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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.13


Prado lifted his head and looked at Norma. That face looked as if it has aged ten or even more years. Norma's heart pained.

"First of all, what would happen if I turned this down."

"I would pick a guardian among members of our family, and nominate Gaipus as the heir."

"Suppose it went that way, what would be the complications?"

Kanner replied to this question.

"If anything were to happen to master, there is a possibility of that guardian taking over the majority of our ventures."

Gaipus is five years old now. It still takes ten years until he comes of age. And Prado is 71 now. An age where anything could happen to him at any moment. Thus, he must pick a successor and a guardian as soon as possible. However, it seems this guardian cannot be 100% trusted from Goncourt's family head's perspective.

"Can't I just be a guardian instead of a heiress?"

"Norma-dono does not have the necessary knowledge in business management. Neither have you connections to persons in charge of each divisions. Guardian is impossible for you. Besides, a successor is granted authority far above a guardian. If something befalls me, you won't be able to deal with various things unless you have the authority to make decisions for all kind of matters with Kanner's advice."

"Norma-sama. Having you as a heiress is for the sake of filling that position so no one can take it. In reality, master still have to live for many years more and carry the baton of commands. Otherwise, this house would have no future."

"Then, what should I do if I accept the responsibility?"

"First of all, you will have to attend Dopus's funeral. You should sit somewhere that doesn't make you stand out."
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"Then you shall take part in our family council. However, you will stand by in another room at first, and only make your entrance once we have exhausted the sitting members' opinions. I shall then declare you as the heiress and gain their approvals."

"Will Kusandria-sama be present in that council?"

"Ordinarily, she cannot be there. However, she will likely make up some reason to have a seat there. Were we kept her away, a family member that has been taken over by Boldrin House would likely push for her son's succession in her stead. I intend to let Kusandria participate and speak for herself."

"I am but a mere apothecary. Won't it be difficult to gain family members' approval?"

"Norma-dono, you are now someone who has had discussions with Herb Saint-sama for nine days. There are also rumors about how you are the one who examined Herb Saint-sama and found a new possibility in <Purification>. There is absolutely no issue bloodline-wise as well."

"Then say we gained approval in the family council, what would come to me afterward?"

"I would like you to live in this mansion. Giving such an impression to public is important. You do not have to do anything in mansion. That is effective while I'm still alive and after my death. I promise that. Kanner will manage everything after my death. You merely have to give your approval then. I believe you're currently devoted to arranging your father's manuscripts. You are free to do that."

This is an extremely attractive proposition. It'll completely solve the problems she's facing now in one fell swoop. Patients won't force their way into Goncourt House. Nobles of other houses cannot make a Goncourt Heiress do house calls. Merchants, apothecaries and medical practitioners won't be able to bother Norma anymore.

"Use anything you need. We will buy up everything you deem necessary. We will arrange manpower and money should you wish. And if possible, I would like you to have a marriage."


"You're still young, and beautiful. Wise, healthy and emotionally mature. I could easily see many suitors lining up once you have succeeded this house."

Age of marriage for noblewomen are from 14 to 22-23.

But the rule is different when they're taking a groom. In case you're a family head or the next family head, and considering the house's situation, the limit is pretty much null. There are cases where a family head in her 20s marrying a wise 50 year old man, or one in her 60s marrying a young healthy man in his 20s. That's neither wrong nor immoral.

Norma is 27 now. A bit up there for succeeding a house, but nothing wrong at all with marrying someone.

"Of course, the successor will still be you, and won't be your husband. You will be given enough pension to live the rest of your life once Gaipus takes over. You are free to keep living in this mansion as well."

If Norma ever birthed a child, and started plotting with her husband to make that child Goncourt's heir, Goncourt House will fall into another crisis. That kind of ambitious husband is out of question.

"By succeeding this house, your rank will be counted among nobles. Same with your husband. That rank will not fade even after Gaipus has become the family head. As such, it would prove difficult to continue living as a medic like you do now."

A wish deep in Norma's heart suddenly erupted after hearing Prado's suggestion.

A wish to marry Lecan.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.12


"That is for Norma-dono to succeed as the family head of this house. However, you will make an oath to surrender the right of succession to Gaipus once he has come of age."

Norma was not shocked. As someone with a bright mind, she had noticed that possibility already.

"I am shunned from Goncourt House. Or, my grandmother and mother were to be exact. There must be many within the family who don't know my existence."

"Fortunately, Gaipus, Elfus and Dopus's daughter, Yulila are the only members of Goncourt left that carry Narae's blood. Many in the family actually sympathized with Rokusona and wished to expel Narae instead. At the very least, none among the members of this house thinks ill of Norma-dono."

"Why now?"


"Why are you telling me this now when you haven't even hold a funeral service for Dopus-dono."

"It would be far too late by the time that is over."

Prida looked at Norma.

"Goncourt will have to hold a family council after the service. By that point, there is no guarantee no one else among the family won't go to Kusandria's side. Tempted by the idea of having a connection with House of Boldrin."

"How old is this third son of Kusandria-sama?"

"He's 20."

That's a formidable opponent to Gaipus. Or more like, he has no chance.

"Can someone who has been married off attend this family council. In the first place, can she even make it in time all the way from Vantaroy?"

"Kusandria is in this mansion right now. Along with her third son. Here to show off her precious third son to me, her father."

Norma could not find a word to say for a moment.

To Kusandria, Goncourt House is her family house. Even then, she's now a member of Boldrin. She's forced her way in Goncourt Mansion at Vouka, with her son in tow. In order to push her son as Goncourt Heir. That's a bit too abnormal. And Dopus died during Kusandria's stay. Poisoned to boot.

After getting that far, Norma pondered.

(She would kill her nephew with poison for the sake of instating her third son.)

(It's not completely improbable, but she's being far too reckless and pushy.)

(Which means this may not have been necessarily Kusandria-sama's ploy.)

"Kusandria-sama must be taking many attendants with her, is she not."

"Umu? Yeah, there are 12 people. Two coachmen, two knights, two maids, two squire knights, two pages, and two menial workers."

"Forgive me for asking. Prado-sama, do you think that this unfortunate accident was brought about by that group?"

"That is the only possible conclusion. Dopus was the picture of health up until yesterday. She'd do this to her own blood-related nephew..."

"Regarding that, do you have any proof that Kusandria-sama is aware of that fact?"
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"I must ask this just to be sure. Even if this accident was perpetrated by that group, Kusandria-sama herself could be in the dark."

"It can't be."

"Master, if I may. I recall Kusandria-sama saying something unusual during the dinner two days ago."

Kanner who was listening silently spoke out.

"Unusual? What did she say again."

"'Dopus, don't push yourself too much now.' she said."

"Oh. She did say that. What about it."

"Master. It had hit me after hearing what Norma-dono said. What if Kusandria-sama has been led to believe by someone that Dopus-sama had contracted a deathly disease and did not have long on this world."

Prado thought the meaning of those words long and hard.

"That... Damn vixen!"

"Then perhaps, that compelled Kusandria-sama to make a push for a new heir for the sake of Goncourt House's continuance."

Prado fell silent once again. Then he bent over forward with his hands covering his face.

"This is all so sudden, I lost my grip for a moment there. To think she would go this far."

"Is there a chance this was done by someone outside Boldrin House?"

Prado looked at Kanner. Kanner spoke to Norma.

"We are not sure. We had never even considered the possibility of Dopus-sama getting assassinated until today. However, we immediately called Ospar-dono after Dopus-sama's sudden death due to the slightly unusual discoloration on his lips and skin."

"Why didn't you call me?"

"Kanner insisted that we called Norma-dono. I did not agree to it. We must not drag you into this. But then Ospar-dono spoke how he was poisoned and that only Norma-dono could distinguish what poison was used. I believed then this was fate. Hence, I had them summon you."

"Norma-sama. To be perfectly frank, we know not who's the assassins and the perpetrator behind that assassin yet. What we know is that Kusandria-sama is here in this mansion with her son she wants as heir, and that Dopus-sama has passed during such a situation."

"Fumu. I think I've got the picture. Allow me throw some questions myself."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.11


"I have a daughter by name Kusandria. Tonnara's little sister. She was married off to Boldrin House of Vantaroy, but five years ago, right after Tonnara's passing, she came to me with a preposterous proposal."


"'Managing Goncourt House is far beyond Zepus's ability. You should adopt my third son and make him be the next in line', thus she spoke."

Once someone has been married off, they are considered a member of that other family. There are cases where those daughters come back as the successor of their former houses, but only if there is no other heir left, and Goncourt was not in one such state then. This proposal by Kusandria was not right and went way over her bounds.

"Whose adopted son?"

"Mine. She wanted me to adopt her son. Of course I shut down such an absurd proposal. I also warned her to stay in line. However, Kusandria learned nothing. She would frequently make the same proposal many times after."

"Did the idea really come from Kusandria-sama herself?"

"Good insight as expected of you Norma-dono. No, it cannot be. That girl may be haughty but she doesn't have the wit. I am thinking that it must be a scheme plotted by the wife of previous head of Boldrin, Cassandra."


"I believe she's the same age as me at 71. That woman is like an apparition. Goncourt House would be sucked dry down to the bones if we had that thing's grandkid as our heir."

"That was when Zepus-sama passed away."

"That might be meant to be. I cannot imagine how would this house fare with that kid on the helm. Cassandra would likely send her mole and manipulate Zepus as she likes. As a matter of fact, not an insignificant number of my relatives believed Dopus should have been the heir instead."

Norma had no idea at all about their complex situation. Even this flourishing noble house had such a strife going on internally.

"To be perfectly frank with you, there are parts of me and Kanner who were relieved when Dopus became the only choice as the heir to Goncourt. That is an undeniable truth."

Norma wouldn't say anything to that. Zepus may have been killed by Lecan, but you could say that Norma was the impetus for the event. She feels that she's like a plague to Goncourt House.

"I have no idea whether Kusandria knew about that, but she finally started making a huge push to make her son our heir. At first it was only letters, but nowadays, she has been sending a messenger every month. Had the other party not House of Boldrin, we would have cut down such shameless messengers."

"However, even if Boldrin holds power at the metropolis Vantaroy, they're still in another territory. Can't you just ignore them?"

"That's the thing. In my negligence, Kusandria has allied herself with her mother, Narae, family, Ramo Company. Ramo Company had fallen from power, pushed down by Chaney Company last year. This town is currently prospering, there are many business opportunities to be found. And yet, Chaney Company completely snatched away all of those opportunities without leaving any. Kusandria made use of that fact."
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"Yes, the town does indeed feels more lively now."

"Hahaha. Business under direct management of our house has been booming as well for the past four months. And it doesn't look to be receding for a while. Besides, us House of Goncourt holds the biggest stake in Chaney Company. Chaney Company's prosperity is also our house's. Kusandria, no Cassandra is very much aware of that too."

"What is the purpose of telling me all this internal matter?"

"Please bear with me a little longer. Dopus has a daughter, but she's still two of age. Moreover, Dopus's wife has a gentle disposition unfit for conflicts."


"Fortunately, I was yet to formally announce Dopus's right of succession. I was planning for a year of mourning period at least. By the way, do you know about Zepus's children?"

"No. I am not informed."

"He has two kids. The eldest son, Gaipus is five, the eldest daughter, Elfus is three."

"I suppose, Gaipus-sama will bear the right then."

"I do intend to let Gaipus be the heir. However, he's still five. And I am 71. Were I die, Gaipus would not be able to manage our house, and Kusandria would strut around like she owns everything."

There's no affections in his words whenever Prado talks about his daughter, Kusandria. Even though the fact that he let her daughter marry off must have been partly for the sake of Goncourt House. Or perhaps it's because this Kusandria has been completely taken over by Cassandra.

"And we have one more  problematic issue. Dopus's little sister, Tendoria. She's married to a member of Haddis in this town. House of Haddis has started calling for Tendoria's eldest son to succeed Goncourt lately. Tendoria's eldest son is still eight."


"However, Haddis is of a higher standing than Goncourt. And being a noble house in the same town, they have many ways to intervene. This cannot be left alone either."

Last year, Prado's state was such that he could have died anytime within that year. He's fortunately back on his feet now, but there's no telling how long that'd last.

In other word, House of Goncourt is presently dire straits.

"There is one way to break the deadlock we are stuck at."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.10


After passing through Goncourt Mansion's gate, their wagon headed for an annex to the east instead of the main building.

Norma got down and got led to the second floor in the annex by Kanner.

A nobleman has been laid in an interior room, with Prado Goncourt sitting next to the bed.

A young servant wearing a high-class outfit approached Kanner and spoke in a low voice.

"The madam has brought the young miss into her room."

Kanner nodded and spoke to Prado.

"I have brought Norma-sama with me."

Prado stood up and turned at Norma.

"You have my thanks for your coming here."

"I have heard your beck. Am I to perform an examination on this man here?"

"I believe this should be the first time Norma-dono saw him. This is Dopus. Zepus's little brother."

This was when Norma noticed another person in the room. A familiar one.

"Ospar-dono, you're here too."

Ospar is a medical practitioner. He's far older and more experienced than Norma. She couldn't help but wonder why would she get called here if he was here already.

"Norma-dono. I'm sorry for taking up your time. He had already passed away by the time I arrived here. I believe it must be from poison, but I'm unfortunately ignorant on the subject matter. I recall the time you spoke about ways to distinguish several poisons. Thus I informed Prado-sama to beckon you here."

"So that's how it went."

"This here is the wound."

As she looked closer with a portable <Noct Lamp>, she saw a small wound around the scruff of the neck. Quite a deep wound.

"It looks to have been pierced deeply by a needle. Did you find a needle?"

"That's the thing, we could not find any."

Norma lightened up the room, cleared the desktop, and asked for a jugful of water. She lined up several mixing bowls, skillfully put reagents on those bowls and mixed them together.

These reagents are the results of her father's long work as well. It's been known since ages old that poisons originated from living beings and magic beasts react differently to different minerals. While her father was still working in his ideal environment, he gathered all kinds of minerals, got servants to grind them, and repeated many experiments to finally determine ways to mix minerals to determine 16 general types of poisons.

Once you know this, getting your hands on a small amount of minerals is no issue. You only need a minute amount for each usage.

Norma carefully mixed the body fluid of the dead gathered from the mucous membrane around his mouth with the reagents.

"There is no doubt about it. It's <Flat White Snake (Uraslin)>'s venom."

"I had my suspicion."
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Ospar seemed to have come to the same conclusion as well.

Prado had a stiff expression.

Kanner bowed at Ospar.

"Ospar-dono. Thank you very much. We would like you to return home for tonight. And do pardon me, but if you could please keep what you witnessed here to yourself."

"I am well aware. Well then, Norma-dono."

"Yes. Good night."

Afterward, Norma was led to another room and served tea.

Prado sits over the table in front of Norma, with Kanner standing diagonally behind him.

They sipped on the warm tea for a while before Prado spoke.

"Norma-dono. I intend to offer a proposition to you. However, hearing about the circumstance of our house would be a necessity before that."


"Are you aware of Rokusona's origin?"

Rokusona is the mother of Norma's mother, Korona. In other word, she's Norma's grandmother. A concubine of the man before her, Prado.

"Do you mean her birthplace? No I am not. I only know that her standing was too low to claim herself as your wife."

"It is not low. After all, Rokusona came from Okarute House of Bigo. As such, she was of a higher standing than my legal wife, Narae."

"Eh? But wasn't Narae-sama of Sawajie House?"

"Even if that might be so, Okarute House was a distinguished family at Bigo. Of a much longer history than Sawajie, an eminent name. But after Okarute ceased to exist, so did Rokusuna's standing."

"So that's how it was."

"Moreover, Narae was not of Sawajie's bloodline. She was a daughter of Ramo Company. She was adopted as Sawajie's eldest daughter when she was wed to me, to formally make it a marriage between two noble houses."


"That might have been the reason. The hate Narae held for Rokusona was extreme. At the time, our house could not afford losing connections to Ramo Company. I let Korona go through so much hardships."

"So that happened."

"Did you not hear anything about Rokusona from Korona?"

"I was told that she was a kind soul."

"I see."

Prado closed his eyes as if reminiscing the past.

"Narae birthed four of my children. The eldest and the third sons had premature deaths. I nominated my second son Tonnara as the heir. That kid was not of  prime health. We lost him five years ago."

Norma knew about that already.

"Tonnara had three children. The eldest son Zepus, second son Dopus and eldest daughter Tendoria."

Zepus lost his head to Lecan last year. Norma was so shocked she couldn't let out a word when she heard it the first time.

"I nominated Zepus as the next in line to succeed the family after Tonnara's passing. However, Zepus died. Thus, I was planning to name Zepus's kid brother, Dopus as the next in line. That Dopus, died, today. He was a healthy and wise kid. Hence, he was murdered."

Intense lights dwelt in Prado's eyes. Norma saw boundless sorrow within those intense lights.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.9


The following day, Norma visited two neighboring medical practitioners and asked them to take care of her longtime patients. And since her clinic is unlikely to open for one, two or perhaps even more years, she also went around other medics to explain.

She also went to the regular visitors around the neighborhood.

She was originally planning to keep doing her medic work even during the project. But she found out that the project was such a scale that she couldn't afford doing that. Hence she decided to suspend her clinic.

A huge signboard <Currently Closed> has been put in front of her clinic.

However, that didn't really help her concentrate on the writing.

To begin with, the majority of this clinic's visitors cannot read. Moreover, people in this world don't tend to go to a clinic unless it's a very serious illness or they're in a critical condition. Because they understand that it'd cost money.

Hence, oftentimes the knocks on Norma's clinic door are for emergency. In such situations, it's hard to tell them to go somewhere else because it's closed. When she dealt with them after having no choice, rumor of Norma's clinic reopening spread and regular patients would come again.

And as it's a world where information network is still undeveloped, many also would come not knowing that it's closed.

She'd let Jinga deal with them if possible but there are also times when Norma has to do it herself, which results in an influx of patients.

There was also another issue.

There was a huge commotion right after Herb Saint Entourage's departure. A frightening amount of people flooded Norma's clinic.

Messengers from House of Haddis, House of Sawajie, and House of Surusawa have come time and time again asking her to be their exclusive medic. Despite being fully aware of her tending to Goncourt House. She's refused them all, but they would still occasionally send gift-bearing messengers and ask her to make a house call at least once. This is another headache inducing issue. They're a bother, but she can't just outright decline a request from a noble. They would lose face if she didn't visit them at least once.

The temple has been trying to summon her as well. She's been putting it off saying that she's too busy, but she will have to go once one of these days. After all, this town's temple is Ceres. The big boss of medics. Yet they have been shut out in the Herb Saint Visitation, thus they have built up some strong discontent.

Shira would have been the main target were she still around, but she's not. Lecan has gone off to Dungeon Tsubolt. And since the herb saint himself has given a stern warning regarding Eda, even the temple can't be heavy handed to her. Meaning Norma is the sole target to summon. But they would undoubtedly try to pry open everything that happened in the discussion out of Norma if she went to the temple.

There's also requests from large medicine store to have their products used by her. Of course some even sent samples free of charge. They want to have Norma use their medicine and obtain the draw of, <Store Approved by the Medic who Helped with Herb Saint's Recovery>.

Merchants who found out about Norma being present during the herb saint visitation have also been coming to get information out of her or build connections. She's mostly done dealing with this town's influential individuals and merchants on month nine last year, but more and more merchants have been coming in Vouka from other towns and villages, who then came to Norma for information.
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But the most problematic ones are the apothecaries and medics.

They would incessantly and persistently come to ask about the discussion with Herb Saint. That is inevitable, and Norma would have done the same were she in their shoes, thus she couldn't blame then. That said, the matter talked about in that discussion was not something to be made public. But they wouldn't go back down if she said nothing, and Norma herself didn't have the heart to treat them poorly. Hence she would tell them the general gist while avoiding to give out the details. Of course they weren't satisfied with only one session and kept coming back for more. Which still continues today.

Fortunately, most of them are looking for bits of Herb Saint-sama's quotes than new knowledge. He said that. He said this. He looked like this, most were satisfied with those kinds of details.

She's got to do something about this. At the rate this is going, she can never finish the writing.

Moving out would be the best option. But changing residence takes time and labor. Both of which are very precious right now. Besides, this clinic being an inheritance from her father, it's free for her to live here, but going elsewhere will means paying rents. Hence she wouldn't be able to rent a spacious residence.

On top of that, this clinic has a library where Norma's father's works were stored, but it's been transformed into Rakrus's workshop. It's a very ideal environment, I can work well here, said Rakrus. Can't just move out carelessly.

"What should I do."

As Norma was at her wit's end, Butler of Goncourt House, Kanner came visiting.

Norma was surprised. It must be something big for the butler to come here in person.

"Master Prado wishes to consult a very important matter with you. I'm sorry to impose, but could you go see him right away."

Kanner made another surprising request. We would like you to perform an examination on a dead body, if you could bring tools for identifying types of poison, it would be best, he said.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.7_8


"The path that will not shame my father as his child."

Those words hit Norma like a revelation.

That's right.

That's what important.

All other matters come after.

How could she overlook something so simple.

Her duty is not releasing her father's writing to the world.

Her duty is releasing what her father wanted to leave behind to the world.

Anyone could see Sasfrey's writing if they just look at the documents in person.

However, the only one who knows what Sasfrey really wanted to write is her alone as his sole daughter and student.

Her father won't be happy having documents he wrote in his youth published. He would want later works that have undergone revisions from new knowledge to get published instead.

However, that is something her late father incapable of. As such it's her duty to do that in her father's stead.

The many words her father spoke. The content of research her father tackled. Numerous fragmented memos that could not be made into a book themselves. And things that were clear later, the real meat of the matter he wanted to actually write.

Bringing that to this world is exactly the path that won't shame her father as his child.

"It appears you have made your resolve."

As Norma came back to her sense, her grandfather Prado whose stern face softened up a little spoke.

"Yes. I'm thankful for your guidance."

"I'm glad that could be of use. From now on, do feel free to consult to this weary old bone whenever something is weighing your mind, Norma-dono."


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"I see. You are resolute then."

"Yes. After thinking through the meaning of Rakrus-dono's words, and getting an advice from someone, I am no longer hesitant. This had always been on my mind as well."

"Umu, umu. I did think I was overstepping my bounds, but it could not be left unsaid either. We can't afford to publish a half-baked book, not this book."

Jinga, Eda, Parm and Yoran are warmly watching over Norma's and Rakrus's conversation. They're all enjoying Jinga's brewed tea. At first Rakrus's group was shocked to see a knight doing such a menial task as brewing tea, but they've gotten completely used to it now.

Additionally, Rakrus is aware of Sasfrey's family name. That is to say he's aware of noble blood running through Norma's vein. As such, he's been using polite speech with her.

Rakrus read the posthumous works of Norma's father at tremendous speed. Norma herself has memorized everything her father wrote, except for the very fragmentary writing. As Rakrus is capable of selecting which books to publish, she's showed him everything but the more private writing.

Norma has never let anyone touch her father's posthumous manuscripts, not even Jinga. Yet she entrusted Rakrus. That's how much trust she put in Rakrus in the brief time they associated.

"I will be done reading them all by around the tenth of next month, the fifteenth at the latest. I will make a catalog of those books, we will use that to decide how many books to publish."


There's no way anyone could read such an enormous amount of writing in that time frame, not even Rakrus a professional. It's impossible even for Norma.

"All of that? That many books?"

"Hahaha. Us transcribers know a trick or two on speed reading. Draft reading, phrase reading, delimit reading, sentence end reading, conjunction reading, paragraph reading, each which serves their purpose. This time around, I will employ a combination of phrase reading and draft reading. I won't completely chew through the meanings. That will be for the next phase."

Norma couldn't get the explanation. All she knows is that professionals are amazing and that they have no time to spare at all.

"Priest Amamir had arranged for 1000 pieces of transcribing paper before we departed the capital. Of course they're <Sacred Code> paper. He has made a promise to send more on a regular basis. Worry not and write all those manuscripts."

No way, no how. Unlike you, I'm just an ordinary human.

Norma wanted to say that but she couldn't. The other party is prepared to stay in this town for as long as his work requires him to.

A head clerk of a paper store visited Norma the following day. It's a shop that specializes in high-class wood-made paper, Norma has never bought anything there.

Paper can be made of leather, cloth and wood. Among those, the lowest grade is made of wood, and the highest grade is also made of wood. And between them, only leather-made and wood-made can be used to make a book, and only wood-made is available for a 300-page book. Additionally, everything above <Abridged Code> must be made of wood paper. That is because wood-made paper is far more preservable than leather-made.

When her father was at the marquis house, he used high-class wood-made paper. But Norma cannot afford that now. When she asked how and why a paper dealer would visit her, turned out it was on Prado Goncourt's request. Prado family will also bear the cost.

Prado had guessed from the fragments Norma talked to him, and sent her wood paper. Norma decided to accept Prado's goodwill while still in shock.

Rakrus was present there. Thus the business was done quick.

"Norma-dono is in charge of writing a manuscript for a <Sacred Code> book."

"Ah. I see, I understand. Would you like to have <Large Sacred Code> paper then?"

"No. That would be a bit too small. It is hard to insert and revise words as well. I believe <Extra Large Sacred Code> paper will do. Norma-dono. How about it?"

After an explanation, Norma agreed to it and ordered the paper. The clerk was dumbfounded when they made an order for 1000 pieces of paper and possibly more later.

And once the clerk found out the person before him was the renowned capital's transcriber Rakrus, his eyes almost popped out of their eye sockets.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.6


Mashka Pere was a powerful ruler of Rudvisia Province. Pere was an old distinguished family to begin with, but their rise to power came with Mashka's father.

Mashka's father was strong in battlefields, passionate at treating his allies, a man of his word, and caring for his people. His fame spread far and wide, bandits disappeared from Rudvisia, and neighboring lords unanimously sought to be under his rule.

As his old body was nearing its end, he gathered his vassals around and left a will wishing for his clan's prosperity even after death. It mostly involved successors to his vassals and a bit about fortune for Pere house, but there was one curious subject matter by the end.

It was about his concubine, Tanida.

Concubine here was nothing more than a title, he never once called Tanida to accompany him for a night. Mashka's father was worried about the future of this young girl who had been gallantly tending to his old decrepit body.

"Marry off Tanida to an appropriate house after my death. Put just enough dowry to ensure their livelihood."

At the time, there was a custom to put the favorite concubine of a ruler in his grave. He expressly announced to public to not let Tanida die with him.

Then two years passed.

Mashka's father was finally on his death bed. But before his passing, he called for an assembly of clan elders and put out a new will.
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"Put Tanida in my grave."

Mashka and the clan elders respectfully accepted it. Three days later, his father passed away.

Mashka held a funeral rite for his father but he didn't let Tanida go in the grave. And once the mourning period was over, he quickly let Tanida remarry.

The clan elders lodged a complaint to Mashka who trampled over his father's will.

The noble society at the time regarded one's father's will as absolute, thus the will of a ruler was absolute to the whole clan. Violating the will of a father that's also a clan head could lead to not only disinheritance but even execution.

Mashka was given a chance to speak his excuse in the presence of clan elders.

"My father was a man of utmost benevolence, a man who never put his wants over others. He did not monopolize gains and shared with his relatives and subordinates, never was one person let to suffer alone. Many authorities yearned for father's virtue, and served under him. And that was how father came to hold the biggest power in this region."

"Father left a will two years ago. To let Tanida marry off to someone right for her, and to give enough dowry for her livelihood. I am in of the belief. That this is the true will of my father. This thoughtfulness is my father's, this benevolence is my father's. And yet three days before his death, father called clan elders and left a different will. To put Tanida in his grave."

"Which of these two wills came from my father. Which truly came from my father's heart. Which of the two wills is the right path. Of course, if we go by natural order of things, the later overwrites the former. It is the obvious thing. However, I believe there are also time when the obvious may not be the right thing."

"Oh elders. I would like you to recall. My father's life. How he lived his life. Was father a man who would be content taking a young girl like Tanida to death. Was my father a man who would do that."

"After living heroically for 62 years, for most of his life, in the last three days of that life, father, in his debilitated state of mind due to the illness gnawing on him, would undo his benevolent choice and instead tell the kind Tanida follow him to his grave. I swore to uphold father's will. And father, after hearing my vow, had departed on a trip to underworld in peace of mind."

"As father had left this world in peace, there is now no more need for Tanida to follow. Except for his last three days, I don't believe father had ever borne the intention to make Tanida follow him. Between his 62 years, and his three days, which of those is my true father. Should we erase the 62 year legacy my father built and replace it with the weakness of heart that befell him on his last three days?"

"Please think about it, o elders. What would people say if we made Tanida commit suicide. Surely they would talk about how father's old age loneliness prompted him to cut off a bright future of a young girl. That kind of man was absolutely not my father. Is it not my duty as his child to fight against the notion of lowering my father to such a man. I have made my resolution. Not to uphold the will from the last three days of his life, mind weakened by the approaching death, but the will my father, in his right of mind, left two years ago, to follow the path that will not shame my father as his child."

Mashka was unanimously forgiven and given the leadership role.

Afterward, Pere flourished greatly.

There are two continuations to this story.

Five years after the death of his father, Mashka was betrayed by his chief vassal, and cornered into a hopeless situation. But then a lone Carrion King (Nuruel) suddenly showed up in the battlefield and routed the hostile army, getting Mashka out of his predicament.

Several soldiers who were present in that battlefield testified something weird. The clothes on that Carrion King was the same clothes Tanida sent to her late father.

Tanida's father was alive when Mashka let Tanida remarry off, he was thankful to tears for Mashka's discretion, but not long after that, he passed away due to an illness.

People believed in the rumor that Tanida's father must have been revived as a Carrion King to repay his debt by saving Mashka.

The other continuation is a good example on how fate works in mysterious ways.

Tanida had four sons in her second marriage. The fourth son grew to be a hero who put an end to the endless turmoil in the central plain and went on to found Zaka Kingdom.

That hero never forgot about the man who saved his mother. Mashka was made a marquis, and would be treated warmly.

House of Pere was given a new name.


The highest ranking and the most authoritative noble in Zaka Kingdom even to present day.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.4_5


"How about we take it one step further and rewrite the original manuscript here."

Rakrus suggested that on the 26th of month one.

Such thought had crossed Norma's mind hundreds of times already even without anyone pointing that out.

However, she could never bring herself to do it.

She could make it easier to read. Sorting orders, deleting redundancies, making terminologies easier, keeping it consistent, she could have done all that. Even inserting the insufficient parts with conclusions and examples from other notes, or rewriting some parts using the notes Norma's father left behind, tidying up the whole book. Some of the research make that hard, but most parts can have the above applied, as in the end she simply needs to write down the missing conclusions.

However, doing so would erase away the subtle conflicts and buds of ideas her father put in his writing.

Norma's father, Sasfrey is a true prodigy. He managed to compile a systematic research in a world where experience and skills have been split apart everywhere. No one else could mimic him.

Norma may bossily lecture on medicinal plant study. However, all of it was a compendium, a yarn ball of wisdom her father had spun from nothing. You could analyze and give commentaries on it in hindsight. However, only the one who came up with is the true pioneer.

Sasfrey was not skilled with putting words together. However, each and every words and sentences he left behind contain novel budding ideas of a prodigy waiting to be unraveled.

Rewriting them to make them easier to read is akin to pruning those budding ideas.

Of course, only one in a hundred readers could unravel those somethings found between words and sentences. And then among those who have unraveled the budding idea, only one in a thousand can truly reach the real logic, and develop them into a foundation. To all other people, Sasfrey's writing is nothing more than an unintelligible read. Ah, but.

That illegibility in itself may be the impetus for something new. Fragments of truth as perceived by a genius. Scraping them off is like killing off the unparalleled genius researcher Sasfrey.

As someone who has been studying under Sasfrey, and seen how he thought, acted and came up with something, Norma possess the ability to decipher Sasfrey's words. She's been packed enough to form complete sentences from incomplete ones Sasfrey left. But how is that any difference from dragging down a conversation between men and god to the mortal realm.

The more she thinks about it the more she hesitates to make any change on Sasfrey's writing. She believes leaving every words as is for posterity's sake is her mission. She could just put addendum on passages that are too hard or misleading, thought Norma.

Yet on the other hand, Norma also believes that doing nothing would be a disservice.

Sasfrey's greatness cannot be told if the writing isn't made easier. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity bestowed by gods to publish his books. Shouldn't she try to make it easier to understand even if only for one person?

The pebble Rakrus had thrown ended up causing a huge ripple in Norma's mind as she kept ruminating over the issue.

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"Is there something weighing your mind, Norma-dono."

"Ah, please excuse me. I got lost in thought there."

Norma went to Goncourt House for a house call on the 31st of month one.

Goncourt has been regularly requesting for house calls. They only asked for Eda's <Recovery> twice, afterward, the request was directed to Norma. Eda has been keeping busy with many adventurer quests, even Norma hasn't seen her much lately.

Publicly, her relationship with Goncourt House looks to have been restored. As Prado's heir, his grandson was felled by Lecan, so of course as someone who brought Lecan to Goncourt House Norma felt some responsibility. However, both Prado and Kanner the butler interact as politely as they were with Norma outwardly. Their servants don't seem to think ill of her either.

Mysteriously enough, Norma feels at ease whenever she spends times at Goncourt House.

"To tell you the truth."

Norma divulged the thing bothering her while concealing the details. This is a first.

Prado calmly sipped his tea as he listened, then he looked like he was thinking something before eventually speaking again.


Oh, thought Norma.

Prado might act politely toward her, but he always kept a distance, like they were strangers. But Norma herself always considered him as her grandfather, the father of her mother, she always prayed for his long life regardless of circumstances.

However, the tone used to address her name this time didn't have its usual coldness, it was more gentle and like it had come to grips with something. Perhaps, Prado is trying to narrate something to his granddaughter.

"Have you heard about the tale of Mashka Pere and Tanida?"

"Mashka Pere? No. I know not the family name nor that first name."

As he smiled elegantly, Prado narrated an old tale to Norma.




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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-18

 18-18. Ball


※ This story is not about Dungeon City Akatia.


A letter has come from Muno Territory asking for my attendance in a ball that will be held at Duchy Capital.
I would love to pretend I never saw the letter, but as it also asked for my assistance in increasing personal connections for Muno heir, my little brother Orion, I could not just overlook it.

"Karina, ennui~?"
"What is wrong nodesu?"

As I gloomily sighed with the letter in my hand, Tama and Pochi called out in worry.

"You can talk to Pochi about your problem nodesu."

"Oh, I'm all right desuwa. It's nothing major anywa--"
"Karina-dono, you should talk with these two. You might find a new perspective by talking to other people."

An artifact created by an ancient magic empire [<<Intelligent Item>>] Raka gave me that advice.


"It's really nothing big. I just received a letter asking for my attendance in a ball desuwa."
"Ball, nanodesu?"
"Like ball catching~?"

Pochi and Tama tilted their heads and their entire bodies together.
They looked so cute I was smiling before I realized.

"No, that's different. A Ball is where nobles gather around to dance and eat together."
"Pochi loves both dancing and eating nanodesu!"
"Tama too~?"

Pochi and Tama twirled around and started dancing.

"Oh you two are so good at it desuwa."

I liked to dance too when I was small.

It all started that day, the day I attended my first ball--.

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"Soruna-anesama, what's Duke-sama's ball like?"

Our Muno Barondom's simple wagon trod on the main road while shaking.

"...Oh, where to begin I wonder."

Soruna-anesama looked gloomy, unlike me who was really looking forward to the ball.
The me at this time was too frolic to notice ane-sama's state.

"Hasn't Ane-sama gone there many times before?"
"When I was at the royal capital--at Dona Baronet's place, it was mostly balls for lower class nobles, so they weren't really extravagant. I'm not yet a debutante too, I've only been to a ball hosted by Duke-sama at the Duchy Capital before I moved back to Muno."
"Duke-sama?! Whoa! Ane-sama, that's amazing! And then, and then?"

My eyes were sparkling at the tale Ane-sama narrated and urged her to continue.

"It was a very dazzling place. It was so bright as if it was in the middle of the day with dozens of hanging chandelier emitting lights like they were coming from a hundred magic lamps. Those lights reflected by the candlesticks and tableware below made the scene looked like I was in a world of dream."

Imagining how it would like, I couldn't hold my mouth from opening wide in astonishment.

"The ladies and gentlemen attending the ball were wearing green silk garments, lower class nobles at the capital just cannot compare. Those outfits were adorned by so many jewels sparkling like stars in the sky. Every one of their fingers have jewels so big, it almost looked too heavy to carry even."

"The dishes served were also beyond luxurious. So many cuisines I had never seen before in my life lined up endlessly, your sister had no idea so many food existed in this world before then."
"A feast! Were they tasty?"

Ane-sama wouldn't reply back my innocent question.

"I'm sure it was very tasty. Those dishes fill up all the tables, and every time a large platter had been half-emptied, a new large platter full of freshly cooked food would get brought in."
"What are they going to do with the leftover? Are they saving it for tomorrow's lunch? Oh then you can eat a lot the next day too!"

As someone who was living a frugal life in Muno Territory, the idea of discarding food never even crossed my mind then.

"Karina, you're such a good girl."

I had no idea why I got praised, but I really liked getting praise from ane-sama.

"Did you make friends?"

Ane-sama's face stiffened up like a Noh mask as I asked her that.

"--It is not shaking anymore. We have reached the Duhcy's highway it seems."
"You're right ane-sama! We're on a wagon but it's not rickety rackety anymore!"

Oyugock Duchy's well maintained roads were a thing of wonder to me who only knew shaky roads at Muno Territory.
For that reason, I failed to notice how ane-sama had abruptly changed the topic.

"It's knights! Ane-sama, there's so many knights-sama in silver armor!"

Our wagon passed through Oyugock Duchy's fullplated armored knights.
Our wagon was being escorted by Muno soldiers as well, but all of them only wore leather armor, thus those knights in their metal armor looked like they sprung out of fairy tales to me.

I remember how one of those knights murmured, [Cursed Land].

The me at the time had no idea about anything, but even the bubbly me could sense that it was nothing good from father and ane-sama's gloomy mood.

And that turned into conviction as we arrived at Gururian Castle, the venue for the ball.

"Is that the 『Cursed Land』's?"
"Have you heard about rumors of nobles moving to Muno Territory meeting an unnatural death one after another?"
"Yes, of course. My little brother was going to enter the government service at Muno Territory, and my whole family went against it."
"Will we not get cursed taking part in the same ball as these people?"

The only one greeting us upon our arrival was the viceroy, Viscount Shimen, all other nobles would only whisper maliciously behind our back, none dared to speak to us nor approach us.
In fact, they would quickly scuttle away whenever we would try to greet one.

"Soruna, I have to go greet the people here. I'm sorry, but could you look after Karina for me?"
"Yes, father. I shall enjoy the food together with Karina."
"Yup, that's a good idea. Make sure you don't leave the venue, okay."

Father said that and then left to make the rounds for his job.

"Let's go Karina."
"Yes, ane-sama."

I was curious about the people dancing in the hall, but I couldn't say it out loud, confused by the unusual state ane-sama was in.

"Whaa, yummy! Ane-sama, it's so yummy!"

I was a bit reserved that it was buffet style, but all the feast that couldn't be found in Muno castle had me frolic and forgot about everything else.

"She's like a starving cattle."

I choked on sweet by mistake at that harsh rebuke.
Ane-sama hurriedly passed over a glass of fruit water.

"No graces befitting of a noble."
"But of course. These cattle only have half of noble blood running through their vein, they are crossbreeds."
"Half? You mean one of their parents is a commoner?"
"I see, I see. So that is the reason they managed to narrowly escape [No Life King]'s Curse."
"How dare mere crossbreeds play pretend nobles! Punishment is due in short order."

The noble sons and daughters disparaged our commoner born--an illegitimate child of a noble to be exact--mother.
At this time, at my first exposure of unbridled malice, I wasn't really aware of what was going on, I just believed that I had done some sort of terrible mistake and could only tremble in fear from the bottom of my heart.

Ane-sama went in front of me to cover me.
Despite being frightened herself, she spread out her tiny body to hide me from sight.

"Hmph, the little sister's a steep cliff, but the elder one possesses some truly magnificent assets."
"Aren't those too big. It goes around to vulgar when they're that big to me."

The pimple-faced noble boy smirked and grinned while looking closer at ane-sama's face while the plump boy pushed the long glass he had on ane-sama's chest.

--Gotta protect ane-sama!

Just as I ran out from behind ane-sama while thinking that--.

Someone stopped me.

"Speaking of vulgar, have you guys seen a mirror lately."

This someone took the glass pushing ane-sama's chest, and pulled away ane-sama from those boys with a lax attitude.

"Toruma! Dare you go against me, the heir to Bobi Earldom!"
"Sure I dare."

The boy called Toruma answered right away at the noble boy who was misusing his family's authority.
Yes, this was how I met Uncle Toruma.

"Heck if I could overlook those who would disparage an innocent lady, make her cry, and even go as far as shamelessly molesting her in public, moreso when it's in a party sponsored by my family."

Despite his bumbly attitude, uncle Toruma's words were filled with anger.

"What mishap have you got yourself into now, Toruma."

Just as the situation was about to explode, uncle Toruma's elder brother, the heir to Viscount of Shimen, uncle Hosaris spoke out to him.
Unlike uncle Toruma, he has never visited Muno Territory, so I don't know much about him.

"Hosaris-dono! What sort of education do you have at your house."

After hearing the noble boy's protest, uncle Hosaris glanced at a nearby butler who quickly came up to him and whispered the circumstance in his ear.

"I see, so that's what's going on--"

Uncle Hosaris murmured.

"Punish him quick if you understand!"
"That's a nice idea."

Uncle Hosaris looked at uncle Toruma with a cold gaze.

"Toruma, you shall have more etiquette education as ordered by father."
"U-umm! Toruma-sama only covered for us--"

Ane-sama was trying to defend uncle Toruma when uncle Hosaris lightly raised his hand to interrupt her.

"I understand the situation."

Then uncle Hosaris turned his gaze at the noble boys.

"Ronbel-dono is an outstanding statesman, but it appears parenting is not his strong suit."

The noble boys who were expecting apology from uncle Hosaris stiffened up when they got their expectations subverted.

"W-what'd you say! Are you slandering us?!"
"Do I have to spell it out for you? Today marks the end of our association. Turn around and leave, now."
"Y-you think you your Scroll workshop business can succeed without the help of Bobi House?!"
"That is no concern of yours. The earl may expect a messenger with our declination from our family head, my father at a later date."
"U-umm, Hosaris-sama--"

Ane-sama who felt responsible to the unexpected situation called out.

"You have nothing to feel responsible about. Associating with a house that has reared up fools incapable of the least bit of courtesy to a lady would only sully our Viscount House of Shimen."

After saying that, he really did expel those noble boys from the venue.

"Let's go somewhere else. Hard to relax here no?"

Urged by uncle Toruma, we transferred over to a break room next to the venue.

"Forgive me, it's all because of us."
"Eh no worries. They probably only used you guys as a pretext to refuse the business joint proposal. Nii-san could handle mediation without proper set up in his sleep. That etiquette thing earlier was also more cause how late I was saving you girls."

Uncle Toruma explained with a laugh to the apologetic ane-sama.

"Toruma-sama, we have brought you food."
"Thank you. Okay then, let's forget about silly stuff and just enjoy the grub."

Uncle Toruma let us enjoy the dish we were enjoying earlier.

"Toruma-sama, do you live at Gururian City?"
"I'm usually at the duchy capital. Only went to play at Gururian like once in a while."
"What kind of place is the duchy capital?"
"You can find anything there. But it's not fair if it's just me speaking. Karina-chan, what's it like at Muno where you live?"
"Oh umm, there's father, mother, Soruna-anesama, and Orion!"

Elated to be mentioned, I went on to ramble on random things to uncle Toruma.

Thanks to this incident, our relationship with Viscount of Shimen deepened, and the once unvisited Muno Territory would have uncle Toruma coming to play every once a year.
Hence, I remember how lonely I was when uncle Toruma eloped and stopped coming for several years.

It ended with a good memory, but the malicious glances and insults directed to the small me had placed an irremovable thorn in my mind.
Ever since then, father would cease participating in a ball hosted by Duke Oyugock, and neither me or ane-sama would beg for it even once.


"Pochi don't really get it but she gets it nodesu!"
"Mii~ two~."

Tama and Pochi had these difficult looks on their face as they nodded together with their arms folded.

"The best way is to overwrite bad memory with a happy one nanodesu!"
"Like Leopard-oneesan said~?"
"That's right nanodesu! So Karina should overwrite the ball together with Pochi!"

Pochi struck out the sucha pose as she said that.
She kinds of look like Satou when he tried to play it cool and invited me to a dance.


I reflexively smiled at that happy feeling.

I bend down and take Pochi's hand.

"Pochi~, not tall enough."
"Oh, oh no, it's true nanodesu. Pochi's stumped nodesuyo."
"It's okay--"

Before I could complete with desuwa, Tama moved right next to Pochi.

"Yeah nanodesu! Two fires make one flame nanodesuyo!"

Tama and Pochi started humming some kind of song.
If I'm not mistaken, that's the theme song of a [Roboamime] Arisa sang? Or was it an insert song?

As Tama folded her arms, Pochi jumped onto her shoulders, and then as Pochi's legs were locked into position, a mantle showed up out of nowhere wrapping the two.

"Combine formed~?"
"This is the friendship combined form, Gentleman nanodesu!"

Pochi spoke, her eyes at a slightly higher elevation than mine.

"My lady, may I borrow your hand nanodesu."

I replied back to the slightly mistaken invitation Pochi made with a ladyship etiquette, and offered my hand covered in white gloves.

"My? When did these gloves?"
"They showed up out of nowhere when that mantle was deployed earlier."

Raka-san couldn't even detect it--perhaps, Satou?

"Then, muzic starto nanodesu!"

Mia who was in the courtyard before I knew it started playing a ballroom dance music.
A delightful uptempo tune.

"Karina, just leave it aaall to Pochi nodesuyo."


"Pochi and Tama, you two can dance desuwa."
"Yes nanodesu! Pochi is an alluring dancer, she trained with Arisa in dancing so she could let's dance together with master!!"

Tama is in charge of the steps but since she forms the legs here, she won't speak.
I'll ask them to change up later and dance again.

The gloomy feeling vanished as I danced, and before I realized, I was enjoying the dance from the bottom of my heart.

"Come now, let's grasp the world of ballroom together with Pochi nodesuyo!"
"Ufufu, that sounds just lovely desuwa."

That day our dance continued with smiles unceasing, the courtyard ball went on until Pochi's and Tama's bellies rumbled.

The apprehension in my heart hasn't fully disappeared, but unlike yesterday, I no longer get depressed just from hearing the word ball.

As thanks for those two, I should bring them some meat dish on my way back from the ball as presents.

I'm sure those two would be delighted--.
With that in mind and with lighter steps than yesterday, I took a step forward toward the ball.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.3


"I believe you have an understanding as to my coming here now."


"Then I shall now relay a message from first class priest Amamir. First, the books will be in <Sacred Code> format. As you know, <Sacred Code> is 30 Part long and 21 Part wide. Each standards have their own set of character size and amount of character per page. Which is 26 characters and 36 lines per page for <Sacred Code>. Which is to say 936 pages but considering new lines and other, the closer we get to 900 the more elegant it would look."


"Secondly, the pages will number from around 300 to 500. Longer manuscripts will have to be split into multiple volumes. Is that acceptable?"


"Additionally, shorter manuscripts will be compiled into a single volume whence possible. Is that acceptable?"


"Thirdly, we would like to know the size of the entire manuscripts to get a grasp on the publication plan. You can show those to me. Now, please if you would."

Even with please, there's no way she could have prepared all of that in the time frame given. For the time being, Norma handed over the [Introductory to Medicinal Plant Study] she had finished. She should have bought three days of time with it, thought Norma.

However, Norma soon found out how much she underestimated Rakrus's knowledge and ability. She was handed a document wood board full of written words the morning after.

"I have read the manuscript. The content is far more comprehensive and easier to understand than the original. It is truly an admirable work."

"Oh, thanks."

"However, there seems to be a need of a more proper choice of words we could use. I'd like you to explain all the terminologies written here."

"Err. Right now, right here?"

"Right now, right here. Or perhaps, do you have other businesses to take care of?"
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"No. I don't have one in particular, but."

After a brief explanation from Rakrus, Norma was impressed.

The scholarly domain that her father, Sasfrey Wazrof, had arrived at was a completely new frontier, even common words anyone should know have been given a new meaning. On the other hand, there are some coined words and completely new words as well.

As completely new words usually have accompanying explanations, they're still understandable, but coined words are difficult to understand or even just to narrow down its actual meaning. Common words with new meanings are even misleading at times.

In addition, medics and apothecaries learn from their own teachers, whose knowledge and  word usages may vary by regions. As a result, how [Research on Entrails Functions] is read can completely differ by regions, unless it's made to be very exact and unified.

In fact, some of the terminologies Rakrus wrote on the board have several different words with similar meaning or exactly the same thing using different words. There's even same words with hugely different meanings. Or similar words with different contents.

"In one such case, we categorize the terms and put a new expression to indicate words in the same category. And words with the same meanings should be represented with the same terminology if applicable. As this book is a study book, not a literature."

Thus, Rakrus is going to read several volumes of the original manuscripts as a preliminary arrangement for arrangement of terminologies. As it's only preliminary, the manuscripts don't have to be completely ready for the transcribing project.

First Norma handed over the original copies of [Research on Entrails Functions], then [Introductory to Medicinal Plant Study]. The former has 920,000 characters, while the later has more than 300,000 despite being incomplete. Moreover, this should have been the first time Rakrus read the later. And yet, he managed to read through both books in just three days.



"[Research on Entrails Function] is a wonderful research."

"Thank you."

"It has six chapters, but it seems there are considerable period gaps between chapters."

"Yes. It took 20 years to complete chapter 1 to 6. And it's even got other unrelated research put in some chapters."

"Ah, you must mean chapter 2 and 4."


"It's truly a wonderful research. However, there are many redundancies to be found, and the reading contexts are slightly off for a single book. Also, it appears to be written in chronological order."


"In other word, the content is unfortunately in disarray. Of course, Norma-dono should know that well yourself."


"Hence, how about we take it one step further and rewrite the original manuscript here."


"Please consider it."


As Rakrus sort out the terminologies, Norma put all documents that will be made into books in a room. Rakrus's two pupils, Parm and Yoran were extremely capable, they would nonchalantly helped Norma in the work. They know very well how to deal with manuscripts. It's an ability Jinga lacks, Norma was extremely impressed.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.2


Priest Amamir had previously commissioned Transcriber Rakrus's Studio to transcribe [Introductory to Medicinal Plant Study] and [Research Entrails' Functions]. Temples are transcribers' biggest customers, and Elex Temple is the temple that publishes most books in this country. And Rakrus Studio is the leading studio in making original books in the capital. The two are also old friends. And since those transcribes needed secrecy, naturally Amamir would pick a trusted transcriber. To Priest Amamir, Rakrus was the natural choice.

Rakrus himself is equipped with knowledge and skills of a stylist and a rhetorician, but that's not enough to run a studio. The studio houses several Copywriters, and virtually exclusive bookbinders living there. One day, priest Amamir brought a job to that studio.

Rakrus was chagrined at the fact that he wasn't the one who made the original copies of the two books when he first saw them. That's how much he was taken by the content. These are exactly the books fit to challenge the best transcribers.

And when priest Amamir brought the plan to publish the bettered and revised version of those two books, Rakrus literally jumped into it. His eyes at that time were literally bloodshot.

Though even Rakrus was at a loss for words when he heard the insane plan of creating dozens, hundreds of those books. Pretty much an undertaking of a national level. Done by a mere apothecary, Guide Skalabel.

Though judging from some leaks priest Amamir hinted, there seems to be a catch in how the project is going to be done. To make that catch a reality, it's necessary to grasp the whole thing that will be published first.

Rakrus objected strongly when priest Amamir declared that all the books will be in <Sacred Code> format. The same two books Rakrus previously transcribed were in <Festive Code> format, gorgeously made befitting of the books. Appropriate as an offering to gods by someone who had arrived at the peak of scholarly achievement. How could these books be lowered down two levels now.

To this, even the usually calm and collected priest Amamir argued back fervently, capable of overwhelming all who heard him.

These are not books that are left to only decorate bookshelves. Not books to be forgotten deep in the libraries of some temples or nobles. These are books to be put open on a desk, read by apothecaries and medics in between their jobs. Reading desks are not where their jobs at. Even <Sacred Code> is actually too big a format. In fact, he would have liked it be a <Commoner Code> but due to the numerous limitations put on the standard, he reluctantly settled with <Sacred Code>.

Rakrus objected still.

That is not what books are, they are to be preserved in an suitable environment where they belong. The valuable content written in those books is to never be damaged or dirtied. You put them on the appropriate reading desk and to carefully turn the pages with both your hands when you read them. If you need to take note something from a book, memorize it by heart and write it down on another desk. One must never write on the same desk as where the book is put. If by any chance you spill ink on the book, that in itself is a sacrilegious act toward gods.

Priest Amamir replied back.

That is what books are known like thus far. That kind of books can stay as they are. But this is high time for a different kind of books to make an appearance. Books that get worn down from filling people with their fountain of knowledge. Books you can flip at any time to extract information you need. Books that live and enliven the lives of people. What's wrong with creating such books.

Thus Amamir spoke to Rakrus who was still shocked by that idea.

"Rakrus-dono. A world where one or two books exist in every house. Don't you want to be the one who takes the first step toward that world."

A world where one or two book exists in every house. There's no way anyone could realize such a dream. But gods do not forbid people to dream. He'd like to see that dream. Thus Rakrus thought.

"This is a project that will overturn the very concept of books."

"Indeed. Indeed."

Breathing a new life unto books. Would there be anyone capable of that if not him.

Rakrus got all fired up. However, the obstacles became clearer as he got more into it.

"Amamir-sama. Making all books in <Sacred Code> would prove difficult. It's unlikely allowed even. First of all, how about offering a copy to the royal family. And also to temples and nobles. Distributing the books to apothecaries and medics all over the kingdom would look bad if we do not present the books to the temples and town lords first."

"This is actually still a secret. But we plan to offer the <Copyright> to temples and townlords. Of course we will need royal palace's cooperation to make that a reality."

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"The right to transcribe copies of those books in any standard they wish."

"My god."

It took Rakrus a while to digest since the idea was novel to him, but the more he thought about it the more interesting it sounded. But there's one fatal issue.

"But what about the original copy. The copy required to produce more copies."

"We grant them the copyright but limit studios that can transcribe the books."

"Limit studios? Huh?"

"An assortment of leading studio picked by Rakrus Studio. Each studio shall be lent the original transcripts. Each of which handles different books as ordered."

"I see. But what if someone who does not understand the content places an order."

"Apothecaries or medics who have been lent the books are obliged to report to the temples and lords at their locations and get their understanding checked. We will also only take new orders from temples and nobles once we have finished distributing all the copies."

"But that would risk temples and nobles taking away the distributed books."

"You're referring to the <Sacred Code> ones?"

"They won't show it publicly but there will surely be people who dirty their hands to get those books behind the scene. We need a sterner authorization. His majesty the king, would be too much. The notion of his majesty lending books to commoners is unfathomable to start with. An authority a bit under that still holds unshakable power..."

"What about Royal Capital's Elex Temple."

"That's it. But we will need a suitable reason to lend the books out. That should make it even harder to meddle with."


"Perhaps picking one based on achievements or skills."

"Fumu fumu."

Rakrus who had been converted into an accomplice before he knew it started a heated discussion on the publication strategy with Amamir.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 35.1

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Eda went back to her home after Zack Zaikaz's entourage left.

Norma as well. Her home here being Goncourt Mansion.

The day after, transcriber Rakrus who had piles of questions amassed wouldn't leave Norma alone besides during mealtimes. Which continued on for several days.

Rakrus is someone who can get back to his feet by reading his own work, living like a clergyman who devotes his everything to his manuscripts. He's especially fired up for this particular job as if it's his last greatest accomplishment in life.

As for why Norma is living in Goncourt Mansion, it's because she's been appointed as the successor to Goncourt Family, and the existence of Rakrus is partly why Norma agreed to it.

This goes back to the talk with Amamir last year.

Herb Saint's Entourage left Vouka on the 17th of month nine. Priest Amamir left the parting words, 'I shall look for a transcriber right away once we arrived at the capital and they will be departing for Vouka within a year. It'd be the beginning of the new year at the earliest I believe', naturally Norma thought that was when Amamir going to start looking for a transcriber.

They should arrive at the capital around the end of month 9 or beginning of month 10. And Amamir should be tasked to submit reports to many departments. Putting all those together should take some time. Then he'd need to sort out the chat. Even if the book publishing stuff were to start afterward, the entourage had so many people that would definitely report what happened to their respective temples.

And the particular topic regarding Guide Skalabel's return to health and the <Purification> should be huge to all of them.  Priest Amamir is surely getting overwhelmed by a tidal wave of inquiries.

As such, Norma believed that he would only start even looking for a transcriber within the middle of next year at the earliest.

Even so, Norma finished writing the [Introductory to Medicinal Plants Study]. This book doesn't have too many pages and is easy to understand to beginners. And since it's an expanded version of a book Norma wrote, the commentary was simple to her too. She was relieved, sure that her initial job for the transcriber was done no matter how it's progressing.

Norma utterly made light of Priest Amamir's throughput in paperwork.

As a new year dawned, a letter from Amamir came on the third of month one. The transcriber and his two pupils will arrive around the middle of month one, please be ready for their lodging, thank you.

"Is he talking about next year's month one?"
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So she asked Jinga.

Just in case, they prepared rooms for three in the clinic. One of the two rooms is filled with documents, but they'd have to put up with it.

The transcribers really did arrive on 21st of month one. Carrying a huge amount of luggage. The wagon, coachman and the escorts went back to the capital after unloading them.

Rakrus left the luggage to his pupils and started his job the day after his arrival.

However, that first job was not about transcript. He explained the publishing plan and consulted on how to progress.

Up to this point, Norma thought publishing a book was about writing fancy characters, binding them, and putting on covers. But that wasn't how book publishing work at all. Norma had seen books during her time at her father's family house, but she had no idea behind their creation.

First of all, books have sizes. The standard is established at exactly 100 Parts. Naturally it's a standard accepted on the entire continent, determined as 1/100 of a <Step>, an average length an adult takes in one step.

<State Code> is one step, or 100 Part tall. This is only permitted for the <State Ceremonial Book> carried by a king during their crowning ceremony. The width is 70% of its height. This rule is universal with all other standards. The weight and size of State Code makes it improbable for one person alone to carry it. Additionally, once completed, a State Ceremonial Book never gets its pages turned.

<Law Code> is 60 Part tall. This standard is for important books such as canon law, royal edicts, and official kingdom's history.

<Festive Code> is standardized at 50 Part tall. This is mainly the standard used for <Celebratory Books> precept compilations made during a festival, the biggest size a noble is allowed to make and offer.

<Abridged Code> is 40 Part tall. The size for <Simplified Celebratory Books>, compilations of precepts made for daily worships.

<Sacred Code> is 30 Part tall. Compilations of precepts bestowed to nobles with a deep faith.

<Commoner Code> is 20 Part tall. Compilations of precepts bestowed to commoners with a deep faith. Books made in this standard are not allowed to have gold or silver leaf covers, or golden stitches.

A book has to be one of the six. Though since the length of a <Part> can slightly vary by regions, and how that there are customs to add <Decorative Length> to the width and length, in reality books have more varied sizes. However, these six are the standards you have to abide in the creation of a book. As for the book they're making, since the first two Codes are unavailable for use, they only have the four below as options.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.13_14


"By the way, why's the marquis trying to keep old man Termin here?"

"Gukuku. You don't know eh. No of course you don't. Young miss has no idea why elder Termin is mad, while you've no clue why the marquis would be stumped if elder Termin went home. Gukukukuku. It's all so funny."

"Hold it. She said he'd take his disciples with him back. Is it because they'd be in trouble if the trade facility lost lots of their appraisers."

"He should only bring a few disciples from the capital. The trade facility may stumble a bit at first, but this town's got abundance of appraisers around. They'd find replacements in no time."

"Then is it cause that old man is someone influential? Like maybe he's got clout in the royal palace."

"Nah, can't be. The palace has their own noble appraisers, and even though elder Termin is famous, his skill is nothing more than a skill of the masses bluntly put."

"Then, why."

"Elder Termin is an appraiser renowned for his craft at the capital. Marquis of Tsubolt summoned him here to Tsubolt for a six year period contract work. They can sell swords at higher prices in other territories if they have appraisal tags with elder Termin's name stamped, and the contract itself also has a clause for rearing young appraisers. Once the six year period is up, Tsubolt's young appraisers can claim themselves as Termin's disciples."

"He roped me into becoming his disciple too though."

"What? You can use <Appraisal>?"


"That's some curious skill you got. Did elder Termin teach you personally?"

"The old man just out of the blue told me to appraise, use wand, do preliminary casting, bad pronunciations, wrong way to stream mana, I even got shouted down as big moron."

"Gukukukuku. Sounds like a piece of work. Wish I was there to watch it. But you. You've got aptitude for appraisal eh."

"At least that's what the old man told me. Retire from adventuring and come work under me, guy said."

"Hou! It's the real deal then. But... what was it again?"

"A six year contract to work at Tsubolt."

"That's it. The elder is leaving with two years left in the contract period. What do you think. Ain't that bad?"

"That makes it sound like the old man violated the contract."

"It sure is. And in the process, seriously shaming the marquis for his failure to hold the contract."

"Sorry, not sure I follow."

"Listen well. Elder Termin is not a citizen of Tsubolt. He's the capital's. Marquis of Tsubolt extends his kindness to that citizen by entrusting him an important job. Elder Termin responds in kind by giving his utmost in the work entrusted until the period is up. Satisfied by his work, Marquis of Tsubolt rewards the elder generously. Belated by the reward, elder Termin goes back to the capital all while singing the praises of Marquis of Tsubolt's greatness. That is what was supposed to transpire."

"Fumu. Think I'm starting to get the picture."

"Yet elder Termin is returning to the capital while the contract period isn't over yet. Signifying how Marquis of Tsubolt has failed to keep elder Termin content despite being the one who requested his presence. A marquis who cannot even keep a mere appraiser content. Whaddya think. Huh? Ain't it funny. Laugh. Kukuku."

"What about the fact that the marquis made a false agreement, gave a false explanation to elder Termin, deceived adventurers and let him do an imaginary Secret Appraisal."

"As far as that one goes, sorry but I'm on young miss's side there. What you're telling her is simply inane. It's a trade facility under direct control of the marquis in his own territory. The thinking that any and all appraisal results there won't find their way to the marquis is ludicrous. Anyone could see that Secret Appraisal thing is a trap to prevent valuable Grace Gear getting out. Those who fell for it are the idiots here."

Lecan put down his cup on the table with a shocked look on his face. Loudly at that.

"Then the marquis won't lose face even if elder Termin goes back to the capital and claims that Marquis of Tsubolt has deceived him?

"Nah, he will. Very much so. He allowed an appraiser he summoned to go back in a huff. As I've told you, the marquis has to keep the elder he summoned content. That's his pride as a noble."

"Won't telling lies harm that pride as well?"

"Depends on the lies. How they administer their territory and how they hand down punishments are their prerogatives as that territory's ruler. Are you perhaps expecting a monarchical rule of law system like in Narum's? There ain't no rule of law in this world. At least, nothing that I've heard of."

"Then why didn't you stop my explanation back then?"

"Cause the young miss needed to hear those things. You spoke of how elder Termin felt. How an adventurer would feel. Exactly the stuff the young miss lacks. Rulers can rule how they want to. However, their rulings must take into consideration how the ruled feels. They must consider what the citizens desire, and what is it that'd make them content. Though there are times where you have to ignore those wants even after knowing. Let citizens' pent up anger fester long enough, and your reign falls. She's surely learned a bit on that."

Lecan digested the meaning of Zoltan's words.

"If that's how it must be, then they should have made elder Termin understood what Secret Appraisal is from the beginning."

"That's the issue here. I'm in the same opinion. 'Course they can't just blurt out that Secret Appraisal is a fraudulent scheme, but they should've hinted the elder that the marquis would be privy of the results. By doing thus, he would surely take that into account when detailing the service. And you're right on the money on this one, the elder's wrath is a result of having been unwittingly made an accomplice of a fraud."

"Who did the explaining to the old man anyway?"

"That'd be young miss officially speaking. But in reality, it's likely General Dungeon Administrative Office's representative, knight Torog's ploy."

"That guy's the ringleader huh."

"I believe so."

"What a skeevy guy."

"Incidentally, he's a grandkid of that knight commander who challenged me and lost."

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Afterward, dinnertime guests came. They were met with a huge shock at the presence of the legendary hero Zoltan, which then turned into joy and opportunities to chat with him. Before long, Nark and Nell also joined and began reminiscing. Then the three <Grindam> members also got back, livening things up even further.

Zoltan walked home staggeringly at midnight.

Lecan spent the next day sleeping.

By daytime, he noticed how there were a lot more guests visiting the inn. As it turned out, they came to ask about how <Skeleton Ogre Zoltan> dropping by the inn.

The morning after, Lecan went out to <Brilliant Flower District>. Bought several pairs of shirts and trousers. Also a brand new belt hung <Box> to put magic stones in, since his old one's wrecked already.

The lunch was good.

But his mood suddenly changed for the worse after lunch.

Not sure why but he's feeling restless.

Lecan cut his shopping short and went back to his inn.

As he drew near <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>, he noticed how there's only one person inside.

A presence that's neither Nark nor Nell.

Not even once have the the two been absent at the same time.

He's got a bad feeling about this.

Just who's this person inside.

Feels like he's somewhat familiar with this individual.

But that's all he could gather.

As he reached for the door, Lecan realized how adept this person is.

Their presence is thin.

Very highly skilled.

Ominous presence.

Just who the heck.

Lecan opened the door.

The Chubby Spy is there.

He bowed with a kind smile on his face, but Lecan only stared back expressionlessly.

(This guy.)

(Did he kidnap Nark and Nell?)

Chubby Spy presented something to Lecan.

"Someone has left this for you."

He tried to leave after handing the letter.

Lecan fired a <Flame Arrow> next to his foot.

"Halt. You stay there now."

Chubby Spy shrugged with an oh dear look in his eyes, but he nonetheless stood still.

While still vigilantly keeping a watch on Chubby Spy, Lecan cast his sight down at the back and surface of the envelope.

There's no address or sender.


He cast <Appraisal> and found no poison.

He opened the letter and read the content.

<Waiting on 121>

Written in the nostalgic characters of Lecan's original world.

[Episode 34 General Dungeon Chief Administrator Eliza] End/Next [Episode 35 Successor of Goncourt House]



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Okami wa Nemuranai 34.12


"And, what's the story behind your left eye?"

"Was on floor 42 of Dungeon Tantran."

"Tritailed Serpent's venom eh? That thing's pretty nasty."

"Yeah it is. By the way, how come you're bodyguarding Eliza?"

"General Dungeon Administrative knows that you teamed up with <Grindam>. Some staff who are familiar with <Grindam> lay in wait in the dungeon entrance this morning for them and asked your whereabouts."

Lecan was wondering how they knew he was here, but thinking again, it all makes sense. It's really an obvious way to find him.

"They asked <Grindam> to bring them here but those three had a prior engagement and refused. Thus young miss called me figuring I should know my way around these parts. So I told her, sure yeah I know <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> well and so I was stuck as her bodyguard."

"You seem pretty close with the young lady of a big shot noble for a mere adventurer."

"Yea. I was the sword instructor of young miss's father after all."

"What? A noble learning swordsmanship from an adventurer?"

"How it all happened was truly asinine. Young miss's father is the little brother of the current marquis, but back then his sword instructor was meant to be the Knight Commander of Tsubolt. But then this Knight Commander chap boasted that he would prove his mettle by triumphing over me. So somehow one or another, I ended up having to stake the position of young miss's father's sword instructor against the knight commander in a duel."

"Must have been a very strong knight."

"Not at all. Fella's just an idiot. A mere townlord-serving knight commander seriously believed he could win against a depth-walking adventurer. Might be because of the troves of Grace Gear he brought with him. All while the how and who obtained all those Grace Gear completely escaped his little head."

"So you won?"

"I didn't want to. I used up every tricks I could think up to lose. But the guy was better at it. He utterly ignored each and every openings I showed him. And then when I deliberately spread both my arms wide as a last resort, he went for my chest instead of my head."


"I was going to feign getting knocked out had he gone for head. But, chest, yeah. They'd doubt my loss if my leather chest only got a scratch on it."

"And then?"

"I pretended to bend over. Yet the guy seemed to have exhausted himself after fighting that much. He toppled over backward and hit his head to a knockout."

"Rather than you losing, sounds more like your opponent lost on his own."

"That's the gist of it. Gukuku. Got stuck teaching swordsmanship to some random noble I didn't even know. So yeah, that's how I stayed in touch with them even after young miss was born."

"This place is <Dungeon of Swords> no? There should be some pretty skilled knights around."

"There are. Vice-Commander and below aren't that bad. The commander is chosen purely by lineage, y'see."

"I see."

"That said, at the end of the day, they're just dungeon city knights. Strong here doesn't amount to much."

"You mean dungeon city knights are weak?"

"They're weak. Ah, excluding Knights of Yufu. They don't have a lot of knights there, but the few they got are a bunch of elites. And they always carry around potions on them. The only order of knights that can match them with the same crew numbers would only be the Royal Knights, Smark Knights, Gido Knights and the Five Barondom Knights."

"How come dungeon city knights are so weak?"

"This kingdom forbids direct conflicts between territorial lords, and it's been a long time since the last war against another country. There's only ever been light skirmishes, or bandit and magic beast exterminations, and also public order maintenance. In all but public order, it's faster to just hire adventurers. Even conflicting lords would have a hard time if one side hired depth-walking adventurers. They're a much better deterrent than knights."

"I got it now. So you played your part as the sword instructor of the marquis kid brother and gained the marquis family's trust huh."

"Never taught 'em swordsmanship or the likes though."

"What did you teach then."

"Some dumb games. For some reason, his father the previous marquis and his elder brother the current marquis took a liking on me instead."


"By the way Lecan, that thing earlier was Narum-style etiquette no? Did you serve as a knight of that country?"

"Nah. Just learned it for a job."

The two got absorbed in talk about their homeland while enjoying Nark's cooking.

Their conversation got really heated up when it comes to dungeons.

Lecan had never imagined he could find someone to talk about this in this world.

Would have been livelier had Boudo were also here now.

Wonder where Boudo is now.

Did he even fall to this world to begin with.

Zoltan got dead drunk.

This topic was 50 year coming to Zoltan.

He must want to get drunk.

Swept over by the liquor, Zoltan sang a song in the language of his home world.

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<Of Harukana Hometown>

<Of Trakista Green Hill>

<Oh little flower Crimson Kushana>

<Sleep now in serenity>

<Gentle breeze>

<Gentle breeze>

"There was a woman who could sing this song with such a good voice."

"I see. Her name's?"

"I cannot recall."

"I see. Come, let's drink more."


Zoltan poured the nicely aromatic liquor down his throat.

"So good. This is good."

He was entranced by the taste of liquor for a while before he suddenly spoke like he recalled something.

"Hey, Lecan."


"You ever been to Sparkant?"

"No, never."

"You haven't eh. That place's nice, y'know."

Sparkant was a peaceful country. Its Trakista Green Hill near its capital was famed for its ephemeral beauty. That country had fallen into ruin, the hill was burned down along with it. It happened long before Lecan's birth. Though Lecan didn't have it in him to tell Zoltan.

"Go take a trip there if you get back."

"Get back?"

"Yeah. A <Black Hole> will some day reappear before Descenders. I believe you can go back to your world if you jump in one."

"Anyone ever got back?"

"Those people from our world I mentioned earlier vanished into those <Black Holes>. So the witnesses said."

"I see."

"A <Black Hole> emerged before me once."


"But I did not jump into it."


"Well now. I wonder why."

Zoltan drank down the liquor.

"I've long forgotten about it."




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