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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 403

403 Retrieval Work


Chimera jumped into my chest. I held it as it cried, 'Meow' same as ever.

"You always showed up out of the blue huh... So? What's up? What is it this time?"

Chimera turned its eyes to look at mine before moving them to survey the bodies of magic beasts all around the stagecoach.

"...Are you, asking if you can eat those? Oy oy, is that it?"

Chimera cried once, 'Meow' as if affirming my question.

"Hold on, okay? ...Oy, coachman, ah, not good, he's frozen stiff."

His eyes popped wide, he was explaining to me about how trying to sell the ape beast would cause an uproar.
He's not moving at all now, the usual reaction by people who saw Chimera for the first time.
I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. The coachman jolted, 'Ha!?' and regained himself before turning his eyes on me.
He screamed immediately and back stepped away in a huff.

"Uooooooo!? Do! Don't get any closer! What is that magic beast!? Just what the! What's going on!?"

It's the same old same old reaction by most people facing Chimera.
Explaining is a pain. So I'm just gonna ask what I want to ask him.

"Which one of these materials are fine to sell on the market? We can't leave these bodies here anyway can we? Might as well take everything that can be turned into cash and let the rest be this guy's feast. Tell me. Which ones? I know it's gonna take some time, but we'll have to camp out either way now, might as well use this time for money making."

The coachman looked at me like I was some kinda monster calmly talking about money in this situation, but he surprisingly managed to compose himself.

"...That, that thing is safe, right? It's not gonna attack us, is it? ...The meat and leather of that magic beast fetches for high prices. Then the scythe part of that one... and entrails of that..."
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I followed his guide and retrieved everything he pointed out into my magic bag.

Once I was done, I told Chimera. 'Do as you please'. Chimera had been watching me restlessly, 'Are you done? Are you?', while I was collecting the mats.
Things moved on quickly afterward. I had piled all the remains in one spot, Chimera stood in front of it, turned into Lion Mode and started a barbecue party.
Apparently Chimera likes its meat medium done, it spewed a powerful fire breath to roast the outside before biting into the heap of meat, its eyes squinting in delight.

"Hm? How should I deal with this ape beast... Hey? What's the most valuable part of this thing?"

I spoke to the coachman who was watching Chimera feasting dumbfounded.

"...Ah!? Aaa... T-that will, be the hide on its back. That's the sturdiest part. It should make for the best leather armor... Still, I cannot even begin to imagine how much will a leather piece this big fetch for..."

The coachman explained with a look of amazement. After hearing that, I proceeded to peel off the back hide.
But a problem arose. The knife I had for dismantling purpose couldn't cut the thing. No wonder it's famous for sturdiness.
Hence I didn't hesitate to enter Acceleration and started working.
My knife peeled the hide off like a butter.
The peeled hide is in the shape of the ape's back complete with the arms'.
I got so absorbed into the work, I completely forgot that I was in Accelerated state.
By the time I undid it, the coachman stared at me like I was a monster, yet again.

"Ah, I'm done peeling. Alright. Let's depart. Yup."

Feeling slightly awkward, I glossed over the matter by talking to the four inside the stagecoach.





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