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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Strongest Sage, Manipulates Wind


"Now then, let's annihilate these monsters!"

I proclaimed that to Ruli and the girls now that the monsters had gathered here.
The monsters are focusing solely at the people in the dungeon city, thus they're not straying far from the wall.

Normally, this would have been the perfect chance to attack... But there's too many of them right now, an ordinary attack won't be able to deal with them all.
So... It's time for the girl with almost inexhaustible mana to get on stage.


"Yes! ...Are we, going to do that?"

Iris who was called by me made a spreading wings gesture.
She's probably asking if I want her to turn into dragon and fire her breath... But that's not it.
Firing breath is too huge of a burden for the current Iris, and the city will get rolled up in it.

"Not that. I'd like you to use an ordinary flame magic. A type that scatters flame over."

I made a small flame as I said that.
Not the single-shot firing flame ball type, but a rapid continuous one.

"...Is that okay? I won't be able to control it, you know?"

"Yeah. Ruli, is that done yet?"

"Err, this one is quite complicated..."

Ruli muttered while putting her hand on a magic stone.
I'm asking Ruli to make a large-scale barrier.

The barrier isn't it that strong, but it covers over a wide area.
Even if it can't cover all the monsters, it has to for the majority of them at least.

"I did it!"


I activated the magic stone Ruli gave me and threw it in the middle of the monsters.
The edge of the barrier barely touches the city's tip.
And... This barrier has another characteristic.

"Oy, there's another barrier outside!"

"Huh... Is that really a barrier?"

"The monsters are passing through it!"

The adventurers who were watching monsters that had climbed the outer wall raised their voices when they saw the unfolded barrier.
Yep. This barrier doesn't affect the monsters at all.

"Um... Did I make a mistake?"

Ruli asked me worryingly when she saw the barrier.
But it's fine. This is just fine.
To begin with, we'd need a magic stone an order of magnitude bigger than the one we used here if we wanted the barrier to repel these monsters.

"It's all set. Iris, when I said, 『Now!』, fire flame magic at maximum output toward that side!"

"I got it! I just have to go at it with all my power right!?"

"Yeah. As an insurance... Please do it in that form."

Even if the barrier has been carefully adjusted not to break, it will be all for naught if Iris is in her dragon form.
The output difference between a magic stone of that size and a dragon is just too huge, regardless of the techniques involved.

Then I stand inside the barrier while Iris is positioning herself.

"Oy, are you gonna be alright plunging into that swarms of monsters!?"
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"I'm fine, I'm floating, see!"

An adventurer showed his concern when he saw me jumping into the barrier that held the monsters, I shouted back to reply that I was fine.
Now that I think about it, it's been awhile since I'm fighting in places with many people like this.
Well most of those people are soldiers, while only about 10 who aren't soldier are situated right to see the fight.

"He... He's flying!?"

"Is that, flying magic?"

"No, looks like he's floating mid-air."

"That Mathias is that healer with monstrous strength right? What's he doing there?"

These are the reactions just by standing in mid-air huh...
I've never asked anyone before, but it really does seem like there's no flight magic in this era.
I don't think it would garner this kind of reaction in the Royal Capital where many Second Royal Academy students gather... Looks like the plan to regress humanity by spreading Chant magic is a huge success huh.

I activate wind magic while thinking that.
The purpose of this barrier is to isolate wind.

I'm creating whirlpools of air inside the barrier by carefully regulating the winds.
I'm also scattering smashed woods and flour away while I'm at it.


And then I gave Iris the instruction while fleeing outside the barrier.

"Here I go!"

Iris said that and began to shoot fire magic into the barrier.

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