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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Strongest Sage, Solidifies the Wall


"Another way?"

"Yeah. The quickest way to gather monsters is by tricking their perception... But that's not the only way. Fortunately, I've got a general idea what the monsters are chasing."


"Yeah. Simply put, they're heading to places where there's a lot of people."

I see one rule as the main driving force of these monsters actions.

These monsters are heading to places with many humans.
Lots of monsters area going to places with lots of people, but only a few are heading to places scarce of people.

It seems distances don't mean much, the monsters are prioritizing densely populated places even though they're a bit far away.
In fact, there's only 10 monsters at most heading toward us, the rest pass right by me.
Though well, considering they're not heading to the royal capital, the most populated place, that one must be too far.

"Places with many people... Doesn't that mean the monsters will ignore adventurers and rush to the city no matter how hard we try to get in their way!?"

"Yep. Moreover, not all the residents of the dungeon city are adventurers. Gathering people outside the city to lure these monster is not a realistic proposition."

"...If we reinforce part of the outer wall with magic, then rally people close by it, the monsters will gather on the other side of the wall right? We can clean them all up in one fell swoop by setting up traps there... Let's hurry!"

After saying that, I turn back to the dungeon city.
Fortunately, the majority of monsters can't go fast.
If we run back now, we should be able to prepare everything before the city's wall collapse.

After a bit while.
We've arrived at the dungeon city's outer wall.
Judging from the mana reaction, only a few monsters have reached the city, so the people are still holding out somehow.

"This is the easiest place to gather people. Let's set up the trap here! Alma and Iris, rout any monster that try to get near us!"


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"Trap... Which magic should we use!"

When I designated the place, Ruli took out a magic stone and threw a question.

Even though those monsters aren't really that strong, there's just too many of them, thus ordinary attacks or magic can't possibly beat them all.
Guess we have to use that magic here.

"Right... Use this one. And not with that small magic stone, but these."

I gave several reasonably sized magic stones to Ruli while drawing a magic circle of a kind of barrier magic on the ground.
If you unleash an attack magic inside the space enclosed by this barrier, its firepower will be contained within, making it more fatal.

"I-I understand!"

I touch the nearby wall while Ruli is magic augmenting.
The city's outer wall is made of wooden frames, reinforced with hardened soil.
As it is now, it'll get easily broken through once the monsters gather.

I observe the monsters' mana reaction once again after thinking this far.
I'm estimating the load on the wall by looking at the state of their mana.
I could reinforce the wall haphazardly if I wanted to, but I'd like to preserve my mana as much as possible here.

"Well, this should do."

I finished reinforcing the wall right as Ruli was done with the magic tools.
I've melted the wall with earth magic once and bonded them together stronger.

This should be enough to withstand the monsters for the time being.
Its surface might be shaved a bit when the attack magic is fired though.

Now then... preparation complete.
Next, we just need to gather people here... Unfortunately, this area isn't spacious enough to hold the whole city.

...Let's move these buildings out the way for now.

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