like a hamster, but I was immediately scolded by the head-maid who was nearby.
Head-maid-san said that if a noble came close to servants' area, they would get nervous and wouldn't be able to get works done. I don't understand nobles. If it's a company, won't the executives use staff canteen?


Haah, someone's troublesome has come. I've thought that she would come a bit later, but it seems she's taken a shortcut. I had noticed her, but I wasn't able to run away since I was being lectured by head-maid-san.

"Now! Let's have a match like usual desuwa! I'll get a hit on you today!"

Lady Karina takes a stance while declaring so.
She's getting pretty good in this one week. Maybe due to the grappling experience with me, she's acquired [Fighting] skill level 1.

Of course, we haven't ever actually fight during all this time.

"Karina-sama! Please consider the place!"

Head-maid-san thundered off. Lady Karina, you should have been more aware of your surrounding. She's a relative of Toruma (Ossan) in that regard.

In the end, I'm not able to use names from extinct nobles from what I've heard from Yuyurina-san. It looks like I need permission from Crest Parliament on the Royal Capital to use them.

"So, have you decided?"
"I've not found a good one."
"Well, it is something that will follow you for the rest of your life. One can't decide on it so fast huh."

I haven't decided on the house name after the promised three days. There are Yuyurina-san who has come to deliver some documents to Arisa, and somehow, lady Karina in Nina-san's room.

"What~? You're puzzling over house name? Then, I have a good one in mind."
"What kind of name is it?"
"Hmm~ what-should-I-do-I-wonder."

Lady Karina is being pretentious. Annoying.

"Nina-san, I'm sorry, but please wait for some days more."
"It can't be helped huh."
"Then, if you haven't decided after two more days, it's Tachibana, alright."

Arisa, you really want to make my family name Tachibana huh?

"Wait~ please don't ignore me?"
"I'm sorry, I've forgotten."

She's not easily discouraged huh.

"How about Pendragon? It's the name of hero-sama. Orion Pendragon-sama."
"Isn't that a fictional character?"
"That's right. He's the hero from the story I love. It's a heroic story about a hero who went on a journey riding on a dragon, surpassed seven trials of the gods, and finally beat the demon lord."

The story of king Arthur mixed with Greek myth.

"He's riding a dragon is he."
"Yes, and it's not a Wyvern, but a Welsh dragon."

I think the father of king Arthur is Pendragon. Was he a hero who had slain a dragon?
It may be unexpectedly good. I have Excalibur anyway, I might even change my name to Arthur, like Arthur Pendragon.

Afterwards, I was really troubled with the house name matter for two days straight.

"Then, let's begin. ■■ Name Order. 『Satou Pendragon』."

>[Name Order Skill Acquired]

I got a new name and name order skill from Yuyurina-san.

After that, I confirm on the Yamato Stone, and a new ID is prepared for me. Unlike the one for commoner, it's a silver plate with the letters engraved. I'm told that I need to have it casted with fixture magic in duke's territory later.

This time, I had changed the value on companion column before I touched Yamato Stone.

I increased my level and skills as to make it looked like I could support from behind, even if a bit unreliably and moved a bit fast. I've consulted Arisa about this on the day before.

"Fufufu, Karina Pendragon doesn't sound so bad."

I've heard dangerous remark, but let's ignore it.

"Arisa Pendragon sounds like Arthur, but the nuance is good."

Arisa is grinning, making her mouth looks like a wave.

"Ehehehe~ it'd be nice if I get to be called Lulu Pendragon someday."

Lulu, even you huh.
Of course, Lulu were only speaking to herself. If I didn't have [Straining Ears] skill I wouldn't hear it.

"Pochi Pendragon nanodesu."
"Tama Pendragon~?"

Pochi and Tama are congratulating while running around me.

"Mwuu, Bornean."
"Master, you're splendid."
"Master. Master Pendragon. Which one should I use to call you?"

Mia doesn't seem like she's given up yet. Beside her, Liza is saying something like a guardian would.
I answer, "Just master is fine.", to Nana's question.

"Then, chevalier Satou Pendragon, please take care of me from now on."
"Yes, viscount Nina Rottol."

Nina-san offers her hand, and we shake hands. This is the first time I know that there's a custom for handshakes in this world.
While gripping my hand, Nina-san gives me further homework.

"Next, you have to decide on your crest before you depart."

It's crest this time huh...

On the following day, I take lessons for socializing with high-class people from the baron and butlers, and heraldry from Yuyurina-san.
It goes without saying that I've gotten [Social] and [Heraldry] skills during those times.

Name: Satou Pendragon
Tribe: Human
Level: 30
Affiliation: Territory of Baron Muno of Shiga Kingdom
Occupation: None
Rank: Chevalier
Title: None
[Magic Art]
Reward and Punishment:
[Medal of Sapphire of Baron Muno Territory]
[First Rank of Baron Muno Army]
[Medal of Honor of Muno Citizens]

I've set these parameters on my companion column.
They're abnormally higher than the one on the ID from Seryuu city, but since I have not shown it when I go inside Muno city, it's probably fine.

I make it level 30; being higher than average so I won't be make light of and yet not so high as to be feared.
Since I've been seen doing blacksmithing and woodworking in the wagon, I've added them so it wouldn't look strange.
I've also added cooking since the servants have seen me made various things.
Social and Heraldry are noble-like, so I've added them.

The two medals from baron territory seem to be justified for saving the territory. Seems that either of the medals are only given for someone who has done outstanding things.
The last medal is given to me by the influential people from the city.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 6 Intermission 4

<TLN: This chapter is kind of surreal. You've been warned.>

Intermission: Dream of Summer Day


That is dream, things that happened a long time ago, dream of distant day.

"You too, let's go play together."

I was interested with a girl of the same age who was looking bashfully from behind the offering box of the shrine, so I gathered my courage and invited that girl to play.

"My name is Ichirou. How about you?"
"I am •••"
"Hee~, the name really sounds like a shrine girl."

I lead the girl by hands, taking her to the shrine ground where my cousins are playing. At first she was quiet, but after we began playing song and hide-and-seek, she lets out bright smile that wouldn't lose to her beautiful red hair while laughing.

Fun time quickly passes. The sun is already hidden between the mountains.

"Everyone, let's go home soon. You too, •••, let's go home together until the halfway."
"My house is here."

The girl said so while going back to the shrine.
I had certainly heard the girl's name, but I couldn't remember it no matter what.

"Right at that time, the prince appears, and defeat the bad dragon with one swing of his sword."
"I don't like that story."

Looks like she didn't like the picture book that I tried hard to read.
The girl who sulks a bit plays with her with reddish-orange hair while pouting.

"This shrine is dedicated for a dragon god. Her name is Mizuhana-hime."

The girl sticks out her chests while looking proud.

This shrine worships a god called Ama-no-Mizuhana-hime.

"Then, then. Mizuhana-hime crossed the rainbow and came here. She was angry at a young man of the village who went to see her dancing on top of the mountain of this shrine."
"Why was she angry?"

The girl pouts because she can't remember it.

"Uu~ dunno. She was angry surely because it was not good! Don't look at the practice she said."
"She's shy huh."
"Yes, she must be!"

The girl who awkwardly folds her slender arms is nodding as if convinced by her own story.

"And then! The angry goddess-sama turned into a dragon and flew to the sky, bringing rain that continued for three days and night."
"Eeh~, wouldn't it just fine to forgive him just by poking his forehead."
"Uu~ it's alright! Because this is a legend!"

Seems that excessive retort is forbidden.

"The young man who saw the dancing on top of this mountain desperately apologized to the goddess. And then, the goddess forgave and married the young man."

I don't understand it.
What? that rapid development. The story must've been shortened huh.

Inside the shrine's office, we're eating watermelons while listening to the cicada's sound until our ears hurt. Eating energetically to the point that it ruins her face which is slightly older than me, she bites the watermelon and spouts out the seeds.

"Hey, you're a girl, so get it in your hands and put it back on the plate."
"Ichirou is stupid! It's more delicious to eat watermelons like this! Only children like us are allowed to do this. Stop saying those garish words."

She overreacts while messing with the green hair that has the same color as watermelons on her shoulders.
The girl is always energetic.

Night at the shrine ground, we're enjoying fireworks while being accompanied with the smell of mosquito repellent.
I throb when I see the girl who wears yukata looking like an adult with her light violet hair knitted and put on the nape of her neck, making her looks amorous.

"Do you know Ichirou-kun. The deity enshrined in this shrine, Ama-no-Mizuhana-hime. She married a young man a long time ago. However, since he was a human, he passed away before long. When he was dying Mizuhana-hime promised him. 『When you're reincarnated someday I will come back to your side』, she said, isn't it romantic?"

The girl whispers as if enraptured while looking at me in sitting position.
I throb looking at the girl who's far older than me showing a mischievous child-like smile.

"Does something like reincarnation even happen?"
"It does."

The girl firmly affirmed so, replying my question.

"But, it's no good if he's just reincarnated. The life span of gods are different than people. They'd be separated again."
"Isn't it fine if she just makes the person she likes become a god?"
"Even gods aren't almighty enough to grant divinity as they like."

Her words are unusually passionate for the cool her.

"It's not enough with the soul of a single person, it'd need a lot more."

I'm a bit scared with those words.

I'm bringing the dog called Satou that grandpa keeps as a pet while climbing the stairs to the shrine ground.
It's a dog with strange name. Seemed that the person who gave the dog to grandpa is called Satou-san. It's really like my family to give the dog name like that.

I pass through the shrine gate with no red stone and enter the shrine ground.

"Ou! Been waiting, Satou."
"I've said to call me Ichirou when it's not in the game."
"Fufun, I was calling the dog."
"Is that right, then let's not do the game today and play outside with the dog."

When I tease the girl, her bossy attitude breaks apart and she gets flustered.

"W, wait, if we're not there, who would save Trojan Union from Akaia Empire."
"Okay okay, let's look for a shade for the place to play."

We sit in line on the shrine's open veranda with a nice shade at the shrine ground. Satou the dog that got his leash unfastened is running around the shrine ground without losing to the summer's heat.
I take out two portable consoles from my bag--I pass one of the Jiopoke to the girl.

The girl loves to hear the clicky sounds from when the buttons are moved. She always have fun by clicking it with her small fingers before the power is turned on. We connect the two game consoles with link cable and turn on the power.

"Oh, it begins."

The game is a space war simulation game with Trojan War as the motif.
Despite being a product for children, it has the concept of searching for enemies and supply replenishment.

"Muu, another surprise attack from outside the range of enemy search. That's why you're Satou nanoja."
<TLN: She refers herself with "warawa" and almost always ends her sentences with "Ja".>

She said something really unreasonable.

"Then, I'll let you use 『Map Exploration』 once on the next map as handicap."
"Yay, nanoja. Might as well let me use 『Meteor Bullets』 then."
"Eeh, 『Meteor Bullets』 is forbidden. The situation would get reversed instantly."
"That's the good part! Just once. Kay? It's fine with using it once~ I want to use it."

I eventually give up to the girl who pleas until her indigo hair got disheveled. Even the lord of the manor can't win against crying child they say. I don't know what lord of manor though.

"Fuhahaha, take this nanoja."

The girl happily use 『Meteor Bullets』 and annihilate my main force.
And then, her face looks overjoyed when she captures my main battleship who has lost all its forces.

"Aah, 『Meteor Bullets』 is satisfying. Thanks to it, I even get myself the battleship as a souvenir."

The girl is in high spirit, but when she takes the battleship to her field, it changes into shock.
This game takes after Trojan War as motif. Of course, that includes the [Trojan Horse] tactic.

"Uwah, robots are coming out of the battleship. Ah, even though that carrier has just been completed. No don't, don't attack that factory, no~~~."

After the robots destroyed the supply equipments inside her army, my main force that I had hidden attacked. Although it's close, it's somehow my win in the end.

"Uu, you're cruel. You don't hold back against a small girl."
"Look, isn't it rude to not fight with all my might in a battle."
"Fuhn nanoja, I hate Satou. I'll put a curse so you'll always be with flat-chests for all your life."

That's a harsh curse even for a joke. Kyonyuu idol is the most popular girl in my class.
Let's take out another game here and change the conversation.

"Yes, yes, shall we play different game next?"
"What kind?"
"This is called RPG, it's a game that have you start weak, let you get stronger by defeating small fries, and defeat the demon lord in the end."

It's a blunt description if I do say so myself.

"Ooh, defeating demon lord huh! That's great! By the way, can we defeat demon gods?"
"There are various types of hidden boss in this game, and since there are gods and demon gods too if I'm not mistaken, we should be able to."
"That's good! Okay, let's do it Satou! Quickly start it!"

Her tension is always high, but today it's unshakable. I keep the girl company playing game until nightfall that day.
Play game only one hour a day, you could not possibly do that right.

The girl is reading a thick book on the bank of the small fountain at the corner of the shrine ground.

"Good morning, what are you reading today?"
"Umu, there was this [God is Dead] writing when I was half asleep so it perked up my interest."
"Heeh, can gods die?"
"Umu, they can. However, it's just dying. If you leave them alone they will get revived. Since gods are undying."
<TLN: Same kanji as Satou's immortal/undying.>
"Can you say that as dying? What are other state of deaths?"
"Well, they do die physically. Once they die, gods become spirit bodies, they prepare their own soul, make new body, and complete the revival. Although if it's high-ranking gods, then they don't need go through such annoying procedure. Even if they die, they would get instantly revived since they're universally recognized in the world."

There, the girl laughs, 'kufufu'.

"It's just like you."

My eyes become round toward that unexpected words.

"Yes, you are Ichirou no matter what the era or the worlds. Omnipresence as if exceeding the space-time, no matter how different I am, we always get in contact and become friend."

Before I could hear the meaning of her words, the voice of her mother calling her can be heard.

"Fumu, it's time."

The girl's mysterious blue hair turns black as if it's dripping ink.
It looks like I'm the only one who see her hair in different color.

And then, the girl with black hair talks to me politely as if she's stranger like usual.

"Hey, Suzuki-kun. If it's fine with you, would you see my Kagura dance?"

Kagura dance? Ah, Kagura dance huh.
She bashfully pulls the edge of my shirt, and I, who's charmed by her shy smile, follow her to the stage inside the shrine.

The girl changes her clothes to shrine maiden attire and begins to dance on the stage.

"Hikaru's dance is getting better right?"
"Yes, she looks like a professional Shrine maiden-san."
"Ufufu, it may not be a job since she's not getting money, but that girl is a genuine shrine maiden. The dance is for the sake of descending god to the body. Look well and burn it to your memory, Satou. It will be useful for you someday."

The one who sits beside me who is concentrating in watching the dance; I don't know if it's the girl's mother, or if it's something else.
Rather than listening to such enigmatic words, I watch the dance of my childhood friend with my whole body.

I was watching my dream from bird's eye perspectives.
Even though I can't remember her name anymore, my childhood friend should have had black hair. Her age should be the same as me too.
My past memory must be mixed with the galge that had shrine stages I made myself during the college year. It's normal in a game to have characters with such colorful hairs.

However, I wonder what's with the line that has nothing to do with games?

『Forget it Ichirou, until the time it's needed. Put memories about us deep inside your heart.』

Overlapping voices of many girls whispered to me.
My consciousness sinks into deep sleep hearing those nostalgic voices.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Chapter 6 Intermission 3

Intermission: Muno Castle's Servant


"Then there is no objection, we will change to this clothes that Arisa-dono has proposed starting this spring."

After the head maid said so, the 20 maids inside the room cheered in joy at once.
But, that can't be helped I think. It's a brilliantly cute clothes that can't be compared to the dark grey plain work clothes that we have worn until now.

"Umm, head maid."

When I look at the person who's asking, not only me, everyone's faces stiffen.
It's Meeda who's always saying unneeded things at bad times.

"Is there a budget to arrange such expensive looking clothes for everyone's share? If there's an extra budget, then I'd be happier with bonus."

I'd like money too, but there's no way that bonus would come out.
After the head maid glares at Meeda with eyes like ices, she replies seriously.

"There is no extra budget."

What'd you say?!

"Chevalier Satou-sama will bear the expense for the production of one set of maid uniforms including the matching aprons for everyone."

Uhya, if it's for the shares of 20 people, I wonder how many gold coins it'd be?
I've had a guess after seeing Pochi-chan and the other's hairs and equipments, but he's really rich huh. What does he see in this kind of poor noble's place that he'd serve under it?

I guess he's really aiming for Karina-sama's knockers?
Get destroyed you big-breasts lovers.

"What's today's dinner I wonder~."
"Haa, I'm hungry~."

My coworker, Talna, and me enter the dining room. Since the work in the morning got dragged on, our lunches were also delayed.
Usually our meals consist of only boiled potatoes and salted soup, but it can't be helped that we're looking forward to it for the past week.
Pochi-chan and the others said, "Prey nano desu~.", and went on to hunt birds and other beasts. They put professional hunters to shame, but are all demi-humans this amazing?

"Oh, Talna, Erina. You've come at just the right time."

The master of the kitchen, Gelt-obasan, called us.
Oh?! If she's here that would mean that!

"Don't tell me, chevalier-sama is using the kitchen?"
"That's right, looks like he's doing trial and error to make a dish called Karaage or something."

Talna's and my eyes meet, savoring in joy.
It's unbearable if we get driven out of the dining room if we make noise here.

"Hey hey, Gelt-san."
"I know, wait a bit more."

So even Gelt-san is also looking forward to it.
When the door opens, chevalier-sama's slave girl is carrying a plate with small dark brown lumps on it. What's this girl's name again? Was it Lili. Her face is a shame, but she's a good girl with no strange behavior.

"Thanks to Gelt-san's advice, it has come out well. Umm, although there are some from chevalier's trial mixed in, if you'd like."
"Yeah, those starving maids over there will take care of it, no problem."
"Yup, yup, if it's chevalier-sama's dish, I'd eat it no matter how much~"
"Yep, yep, I'm envious with you girls who could eat it anytime."

I stab the karaage with a fork and carry it in front of my mouth. It's a bit bold of me since it's the first time I've seen this kind of dish, but if it's chevalier's dish, it must be delicious without doubt.
I put it in my mouth and bite it. Hot. But, it's delicious. It's different than grilled or steamed meat. What's this I wonder, I think the inside is chicken meat, but I'm not sure what's the crispy thing outside. But, it's delicious.

When I'm thinking of eating one more and put the fork on the plate, there's already nothing remaining.

"Erina, you sure can eat well."
"Mou, Erina, I want to eat a bit more too."

Oops, I thought of eating just one more, but I had already finished half of the plate myself.
Lili is giggling. That laughter must be because she's thinking that my way of eating is similar to another person. I've thought so.

"That's why the shortcut to increase the earning is by gathering population!"
"Even if you say that, what should we do about food supply."
"We're back to our talk earlier for that. Let's readjust the land on this uselessly wide city, and put farms inside it like Seryuu city. According to master's survey, it should be possible to make fields on 70% of the city."

I'm putting tea and tea-cake sweets on a place that doesn't disturb lady Arisa and consul Nina who are engaging in heated discussion.
Still, this girl really doesn't look like a 10 years old.
To talk politics in equal term with Nina-sama, she's surely a genius. Even Nina-sama and Baron-sama call her with [Dono] honorific even though she's chevalier's slave. On top of that, it seems that the prototype for the new maid uniform is made by her, amazing person is amazing in anything. God is unfair.

"How long does that man intend to sleep? Arisa-dono, aren't you working your master too much?"
"No way, we sleep together even today."

Dangerous, I almost made a sound when I put down the cup.
What? That person is sleeping together with this child. To think that his range isn't limited to the beautiful blond wife with big breasts, but also to this small girl. That's unexpected.

"Erina, you're backing away. Talna, don't hold back."

Today, we're training together with new recruits inside the city. Talna and me were originally soldiers, but they were searching for people who could stand up against thieves from the baron's army, so we changed jobs to become maid and guards for the ladies.
I wonder if it's because of that that I don't really feel sad to hear that baron army is almost annihilated. If I didn't change job, I would had become zombie and ended up flattened on the sole of the giants.

"Tou! nano desu."
"Nyu~ naive~?"

In a slightly separate place, Pochi-chan and Tama-chan are having a match with wooden swords.
Pochi-chan's charging speed is amazing, but Tama-chan who could avoid it is also amazing. If it's 1-on-1 Sir Zotor is stronger indeed, but if it's 2-on-1, they'd likely win. Even though they're so cute, as expected of beastkin.

Well, these two are still far.

"Well then, here I go."
"Yosh, come at me anytime."

The scale tribe woman thrusts her spear together with red glow while screaming full of fighting spirit. Sir Zotor wards it off with his shield and the spear slips away.
The scalekin woman seemingly has read that and attacks with the other end of the spear aiming at Sir Zotor's arm, but it's repelled with his sword.
The level of these two's fight is too different I can't make it into reference. Or rather, why are they using magic weapons during training?

"I've found you! I'll have you fight me today!"

Ah, again.
The way Karina-ojousama expresses her love is really childish.
Chevalier-sama who is cheering for Pochi-chan and the others suffers from the challenge to battle.

Well, those breasts that sway as they pleases are really popular among male soldiers.... Mou, please just fall off.

Karina-sama's movement is different than from the past, it's already not in the realm of human. It looks like it's the effect of an amazing magic tool called artifact or something.

But then, the chevalier who's always able to avoid those attacks, isn't he actually quite amazing?

While being healed from the sound of reed flute from somewhere, I am doing the laundry. I don't know who's playing, but it's a nice melody.

Together with the melody, nice sweet smells arrives.
Kuh, please stop the smell since I'm starving.

When I turned around, there's an elf girl who's holding a reed flute on one hand. She's one of chevalier-sama's mistress if I'm not mistaken. Even though that person looks harmless, he's keeping seven wives and mistress for himself.

Something smells good, it seems that it's drifting from the bread-like thing that this girl is holding on her other hand.


I wipe it while panicking after the elf girl points it out.
I'm sorry~ it's a really delicious smell after all.

While saying "Nn.", the elf girl presents me a thin bread. I don't know what you're saying with those few words. I wonder if all elves are this taciturn?
If she didn't continue with "Mouthful", I wouldn't have understood what she was saying until the end.

I bite the corner of the bread while being careful not to open my mouth too wide.


What's this. It's too delicious. Although the karaage back then were also delicious. I don't understand how should I express this. It's soft and sweet, ah, I'd like to know more vocabularies. It seems that it's called a crepe.

"Thank you, it's very delicious. It was chevalier-sama who made it right?"

I see, so it's really that person.
Should I seriously try to marry into the rich household? I'm fine with being the eighth.

"Erina, are you free now?"
"Yup, I only have to fold these laundries."
"Then put that aside for now, please get the carriage out."
"Un, it's fine. Which official is going out?"
"It seems that chevalier-sama has some businesses in the city."

Ooh, this is a favor from heaven!

"Leave it to me, I'll have the carriage ready at the entrance quick."
"Please do."

I was naive.

He's going to be with his wife when he's going out alright. Satou-sama is not alone, he's together with Nana-sama, the wife.
Unfortunately, the plan to marry into the rich doesn't seem to be able to be realized soon.

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