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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.9


Eliza's attitude is completely unlike someone seeking apology, but Lecan doesn't really care about that.

"Guess that means old man Termin won't have trouble living his life."

"What? What tomfoolery are you spouting. There is an endless line of people who wish the elder's appraisals for a huge sum of money. Having elder Termin's name on the appraisal tag alone makes it worth so much more. He is under special treatment even at his home."

"Yeah? That's a relief."

"Lecan-dono, I want you to accompany me now and persuade elder Termin to stay at Tsubolt."

"I refuse."


"What's the old man wanna do is his alone to decide. Not my place to meddle in."

"But the elder is going to leave this town because of what you said to him!"

"I'll tell you exactly the words I spoke to the old man."


"I just got summoned by the General Dungeon Chief Administrator. Chief Administrator knew that I used Secret Appraisal service. As well as what's written on the appraisal tag. She told me to show her the Grace Gear. Chief Administrator claimed I'm feigning ignorance. She said the observer Gwislan clearly saw the appraisal tag elder Termin wrote. That man's apparently a spy, I believe he's got some sort of skill that lets him see distant objects magnified."

"Is that all?"

"I said this too. I have no doubt that you're just doing your job. The blame is entirely off you in this matter either. But I don't think they'd only send a spy for me. In other word, this is likely how they've always done it with every Secret Appraisal session. Details in Secret Appraisal get passed down to the administrative office as well as the town lord."

"Why would you even say that. And then?"

"That's it."

"But then how come the elder got mad."

"Do you really not get it?"

"Are you talking about how I saw the Secret Appraisal's tag? However that is our house, Marquis Notz's duty and right as the ruler of Tsubolt. It's simply unthinkable for us to be be ignorant of what comes out of our dungeon."

"I see. So that's how you see it. Then this talk is over. Go home."

"You impudent!"
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"Young miss."

Zoltan who had been keeping silent right behind Eliza interrupted.

"What did elder Termin tell you do again."

"He told me to apologize to Lecan-dono first."

"Then you should apologize first thing first."

Eliza turned around and looked at Zoltan over her shoulder.

"Stand up. And apologize to Lecan-dono with your hand on your chest."

"How should I apologize?"

"Think up words of apology on your own. What have you done wrong, how do you ask forgiveness for that. And what actions you ought to take after apologizing. Spin up your words after thinking that through."

Eliza thought things over for a little while, then she stood up, pushed her palm in the middle of her chest and spoke to Lecan.

"I apologize for having your secret disclosed. I shall take every measures available to keep it confidential. Yale. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me."

Lecan stood up, pushed his right fist on his left chest and spoke.

"I accept your apology. However, whether I will forgive you or not hinges on the actions you take from here on out. Yale."

Eliza and Lecan sat back on their chairs.

"You won't forgive me right away?"

"How the heck could I. You broke an oath on me."

Honestly speaking, Lecan is still mad. But there's no turning back time to make it never happened. Eliza and the town lord have found out about Lecan reaching floor 121 and him acquiring a <Comet Cutter>. Nothing can be done about that now.

He never intended to keep it a secret forever nor was it something that could be kept hidden indefinitely. These kinds of things will always find a way out of secrecy.

Besides, putting himself in their shoes, he can understand why the marquis family wishes to know about items that get dropped in the dungeon.

What Lecan finds offensive is the deceptive way they go about it. And how they have absolutely zero remorse over their actions.

The previous Lecan would have cut off one of chubby man's limbs, and furiously cursed at Eliza.

Yet right now he's calmly ruminating the right course of actions to take in this situation instead of rushing headlong to pummel his irritations onto the other party. This wolf is changing bit by bit.


Zoltan spoke up.

"Young miss is truly clueless as to why elder Termin is mad. Sorry. Mind if you clue her in on it."

Lecan let out a sigh, and began talking slowly.

"Chief administrator-dono. You've got to ask the old man in person if you wanna know the real reason why he's bent on leaving Tsubolt. But I don't think there's any doubt that the old man feels he's been betrayed by Marquis of Tsubolt."


Lecan let out another sigh. And continued on.

"First, consider just what is Secret Appraisal anyway."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.8


The person opening the door didn't go in right away.

Instead, General Dungeon Chief Administrator, Eliza Notz got in through the door.

"Pardon me."

Behind her, the tall man bent over as he passed the door.

It's a curious looking man.

He's taller than Lecan. He's thin and lanky, but his bones are thick, and the muscles sticking to his bones haven't lost their firmness. He's wearing a leather vest on top of a nicely ventilated shirt. His trousers look quite sturdy. And the longsword hanging on his waist looks very small relative to his height.

He's an elderly. Quite at an advanced age. Yet he's still overflowing with life force.

And the most striking feature is how his face is missing the flesh on a third of his right mouth to before his right ear. His teeth and cheekbone in that area are exposed due to that fact.

Nark who noticed the visitors came out of the kitchen and stopped moving.

"Well dang, this takes me back. If it ain't Zoltan!"

"Hey sonny, been a while eh."

"Hahahahaha. Yer' still callin' this old man sonny? Come on in, don't just stand there, get..."

That was when Nark saw Eliza. It's clear at a glance that she's a noblewoman. Very high up on the ladder at that.

Lecan spoke to the frozen up Nark.

"She's General Dungeon Chief Administrator, Eliza Notz. Think she's the marquis's niece or something."

"C-c-c-chief administrator? Mar, mar, mar, mar."

"You're Lecan-dono then."


"I am Zoltan. Here today as a guide and escort for the young miss. Mind if young miss takes a seat?"

"Yea. Excuse my lack of tact. Chief administrator-dono, have a seat."

"You have my thanks."

Eliza waited around for a bit but as no one would pull a chair for her, she went and did it herself.

"Aren't the four outside coming in?"

"Don't think it'd be good if so many people got in. I have them wait outside."

"I see. You're not gonna sit?"

"I'll remain standing. For as long as I'm guarding young miss that is."
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"Do as you like."

Zoltan pointed his finger at the kitchen toward Nark. A sign to leave them privately. Nark obediently went inside.

"Lecan-dono, that was just too cruel."

"Well that's sudden, chief administrator-dono. What did I do again?"

"Elder Termin has made an ultimatum that he will go back to the royal capital. Along with his disciples. Just why and how did it come to that?"

"Come to what."

"You must have told the elder to stop working here and go back to the capital."

"I said nothing of the sort. To begin with, I didn't even know that old man's from capital."

"Then how come the elder wished to go back to the capital all of a sudden?"

"What happened after I left the Administrative Office the other day?"

"Elder Termin sought an audience with me. 'In the matter of Secret Appraisal service adventurer Lecan paid one big gold coin for, the sitting observer Gwislan broke the oath, stole the content of the appraisal tag which he reported to the Chief Administrator, then based on that report, Chief Administrator revealed that she knew about the result to adventurer Lecan, in effect admitting that the sitting observer Gwislan saw the content of the appraisal tag. Do you have any excuse for this'. Thus he asked out of nowhere."

"Hou. What did you tell him?"

"I cannot answer that as it pertains the Marquis House's secret."

"Hee. Did the old man relent then?"

"No. He inquired further. 'You must have been stealing the results of all Secret Appraisal that have been performed thus far, and got them reported, do you not'."

"He pressed on eh. So what's your answer, administrator-dono."

"'It is not stealing. We, the marquis house are simply finding out that which is our right to know.' So I said to him."

"You... No, forget it. So was that the end of it?"

"No it wasn't! Elder Termin spoke thus. 'I and my disciples shall hereby take our leave from this town, I expect you to deliver the overdue payment to the capital'."

"Hou. Brazenly done. But, I thought old man Termin lived in Tsubolt or an employee of the marquis house, so he got a house at the capital eh."

"You cannot be saying that you are not aware of who Elder Termin is, can you?"

"Got acquainted at the trade facility here."

"That's not funny for a joke. Elder Termin is renowned as the kingdom's best appraiser in everything swords, you know."

Lecan never thought he was that important.

But if you think about it, this place is Tsubolt. <Dungeon of Swords>. It's probably the place to get the best and biggest amount of swords in the whole kingdom. Nothing surprising with the kingdom's best sword appraisers flocking here.

"I asked him. How did it come to you going home. Your working period per the contract is not over yet. Then the elder replied back. 'His excellency Marquis of Tsubolt has violated his contract with me. Defiling the oath, trampling it underfoot. Therefore, I shall not remain here any longer'."

(That old man's unexpectedly fiery.)

"When this matter reached my uncle, marquis's ears, his wrath was truly immense. He ordered me to make the elder stay at Tsubolt no matter what even if it means I have to grovel on the ground. I paid a visit to elder Termin. Then he told me to ask forgiveness from Lecan-dono first of all. And so I have come here."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.6_7


Lecan recalled the scenes in which Shira, aka Nike wielded her <Comet Cutter> in his mind. She'd freely lengthen and shrink down the blade while fighting like she was dancing.

(I wanna get to that level one day.)

(But it's not gonna happen overnight.)

His goal for now is to generate and maintain a minimum length of the magic blade.

In this sword's case that's twofold. Or just about one step long. Half of which the metal blade part wrapped in magic blade from the base, and the other half consists of the magic blade only. Or you could say that only half a step long blade is made of a pure magic blade at its minimum length. At maximum length, it's twice that, or four step long.

Its minimum blade length being a step long is not actually short at all. It's a very standard length for a long sword.

(I gotta master this length first thing first.)

What he needs to do is to practice generating the magic blade at this length using the least amount of mana.

And also grasping the knack to maintain the magic blade while consuming the littlest possible amount of mana.

Once the magic blade has been generated, it will stay manifested as long as you keep supplying the sword with very little mana. However, the blade will disappear if the continuous supply of mana falls below a certain amount. Lecan can keep the blade manifested if he just pours lots of mana constantly, but he'd be just wasting mana then.

Lecan fully immersed himself in the practice.

He was staggering by the time he realized.

Casting magic consumes something akin to stamina. You may say it's like magical stamina.

Absorbing mana from magic stones also uses up this magical stamina. Once or twice in small doses are nothing, but absorbing a lot in one go is quite exhausting. The act of absorbing mana also tires you out, and your body experiences a peculiar sense of unpleasantness while it's acclimatizing itself to the absorbed mana.

Emitting mana also consumes this magical stamina. Even people who like to sing will have their throat dried up, organs fatigued and found it hard to even stand if they kept singing loudly for an extended period of time. And then they lost the mood to sing. It's the same principle.

Lecan got carried away in his magic blade training and sucked up so much mana from magic stones, he drove himself to exhaustion. Complete exhaustion. And with it vertigo, headache and nausea.

He used up lots of magic stones too. He went through his entire supply of small magic stones, and it'd take him three to four, no five to six days to refill all medium and large magic stones he emptied. And that's only if he doesn't use his mana for other things in the meantime.

Lecan staggered his way back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

It was way past dinner time, Tsuinga and Bruska were having a drink.

Lecan's portion was still there.

Seeing Lecan's state, Yoana asked him out of worry.

"Whoa there, what's up? It's you we're talking 'bout here so I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. But that was way late. Didja have a run in with a strong one?"

"Yeah. A real toughie."

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The following morning, Lecan couldn't get up his bed. He just couldn't get himself out of his bed like he was having an awful hangover. He cast <Recovery> on himself which helped a tad, but the revolting feeling wouldn't go away. He slept until noon. He got in bed early that night without drinking.

The following day, he didn't feel like going out either.

He took a late breakfast, a nap, and then got up in the noon for a meal.

As he stared into space while drinking his tea, a strong light suddenly dwelt in Lecan's eye.


(They're here.)

Among many red dots displayed in <Life Detection>, three especially strong dots that are unlike others are heading here.

One among those three seems familiar. It's the woman that was in the adjacent room during his audience with the Chief Administrator the other day. It's probably the Marquis House's finest mage. However, her red dot is only the second strongest. The strongest red dot easily exceeds hers.

(Oy oy, that their ace up sleeve or something?)

Five other not really strong red dots are moving with them. As well as companions without mana.

Before long, the eight red dots got within <3D Perceptions>'s range.

(It's a wagon.)

(A huge one.)

(Yeah that thing ain't gonna fit the path here.)

(Two other horses besides the ones drawing the wagon.)

(Knights huh.)


(This guy.)

The individual leading the way is on foot, and very tall. Taller than Lecan. This individual is the one with the highest mana pool.

(Not a knight.)

(An adventurer eh.)

The wagon stopped. Some people came out of it and started walking toward <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

(Two are left to tend the wagon huh.)

Six red dots are drawing closer.


The tall individual was walking foremost, and surprisingly, the person behind them is none other than the chief administrator herself. Someone that high up going out of her way to visit a place like this surely doesn't occur often.

Lecan noticed something as the six came even closer.

(That tall lanky fella leading the way.)

(Not only got some crazy amount of mana.)

(But also some real extraordinary skills.)

(But this feeling.)

(This sensation.)

(Could it be.)

(Could it be.)

It was such a nostalgic feeling. Lecan almost shouted out loud in reflex.

He had never imagined that this sensation even existed and that he would actually experience it.

But there's no mistaking it. There's no doubt. The individual drawing closer is exactly that.

The six arrived in front of <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

A knocking sound.

The door got opened before anyone replied.

"Coming in."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.5


That chubby man was the culprit after all. Lecan always had his suspicion. Since there was no mana emission, it wasn't a magic. Must be some sort of skill. In his previous world, there were skills that allowed one to see faraway objects magnified. Must be that type.

(But still, their info is quite half-baked.)


As the guy was reading with bare eyes, the parts in his blind spot should remain invisible. Or perhaps the skill couldn't read too small characters. The explanation part on that appraisal tag was written in compact and tightly placed letters, and got handed to Lecan right after it was written. Then, when elder Termin wrote on the back of the tag later, he held it in his palm and used small letters again.

(Is that why the guy could only read the front side and the big lettered part?)

Lecan took the appraisal tag.

<Name: Comet Cutter>

<Type: Magic Sword>

<Offense: 20>

<Hardness: 20>

<Firmness: 20>

<Sharpness: 50>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: 100>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121>


<Depth: 121>

<Grace: Magic Blade (Offense tenfold, sharpness tenfold, length two-fivefold), Damage Restoration>

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(These are all written in big letters.)

(Likely why the guy could read it.)

(But the part after that.)

(Probably safe to assume they don't know about the details on <Magic Blade> Grace.)

After ruminating that much, Lecan stopped his walk toward his inn.

He recalled elderly appraiser Termin.

(That old man.)

(Probably takes pride in his job.)

Lecan turned around and went to the trade facility.

There's a long line of people seeking elder Termin's service like usual. Lecan walked briskly to the elder's counter and spoke.


"You need something?"

"I just got summoned by the General Dungeon Chief Administrator."


"Chief Administrator knew that I used Secret Appraisal service. As well as what's written on the appraisal tag. She told me to show her the Grace Gear."

"What'd you say."

"Chief Administrator claimed I'm feigning ignorance. She said the observer Gwislan clearly saw the appraisal tag elder Termin wrote."

The elder scowled with an intense look on his eyes.

"That man's apparently a spy, I believe he's got some sort of skill that lets him see distant objects magnified."

Termin stood up and bowed at Lecan.

"Sorry. Forgive me."

"I have no doubt that you're just doing your job. The blame is entirely off you in this matter either. But I don't think they'd only send a spy for me. In other word, this is likely how they've always done it with every Secret Appraisal session. Details in Secret Appraisal get passed down to the administrative office as well as the town lord."

"Understood. You have my gratitude for telling me this. Somebody, take this spot!"

Elder Termin went inside in violent strides.

Elder Termin can't possibly go complain directly to the townlord as long as he lives in this town. It would be bad if he lost his job at his age.

But Lecan cannot just not tell him that he's being deceived either. Hence he went and did.

What the elder's gonna do from now on. That's up to elder Termin himself.

Lecan also left. As he passed through the exit, an employee came running, calling for his name.

"Lecan-dono! You're Lecan-dono, right?"

"Yeah, I am."

"This is for you."

The employee had one big gold coin in their hand.

"It's from elder Termin."

That old man's got integrity all right, thought Lecan as he received the money.

"I'll take it. Tell him I said thanks."

Then just as he was about to head to the inn for real, he stopped short again.

(Man, I'm starving.)

Right, he hasn't had lunch yet.

Lecan went to the food court.

There are two food courts around Dungeon Tsubolt. One in the southwest, and another in the east. The southwest one is expensive, a high class establishment with many food to offer. The eastern food court only got three diners, but they're cheap and plentiful.

Lecan went to the southwest one. There are two marketplaces specializing in swords trade around dungeon Tsubolt, and this particular food court is sandwiched between these two marketplaces. This troubling arrangement is such that you could find yourself dead drunk while searching for the right sword.

After stuffing himself with three servings of meatful stew, Lecan's mood improved significantly.

And now going back this early would be a waste. He's been itching to give the <Comet Cutter> in his <Storage> a swing.

Lecan went in the dungeon. He tried to manifest the blade in all sort of lengths in a vacant room on floor 91. It's limited only to two-threefold the length though. Four and above uses up an unbelievable amount of mana and stamina.

After generating twofold magic blade, lengthening it to 2.5 was a simple matter.

But shrinking down the 2.5 blade back to twofold wouldn't go well. Having no choice, Lecan decided he'd undo the magic blade and generate it back should he need it shrunk, for the time being. However, this method takes too long. It's not usable in the heat of combat. Which means, once the blade has been lengthened, it will stay lengthened for the duration of that battle.

The mana used in one battle wielding the sword corresponds to the entirety of Lecan's own mana, and the mana stored in <Necklace of Intuador>. Refilling mana from the necklace can be done swiftly, but absorbing mana from magic stones requires a bit of time. Considering how much mana it consumes, keeping the magic blade manifested can't go on for too long.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.4


"What real thing."

"<Comet Cutter>! The regalia of legend! If that really got dropped, that'd be an irrefutable evidence!"

'Evidence', Eliza's voice echoed in the next room after a slight delay. Her voice got picked up by the <Yacklubend Televoice Jar> put next to other vases and resounded in the adjacent room.


"Founder King's trusty sword, <Comet Cutter> is a regalia which symbolizes this kingdom's founding. And that is said to have been dropped in this dungeon. However, not one <Comet Cutter> has ever been found in this dungeon ever since House of Notz took up position as lord of Tsubolt. That emboldened some rogues to dare claim that Founder King's <Comet Cutter> was never from <Dungeon of Swords>!"

"Hm? When did House of Notz assume the townlord position again?"

"It was on the second of Zaka Kingdom year of course! Our family has stayed here in this land since the year after the founding!"

"So, either way the <Comet Cutter> Founder King used wasn't from House of Notz."

"Listen to the word you spouted off! Such an incorrigible man. The <Comet Cutter> which was in possession of House of Notz found in Dungeon Tsubolt aided the founding of this kingdom. Us Notz prided ourselves in that fact."

(I don't get what this woman is rambling on.)

(In short it's not that they need a <Comet Cutter> for a highly pressing matter.)

"It's not like the thing ever got dropped somewhere else just cause no <Comet Cutter> ever got dropped since the founding here."

"And we absolutely have to make that definite! This world is rampant with fake <Comet Cutters>! By showing off the real <Comet Cutter>, we will prove to the world that <Comet Cutters> can only be dropped in Dungeon Tsubolt!"

"Are there that many fake <Comet Cutters> around?"

"So many it's sickening."

"How'd you figure they're fake. There might be a few <Comet Cutters> dropped in this dungeon, and who can say if another dungeon dropped some as well."

"Our house once launched an investigation to check the veracity of all swords claiming to be <Comet Cutter>. But none, not one of them was real. The only known true <Comet Cutter> is the same trusty sword wielded by the Founder King."

"Ah, I see. There's a <Comet Cutter> left at the Royal Palace. Hm? Then can't you just appraise that one and find out which dungeon it's dropped from?"

"The Royal Palace's <Comet Cutter> is treated as a regalia, its visage is only allowed a glimpse during special ceremonies, forbidden to be held by hands. Forget ever getting appraisal done to it."

"Then get the royal palace to dispatch their own appraiser and announce the results."

"Our family heads have been making such requests for generations. But it's no use."

Guess that's just how it is with regalia. Its inviolability makes <Appraisal> out of question.

(Guess the act is treated like trying to peek under goddess's skirt.)

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(Hold it.)

(That means there's no record of <Comet Cutter> appraised at Tsubolt.)

"Are <Comet Cutter>'s exact abilities known in Tsubolt presently?"

"We have no idea. But since the story about how it emits a dazzling light that cuts down everything in its path is famed far and wide, we suspect that it's a magic sword. Is that true?"

"No clue."

"How could you not have a clue! Just get it out right away!"

"Who's been feeding you lies about me getting to floor 121 or having gotten a <Comet Cutter>?"

"It is not a lie. Gwislan submitted the report."

"Gwislan? Who's that."

"It is the observer who was present during your Secret Appraisal service."

"That chubby spy huh. What did that man report?"

"You asked for a Secret Appraisal service, elder Termin wrote down an appraisal tag. There it's written, <Comet Cutter> and <Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121> as its spawn spot. Gwislan saw it clearly."

Lecan stood up.

"W-what's the matter?"

He headed for the door without bothering to say anything back to Eliza.

Knight Torog stood in his way.

"Eliza-sama is not done with her business yet. Lecan-dono. Do return to your seat."

"Did you hear what she said?"


"I paid one big gold coin to use the Secret Appraisal service. This service won't have the appraisal tag transcribed, the staff cannot see the content, only the client and the appraiser are privy to the appraisal results, moreover, the appraiser is to keep the secret for life. That's what I was told."


"And yet miss administrator here admitted herself that Gwislan trampled upon the oath of secrecy he swore in townlord's name. I cannot stay here a second longer."

A knight and a mage in the next room are heading to the door in a passage connecting to this room. The other knight and mage are heading to a door connected directly to this room. Probably to prevent Lecan getting away and to protect Eliza.

"Keep that door shut!"

Lecan shouted fiercely at the <Yacklubend Televoice Jar> next to a vase.

"This place will turn into a battlefield if you guys come out. I may not leave unscathed, but I'll make sure your side suffer a much greater loss."


Knight Torog pondered for a second before speaking to the Televoice Jar.

"Do stay in the watch room. Indeed, if this turns into a melee, it will only worsen our relationship and give him an excuse to retaliate."

Lecan confirmed the four returning to their posts with his <3D Perception>.

As Lecan took a step forward, knight Torog stepped aside.

"Do give us a chance for a reconciliation."

Lecan glared at knight Torog and took another step in silence. Two servants opened the door, the slit-eyed man was waiting beyond it.

Led by the slit-eyed man, Lecan left the General Dungeon Administrative Office.

"Send a spy and they're dead."

The slit-eyed man quietly bowed.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.3


"Also, I'm a swordsman. Not a mage. I can use magic yeah, but it's just an extra."

"Ha, haha. Hahahahaha."

That's one dry laugh alright. She might need to get hydrated.

"So you won't admit that you're an elite member of Magic Knights dispatched by Marquis Palcimo, no matter what?"

"I've never even been to Palcimo. Neither have I met Marquis of Palcimo. Got absolutely no clue 'bout their magic knights."

"I see. So you will not admit that you are a top man of Palcimo Magic Knights then. And despite of that, you demonstrated how easily you disabled <Eye of Kirjevog> in the washroom with a simple parlor trick. Our finest mage, Nertsen audibly gasped when you cast <Move> without preliminary casting. And again with that brilliant Move you showed us just now. According to Nertsen, the precision of your mana control rivals or perhaps even surpasses her."

Lecan himself didn't really think much of his mana control, but he's been getting more confident in it lately after all the accolades Amamir and other temple apothecaries from the capital gave him.

"I see. I see. So you won't officially admit it yet you go around showing off extraordinary skills in magic obvious to every onlookers. You're practically screaming. 'Notice my true identity'. Wait a minute. Perhaps, your action of deliberately showing off <Free Box> is also..."

Looks like she's digging deeper into the misunderstanding hole.

"I understand your intention now."

"You probably got that very wrong."

"We're very much interested in <Free Box> but we shall back down this time and be satisfied with just knowing that it exists. The Marquis will put out an official request to Marquis of Palcimo for this matter."

"Do as you like. No guarantee there's a <Box> like mine at Palcimo though."

"What? Are you saying yours is a special made <Free Box>? No. Let's forget about that. I'm fully aware of your aim. There is no spy sent by Marquis Palcimo to infiltrate Dungeon Tsubolt. It's just a normal dungeon diving by adventurer Lecan and his friend."

"Sure you got it?"

(I've been demoted from magic knights elite to spy in her mind.)

(No. Guess it's promoted?)

"Of course. I get it. So could you please tell me. And could you listen to our request. First of all, how did you know that there are floors below floor 120 in Dungeon Tsubolt?"

"Once you've got to floor 120, those who know, know."

"No, you had a prior knowledge. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the treasured elite of Magic Knights to go on a such time-consuming mission. Could you please tell me. Did you read some sort of old documents or the likes?"

"A certain old woman clued me in."

"Who and where is this old woman?"
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"I've been prohibited to speak of it."

(Did she I wonder.)

(Don't really remember, but felt like she did.)

(No. Guess she didn't?)

(Well, whatever.)

(Let's just go with it.)

"Oral tradition is it. I see. Makes sense as the north has a slew of regions flourishing since ages old. There must be some sort of legend passed down there. And so, how does one get down to floor 121?"


"How wouldn't you know! You even got down to floor 121 yourself!"

"I didn't."

"How could you deny that. Didn't you just say those who got to floor 120 would know how!"

"Listen when people speak. I merely said those who know about floors below 120, know. Not a word on how to get there."

"Can we please not with word play. We desperately seek this information."

"Then go check it out. You know about the fact that a secret exists there, finding it out should not pose a problem. Just gotta be thorough with the checks."

"We marvel at how you managed to unravel that mystery in such a short period of time. Wait? When did you arrive at this city again."

"That'd be the eight of month one this year."

"Like anyone could believe that!"

Eliza breathed in and out roughly for a while, but then she took a deep breath and pulled herself together.

"No, excuse me. Of course you cannot possibly disclose the day you sneaked in here."

"I did not sneak in. Got in through the front gate of the city and the dungeon."

"Okay, okay. So how many other elites are you with?"

"Me and one other person."

"So you're not telling that either... I see. I have finally grasped your goal."

"Hou? Let's hear it."

"You're telling us to go negotiate with Marquis of Palcimo ourselves. And that we have to prepare a fitting compensation. I see, that is only right if you think about it. You have discovered the secret. And Marquis of Palcimo is the only person who can sell that secret off."

"I've got no relation whatsoever with Marquis of Palcimo."

"Yes all right, I hear you loud and clear. It is as you said. I shall go tell Uncle that we have to negotiate with Marquis of Palcimo for the secret of the hidden floor. Let's put all that aside and cut to the chase. It's <Comet Cutter>. I still can't believe that a <Comet Cutter> has been really dropped in our dungeon. For now, could you show me the real thing."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.2


"I'm Lecan."

A bizarre silence seized the room after Lecan introduced himself.

Eventually Eliza turned her line of sight away from Lecan.

"Let's leave it at that for now. Over here if you would."

She pointed at a gorgeous sofa.

Eliza waited for Lecan to sit first. Lecan found it strange.

(When knight Torog came to see us back then.)

(He sat down first on his own.)

(Yet this superior of Torog, probably the highest positioned individual here.)

(Waited for me sitting down first.)

(What is up with this difference?)

There are other things bothering Lecan as well. Namely the adjacent room.

The adjacent room is an awfully spacious room, housing two highly skilled individuals, likely knights, and two mages with abundant mana pools. As well as many magic tool-like objects. Going up against those four, knight Torog and the slit-eyed man won't be easy. And that would result in turning everyone in this building into his enemies.

(I sense no hostility as yet.)

(Doesn't seem like they're trying to take it by force.)

(Guess I'll go with the flow for now.)

Lecan decided to sit on the sofa. But it's hard to due to the cramped space between his sofa and the table.
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As the sofa seemed quite heavy, he cast <Float> before <Move>. He put the sofa down after floating it about half a step back.

Lecan sank his body down in the sofa, and put his right leg on his left knee. An ill-mannered posture before high-ranking nobles. And yet neither Eliza or knight Torog uttered even a word of disapproval. Which Lecan found weird.

Eliza sat down and signaled the slit-eyed man with her eyes. The slit-eyed man bowed deeply before leaving the room.

"But still, Marquis Palcimo really can be quite mean. He could have sent a word or two about dispatching Lecan-dono out here. Forget getting in your way, we would welcome you with open hands even."

"What are you talking about?"

"Still, you really cannot trust rumors, can you. I have heard many stories about how Marquis Palcimo's prized magic knights are hopeless in close quarter combat despite their excellence in magic. Or perhaps Lecan-dono is one of a kind?"

"Sorry, but I don't follow what you're on about."

He really doesn't. However, he's heard of this Palcimo before. Among all Grand Dungeons in Zaka Kingdom, Dungeon Palcimo the so called <Dungeon of Magic> is located at the south-eastern end. This Marquis Palcimo should be the ruler of Dungeon City Palcimo.

"Oh, if you take offense at us refusing Palcimo's request to have our knights dispatched there to aid you conquering Dungeon Palcimo in the past, please, you have got it all wrong. We had a situation at hand that disallowed deploying our knights outside."

"I reiterate, I have no idea what you're talking about. Sure you don't got a huge misunderstanding? I've got nothing to do with Palcimo."

Eliza furrowed her finely shaped eyebrows and let out a small sigh.

"It seems Lecan-dono had let your guard down at the Secret Appraisal room. You took a wand out of that overcoat enchanted with <Box>, didn't you? And yet that overcoat showed no indication of having a wand stored in it whatsoever before you took it out. And even after you put it back. That is simply not possible with ordinary <Box>."

Come to think of it, Lecan hadn't been thinking much whenever he used <Storage> since no one really paid attention anyway, but Lecan's <Storage> is wholly unlike the <Box> in this world.

(Oh crap.)

(I've been getting too negligent lately.)

(And after I went out of my way to make it look like <Comet Cutter> is put in a <Box>.)

(Yet I completely forgot about the wand.)

"You cannot find a <Box> like that anywhere. Anywhere besides Palcimo Magic Research Institute that recently developed the <Free Box (Raftaloof)>, that is."

(Oy oy.)

(That kind of <Box> actually exists?)

"We are not utterly clueless of what's going on at Palcimo, just so you know."

(Isn't that.)

(Her declaring they had sneaked in spies there?)

"I have brought your tea."


Knight Torog replied to the slit-eyed man who spoke from outside the room.

Two servants opened the door from both sides, then a maid pushing a wagon with tea went in the room followed by the slit-eyed man.

As the maid poured the tea, the slit-eyed man handed over a piece of folded paper to Eliza.

Once tea cups have been put on the table, the maid and slit-eyed man excused themselves.

"Please have a sip while it's warm."

"Fumu. Nice fragrance."

Lecan brought the tea cup to his mouth, with the steam stimulating his nose. A well-rounded drift of bitterness and sweetness with a depth to it wrapped Lecan.

Sipping a bit, it had a strong flavor with curious kickback despite its smoothness. A sharp flavor permeated the back of his tongue.

"Good stuff."

"I'm glad to hear that. By the way, it  appears Lecan-dono's mana pool is even higher than our Marquisdom's finest mage. I'm wondering if there's anyone else with as much mana in the Magic City Palcimo."

Is there a magic tool to measure mana pool or something. Felt like that Yacklubend guy would probably make one. Or perhaps the mages in the room over have some sort of abilities to sense mana.

"Is that finest mage one of the two in the neighboring room, the woman controlling a big magic tool-like object on her seat, yeah?"

Eliza's expression froze up.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.1


"Oh yeah, Master-dono. I'd like to use the normal appraisal service."

"We're heading back to the trade facility then."

Hearing that, the chubby man walked up to the door and opened it.

"I shall excuse myself here."
<TLN: He's been referring to himself with feminine pronoun 'Atashi'.>


The chubby man left.

Lecan followed Elder Termin to his counter at the trade facility. Another appraiser was tending the post there, but once he was done with the appraisal item he was working on, he gave back the post to Elder Termin.

Lecan cut the line of queuing adventurer yet again and sat before Elder Termin.

"This one's here."

Lecan paid the fee, and put <Power Sword> on the counter, the elderly appraiser set up his wand like usual, did the preliminary casting fluently, and cast <Appraisal>. Then he wrote down the entry of an appraisal tag and handed it over to Lecan.

<Name: Power Sword>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: 29>

<Hardness: 38>

<Firmness: 42>

<Sharpness: 33>

<Wear Rate: 32>

<Endurance: 89>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 100>


<Depth: 100>

<Graces: Power Boost (3.75x)>

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'What, that's it?', was Lecan's initial impression when he saw the tag.

<Offense>, <Hardness>, <Firmness>, <Sharpness>, every one of it is inferior to <Sword of Rusk>. Grace-laden swords tend to have low basic attributes. That tendency gets more prevalent the better the Graces. Although the <Power Boost> number being 3.75x is far above any other <Power Swords> he's gotten so far. 3.75 times the 29 Offense is a little over 100. That much power was what enabled the sword to cut down the beasts on floor 102 to 120.

"Any question."

Lecan came back to his sense with the elderly appraiser's voice.

"No, none. I'm in your debt."


Just as Lecan was about to head back, someone called out to stop him.

"Adventurer Lecan-dono. General Dungeon Administrative Office has summoned you. Could you spare your time for us?"

A flat-faced man wearing a luxurious outfit stood. The lines of his eyes are thin like strings. He's got a pitifully short bladed short sword hanging on his waist, but this man is quite an adept one.

Lecan would have turned him down if it was an option, but doing that would likely make dungeon diving difficult in the future.

"Sure, but let me go to a washroom first. Can't hold it any longer."

"Of course, feel free to. Please use the washroom in the main building."

"Main building?"

The slit-eyed man quietly walked away without saying any more word.

They left trade facility to the south, then once they passed the trade building, they headed west inbetween buildings. Then they got in through the northern entrance of the General Dungeon Administrative Office's building. They kept walking for a while before the slit-eyed eventually stopped and turned around.

"Here is the washroom."

"Gotta go in."

Lecan went inside. The door automatically closed silently.

The ceiling had lamps embedded in three spots, emitting unwavering lights. That's fine and all, but another gem with unknown purpose is also embedded in the ceiling. A smooth big gem that's been sending out mana even now.


Lecan's handkerchief floated up into air, reaching the ceiling, then it wrapped itself around the gem and stayed there.

Lecan put the <Comet Cutter> in the <Box> in his hand into <Storage>.

He also put away the <Power Sword> on his waist into <Storage>. Then he took a Solid Sacred Silver Sword and hung it on his waist.

Then he took his time to do his business.

Afterward, he stood before the washbasin, but there's no water in it. Just as he wondered if they forgot to fill it, water came rushing out of a protruded metal pipe, filling the washbasin before stopping by itself.

(Little mana was at work when I came before this washbasin.)

(That must've detected me.)

As he left the spot after washing his hands, the water stopped on its own.

Lecan cut off his mana stream to his handkerchief.

The handkerchief fell off the ceiling.


It then moved into Lecan's right palm he thrust out.

He wiped his hand with the handkerchief, put it in his vest and left the washroom.

The slit-eyed man said nothing to the fact that the <Box> Lecan was carrying had disappeared.

The slit-eyed man walked off once again. Climbing up the stair.

From floor 1 to floor 2. From floor 2 to floor 3. Then Lecan got led to a room near the center of the whole building.

The slit-eyed man presented both his hands like he's waiting to receive something in front of the door.

"I will take custody of your sword."

"I refuse."

The slit-eyed man kept his posture for a while, but then he gave up and spoke toward the door.

"I have brought adventurer Lecan-dono with me."

The door opened.

There's a huge desk with a profound texture at the end of the room in the center, the person sitting behind it stood up, walked ahead of the desk and made a greeting. Her outfit leaves no gaps. First-class clothes that fit her body tightly. She's slim and petite, but it's perhaps her perfectly shaped body that helps giving off the illusion of her looking taller than reality. Her rather short yet exquisite black hair is let down, glamorously reflecting the magic light in the ceiling.

"Welcome, Lecan-dono. I'm niece of Marquis of Tsubolt, Giluent Notz, also the General Chief Administrator of Dungeon Tsubolt, Eliza Notz."

It's the woman who was sitting in the inner part of help desk facility back then. Had no idea she's got such a high standing.

Her speech sounds pretty sharp and confrontational. She's far younger than Lecan initially believed. Probably only a bit above 20. Her facial features should put her in beauty category.

"And this person next to me is Administrator's Representative, knight Torog Benchara."

"This will be our second meeting, isn't, Lecan-dono. I'm just glad to see you're doing well."

It's the knight who came to see them after clearing floor 100.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.16


"Well look at that, so you can do it after all. Next up is mana. Your mana only brushed over the object of appraisal. That ain't gonna cut it if you want to appraise Grace Gear. All the more so with Dungeon Depths' Grace Gear."

"Hold on. Having a Grace makes it harder to appraise?"

"'Course it does. The more Graces there are the harder your mana get through. Some inexperienced appraisers even miss Graces with their <Appraisal>."


"There's no need to push in loads of mana like you do. Using only the absolute minimum is the key to obtaining the accurate result in your mind. However, you must put your mana through the furthest depths of the appraised objects. Cast your <Appraisal> like your mana is piercing through the object."

"I don't get it. Sorry, but could you show me a demonstration."

"Just this once."

The elderly appraiser put up another demonstration of <Appraisal>.

Lecan activated <Mana Detection> at highest alertness, carving down the elderly appraiser's magic into his mind.

It was an exquisite magic. The mana Elder Termin emitted was like a honed famous sword, brazenly piercing through <Comet Cutter> straight in the middle. One long straight mana with nary hesitation nor doubt.

(This old man may seem warped outwardly.)

(Yet his spirit must be that of a steadfastly straightforward one.)

"Keep your wand up even after you have emitted your mana. Once you have been made known of the complete result of the appraisal, gently put it down."

"Got it. I'll give it a try."

Lecan lightly closed his eye, pointed his wand at the sword, and carefully kneaded his mana. As he probed for the minimum amount of mana required for this appraisal in his mind, his wand gave the answer on its own. Once he was done preparing to emit the asked amount of mana, he opened his eye and started the casting.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus."

The convergence of mana is unlike anything Lecan has experienced before. Though it's not like mana has hardness or the like, it almost feels like something that's always been spongy is taking a concrete shape.

"Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana,"

Mana was pushing out the tip of his wand. Pointy transparent mana. Mana whose course of action Lecan is fully aware of. It'd likely fly straight off toward the appraisal object had he let go of the bridle.

"cast light upon its true actuality."

The minuscule mana is rapidly swelling up into a powerful existence. Now is time to set it free!


<Appraisal> magic bearing a concrete shape pierced into the sword, pushing its way through deep inside its existence. It's a mirror of mana control showed by Elder Termin.

The mana does not pierce through from front to back of the sword. Lecan did not order it to go on a such a shallow journey. Once inside the sword, the <Appraisal> magic will penetrate deeper and deeper inside, going headlong toward where its nature lurks at. A journey to the edges of deep space.

And then once the mana had arrived at their destination and made clear of things that needed to be made clear, it vanished. Lecan is still holding up his wand even now.

The appraisal result came up in Lecan's mind like unraveling a jumbled thread.

<Name: Comet Cutter>

<Type: Magic Sword>

<Offense: Medium>

<Hardness: Medium>

<Firmness: Medium>

<Sharpness: Large>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: Perfect>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121>


<Depth: 121>

<Graces: Magic Blade (Offense Large, Sharpness Maximum, Length Big-Maximum), Damage Restoration>

※ Magic Blade: Generate a blade of magic by supplying mana. The length depends on the amount of mana supplied. Mana supply must be constant to maintain the generated magic blade.

※ Damage Restoration: Naturally restores damaged portions of the blade.

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"You managed to read it?"

"I did! I read it! I read this sword! And that's not all. I even got <Depth> read!"

"What? Your skill level shouldn't be advanced enough to read <Depth>."

"But I did."

"Fumu. There are varying ways in how information is presented even in an <Appraisal> of a sword, if you can form a distinct sense of purpose with those entries in your appraisal, you're an Intermediate level. And going further, if you can understand the meaning of all superfluous information, deeply grasp how they are used in battle, have a vista of the sword's past and future, and manage to gain a comprehension on the depth of its existence, you're an Advanced level. Ordinarily, you cannot read <Depth> until you reached Advanced level."

"But I did."

"There's no way yer' lying. So I'm sure you did read it. Weirdly enough. Still, your mana control is truly remarkable. Fine control even to the tiniest creases."

"Fumu. I wonder."

"Hold it. Did you obtain this sword yourself?"

"Of course."

The elderly appraiser got lost in thought for a bit.

"Have you gone in many dungeons up until this point?"


"That might be the reason."

"Reason as is?"

"Your body has memorized dungeon floors. 'This is how this floor's like, and this is how that floor's like', your body knows."

Lecan hasn't been to many floors of dungeons in this world. Moreover, such deep floors like 121 is his first experience in this world, and he's only ever gotten to a floor that deep twice in his previous world. There were even times where he would lose track of which floor he was on during his exploration of Dungeon Tsubolt. It's really hard to say he's got those floors memorized. But considering this elderly appraiser said so, that might be the truth after all.

"Humans do not have <Depth>. However, they might have something akin to <Depth> that fluctuates. Your <Depth> must be comparable to this sword's."

Things fell into place with that explanation. In other word, Lecan's existence is on the same rank as this <Comet Cutter>.

If you think about it, your average appraisers are highly unlikely to delve in dungeon depths. Hence, only those who had honed their <Appraisal> ability to the limit could read <Depth>.

"I had never seen anyone who managed to get <Appraisal> right this quickly. You have talent as an appraiser. How 'bout retiring as an adventure and work under me."

"I'm honored to hear you say that. But I'm an adventurer. I plan to die as an adventurer. So I'm gonna have to decline your offer. You have my heartfelt gratitude for teaching me the way of <Appraisal>."

Lecan stood up, put his hand on his chest and lowered his head down.

"Come seek me anytime you wish to learn anything about <Appraisal>. My disciple, Lecan."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.15


Not sure why he's gotta do that.

However, Lecan has taken a liking to this old man.

The old man went out of his way to write down his answer to Lecan's question earlier. That was his way to prevent the information leaking to the chubby man, the observer.

It's just casting <Appraisal> anyway, no biggie.

Lecan held <Comet Cutter> in his right hand and recited the spell.



He got shouted at all of a sudden.

"Where the heck is your wand!"

A wand is necessary to cast spells that demand precision. That's just common sense. Lecan took his wand out of <Storage>. The dark brown wand he got from Shira. The chubby man's eyes stopped for an instance while he was reading the documents on his hand when Lecan took the wand out, and Lecan overlooked that once again.

As Lecan held his wand up, the elderly appraiser squinted with a dubious look on his face.

"Hold it. Put that wand over here."

He tapped the table with his fist. Having no choice, Lecan did as told.

Elder Termin stared at the wand for a while before lifting his face up.

"Do you mind if I appraise this wand. Of course you don't need to pay as it is my initiative."

Lecan looked at the chubby man. He's not reacting at all despite hearing everything.

"Go ahead."

Elder Termin held his black wand over, did the preliminary spell and recited the activation spell.


After keeping his pose for a while, he put his wand down and asked Lecan.

"What's the story behind this wand. Where did you get your hands on it?"

"Got it from my magic teacher."

"What's that teacher's name."

"Not saying."
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"What is that teacher's connection with a certain individual."

"A certain individual?"

The old man took a blank appraisal tag from the drawer, and wrote down something on it before showing it to Lecan.

<Master Mazara Wedepasha> is written there.

Lecan almost blurted how they're the same person, but he can't do that.

"Can't say either, but they're deeply connected, I'll leave it at that."

"So they are. To think such a person exists. Do you mind if I give this wand a cast."

"Sure yeah."

"Much obliged."

The old man used Lecan's wand to appraise <Comet Cutter>. Then he reluctantly handed it back to Lecan while gazing at it.

"Is this really such a good wand?"

"It has got no particular special functions to speak of whatsoever. However its mana path is unfathomably straight. Using magic with this wand leaves absolutely no residue behind. You simply cannot create a wand like this. The maker of this wand must possess a truly clear transparent heart."

'Her nature is pretty twisted though', Lecan muttered in his mind.

The elderly appraiser's distant look abruptly turned stern.

"Now then, get to it."

Lecan held his wand over the sword.



The elderly appraiser got so mad Lecan almost believed he was going to hit him.

"Where's yer' preliminary casting! You dang slacker!"

"Never learned it."


"Never learned the preliminary casting."

"You managed to learn and cast this magic without ever memorizing the preliminary casting?"


"Fumu. Unbelievable. But no matter. Do not let up on preliminary casting from now on. You hear me."

"Dunno how."


"I don't remember the words."

"Didn't ya hear me reciting them."

"I did but I didn't listen. So I don't remember."


What was probably 'moron' sounded like 'moran' instead. This old man might be unexpectedly fun, thus Lecan starting to think. The vein popping on his forehead has its own charm too.

"I'll show ya just this once. Do not miss a word!"

Then the elderly appraiser took a stance with his wand.

Lecan focused his ears fully.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"

After a bit, he lowered his wand and glared at Lecan.

"Give it a shot."

Having no choice, Lecan took readied his wand.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>."

"You, fool!"

Another shouting.

"Yer' still young, what the heck's that sloven casting! Get them pronunciations right! Know that proper manifestation of magic only comes after proper casting! Do it again!"

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>."

"Ya dang fool! Yer' pronunciations' all over the place. Say the 'ra' on gafra by flicking your tongue through yer' palate. Stick yer' tongue on the underside and blow with your mouth for 'ra' on dafra. Do not pronounce appraisal slovenly like <Faheu>, do it right, <Abel>. Try it."

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>."

"Have ya gone senile already?! Say those words aloud, with sprightly voice!"

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"




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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.14


The chubby man presented a paper on a board and a pen. It's an inkless pen.

"Please write your name and the number of item you wish to use Secret Appraisal service for here."

Lecan wrote down his name and number 1. The man wrote something else himself.

"Yes. That shall do. Secret Appraisal service will cost you one big gold coin per item. The appraisal tag won't have a transcript made, the original tag shall be given to the client. There is no price assessment on the appraisal tag. Only the client and the appraiser can see the appraisal tag. The appraiser is under an oath to protect information obtained in Secret Appraisal to the their grave. I too shall not speak of everything unfolding in this room to anyone. This act is sworn to great god Elex under townlord-sama's name. That is all. Please pay the one big gold coin fee if you agree with the conditions presented."

Lecan paid the fee, the chubby man nonchalantly took it, put it in a pouch on his waist and walked into one corner of the room. As if indicating he's done with his business here.

Elder Termin took an appraisal tag from the desk drawer.

"Alright, Lecan. Get yer' stuff out."

'This old goat remembers my name now', thought Lecan as he took a <Box> he bought at Ninae and proceeded to take <Comet Cutter> out of it onto the table.

Elder Termin held his jet black thin wand, and cast his magic after reciting the preliminary casting.


Then he wrote on the appraisal tag and handed it over to Lecan.

Lecan overlooked how the chubby man's eyes gleamed suspiciously at this point.

<Name: Comet Cutter>

<Type: Magic Sword>

<Offense: 20>

<Hardness: 20>

<Firmness: 20>

<Sharpness: 50>

<Wear Rate: None>

<Endurance: 100>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121>


<Depth: 121>

<Grace: Magic Blade (Offense tenfold, sharpness tenfold, length two-fivefold), Damage Restoration>

※Magic Blade: The sword generates a blade of magic when supplied with mana. Its length corresponds to the amount of mana supplied. User needs to keep supplying the mana to maintain the magic blade's manifestation.

※Damage Restoration: Automatically restores damaged portions of the blade.

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It really is a <Comet Cutter>. As he trembled in excitement, Lecan scanned over the appraisal tag and asked a question.

"What does this description mean."

Lecan pointed at <Offense tenfold> entry.

The elderly appraiser took the appraisal tag, flipped it over, and wrote something on the back before handing it back to Lecan.

<The physical part of this sword's blade has 20 Offense. The generated magic blade possesses tenfold that number. The higher the offense number, the more mana needed to generate and maintain the magic blade. Additionally, the length of this sword's blade is twice its original legnth at minimum. The mana required to generate the blade wouldn't be much had this number was one, but due to it being two, the blade generation demands a tremendous amount of mana. Unfortunately, even mages with an abundant mana pool with the help of mana boosting and mana storage Grace Gear could only barely generate and maintain this sword's magic blade.>

Meaning this magic sword's offense is 200.


What an absurd number.

Even <Sword of Agost> only has 59 Offense. Of course, being a sword, in practice its real offense varies by its wielders. This <Offense> plus the sword's weight, hardness, sharpness and the wielder's skill becomes its true offensive number. But its basic attribute being 200 is just on a whole another level regardless.

Its sharpness has a basic value of 500. A truly terrifying number. There's almost nothing that cannot be cut by this for sure.

(Wonder what's the numbers on <Power Sword> I'm using.)

(Guess I'll visit the trade facility again later.)

"You're selling?"

Elder Termin looked pitying somewhat as he asked Lecan that.

"It'd go for an unbelievable sum if you are. The assessment will take some time."

Not a lot of people can draw out this sword's true power. But the pinnacles of this country's magic swordsmen can probably pull it off. This sword won't do any good to some countryside lords even if they take possession of it, but it's a weapon with unparalleled strength to the kingdom and temples. Lecan had someone in mind whom likely capable of wielding this sword.

Temple Knight Derstan Barmoa.

That man can likely wield this sword. Though he's got no idea how good and how much power can that man draw out. And if one person like that exists, the inner part of this kingdom must have other magic swordsmen equaling or even surpassing him.

The kingdom and temples must covet this sword.

"No. From testing earlier, I can use this sword. Not gonna sell this to anyone. I'll put it into use."


A hint of surprise came up on the elder's stern face.

Lecan expressly turned his head to look at the chubby man. The man is looking to be in a good mood like he's gonna start humming anytime soon while flipping the documents on his hand.

(Dude hasn't moved an inch from there.)

(Don't think he can read the <Appraisal Tag> from over there.)

"Anything else you wanna know?"

"Nah. Wonderful job. I wasn't able to appraise this sword."

"What? You can cast <Appraisal>?"

"Yeah. Managed to appraise stuff a floor above this though."

"Give it an appraise."


"Cast <Appraisal> on this sword right here and now."

"Why do I gotta do that."

"Just do it."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.13


"Dear oh dear. I guess I should go mend my boot now. I could have purchased a new pair of boots myself, but in Lecan-dono's case, I suppose you can't get in a fight until your light armor has been repaired."

"Yeah. Probably can't get a better light armor than this shopping randomly. Where's the repair studio again?"

"It's the building just across the street of the trading facility."

"Man, the facilities here are so far from one another. Gotta be ready for a long walk if you got business at different facilities. Oh?"

"What's wrong?"

"Just noticed how there's magic beasts in other rooms beside this one. One magic beast in each room."


"Only the stairway room doesn't have a spawned magic beast. I see now."

"What do you see again?"

"Look forward to it on our next visit. Let's head outside."

"Yes. But still, I cannot believe how easily that magic beast sliced away at these highly defensive Octocular Great Spider's light armor."

"Shows just how big of a deal the enemies in these hidden floors are."

Lecan left the dungeon and went to the repair studio. It's divided into many specific categories, and surprisingly enough there's even a counter that specializes in spider material-made light armor.

"Hee. This is some real nice armor eh. Must be mats from deep Ninae floors eh. Wait, you're not telling me these chest plate and shoulder pads are Queen's? Been so long since I saw these mats. The craftsman's pretty good too eh. Hmn. Though I could make do with the stuff we got here, you still got leftover mats?"

"We do. Here."

"Now that's the stuff. And the belly leather?"

"Should be this one."

"Get it all out right now if you got 'em. The thread?"
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"Nice, nice. We have rush order service and normal service here. Rush order's one day, normal's gonna take about ten days."

"That's pretty long."

"Cuz we're taking every pieces apart and take real good care of every little corners. And of course it's gonna cost you too, lots. Oh but just so we clear here. This one's gonna be the normal service."

"Of course."

"Nice, nice. Here's your claim check and quotation. The quotation may vary after we're done. The repair could end up taking more days too. Got it?"

"Got it. They're in your hands now."

"Sure thing! Thanks for your patronage!"

Arios also paid for his intact boot's service. He's wearing sandals he took from his <Box> currently. That wasn't all, Arios also ended up getting his light armor serviced. It had lots of small chips here and there, also the fittings had loosened up it seems.

"I'm going to get the sword we got appraised."

"Ah, then could you show me the appraisal tag once you're done later."

"Yeah sure, you going somewhere?"

"I want to shop for new shoes."

"I see. We're taking a 10 day break starting tomorrow."

"Then I shall excuse myself now."

"You're leaving town?"

"Yes. I've made arrangements to deliver the swords I've obtained to my family house. Could I take them now?"

"Got it."

Lecan handed over the spear and sword he kept for Arios, and parted with him before heading for the trade facility by himself.

He went around to the north of the dungeon. To his right is <Summit Honor Mansion>'s wall. Seeing that, it's clear you can easily get to the repair studio, trade facility or the dungeon if you stay there.

He arrived at the facility and got in line for the Elderly Appraiser Termin's counter. This particular line has a lot of people compared to other counters even though it's still early in the day.

"Elder Termin wishes to speak with you."

Just as Lecan had anticipated, he got called, thus he slipped out of the queue and walked up to Elder Termin's counter.

"I'd like the Secret Appraisal service today."

"So you do. Someone, take over my counter."




The queuing adventurers sounded bewildered and dissatisfied. Of course they would. They went out of their way to line up here for the elderly appraiser. And yet not one of them raised their voices or tried to get their way by force.

"My bad."

Lecan said that to no one in particular and followed Elder Termin going further inside the facility.

They arrived before one room in the back, then Elder Termin took a gem out of a pouch on his waist, and touched it on another gem embedded on the room's doorknob. Lecan detected some sort of mana at work. Considering the click sound it made, it was probably some sort of mechanism to unlock the door.

Elder Termin opened the door and went inside. Lecan followed him.

Two chairs are placed between a large oblong-shaped table.

"Put it there."


Just as Lecan was about to produce <Comet Cutter> before taking his seat, Elder Termin stopped him.

"Take the item out once the staff member is here."

"Staff member?"

"An observer."

"An observer in a Secret Appraisal?"

"They're not gonna do anything. So long as you do not attempt to attack me, I make no attempt to steal your item, or try to buy it off you, or doing more secret appraisal than what's paid."

"I see."

Thinking again, it's only justified. Having an observer here is necessary from the townlord's perspective.

Hurried sounds of footsteps approached.

The man who came in put his hand over the gem in the door, locking the door.

"Haa haa. My apologies for making you wait."

The man spoke while wiping his sweat. He's got a short stature. He's not exactly fat, but rather chubby, smiling like a kind-looking man. However, his trick didn't work on Lecan.

(This guy's a spy.)

(Even got an assassin's smell to him.)

Lecan was tempted to ask him if it's fun wiping his nonexistent sweat, but decided against it.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.12


Sure enough, the treasure chest had a <Comet Cutter> inside.

The same sword Nike had.

Lecan couldn't contain himself from giggling.


The magic was cast, but no information came up.

"That's weird."

He composed himself, readjusted his breathing and carefully kneaded his mana.


It was no good. The magic did get cast for sure, but he felt no usual feedback. Instead there was a sensation like his mana got dispersed.

"Did it get... repelled?"

Come to think of it, he also tried to appraise Nike's <Comet Cutter> once before, but it didn't work then. Nike told him that he would eventually succeed if he kept honing <Appraisal>.

"Is this sword a <Comet Cutter>?"

"I think so yeah. It looks the same as the <Comet Cutter> I've seen. Worked like one too."

"Eh? You've seen a <Comet Cutter> before? Where in the world?"

"Where else, didn't you see Nike-"

Just as Lecan was about to say 'didn't you see Nike carrying one around', he stopped short. He realized that Arios likely had never met Nike yet.

"That reminds me, you said to Heles-san before how the last member of <Willard>, Nike wielded <Comet Cutter>. So that was a real <Comet Cutter> then."

"Are there real and fake <Comet Cutters>?"

"No, I mean the story of how Founder King wielded a <Comet Cutter> is famous after all. There are countless swords and techniques with similar name, you see."

"Founder King?"

"Yes. The hero who founded Zaka Kingdom. You aren't going to tell me you don't know him, are you?"

"Dunno him."

"Oh right, you're that kind of person."

"Fumu. This Founder King guy must be a magic swordsman if he could wield <Comet Cutter>. And quite proficient at magic at that."

"Eh? Really? Can't just any swordsman with mana use it?"

"Give it a try."

Arios gleefully took <Comet Cutter> in his hand and drew it. Then he poured his mana into the sword. Arios has never used magic before, but Lecan's always known he's mana bearer. Hence he believed Arios should be capable of manifesting the <Comet Cutter>'s mana blade at least.

And yet he couldn't. He struggled hard for a while before eventually putting the sword back in its scabbard.

"Dear me, I give up. I've had some experience with magic swords though. This one's no good. It won't even activate. Or rather, is this really a magic sword?"

"Gimme that."
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Lecan took the sword, unsheathed it and poured his mana in.

A beautiful white blade of mana manifested.

"Ooh. There it is. It really is a magic sword. Such a beautiful luster."

Lecan poured even more mana in. The blade lengthened further reaching Lecan's height. He streamed even more mana in. The blade length expanded about 50% longer. Lecan stopped supplying mana. The mana blade disappeared at once.

"This thing eats up mana like crazy."

"Is that so?"

"Not a lot of people can use this thing. No."

Lecan has seen Nike wielding a <Comet Cutter>. Baring witness to a free flowing dance of magic sword. Such actions require an extremely advanced level of mana control. And he found out from testing this just how tremendous the mana it consumed. And yet, as it's in the form of a sword, you need sword skills to make full use of it, and you can't fight powerful foes without the right equipment for close quarter combat as well as the stamina for it.

"Is anyone even capable of doing this sword justice?"

"Lecan-dono might just pull it off. Or more like, if Lecan-dono can't, I don't think anyone else can."

"You're right."

He's not boasting, it's a honest thought.

"How would you describe this Nike person?"

"Nike is Shira. It's what she calls herself as when she assumes the form of a young woman. Haven't told Eda about it yet though."

"Eeeeh? So it was Shira-sama. Anything really goes with that person, doesn't it. I see. But if it's Shira-sama. Then perhaps."


"My grandfather once told me that he has seen a <Comet Cutter> before. But the only known <Comet Cutter> is in custody of the royal palace's treasury as a national treasure. So I've always wondered where had he seen it. Perhaps my grandfather had Shira-sama showed her <Comet Cutter> to him."

"Yeah that sounds about right actually."

"By the way, why do you keep that fact from Eda-san?"

"No reason in particular. If there is, it's because Shira herself is keeping it a secret. But, fumu."

Lecan explored his own thoughts as to why he never divulged that to Eda.

"Deep down I might believe that Eda probably won't be able to protect the secret."

"Yes I agree. It's probably wiser to not tell Eda-san about this."

"Hou? Why do you think so."

"We'd better consider that person has no secret in her heart."

"Because she can't keep it?"

"No, that's not what I mean, that person's heart is bright as the sun. That's her good point. Some things may cloud it a bit, but neither do we need to go out of our way to add some."

"Hmm? Well, Shira probably won't mind us telling Eda, but let's not for now."


Lecan kept staring at <Comet Cutter>'s physical blade.

This sword is beautiful to look at even without its mana blade.

(I wanna know.)

(The true extent of this sword's ability.)

Lecan lacks the capability to appraise this sword. However, he's a great need to find out this sword's details. He also wishes proof of this truly being a <Comet Cutter>.

That said, he wants to avoid anyone finding out that the two of them have stepped foot on the supposedly nonexistent floor 121.

(There's that Secret Appraisal thing huh.)

(I can probably trust that old man.)

Lecan decided to pay a visit to the trade facility.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.11


The following day, the two went down to floor 121.

The structure on that floor is the same as floor 120. Meaning there's only 5 rooms. One of which the stairway room. They got in the inner passage to the first room on the right.


"What's the matter."

"The magic beast spawned, one magic beast."


Wonder if only one magic beast spawns no matter how many people you have in your party starting from this floor. If that's really the case, things will get much easier then. But is that really true? It could be that this one magic beast turns out exceptionally strong.

Lecan has got <Power Sword> on his waist today. The one from floor 100. It's versatile and boasts the highest offensive power among all swords he's got. However, it cannot receive the power boost effect from <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

"Fumu. Its body size is not that different from floor 120's. About my height. Strong mana. Got a short sword for weapon."



Lecan deployed <Shield of Wolkan>. No point in mulling too much over it. Either way, you won't find out these beasts' strength and traits until you fight them.

Lecan got in the room and stood still.

Arios followed right after.

The enemy is standing naturally in the middle of the room, with a short sword in its hand.

The short sword looks awfully small relative to its tall stature, the picture just looks off.


(That short sword.)

(Where'd I seen that again?)

The short sword emitted a white light before its blade extended to three times its size.

Lecan felt blood drained out of his entire body.

"It's a <Comet Cutter (Fastascyll)>!"


"Just regard that sword's blade can get twice as long as that! Instantaneously."
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Toll of a bell signaling crisis is ringing aloud inside Lecan's head.

The magic beast dashed off in their direction.

Can't let it corner them to the wall. Lecan ran out as well. Arios followed next to him. Arios is fast. He got ahead of Lecan.

As both sides got within 10 steps, the beast pull its sword to the right. Then it made a sweeping slash from right to left. From Lecan's side, it's a left to right sweep.

The magic sword's blade suddenly elongated, and just when it was about to cut Arios in two from the left, he jumped up. Lecan lifted his shield to match the magic sword's blade's height, blocking it.

It was supposed to.

Yet the tip of the magic blade tore up Lecan's right chest and right shoulder.

Still in midair after jumping, Arios unleashed a flying slash at the magic beast's head. However the beast displayed a terrifying reaction speed as it took an evasive maneuver to diagonally behind. However the slash still managed to shave off the beast's top right head.

A moment later, Lecan closed in on the beast, and Puncture slashed at its neck.

Still a bit more before its neck could be cut off.

The magic beast swung its magic sword. But Lecan had gotten close enough for his shield to get in contact with the beast. A clashing sound between metal resounded as <Shield of Wolkan> blocked the magic sword.

Arios who landed diagonally behind the magic beast made use of the recoil to spin right, and cut off the magic beast's head from behind.

The fight is over.

CLANK, his sword fell off Lecan's hand, crashing to the ground. Blood is dripping from his loosely hanging right hand.

As he loosened the grip of his left hand, <Shield of Wolkan> also dropped down the ground with a thud. Lecan fell to his knees, put his left hand over his right chest and recited a spell.


Next he cast it on his right shoulder.


He cast <Recovery> on his right chest and shoulder once again.


"Are you all right?"

Arios approached with a worried look.

"You, got cut too huh..."

Lecan faintly saw how the blade swung by the magic beast grazed Arios's leg, but Lecan was at a loss for words now that he got a closer look. Arios's right boot has been deeply torn apart. Arios spoke first to soothe Lecan's worry.

"Oh there's nothing to worry about. I had a Large Red Potion in my mouth as I charged out. Then I drank it down as I jumped. My boots may be torn off but my foot inside is okay."


Nevertheless, Lecan cast <Recovery> on Arios.

"Thought I had it blocked with my shield."

"Wasn't the part your shield blocked turned out  unharmed? And once the magic blade passed over the shield, it remanifested itself. And the tip of that blade."

"Got my chest eh. I see."

Thinking again, it all makes sense. Besides the short sword part on the base, the bladed part of this magic sword is created out of magic. When the magic clashes against the shield, the shield receives an impact, but not so with the blade. At least most of it. And the blade tip may vanish when it's over the shield, but once the shield is not in the way, the blade can just manifest back. That's all there is to it.

The second time he blocked it worked because of the close distance. At point-blank range, his shield can block the physical part of the magic sword instead of the mana blade. And that decided the match.

These magic swords are really a huge pain to deal with when you're on the receiving end. As <3d Perceptions> cannot detect it. <3D Perceptions> is an ability that senses physical objects, it's of no use on magic. And yet <Mana Detection> is nowhere near as precise as <3D Perceptions> and it can't catch up in a high speed battle. <Mana Detection> isn't that kind of ability to begin with.

But they won.

When all is said and done, they won.

Lecan walked up to the treasure chest and opened the lid.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.10


The enemy is standing leisurely.

The sword in its hand looks a little bit short for a longsword.

Lecan walked straight at it while making sounds with his footsteps.

Sounds of his boots hitting the rock floors are resounding in the room.

As he got within 10 steps away from the magic beast, Lecan lifted up his left shield hand.

Then he put strength into every fiber of his being and dashed forward, that was when.

The enemy raised its sword overhead.

And swung it down.

Lecan did not dodge it.

Because the sword wasn't swung at Lecan, it was more like a practice swing.

Or so he thought when suddenly, his body shook and his charge slowed down.

He feels sluggish, as if his entire body's weight has increased. The difference is not much, but it's clearly not normal.

His sword feels abnormally heavy as well.

(Is it a curse?)

However he's got <Dagger of Harut> on him. Hard to believe a curse managed to get to him. Or perhaps it's a Curse that surpasses <Dagger of Harut>'s Grace.

(Screw it!)

Lecan put strength in his slowing legs, regained his balance and resumed his charge.

The enemy swung at empty air once again.

THUD, Lecan's body got heavier. It felt even more bothersome.

And yet, Lecan kept on charging forward.

His target is right before his eye now.

Lecan raised his sword overhead and savagely swung it down the beast's head.

The beast also swung its sword down at Lecan's head.

<Shield of Wolkan> blocked that sword.

Lecan's sword cleaved the beast's head in two down to its chest.

The mysterious shackle binding Lecan's body immediately vanished, liberating him to move around unhindered again.

Opening the dropped treasure chest revealed the sword the magic beast had.


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<Name: Mass Heave Sword (Daspithscylla)>

<Type: Sword>

<Grace: Mass Heave>

※Mass Heave: Objects within a 30 step radius will double in weight with the first swing. Second swing triple it. Third swing quadruple it. Fourth swing quintuple it. Effect disappears when this sword is sheathed.

"What the heck is this."

It's one messed up Grace.

Suddenly a sharp pain ran on Lecan's left wrist. He had sprained his wrist trying to block the magic beast's attack earlier. There was just that much power behind that attack.


After healing his left hand, Lecan drew the <Mass Heave Sword> and took a swing.


His body immediately grew heavier. No. That's not it. It's his equipment that got heavier.

Meaning this sword's Grace applies to its user as well.

"How the hell are you supposed to use this sword!"

Then it hit him as soon as he said that.

<Armored> may have an exoskeleton that looks like armor, but that's no armor, it's part of their body. Hence <Mass Heave> has no effect on them. Only the sword gets it. So long as you're aware of that, it's a simple matter to deal with your sword suddenly getting heavier. And swinging down a heavier sword effectively doubles its strength.

Besides, what if you use this sword on knights. Swinging this toward a full plated armored knight. They're not gonna be able to even move a finger. Which means this sword by itself is capable of neutralizing an entire order of knights. No. Since it's got a limited range, that's not entirely true. Nevertheless, all knights within 30 steps will tumble down right on the spot, unable to move.

"This sword could net you some crazy results depending on usage."

That said, it's not really that threatening to Lecan. Even if his light armor got five times as heavy, he can deal with it as long as he knows it beforehand.

With a bit of struggle, Lecan put the sword back in its sheath.

The shackle disappeared like a dream.

The issue now is its effective period. How one proceeds with using this sword against one's enemies hinges entirely on its effective period.

Lecan drew <Mass Heave Sword>, swung it once, and lay down there while keeping count. The effect disappeared on the count of 221.

"Fumu. Gotta check out its maximum effect with four swings too."

Just as he muttered that, he recalled his current situation.

"Oh yeah. Stairway."

It's there.

The stairway is there.

It's wide open, waiting for Lecan. Thin fog is drifting from it, but you can see stairway behind the door.


Lecan passed through the fog into the stairway. After descending five steps, he stopped.


It comes out. He can't pick it, but the floor number 121 is displayed for sure. Lecan has taken a step below the last floor.

He picked floor 120 among the choices.


Lecan got warped to floor 120 right away.

He took a step forward onto floor 120.


It's Arios. He looks relieved. And overjoyed.

"Are you okay? Must have been a tough one, isn't it."

"Yea. I guess."

Can't exactly tell him that most of that waiting time was spent on checking out the sword he got.

"So how did it go?"

Lecan grinned and laughed fiercely.

"It's there. The stairway down."

"Oh! Congratulations."

"Yeah, thanks. Come now, it's your turn to grab the pass down floor."

Arios's face tensed up.

"Can I really win, I wonder."

"Aa. Well, you'll be fine."

"Was the enemy on the same level of strength as the ones that spawn with two people?"

"I wonder. Think it was about the same."

"What about the Grace Gear?"

"It's this unheard Grace that doubles weight with one swing, triples with two."

"<Mass Heave> is it."

"You knew 'bout it?"

"I have heard of that Grace before. I believe it has a limited range."

"Around a 30 step radius."

"Is that right. But there would be no escape if it's used in a dungeon room."

"Considering this just got dropped, the next one's probably a different Grace Gear."

"Yes, I suppose you're right."

Arios mulled over something and then he looked at Lecan with strength in his eyes.

"I shall be off then."

"Yea. I'll wait at the stairway over there."

Arios headed for <Guardian>'s room.

Lecan went back to the stairway and recited the spell to warp to floor 121's stairway. Then he sat down there, grabbed some jerky from <Storage> and bit on it. He drank down water. So good.

Eventually, Arios got in the stairway. Holding a shortsword in his hand.


"Thank you."

"What was the Grace Gear?"

"I think it was <Darkness Sword (Azbalscylla)>"

Appraising it, he's right. The Grace makes living beings in a 50 step radius lose their sense of sight when swung.

"Well done prevailing against this."

"Well, I managed somehow thanks to presence sensing. I've been wanting to get my hand on this sword too. Another good gift for home."

Arios put <Darkness Sword> in his <Box> as he said that.




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