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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 407

407 What is Curse?


I walked up toward the middle of the bridge while watching the endlessly serene scenery.
Then, right as I arrived, that happened. It was nothing more than a small tremor at first.
As it gradually grew stronger, I realized what was happening.
You could perhaps call it a flood? The volume of water coming from upstream is obviously unlike before.
It's clear even seen from afar, the incoming wave must be reaching three meter tall.

(That thing really only showed up once I got to the bridge's dead center... That wave is even big enough to cover the entirety of this huge river bank to bank with nowhere to run, what a joke...)

A tidal wave that only got generated after I stopped in the middle of the bridge just screams intentionally made.

(It's only logical to think someone planned this up... But there's nowhere to hide around here, I don't see anyone...)

Despite seemingly looking artificially made, there's no traces of such around.
This realization made me hang my head as I groaned.

"There's no denying it anymore, this must have been caused by the 'something' inside me... Finding that out so concretely here, what a huge blow."

I wanted to believe that it was some sort of karma up until this point. That all those events had always been waiting to occur on their own and I just happened to bump into them.

But this one is clearly different. In order to prove that, I entered Acceleration, crossed the bridge and ran upstream to confirm the 'cause' of this tidal wave.

I cursed my fate here. There really was nothing whatsoever. I kept running while peering into the translucent water, trying to find any sort of abnormality. But I couldn't find any.
I lost track how far I got. There should have been a lot of water getting sprayed everywhere considering the size of that wave.
I kept looking for spilled water around the banks and even toured back to where I was, and still found no abnormality.
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I cursed my 'Power' by the time I got back to the bridge.

(Ou, ou, ou, I never asked for this power. If all these absurd events are gonna keep finding their way to me, my future plan is gonna be in shamble! Fine then, I'll never stop resisting! I'm gonna make my retirement plan a success by any means necessary! And I need money for that!)

You gotta work if you want to raise money. But my 'constitution' prevents normal jobs. I'm well aware of that.
Therefore average employments are out of question. What should I do? There's no way I can find the answer.
As someone who knows nothing about this world, I have no clue about money making jobs.
I don't want to stand out. There will be an endless flock of people trying to exploit me if my fame becomes known far and wide. I don't want that kind of future.

As I was thinking that on my way back to the stagecoach, I tried really hard recounting everything I experienced in my journey so far.
Is there anything I could use? Isn't there a way to obtain money without announcing my presence to the world?

I undid my Acceleration once I got back near the stagecoach. The tidal wave encroaching the bridge moved once again.
The force it produced was tremendous. It crashed against the object in its way aka the bridge, scattering huge splashes of water everywhere. Disturbed by this impact, the calm glittering water surface got roughed up and brought about a voluminous amount of water to the riverbanks.
Contrasting all that was the light reflecting on the splashing water in the air, creating a fairytale-like spectacle.

Once it was all over, the bridge remained there unmoved. This bridge must have been reinforced with magic seeing as it managed to withstand that.
The bridges have railings connecting both sides of banks. Despite the amount of force the bridge took head on, those railings haven't been budged at all. They're way too sturdy. Far beyond the limit a manmade structure could reach.
The only explanation for a method that makes it possible in a fantasy world is magic.

As I was busy admiring this fact, the ladies, the coachman and the underling were looking vacantly into the horizon with dropped jaws.






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