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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Strongest Sage, Discovers Assailants


"Now then. Let's decide on our shares this time."

I declared that while we were walking outside the guild.
By the way, I've put up a small-scale soundproofing magic to prevent people from listening to our money talk.

"Un, the sooner we decide on it the better! So how much should we pass you on?"

"Umm, since we've received 11 gold coins and 3 silver coins.... Around 6 gold coins?"

"Don't you think that's too little? I mean we beat the monsters and all but it was Mathi-kun who helped us through dangerous stuff like Monster House...."

Huh. Why'd this become about me getting the money.

"Normally, I think I should be giving you two 250 gold coins each here."

Since we got 750 gold coins this time, each of us should get 250.
Though well since it's heavy to carry all those gold coins, I've asked the guild to keep them for us.

"Equal split!? Don't you think that's just too much!"

"Distributing rewards in accordance to contribution is the basic of party isn't it!"


In my past life, if you divide rewards not by equal split, the ratio and sum would be determined by law.
Since it wasn't unusual for a party to dissolve because of trouble involving rewards.
....Though I mostly stopped acting in a party when I reached 120 year old back then, so I don't really know the rule after that.

"That's right! The reward this time was mostly earned by Mathi-kun! I've never heard of someone getting 750 gold coins!"

"But you know, it's not like we agreed on it beforehand--mu."

I stopped my words.
【Passive Detection】 caught some suspicious reaction.

"...Got it. Then I won't be handing the reward this time. Is that fine with you?"

This doesn't seem to be the time to discuss about our reward. We should end it for now.
I can just hand over the money if Ruli or Alma needs it later anyway.

"Well, in that case..."

"Then let's hurry on to the academy! Use your full power without using too much mana!"

I invoked an acceleration-type movement magic.

"Okay! ...But do we need to be in such a hurry--eh?"

Ruli was going to object while invoking the magic... then she suddenly looked up at the sky.
At the same direction my 【Passsive Detection】 showed.

"Looks like you've gotten quite familiar with 【Passive Detection】."

"Is that a demon...?"

Alma asked me.

"Correct. Looks like two demons are coming to attack us."

Judging from their movement, they're most likely trying to destroy the Second Academy.
It's currently the sole base for teaching chantless magic after all.
The First Academy is also going to teach chantless magic to their students, but they're only about to begin right now.

I have expected one of such early attacks from the demons.
Demons are not good at moving in a group, but there are cases of them working together if it's just two who are colleagues. The three month limit is ultimately about an attack of massive scale.
Well, I guess we're fortunate that this happens when I'm above ground.

"I can only sense one though...."

"That's cause one of them is quite weak. While the other one is quite a bit stronger than Devilis."

When there are two reactions of different scales, it's not unusual for the weaker one to get overlooked.
Considering their practice period, being able to detect one at this distance is most satisfactory already.

"S-stronger than that Devilis.... Why are we heading there!? We've gotta escape--"

"Our prey are coming to us on their own volition you know? It's only courteous for us to hunt them down."

"What are you even being courteous to!"

"....The world?"

"The scale is too huge! ...I guess it does comply with God's teachings...."

God's teachings....?
I'm a bit curious about that but now's not the time. Let's prioritize explaining the strategy to them.

"Demons are fundamentally fast. Until we've grown enough to be faster than them, our biggest chance currently is when they're attacking. ...So, I'm counting on you to take care of the weak one."

"Yes, leave it to us... Eeeh!?"

"I'll let you have some magic stones that are just right for this, and some arrows. Use this magic circle to augment these arrows. Alma, use the arrows with 【Wire-guided Enchant】 to hit the demon."

And then I gave them a bag of magic stones and a paper with a magic circle drawn on it.
The magic circle is packed with jamming power instead of killing power.

"Fighting a demon with a new technique, it's all too sudden--"

"It's alright. It's not too different from what you've gone through so far. ...Well you probably can't defeat it, I'll do the rest once I'm done with the strong one, please buy some time until that."

I'd have liked those demons coming when I still had some mana remaining.
Currently my mana is around 10% of the maximum.

Fighting two demons at the same time in this condition, while not impossible, isn't something I'd like to do if possible.

"I got it! If Mathi-kun says so, I'm doing it!"

"....To be honest, I don't think I can really fight a demon... But if Mathi-kun says that it's okay, I'll do it!"

"Good, then let's go!"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Strongest Sage, Confirms the Promise in Effect


"So, what kind of monster you killed?"

Several minutes after the notification from our school.

"It's a snake monster called Arch Serpent."

"...Never heard of it. Is that a floor 21 monster? Frankly, I can't believe anyone can clear floor 21 of that dungeon, even if the academy says so...."

"The monster is a bit special, but that's about right. Here's its magic stone..... By the way, I actually haven't cleared the floor yet. I went right back after beating this monster."

I took out the Arch Serpent's magic stone.

"....Hold up Mathi-kun, I haven't heard about that magic stone."

"Is that really a magic stone!? It looks more than 50 centimeter...."

"From what I'm seeing here.... doesn't seem there's a mistake that it's a magic stone. I don't think there's anything like that even in the national treasury though...."

The three seemed astonished when they saw the magic stone.
By the way, the receptionist onee-san was called by someone else and went out again so there were only me, Ruli, Alma and the Branch Head in the room.

"Mathi-kun has transformed into a national treasure mass production machine...."

"I think Mathi-kun has been that machine for a long time now."

"This magic stone is kinda half-assed though...."

This magic stone is about 55 cm. I'd have liked it to be 3 cm bigger.
It's half-assed to be used for the barrier core. Magic cores from 『Floor Masters』 have high performance relative to their size, and it affects the property of Dragon Vein used as a mana source and such.
Guess I can just hunt more if it's not enough.

"Half-assed? What the heck is lacking from that abnormally huge magic stone?"

"I'm currently in the need of a somewhat big magic stone, it needs to be a bit bigger than this. I think there will be an announcement regarding this matter in the coming days."

"Magic stone that's bigger than 55cm, somewhat big....? Apparently, the 『Somewhat』 in my dictionary was a mistake."
....Footsteps were coming again, when we were having such conversations.
And then the door opened soon after.

"We've received a directive!!"

The receptionist who was called out came back.
Looks like something happened.
Trouble again....

"What is it this time!"

"Mathias Hildesheimr and his companions are to be exempted of purchasing tax of anything that relates to dungeons. Therefore we have to raise the purchase price to match it...."

Looks like I've mistaken.
Apparently, it was about my reward for beating a demon. I thought it would take longer for the formalities to finish, but the principal who heard about me selling dungeon monsters probably urged the higher-ups to get it out faster.
But really, I'm exempted of tax even when I'm selling directly huh.

"That's not happening. The tax for purchasing at the guild is managed by the kingdom itself. Even if the academy asks for it--"

"About that, this directive came from Royal Palace, not the academy!"

"....From Royal Palace, directly? Even if he's strong and extraordinary, just for a first grader?"

"I haven't grasped the situation myself, but this has His Majesty the king's seal on it and the one that delivered this letter is a knight-sama, so I think it's most likely real...."

"...Aa. I thought it was strange, I got it now. This was a dream all along."

It's not y'know. It's real.

--Even with all the commotion, we somehow managed to complete the selling process (there were some uproar when I took out monster bodies, but I was able to sell them aside of the Arch Serpent. Looks they had never seen it before.)
We got 750 gold coins in total at the time. It was cheaper than the rip-off sword, but since they couldn't calculate the price for Arch Serpent's material (apparently they were going to investigate what kind of material they were first), afterward they're going to sell them in the auction, thus that amount will be added later on.
I'm planning to attend the the auction myself if I have time.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Strongest Sage, Is Doubted


"Hold on. That size.... Which floor and monster did you get it from?"

This magic stone.
It's probably a Flame Lizard from floor 21.
Judging from its size and atmosphere, I think it's from the Flame Lizard I made into a foothold when I went down to the floor.

"Floor 21."

"....And, Mathi-kun is it? From where did you take that magic stone just now?"

The onee-san asked another question after I replied her.
Her face is having a cramp, her eyebrows are twitching.

"Storage magic."

The receptionist looked perplexed when she heard that.

"The whole first grader this year were strange, but the real weird one finally came...."

"Maybe he bought that magic stone from somewhere and try to sell it here for fame?"

"But where can you even buy that kinda magic stone? Anyone buying that would attract attention."

"...Then he stole it?"

"Where'd he steal it. I mean, where can you even find one."

And I got treated like a thief before I knew it.

"Mathi-kun won't do something like that! What Mathi-kun did was only breaking the dungeon, breaking the school grounds, beating a demon alone and making a national treasure grade sword....  Huh? I did that one too?"

"That's right! Mathi-kun is weird alright, but he won't steal!"

"....Mathias-kun and you two, could you come here for a bit?"

As instructed by a guild staff, we went into a room inside the guild.
It looks like a common drawing room with a table in the middle.... However the walls and the ceiling are pointlessly sturdy, and there's a lock on both outside and inside the room.

They might try to lock us if anything happened.
Well, I can break them anytime I want to, there's no need to struggle.
I haven't done anything wrong after all.

"We're going to contact your academy, please wait a bit."

The onee-san left after saying that.
And then, a middle-aged man came inside the room after a while.

"Second Academy students again!"

The man shouted that when he saw our uniform.

"....I haven't introduced myself. I'm Gardo. The branch head of this guild. Sorry for shouting out loud. You probably aren't at fault here."

And then he apologized.

"Did anything happen?"

"First graders who should have been training with monsters in the forest brought in magic stones from the dungeon, had better results than some poor graduates, and brought in bodies of monsters that had traces of magic with unbelievable firepower, anyway lots of things...."

"Must have been tough...."

Just who did those things.... Actually, there's no need to guess, it must be because of chantless magic lessons.
Even at the current stage, there's already a lot of students who can shoot magic far more powerful than chant magic.
And Alma and Ruli are a cut above the rest.

"Well we've come to an agreement that the Second Academy this year is weird, no need to mind it. We're going to process this as is as long as it's nothing too much.... Just what did you do to get called to this room?"

"We were brought here when I took out this magic stone."

I took out a magic stone from Storage magic.
Gardo laughed in astonishment when he saw the magic stone.

"Ah. Ain't no wonder they're contacting your academy. Even if an adult adventurer brought that thing here, forget about questioning them, there'd be no end of angles to retort it. --Oh, looks like she's back."

Gardo pointed at the door.
And then, we could hear loud footsteps.

"Branch head! We've got a confirmation from the Second Academy!"

"Ou. How was it?"

"They said, 『The name of that student is Mathias right? If so, his oddity is just the usual, please leave him be』."

Looks like we're in the clear now.
I can't really agree with what's been said though.

"Just what did you do at the Second Academy?"

"Lots of things."

"...Looks like it's better for my sanity not to hear it. We just need to buy your magic stone right. With this size, it'd be--"

"Wait a minute. I've still got more."

Financially speaking, I have no problem just selling this one magic stone for now, but that means I'll have to keep that Arch Serpent in my Storage magic.
That's bad. And it's too big, there's no place to put it away.

"There's more huh. Then take them out too."

When I heard that, I lined up a large quantity of magic stones on the table.
I've left stuff we need for practices inside, but it's still a lot.
The branch head's and the onee-san were stunned when they saw them.

"I've got some monster bodies too."

"...I feel like I understand the Second Academy's feeling. Put the bodies here--"

"Unfortunately, the room isn't big enough."

The floor will probably give in if I forcefully put them here.

"....Did you ask the Second Academy in cases like this?"

"They basically leave me to my own devices in most cases. But I was asked to give them a report if I beat a demon...."

"T-the heck... Why'd you bring in demon there, and you talk like you'd beat it...."

The branch heard was at his wits' end.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 8

15-Intermission 8. Rumor of Demon Lord Slayer


※The intermission is chronologically timed after Satou and Hero Hayato defeated the demon lords in Dejima Island (before the Divine Punishment oracle).

◇Bishtal Dukedom◇

"Your Excellency! Your Excellency my Duke!!"
"What's with the commotion."

Duke Bishtal raised his voice in displeasure among heaps of documents inside his study room.

The duke's grandson who's studying governmental affairs as a consul rushed into the room.
Duke Bishtal thought that he was one of the superior ones amongst his relatives but he still lacked composure at times like this since he was still young.

"It's a Wyvern Mail from the royal capital! A-and it has the royal family sealing wax on it."

The duke who was only lending his ears while reading a document finally raised his head when he heard [Royal Family Sealing Wax].
The letter that came from the royal capital was stamped with the [Shiga Kingdom Sealing Wax].
The use of this wax mainly brings news about birth or funeral of the royal family or a huge incident that shakes the very core of the kingdom.

However, since emergency matters like an appearance of demons are notified through City Core, the duke retains his calm.

"Calm yourself, how unsightly."

Duke Bishtal received the letter while reprimanding the consul.

His other hands fetches a magic item to open the wax instead of a paper knife.
Heating the royal sealing wax to remove it instead of cutting it has been a custom since Ancestor King Yamato era. According to history, the practice began because the people who idolized Ancestor King Yamato didn't want to cut the royal sealing wax.


The wrinkle on Duke Bishtal's forehead deepened after he finished reading the letter.
The consul was watching him while enduring his aching stomach.


The duke was going to crush the letter out of rage, but he stopped when he saw the royal sealing wax on his desk.

"Your Excellency, what was written in the letter?"

The consul worked up his courage and asked the duke whose blood vessel seemed like it was going to rupture like 'gununu'.


Duke Bishtal squeezed the name of his bitter enemy.

"The letter said that the youngster killed a demon lord with the hero."
"Since when did Pendragon become a hero's attendant? I haven't heard of one such rumor though?"

The duke glared at the consul who was unintentionally speaking in question.

"He wasn't acting as an attendant, it was a united front."
"--United front?"

Duke Bishtal threw the letter onto his desk and jerked his chin to urge the consul to read it.

"Please excuse me."

The duke gulped down a glass of brandy the maid brought while the consul was reading.
The transparent cubes inside the glass weren't ice cubes, but rock sugars, a native product of the sugar producing area in Raragi kingdom.

"D-demon lord slayer--"

Duke Bishtal gulped down his second glass of brandy while watching the consul with a displeased expression.

"If this keeps up, his patrons, Oyugock and Dukus's influence will grow stronger."
"Wasn't Pendragon under patronage of Earl Muno?"
"Muno has always been Oyugock's string. Oyugock probably sent the youngster to Muno territory to solve the problem there in the first place."

An old butler who was working quietly inside the study room reacts to Duke Bishtal.

"Demon Lord slayer--"

The old butler's slit eyes narrowed further and he nodded.

"--You're very fortunate master."
"Fortunate you say."

The old butler didn't flinch at the boiling Duke Bisthal and continued on.
On the other hand, the consul's existence was forgotten like air as he trembled with the letter on his hands.

"Yes, fortunate. There might be some discord between the two of you in the beginning, but it was concluded peacefully, and Her Highness Shistina has become Sir Pendragon's legal wife. Being the grandfather of his legal wife would be a huge advantage to you."

People that are connected to Viscount Pendragon might insist that she's not his [Legal wife, but a candidate of legal wife] but from most noble's point of view, having an unmarried woman traveling together abroad and with her parents approving it, they might as well already be a pair of wife and husband.
Even if the person in question denied it, people would just talk in the back, "What is it now after all this time", or "They had some dispute and got divorced."

"I see, we have Shistina. I thought she was good-for-nothing for declining the marriage into Earl Lesseu house, but it seems she's useful for something in the very end."

He'd look like a garbage parent or maybe a garbage grandfather in modern Japan, but with this country's common sense, nobles see their daughter as a unit to tie houses of noble together, so he's not exactly a special case of garbage.

"At present, there's a discord between Sir Pendragon and master, but now is the time to show the dignity of the elderly, Master might want to show your good will and concede here."
"Are you telling me to lower my head to him?"
"No, there is no need to do such a foolish thing."

The old butler slowly shook his head.

"Master can simply give the viscount the things he wanted."
"You realize that the rumor said that he's a strait-laced guy who can't be flattered with money or women right?"

Numerous nobles approached Viscount Pendragon with marriage proposals with their daughters, and many offered him positions in order to build connections, but not even one swayed him.
There was even a rumor that he was into men, but even though many nobles brought handsome young men, men, old men or men with muscles to him, none tugged his heartstrings.

Few people know the fact that he also declined a position on Shiga Eight Swords.

"They failed because they approached with general taste as their standard and without investigating his preference."

Duke Bishtal shakes his brandy glass and urges the butler to continue.

"The viscount is a moderate ladies' man. The rumor says that his favorite is young girls that haven't come of age, but this is a fake info that Duke Oyugock faction spread. A lot of people swallowed that fake info whole because many of his retainers look young."
"In other words, he likes women with huge breasts and ass?"

The old butler shook his head at that question.

"No, he likes girls with poor figures."
"You're basing that on?"
"After further investigation, we know that he takes good care of a maid retainer with poor figure more than Her Highness and the duchy lady."

The old butler replied full of confidence at Duke Bishtal's doubtful eyes.

"Also, he likes to help people in trouble, that is another fact. I think we should make use of that to send in honest people with poor figure from noble houses under Your Excellency's tutelage."

The old butler explained that the viscount could suspect their intention if they sent people with the same reason so they should hire a good director from some theater to create the situation.

"Fumu, just that won't be enough."

Even if House of Duke Bishtal's influence grow after they manage to send people into Viscount Pendragon, they won't be able to make use of his power at critical times.

"Yes, therefore we should present the viscount with things that he can't refuse under Your Excellency name."

The old butler said that he wouldn't decline if they sent gifts to congratulate for the [Demon Lord Slayer] matter.

"Other nobles will probably send him gifts too. Stuff that can eclipse those gifts are likely only the mithril sword 『Rock Bone King』 or magic sword Shaitan handed down in my duchy house."

Those two are too precious, Duke Bishtal's frowned.

"No, we need not either. I have done an investigation on that matter too."
"Great as always, Geezer! And what is it."

The duke praised the confident old butler and urged him to continue.

"Yes, it's rare 『Spell Scrolls』, as well as 『Chant』 and 『Magic』 Orbs."

The old butler said that he acquired the information by using a huge amount of gold coins.

His information is correct.
No, to be more precise, [It was correct].

The fact that that info was old is the fatal point, but there is no one who could point that out in this place.

"He had an intimate relationship with Viscount Shimen who supervises a scroll workshop in Oyugock Dukedom, and both Marquis Ashinen, the viceroy of Labyrinth City and Earl Seryu bought up Chant and Magic Orbs."
"Is there any point collecting more than one Chant Orb?"
"That is only if he uses it for himself. There is a lot of promising explorers under his organization, 『Pendora』. He probably uses the orbs to shape those children into magic swordsmen and the scrolls to assist the weak ones."

The old butler gave the most reasonable explanation to Duke Bishtal's question.

"Then buy up those stuff."
"Understood. I will also give instructions to look for suitable girls."

The old butler bowed and left the room.

"Kukuku, I'm really lucky to have excellent subordinates under me."

The consul had a slight uneasiness as he was watching the back of Duke Bishtal who went to the courtyard.
He didn't open his mouth out of fear of the duke's wrath, and he left the room like a shadow.

Looks like he's decided to watch the duke's plan to go smoothly from afar.

◇Shiga Kingdom Royal Castle◇

"Ancestor King-sama, pardon me for calling you."
"Hold on, I told you to stop with that Ancestor King-sama stuff. Just call me Duchess Mitsukuni Mito."

The king, the prime minister and Duchess Mitsukuni are inside the king's private room.

"After the matter about Demon Lord Slayer the other day, many more nobles appealed for Viscount Pendragon to become a direct retainer of the Royal Family."
"Well, guess so."

Mito couldn't hide her elated expression even though she sounded like she couldn't believe it.

"I am thinking of promoting him to be an earl, changing his master from Earl Muno to Royal Family and appointing him to be the viceroy of either Trade City or Labyrinth City."
"You can't."

Mito rejected the idea of the king who carefully chose his words.

"Would you tell us the reason."
"Don't change his master. Ichirou--Sir Pendragon told me that he became a noble because he was fond of Earl Muno. And it seems he agreed to be a viscount after hearing that it was a condition for Muno-san to be an earl, he might run away if you're being too forceful, you see."

The king froze from to the culture shock since the reason was too far apart from common nobles.

"Your Majesty. I think Ancestor--Mito-sama is most likely right. The viscount also only agreed to the position of Vice-Minister of Tourism Ministry because the order was to investigate delicacy and tourist attractions."

It's far too different from royal court nobles who compete every day for a position in the government.
Only one who nodded in this place, Mito who muttered, "That's so like Ichirou-nii."

If someone with an achievement as great as Demon Lord Slayer, that hasn't been seen since Ancestor King Yamato, run away, the dignity of Royal Family will be greatly shaken.
The king stares at Mito like he's relying on her.

"However, we must bestow gifts to someone who has slain a demon lord."
"Then how about promoting Sir Pendragon to earldom and Muno-san to Marquisate?"
"Such thing is--"

--not possible, was what the king wanted to say, but he stopped since that wasn't the case.

"It's possible. It might be due to Mito-sama's Echigoya Firm's assistance and Sir Pendragon's enormous fund, Muno Earldom is reviving at an impossible rate. It's only a matter of time before it's equal to the past Muno Marquisate."

The prime minister continued after offering an unusual western snack to Mito.

"Persuading Bishtal and Kelten would be difficult, but once those two are curbed, there will be nothing that can stop it."
"Well then. I will do something about those two."

Mito is delightfully biting a thin baked sweet while ignoring the two who are discussing seriously like it's none of her business.

"You'd get it even harder if Sir Pendragon did something even greater after his promotion this time huh."

Mito's comment was absolutely improbable, but after doing leaving a feat as impossible as [Demon Lord Slayer], the prime minister and the king couldn't laugh it off and had a miserable expression on their faces.
Looks like even the king and the prime minister of a prominent kingdom on the continent find the existence of a retainer who's too excellent unmanageable.

◇Shiga Kingdom Capital, Royal Academy◇

"Shiro-kun, Crow-san, did you hear the news?"
"What's wrong Tina-sama."
"Good morning, Tina-sama."

Tina Kelten, the daughter of Marquis Kelten, rushed into the room in excitement.
At her rare state that's unlike her usual graceful behavior, line of sights inside the classroom are gathered to her.

"What is it about?"
"Viscount Pendragon-sama's great achievementt!"

Shiro and Crow look at each other when they heard 'great achievement'.
Since most of the two girls' master's acts were great achievements, they didn't know which one it was about.
However, other people don't know about that.

"Oh my, you haven't heard it?"

Tina said like she couldn't believe it.

"Which one?"
"Viscount Pendragon-sama and Saga Empire Hero Hayato-sama challenged the 『Phantasmal Labyrinth』 of Dejima Island together."

Shiro thought, "Maybe it was about the time Masita became Dungeon Master?" but she did the mouth zip pose, taught by Pochi, in her mind and didn't spoke it out.

"Hee, Shiro and Crow's master is Hero-sama's acquaintance."
"No wonder Tina-sama took them under her wings."

Tina made a big gesture to silence the children's whispering.
She's going to speak the best part.

"Viscount-sama and Hero-sama went through many distress and confronted a demon lord at the deepest part of the labyrinth!"

The children cowered and muttered weakly, "Demon lord."
Just like how Showa children hide their navel when they hear a thunder, the children in this world huddle together when they hear 'demon lord'.

"There's nothing to fear! Viscount-sama and Hero-sama cooperated together to fight the demon lord, and came out victorious!"

As if Tina's excitement was infectious, excitement and joy welled up in the children's face.

"It's the birth of Demon Lord Slayer since Ancestor King Yamato-sama! No, since Ancestor King Yamato was a hero, it's the first birth of Shiga Kingdom Demon Lord Slayer in history!"

Chorus of [Demon Lord Slayer] began inside the classroom.
Shiro and Crow who kept their calm thought it was a bit scary.

"I will declare here! I, Tina Kelten, will become Viscount Pendragon-sama's wife!"
"I will too!"
"Me too!"
"Me (boku) too!"

With Tina's declaration, the little girls inside the classroom got swept up in the mood and declared their marriage proposals.

There were some strange ones mixed in, but since it's not good to discriminate by gender, Shiro and Crow didn't interject and quietly clapped their hands while saying, "Masita, so popular."

The same thing happened in the classroom of Rumooku Kingdom's princess Menea, and everywhere in the Royal Capital, nobles and citizens marched on toward Viscount Pendragon's mansion, compelling ten percent of the guards stationed in the capital's garrison to organize the onlookers.
Viscount Pendragon who likes to tour around probably never imagined that his own mansion would become a tourist attraction itself.

◇Shiga Kingdom, Monastery at the eastern end of the Royal Territory, Viewpoint of a maid attendant of the third prince◇


At an enclosed corner of the monastery, a man who looks like an elderly is shrieking at the dusty ceiling.

I ran away outside the room out of fear of the man's frenzy.
As his maid attendant, maybe I should have soothed him here, but scary thing is scary.

Nuns who are running in the corridor from the courtyard direction call out to me.

"H-hold on, what's happening with His Highness?"
"It's more awful than the usual fit."

I raised my eyebrow at the onlooker's curiosity.

"Geez! It's because you were talking about that in the courtyard!"
"Nothing like that--"

The nun was going to say that they didn't talk about anything weird, but then she recalled a certain thing and put her hand on her mouth.

"--Are you talking about the news of Viscount Pendragon-sama exterminating a demon lord?"
"It's not exterminating, he slew a demon lord."
"Aw c'mon, exterminating is fine."
<TLN: 'Exterminating' here usually used for pest.>

I interrupted the two's lively chat and said, "That's it, that's the one!"

"His Highness flew into a rage because you two were gossiping about."
"He couldn't have heard it from that distance."
"He did."

For some reason the noisy birds and insects that were usually chirping to the limit of their souls were silent today, so chatters from the courtyard that couldn't usually be heard could today.

"Ouch, sorry about that."
"It was a mistake, sorry sorry."
"We'll share you some honey cake."

--Honey cake!

A-are you a god!
Giving honey cake as an apology despite being in a monastery strict about sweets!

I coughed to clear my throat and nodded.

"I-I've got no choise."

I fumbled my word, but it couldn't be helped.
I mean, it's honey cake.

Ignoring the nuns' laughing glances and the His Highness's shrieks behind, I went to the nuns' room in elation.

Since His Highness still tried to escape when I came back, I told the monastery guards about it and got to enjoy a quiet night in a while.

I thought His Highness would be brought back immediately, but he was nowhere to be found the next day.
It seems that it would take a long time before I could hear the name of His Highness--Third Prince Sharlick again.

In other words, my peaceful days will continue in the meantime.

※ Next update is undecided, but it looks like the schedule could be back to normal on July.
Until that, I have to work on the book version, so the updates will be irregular like this in the whole June.
I'm sorry for readers who look forward to the web version, but please forgive me about this.

Additionally, the anime is largely getting worked out by the editorial department, there's very little burden on the author part (I'm still supervising it~)

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Strongest Sage, Hasn't Learned


"Welcome back Mathi-kun!"

"Look, he really comes back right!"

Ruli and Alma welcomed me when I got back on the camp.
It seems Ruli was refining the dungeon wall, I could see broken pieces of rocks and dug soil on the ground.

"....But it's way quicker than an hour right? Did something happen?"

"My Storage magic ran out of space after I beat a slightly big monster. I turned around and went back at floor 21. So it's faster than the plan."

"Big monster huh...."

"Yeah. The materials you can get from the monster aren't really interesting, but I figure it might fetch a good price."

You can use Arch Serpent's materials for something but the handling is a bit difficult.
The venom is gone once it's killed, and it has no claws and few bones.
But the fangs are relatively usable, so I've taken several with me.

"Floor 21 monster... What's it name?"

"Arch Serpent."

Since it's a different era now, the monster's name might have changed too.

"Arch Serpent.... I'm not familiar with the name, but I'm sure it'd fetch a good price, being a floor 21 monster and all!"

"Or rather, materials from floor 21 monsters rarely circulate in the market.... Will it be alright?"

"The mob monsters on floor 21 were weaker than War Tiger y'know. The big one was relatively tough though."

People seeing from the sideline might think that the fight was easy since it ended with just three crushed magic stones.... But it was actually not that simple.

Because, the 【Special Manaa Enchant】 magic invoked by crushing magic stones isn't something that can be done continuously so nonchalantly.
It's an act of scattering half-baked mana union to the surroundings.
If you carelessly did it twice without thinking, the mana composition inside the dungeon could went astray and trigger a Mana Disaster.
A strange monster might occur in the dungeon because of it, but that's still good, worst case, monsters might overflow out of the dungeon instantly, destroying royal capital.

With my current control of mana, doing it four times is the limit before Mana Disaster occurs.
Furthermore, if I had to do it for the fourth time back then, I probably would have to stay in the dungeon for 3-4 days to adjust the mana inside the dungeon.
In that respect, it would have been bad if the fight didn't conclude in three shots.

"Must be quite a monster for Mathi-kun to call it tough...."

"I mean, stop using War Tiger as your standard. War Tiger is a calamity class you know?"

"But it's weaker than that demon."

"Using demon is even worse!"

We ascended the dungeon while having that conversation.
I see that both has gotten quite used to their roles, with Alma handling monsters and Ruli making arrows.

"Oh right, are we going to Adventurer Guild to sell the materials?"

"I think we still can't register on Adventurer Guild at our age...."

"Students should be able to register regardless of age. I haven't done it yet though."

"Then let's go register ourselves. Where's the guild again...."

"Ah, I know where it is."

After leaving the dungeon, Ruli led us walking in the city.
We could see a building with a huge signboard, written with 『Adventurer Guild』 before long.

"Are you academy students? Have you registered with us?"

An onee-san inside came talk to us the moment we went inside.

"Yes. We're Second Academy students. We haven't registered yet, but we'd like to sell some materials."

Ruli answered.

"Right then, please put the stuff you're selling on this purchasing counter to formalize the purchase.... But really, the students this year are quite exceptional. That's quite the loot."

While pointing at the purchasing counter, onee-san said that when she saw the magic stones we were carrying.
Looks like she'll handle the purchasing. This onee-san seems to be the guild's receptionist or something.

By the way, the reason why we're carrying magic stones around is because I had no mana left to spare so I couldn't store the magic stones we got from the monsters we beat on the way back.
My loot are all inside the Storage magic so the ones we're carrying now are all Alma's and Ruli's without a doubt.
Since we collected magic stones of questionable quality too, the amount we're carrying right now is quite something.

"Then could the three of you show me your Student Cards? You can use those as Guild Cards."


We handed over our student cards and then onee-san quickly filled the branch office name and some number on the cards' back and gave them back to us.

"The registration is complete with this. Then, please put the materials on the purchasing counter. You may also keep the one you don't want to sell or only inquire the price...."

"What do you think, Mathi-kun?"

"Well, no harm in selling them all is there? I've got the ones needed for practices with me."

"Then, all of them please!"


Onee-san quickly appraises the magic stones.
Mainly for color and weight it seems.
There was no hesitation in her movement as she completed the procedure, and the magic stone's total price kept increasing.

"It's done. All of them would be 12 gold coins and 3 silver coins."

"T-twelve.... That's a lot of money!"

"There's really a lot of outstanding first year parties nowadays. And most are parties of three or four. I heard it had to do with a new lesson in the academy, but your party is at the top...."

"Oy oy, are they really students!"

"The students this year are seriously strong...."

People unrelated to the receptionist gathered around.
Judging from their appearances, they're probably adventurers.

"Of course! Cause we have Mathi-kun with us!"

Oy. Don't bring me into this.

"You're one to talk Alma...."

"But these magic stones are from the monsters we defeated!"

"Huh? Only two of you dealt with monsters? So then, the one over there is.... a baggage carrier?"

The onee-san said that while looking at my crest.
I see. So that's what people see when a Disqualified Crest is in a party.

"That can't be any farther from the truth! It's true that he's carrying a lot of baggage, but he's really our party's main force!"

"Main force.... and in a way, teacher? Anyway, these aren't all our loot today!"

The two look at me after saying that.

"Actually, we still have a lot more materials to sell...."

"There's more? You don't look like you're carrying a lot though...."

"No, it's here."

I took out some random magic stone from Storage magic.
The surrounding people's line of sight were gathered at the magic stone at that very moment--.


The guild's atmosphere froze.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Strongest Sage, Has Learned


The Arch Serpent was fully focused on me as it came assaulting with its fangs on full display.


While parrying the fangs of Arch Serpent that rushed in while screeching, I slash on it with my sword endowed with 【Acid-Proof】, 【Mana Strike】, and 【Steel Slash】.
Its scales were extremely hard befitting of a 『Floor Master』 but I accurately aimed at a gap and cut off one piece of its scales.

The wound is just 50 cm big. For the Arch Serpent whose whole body is bigger than 10 meter, it's just a scratch.

However, it's enough.
The attack just now wasn't intended to decrease its health, but to make the Arch Serpent recognize me as an enemy and lose its cool.

Due to its strength as a 『Floor Master』, the serpent is not used to getting injured.
Truthfully, my sword only worked on it because I concentrated my mana to hit its weakest spot which I discovered by probing into its mana flow.

I'd need 10 times that power to destroy the Arch Serpent's scales through brute force.
Even the attack I used on the demon during the interpersonal match is likely still not enough.


Arch Serpent rushed at me in anger from its wound.

While dodging that using barrier as my footholds, I constructed a magic.
An extremely short-range flame magic the Fourth Crest is good at.

It hit the Arch Serpent's weakness, the inside of its throat.


The Arch Serpent retreats in agonizing cry.

Of course, a Floor Master isn't weak enough to be defeated by this level of magic.
However, it gets me time to construct my next magic.

I take out a magic stone from Storage magic and concentrate my mana into it.
Not delicate and small amount of mana like with augment magic. The augment I could do wouldn't be able to even scratch the Arch Serpent.

It's a magic not for turning magic stone into magic item, but one for destroying the inside of the magic stone.
A magic that I have never used before because it requires a great deal of mana and magic control.
The current me needs to concentrate all of my power on this one magic.


I crush the magic stone in front of the coming fangs.
A huge amount of mana and magic essence overflowed from the crushed magic stone.
I forcefully control that magic and clad my sword with flame elemental enchant.

【Special Mana Enchant】.
It's one of mystic arts for a sword-wielding magic combatant.

The Arch Serpent was about to bite me right when I completed the enchant.
I swing my sword down without trying to dodge it.

The Arch Serpent's fangs were smashed, blood spilled out of a big wound.
However, it still hasn't fallen.

"It sure is tough...."

However, the Arch Serpent has suffered a huge damage, its movement becomes quite dull.
The next one should do it.

I crushed another magic stone and cut it down with the clad sword.
It's still not downed. Then once again.

--After crushing three magic stones, I managed to cut off the Arch Serpent's neck.
Soon after, the venom scattered on the ground disappeared.
Arch Serpent's venom is composed of mana from the main body, so it will disappear if the main body is killed.

That said, the after effect of the venom remains.
--For example, like this.


When I put my feet down on the floor after the battle, it sunk about 30 centimeter deep along with a dull sound.
Looks like the inside of the floor has been quite dissolved.

Well, since the battle had ended, it only managed to surprise me a bit.

"Now then. What am I gonna do with this...."

I'm lost in thought before the Arch Serpent's body.
I can stow it whole in Storage magic with my current mana.

However, if I do that, most of my maximum mana will be taken by Storage magic and I'd be forced to return.
Right when I was thinking of just taking some of its fangs--I recalled the merchant who bought the War Tiger I beat in my trip to Royal Capital.

I have learned from that time.
Materials of monsters that I think aren't really valuable are highly prized in the world today.
These might fetch a good price if I brought them back and sold them on the guild or some material shop around. Yep. I'm sure of it.

While thinking what I'm going to do with all the cash I'm piling up, I put the Arch Serpent's body into Storage magic, and went back to floor 10.
The Camp magic is.... Yep. It seems to be working fine.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Strongest Sage, Picks a Fight With Floor Master


Before challenging the 『Floor Master』, I investigated the monsters and the terrain here with 【Passive Detection】.
It's normally not possible to defeat a 『Floor Master』 alone.

If it was the past me, I could just shoot some random magic to evaporate the monster along with the dungeon from where I stand, but the current me has lower magic capability than even an average magician in my past life. I can't use that kind of brute force method.
Even with all of my knowledge and experience, I still need to plan a way to defeat it.

I'm going to pick a place to fight based on the flow of mana and terrain.
The battlefield has to satisfy two conditions.

First of all, there should be as few passages as possible that connect to that place.

One of the basic in challenging a 『Floor Master』 is to exterminate the whole monsters that dwell on that particular floor to prevent them from barging in during the fight.
In addition, you want to break down the floor's walls to create a huge space for many people to fight at once.

However, I can't use that method this time.
The need to exterminate other monsters on a floor is applicable when it's a raid subjugation.

For me, doing that alone would waste too much mana and time. It's impossible.
Therefore, I'm going to narrow down a place with few passages that connect to it to decrease the possibility of monsters intruding in.
Even if other monsters barge in, I can just cope with it if I just anticipate them with 【Passive Detection】.

Secondly, it has to be spacious.

The Fourth Crest is normally better in a narrow space, but when you're fighting a 『Floor Master』, not having enough space to dodge its attack is out of question.
After all, the current me would die if even one of the 『Floor Master』's attacks hit me.

--Fortunately, I immediately found a place that meets those conditions.
It's a huge room 80 meters away from the place the 『Floor Master』 is lurking.

I went into that room while cutting down all monsters I met along the way to reduce the chance of them intruding in even a bit.
The ground is flat, the ceiling is high, there are only two passages that connect to it. It's perfect.

And since I've gotten closer to the 『Floor Master』, I've completely grasped the kind of monster it is.
It's a huge venomous snake monster called 『Arch Serpent』 in my past life.
It's hard to treat it as a source of material, but at least I've gotten ahold of its identity.
--And so.

"Now come!"

I invoked 【Compulsion Detection】 at the 『Floor Master』 while shouting out loud.
In order to make the Arch Serpent separated by several layers of walls, dozens of meter away notice me.
Then I heard roaring sounds from the direction of the Arch Serpent.

Using 【Passive Detection】, I see that it's coming straight at me through the shortest route while ignoring walls.

And about two seconds later.
The wall in front of me suddenly dissolve as the Arch Serpent showed itself along with purple liquid.

The purple liquid is an Arch Serpent's most peculiar characteristic, it's a strong acidic venom.
The venom isn't stopping at only dissolving the wall as it begins to gradually dissolve the floor which should have been far resistant to acid.

"....Oy oy. There's a passage over there, use that instead of breaking things please...."

Now a terrain I've especially prepared for the battle is ruined.
I can't rely on the ground at least.

My shoes will melt if I step on the ground where the venom fell, and even if I have acid-proof shoes on me, those hollowed grounds are useless as footings. Even if the surface looks fine, it's not unusual for the inside to be hollowed out.
I can fight by putting up barrier magic under my feet for an instant as my footings.

And since the venom is volatile, it will pollute the air if it takes too long.
The air will only be safe for battle for at most 10 minutes.

Now then. It's the first tough-looking battle since I've obtained this Disqualified Crest.
Short it may be, let me enjoy this fight to the fullest.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Strongest Sage, Runs Through Dungeon


A god people believe in has the same name as the past me huh.
With how the swordsmanship god's name is also the same as a sword nerd I was acquainted with in my past life, these are sure some coincidences.
....It's a coincidence right?

"Even Mathi-kun shouldn't be able to get to floor 25.... That floor 23 record is in another dungeon, no one has gone past through floor 20 in this dungeon, so we don't know anything about it you know? If you went without preparation and something happened to you...."

"Nothing to worry about. I can probe floor 25's state by using the high magic version of 【Passive Detection】. Though well, I'm planning to go back if it looks like it'll take too long."

By the way, half of that was a lie.
That magic does exist, but I currently can't use it now.
However, up to floor 25, there's not much difference in monster's strength in any dungeon, so I already know what to expect even without actually diving into one.

The world has largely changed during my reincarnation, but fortunately, the inside of dungeons don't change much.
You even can say that the knowledge I have about past dungeons are all applicable today.
Well, I'm still gonna withdraw if it looks dangerous though.

"Hi-high magic...."

"True, if it's Mathi-kun, I feel like he can comes back from floor 25 calmly.... Or rather, I feel like he'll come back after defeating a monster that doesn't usually appear...."

"Is that Alma's intuition?"


That reminds me, Alma's intuition was said to be correct often.
There are people like that in my past life too. I don't understand the concept behind it though.

Well, I will come back for sure, but there's little chance of me meeting a strong monster.
Such monsters do exist, but you rarely ever encounter one.
The chance increases in a floor that hasn't been or never been treaded upon by people in a while.... I'd better keep my expectation in check.

"So then, could you lend me a sword we used for mining."

"Ha.... I understand. But you have to absolutely come back okay."

Ruli gave me a sword with 【Brittle Fracture】 made for mining from among the two swords on her waist while saying that.
The walls get harder as you go deeper in a dungeon, so I'd like to have an augmented sword with me.
Half of my objective this time is gathering metal.

"Yeah. I'll come back for sure. But I can't promise that it won't get prolonged. You two should go back ahead of me if I don't return in two hours. Well, I plan to come back in one hour though."

"No! I'm not going back without Mathi-kun...."

"If you don't, the Camp would lose its effect and my chance of returning alive would decrease instead."

This is the truth.
Since I can make a Camp up until floor 20 alone, I can make use of it to restore my stamina and mana if things get dangerous.
Well, me getting stuck in such a situation on a mere floor 20 isn't even in the equation though.

"....I understand. I'll go back."

Looks like she's assented.

"Then, I'm gonna head off for a bit! Take care not to leave the Camp okay!"

I checked the Camp's and the floor's mana once again and then left after making sure that there would be no problem in the next two hours.
By relying on the flow of mana, I ran straight floor 10 down the stairs to floor 11.

I'm ignoring monsters I meet on the way. Fighting them would only waste my mana and time.
Rush Bulls are the new monsters on floor 11. It's a bull type demon.
It's stronger than a Killer Dog, but they're both small fry.

However I should beat one just in case.
Estimating from the memories of my past life and its mana reaction, I fire a magic with the least amount of mana to kill it in one blow.
One of Rush Bulls died just as expected.

I've no business with Rush Bulls anymore so I ignore the second one.
I can't move at maximum speed while erasing my presence but I've got no choice here.
In addition to Physical Reinforcement magic, I only invoked a mobility magic, 【Friction Reduction】 and ran past the monster.

The Rush Bull immediately ran after me when it saw me running past it, but it's slow.
I'm only running, but our distance gradually gets bigger.
It's impossible for a Rush Bull's speed to catch up to me and my 【Friction Reduction】.

Thus I reached floor 12.
The time needed to reach floor 12 from the moment I entered floor 11 was about 70 seconds.
That's about the average when you advance through a dungeon on the shortest route you get from measuring the flow of mana.

By the way. 【Friction Reduction】 is a magic that reduces air friction when you move about, speeding you up.

There's a lot more magic that can make me go faster and is easier to manage than 【Friction Reduction】, but this magic is overwhelmingly better at mana consumption. Almost zero even.
Thus, I chose to use this magic since I wasn't particularly in a hurry.

I went down many floors, ignoring numerous monsters just like that.

"....This is floor 20 huh."

15 minutes after I went solo.
I arrived at  floor 20, the deepest cleared floor of this dungeon in this age.

As I got deeper, the passages became narrower with many twists and turns, slowing my moving pace down.
Now that it's come to this, it's quicker to beat the monsters rather than trying to shake them off, so I continue the journey while doing just that.

"They're a bit better now but.... still weak as always."

I sighed while lopping off the head of a boar monster with a sword enchanted just with 【Steel Slash】 to save mana.
I mean, even Biffgel can defeat the monster if you bundle up 300 of him together.
Since a Killer Dog can probably be beaten by 10 Biffgel, I guess you can still call this a progress.

A gathering of 300 Biffgel is really really bad for my mental health though, so please no, just no.

It's not all bad since the monsters being weak means it's easier for me to progress on, but that also means weak materials.
I'd like for something less objectionable if possible.

--If this is the deepest cleared floor, the academy's battle force is really low.
The demons' plan to abate humanity power by way of chantless magic seems to be a huge success.

....Even while saying that, I'm stowing magic stones, hides, claws and light but usable materials into Storage magic.
Dismantling them is easy with magic anyway.

In that respect, the War Tiger I met in my trip to Royal Capital wasn't too bad.
It's at a level where I could beat it in one blow, but it's also not too weak.
It's a quite an efficient monster for scraping up exp and magic stones.

"Well, many more monsters of that level will probably come out as I go deeper."

I advance through the dungeon while talking to myself.
I'm paying attention to the mana reaction of the walls instead of monsters'.

Besides mithril and iron, adamantite starts to be found mixed in around this floor.
Mixing even a little adamantite with other metal to form an alloy will grant considerable strength to it.
I'd very much like to get my hand on it.

....Therefore, let's secure it.
I found a place with a good amount of adamantite from the mana reaction,  put 【Mana Slash】, 【Brittle Fracture】, and 【Toughening】 on the mining sword, and broke the wall altogether.

And then I recrystallized the crumbled rocks, produced dungeon crude ores out of them and put them into Storage magic.
These will produce adamantite if we refine it seriously later.

That said, refining adamantite is quite tough, the current me can probably get around 3% out of these ores. Even Ruli can only get 2.5% currently.
Ruli can probably improve that percentage to 80% in one year, compared to me getting to 3.5% in that time. It's the so-called limit of the Fourth Crest.
Well, 3% is enough for now.

"....Now then. It's an unknown domain from here on...."

It appears that this is the end of easy path to next floors.
The route that seemingly goes to the next floor is simply a hole, unlike stairs up until now.
It's around 10 meter deep I think.

In cases like this, you'd want to use a rope or such, but--.


The simplest way to do it is this. By jumping off.
You won't get hurt as long as you're careful when you jump off, it's quick, and there's no need to prepare anything.

And I've got a nice little cushion this time. Thanks to it, I can land safely.


As I jumped down while erasing my presence, I used a monster below as a cushion by trampling down on its head.
I stabbed my sword on its throat while landing, killing it, afterward I got down on floor 21.
It's an extremely safe, and peaceful way to move about.

By the way, the monster I used as a foothold this time was called Flame Lizard.
Just as the name suggests, it's a lizard that spews out flames.
As always, it's a monster I can beat with a single stab of my sword on the vital spots, but since it's only a tad weaker than War Tiger, I guess it's gotten quite better now.

Even if you gather hundreds of Biffgel together, they won't be able to even make a scratch on it, and will only get roasted instead, so you can't use Biffgel as an exchange rate for Flame Lizard.

And it looks like I've got myself a hit here.
I found a reaction that was obviously bigger than anything else here in one corner of the floor when I used 【Passive Detection】 here on floor 21.
There's no mistaking it. It's a monster called 『Floor Master』 with strength imbalanced with the floor they're on.

The appearance of a 『Floor Master』 was the biggest cause of party getting wiped out in my past life, they were a symbol of menace for adventurers.
Once there was a report of its appearance, several hundreds people would form a party to subjugate it with many dead tolls.
That is 『Floor Master』.

Then what should I do in this situation.
That's obvious of course.

--Charge on.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Strongest Sage, Going Solo


"First of all, the place for pitching a Camp.... Basically you want a place like this one. The best one is the site left from a suppressed Monster House. But if you can't find that, the corner of a small passage is also a good choice. You basically want a place with a few blind spots and is enclosed."

"You mean a place that's easy to defend right! But why Monster House?"

"When a Monster House summons monsters, the surrounding Magic Essence gets eaten up. Thus, it's easier to pitch a camp on the after-site of a Monster House by 2-7 floor than the current floor."

"Does that Magic Essence thing hinder camp pitching?"

"That's right. Explaining what Magic Essence is would take too long.... Well, just think of it as something similar to mana. Mana tends to be thick at a place with thick magic essence after all."

You'd have no problem using magic even without knowing those tidbits.、
『Something something that summons monsters』 is good enough.

"And so, we're setting up our Camp here. Are you ready to make magic items?"

"Yes! I can't win on speed against Mathi-kun, and I don't know how to make magic circles, but I'll go at it!"

"Then you'll be fine. First, try making this."

I take out an iron, turn it into a thin stake and put a magic stone on its tip.


Ruli proceeded to make the same thing.
Since the shape is simple, she didn't have any trouble.

"This is called a Barrier Stake at its simplest form. Camp is a type of barrier magic so you basically use these for it."

"Is barrier magic capable of defending against floor 10 monsters? I heard it was only effective up to floor 7...."

"Is that barrier magic you talking about a type of chant magic?"

"I haven't learned it yet, but yes it should be chant magic!"

"....I think you'd better off forgetting common sense that involves chant magic."

The current common sense is basically useless. Or rather, it's harmful.

"True, the difference between chant magic and Mathi-kun's magic is too great, it's like they're completely different things...."

Mine's actually the common sense before I reincarnated myself though....
Well, judging from the state of the world, that might have been a story from thousand years in the past.

"Well, you'll see for yourself whether it's effective or not once you try it. For now, drive those stakes on the ground with regular spaces between them. It may differ depending on the floor, or the stake's quality.... But having them in four corners of the room, three at the entrance and one at the center should be fine here."

"We're putting the barrier on other places besides the entrance?"

"There are monsters who that can detect humans' mana through walls, it's a countermeasure for those type of monsters though there's probably nothing  like that on this floor. Since Camp isn't a magic that shuts out monster's entry through the barrier force, but a type that prevent them from tracking you through the combination of detection and presence concealment."

By the way, most monsters can't break through the boundary between floors, thus there is no need to block the top and bottom. Mostly.

"I've finished setting all the stakes!"

"Then let's activate it. Carve this magic circle in places besides the center and this one in the center."

"It's not image, it's more like augmenting right."

Ruli begins to carve the magic circles while saying that.
The central magic circle is complex, but the others one are not, the current Ruli can do it while speaking, no problem.

"That one is complex and hard to maintain, though not impossible. With magic circles, you can just make it again and duplicate the old one. By the way, the magic circles used are always the same, so you can set it up quickly just by changing the stakes."

Barrier magic that isn't augment exists, and you can use that one even without Glory Crest, but it's not suited for Camp due to its stability and maintenance.
Camp's magic circles are quite special composite magic, making a new one from scratch is difficult even for magicians in my past life.
Well the ones I taught Ruli were the common ones with improvements on mana efficiency and concealment strength.

"I've finished carving the magic circles!"

"Now put your mana on the central Barrier Stake to activate it. The magic circle will take care of the rest like assembling the barrier and such."


Ruli put her mana on the central magic item and the barrier was build in an instant.
The barrier is invisible to naked eyes, so it just looks like the magic stones are shining, but it's clear as day through 【Passive Detection】. Easier to see than even a crowd of monsters.

"Ooh.... So this is Camp."

This isn't by chance, it's intended by design.
Make it harder for monsters, easier for humans. This is the concept of Camp magic.

"I can sense some kind of strange magic....  Is this Camp?"

It seems Alma's noticed Camp's reaction.

"Yeah. Let's give it a try. Alma, try to enter the camp."

After Alma entered the Camp, I got out of it a bit and invoked 【Compulsion Detection】 on a monster beyond the wall to lure it here.

A Killer Dog lured by 【Compulsion Detection】 came in front of the Camp.... It's confused since it has lost its target.
The Killer Dog looks around restlessly but it doesn't seem like it can find us.

"Wha, it looked at us!"

"We matched eyes just now...."

"But it didn't notice us right? This is the effect of Camp. By the way, Camp's magic circles have an effect that makes monsters consciously avoid going inside, so they can't enter by chance either. And seeing that the art is stable, this Camp will last half a day for sure."

Afterward, it will depend on luck, but there's quite a good chance for it to last a day.
There is absolutely no mistake that it will last as long as I'm gone.

"Camp is amazing...."

"Yeah. It's a very useful magic.... And now you two wait here. I've gotta go fetch some materials on the deeper floors."

Ruli and Alma would probably be at the level of 『Better off being there with me』 in another month, but unfortunately right now they'd just be a drag.
However, the resources on lower floors are useful, so I'd like to take them now.
I can't take much alone, but there are things that are useful in small quantity too.

"Well, you can't go too deep when you're with us...."

"By the way, Mathi-kun, how deep do you intend to dive?"

"Depending on the strength of the enemy needed for my need.... Think it'll be around floor 25."

"25!? Wasn't floor 23 the world record for dungeon diving!? And that was by a 30-people party who had received Magic God Gaias-sama's blessing! It's impossible!"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Strongest Sage, Establishes Camping Ground


We didn't encounter any new type of monsters on floor 10.
Still, compared to floor 7 and such where only a few Killer Dogs were mixed in with shellfish type monsters, floor 10 was all Killer Dogs, so the degree of difficulty was quite a bit higher.

"Ruli, I'm counting on you to the right!"


Alma shot through two Killer Dogs out of a group of five from the left.
Even though the arrow didn't kill the monsters, they still got damaged enough they couldn't walk.
Putting 【Guided Enchant】 on two arrows at once huh, she's gotten quite used to it. She still can't do it on three arrows even once though.

And Ruli stopped the remaining three by firing flame magic in front of them.
Even if she has a crest with a low growth rate, it looks like her magic strength and control have improved thanks to the pendant that helps gaining exp and a long series of battles.
The flame didn't give much damage, but it succeeded robbing the dogs off their mobility.

Alma shot through another two dogs during that opportunity and Ruli stopped the last one.
Alma shot out an arrow with 【Simple Mana Enchant】 to finish off the last one altogether with the other four, subjugation complete.

Un. Safe.

"You two should be fine fighting on floor 10 now as long as you don't step into a Monster House."

"Monster House.... It really is hard to tell them apart with 【Passive Detection】...."

"I do feel something that seems like that, but I can't really grasp it well... Just when I thought it was a Monster House room, it turned out to be a normal one..."

"Well, a Monster House's reaction is harder to see through compared to monster's. Once you're accustomed with 【Passive Detection】, you'll be able to detect them without thinking."

It's hard to give an advice for this kind of thing since it's quite a 'feel' thing.
Even among magicians that excelled in 【Passive Detection】, there were many opinions as to how to grasp mana reactions.

"...Now then. This place should be good enough."

I stopped at a room that was just the right size.

"This place... You mean for the camping practice?"

"Yeah. You absolutely need to learn Camping if you want to dive deep into a dungeon."

You can't take a break if you don't pitch a camp.
For sleeping and in some cases, even dining.
If you're diving for a long period of time, not being able to camp can be fatal.

"I-I understand! I'll do my best."

"Me too, will do my best!"

"I'm glad that you're motivated, but Alma, please keep watch on the surroundings. Since unfortunately, Camp is an augment magic. Any other crests besides Glory Crest can't use it."

I could pitch a camp alone since I did it countless times in my past life and had the magic control for it, but as the mana density thickens the deeper you go into a dungeon, doing it alone also gets harder.
The current me with Disqualified Crest can probably only go up to floor 20 at best.

"Gimme back my determination!"

"Looking out on the surroundings is an important duty too, you know. You can't use other magic while pitching a Camp, so you're basically defenseless."

"...Then I'm also practically doing it too! Got it! I'll be on the lookout."

Alma set up an arrow on her bow and began to watch the surroundings.
Actually, she'd better off concentrating on 【Passive Detection】 than doing it by eyes.... Well, I guess I'll give her a passing grade since she's technically keeping watch.

"Now then. Shall I explain about Camp."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Strongest Sage, Uses Projectiles


"....Un. I think fighting a Monster House on this floor is still too much for you. But it should serve well as a reference."


"Yea. A way to deal with multiple enemies with a bow and arrows. Well just regard this is only as a future reference.... Could I borrow the bow a bit?"

"Un. ...I mean this bow is yours Mathi-kun."

"Oh, right."

I forgot that I'm currently loaning this bow to Alma.

"And also, some arrows. 20 of them should be enough."


After getting the bow from Alma and arrows from Ruli, I walked into the room.
And then I throw a leftover chip from when I made arrows earlier.

"17 monsters huh. ...Well, guess that's that."

17 Killer Dogs appeared inside the Monster House.
After confirming that, I put an arrow on the bow.

"Hold on, using a bow at this range is...."

"No worries."

The gap between me and the Killer Dogs can is about the same as a slightly longish spear's length.
Normally, this isn't a distance to fight with a bow.
However, this is fine. If we're too far apart, my magic won't be as effective.


With a 'fwoosh' sound, a flying arrow pierced a Killer Dog's head, killing it in one blow.
16 remaining.


While dodging the jumping Killer Dogs, I set up two arrows at once and shoot them together.
This isn't the way to use a bow, so of course the power isn't as strong.
In addition, the two arrows follow a straight orbit, thus it's hard to use it as a spread shot.

However, it's more than good enough if you revise them with magic.
The two homing arrows I shot hit two killer dogs following quite a weird orbit. One blow each too.
14 remaining.


Next, I shoot three arrows at once.
The power decreased quite a bit, but it's still good.
11 remaining.

"Four--no, 11 arrows!"

I put a bundle of 11 arrows on the bow. I can't set them up using just my hands, so I use magic to hold them.
Honestly, I'm being too forceful. The output of the bow isn't coming out at all, and the ones that hit can't even pierce through the dog's fur.

However, I've put 【Simple Mana Enchant】 and 【Homing Enchant】 on the arrows, raising their power through magic.
Yet it still wouldn't be enough to kill the monsters even if the arrows hit.... I predicted all of the Killer Dogs' movements and made all 11 arrows hit their targets.
After having their brains destroyed through their weaknesses, the eyes, the Killer Dogs fell down all at once. Subjugation complete.

"...And there you go, you can defeat multiple enemies while only using enchant magic once like this. Not by raising the total sum, but by dispersing your firepower. It's quite useful if you learn how to do it."

I returned the bow to Alma while saying that.

However, Alma isn't taking the bow.... Or rather, she's not moving.
Troubled with her reaction, I sought help from Ruli, but she was also not moving, she didn't seem she could be of use here.
I don't see mind magic-like reaction through 【Passive Detection】....

"...What's wrong?"

"No well, it's too amazing I don't think it can be used as a reference...."

"Beating a floor 8 Monster House alone is ridiculous enough already, and you did it with a bow.... I mean, what did you do in the end?"

"I merely put 【Homing Enchant】 and 【Simple Mana Enchat】 on the last 11 arrows. It's not that much different than with two or three arrows, you know."


Alma was stunned.

"Well, to be frank there's actually no need for 11 arrows, you'd better off bombing the monsters with short-range magic instead. But two or three arrows are quite useful, let's practice how to do it from now on."

"I wonder if I can be like Mathi-kun if I practice...."

"Depending on the training, you should be more powerful at handling bows than me. Since your crest is the best possible crest for bows."

Or rather, I'll be in trouble if you don't.
Since Alma is a candidate for my Magic Combat Party member in the future.
It might take 300 years before that happens though.... well 300 years will pass by in a blink of an eye with Immortality magic anyway. We should manage somehow.

"Let's see now, let's get to floor 10 and set up a camp there."


"We'll enclose one part of the dungeon and prevent monster from entering it. The two of you will be safe inside."

"S-something like that exists....."

"By the way, that means Ruli and I will stay right? What are you gonna do Mathi-kun?"

"....I'm gonna visit the lower floors to get my hand on some things."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Strongest Sage, Finds Again


The day after Ruli and Alma acquired new magic.
We went to the labyrinth again.

"Let's try going to the next floor today."

The preparation for barrier magic will start tomorrow if chantless magic lessons by the teachers have gone well.
We need a lot of small magic stones for that.
I'd also like to raise my magic output and quantity. Beating monsters is the best way for that.

"The second floor at last..."

"Nope. We're gonna get to the 10th floor today. It's just going to be a day trip though."


"True, the second floor might not be enough with our strength now....?"

"Let alone 10, Mathi-kun will probably alright on even the last floor.... floor 20, but will Alma and I be alright too? "

"I think we can do it! And Ruli, you have those sword and armor with you!"

We made an armor from the leftover mithril during yesterday's practice.
To be frank, I don't think it's needed if we're just going to floor 10, but since it's not too heavy, Ruli has it with her today.
By the way, the armor's been augmented with 【Lightening】, and 【Toughening】, I made the magic circles but it was Ruli who augmented it.

"Well that's true.... But I'm afraid I'd be a drag...."

"It's just floor 10, you're nothing of that sort. Even Alma can probably go alone as long as she doesn't step into a Monster House."

Fundamentally, the strength of monsters that appear until floor 25 are mostly the same in most dungeons.
After floor 25, monsters with traits peculiar to a dungeon start to appear, and from floor 30 on, their traits become obviously specific.
And Alma's strength already surpasses floor 10 monsters.

"Magic bows are amazing...."

"Well, Ruli, you can also fight on floor 10 just fine. Even though Glory Crest isn't suited for combat, that doesn't mean it's useless in a fight."

It's normal for bearers of First Crest in my past life to be able to clear a dungeon up until floor 30.
Rather, it's stranger if they can't clear floor 30 as long as they train properly.
It's still too hard for Ruli though, since she's only been training properly for a month.

"Well, we'll be counting on Ruli not as a firepower but as a magic augmenter. Use this."

I take out a log small enough to carry from Storage magic.
The weight is around 3kg.

"....What is this?"

"That's just a log. Alma will probably run out of arrows halfway through. Ruli should create arrows and hand them over to Alma to prevent that. The way to do it is a bit different than with metal.... You can probably manage with your intuition. Since you've got the basic nailed down."

"No way, asking me to make arrows all of a sudden.... huh?!"

The dubious Ruli tried to stream her mana into the log, gradually shaving it off.
And after about 10 seconds, one part of the log turned into an arrow without feathers attached.

"I did it!"

"Processing magic has many uses. By the way, you can do more than making it one by one."

I took out another log and shaved it, turning it into 30 arrows in a few seconds.

"I, I don't think I can do that...."

Ruli tried to do it, but it doesn't seem to be going well.
Well, processing multiple things at once needs experience after all.

"No need to rush, you should do it little by little starting from one arrow. I've got a lot of logs in my Storage magic, just tell me if you need more."

"I understand!"

"That means, first we aim at floor 2."

We reached the stairway toward the next floor while we were talking.
By the way, according to the principal, this school has successfully cleared 20 floors of this dungeon, and it seems they were able to get down that deep through stairways.
Well, that was a long time ago and the present time graduates can't even clear floor 12 now.

"....Huh? It doesn't really feel that different?"

After engaging in a few battles on floor 2, Alma uttered that.

"There's more monsters, but it's still basically the same.... Ah, there's a different type of monster over there."

"Uwaah, gross..."

"But it's weak right?"

"....You're right."

An arrow Alma shot pierced through three slug monsters altogether, killing them.
They're just small fry weaker than even hermit crabs as they don't have a shell.

Snail monsters came out on floor 4, and bivalve ones appeared starting from floor 6, but all of them were small fry and became victims of Alma's arrows.
The atmosphere changed on floor 8.

"....Is that, a dog over there?"

"Yeah. It's Killer Dog. The real thing starts here."

The new monsters that appeared among the bivalve monsters on floor 8 were of dog-type, Killer Dogs.
Unlike hermit crab and snail monsters, dog-type monsters are relatively fast and offensive.
They're not high ranked monsters at all, but they're unlike any other monsters we've encountered so far.

"For now, try to beat them. I'm sure Alma can manage a few of them."

"Let me try!"

The Killer Dog dodged the arrow Alma shot.


The Killer Dog came running toward us while growling.

"Waa, it dodged!"

"You've still got time to shoot two arrows! Calm down and attach a guide on them!"

I wanted to help her a bit, but fighting alone is an experience too.
If they always fight in a safe environment, they might misunderstand that combat is a safe thing to do.

There were times when such a thing was practiced at Magic Academies in my past life, and as it turned out, the graduates were mostly useless in real combat.
--That said, I plan to intervene if they really get in danger.

"Guide... Ei!"

However, it appears that's unnecessary.
The second arrow Alma shot was almost dodged by the Killer Dog but it homed in deep into the dog's legs, stopping it on track.

"It's not over yet! Finish it well!"

"Got it!"

The third arrow pierced the Killer Dog's head, killing it.


Subjugation complete.
She missed once, but I'm sure she could finish another with just an arrow soon at this rate.

"Alright, next let's go to that room."

"Room? ...Don't tell me..."

"Yea. It's a Monster House."

"Noo! We're gonna die if we step into a Monster House on this floor!"

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Strongest Sage, Teaches Augmenting


Ruli mastered the way to refine dungeon wall in only 30 minutes.
The purity isn't that high, but it's good enough to make weapons.

"Then, let's secure enough iron to make one weapon for now."

The metal we have on hands are around 200 gram iron and 5 gram mithril combined. Iron has 10 times the volume of mithril but 40 times the weight. Mithril is light.

"One weapon.... Which means we'll need 10 times this amount?"

"That's about right. Well, I'll be helping you. Let's create a lot of dungeon crude ores and then refine them."

"I...I'll do my best!"

I smash the dungeon wall while saying that.
After smashing around 200 kilogram wall, we started the process to refine the dungeon crude ores.

Ruli's refining speed is about half of mine.
It's partly because she's still inexperienced.... But also because she's a bit too careful.

"You can be more haphazard when creating the crude ores. Since raising the purity comes at a later stage."

"I, I understand!"

Her speed slightly increased.
And then, we finished turning all the dungeon wall we smashed into dungeon crude ores.
I solidified the soil and put it somewhere to prevent it from obstructing the way.

"And then, um.... Ei! This magic is a bit hard...."

"Well, that's cause it's not production-type magic."

Ruli gathers the dungeon crude ores using magnetic magic.
Her control is quite poor.... But output is all she needs to gather the ores anyway.
To begin with, magnetic magic isn't of production type, the First Crest isn't good with it.

"Next, we just need to refine all these.... Wanna try doing them all?"


Ruli puts her mana into the ores, activates flame magic and turns the dungeon crude ores into a lump.
The flame magic I used is the normal attack magic, but the one I taught her is of production type.
It has a short range and it's hard to increase its power, but it's easy to manage and control precisely. And best of all, it's well suited for the First Crest.

"You're doing well, keep at it!"


Ruli repeated the recrystallization process many times and eventually, she got 2kg of iron and 50gr of mithril on her hands.
Some of the metal seems to have been shaved off at every recrystallization, but they're enough to make a sword.

"Looks like you've learned how to handle most metal now."

"I can't believe I did all this...."

Ruli becomes teary eyed. Cute.
But today's coaching isn't over yet.

"You probably have guessed the way to create the sword right?"

"Creating swords.... Are we perhaps making the sword by molding it with mana?"

"Yep, exactly. ...Ah, you should mix some mithril with the iron rather than having it pure iron. Use about half of the mithril we have now."

"Mixing it with mithril? ...I'll give it a try!"

Ruli mixes the mithril and the iron and turns them into the shape of a sword.

"....Doesn't it look bent?"

"That's normal for the first try."

The sword Ruli made is slightly bent to the left. Well, turning metal into a precise shape using mana is a matter of experience.

"This should be already far stronger than a sword made from iron. Try using that sword to cut this. The sword has no blade though, so it's more like smashing than cutting."

Ruli slashes at a block of wood I took out.
The block of wood is cut in two along with a sharp sound.

"Huh? Is this maybe stronger than the swords they sell in the city....?"

"Yea. Metals are basically stronger when they're in alloyed form. There's other techniques to this.... But for now, try to augment that first."

"It's augmenting at last!"

"Aa. ...That said, augmenting isn't really hard once you understand the basic of chantless magic. For now, look at this."

I take out one piece of paper from Storage magic and give it to Ruli.

"Is this... Magic circle? I've never seen one this complex...."

"It's a magic circle for 【Brittle Fracture】 and 【Toughening】. I'll teach you the way to compose magic circles once you've gotten accustomed to augment magic."

It's easier to learn the way to make magic circles once you've tried many different augments and grasped the feeling to do it.
I'm not saying that learning magic circle math beforehand is bad though.

"Dual augment right from the start!?"

"【Toughening】 isn't that complex, and this is actually one of the simpler dual augment magic circles. First, make a space to put in a magic stone on the sword and carve the magic circle using your mana."

I give a hermit crab magic stone to Ruli.
It's the best material for practicing since we have a lot of it and it doesn't fetch a high price.
Also, it should be big enough for dual augment.

"Err, first you make a space...."

Ruli changed the sword shape a bit and put in the magic stone.
And then, her mana slowly and carefully moves as the magic circle is getting carved into the magic stone.

"I finished the carving.... I think, but the magic sword won't activate...."

"There's some parts where they shouldn't be connected. Try to reduce the amount of mana you put into it a bit more. Put a lot of mana into the thick lines, and little mana into the thin ones."


I take out a huge amount of hermit crab magic stones I stocked and give them to Ruli.

She succeeded this time.
The performance is quite low for an augmented sword, but magic dwells on it at least.

"I-It's done! But the atmosphere of this sword felt quite different...."

"That's because you skipped mana conditioning. You should put your own mana into the magic stone and the sword before the augment. And once the mana settles down, do the augment. The performance will be better if you do just that."

Ruli completed a magic conditioned magic sword with the third hermit crab magic stone I gave her.

"This one feels similar somehow!"

"Try hitting the wall with it, you'll see how good it is."

"The wall.... Ei!"

Ruli's magic sword broke the dungeon wall.
This sword is augmented not for combat, but for mining the dungeon.

"I-it broke! And they said even the national treasures couldn't do it...."

You can't count on the national treasures.
We're in a world where that rip-off sword (the time needed to augment it; 5 seconds) is one after all.

"It's a success. Then, let's keep refining the dungeon at this pace!"


--Later on, Alma came back carrying a huge amount of hermit crab magic stones, saw a part of the dungeon getting smashed and turned into swords, and shouted "What's happening here!?" in confusion.

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