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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 136

Interrogation, I Mean Report


"...Are you, telling the truth?"

"...I am. The presence was terrifyingly overwhelming I couldn't breathe properly when it passed by above us. Even the Rank A magic beast I just fought seemed cute in comparison."


I'm currently being interrogated, I mean giving my report to Scarymast.
I told her about how there were five powerful magic beasts breaching from Red Area and how Black Dragon showed up following their defeat, then she got lost in thought.
I can't ask her what's on her mind. I'm too scared to...

"The passing Black Dragon was a tamed beast. Its owner is [Super Tamer] Ranaia Souma."

"Did you say Souma!?"

Scarymast stood up as she yelled with a look of surprise, a first.
I almost fell off my rock chair from the pressure but I hung on. Scary.

"Y-yes... In addition to that, that owner was capable of taming nine beasts, but he only had four when I saw him. Meaning he had five slots open."

"And there were five magic beasts that breached Red Area at the end phase of the fest... It's only logical to believe that he brought five of his tamed beasts to Orange Area and undid their tamed state there."

The same conclusion I reached. Well, anybody would get there.
...The problem here is not 'who and how', but 'why'.
It's too much for a prank. There could have been fatalities.
It could have been me, or Alma.

...I'm getting enraged just thinking that.

"...Hou, so you can make such a face."


"A face that embodies the saying 'if looks could kill'. I wish I had brought a mirror."

No uh, that's you. Even your resting face is super scary.
Ah, sorry I wasn't thinking anything rude, nope not at all, please stop glaring at me, seriously sorry.

"Speaking of which, are you familiar with Ranaia Souma?"

"Naturally, he's the commander of Firie Kingdom Royal Guard located on a neighboring continent over yonder. With Black Dragon under his command, it's said that Souma's personal prowess rivals that of an entire army."

...That may sounds like a tall tale, but after my close encounter with that Black Dragon, I can't help but agree.
You can bunch up thousands of average men and they'd still be utterly helpless against that thing. They'd only serve as SP replenishment.

"And why would our great commander intrude upon this hunting fest held on another continent and perpetrated all that commotion."

"...It's probably a [Gauging]."


"The parties hunting in Red Area are all famous, there is no need to investigate them personally if one seeks their detail. While those who hunt in Orange Area would be people who are only steps away from that level. He must be gauging how many promising individuals are there."


"Rumor from the grapevine, Souma is perpetually pestered by his battle junkie dragon to find a fitting opponent it hopes to fight. Apparently, he's been busy checking out people who seem promising as of late."

...Guy sounds like he's got it rough, surprisingly.
But those who are stuck having to play along with them go through hell.

"In all likelihood, he must have been observing people who fought those released tamed beasts and gauged their strength. That includes you and Almatina."

"...Can't they just go fight Red Area parties instead?"

"They cannot openly pick a fight with Adventurer Guild, no. Black Dragon may be strong, but individuals who can hunt it down as naturally as breathing exist in this world."

"...Like Alma's parents?"

"They are the extreme end of examples. you can search the whole world and find less than the number of fingers on one hand of beings that can go up against that power couple. In fact, Black Dragon did pick a fight with them once."

"Eh!? Were they alright!?"

"..Are you worried about that couple? Or the dragon and its owner?"

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I'm not sure myself. Both are simply out of this world.

"...The result was the dragon losing badly in a one sided match. Nobody could have objected if that dragon got killed in the process but the military power balance between neighboring countries would collapse if it croaked, so those two held back."


Alma's parents are too strong!
How did they even beat that thing, one sided at that!? That's not something human could possibly hope to defeat!
...I said I'd ask them for tips on dragon hunting, but it's probably gonna be unusable as a reference...

"I thought it had been behaving itself after that whole debacle, but it appears they have been hard at work making trouble for a while now. They went around all over the place doing 'Gauging' and sometimes outright battling people."

"Sounds like a huge nuisance... Some people could have died this time. Don't those who suffered from their antics raise objections?"

"They never left any evidence even if people wanted to complain. Like in this incident, nobody personally saw Souma releasing his tamed beasts. And if someone did object, they would readily fight them, erasing them alongside the evidence."

"So they don't hesitate to kill people..."

"However, the people apparently killed by that dragon were all problematic individuals drunk on their power or downright wanted criminals that were better off dead."

"Is that so, but normal adventurers almost lost their lives this time around... Frankly speaking, I can't forgive them."

[Stairway to Heaven], was it? That four-man party was quite strong with good coordination.
Had they died by platinum chicken's spurs, the guild would suffer a huge loss.

And me aside, Alma almost died too. Though she wouldn't have gotten herself in danger if I didn't ask for her assistance...
No, that was the result of our decision to rely more on each other, I want to think it's not a mistake.

"I intend to formally lodge a complaint but don't expect anything out of it. We have no concrete proof as it's all circumstantial after all... Also, there's only so much you can do to someone who has a dragon under his control. It's not worth stirring up a hornet's nest."


I'm still not satisfied but let's just say yes for now.
Seemingly perceiving that, Scarymast spoke with a stern glance sent my way.

"There is one method if you will."


"Get yourself and your companions stronger than that dragon and beat it to a pulp."

No no no, that's easy to say but absolutely not in practice.
Scarymast's eyes turned even sharper as I thought that.

"You think that's absurd? Impossible? Indeed, obtaining power to defy beings on the level of Black Dragon is nigh insurmountable. Weaklings should do as weaklings do and lick your own tears. Don't be a man who does nothing but complain without substance to back up. How is that any different from that Blue head?"

...To think I ended up receiving the same sermon I gave Blue.
And unlike me, it's uttered by someone who knows what she's talking about. The weight of her words are nothing like mine.
It really tugs the heartstrings. It also compels me to do one thing.

"...My mind was full of 'I'm scared to death' thought after that dragon passed by us."

"Figured... I would be trembling as well."

"And probably due to hunger, I then thought, 'I wonder if dragon meat tastes good'."

Scarymast burst into laughter after I said that.
She didn't want me to see her like that it seemed, she turned her face away while trying to hold back her laughter and trembling. Ah, her ears are getting red.
I had no idea this person could laugh like that... Almost made think she looked cute.

"I do have a lot to say but for now my goal is to 'Kill a dragon and eat it', I gotta get that strong at least if I want to have a chance against Black Dragon."

"Ku, kukuku... R-really now, well, I won't stop you, now matter how lofty a goal that may be, go do your worst..."

Scarymast quietly laughed with tears on her eyes. Am I just imagining thing or her expression softened up more than usual.
It's probably an impossible goal but I won't know until I try. I'm gonna get a taste on dragon steak someday.
...Ah, I'm starving. We're done and all here, I'll head back to the inn.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 407

407 What is Curse?


I walked up toward the middle of the bridge while watching the endlessly serene scenery.
Then, right as I arrived, that happened. It was nothing more than a small tremor at first.
As it gradually grew stronger, I realized what was happening.
You could perhaps call it a flood? The volume of water coming from upstream is obviously unlike before.
It's clear even seen from afar, the incoming wave must be reaching three meter tall.

(That thing really only showed up once I got to the bridge's dead center... That wave is even big enough to cover the entirety of this huge river bank to bank with nowhere to run, what a joke...)

A tidal wave that only got generated after I stopped in the middle of the bridge just screams intentionally made.

(It's only logical to think someone planned this up... But there's nowhere to hide around here, I don't see anyone...)

Despite seemingly looking artificially made, there's no traces of such around.
This realization made me hang my head as I groaned.

"There's no denying it anymore, this must have been caused by the 'something' inside me... Finding that out so concretely here, what a huge blow."

I wanted to believe that it was some sort of karma up until this point. That all those events had always been waiting to occur on their own and I just happened to bump into them.

But this one is clearly different. In order to prove that, I entered Acceleration, crossed the bridge and ran upstream to confirm the 'cause' of this tidal wave.

I cursed my fate here. There really was nothing whatsoever. I kept running while peering into the translucent water, trying to find any sort of abnormality. But I couldn't find any.
I lost track how far I got. There should have been a lot of water getting sprayed everywhere considering the size of that wave.
I kept looking for spilled water around the banks and even toured back to where I was, and still found no abnormality.
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I cursed my 'Power' by the time I got back to the bridge.

(Ou, ou, ou, I never asked for this power. If all these absurd events are gonna keep finding their way to me, my future plan is gonna be in shamble! Fine then, I'll never stop resisting! I'm gonna make my retirement plan a success by any means necessary! And I need money for that!)

You gotta work if you want to raise money. But my 'constitution' prevents normal jobs. I'm well aware of that.
Therefore average employments are out of question. What should I do? There's no way I can find the answer.
As someone who knows nothing about this world, I have no clue about money making jobs.
I don't want to stand out. There will be an endless flock of people trying to exploit me if my fame becomes known far and wide. I don't want that kind of future.

As I was thinking that on my way back to the stagecoach, I tried really hard recounting everything I experienced in my journey so far.
Is there anything I could use? Isn't there a way to obtain money without announcing my presence to the world?

I undid my Acceleration once I got back near the stagecoach. The tidal wave encroaching the bridge moved once again.
The force it produced was tremendous. It crashed against the object in its way aka the bridge, scattering huge splashes of water everywhere. Disturbed by this impact, the calm glittering water surface got roughed up and brought about a voluminous amount of water to the riverbanks.
Contrasting all that was the light reflecting on the splashing water in the air, creating a fairytale-like spectacle.

Once it was all over, the bridge remained there unmoved. This bridge must have been reinforced with magic seeing as it managed to withstand that.
The bridges have railings connecting both sides of banks. Despite the amount of force the bridge took head on, those railings haven't been budged at all. They're way too sturdy. Far beyond the limit a manmade structure could reach.
The only explanation for a method that makes it possible in a fantasy world is magic.

As I was busy admiring this fact, the ladies, the coachman and the underling were looking vacantly into the horizon with dropped jaws.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 135

On the Way Home


"Ah, welcome back~!"

We came back to the signboard ahead of the Monster Prairie where Reina greeted us.
...She's got dried blood all over her body, but she doesn't seem hurt.

Oops, next to her, is that

"..Eh? Reina, you were in that black haired neechan's party?"

"Yep I am, and that man next to her is our leader, Kajikawa-san."

The green haired daggerist boy, Radiasta.
Fumu, I see they must have got along after working together to defeat that area breacher.

"Hello, I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, party leader of [Tomorrow of Hope]. Nice to meet you."

"...I remember seeing you fighting on the front line during Daijel Stampede. My name is Almatina, pleased to make your acquaintance."

"A, ah, you remember me? Thanks a lot for saving me when that Werewolf caught me... I'm, Radiasta. Just call me Radia, the pleasure's mine!"

For now, we introduced ourselves. Even Kojiki says it's important to... Or is it? I never read Kojiki so I dunno.

"Reina's friend?"

"Yep he is. Radia-san saved me when a magic beast from yellow area got in and almost got me."

"...Facing off against a Werewolf-class beast was honestly nerve wracking. I'm just glad my ambush worked..."

"Radia-san is amazing! He stabbed his dagger on that beast and then he activated Extended Mana Blade right away, piercing the beast from inside out!"

"Daggers have a short reach after all, can't always hit the vital with them. But Extended Mana Blade's not that strong as is, it doesn't really work on magic beasts over Lv20 so you gotta come up with tricks like that."

Hee, can't believe someone thought up of that.
...Mastering that tactic with a lightweight weapon may someday make him even stronger than the average swordsmen.
Huh, aren't daggerists strong enough as they are? Or maybe it's just cause this tactic sounds that good?

"Thank you so much for saving Reina."

"O-oh I really didn't do much... Besides, I think Reina would have won anyway with that shadow diving Skill of hers."

"Naw, I'd have a hard time running from a magic beast that strong, you really were a great help."

"See, even Reina said it. We have to return the favor... Right, how about having a dinner together with us tonight?"

"Eh? A-are you sure? But..."

"Of course. Ah, perhaps it's too shabby? The other options would be..."

"No no, I'm fine with dinner! Please, I'm looking forward to that feast!"

The boy was hesitating when I offered him dinner together but relented when I was considering other options.
He's in a near Starvation state, there's no need to be reserved.
By the way, the reason I'm using polite speech is to avoid him suspecting me of being [Soarer]. It's absolutely not because I'm being sarcastic.
I absolutely don't feel like a father who's being introduced to his daughter's boyfriend, nope. Really. Truly.


"By the way, Kajikawa-san, what's up with that little birdie riding on your shoulder?"

"Our dinner tonight."



"I'm sorry, I'm just joking please stop poking my back... I picked it up somewhere in the prairie. It would have died left alone, so I decided to keep it. Reina, are you allergic to birds or anything?"

"Not at all. Fuwaa, it's so cuute..."

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Reina poked on the chick with an enraptured expression.
The chick squints its eyes in content.
...Come to think of it, what does this thing eat anyway? What do magic beast younglings even eat?

<<Larval form of magic beasts possesses an extremely sturdy digestive system, capable of digesting most organic matters. It can eat human food without any issue. However, one needs to ensure the proper quantity of fodder given.>>

Ah, can't feed too much and fatten it huh.
Like goldfish, they die if you give too much.

<<Nay, magic beasts have an extremely high metabolic rate to ensure rapid growth and survival. Too little fodder may result in death by starvation. At its current stage, the same portion as a human for each meal is preferable.>>

Eeeh, where would all that food go in this palm-sized chick?
Fantasy creatures ignore laws of conservation of mass huh... I'm not one to talk having eaten multiple people worth of food though.
How many dozens of plates I cleaned up during that eating contest again. The frying pan I got as a reward was even better than a teflon at being non sticking. So handy for cooking egg dishes.

"I see you have returned, Kajikawa."


"It's good that you seem unharmed. A relief indeed."

Turning to look at the voice, it was Scarymast who showed up out of nowhere.
She suddenly spoke behind me, my heart almost jumped out of my throat...

"Sca... Guild master, thank you for you hard work."

"Sca? ...Dunno what you were trying to say, but you look weary. Did something happen?"

"...There's some matter I wish to discuss with you."

But stuff about Menu and such are not something other people could hear, so I can't tell her right away.
Perceiving that, Scarymast put her forefinger and thumb on her chin.

"Fumu... Sorry, I'll be borrowing Kajikawa for a bit."

"You guys can go back to the inn ahead of me. Don't worry, I'll cook dinner on time."

"Eh? I-is that so..."

"...Was there a trouble?"

"A bit... It's nothing much, really."

"Let's go, Reina. Radia, you too."


Of course 'nothing' is a lie considering Scarymast is involved.
Alma smoothly urged the two to go back with her. Good job Alma.

We went somewhere with no foot traffic and sat down on some rocks.
...Wonder why, my heart isn't at all throbbing even though I'm alone with a beauty. I'm nervous for a whole different reason instead.

"...Now then, let me hear it."


This is just me giving a report right? Not an interrogation right?
How is this person so intense. I'm scared. I wanna go home and make dinner...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 406

406 River


We're pressing on uneventfully. The coachman ran the stagecoach faster a few times but the road was so flat, an accident wouldn't happen.
What's weird is how we have never come across anyone else. Even though this road supposedly has a heavy traffic.
Yet there's nobody coming from behind or ahead of us from the commercial city.
The coachman muttered 'Something is not right', with a serious look on his face, so I suppose the kingdom isn't responsible for this.

(I don't believe in myself. Therefore, this must be yet another calm before storm.)

I stay alert as I survey the surroundings. Knowing that something will definitely take place ahead.
I've gone through this song and dance so many times already. So when I saw a river ahead of us, it hit me and I shouted at the coachman.

"Oy! Stop! Don't cross that bridge! Stop the stagecoach!"

Surprised by my desperate plea, the coachman put a sudden brake, almost sending me tumbling down.
The river is quite wide. Think it's around 50 meter long from bank to bank. The water is clear you can see the bottom. So translucent, you'd think it's safe to drink as is.
It's around two meter deep with a very gentle stream flowing. The still water feels as if it washes your mind.
The coachman is looking at me dubiously as our stagecoach gets parked in a spot before this river. His eyes keep darting between the river and me trying to figure out what makes me so frantic.

The bridge built over the river looks really sturdy with stout pillar supports. It's wide enough for three wagons to run in parallel and looks well maintained.
It's on the most heavily used highway after all. The bridge is really well built, indicating the significant monetary value it brings.
I can't even imagine the amount of manpower and money funneled into its creation.

As we stood before this seemingly unshakable bridge, Linda who had been staring at me asked impatiently.

"What is it that makes you so worried? ...You have this grim look on your face..."
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The coachman who seemed to be of the same opinion also kept staring dagger at me.

"Ah, rather than worry, it's like, how do I say this? Something will definitely happen when I cross this bridge, I dunno what, I just know it will. Try not to let it surprise you."

Everybody present here put on a 'What is this guy going on about?' look.
Even the ladies and underling inside the stagecoach couldn't understand.
Of course, I'm the only who gets it.
A phenomenon I'm all too familiar with after going through so many.

This stagecoach will undoubtedly get dragged in it if it keeps going.
But I should be able to minimize collateral damage if I cross the bridge by myself. I'm convinced.
A river that seems so peaceful and uneventful, and a bridge. All the peace and quiet from this morning up until this point will definitely see the recoil here.
My instinct is ringing me something is coming. That's why I stopped the stagecoach.

"I'm going. You guys, wait here. See ya."

Nothing would get resolved standing around forever. I steeled myself to smash any and all complication that'd crop up as I made my way toward the bridge.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 134

Hunting Fest End A Passing By Winged One


I told Alma what happened before I got here.
I was inwardly bracing myself for a scolding when I got to the part where my head got pierced by the platinum chicken during our death match, but she only grimaced, she must understand that it was inevitable considering the situation.
The chick distracting her with its cuteness might have contributed as well. She's even gently poking it with curious eyes. Good job, little birdie.

Among the five area breachers, we took care of platinum chicken and the silver-golden wolf pair, so there's only two left in the orange area.
With my Illusory Mask gone, I can't exactly go around as Soarer, what do.
As I was thinking that, I saw high level staff members and other participants taking on those two beasts. They seem to get it under control, no need for us to head there anymore.
I can finally see the end of this fest.

"There are two breachers left but other staff members and participants are hard at work to deal with those. Seems like things will be fine now."

"Thank goodness... Is there anything else that seems suspicious?"

"Suspicious, like say?"

"...Magic beasts going over their areas are not uncommon these days and I've encountered several as well. But five completely different types of magic beasts breaching at the same exact time isn't normal... The two wolves we just beat were paired Unique Monsters, them moving in a pair was not weird but what about the other magic beasts?"

"Hmm... According to Map Screen, it's an evolved form of Horn Rabbit and a Cyclone Wing. You're right, I've never seen these types of beasts working in tandem."

We can't say that the possibility of this happening naturally is zero, yet it's only right to suspect that someone may have a hand on it.
If someone really did, who would it be?
...If demons were behind this, I could see them attempting to kill strong participants under the guise of incidents, but this method just seems plain, or rather paltry coming from demons.
Apparently reviving an ancient weapon like in Vinfitt town was an extreme case even for demons, yet this case feels too small scale.
I mean, I also don't sense any reaction resembling demons nor does my Map Screen show any. They might be hiding in Red Area though.

"Even if someone is behind this, there's no proof anywhere to be found so we can't draw a conclusion yet."

"...It's kinda, ominous."

"Agreed. It's unpleasant when you don't know who, how or why anyone would do this."


"...I'm even stuck having to look after this little one due to this whole thing."

It's cute and small now, but it'll gradually get bigger as it grows for sure.
It'll be fine if it's the size of a chicken, but once it's evolved into something as big as that golden chicken, I wouldn't know where to keep it.
Well, I'm not going to dump it even then... I don't get the minds of people who dump their pets when they get bigger.

Eh, what is  this

<<Warning: Immediately get down, hold your breath and erase your presence.>>

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"Alma! Get down now! And don't move!"


Alma seemed to have sensed it as well, she stayed still while trying not to breathe.
I did the same.
The chick seemed to instinctively get it as well as it jumped to hide in my bosom. That's good, don't wanna have it move around and draw attention to us.

The presence blares out danger to me and Alma even without Menu's warning or mana search.
Boasting overwhelming quantities of mana and life force that easily outstrip Vinfitt's Gluttony Slime. We must never go against it. We'd be dead the moment it found us.

The owner of this presence is flying high up in the sky.
I know even without seeing, or hearing the sounds of cutting winds.
I had the slight urge to look up but my body refused to listen due the sheer terror that froze it.
Even the sound of flapping wings is frightening me.
Get away, get away, get away, get away, fly away somewhere far away quickly....!!

My stiff body that couldn't even tremble from the terror gradually regained its heat.
The owner of that presence has gone far away in the horizon. We've got through it somehow.

Wonder how long did that presence pass by.
...Probably didn't even last a minute. It felt like an hour to me.
It was just that fast, and that overwhelming.
I had tasted the fear of death many times by this point, but all of that felt nothing compared to being near that presence.

Once we couldn't feel it close anymore, both me and Alma crumbled listlessly.
Whoops, almost crushed the chick on my bosom.

"...What, was that..."

Alma murmured with a trembling voice and a pale face.
That's what I'd like know. I could hear the wings, so maybe that was...

<<[Dragonkind] Black Dragon verified.>>

So that's, a dragon...!
They're almost always treated as the strongest creature in fantasy work, but experiencing that first hand really can't compare how dangerous it is.
Cheat? Bug? Nowhere enough to describe it. That thing must have been born strong.
Dunno what I'd do if it found us. I don't think I could get away with my flying speed.
Or maybe it'd just ignore me for not being worth even a glance... Against that thing, I won't be offended.

Heck, where'd that spring out from anyway. I'd probably have sensed that thing 100KM away. In fact, I can still sense its presence even now despite how far it's gone.

<<It was summoned over a long distance by the Black Dragon's owner through Tame Skill [Familiar Summon].>>

Hee, you can warp your faraway familiar to your side with Tame Skill huh, handy stuff.
...Wait what? Tame? Who is? 'Owner', eeeeh?

<<That Black Dragon was a tamed familiar of [Super Tamer] Ranaia Souma riding on its back.>>

...No way, how'd you even tame something like that.
Feels like you'd turn into its fodder long before you got a chance.

<<This Black Dragon was tamed by a past hero, and then by way of Tame Skill Lv 10 [Familiar Authority Transfer], it has been passed down through generations. [Familiar Authority Transfer] is an ability that allows user to transfer their familiar's ownership.>>

...By the way, how long can a dragon live?

<<Dragon lifespan differs by individuals, but on average they live for several thousands years.>>

The number's so big, it doesn't feel real.

...Menu-san, can a Tamer tame multiple magic beasts?

<<The number of possible familiars corresponds to their Skill Level. The owner of that dragon earlier has Lv9 Tame Skill, as such he can tame up to nine beasts.>>

Can they undo the Tame state on those familiars and cast them aside?

<<It can be done.>>

...The Tamer, no the Super Tamer riding on that dragon's back? Do you know how many magic beasts he has under control?

<<At the time he flew near Kajikawa Hikaru alongside the dragon, four.>>

So he had five slots open huh.
...In all likelihood, that guy's the culprit behind this mess.
I'm gonna tell scarymast on him later, go to sleep trembling.

"...That was apparently a dragon."

"A dragon? First time I saw one... Long ago, mom and dad told me they often hunted dragons down, so my image of them wasn't quite as that powerful..."

Alma muttered in awe as she looked up into the sky.
Oh right, Daijel's guildmast mentioned something about that too.
Can't believe anyone is capable of hunting that thing, I get how extraordinary those two are now... No, I still don't. I can imagine how amazing a feat that is but I just don't get it.

"...The idea of fighting did not even cross my mind when I felt that dragon's presence. My head kept alarming me to get as far away as possible..."

"Same goes for me. That thing's seriously bad news, no two ways around it..."


I'm worried this chick gets desensitized to fear from now on, tasting that terror right after birth.

"...The hunting fest is over already. Let's head back to town."


"Hm, but still..."

"What's up?"

"Uh well, I'm wondering if dragon meat tastes good."

"...To harbor that thought after that experience, you're really incredible in a sense, Hikaru..."

Alma smiled wryly as she looked at me.
I mean you know, isn't dragon meat just a lump of romance taken form? I'm definitely gonna feast on one someday.
To that end, I've gotta get stronger and learn the knack of dragon hunting from Alma's parents.
Ah, thinking of meat reminds me how starving I am...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 405

405 Leave Me and Keep Pressing On

Morning arrived without trouble. I stretched as I left my tent.
I said my thanks to Chimera and didn't forget to pat its head before making preparations for breakfast.

(I got up feeling refreshed just before sunrise. Today's gonna be a fine day... yeah right.)

I lit up the portable stove as I sighed. Nothing good will ever befall me. Only stuff that would have turned into a huge fire if left alone do.
Like the matter with these ladies, I'm convinced handing them over to the federation as is would not end well.
The last few bandit and magic beast raids are still preferable compared to that ending.
Even if it keeps happening one after another, even if it's irritating me to no end.
Still better than the regret that'd come after the other option.

"...Good morning. I-is there anything I could help you with?"

Linda woke up. She got frightened when she saw Cat Chimera before apologetically offering her help.

"Hm? Nah, don't sweat it. Breakfast won't be ready for a while, you can lay down for now. Should help ease up fatigue."

I replied back. Looks like she couldn't sleep well, it's obvious from her tired face.
They cleaned the plates yesterday, so they still had appetite at least. But this is probably a mental stress.
Hence I told her to get more rest. Emptying your mind is the best way to recuperate from that.
However, Chimera's presence is probably preventing that.
So I took a lump of random meat from yesterday, gave it to Chimera and urged it to 'Go play somewhere'.

Chimera cried once, 'Meow', transformed into Tiger Mode, and then it ate up the lump of meat before running off into the plains.

Linda's eyes were popping up as she witnessed it all. No, she pretty much fainted.
I pushed her absentminded back into the tent, and said, 'good night'.

Then, the coachman spoke.
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"I-I've never seen such a magic beast in my life before... The amount of mana emanating from its small form was already tremendous... and it's even capable of shape shifting into different savage forms..."

I'm familiar with how final bosses in RPG tend to have three stages of transformation and such, so that fact doesn't really bother me.
But it's probably unheard of to the people in this world.
Yet it's not like I can give an explanation. I don't know a thing about how Chimera works as an organism.
Nor am I obliged to explain.

"Let's depart after breakfast and a short break. We gotta cover the distance we lost yesterday. I want to arrive at the town before today's end."

The distance between the last village to this town isn't actually that far. If this world had a car, a drive would take us there.
But cars don't exist here. It takes two days riding a stagecoach.
I don't actually know the precise distance but that's what I could gather from asking the coachman. We lost quite a bit of time due to the magic beast raid yesterday.
We can't get any later. So I tell the coachman this.

"I'll get rid of any issue that crops up along the way. Keep pressing on and leave me behind when I do. Gotta be ready to do that much if we wanna catch up with the lost time, no? I wanna get these ladies to their destination quick."

The coachman had a difficult expression on his face and glared at me before saying, 'I understand'.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 133

Hunting Fest (10) Mirroring Unique Monsters


Now then, what should I do to this restrained golden wolf.
...I don't derive pleasure from tormenting animals but I'm surprised at how angry I am seeing it hurt Alma.
But man, I don't really feel like slowly chipping at it either~.

『K-kuun, kuun...!』

I won't show mercy even if you make that sad sound.
I'm sure you never show one to all the prey you cornered either, don't be spoiled.
...No well, if you were an altruistic magic beast, you would.

You might find those beasts if you tour the world. Right, why don't you go look for one?
I remote controlled the mana wrapping the wolf and raised its altitude.


Golden sounded perplexed at the sudden jump.
Crashing it down the ground would end it but I'm not letting it off so easily.

I made it spin really fast like a spinning top through remote mana control!


That should afford you a 360 degree view of the world, yep. Do your best to find this altruistic magic beast out there.
It looks more like a boomerang than a spinning top though, kinda surreal.


The wolf screamed while scattering tears and drools everywhere.
Would have looked like a certain wolf if it got a more dignified face.

"Okay, golden's been taken care of."

"...It's screaming in pain..."

"Never mind that, we've gotta deal with silver right now."


"...I mind..."

Slightly dumbfounded, Alma looked up at the golden on the verge of becoming butter.
I know that it's noisy, but we really have to focus on silver right now, you know?


The silver wolf is glaring at us, flinching ever so slightly.
It might be in a dilemma between, 『I've got to save my partner somehow』, 『I might end up like that too...』.
I'd have cheered for it if only we weren't its opponents. But we're mutual enemies right now.
...Let's check its Stats once again just in case.

Beast: ★Mirroring Silver Wolf

Level 46

State: Normal


HP (Health): 821/867
MP (Magic Power): 299/551
SP (Stamina): 250/577

STR (Strength): 712
ATK (Attack): 712
DEF (Defense): 601
AGI (Agility): 736
INT (Intelligence): 411
DEX (Dexterity): 501
PER (Perception): 579
RES (Resistance): 301
LUK (Luck): 99


Beast Lv. 5, Martial Arts Lv. 9, Claw Arts Lv. 10, Sharp Claw Arts Lv. 3, Fang Arts Lv. 7

[Master Skill]

Revenge Claw

[Unique Skill]

Trace Trans


Stronger Slayer, Shared Lot, Magic Beast Killer, Unique Monster, Skill Master

[Kill Log] (Today Only)

Silver Cock ×2
Mad Lizard Large

Thanks to the Menu function update, I can now check Titles and Kill Log.
This alone doesn't really set it apart from Appraisal Skill, but there's another cheat function added. Let's save it for later.
Seeing as heroes can use this function too, most magic beasts should be no match to them.
Well, just like me and Alma, there's a limit on what you can do alone though.
...Wonder if the present day hero has managed to find companions.

Whoops, more importantly, this Silver and Golden Wolves appear to be a pair of Unique Monsters. It's even got ★ on the name.
It's good with Claw Arts and its derivatives, Sharp Claw Arts and Master Skill Revenge Claw. Gotta pay attention to those Skills especially when you're low on HP.
The golden one has Fang related Skills instead of Claws with same everything including levels.
Come to think of it, what's the condition to become unique magic beasts anyway.

<<There are many conditions to evolve into Unique Monsters, such as acquiring specific Skills or Titles, defeating a specific amount of Unique Monsters, or relating to the environment they grow in.>>

Fumu fumu, I see.
These guys must be due to having the titles 『Shared Lot』.

<<For your information, materials procured from Unique Monsters are used in the manufacturing of equipment that grows, it is preferable to minimize the damage on them. In case of this pair of wolves, their fur, claws and fangs are the corresponding materials. However, it is advisable to kill them with a certainty if you cannot afford to not damage them.>>

Well, I'll try to but safety still comes first.

And killing these two wolves without damaging their bodies isn't really a tall order.
Gonna be pretty cruel though, forgive me.

"Alma, may I?"


"These two are Unique Monsters whose mats are used in evolving equipment, let's try to kill them without damaging them too much."

"...I don't think they're the kind of opponents we can afford to go easy on."

"Yeah, that's why we won't hold back or go easy on them. It's gonna be pretty cruel but this method ensures a certain death with minimal damage."

I told her the method which took her aback for tad despite her agreeing to.


Right after I finished laying out the plan, silver wolf roared once and sent a Mana Claw Farslash our way.
Alma and I split up to dodge the attack before going after the wolf in two separate directions.
Silver wolf used quick step to get away as it attempted to avoid being locked in close quarter combat.
Too slow. It's far too slow compared to the speed-specialized Platinum platinum chicken and its Ground Shrink.
We caught up to it in no time and launched a pincer attack.

I've got my strength powered up with Energy Control, while Alma is using Storm Sword.
We have the superiority in number and raw strength. While the silver wolf was busy dealing with Alma, I caught and restrained it.
I've put a lot of energy and mana into the mana binding, there's no escaping that. Checkmate.

Eh? Why is my energy recovered already when I used it all up during platinum chicken's battle?
It's all thanks to the new Menu Function [Mana and Stamina Mutual Conversion].
Exactly what it says on the tin, it allows me to convert mana to stamina and vice versa.
...You might think that there's no point in two gauges being split with that kind of function, but a conversion halves the amount converted.
In other word, 100 mana will be converted to 50 stamina. Vice versa.
It's still very helpful even with that drawback... I no longer need to eat food for several people just to restore my stamina.

Now then, time to deliver the finishing blow.

"Alma, if you would."

"U-un... I'm, sorry about this."

『Gu-gurua!? Gugagobagoboa...!!』

Alma enveloped the bound silver wolf's head in a sphere of water created from [Ocean Blade].
It will cease to breathe before long.
I was the one who came up with this method to minimize damage, but it really is cruel...

Ah, it's dead. RIP.
Oh my, the wolf above spun so much it went to the afterlife as well.
...It's not my place to say this after putting it through hell, but I still feel kinda sorry for it.

"Yup, no damage anywhere. Should make for fine equipment."

"...But, it was in so much pain..."

Yup, honestly I feel bad too.

『Pi, pi.』

"...By the way, it'd be nice if you could tell me what's up with that little birdie."

"Ah, this huh..."

When I think about it, I gotta ask permission from Alma and Reina first.
What if either of them can't stand birds and tell me to send it back to the wilderness
...Why am I, the grown up of the group, stuck asking 'Can I keep it as a pet?'. This should have been the youngest one's job...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 404

404 Peace of Mind


I told Chimera that it could eat the ape beast meat now.
The reason why I only took its back hide is simply because I don't want to stand out. Of course, I can imagine even this hide alone would cause a huge uproar. Hence I plan to sell it through a go-between. In order to keep my existence anonymous. As such I won't just bring it to some random store.
I would have to tan this leather though, might have to work that out.
No point in worrying over that now, so I'm emptying my mind while gazing at the scenery from within the stagecoach while thinking about the next city.

(Ah, the air is so fresh. What a nice calming weather...)

Of course I'm just escaping from reality. Due to all the events we came across so far, this trip is now running behind schedule.
I'm praying there won't be any more event but I'm fully aware this prayer will have no effect whatsoever.

(Just let me off today. Tomorrow too. Heck, isn't this enough already? I can still go on physically, but my mental state is nearly at a breaking point...)

Looking back, it's abnormal. Bumping into so many events one after another like this.
Three in quick succession are just too much. Even if this is the remuneration I have to pay to this 'something' in exchange for my 'power'.
I can't agree to any more encounter. If there were, I'd frankly just brute force through them. Without caring about the circumstances or anything.
No wait, there was never any time things concluded with just discussions anyway.
I tried my best to soothe my mind as I gazed at the clouds in the sky. One needs time to heal a disrupted mind.

It's quiet inside the stagecoach. The coachman has vacant eyes as he's muttering to himself due to Chimera's existence, despite all that he's driving the stagecoach well.
Underling is holding his knees while shrinking in the corner, and the ladies are not moving a muscle with their eyes locked to a certain being.
Yes, Chimera is currently riding on this stagecoach. In Cat Mode of course. It's twitching around while enjoying an afternoon siesta on my lap.

Thus our quiet journey continued on until evening.
We slowed down and stopped on the roadside with a flat ground.
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"Let us camp here tonight... Err, umm, that magic beast is absolutely definitely safe, isn't it?"

"Yeah, nothing to worry about. Chimera can understand our words. It won't do anything to you provided you don't harm it."

I fetched the usual camping set from my magic bag while replying to the anxious coachman. Then I went on to prepare dinner like usual.
The coachman opened his eyes wide at this. I paid him no heed and cut up the meat from today's magic beast.
I'm making steak. The most direct way to heal your tired minds is good food.
It's from a bear magic beast said to be a high class ingredient that fetches for a lot of money.
The taste is said to match its high price and I'm planning to share it with everyone here.
It's clear from their faces that the ladies, underling and coachman are all fatigued.
Can't have them break down due to mental load. It's still a long ways off to the commercial city. So I've decided to tend to their weary minds.

"I've never been someone who cares so much about other people though. Guess my hands are tied this time."

I've made the promise to protect those ladies, this is part of the package.
Had no idea I was the type who lets myself be bound by a promise I make.
My previous life would have never felt this way, another facet of my personality must have surfaced when my world changed.

Meanwhile the iron plate got heated enough, so I put the first slice of meat on it.
It sizzled and wafted a nice aroma of grilled meat in the surroundings.
I rubbed salt and spice on one side and flipped it.
Once it was done, I put it on a plate.

"Go ahead and eat. I'll throw more as they're ready. Whoops, the pot's--."

I'm also making soup. I plan to look for edible wild plants while it's boiling. It's currently being turned into stock with the bones of the bear magic beast.

The stock soup complete with edible plant was done by the time I grilled enough steak for all of us, then I put it into bowls and gave them to everybody here.

"It's delicious... I cannot believe you made food this good outside like this..."

Coachman gave that impression as he sipped his soup.
I didn't think I did anything special, it was just normal cooking.
I think this coachman is exaggerating. But now that I'm aware how bad the food during camping normally, I suppose this is a luxury.
In truth this is simply because the meat used was high grade. However, compared to the Chateaubriand I had in my past life, it's far inferior.
Hence, I wasn't that impressed. I dunno if this is due to my poor cooking skill or because of my insatiable appetite as an earthling.
The limited time steak I ate back in the kingdom was delicious. So I'm trying to figure out what makes this steak I cooked different.

(There's no way to know, not like I'm that curious anyway, no need to overthink this stuff.)

After meal time, it's time to prepare for bed time. I'm sure I can leave Chimera to keep watch.
I should stop fretting over trivial stuff for the sake of a better quality rest.
I gave Chimera steak and soup and asked it to watch over the night before setting up our tents.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 132

Hunting Fest (9) Danger in Half a Pair and Impatience


...I probably had gotten conceited without realizing.
Learning how to rearrange my Skills with Mana and Energy Control, acquiring powerful moves beyond my level, and Job Changed to a new stage, all of that must have gotten to my head.
I should have run away when I found out I was going up against two Rank A wolves. Why did I believe I could take them on head-on, that was stupid of me.

"Alma, you're hurt badly...!"

"...I'm sorry, I didn't think they were so strong..."

"Never mind that, let me tend to your wound."

As Hikaru said that with a worried look, the pain on my gouged right shoulder gradually receded.
A gentle feeling like a warm fireplace flowed from his hand. Once the pain was gone, there was no hint of wound anywhere.
Ordinary potions or healing spells cannot achieve this... He can't use Skills yet he can do so many things.

"...Thank you."

"...Alma, it's not my place to say this as the one requesting your help, but I did tell you not to push yourself, didn't I..."

"...Forgive, me... I was careless, just because I got a bit stronger..."

...It's also partly because I was happy thinking I could finally lend my strength to Hikaru.
Yet this is the end result. Hikaru had to rush here.
...I'm just dragging him...

"...Well, I mean this chick's parent stabbed my head clean along with my mask, thought that was it for me too. I'm not one to talk."



Did he just blurt out something outrageous?
Or rather, what is that hatchling anyway?

"We're both aware that nothing good comes out of doing things alone. That's why we have to work together when we're up against clearly dangerous foes. Just run away when it looks dicey and you're by yourself."


...No, self-loathing gets me nowhere.
I should look back on this failure and make sure the next one doesn't turn out the same.
I'd drag his feet for real if I don't pull myself together.
Let's think what I can do here and now.


"...By the way, what is that little birdie?"

"...I'll explain later. We've gotta deal with these wolves."

Hikaru smiled wryly... I'm curious about what happened.



They're planning to go with a combination of ranged and close-quarter volleys of attacks like earlier.
The golden wolf is coming for us. This one specializes in Fang Arts... No wait, that might just be for show, and the silver one could be the one skilled in Fang Arts--

"Hmph, this guy's good with Fang Arts and the one in the back Claw Arts huh. Oho? What is this Trace Transfer thing... Unique Skill? That's a first."

"Hikaru, can you tell which one is which wolf?"

"Yeah, looks like these wolves have a Unique Skill to mime each other, also when miming they can use the other wolf's Skills on top of their innate one. Just think of them being good at both Claw and Fang arts when they're miming."

"...Which means, we can't just watch out for either Skill and have to always be on guard for both?"

"Yep, although maintaining the miming eats up their mana, they can't just keep doing it forever."

So the reason why they keep shifting forms isn't only for dazing me but also to save MP.
I'm disappointed in myself for falling to that and get my shoulder gouged out. It might turn out differently if only I stayed calm.

"Well, we have you Alma, their constant shapeshifting won't change a thing. Oh yeah, mind hearing me out?"


"Can you use Spirit Magic to raise the ground we're on as high as you can?"

"...Got it. But I don't have much mana left, I don't know how high I can go..."

"I'll refill yours, no worries. So yeah, spirits, fight-o."

<Ugh, not another annoying job.>

<One time you had us dig a hole, this time it's hill raising. I'm tired boss.>

<Guys guys, he's gonna threaten us again if you keep grumbling! Get to it!>

"...Man it's like I'm a superior ordering corporate slaves around in an exploitative company."

Hikaru murmured while smiling wryly at the complaining spirits.
Corporate slaves? What is an exploitative company?
He'd say those weird things from time to time, but I never get what they mean.
The other day I asked him 'What's a thin book?' and he averted his eyes as he replied 'You don't need to know...' looking awkward. Those are probably questionable words again.
...Wonder what kind of world is this 'Japan'. I just can't imagine.

The spirits swiftly raised the ground we're on to around ten meter tall despite incessant yelling.

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The incoming golden wolf ran up the hill unimpeded.
The silver wolf went with long ranged attacks such as Mana Claw and Mana Fang Farslash.
These wolves wouldn't relent even after the terrain changed shape.

"Alma, please defend against the long range attacks."


Per his instruction, I activated [Ocean Blade] Magic Sword and stopped the incoming mana slashes with blades of water.
This ability can cover over a wide range, but its offensive power and speed lack behind.
Against powerful adversaries in a close quarter combat, I have to use Storm Sword if I want to catch up.
And that's why I'm incapable of dealing with the wall running golden wolf.


The golden wolf used Air Step to lunge at us.
It looks like it has [Roaring Rush] active as well, its speed is extraordinary.

"Welp, bagged one moron."


"Could have done better if you just stop and think, what an impatient pup."

The wolf rapidly decelerated before entirely stopping mid air.
It fell into a panic and started flailing around.
Hikaru has deployed a thick wall of mana cushion to block and envelop this wolf.
...So he can do something like this now.

"Once used, Air Step is unusable until after you've landed. Meaning you're utterly helpless now."

『Gaaa!! ...Gu! Guruaa...!!?』

"Try as you might flailing your legs and fangs, it's useless. Your attributes are nothing compared to this guy's parent, restraining you is a cinch."

『Pi pi.』

...Wonder what kind of monster was that parent anyway.

"...I get that you didn't hurt Alma out of malice. To live is to eat after all."

Hikaru tenderly spoke to the wolf with a gentle expression.
...But you can see the veins bulging on his forehead, and there's no hiding the wrath and bloodlust in his words. It's far scarier than him getting angry like normal.

"But that's a separate matter entirely. Now then, it's time for your punishment, welcome to hell."

『K-kyain! Kyain!!』

Lost to the sheer pressure, the golden wolf yelped in despair.
...Why am I feeling pity for this wolf instead of anger for gouging my shoulder...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 403

403 Retrieval Work


Chimera jumped into my chest. I held it as it cried, 'Meow' same as ever.

"You always showed up out of the blue huh... So? What's up? What is it this time?"

Chimera turned its eyes to look at mine before moving them to survey the bodies of magic beasts all around the stagecoach.

"...Are you, asking if you can eat those? Oy oy, is that it?"

Chimera cried once, 'Meow' as if affirming my question.

"Hold on, okay? ...Oy, coachman, ah, not good, he's frozen stiff."

His eyes popped wide, he was explaining to me about how trying to sell the ape beast would cause an uproar.
He's not moving at all now, the usual reaction by people who saw Chimera for the first time.
I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. The coachman jolted, 'Ha!?' and regained himself before turning his eyes on me.
He screamed immediately and back stepped away in a huff.

"Uooooooo!? Do! Don't get any closer! What is that magic beast!? Just what the! What's going on!?"

It's the same old same old reaction by most people facing Chimera.
Explaining is a pain. So I'm just gonna ask what I want to ask him.

"Which one of these materials are fine to sell on the market? We can't leave these bodies here anyway can we? Might as well take everything that can be turned into cash and let the rest be this guy's feast. Tell me. Which ones? I know it's gonna take some time, but we'll have to camp out either way now, might as well use this time for money making."

The coachman looked at me like I was some kinda monster calmly talking about money in this situation, but he surprisingly managed to compose himself.

"...That, that thing is safe, right? It's not gonna attack us, is it? ...The meat and leather of that magic beast fetches for high prices. Then the scythe part of that one... and entrails of that..."
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I followed his guide and retrieved everything he pointed out into my magic bag.

Once I was done, I told Chimera. 'Do as you please'. Chimera had been watching me restlessly, 'Are you done? Are you?', while I was collecting the mats.
Things moved on quickly afterward. I had piled all the remains in one spot, Chimera stood in front of it, turned into Lion Mode and started a barbecue party.
Apparently Chimera likes its meat medium done, it spewed a powerful fire breath to roast the outside before biting into the heap of meat, its eyes squinting in delight.

"Hm? How should I deal with this ape beast... Hey? What's the most valuable part of this thing?"

I spoke to the coachman who was watching Chimera feasting dumbfounded.

"...Ah!? Aaa... T-that will, be the hide on its back. That's the sturdiest part. It should make for the best leather armor... Still, I cannot even begin to imagine how much will a leather piece this big fetch for..."

The coachman explained with a look of amazement. After hearing that, I proceeded to peel off the back hide.
But a problem arose. The knife I had for dismantling purpose couldn't cut the thing. No wonder it's famous for sturdiness.
Hence I didn't hesitate to enter Acceleration and started working.
My knife peeled the hide off like a butter.
The peeled hide is in the shape of the ape's back complete with the arms'.
I got so absorbed into the work, I completely forgot that I was in Accelerated state.
By the time I undid it, the coachman stared at me like I was a monster, yet again.

"Ah, I'm done peeling. Alright. Let's depart. Yup."

Feeling slightly awkward, I glossed over the matter by talking to the four inside the stagecoach.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 131

Hunting Fest (8) Dead Chicken Alive Soarer Run


Few minutes later.
The ladies have decimated all the Iron and Silver Cocks. So strong.
Seems like Hueytt was working around the clock protecting them both, neither is hurt. Hueytt himself is all battered up though... Seriously, good work.

Their leader Greggna was having a good match against Golden Cock but he ran out of mana and stamina midway through, sending him spiraling down.
My mana was fully restored from the level up after beating Platinum Cock so I went in and cut off Golden Cock's neck from the side.
...Why did that Golden Cock's attacks feel lighter compared to Platinum Cock when it was that big anyway.
Its neck was even the size of my thigh, yet Platinum Cock's felt so much sturdier.

I'm done eliminating all the magic beasts around these parts.
The issue comes after.
First of all, my Illusory Mask broke so this party found out about my identity.

"...So Soarer was the man of that black haired brute couple."

The leader murmured when he saw my face.
What the heck is a black haired brute couple!?
Was the thing about me and Alma forcing Reina to work for us still not cleared up?

"Ah hey leader, that rumor was a misunderstanding you know?"

"Is that really how you speak about our rescuer?"

"Heck, someone this strong could easily defeat two, three B-rank magic beasts on his own. They don't need that blond girl to work for them, don't you think?"

The other three covered for me for some reason.
It might seem like they were returning the favor but upon closer inspection, they're looking at me with a tinge of fear in their eyes.
I guess someone who could slice off Platinum and Golden Cock's necks bare handed (Mana Blade Rev) would be scary...

"Forgive me, I didn't mean to blurt that out. I know the rumor about you was unfounded."

"Oh, I don't really mind... More importantly, please keep my identity as Soarer to yourself..."

"I get you, I get you. Somebody out there might set their eyes on you if peeps find out you can solo Rank A magic beasts on top of flying."

"Like say, maybe some affluent noble would order you, 'Be mine'."

"Lots of people are gonna interrogate you on the secret to obtain Flying Skill."

"At worst, you might even become a test subject of the Royal Research Institute."

Who wants that! Way scary! You guys absolutely don't tell anyone you hear me! Seriously!

"Well uh, thanks to you we'd manage to go home safely now."

"If Soarer didn't come, that chicken would have killed us all good..."

"Yeah, that's for sure. Thanks a bunch."

"Think nothing of it, I'm just doing my job."

Looks like my secret would be safe, I think.

『Pi pi.』

...Now then, what should I do about the other issue.

"...By the way, it's been bugging me, just what's up with that chick riding on your shoulder..."

"...An egg came out of Platinum Cock after it died. It hatched just when I was pondering what to do, and now this thing follows me around."

"It probably thinks you're its parent cause it saw you right after being born..."

"The so-called imprinting eh, who knew that stuff was real."



Yep, I'm honestly at my wit's end about this memento left behind by that platinum chicken.
It keeps following me everywhere I go, I'll get attached to it at this rate.
...Can't I just leave it behind here?

<<There is an extremely high chance of it dying from starvation from being unable to feed, or becoming fodder to other magic beasts-->>

Okay I get it! My bad! I won't abandon it!
Dang, this is way more troublesome than any of that platinum chicken's assault.
Thought I beat it with my trump card, turned out it got the last laugh. How'd it come to this.


Don't look at me, don't tilt your head. Dangit, so cute.
...But this thing is a magic beast right. Can I really bring it into towns...?

<<It is possible after registering at the guild as a pet beast and putting on the pet beast collar.>>

Really... No choice, guess I'll raise it as a pet.
Meaning, I gotta teach it toilet etiquette, gotta make sure it doesn't poop in public.

Whoops. I gotta go and deal with other area breachers.
From here, Alma's spot is the closest. I should go help her first.
Wait, I just realized she's fighting two of them. Gotta hurry!

"Sorry, I've got to get going now. There are other area breachers I gotta deal with."

"Yeah? Take care now!"

"Don't push yourself!"

"Hatchling-chan too, stay safe."

"H-hey! Don't you want those chicken mats!?"

"I've got enough with Platinum!"

I want the mats but there's no time to waste.
No telling how long can she hold out against those two powerful beasts, please be safe Alma!

"Let's go!」


...I'll envelop this hatchling with mana just to be safe.
It might die from shock with all the high speed flying otherwise.

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~~~~~~Alma's Point of View~~~~~

There are two wolves in front of me.
One has a silver fur, silver eyes and glimmering sharp silver claws.
The other one has a golden fur, golden eyes, and glittering pointy golden fangs.
I can't afford to let up against neither. They're obviously stronger than Yellow Area pack bosses.

As their appearances suggest, the silver wolf excels in Claw Arts, while the golden one Fang Arts.
...However, I must not easily be misled by such obvious traits.
As they both constantly swap between one another in the blink of an eye.
I can't tell which one is silver, which one is golden even now.

One wolf fights in a close range while the other covers its partner with ranged attacks, they're very tricky.
Very fast too, I can't catch up if I don't use [Storm Sword] so I can't use [Ocean Sword].
My magic is fully dedicated to defending against the ranged attacks too, my mana has been diminishing by the clock.
This can't go on.

I tried creating a pitfall and sent one of them down, but the moment the ground caved in, it escaped with Air Step.
Enemies with high Perception can seemingly read when Spirits stir, Spirit Magic can't deal decisive blows on them.
...I can't win, alone.



Oh no, they swapped again while I was needlessly lost in thought, no wait, it hasn't changed? Which one is this again.
Claws, or fangs.

It's holding its claws aloft so....

No, it's fangs! A blade of mana stretched out of its fangs before its claws reached me...

My shoulder. Intense pain.
It must have been gouged out. I can tell my blood spraying.
I can tell liquid as warm as my body temperature is seeping on my clothes.

The wolf is going for me with its fangs.

Aiming   for   my   head

Can't  dodge


"The crap you're doiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!"


As I watched the fangs about to pierce through my head like I was a spectator, waiting for my death.
A really angry looking unmasked Hikaru kicked away the wolf along with,

『Pi pi!』

...A small yellow object riding on his shoulder.

...A hatchling? Why, a hatchling?






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 402

402 Observer and Melancholy


The prime minister has appointed me a mission to investigate this man as an observer.
Me, who is said to be the next generation general. Why would I be entrusted such a trivial job? I couldn't help but wonder. As someone who doesn't have a formal position, valued only for my skill despite general himself telling me 'I'll leave the next generation to you' as his pupil, having the prime minister appoints me this mission is not a bad deal at all.
I did wonder what is the significance on the prime minister himself coming in person. But I finally realized it now.
It is to familiarize me on the existence of absurdities in this world.
Prime minister and general may have different ideas. But I'm convinced that's it after witnessing what just transpired with my own eyes.
My swordsmanship rivals the general himself. I am not boasting. General admitted it. During our sparring.
My tactical quality has brought excellent results as well. I study twice as hard as the average person. I am proud of that.
Despite all those results, I was never given a position befitting of my excellence.
Because I'm an orphan the Royal Knights picked up by chance.

Getting back on topic, who would believe what I just witnessed?
This scene of a Round Ape having its head cut by a boy who has barely come of age.
The head caused a tremor as it landed on the ground.
Followed by a huge amount of blood gushing out of its giant body like it's raining.
My eyes locked with the eyes of the beast as it lay on the ground.
One thought must have flashed between me and Round Ape, 'Unbelievable'.
Even if the particulars differed, that one point alone intersected during that brief moment.
This fleeting yet seemingly long moment ended along with the magic beast's life.
Then another tremor from the headless body slumping down the ground reached me.

"Best way to leave it intact is to kill it in one slash decisively, yup."

I couldn't understand what this black haired, black eyed boy young enough to be called a kid was saying in that instant.
I was at a loss as to how answer the question he threw my way afterward. There is no precedent.
As far as my knowledge goes, something like this is not possible.

"How much does this thing fetch for? As a reference at least."

He must have seen the face I was making as he said this after.

"Ah, did I overdo it? ...No, this must be 'it cannot be' reaction eh. Guess his mind is in chaos."
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I calmed down after looking at the boy being convinced of something on his own and squeezed out the answer to his question.

"...Frankly, I don't think you can put a price tag on it. In a good way of course. No, I suppose it's bad in a way as well..."

The boy looked surprised by this. From the bad way part.
After all his face lit up at the good way part.
I resumed my explanation.

"There has never been a precedence of such a perfectly preserved Round Ape showing up on the market. It's simply unprecedented. There is no telling how big and widespread of a commotion it would cause. Long in the past, the royal knights waged everything they had to eliminate a Round Ape, which resulted in its form barely holding up... and yet some dilettante paid a hefty sum to the kingdom for it. As for how much it was..."

Just when I was about to say it. The cry of an unknown creature echoed from afar.
I looked inside the stagecoach to ask if the ladies and the slave man, as per the report, know what it is, but they started trembling uncontrollably.
The identity of these ladies are under investigation per the report.

The answer to my question came leaping out of the forest next to the highway.
I got on guard in that exact moment but I realized it was futile as I found myself helplessly in terror at this enormous lump of mana.
Mana of an incredibly massive proportion was emitting from its body to the point that Round Ape seemed trivial in comparison.

===  ===  ===

After transporting the boy to the commercial city and going back to the kingdom, this is what I reported to my superior.

"Please don't make me come in contact with him ever again. If I were given another such mission in the future, I shall resign from the knights."

I'm sure I will never forget the the grim look prime minister and general had on their faces when I said that to them.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 130

Hunting Fest (7) End of Mortal Combat



The chicken retreated back when it saw the thing I fetched from Item Screen.
Judging from the distance and speed, that must have been Quick Step. It doesn't have enough stamina left to keep using Ground Shrink recklessly, it's not even activating Qi Clad.

I took a pair of steel gauntlets out.
They're moving around on their own, fingers and all, like they're alive.

The trick behind it is me simply moving it with remote mana control.
I may have given the gauntlets some life force to avoid the remote mana dispersing, but there's not even a sliver of energy added to them so the precision and output suffers the farther they go from me, heck even when they're close, they're only as strong as my bare hands.
But it's better than nothing. Even if they're only good for petty tricks, it's better than nothing. Gotta say it's twice because it's important etc.

Now then, here I come! Closing in with Ground Shrink!


I tried to drive another High Powered Pile Bunker, but the platinum chicken was ready to block it with Extended Mana Claw.
All while maintaining an exquisite distance using Quick Step that allows its attacks to reach me while simultaneously evading mine. This chicken is truly battle hardened.

CLINK a sound of clashing metal resounded.
The gauntlets under my control got blocked by Extended Mana Claw.
I tried to catch and bring the chicken closer, but it undid Extended Mana Claw and came for me while swinging its spur!
A mana blade created by [Prepost Mana Claw] went for my chest before its actual claw reached me but I blocked it with the gauntlets.

The pair of steel gauntlets broke down with a loud thud.
They got destroyed by [Counter Mana Claw] when Prepost Mana Claw hit them.
You're telling me Sharp Claw Arts can be used together with Claw Arts? Guess they're treated as two different Skills even though one is a derivative Skill.


The chicken cried out like saying, 'I got you' as it swung Extended Mana Claw with all its might.
I have no gauntlets to block it and there's no way to dodge. It got me!

You think?

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The spur stopped just before it reached me.
No, not just the spur. The entire chicken who had jumped off the ground has stopped midair.

Hook line and sinker.

I'm done preparing High Powered Pile Bunker.
Then I drive it at the chicken who's put on a 'what's going on' look on its face.

The chicken's body got blown away several meter back along with an explosion.
One of its legs has been torn off, spraying blood.
It's bruised all over its body, blood is seeping out of its mouth, it looks pitiful.
However, that didn't finish it off. Its body is intact and most importantly, flames of life haven't left its eyes.
...To think it had the reflex to immediately use Counter Mana Claw with its broken leg in that situation.

The chicken stopped midair because I caught it in between remote controlled hardened mana.
It was quite heavy for a chicken, but still far lighter than a person so the strategy worked.
It could have gotten out of the bind by kicking its legs on the ground if it wasn't midair.
I believe it could have gotten away with Air Step but it seemed the chicken was too caught up in the moment.

The reason I made the gauntlets move around was to trick it into believing that I had no shields left when I lost them and made it go in for the kill even though I could control invisible mana remotely.
Even if it didn't jump off and just made a big move, I could still anticipate it. Smaller moves are hard to read.

Despite losing one leg and having its internal organs wrecked, the chicken kept glaring at me.
You still wanna go? I won't chase you if you flee now.
But I won't show any mercy if you're coming. No letting my guard down till I've dealt the finishing blow.
I glare back at it as I slowly walk up to it. Come at me anytime.
...Why am I stuck having a face off against a chicken anyway...

Ten steps between us.
This chicken can use Mana Claw Farslash yet it chooses not to. Wonder if it can't use it well with just one leg.

Nine steps.
Menu screen opened on its own as I took another step.

<<Warning: Through Platinum Cock's Master Skill [Revenge Claw], its lost HP has been added to its Sharp Claw Arts offensive power. There is a high likelihood of Kajikawa Hikaru losing all his HP if he takes a hit.>>

So getting hit by that Skill can mean instant death huh, scary.

As I read the screen, three more steps between us.
The chicken is still unmoving.

Two steps left. Still not moving.

One step. Nope.

Just as I took a stance to finish it,

A blast erupted with the chicken as the focal point.

What, just happened

<<Martial Arts Skill Lv10 Ability [Qi Active Blast] Consume stamina to generate a blowing blast around user. User is unaffected by the blast.>>

...It was hiding this trump card.
The chicken used Ground Shrink to zeroed in on me who had been blown away and swung its spur.
Remote controlled mana can't stop it. The blast earlier blew away all the mana I had floated around me.
With me down on my knee and losing balance, I can't move my arms to block it either.

Well times like this is precisely why I trained myself to be able to drive Pile Bunker from anywhere on my body.
It's kind of a one trick phony, but hey so long as it works. I'm gonna keep blocking these attacks.
I drove away the claw aimed at me from the side instead of frontally.

S-so heavy...! It's like taking a hit from an automobile moving at full speed.
My pile would have been easily dispersed had I took it head-on.
This chicken would have likely swung its other leg had it been intact.

But, I got through it.
With its attack parried away, the chicken lost its balance.
I focused all the energy I had left into my right arm and activated Mana Blade Rev.
I made it move like a chainsaw and boosted its speed as well as sharpness with energy control. This should cut through this chicken no matter how high its Attributes are.
I swung Mana Blade Rev down the chicken.
The chicken twisted its body, intending to block me with its spur. It managed to recover from that huh, this chicken is truly persistent till the end.

But, it's no use.
With so much energy concentrated into it, my Mana Blade Rev's ATK has likely exceeded four digits.
As a proof, it cut through the spur and dug deep into its body.

Now then, you have no more weapon left. Still wanna go?
With both its legs gone, no more means to attack, and it suffering from a fatal hit, the chicken is


That's not a face of resignation. It's looking triumphant even, staring straight at me--

STAB, I felt something pierced through my head along with the mask.
Deja vu, reminded me of that time with the bandits.

A blade of mana extended from the chicken's beak, piercing through my head. Splitting my mask, and revealing my face.
Extended Mana Claw, no this thing's also got Fang Arts, didn't it. Extended Mana Fang huh.
Trump card after trump card. Its true final attack huh.
...Well done.

It would have been your victory had my HP not worked as a buffer to my body.
I grabbed the chicken's neck, pulled out its beak and stared at its face.

Mana Blade Rev lopped its head off.

The head fluttered in the air before hitting the ground.

Its eyes had a look of shock for a brief moment before peacefully closing.

Finally, the end.

"Phew, phew, pheeeeeew....!"

I fell to my knees while groaning.
My whole body is shaking, I can't breathe in or out well.
Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, my vocabulary suffered after that threat of death.

How many times I almost died in this fight.
The last blow especially. I would have definitely died if not for HP buffer.
Fear of death dominated my mind over joy of victory. I don't wanna fight anything this strong ever againnn...


Something lightly hit my leg as I regained my breathing while half-crying.
...Mwu? A white ball fell out of the chicken's rear... An egg?
Did its buttock loosened up from dying, wait this chicken was a female...
I was wondering how the meat taste, maybe the egg would taste good too.
Gotta take this back home and check out--


Noticing that weird noise, I looked at the egg and saw a crack forming as it moved.

No way

<<The egg, was hatching.>>

Tell me about it sooner!? Didn't it just come out of the butt!?
Is this because it's an egg of a high level magic beast? But I can't eat it now.
Wait no, this is gonna end up with a new magic beast being born, isn't it!? What do I do, Menu-san!

<<Level has reached a certain threshold. Updating Menu Functions.>>

Of all time, now!?
Postpone that for now, tell me what to do about this egg, aaaaah! It's hatched already!






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 401

401 Watchdog, Threat, Money


(Which means I can't just beat all these powerful magic beasts effortlessly, gotta make a good show out of it.)

I think to myself while shifting Accelerated state to the lowest stage, preparing to break the encirclement.
My surroundings gradually change as I enter Acceleration. The noisy clatters of threatening magic beasts disappear.
Their flaunting of claws and fangs also become slow motion.

(Now then, there's a lot of them, I'll just treat this like a stroll.)

Just right, we have a nice weather today. I slowly walk my way toward the magic beasts.
A world where only I can perform. To these magic beasts, I must look like I'm moving at a speed beyond their understanding.

(Wonder if the watchdog can follow my movement? Well, he should at least understand that I did it.)

Being optimistic that even the dullest man would get it, I fetch my katana from magic bag and slowly draw it to perform an iai slash.
The blade sunk into a bear's torso without resistance. By the time it came off, the damage was fatal.
Its torso was very thick being a magic beast and all, its skin would have been impenetrable to ordinary swords.
However, my katana easily sliced through it all.

(With this, my watchdog should understand that they cannot make an enemy out of me. But I might as well clean this whole mess up. Our stagecoach can't go on with these beasts around.)

Afterward, I carefully and slowly swung my katana on the wolves, low altitude bees, spiders and all kinds of magic beasts here.
A boar seemingly noticed what I was doing as its eyes turned into a look of shock and proceeded to point its fangs toward me, however, it could never catch up to the Accelerated me.
There's no way I can't dodge something so slow. These beasts look like they're moving in super slow motion to me no matter how hard they try.

(It's survival of the fittest out there, don't blame for this okay? Go curse that ape instead.)
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In the end, I sliced apart all the beasts besieging our stagecoach without missing any.
By the time I was done with the last one, the first bear I cut had finally turned into two chunks of falling meat.

(The original world only experienced that much time despite how long I spent in this Accelerated world huh...)

Really shows how much gap there is between the two world's time axis, I'm getting a new perspective on my power yet again.

"Hey coachman, is this enough to alleviate your concern? Let me take care of that ape now."

As I undid Acceleration, the magic beasts fell apart one after another.
I spoke to the coachman in the meantime. A threat to the kingdom's watchdog.
All that's left is to send a 'know your place' message by taking care of the ape.
This coachman is a watchdog the kingdom sent to orbit around me. I don't really mind it, but neither do I approve.
The kingdom must regard me as a threat. This coachman is here to ensure that I don't pose a risk to the kingdom itself. This must be the prime minister's handiwork. I have an agreement with the princess, and I don't see her as someone who'd plot up something like this.
Being treated like a fugitive doesn't feel too nice.
Hence this serves as a warning to them, 'Don't annoy me more than this, capiche?'
'But won't that put them on high alert instead?', that thought crossed my mind, however, I prioritized all the piled up irritation they caused and anger venting.

"How should I go about this? ...Come to think of it, does that thing fetch a high price? If I recall right, you can sell magic beasts materials. My financial situation should be set if I do just that at the commercial city."

I finally realized a way to solve my monetary issue now after all this time. A realization that came so late. Especially when there were many past opportunities for it.
There's no need to take valuables off criminals, I can earn more with magic beasts.
I had never considered that since I was never fixated with money. Just no interest whatsoever.
Now that I've finally realized that getting the fund is a necessary step toward finding somewhere I can build my home at, I'm pondering the best way to cut up the cash, I mean the ape magic beast ahead.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 129

Hunting Fest (6) Frantic Efforts




Right after platinum chicken gave its order, the chicken corps unleashed their Skills all together.
A barrage of shining mana slashes let out of their claws. Mana Blade Farslash, no, Mana Claw Farslash! Oh no, there's too many to defend against!

"All of you, get behind me!!"

As the silver haired young man, Wall Shielder Hueytt shouted that, he stabbed his greatshield on the ground and activated a Skill.
A mana shield, no a mana 'Wall' expanded out of his greatshield and blocked the barrage of slashes.
On the receiving end, Hueytt was in agony, desperately holding on, looking like he'd succumb soon.


"Kyaaaaaa!! H-hey leader! Are we gonna be all right!?"

"Don't ask me! Huey, endure it! We're all done for if you don't!"

"I-it's no good...! I won't last 10 second longer...!!"

Oh crap, there's no time to formulate a detailed strategy!
Can't be helped, I'll play it by ear! AKA shooting in the dark! ...Strategy?

We're dead if we don't stop this storm of slashes.
However leaving this wall will turn you into a mince meat, yet you can't attack from here either.
...That may sounds contradictory, but I do have a way to get back at them!

"Oy, can you hear me!? Plug your ears, all of you!!"

"Eh!? W-what are you--"

"Just do it! Unless you wanna get hit too!"

"W-wait! I'm!?"

"I'll plug yours, don't worry!"

Our shielder Hueytt raised his concern, but I plugged his ears with remote controlled mana, no problem.
Now then, just gotta pray it works!

I concentrate on explosively reinforcing my respiratory organs and throat with energy for a brief moment.
I could feel myself breathing in much more air than usual. In fact, there's an incredible volume of air going into my lungs, my chest has swelled up unnaturally.

I make my palms in the shape of a megaphone to direct the sound wave and let out all the air in my lungs as I scream!!


A roaring voice loud enough to seemingly rupture my eardrum came out of my mouth.
It even made Hueytt's mana wall to form a crack from the intensity. These four would have likely passed out if they didn't plug their ears.
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『G-glu! Gluck!? Gluuuuck!!?』

The chickens fell into chaos after getting hit by my voice.
Only the golden and platinum ones seem fine, their high resistance must have staved it off.
But, this is good enough. It succeeded temporarily neutralizing all other chickens.

"W-what was that loud yell for, you..."

"I-I plugged them yet my ears are still ringing...!"

The party of four looked at me reproachfully as they grumbled. Oh c'mon, bear with this much.
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"Those chickens are in disarray, this is our chance! Squeeze out the power you have left and exterminate them! Leader, you take care of that golden chicken! You're the only one here who can deal with that!"

"O-ou! Leave it to me!"

"Kill the iron and silver ones by raining them down with arrows and magic while they're still running around like headless chickens!"

"I-I only have little mana left, no guarantee it's enough to kill them all okay!? I don't have mana recovery pills left too!"

"M-me too...!"

"Give me your hands! I have a magic tool to transfer mana! Quickly!"

I grabbed the Sorcerer and Pinpoint Archer's hands and transferred my MP.
I gave them each 140 MP, I'd like to believe that's enough.
And now I only have 50 MP remaining. But it's no issue as I throw some mana recovery pills into my mouth straight from Item Screen.
I was so panicked during that battle with Red Boar, I never thought of this but I'm capable of such handy little techniques now. You've gotta stay calm and composed.
Eh, then why didn't I just give these two those pills? I'm sorry I was panicking I forgot... I'm a dumdum.

"My mana really came back...! Now I can!"

"I-I'm gonna skewer them all with arrows!"

The two go on a revenge quest as they rain down arrows and wind magic on the chickens, nice, keep at it.

"You protect those two from their attacks."

"I-I got it... What about that small boss chicken?"

"I'll take it down... No more holding back, no mercy."

I was wrong trying to save my mana and energy for later encounters.
It's not an enemy I could defeat while holding back, gotta go with all my might. Even if it's just a chicken, even if it's just a chicken! What's this mysterious sense of humiliation for having to go all out against a mere chicken!

I close our distance with pseudo ground shrink again! Now what are you gonna do, play another game of tag?
I'm quite fine with that. Would make things easy to me if it self-destructs.


A sharp glint in its eyes you wouldn't think coming from a chicken.
Seemingly ready to take me on, it turned its spurs toward me.
This chicken's Attributes are far above mine. I'd normally have no chance in a direct clash, but I'll get it done somehow by making full use of mana control, energy control and all the tools I put in Item Screen!

I wrap my entire body in Mana Armor, and strengthen my body with all the energy I have left to close the gap in our Attributes!
I've got the first strike, High Powered Pile Bunker!

BOOOM! The sound of explosive liquid hit by the pile roared.
With little to no difference in our Attributes, landing it wasn't too hard.
But the chicken survived. A mere rank B magic beast would have died in one hit, but this platinum chicken blocked the attack with its spur.
Not to mention, the recoil from that High Powered Pile Bunker was only at 50% the usual. It must have activated some sort of Skill when the spur took the hit.

<<Sharp Claw Arts Skill Lv2 Ability [Counter Mana Claw], an ability to burst mana when claw hits an object, landing a strong impact upon contact.>>

That sounds handy for parrying enemies attacks. In fact, that impact blew it several meter back.
But I have to say, it's a bad move. The leg that blocked my pile is not only bloodied, it's also bent out of shape.


Still unrelenting, the chicken shoved the ground using its broken leg and closed in on me with Ground Shrink.
It must have judged that trying to take a defensive approach would only result in its unharmed leg getting broken or its damaged leg getting torn off by my High Powered Pile Bunker.
...A sound judgment coming from a birdhead. This chicken is strong, no two ways around it.

It swiped at me with its unhurt claw, but sadly, the reach of a chicken can't possibly outstrip my--
No, wait!



A blade of mana got me before its spur could!?
Extended Mana Claw? ...No that ability merely extends reach. But the attack earlier got to me before it swung its spur.

<<Claw Art Skill Lv10 Ability [Prepost Mana Claw] a rapid multi-step mana blade attack that manifests before or after the swinging of claw. User can freely choose which.>>

Not another troublesome ability! This chicken's got way too many tricks up its sleeve!
It must be super effective in close quarter combat.
...Guess great minds think alike huh.

I fetched certain things I bought from Weapon Store.
Now then, let's see if this petty trick works on this chicken.

...Why am I having a good fight against a chicken anyway.
I'm putting my all on the line here, yet this whole thing must look so surreal seen from the sidelines...






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