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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Strongest Sage, Tells the Plan


"...Good, it went nicely."

Right after Iris shot her magic.
The inside of the barrier instantly blazed, turning it red.
It's burning not only in Iris's magic range, but in the entire barrier.

"Eh!? Was my magic this powerful!?"

"No, that might be the case in your dragon form, but this firepower isn't possible with that form. That's the flour and stuff burning."

"...Flour!? Not explosive or something similar, but flour!?"

"Yeah. When you mix flour in the air just right, it explodes like this."

Think it's called dust explosion in my past life.
Mixing flour with air just right is unexpectedly difficult, but since I practiced it in my past life, I managed somehow.

Or rather, controlling magic in close proximity is easy with Disqualified Crest, optimal for scattering flour in my hand into the air.
I don't think other crests could make it burn this nicely.

"...Now then, should be about time it's dispersing."

And the reason why I prepared this barrier is not only for confining the flame inside.
By also sealing the air inside, the flame will quickly disappear once the explosions recede, thus we can quickly ascertain the situation.

"Ah... There's still some surviving..."

Iris muttered when she saw the inside of the barrier after the flame went away.
There are some survivors indeed... but there aren't many that can still fight.

"I'm gonna clean up the troublesome ones! You too Alma, shoot any monster that looks like they can still fight with your bow!"


After telling that to the three, I went inside the barrier and killed only the monsters that could still fight.
The work was over in less than 10 minutes.

"Alright, now only the dying small fry remain. Even an average adventurer could finish them off easily."

"I'm amazed you can tell with this many monsters... Those monsters all look the same to me..."

"Me too, I beat some, but I couldn't tell if I didn't look at one carefully..."

It's true that experiences are needed to distinguish the state of a monster.
Once you get used to it, you can immediately tell monsters that can still fight from their bloodlust and such.

"You girls should be able to get it in times as long as you keep fighting."

I stop talking there--and activate telepathy magic.
It'll be bad if the surroundings can hear our conversations from here on.
I don't feel demon's magic on the ground for the time being, but I won't be surprised if there are interception magic around.

『Now then... It's the real thing from here on.』

『...So we're going to fight the demons at last.』

『Me too, I'll work hard!』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Ruli and the others sounded tense.
However, perhaps thanks to their experiences in combat so far, they don't seem to be stiffen in fear despite being tense.

Having them experience multiple actual combat was a correct answer.
And unlike anything before, the plan this time requires Ruli as the key piece.

『Alright, let's get into the dungeon! I'm gonna conceal ourselves with magic, come gather here!』


Once we were in one place, I used concealment magic on us four, hiding our figures.
And then we run to the dungeon.

『I'm gonna explain the plan while we're moving! Listen well!』

While Ruli, Iris, and Alma are looking tense--I tell them the plan this time.

『We will split into two groups! One group will descend to the floor where the demons are, and the other group will interfere with the dungeon's Dragon Vein to jam the demon's magic!』

Hearing that, Ruli ponders for a bit... and shouts with the telepathy magic.

『H-Hold on! Splitting into two groups, that means Mathi-kun is going alone right!?』

...That's right.
Up until now, Ruli usually acts as a backup near me whenever we have a magic fight.

But we can't do that this time.
In order to control the Dragon Vein well, you need to maintain your concentration and stay at one place, but there won't be anyone fighting the demon if I stay to control the Dragon Vein.

However--I've already taught Ruli the skill to handle the Dragon Vein.
Anything is possible... well, not that far, but sabotaging a demon opponent is very possible so long Ruli demonstrates her full ability.

『Yeah. ...I'm entrusting everything related to Dragon Vein magic to Ruli until I beat the demon. Alma and Iris, you two are her guards.』

『I...I got it!』

『Me too, I'll do my best to protect Ruli-san!!』

『I'm not letting a mouse in where Ruli is!』

Ruli didn't object to my plan.
Iris and Alma looks eager to do their missions.

--The dungeon's entrance came in sight while we were discussing.

『Alright, let's do this!』

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-20

16-20. Sania Kingdom


Satou here. Eating cuisines at a new land may sometimes make you sick or you may find them unpalatable, but I think both are parts of real pleasures in trips. I'd like to refrain from having grotesque cuisines though.

"--Golden Sword? Why are you asking about that?"

When I asked Priest-kun if he had an idea about Golden Sword that flashed in my mind during the God Heraruon trial, he looked at me with obvious wariness in his eyes.

"There was a Golden Sword in the image imparted to me by God."

When I told Priest-kun the truth, he stood up in surprises.
It seems to be quite a shock.

"It's the truth. Thus, I believe it's an article related to Heraruon Temple."

Priest-kun opens his mouth after hesitating for a while.

"...That sword is a treasure of Heraruon Temple, the 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』--a sacred sword lent by God Heraruon long ago in ancient times."

--Divine Arms huh.

According to Priest-kun, Heraruon Temple is currently lending the sword to Sania King.

"You're lending a treasure of the temple?"
"Yes, the temple...  doesn't have a capable enough swordsman to brandish 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』."

Priest-kun sounded forced somehow.

"However, it's not like we readily lend it to Sania King whenever. By having the master swordsman wield 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』 during the Season of Gnawing, we're showing people the might of God Heraruon."

Master swordsman--the old man from that sword dance huh.

Additionally, the [Season of Gnawing] refers to the two occasions where Sand Demon Scorpions attack the kingdom in swarms.

Searching on the Map, I see that the [Golden Sword Herarusauph] is in the mansion of [Clan of Sword] inside the royal palace.
I also saw how it looked at with Space magic.

It's a huge sword with an almost two meter long blade made of Orichalcum, there's relief carved on its blade to its grip, moreover, there's a sun-colored topaz like gem embedded on the base of its blade. That's quite a gaudy sword.

"Is that 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』 lent permanently to Sania King?"

Priest-kun who had a bitter expression on his face floats a smile with a sense of superiority.

"--It will be returned to Heraruon Temple after the Gnawing is over. And we of the temple will restore the brilliance of the Golden Sword with our secret technique."

I see, looks like Heraruon Temple is in charge of maintaining the sword.
We talked a bit more and left the temple afterward.

""Master Nagasaki!""

The siblings of [Clan of Sword]--Zanza boy and Myufa came for Nana when we left the temple.
Their timing is just right, I'll dig some info about the 『Golden Sword Herarusauph』 out of them.

"We plan to have some tea after this, wanna come with us?"

We dropped by a store that looked like a fusion between a tea house and a bar, and I asked the siblings about the Golden Sword while we were having a light meal.
Liza is focusing on goat skewers, while Nana has picked a girl-like choice of yogurt furnished with date palms as her dessert.

"--Golden Sword?"
"I hear that the master swordsman will be using the sword during the Season of Gnawing."

They looked puzzled for an instant when I got to the topic, but then they quickly switch and begin to boast about the Golden Sword.

"The holy sword Herarusauph sheds golden light like the sun!"
"Secret Art unleashed as the Sun Gem on the blade is shining is the best!"

The siblings talked about the sword in turns.

Come to think of it, I've never had these Sun Gems on my hand.
It might be a local treasure of this country, or belong exclusively to God Heraruon.

"So the master swordsman can use the Secret Art?"
"Yeah, that's right. However, uncle-- the current master swordsman still hasn't obtained that 『True Sun Slash』."

That name sure tickles the chuni heart.

"That's why, I'm gonna obtain the 『True Sun Slash』 first and snatch away the master swordsman seat."
"No, I'll be the first."

After declaring that, the two look at Nana who's enjoying the yogurt date palm.

""So please let us train under you, Master Nagasaki""
"I refuse, so I inform."

Nana coldly replied the two's passionate entreaty.

""No way~""
"Found you! Zanza-sama! Myufa-sama!"
""Geh, oh no.""

Zanza boy and Myufa siblings dashed out of the store when they saw a man who had an aura like a stern sergeant at the tea house's door.
They probably sneaked out of the [Clan of Sword]'s training.

I see the lively bunch off and think about the plan next.
Let's visit the bar during busy times later and gather some info there.

"Huh? Where's the other girls?"

I went back to the Solitary Island Palace since I got some free time, but there were only Lulu and Lady Karina.

"Pochi-chan and Tama-chan are at school, Arisa, Mia-chan, Tina-sama and Sera-sama are working hard on the new dress design at the capital."

Lulu told me about the girls.

"Ah, Satou-san."

Zena-san went back from the gate that connects to the capital. Unusual enough, she's in her military uniform.

"May I return to Seryuu city for a little while?"
"Yes, I don't mind, but did anything happen at Seryuu City?"
"Actually, Earl Seryuu has sent a letter regarding my little brother's engagement."

Since Zena-san's little brother, Yukel-kun raised quite an achievement during the Divine Punishment uproar back then, his engagement with the daughter of Earl Seryuu, Auna, might have progressed further.

"Shall I accompany you there?"

Apparently, Earl Seryuu has dispatched a Seryuu Earldom's small airship to deliver the letter.
That's quite a VIP treatment.

Additionally, since a labyrinth has appeared at the Seryuu Earldom, the territory had been given a special preferential for the airship allocation compared to other territories.

"Please bring this with you. An emergency signal will be sent to me if you pull off the pendant top."
"Yes, thank you very much."

Zena-san right now should be able to block most physical attacks, so I might be being overprotective here, but I gave her the emergency pendant just in case nonetheless.

"Uwaa, there's a lot of vegetables and fruits I've never seen before."

Lulu sounded very happy at Sania Kingdom's market.

Just like me, Nana and Liza have disguised themselves by changing their skin color brown and hair color using magic tools.
Lulu and Lady Karina are with their usual appearances.

"Ah! These dates palms are so cheap! Only a tenth of the labyrinth city's dates!"

It seems to have ignited Lulu's shopping spirit.
We brought a huge amount of three types of date palms, sampling fruits from colorful cactus-like plants and lychees.

"My? Grains like rice, wheat and also leafed vegetables are quite expensive here."
"They're imported goods from foreign countries so I point out."

Nana answered Lulu's question.
This country also produces leafed vegetables and root crops, but considering the lack of water here, it must be quite challenging to grow them, resulting in high prices.

"Are those goat meat I wonder?"
"Looks like meat from reptiles called sand crocodiles are sold cheap here."
"Master, I want to eat the sand fish with glittering scales so I entreat."

Goat meat is expensive, the main dish here is majorly centered on sand crocodiles and sand fish.

"There's still some time until lunch, let's have some later."
"I'm already looking forward to it so I declare."

I'm not sure what makes Nana attracted to the sand fish, but she's not the only one intrigued by the sand fish's taste, the other girls and me are too, so it's definitely going to be on our lunch menu later.

"It's handicraft and folk craft from here on desuwane."

Lady Karina are looking at the craft goods lined up on the stalls, brimming with curiosity.

Lady Karina's demonic breasts whose presence is reinforced more by the gravity unintentionally sucks my eyes.
They're fascinating as always.

"It seems like they're made of claw and shell remains."

Just as Liza's said, lots of the handicraft are made out of  Sand Demon Scorpion's material.

"What is this ruby-like thing?"
"That's a fragment of scorpion ruby y'see."

Apparently it's processed from the Sand Demon Scorpion's crystalline eyes.

"There's nothing but fragments here desuwa."
"Go to a legit jewelry if you wanna get some legit jewels."

As told by the stall keeper, we went to a nearby jewelry and found scorpion ruby similar to the one from earlier and sapphire-like gems called Scorpion Holy Gems.

"Looks like there's a variety of size to the Scorpion Ruby desuwa."
"This Scorpion Holy Gem is blue colored gem similar to sapphire and aquamarine, so I inform."

Lady Karina and Nana's eyes are gleaming at the jewelry.
Apparently, these two love stuff with glitters.

Contrary to its name, Scorpion Holy Gem isn't actually holy elemental, but as a gem, it's used as a material for many different types of magic tools.
Scorpion Ruby has an effect to amplify fire and explosion elemental magic, many magicians attach it on the tip of their wand.

There were also equipment and shields made out of Sand Demon Scorpion's shells, and also claws, and fangs at the armor store.

It looks like the Sand Demon Scorpions are both a disaster and a source of income for the industry in this country.
I'd better not try to exterminate the Sand Demon Scorpions with a large scale magic or something.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Here's your boiled sand fish and sand crocodile butter roast. Please wait a bit for the pilaf, okay."

Nearing lunch time, I ordered what Nana and the others wanted at a restaurant nearby.

"It smells nice nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi's noses peeked out of the shadow on my feet, sniffing the smell.
When I put my hands on their noses, their faces shook and then they went out of the shadow while cheerfully saying, "Got found~", "We were found out nodesu~."

"Is it lunch break time?"
"Yes nanodesu!"

Guess it's fine then, let's eat together with the two.

"And here's a hearty sania pilaf plate and extra large portion of various meat skewers."

Waitress-san carried the next main dish to the table.
The pilaf plate is furnished with sand crocodile, sand fish, all sort of vegetables, date palm and pineapple-like fruit that I'm not sure of, very lively.

"That's some grand feast, mister. Are you a foreign merchant?"

A Sania merchant who sat next to us talked to me when he saw our table full of dish.

"Oh yes, I am. I'm here to purchase scorpion ruby and the folk craft."

I made up some random excuse with the help of Deception skill.

"Then you should watch the sand demon scorpion hunt."
"Watching sand demon scorpion hunt?"
"Yeah, there's tour ships going out to watch peeps hunting the Sand Demon Scorpion at the small sand sea."

Apparently, the ordinary Sand Demon Scorpion hunt is a show.
Maybe it's like whale watching and fish boat?

"Isn't it dangerous?"
"At this season, only the lost ones, or the young ones--"
"Young organism?!"

Pestered by Nana, we ended up deciding to go watching the show.
Well, it sounds interesting and shouldn't be any danger to the members here.

When I turn around, the dishes on the table have mostly been emptied.
Lulu and Liza have secured my shares, but this should be about time to make an additional order anyway.

"You've got quite an appetite, dear customers."

Waitress-san said that in astonishment while taking the empty plates away.

"Should we bring the novel food out?"
"Please do."

Liza nodded in eagerness.

After waiting a while, they brought out roasted palm of sand crocodile, and a huge broiled sand fish head.

--It's more ordinary than I thought.

That thought occured in my mind for a moment, but then I noticed that there was something wrong when I saw the expressions on Lady Karina's and the other guests' faces.
I might have gotten a bit too corrupted by monster dishes.

The taste itself is good, Lady Karina who was hesitating is eating it normally now.

"Did ya hear about the 『Clan of Wand』's downfall?"

Attentive Ears skill caught a conversation nearby.
The fall of the Clan of Wand in the internal dispute seems to have been spread amongst the townspeople too.

"Yea, I heard that."
"Good riddance."
"Those 『Clan of Wand』 are one nasty bunch 'fter all."
"But the problem here, can the 『Clan of Sword』 manage the next Gnawing when the Sand Demon Scorpions come attacking."
"They've got their special moves, they should be fine don't they? I saw it myself on hand when I was enlisted on the front line, they cut up those huge and hard Sand Demon Scorpion y'know."

Men with good builds were having the discussion.
From what I heard, these men seem to be former soldiers from a campaign.

"This is why you're an idiot. The scale is too different y'see."
"You ever seen the absurd amount of remains at the processing facilities?"
"Well yeah I do..."
"So what's your point."
"Stop beating around the bush and spit it out."
"The majority of the Sand Demon Scorpions were defeated by the nasty 『Clan of Wand』, the 『Clan of Sword』 and us who were fighting on the front line only smashed the leftovers."
"Then, if this goes on..."
"This country's done 'fer."

I see.

"Don't be too pessimistic you. 『Ain't the next Season of Gnawing still two months away.』"

An optimistic drunkard finished with that, but the other men began to discuss where to run to if they had to in low voices.
Looks like this country is in a more critical situation than I thought.

"Pochi's tummy is full too nanodesu. It can only hold more meat now nodesuyo."

Is that really full?

I sent Pochi Tama and their bulging stomaches back to the royal capital and we decided to watch the sand demon scorpions hunt.
I'd like to see how the local people defeat the sand demon scorpions.

◆◆◆[Clan of Wand] Haifa◆◆◆

"Haifa-sama, please think this through again."
"Be quiet. This is the only way to take back the 『Clan of Wand』's authority."

Haifa pushed aside the maid and raised her wand.
Several black sand tornadoes are towering to heavens in front of the mid sand ship they're riding.

"O 『Barrier of Sandstorm』! Haifa of 『Clan of Wand』, bearer of Sunlight Wand orders you. Undo the seal and make a way at this instance."

The Sun Gem on the tip of Haifa's wand shines as if reacting to her words.
And there were something else that reacted to that Sun Gem's light.

"The sandstorms are splitting!"

Ahead of the sand ship, the sand tornadoes slide to the sides like a curtain.
The crew shouted in surprises to see the magnificent spectacles unfolding before them.

"What's that?"
"Black shadow?"

The crew voiced their puzzlement to see the view between the sand tornadoes.

"They're Sand Demon Scorpions! Swarms of Sand Demon Scorpions are coming our way!"

Swarms of Sand Demon Scorpions showed up from the opening of the sand tornadoes.

"To the starboard! We're running away full speed!"

Haifa calmly stopped the sand ship captain who was panicking.

"There is no need to fret. What do you think we set up this many monster warding bonfires for."

Just as Haifa said, the swarms of Sand Demon Scorpions marched on while avoiding their ship.

"Just as I've guessed, they're not fully grown up when it's not the proper times."
"The proper times?"
"I'm talking about the Gnawing."

True to what she said, the Sand Demon Scorpions that showed up are twice to thrice smaller than the scorpions during the Season of Gnawing.

"D-don't tell me!"
"It's not like 『Clan of Wand』 is breeding the Sand Demon Scorpions."
"Twice a year, there are times when the Sandstorm Seal naturally comes undone. We call it the 『Gnawing』."

The Sand Demon Scorpion swarms disappeared while the two were talking.

"Now, let's set sail while we have the chance."
"W-where to?"

Cold light dwells in Haifa's refined eyes.
She didn't reply to the captain, and calmly pointed at the space opened by the [Sandstorm Barrier].

The ship slowly advances like it's in fear of the sand tornadoes.
There's a ruin of city sunk under the sand ahead, Haifa and her entourages steps into the 『Sandstorm Labyrinth』 while being protected by her bodyguards.

Seemingly unable to bear the silence anymore, the lady maid talks to Haifa quietly.

"Are the Sand Demon Scorpion swarms earlier..."
"Yes, they're heading to Sania Kingdom."
"Why do those scorpions ignore the neighboring countries and always come to our country."

Haifa sends a dark smile at the lady attendant's grumble.

"That's their objective."
"They want to kill Sania King in order to undo the seal that binds their master."
"Master? Don't tell me--"
"Yes, it's the Land King sealed within the Sandstorm Labyrinth."

In front of Haifa, the Land King bound by the sealing chains stands still in the depth of an abyss at the center of a large hall.

"How repulsive..."

Ignoring the lady attendant who covered her mouth, Haifa stepped toward the Land King.
Holding an unknown yellow gem unlike the shining Sun Gem on the tip of her wand.

"Haifa-sama, what is that?"
"The 『Yellow Gem of Soul Bind』 left behind by our founder, Yellow Clothed Sage-sama."
"N-no way--"

The shocked lady attendant looks at her master's face while having a cramp on her face.

"Yes, I will rule over the Land King, and rain destruction upon the ingrates at Sania Kingdom."
"It's impossible to rule over the Land King!"

Mixed with grandiose gestures, the lady attendant's words are turning rough as she tries to stop Haifa.

"That's not true. There are legends of the queen of God Kingdom Lalakie controlling both the Land King and the Sea King in the past."
"That's just a fairy tale!"
"Silence. There was a forbidden spell for that on a book left behind with the 『Yellow Gem of Soul Bind』."

Haifa eyes look down upon the confused lady attendant and the guards.

"You guys! Stop Haifa-sama!"

The lady attendant and the guards who tried to stop her were blown away by a weak explosion, as Haifa took a step forward.

"Now, Land King. Abide by me--"

With nothing in her way, Haifa held up the [Yellow Gem of Soul Bind].

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Strongest Sage, Manipulates Wind


"Now then, let's annihilate these monsters!"

I proclaimed that to Ruli and the girls now that the monsters had gathered here.
The monsters are focusing solely at the people in the dungeon city, thus they're not straying far from the wall.

Normally, this would have been the perfect chance to attack... But there's too many of them right now, an ordinary attack won't be able to deal with them all.
So... It's time for the girl with almost inexhaustible mana to get on stage.


"Yes! ...Are we, going to do that?"

Iris who was called by me made a spreading wings gesture.
She's probably asking if I want her to turn into dragon and fire her breath... But that's not it.
Firing breath is too huge of a burden for the current Iris, and the city will get rolled up in it.

"Not that. I'd like you to use an ordinary flame magic. A type that scatters flame over."

I made a small flame as I said that.
Not the single-shot firing flame ball type, but a rapid continuous one.

"...Is that okay? I won't be able to control it, you know?"

"Yeah. Ruli, is that done yet?"

"Err, this one is quite complicated..."

Ruli muttered while putting her hand on a magic stone.
I'm asking Ruli to make a large-scale barrier.

The barrier isn't it that strong, but it covers over a wide area.
Even if it can't cover all the monsters, it has to for the majority of them at least.

"I did it!"


I activated the magic stone Ruli gave me and threw it in the middle of the monsters.
The edge of the barrier barely touches the city's tip.
And... This barrier has another characteristic.

"Oy, there's another barrier outside!"

"Huh... Is that really a barrier?"

"The monsters are passing through it!"

The adventurers who were watching monsters that had climbed the outer wall raised their voices when they saw the unfolded barrier.
Yep. This barrier doesn't affect the monsters at all.

"Um... Did I make a mistake?"

Ruli asked me worryingly when she saw the barrier.
But it's fine. This is just fine.
To begin with, we'd need a magic stone an order of magnitude bigger than the one we used here if we wanted the barrier to repel these monsters.

"It's all set. Iris, when I said, 『Now!』, fire flame magic at maximum output toward that side!"

"I got it! I just have to go at it with all my power right!?"

"Yeah. As an insurance... Please do it in that form."

Even if the barrier has been carefully adjusted not to break, it will be all for naught if Iris is in her dragon form.
The output difference between a magic stone of that size and a dragon is just too huge, regardless of the techniques involved.

Then I stand inside the barrier while Iris is positioning herself.

"Oy, are you gonna be alright plunging into that swarms of monsters!?"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"I'm fine, I'm floating, see!"

An adventurer showed his concern when he saw me jumping into the barrier that held the monsters, I shouted back to reply that I was fine.
Now that I think about it, it's been awhile since I'm fighting in places with many people like this.
Well most of those people are soldiers, while only about 10 who aren't soldier are situated right to see the fight.

"He... He's flying!?"

"Is that, flying magic?"

"No, looks like he's floating mid-air."

"That Mathias is that healer with monstrous strength right? What's he doing there?"

These are the reactions just by standing in mid-air huh...
I've never asked anyone before, but it really does seem like there's no flight magic in this era.
I don't think it would garner this kind of reaction in the Royal Capital where many Second Royal Academy students gather... Looks like the plan to regress humanity by spreading Chant magic is a huge success huh.

I activate wind magic while thinking that.
The purpose of this barrier is to isolate wind.

I'm creating whirlpools of air inside the barrier by carefully regulating the winds.
I'm also scattering smashed woods and flour away while I'm at it.


And then I gave Iris the instruction while fleeing outside the barrier.

"Here I go!"

Iris said that and began to shoot fire magic into the barrier.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 158

Chapter 158 Strongest Sage, Protects the Barrier


"..Now then, let's do this. You three, block your ears."

I put the magic I developed earlier on my mouth as I said that.

"Our... ears?"

"I don't really get it, but okay."

After confirming the three have blocked their ears right, I activate another magic and speak toward the magic.

『Citizens of Dungeon City!』

Then, my voice got amplified thousands of times, reverberating in the surroundings.
This should be loud enough to reach the entire city.
And... This magic has another trait to it.

"Uwaa! What a loud voice!"

"This voice... Is it Mathi-kun's?"

"But I've never heard this voice before..."

It changes voice tone.

It's a synthesized voice of the kings and great magicians of the old.
Transformation magic is normally only useful for disguise... But this could have a huge effect depending on the cases.

I pause there, activate hearing magic and assess the reactions inside the city.

"What, what?"

"Don't tell me, it's a rescue party?"

"But this voice doesn't sound familiar..."

Yup. Expected responses.
While thinking that, I speak again toward the unfolded magic.

『A barrier has just been erected on the eastern side of the dungeon city! Though not absolute, it's sturdier than the city's wall! Those who cannot protect themselves, or those who want to help protect the barrier, please go to the barrier at the edge of the eastern street!』

My magic echoed in every nook and cranny of the dungeon city.
No one probably would believe a word from some unknown person like this in normal times.

However... The city is currently under attack of monsters and has fallen into panic.
Moreover, the city ruler who should have been taking command has been tied up because of his attempted rebellion, no one is giving directions.
At times like this, combining a flashy barrier (though it's actually just a decoration magic) with a dignified voice echoing in the city....

"So you're saying we're saved if we go there!"

"Dunno who, but he could erect that huge barrier! He must be a super high level magician!"

"We're saved! We're saved!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
This happens.
Some people seem to have noticed the oddness with the magic, but they're outnumbered.
The populace who sought a place to go gathered at the barrier along with adventurers who wanted to protect them.

As a result...

"...There's a lot more than I predicted."

Most of the populace have gathered at the barrier we put up.
Some adventurers have remained on the city's entrances to prevent monsters from coming in... but since the monsters won't go to places with a few people, they should be fine without protection.

"Are we really safe here!?"

Looks like some are still suspicious.
Still a little while before the monsters gather... guess I should buy some time here.

『...Iris, I'm gonna hide, throw a rock at the barrier.』

This time I used telepathic magic instead of amplification to call Iris.

"I understand!"

Looks like Iris quickly got what I wanna do.
And then she casually break the ground and cut a rock that's just the right size--wait, isn't that a bit too big?

『Hey, this is just to show off the barrier, a bit smaller one should...』


She didn't listen.
Thus, a huge rock is fiercely flying toward the barrier (or what it looks like, it's actually just a decoration.)

....Well, I should manage somehow.
As Disqualified Crest is oriented towards close-quarter combat, it can easily switch control quickly.
I quickly conceal myself and go to the rock.

And then I activate an attack magic at the weak point of the rock.
I also activated some random electric magic to make it looks like the barrier was protecting them.

Since the rock was unexpectedly big, its fragments scattered over a wide area... Well, it ended up looking showy.
And the reaction....

"Awesome! It went and repulsed that huge rock!"

"Where'd that boulder come from!?"

"Isn't it the monsters? Still, this is one amazing barrier magic...."

Yup. Nice reactions.
People who were outside the barrier went inside after seeing that.
And the lured monsters have also gathered on the other side of the wall.

...It's show time for the real barrier.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-19

16-19. Heraruon Temple


Satou here. There's probably nothing as uncontrollable as pure love in any era. But you've also got make sure not to turn into a stalker even after getting your hands on convenient power and tools.

"Please wait in this room."

The unfriendly Heraruon Temple's priest went away, leaving us behind in a cold dreary prison-like reception room.
There are chairs in the room at least, but they're made of hard stone, so I don't want to sit on one.

Looking around with space magic [Distant View], all other rooms besides this one seems nicely proper.
I'm not misunderstanding here, looks the temple priest earlier really holds enmity toward us.

"Such a simple and sturdy room. I wonder if God Heraruon is a warrior?"
"There was a description stating that on the seats of pantheon, so I inform."

Since Liza and Nana don't seem to have any complaint with the treatment, I took several cushions out of storage bag and put them on the chairs.

Might as well use this chance to get a little revenge and peek on the temple priest earlier with space magic [Distant View] and [Sharp Hearing].

"Miko Surya-sama, the black haired boy who was in the oracle has appeared."
"Is it really him?"
"Yes, I have never seen anyone else with the title 『Challenger of Trials of Gods』."

There's a serene looking girl wearing miko-like clothing sitting in front of the priest.
Her skin is untanned white, unusual for a resident of Sania Kingdom, her eyes are kept gently shut. Perhaps, she's visually impaired.

I thought she had noticed me, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

"I will go and greet him before the ceremony. Please lead the way."
"Understood. However, that guy is an uncouth warrior. We cannot allow anything happens to Miko-sama. Please wait until the temple swordsmen arrived."

That's some verbal abuse.

"That would be unnecessary. He is someone who has come here to receive God's trial. He won't be someone foolish enough to harm a Miko and incur the wrath of God Heraruon."
"You must not, Miko-sama. Warriors are a race that act before they think. They are not people who are careful not to do regrettable acts, but people who regret after the fact."

This extreme prejudice, perhaps Priest-kun has had a trauma with warriors.

Though, right after thinking that, the figures of warriors in this country and the magician girl flashed in my mind.
Un, maybe it's not really prejudice.

Additionally, after checking the Map, I found out that the girl is the sole [Oracle Miko] in this country.
Considering that, it's only natural for Priest-kun to be watchful of her safety.

After waiting for a while, a young priestess showed up to lead us to another reception room where the Miko was waiting.

"Nice to meet you, 『Challenger of Trials of God』. My name is Surya, I am an 『Oracle Miko』 who serves under God Heraruon."
"I'm Satou Pendragon of Shiga Kingdom. I am honored to be given the chance to meet Miko Surya-dono."

The girl who spoke with a calm tone had this solemn feel like an elderly elf.
I could afford to look at her for hours if it wasn't for the sullen looking Priest-kun standing behind her.

After some harmless chatter, I get straight to the point.

"I would like to take on the trial from God Heraruon, what should I do in order to do that?"
"The temple is prepared for it."

--That's nice.

It seems like they've completed the preparation since they knew that a challenger of the trial would come via an Oracle.

"If you miss out today as destined, you will have to wait for half a month, Satou-dono, which do you want to choose?"
"I'm truly sorry for being so sudden, I'd like to do it today."
"Wha, today"

The sullen looking priest-kun reacted to my words.

"Is there any problem?"
"The ceremony is Miko--"
"It's fine."

The Miko interjected Priest-kun.
Priest-kun seems like he still has something to say, but he can't go against a Miko's will, thus he falls silent.

It seemed like I shouldn't butt in here, so I explain to them various things to obtain their approval to utilize the techniques I used during Tenion Temple Ceremony.
At first, Miko Surya and Priest-kun seemed reluctant, but the moment I told them that it would decrease body contact to a minimum--.

"That is wonderful! Surya-sama, let us make use of this idea!"

--Priest-kun immediately gave his consent.

Apparently, Priest-kun seems to be in love with Miko Surya.
Miko Surya looked drawn back by his enthusiasm but she gave her approval too.

The Miko left to prepare for the ceremony, and Priest-kun led me to another priestess who helped me change to ceremony clothing.

"Please wait a moment until Miko is ready."

We were told that, so I enjoyed some tea together with Liza and Nana.

A priest came by while we were waiting.

"Earl-sama, I hear that Shiga Kingdom is a very prosperous country. Some even say it's the wealthiest country on this continent."

Err? What's with the abrupt flattery?

So I thought, but then I got what was going on after seeing the AR indication.
He's the person in charge of this temple's fund raising.

"I have no idea as to whether our country is the wealthiest or not, but I do think it is prosperous. By the way Priest-dono, as a gratitude for all the trouble I put on Miko-dono, I would like to contribute to this temple, whom should I refer to for that?"
"Oh then, that will be me."

When I offered that, the fund raising priest burst out with smiles and took the offer.
I wasn't asking for a smile from a good looking guy in particular, but the moment was just right, I took my contribution from the storage bag and gave it to him. 100 gold coins should be enough. And also.

"And this small bag is?"
"That's something for Miko-dono herself personally."
"Personally is it?"
"Yes, Miko-dono of Tenion Temple who took the same ceremony got really exhausted afterward, thus that item is to help her with the exhaustion."

After I explained the extra bag to the puzzled looking fund raising priest, he looked like he got it, called an apprentice miko who seemed to serve the miko and gave her the small bag.

"Earl-sama, the preparation for the ceremony is complete."

I ask Liza and Nana to wait in the waiting room and head to the ceremony room.

I've expected this more or less, but the rate of exposure is also high with this ceremony.
It might be partly due to Miko Surya's visual impairment, but she's not trying to conceal her skin herself, I'm not sure where to look at.

Body contact isn't needed since I'll be using Telephaty and Mind Magic, but I forgot to tell that there was no need to expose her skin.
I can't exactly pause the ceremony now, I should make sure to speak of it next time.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

I clear my mind and face the ceremony.
The ceremony procedure is the same as with the one at Tenion Temple.

I expressly chant mind magic [Mind Connection] and connect my mind with the Miko's.
I also use Telephaty skill to assist with the mind alignment.

『What a mysterious feeling.』

Miko Surya muttered in astonishment and then she began to plea for God.

『--O God. Great God whom we worship.』

Oh? The plea is a bit different than the one for God Tenion.

It seems Miko Surya's plea has been answered, a bright light falls from above.
Fiery light that looks like it'll cause sunburn. It feels stinging on my skin like being under the midsummer sun in a beach.

Miko Surya's expression loosened up from the ecstatic one before.
Looks like she's entered the trance state.

『You who have come to challenge the trial.』

A dignified sounding male voice echoed in my head.
This seems to be God Heraruon's voice.

『Display your individual might.』

Do I have to fight an opponent specified by the god?

『Soon, a calamity that will shake this very country will occurs.』

Another national crisis huh.... I've been thinking, isn't this world too much of a hard mode for the native people living here?

『Show that you can bring it to an end as my representative.』

A luxurious ornamental golden sword floats in my mind.
Is this sword a proof to show that I am God Heraruon's representative?

『Once people revere my name far and wide, I shall give thee the proof.』

As expected of a god's trial.
That's quite a problem.

『O God Heraruon, what is this calamity like?』

I tried asking, but God Heraruon cut off the connection without a sound just like that.
Looks like he doesn't like playing catch with words like God Tenion.
Or rather, it's like I was listening to a recording.

"Calamity that will shake the country?"
"Yes, perhaps you have an idea about it?"

After the ceremony, during a break, I asked about the calamity to Priest-kun whose attitudes had softened.

"I do have one, but..."

He seems uncertain somehow.

"Please tell me anything, I'm not well informed about this country."

He finally talked after I said that.

"Do you know that this country comes under attack of swarms of Sand Demonic Scorpions twice a year?"
"No, this is the first I've heard of it."

I investigated the Sand Demonic Scorpions on the Map while shaking my head.
There are level gaps between 5 and 30, and they come in groups of 15 and 20.

I dunno how many of them will come attacking, but they indeed possess quite a danger for the scale of this kingdom.
Though, the kingdom probably has a countermeasure against the swarms considering it happens twice a year anyway, I don't think that's the kind of opponent that necessitate me to [Display my individual might].

"Usually, priests dispatched by Heraruon Temple and the kingdom's 『Clan of Wand』 and 『Clan of Sword』 repel them, but..."

Priest-kun faltered to say it clearly.
Come to think of it, there was a coup d'etat or rather, an internal dissension, and the [Clan of Wand] was overthrown.

From the name, [Clan of Wand] is probably responsible for thinning out the Sand Demonic Scorpions from outside the range, but since that clan's battle force has been cut off due to the internal dissension, this might be dangerous.

Normally, you'd have thought that they removed [Clan of Wand] because they'd be fine even without them, but judging from the master swordsman and the muscle brain siblings last night, I'm afraid that there's a possibility of them taking the hegemony in delight without thinking of the consequences.

"Is there anything else?"
"If you don't mind folklores, there's a legend about 『Land King』 sleeping in the withered labyrinth protected by barrier of sandstorms."

According to Priest-kun, Land King was a servant of God's Nemesis that destroyed temples all over the world a long long time before the founding of Sania Kingdom, around 2000 years ago.

This one is a completely folklore level of story, but it seems more likely to be the trial from god.

That barrier of sandstorm is probably the stuff I saw before arriving at Sania Kingdom, going there directly is a simple matter, but I won't be able to clear God Heraruon's order of [Once people revere my name far and wide] if I go and defeat it there.

Since it seems like we have to wait here for the time being, I'll go stealthily tour Sania Kingdom with the girls standing by at Solitary Island Palace and gather some info.

However, before that--.

"One last question."

I asked Priest-kun before I left the temple.

"Do you know about Golden Sword?"

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Hello Baby


Despite the knock-out event, my first training day ended safely.

I've got to work hard to earn my keep from here on. After all, I didn't work at all the whole yesterday.
That said, going straight to dungeon now is tough. Yup, I acted tough back then, but that last hit was quite something.
Let's look for an easy to clear quest here. I also have to work on the quests for the sake of keeping the discounts on Solomon Pavilion.
Would be nice if there were indoor or gathering quests. I can already see the bottom of the rucksack where I put the fruits. It'd be perfect if I also got to collect emergency provisions while doing the quest.

I go to the guild board to look for quests, there's not a lot of adventurers in the guild at this time of the day.
Well, I look over the quest board while hoping that there's something good left.
Let me see... Warehouse Night Guard, Walking the Dog, Catching Panty Thief... Nothing good.
Oh, there's more below.

《 Medical Herb Gathering 》
Requesting for collection of herbs for potion making. Hira Grass, Gedo Grass and etc.
Accepting by a bundle of ten. Prioritizing people who can handle the work carefully.

Reward: Can change depending on the state of the material
Client: Alchemy Store 『Shut-in Lamia』 Shopkeeper
※Please bring the requested item to the client directly and ask for the completion mark.

It's a quest from Sefi-san. Or rather, wouldn't everyone not take this quest with this reward? This is way too obscure.
Wonder if there's any good place to collect herbs nearby. I should go ask the receptionist.

"Excuse me, I'd like to take this quest."

"Umu, this calls for quest processing dearuna. Wait a moment dearu."

Huh? Why's Ranba-san here?

"Huh? Ranba-san, weren't you in charge of the purchasing counter?"

"Umu, I take care of stuff here too when I'm free or during the shift dearu. Hou, herb gathering dearuka. Lots of plain jobs like this get neglected, this really helps dearuna."

"Do you know a good place to gather herbs around here?"

"Right dearuna. The area around the forest about 30 minutes away from the north gate is a good one for that dearu. However, we've confirmed the existence of goblins and such there, be sure to take caution."

I see, I see. I'm not sure how long it'd take to gather the herbs, but I should be able to get back before sundown if I can do that in 2-3 hours.

"Thank you for the info. I'll be going then."

"Umu, get it together dearuna."

I bought two bread from a bakery near the guild and a spit-roast as a side dish. It's bad manners, but I hurry to the forest while chewing the bread.
I would have ridden on a horse carriage or something if this were a fantasy or RPG, but reality is a harsh mistress. Even the maintenance cost for that alone would be awful. Well, I probably won't have to travel a long distance for the time being anyway, gotta work my legs!

After walking while skipping on the highway a bit, I arrived at a thick woods. This is probably the place.

I'll look for the herbs with Discerning Magic Eyes from the entrance. I should equip the Iron Ant Gauntlet just in case. Now that I've learned Grappling skill and all, I'll test the skill if anything happens.

I dug out grasses that grew all over the places thoroughly to their root, packed them in a bundle with cloth and tossed them into my rucksack.
There were more variety besides Hiru Grass and Gedo Grass.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Maji Grass
Ingredient for magic potion. It looks similar to Hira Grass but its leaf vein is tinged red. It has a slight magic recovery effect by biting it even before getting processed. However, it's really bitter.

Para Grass
Herb that can recover paralyze. It has almost no effect if it hasn't been processed through a standard procedure, be aware. Really spicy chewed.

I shove them down the rucksack while I'm at it. The gathering is going nicely. I should leave some instead of rooting them all. I don't know the ecosystem here, but taking them all off would mess the clusters.

I've gathered quite a lot of herbs, but I don't see many fruits around. That forest might really be special. There were only wild apples and pears here. Well, I made sure to take them all though! Ah, found walnuts.

I've gone deep into the forest long after proceeding through the entrance. It's been an hour since I started gathering (at least that's what my biological clock tells me), should be about time to turn back here.

Gigigi, gyaggya

Right when I was thinking of going back, I heard rasping voices. I've heard this one before.

Peeking while holding my breath, I saw three goblins encircling several Moss Balls.
As I was wondering what they were doing, one goblin caught a Moss Ball and bit on it.

Eeeeh!? Those guys feed on Moss Balls?
Those Moss Balls do look plant-like, but I never thought that they were edible. The remaining goblins are also chewing on the Moss Balls.
Now then, what to do. My physical condition has gotten quite better compared to after the training. Goblins are a permanent subjugation  target since they will multiply if left alone. Only five mani a goblin though...

Conclusion, let's destroy them all with magic and earn some small change! I observe the situation while readying the Iront Ant Gauntlet.

Might as well use this chance to innovate a magic by imagining it. The magic I will use is Wind Arrow. What I'm imagining is the man's romance, drill! In my mind, drill has to be the 『Variable War Machine Gettda Robo』 number II. Moving underground, drilling with a drill on its groin, it was an unprecedented show. Made the child me's groin went limp unconsciously y'know. Oops, not good, got derailed.

It just needs to be a few inch big. The important thing here is the penetrative power. Aim for the goblin's heads.
Direction green! Angle green! Fire three bullets!

Solidify all the image, shaping it into magic.

"Drill Arrow!"


Three drills flew toward the goblins while sounding like a dentist's apparatus. The plus point of Wind Arrow is that it's practically silent, and this makes it very obvious. Gotta do some trial and errors with this stuff.
And I feel like I've lost a lot of MP. Gonna check later since the battle has started now.


Among three drill arrows, one hit right on a goblin's head, one hit another goblin's tip of shoulder, and the last one pierced the ground. Did the Gettda II image I had earlier give an adverse effect?
In any case, my shooting control is still lacking! It's necessary to train this point too.

Right after I confirmed that I missed, I quickly readied myself and charged out.
They're still in confusion from the shooting, I'm gonna take control of the situation at once.

I sprang out toward the injured goblin to finish it. Referencing Eleanor-san's movement, I make a straight line with my pivot leg and throw a straight right while increasing the momentum instead of killing it. The injured goblin got blown away to a tree behind without having the chance to turn around.
Ever since I learned Grappling skill, my movement has become the smoothest it's ever been. Moving like I want better than before.


The last goblin drew its rusted sword and got on guard at me. Since its companies have been done in, it's breathing roughly.
In contrary, I've never been this calm before. At the very least, it doesn't feel as frightening as Eleanor-san from that time. That was scary. It really really was.


The goblin seems like it couldn't endure any longer, it's coming here while slashing its sword around. I can see, I can see it, I can see its movements! After watching how people stronger than me like Gian and Eleanor-san move in a row, the goblins look really slow to me.

Matching its sword's movement, with Counter Kata/Form, I put a counter... I can't! Guess it's only natural, I've been taught Kata but not the way to use it well. There's no way I can do it in just a day.

While evading the attacks, I throw a left jab. Of course, it's just an imitation, but since my center of gravity is stable due to the Kata, it's shaping up nicely.
My gauntlet hits the goblin's face. I'm testing how well I can move by throwing one two, one two jabs while judging the distance.
The poor goblin has turned into nothing but a moving sandbag, reminding me of me from the other day. I'm not keen of tormenting it any further, so I finish this up with a right straight with all my weight behind right when the goblin stops moving.

Tereretettette~♪ Fist Fighter, Otherworlder leveled up.

Geez, unlike with a sword, fighting with my fists, the sensation of reaping life with my own hands feels more real. Come to think of it, I often saw main characters feeling bad for killing humanoid monsters in light novels, but I'm not feeling that. It was already like this when I saved Futsuno-san and Mitama back then, now that I think about it.
I'm not sure if this also applies to people, but I'd better prepare myself for when it happens. I saw quests to arrest bandits and people on the quest board after all. I won't be surprised if things take turn for the worse unexpectedly.
Phew, let's stop worrying too much now. This isn't inside a dungeon, I've got to collect the subjugation proof and Soul Stones.

After I've finished collecting goblins' right ears and Soul Stones, something moves on the edge of my view.
Mu, there's survivors?

Looking closer, there's a surviving Moss Balls behind the goblin that died first. However, it's not moving at all from where it is.
It's twice the size of all Moss Balls I've seen so far, trembling staggeringly. Eventually, it stopped trembling and then deflated like a balloon.

Curious, I got closer and found a golf ball-sized Moss Ball with good luster.
Molting? Division? Childbirth??
And then, it approaches me while leaping like, 'poyon poyon'. Is it attacking!?

I readied myself in a hurry, but the Moss Ball isn't attacking. Or rather, it's jumping around me like, 'poyon poyon'?
Is this something like an imprinting... This raw thing has no eyes though.

I lean over and try to put the Moss Ball on my palm. The Moss Ball obediently got on my plam and jumped about. Oh, here I am thinking it looks a bit cute.

"Wanna come with me? Or maybe not?"

I tried talking to the Moss Ball in a jest. What am I doing, like Moss Balls can talk.

Tettere~♪ Moss Ball showed sentiment of allegiance. Activating Differing Soul Telephaty Lv1.


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Strongest Sage, Decorates


"Next, let's remove buildings that's on the way! This place should be big enough to hold the people if we remove the inn over there!"

I declared that after we had finished reinforcing the wall and setting up the trap.
And then, Ruli and the girls looked surprised.

"Remove... You mean by dismantling it?"

"Even if it's an emergency, demolishing buildings without permission isn't a good idea..."

"People will get mad at us if we do that!"

Ah. They think I'm going to destroy it huh.
However, there are ways to move buildings around without destroying them.

"We're not gonna destroy it! We're just gonna move it around a bit!"

I jump over the city's outer wall after saying that.
Ruli and the others follow after me even while voicing their doubt.

"M-moving a building that huge, without destroying it!?"

Ruli pointed at the inn I indicated.
Fortunately, there's no one inside, but it's still a very heavy three-story stone-made building.
Moving it by brute force will end up breaking it indeed....

"The inn is built on top of the ground right. There are many ways to go about doing this."

I went inside the inn and used several spells.
And then I turned around to the three.

"Alright, let's push it! To there!"

Hearing my instruction, the three put their hands on the wall and begin to push the building to the direction I pointed.

"I-I got it!"

"There's no way this huge building will move just by pushing--"

The three tried to move the building while seemingly half in doubt... It moved right when Iris began to push.
Traveling on the ground like it's sliding, without anything breaking.

"It moved!?"

"This heavy building, by pushing!?"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"This is weird even with Iris-san here.... What did Mathi-kun do anyway!?"

Ruli asked me.
True, Iris's power plays a big role in moving the inn building... But the biggest contributor here is the magic I put on the ground.

"I've softened the ground while also supporting the inn with augment magic! It does consume a lot of mana, but we've got no time right now!"

I threw a stone on the ground near the inn's entrance.
Normally it should have rebounded and rolled on the ground, but the stone just sunk into the ground like it was on water.
You can move a building around without breaking it by softening the ground this much.

...That said, the inn is quite large, it barely fits within Disqualified Crest's range.
I might need to think of another way if the building was a bit bigger.

The inn was safely moved out of the way and we opened a space spacious enough to hold the dungeon city populace close to the wall.
We can induce the monsters for real now.

The situation with the monsters... It's about to get dangerous soon.
A lot more monsters have arrived at the dungeon city.
....It is easier to gather people if it gets a bit chaotic though.

"Alright, let's gather the people here!"

I canceled the ground softening augment magic, put another augment into a magic stone in my hand, and threw it in the center of the newly made space.
And then the magic stone developed a magic circle as large as the opened space while emitting blue light.

It's basically a barrier magic.
Its special characteristics is that it emits showy light and that light reaches far away places.

"That small magic stone for such a huge barrier... What kind of magic is this?"

Ruli looked at the magic stone I threw in astonishment.
...In actuality, this magic circle is the lowest level magic circle I've ever used.
I'd have asked Ruli with her Glory Crest instead of doing it myself if I wanted proper performance.

"It's effect is... decoration."


"Yeah. There's no actual effect. It only shines prettily.... But this kind of magic has its use at the right time."

I activated the next magic as I said that.
There's not much time left, we've got to hurry and assemble the populace.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Strongest Sage, Solidifies the Wall


"Another way?"

"Yeah. The quickest way to gather monsters is by tricking their perception... But that's not the only way. Fortunately, I've got a general idea what the monsters are chasing."


"Yeah. Simply put, they're heading to places where there's a lot of people."

I see one rule as the main driving force of these monsters actions.

These monsters are heading to places with many humans.
Lots of monsters area going to places with lots of people, but only a few are heading to places scarce of people.

It seems distances don't mean much, the monsters are prioritizing densely populated places even though they're a bit far away.
In fact, there's only 10 monsters at most heading toward us, the rest pass right by me.
Though well, considering they're not heading to the royal capital, the most populated place, that one must be too far.

"Places with many people... Doesn't that mean the monsters will ignore adventurers and rush to the city no matter how hard we try to get in their way!?"

"Yep. Moreover, not all the residents of the dungeon city are adventurers. Gathering people outside the city to lure these monster is not a realistic proposition."

"...If we reinforce part of the outer wall with magic, then rally people close by it, the monsters will gather on the other side of the wall right? We can clean them all up in one fell swoop by setting up traps there... Let's hurry!"

After saying that, I turn back to the dungeon city.
Fortunately, the majority of monsters can't go fast.
If we run back now, we should be able to prepare everything before the city's wall collapse.

After a bit while.
We've arrived at the dungeon city's outer wall.
Judging from the mana reaction, only a few monsters have reached the city, so the people are still holding out somehow.

"This is the easiest place to gather people. Let's set up the trap here! Alma and Iris, rout any monster that try to get near us!"


<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Trap... Which magic should we use!"

When I designated the place, Ruli took out a magic stone and threw a question.

Even though those monsters aren't really that strong, there's just too many of them, thus ordinary attacks or magic can't possibly beat them all.
Guess we have to use that magic here.

"Right... Use this one. And not with that small magic stone, but these."

I gave several reasonably sized magic stones to Ruli while drawing a magic circle of a kind of barrier magic on the ground.
If you unleash an attack magic inside the space enclosed by this barrier, its firepower will be contained within, making it more fatal.

"I-I understand!"

I touch the nearby wall while Ruli is magic augmenting.
The city's outer wall is made of wooden frames, reinforced with hardened soil.
As it is now, it'll get easily broken through once the monsters gather.

I observe the monsters' mana reaction once again after thinking this far.
I'm estimating the load on the wall by looking at the state of their mana.
I could reinforce the wall haphazardly if I wanted to, but I'd like to preserve my mana as much as possible here.

"Well, this should do."

I finished reinforcing the wall right as Ruli was done with the magic tools.
I've melted the wall with earth magic once and bonded them together stronger.

This should be enough to withstand the monsters for the time being.
Its surface might be shaved a bit when the attack magic is fired though.

Now then... preparation complete.
Next, we just need to gather people here... Unfortunately, this area isn't spacious enough to hold the whole city.

...Let's move these buildings out the way for now.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-18

16-18. To the Country of Sun (3)


Satou here. A friend insisted that music has power to stir people emotion. That friend used scenes in anime where the theme song got played, but if I have to say, I think that's just a typical case of insert songs.

Ornaments glittering with magical lights are swaying, those lights are reflected on the oiled dark brown skins, emphasizing captivating body lines.
Moreover, matching the dancing moves, the short thin fabric flutter about, instinctively drawing line of sights to it.

--T'was a sight for sore eyes.

"Are ye enjoying yourself Earl Pendragon."
"I am, King of Sania."

Evening of the audience day with king of Sania, we're being welcomed with a banquet held by the king.
Zabuton-sized cushions are laid out on top of the soft fluffy carpet where we're sitting.

Authorities of Sania Kingdom are sitting on the carpet in such a way to create a circle, and dancer-sans are performing a wonderful dance in the center space of the circle.
The exposure rate of people in this country is scarce for both men and women, but these girls are practically half-naked, looking sensual.

"It's truly a magnificent dance."
"Umu, 'tis a traditional art older than our country itself."

--Hohou. What a wonderful culture.

"The temple folks scorn it, vulgar they say, but it is nothing to be ashamed about."

Sania king left a weak impression on me, but he looked a bit cool at this moment.
As expected of the bearer of the hidden titles, [Cultural Guardian] and [Mentor of Traditional Art].


Cheers erupted at the opposite side of the circle where the [Clan of Sword] gathered.
It doesn't look good, like they're drunk.

"Get out of the way! This great me will show you the real thing."

A huge man carrying a largish scimitar went to the center of the stage, and drove the dancers away.

--What savagery!

My indignation seemed to have leaked through the impenetrable defense of Poker Face-sensei skill, several of the [Clan of Sword] people sitting on the opposite side got hit by the [Coercion] skill and got knocked out.
Would have been nice if the the savage drunk idiot-kun also got hit, but he got off it since it was just right when I turned my gaze aside.

Idiot-kun threw away his coat, drew his sword and began to dance.
It looks to be a sword dance.

"M-Master swordsman Dorito's dance is famous these days. I-I'm sure, Earl Pendragon too--"

King Sania covered for Idiot-kun.
Looks like he got hit by Coercion skill a bit, he tapered halfway through.

Still, that's a master swordsman huh--
According to AR reading, he's a level 45 swordsman and the little brother of the [Clan of Sword]'s head, the clan's number 2.
I'm intrigued by the [Special Move: Golden Sword] and [Secret Move: Sun Slash Sword]. I'd like to see them at least once.

Putting that aside--.

This master swordsman has been glancing here with a triumphant look on his face since a while ago, it's annoying.

The master swordsman's dance aside, the musical performance is exotic and worth listening to.
This tune must be originally for raising fighting spirit though.

Seeing me not reacting, the master swordsman stopped during the music interlude and walked toward me while smiling ferociously.
Forgetting the drawn sword aside, please stop staring at me with sweat all over your muscled body while breathing roughly.

"I hear that Demon Slayer-dono is also an expert swordsman. Shall we dedicate a dance to Gods together?"

Is he talking about sword dance thing?
I'd gladly become a dancing partner if the other party is a beautiful female swordsman, but not really when it's a muscled daruma.

"Or maybe you're scared to expose yourself before my sword even in a performance?"

The master swordsman provoked me while looking down on me.
Does he want to show off that he's better a better swordsman than me?

Liza, who's sitting beside me, has been leaking out killing intent since a while ago.
Looks like she doesn't like this master swordsman's attitudes.

"Master, allow me."
"I am Master's shield so I announce."

Liza and Nana expressed their wish to dance.

"Is the one known as Demon Lord Slayer gonna hide inside a woman's skirt?"

The master swordsman provoked further, Liza and Nana were about to stand up.
I stopped them with a hand.

They would blatantly go at this to beat him if I let these two take care of this.

"I can't exactly refuse your enthusiastic invitation now, can I."

Since I was unarmed, I borrowed a sword from Sania King's escort and walked toward the center space.
A loud cheers erupted from the Clan of Sword for the master swordsman, really magnifies the feeling of being on the away side.


Since the music starts, I faultlessly dance while recalling the master swordsman's sword dance earlier.

The master swordsman's sword almost hit me dangerously several times.
The [Clan of Sword] people cheered every time it happened, but the maids and the dancers screamed.
Liza and Nana were releasing their bloodlust toward the master swordsman, so I told them that I'm fine through [Telephone].

Judging from the fact that no one tries to stop it even though it's dangerous like this, sword dances must be in fashion in this country.
Then I've got to match them.

Right, left, up, down.

The sword dance gradually accelerates.

I thought it would be boring, but it's unexpectedly fun.
The speed is similar to playing cards.

The gallery peanut is frolic to watch the high speed sword dance.
The musical accompaniment also matches the sword dance's speed, gradually raising the tempo, helping heating the place up.

In contrast, the master swordsman is wiping his profuse sweat with a frantic look on his face.

I have no obligation to hold back here, so I'm gonna increase my speed again right when the tempo increases.


The master swordsman disappeared in front of me.
No, he slipped on his own sweat.

Cheers and laughter erupted from people other than the Clan of Sword, the loud yells of the Clan of Swords bunch faded out.

"Did you slip on your sweat?"

The master swordsman was looking at the floor with a dark red face that seemed like he had an apoplexy, so I extended my hand with a smile.

"--No need."

The master swordsman was going to flick my hand, so I lightly evaded it.
The master swordsman whose face got even more redder left the place while perking his shoulders.

His career would have been over if this were in Shiga Kingdom, but it seems to be no problem in this country as no one is criticizing him. Even the Sania King.
No, Sania King is flapping his mouth open and close with a pale face, so it might have been rude by this country's standard too.

"Cheers for Earl Pendragon-sama's wonderful sword dance!"

When a close aide of the Sania King shouted that, the remaining officials and singers gave their applauses.
Immediately after, a bright tune got played and the dancers who were chased away earlier resumed their lovely dance.

This Sania Kingdom has a lot of problem but it appears that there are some tactful people left here.

"Earl-sama, that was a terrific sword dance."
"I'd love to hear about your demon lord slaying saga."

By the close aide's instructions, beautiful women and girls in dancer outfits approached me and poured drink while being glued close to me.
It's a cheap way to entertain someone, but these girls have no sin, so I let myself to be entertained.
After enjoying a soft and fluffy moment and drinking a lot, the pale faced Sania King left his seat, thus I also left the banquet.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"This is a splendid garden."
"Yes, this was relocated from the capital at the end of Furu Empire."

I stare at the southern paradise-like garden filled with blooming flowers as we walk in the passageway adorned with relief.
I wanted to enjoy the exquisite courtyard a bit more, but it seems that you can find uncouth people everywhere.
I look at two shadows hiding behind a bush.


I gave a consent to Liza's whisper.
Nana casually moved to where she could protect me.

Looks like the two noticed the shadows too.

I won't hesitate to expel them if they are assassins, but since their bloodlust is way too obvious, they're probably people from the earlier master swordsman's clan seeking revenge.

"Who's there!"

Maid-san called out at the man and woman who didn't even attempt to hide their figures.
Maid-san held her breath when she saw the two under the moonlight.

"Zanza-sama? Myufa-sama? What business do 『Clan of Sword』 have with us?"

Looks like the maid is familiar with them.

"This got nothing to do with a mere servant."

The handsome swordsman Zanza ignored the maid after saying that and walked toward me with the beautiful swordswoman Myufa.
Zanza boy is carrying a single-edged scimitar made from monster parts on his back.
While Myufa's is two single-edged swords made from the same material.

"Show us the demon lord slayer's swordsmanship which took down our uncle."

Is he talking about the sword dance?

"We want to fight the strongest swordsman there is."
"Of course, in a serious match."

Myufa supplemented Zanza's line.
They're quite a hot-headed bunch despite their intellectual-looking faces.

"Master, allow me to take care of this."
"I will be their opponent instead Master so I inform."

Liza and Nana got between me and the two.

"I will accept your challenge if you two can win against these two."
"Are you telling me, the next master swordsman, to fight women?"
"This discussion is over if you don't want to."

I told the dissatisfied two that there was no room for negotiation.

I'd like to sleep early today. I got too fired up in the talk with the dancers since the impregnable fortress pair wasn't present so I felt slightly tired.

"I got it, let's end this quick and get you on the stage."

Zanza boy pointed at the courtyard arrogantly.
Is he going to fight in this beautiful garden?

"Zanza-sama! This garden is Sania Kingdom's--"
"Shut up."

Zanza interrupted the maid who was going to scold him with words filled with bloodlust.

"No need to go out to the garden. Just fight in this corridor."
"Hmph, fine then. It'd end with a slash from my golden sword anyway."

Zanza boy agreed with my suggestion and stood before Nana in the passageway.
Nana readied her round shield and one-handed sword she took out of the magic bag.

"Here goes, Special Move--<<Golden Sword>>"

Zanza boy's single-edged sword is clad in golden light.
Zanza boy who's clad in golden light steps forward at a speed that equals Flickering Movement.

I saw Nana lightly pulling back her shield.

Right after, roaring sounds and screams filled the passageway.
Nana is standing with her shield thrust out at the place where Zanza boy was, Zanza boy himself had fainted on a broken pillar at the end of the passageway in an upside down position.

Zanza boy who received Nana's Shield Bash is in critical condition.
His limbs are broken in weird directions and he's coughing dangerous colored blood.


The witness of that disastrous scene, Myufa, screamed sorrowfully.

It'd be bad to leave him alone, so I took out a mid level potion from my bosom and sprinkled it on Zanza.
I healed him after correcting his broken limbs with [Magic Hands] so there should be no problem.

"Trivial, so I inform."

Myufa is glaring.

"Do you want to fight? So I inquire."

Myufa nodded with a pale face at Nana's question.

"Nii-sama's enemy."

Myufa started the fight after shouting like she was the victim here.

Nana fires her Shield Bash at Myufa who's taking the defensive posture.
As if saying that she wouldn't repeat Zanza boy's mistake, she evaded that attack by jumping and did a splendid somersault above Nana.
She went for Nana's head when she was about to leap over her, but Nana who was clad in Magic Edge easily destroyed her magic swords.

"My swords!"

The shocked Myufa was hit by the second Shield Bash before she could land.
Receiving an attack from Nana who doesn't discriminate against sexes, Myufa ended up in the same state as Zanza boy.

"Defenselessly jumping there was a bad move so I inform."

Nana announced her victory while taking her signature pose.
True, not being able to at least do a double jump makes for a good target.

I healed Myufa like I did Zanza boy, and left them alone while they were still unconscious as we went to our room.
I saw their attendants on the Radar, they'd probably collect them anyway.

Naked dancers-san are lying in wait, like it's some honey trap, in the room allocated for me.

"Guilty so I announce."

Nana who went in the room after me drove the dancers-san away after saying that while looking oddly cheerful.
She probably wanted to say [Guilty] like Arisa and Mia did.

"Master Nagasaki! Forgive us for our rudeness last night. Please make me your disciple!"
"I'd like to be your disciple too please! I was keenly made aware of my immaturity from Master's technique."

The next morning, Zanza boy and Myufa intruded on us and asked to be Nana's apprentices.

"Becoming pupils is impossible for anyone but young organisms, so I inform."
"Y-Young organisms?"
"Please don't say that!"

This sibling is quite persistent.

They were quiet during breakfast, but they kept pestering her even after she refused them many times.
To the point that Nana who was usually expressionless emanates her fed up.

The sibling rode on camel and chased after us who rode on a camel carriage, but they had a complex expression on their faces when we stopped in front of Heraruon Temple.
The little sister, Myufa said "I hate temples" and turned the camel's head around, and Zanza boy went after his sister afterward, leaving the temple.

Please don't do those kind of implicative acts.
Well, I guess it's better than having them around, getting in the way.

"Master, the temple's symbol is that of sun so I inform."
"Still, this temple is humongous."
"Yeah, it really is."

It's a very huge temple for being located at a mid-sized country.
According to AR info, the sun symbol isn't only made of colored glass and gems, it also has Light Stones and Light Crystals embedded inside, emitting mystical lights.
This building would have looked even more impressive if we visited by at night.

After going up long stairs at the entrance, a Heraruon Temple priest wearing luxurious vestment was waiting for us.

"We have been waiting for you--"

The priest said that courteously.
It felt a bit hostile for some reason.

"--One who challenges Trials of Gods."

The priest is glaring at me with prickly gazes.
I don't remember having done anything to make the priests here glaring at me though.

Before I could say anything, the priest turned around as if saying, "Follow me", and went into the temple without even looking back.
Since I can't exactly go back here, I shrug my shoulders and follow after the priest with Liza and Nana.

Now then, wonder what's the trial here about?

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Nobusada's Path of Training ②


Putting my spirit into it and resume the training... this is Nobusada who should have done that.
Presently, I've been tied on a wooden training dummy. My upper half is tightly binded you see. How'd it come to this?

"Well then, Nobusada-san. I will be throwing my fists now, please watch them carefully without blinking okay."

That's what she says. My upper half is tied because I might get hit by her fist if I move carelessly.
First, a training to strengthen kinetic vision? done by apparently watching Eleanor-san's fists, getting used to their speed and removing my fear.
I'm already like a carp on a chopping board. Ready to be cooked in any way.
Oops, looks like Eleanor-san is ready while I was thinking that.

"Now then, here I go."

With that, fwoosh, something passed right beside my face.
Eeeee, I couldn't see it at all. I was able to see Gian's fists, even only a little, but her speed is pretty much in a whole different dimension.



Fists passed the sides of my face with each sounds of wind getting cut. And I don't think it's just my imagination. It's gradually getting closer to my face, her fist that is! I don't feel any fear. It's probably because there's no killing intent, and maybe also because I just got punched senselessly the day before yesterday.

After a bit while. Discerning Magic Eye-sama could finally, slightly, catch her fist.
Or to be more correct, I didn't only watch her fist, but her entire body, and then I grasped the timing of her fists by observing the flow of its movements. Staring hard at the sexy Eleanor-san whose training clothes stick to her sweaty body is my ulterior motive though!!

"You've gotten used to this speed already? You have really good eyes. I thought it would take longer. Then maybe I should hasten the pace a bit."

Mumumu, no wait, it was just a tiny little bit... Or rather, Eleanor-san can still go faster? But she's already faster than Gian.

"B-by the way, how much you're holding back right now?"

"Let me see. I think it's around 30% now."

W-whaaaaat! She hasn't even shown 1/3 of her power. It just hits me again how amazing she is.
Eleanor-san was done preparing while I was thinking that.


A wind cutting sound that was more intense than earlier passed my face.
Yup, I don't see anything at all. Not her fist nor her body. I'm scared. The shockwave-like thing is rattling my cheeks.
I'm trying to learn even a bit while desperately fighting the urge to close my eyes. I'm almost losing to the fear, but I motivate myself by convincing myself that this is a training.

And then, I noticed one thing.

Eleanor-san's face is getting to look amorous!

Her cheeks look slightly flush. Her usual cool face turned into an enraptured expression of a woman.
Wonder why my instinct is sounding alarm for danger. Have a dangerous been inadvertently opened inside Eleanor-san?



The speed has obviously gotten faster! And the gap is paper-thin now.

"Fufu, ufufufu."

Wait a minute Eleanor-san, did you lick your lips just now? I don't taste that good you know.
Hyowaaaa, the wind pressure is starting to create marks on my face like it's grazing me? Or rather, isn't it really grazing me?
I stare with desperate eyes at Eleanor-san who's gradually raising her speed. The special training continues on as I stay immobile cause carelessly moving might get me hit. I mean, a fist comes whenever I try to make a sound.
In the end, this went on until Eleanor-san lost her breath. My face is full of welt-like red lesions.

"I-I'm sorry, Nobusada-san. I got too much into it...."

"No no, this much is nothing. Sorry, but could you untie me for now?"

"Y-yes, of course."

I ran to the toilet at once after getting liberated. I'll take this secret of almost pissing myself in front of Eleanor-san to my grave. It was just that scary.
When I went back to Eleanor-san while sighing in relief, I heard her murmur.

"Haa, I did it again.... Just why can't I hold back when I'm focusing too much. What should I do if Nobusada-san won't come back after this. And father was happy to have a new pupil in a while too...."

Muu, looks like this isn't the first time this happened. It's true that my mind almost broke for a minute there, but I can still go at it! A man has to shut up and endure. I almost shouted out loud though!

"Eleanor-san, thank you for waiting. Now, shall we continue then?"

"Nobusada-san, are you alright? If you don't feel like it now or..."

"I'm completely fine. I can use Heal to quickly cure a little bit of wound, so let's keep at it."

"Y-yes... Since the schedule today is only throughout the morning, let's have kumite until the time is up. Please don't hold back as I won't counter. Maybe, I'll even give you a reward if you can get a hit on me."

What!? I'm all fired up now. I'm weak with reward and stuff, you see.

We take a stance and face each other.
I send out a straight right jab from attack form with all my might. Of course, she easily parried it since there was no feint or anything.
The fact that she won't get any damage from me no matter what I do is relieving in a way. I can go at this with all my might without worrying Eleanor-san getting injured.
I revise my movements little by little by mimicking Eleanor-san's movements earlier. Connected flowing attack instead of one-off shots. Considering my current physique and build, it's probably impossible to end this match in one hit. Then it's a battle of move number. Therefore, Eleanor-san's movements make for a really good reference.
Perhaps Master entrusted the initial training to Eleanor-san for this reason.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

We're in the sixth match now with a break every 10 minutes. This is probably the last considering the time. Even now, I only touched Eleanor-san when she parried me. I still haven't get a hit on her.

I'd like to surprise her a bit at least. Thus, I'm thinking of trying various moves this time.
Imitating boxing jab, one two to smash. Crouching leg sweep continuing to jumping uppercut.
My throwing attempts were in vain as I couldn't even catch her.
Uhahaha, this match is choke full of amateur's shallow thinking.  It's rather refreshing that all of them failed.

In that case, I'll get close to her to the limit.
Eleanor-san is keeping her guard but she's still not moving. Right before I get next to her I draw my hands back.


A loud sound resounded from my hands in front of Eleanor-san. It's the so called Nekodamashi. Even Eleanor-san didn't expect this, her body stiffened.
And just right when I'm going all in to try to catch her clothes' neckline.

Tettere~♪ Acquired Grappling Lv1

Surprised by the sudden noGoddess's announcement which had been absent until now, I inadvertently tripped my leg. And I ended up making a dive onto Eleanor-san.
Eleanor-san who didn't anticipate the Nekodamashi and my dive at all seemed to be taken off guard too and fell.

Ow ow ow, I failed. And it was my chance too.


Monyun? There's something soft on my right hand...
My eyes matched Eleanor-san's when I opened them. The smallish yet nice sensation on my right hand is....




My view was immediately filled with a fist before I blacked out.


I was sleeping on sofa when I came to. Feels like I've been fainting a lot lately.

"Nobusada-san, you've come to!? I'm sorry, I forgot to hold back back then...."

"No no, I'm fine(?) somehow. I should ask for your forgiveness too."

Eleanor-san blushed, seemingly recalling it. I smile wryly while using Heal on my aching face.
I've got to enjoy an unexpected reward. The soft sensation still lingers in my hand even now, thank you for the feast!

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