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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 102

102 Those Who Can't Accept Reality


"He was the boss of a crime syndicate that enslaved us elves, milord."

"Aah, that's it. Yep yep. I guess it's only natural you guys are clueless about it huh."

"Haa? The hell yer' blabbing about?"

"Damo is dead."

"...Aa? What kind of joke is that..."

"Nah, I'm telling the truth. Died just the other day."

"Oy! What the hell are you! What's going on!"

The bandits started whispering to each other in disarray. 'Oy for real', 'No way', 'Nah can't be', 'Guy's probably lying to get away.'

"Oy, quit listening to such an obvious lie, he's just saying it to make us scram and..."

"These girls finished him off."

The elves took off their hoods, unveiling their beautiful faces.

"Oy... No way... The six elves said to serve the boss..."

The bandits started to entertain the idea when they saw there are six elves here.

"You're looking at those six elves."
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I was hoping they'd go 'Oh shit, we gotta scram' and all left, but of course it wouldn't go that well.

"Oy! Enough with yer' damn bluff!"

Looks like they don't want to accept the possibility of it being true, they desperately denied me.
Serena kindly declared the truth to these bandits.

"It is not a bluff. We are all saved by way of milord's power."

Her powerful words shut the bandits up.
After giving them time to sort it out, I spoke. I still couldn't abandon the prospect of settling this up with a 'discussion'. So let me explain.

"Take it easy now. I'll explain. First, I went on to destroy the syndicate and saved these elves. Eltros is currently remaking the organization. There will be no more 'crime'."

That sounds so far-fetched, normally you'd have retorted it. But the mention of a certain individual seemed to have an effect.

"Oy you said Eltros... that's one of the top guys... how'd you know that name?"

"Well, it's cause I know him personally. The reorganization is also done under my order."

The bandits formed a circle and started discussing with one another afterward.

"No... way..."
"Come to think of it, our contacts haven't been coming... it's really..."
"Oy, goods delivery and the shift change are three days late too..."

They broke the circle right after that last line. Now I can only hope they're all leaving after this.

"So yeah, that's the reason why you find six elves here of all place. Do you believe me now?"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 101

101 Ignore


This would be our second encounter with another person. Unlike previously, we're on the receiving end of an ambush.

"Oy! Drop your belongings if you wanna live."

Six armed men came out of the woods and blocked the road. Yep, bandits. Template. What the heck.

(Let's ignore them... keep walking, they're 'not there'. Yep, let's go with that.)

I'm so stressed out I avert my gaze from reality. Three times in a row is just too much. I've still got plenty of stamina left, but mental-wise I'm at the end of the rope.

I kept walking and slipped past the bandits as if they weren't there, but then one of them grabbed my shoulder.

"Wait! You! Stop dammit!"

But I kept walking and dragged him with me. The bandit tried to pull me back but that did nothing to slow me down.

To begin with, the elves 'Walk' at an unusually high pace. We forced our way through the bandits at such speed. The bandits ended up frantically trying to catch up with us now.

That was when I finally realized my bizarre speed. The bandits are desperately running at full speed. On the other hand I'm just 'walking'. I finally noticed how I'm walking at this speed despite not using Acceleration.

(What's going on here? Where is this body of mine headed to?)
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You can no longer explain this away with just 'working out', I have no idea what's the deal with myself.

By the way the order is me, the bandit and then the elves on the highway.
The elves had a silent '!?' reaction when I casually pushed my way through the bandits.
The bandit grabbing my shoulder seems to be their leader, I'm actually impressed he even attempted to stop me at that speed.

Now then how fast can he go? How long will this keep up? The bandit leader is still grabbing my shoulder without letting go, he looks like he's about to pass out any second.
We finally arrived at a camping spot.
The people behind were quite noisy all the way here. Yep, it's the bandits, they followed us here, yelling all the way.

"You bastard!" "Dammit!" "Hold up dangit!" "Stop!" "Oy!" "Wait!" "Ya deaf or something!" "Damn!"
Before long their voices turned to heavy breathing "Haa... haa..."

(Ah... they didn't drop out huh. Not even one. These bandits are surprisingly gutsy. They'd better off giving up along the way though.)

As the bandits sprawled on the ground, the elves had already arrived and started preparing for camping.

"Y-you, f, finally, gave, up."

The bandit leader glared at me while squeezing those words in exhaustion.

"I didn't think you'd follow us here. All of you at that."

"Bastard, you're gonna pay for this."

"Naw, I got no reason to pay you lot though?"

"Quit screwing around! I'm gonna make you know your place!"

"Is that all? If so can you please go away now?"

"I was gonna spare you if ya just cough it up, but it seems you got a death wish huh."

"I'm not gonna pay. Or die."

That was when Serena came and spoke to me with her usual tone.

"We have finished preparing dinner. What would you like to do milord?"

She's not wearing her hood, her lustrous silver hair is swaying in the wind. Smiling at me with her beautiful face.

"Oy oy oy. Ain't she a fine one... Hm? Those ears... an elf?"

The bandits sprawling on the ground recovered when they heard that and jumped up while speaking one after another. These guys are pretty tough.

"Hell yeah, gonna live like a king for a while!"
"Before that we're gonna have a taste fiiirst!"
"Forget all that, give them to Damohic-sama and we're all gonna get promoted!"

As the bandits shouted in delight, a name caught my attention.

"Hm? That sure sounds familiar. Damo?"

Never expecting to hear that here, I had a hard time trying to recall who that was.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 12

Reporting to Guildmast


Hello and good day.
We're currently walking briskly toward the guild in order to report the magic beast raid matter.
I'd love to fly like I did to beat the weird bird since it might be urgent, but it'd make us stand out and Alma didn't want to so walking it is.

We arrived at the guild and walked up to the usual receptionist's counter.

"W-welcome~. The last time was a week ago wasn't it~... Are you here to deliver herbs~?"

The receptionist spoke to us looking slightly frightened. This after I held back and only brought 30-40 herbs a day.
'That's still too many!' She usually talked back while tearing up.

"No, we have a pressing matter to report."

"Yes? Is there some kind of trouble~?"

"Just now, we were attacked by a group of around ten magic beasts led by a Hob Goblin and a big magic bird called Blade Wing in the eastern outskirts of the town."

"Eeh? Y-you're joking right...?"

"I believe you can tell if it's the truth if you check my and Almatina's Elimination Log."

"T-then please excuse me."

She squinted at me and Alma. Appraising.
Her face gradually turned pale and twitched.

"Y-you defeated a Blade Wing?"

"Yes. Somehow after I blinded it using the tools I had on hands and burned it down with Fire Frog Oil."

"Eeeh... Alma-san also eliminated a Hob Goblin. I'm glad you're unharmed... Huh? Y-your Job, it's not apprentice, eh, Paladin...!?"

"Un. I had a Job Change just now."

Well that was an anticlimatic way to say it. And you were so emotional earlier.

"I've never seen a Paladin that's not apprentices..."

"More importantly, shouldn't you go report this magic beast raid to the guildmast? Something might be up at the magic beast forest."

"Y-yes! I'll go get going now~!"

She stood up in a hurry and ran to a door behind her counter. I just hope she won't bump into someone
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Neia! Don't run inside!

Hiii~! I'm so sorry~!

...Let's act like that never happened.
So that receptionist lady is called Neia. Had no idea, I never checked her status.

After about 10 minutes, receptionist Neia came back and asked us to go with her to the guild master's room.
Eh, but we'd like to go back home now though. Ah, we can't? Figured~.

We were guided inside to an expensive looking door. Guess this is the guildmast's room?"
Neia knocked on the door, someone replied inside.

"Master, I have brought the two here."

"Good work. Let them in."

A middle aged man is sitting behind a desk buried in papers with an ill humored look on his face.
This man is the guildmast huh. His eyes have this dagger sharp gaze that looks like it can kill 2-3 people just from a scowl. Scary....

And next to him is a familiar-looking monocle-wearing appraisal master.
Hey gramps, been half a month since then. Whatcu doing here?

As that thought crossed my mind, the seemingly guildmast man spoke.

"Almatina and, the rookie... Could I have your name?"

Neia-san? Didn't you at least report my name?

"I'm Kajikawa Hikaru. I am a novice that has just joined the guild recently, nice to meet you."

"Ou, the pleasure's mine. I'm the guildmaster in charge of Daijel's branch, Vegrando."

After introducing ourselves, we got down to business.

"So, this report of a raid by a large number of magic beasts from the forest, is that for real?"

"For real. They might have reached the town if Hikaru and I weren't there."

"...Fils, check with 'Truth Judge' just to be sure."

Appraisal master quickly replied to guildmast.

"Yeah, it is for real. I do wish it was not. Hoo hoo hoo."

"This ain't no laughing matter you. Dammit, what the hell. These accidents finally came knocking on my jurisdiction huh."

Guildmast cursed while scratching his head.
He sure looks like my boss when he's dealing with trouble. Ah, this man looks more like the president though.

"Pardon me, but is it all right if I ask about these accidents?"

"...Apparently there's been lots of Stampedes breaking out all over the world lately. That despite fulfilling the culling quota for that month, I was just discussing the matter with this guy here."

"Well, considering it's nearly time for the birth of [Demon Lord], those might be its influence."

This world's got a demon lord?

<<Demon Lord is an existence that rules over magic beasts and demons, they come into being in a fixed cycle. They launch large scale assaults on humans as well as demi humans. They are seen as the greatest threat to humanity, causing enormous casualty on their wake.>>

Hmm, that sounds more like a natural disaster than the big bad.
What's the condition for its birth?

<<Law of the World, Unanswerable.>>

...Welp, seems like demon lords are anchored to the law of the world thingy. What's even the point of birthing those.

"Demon lord huh. What a pain in the ass, creating so much trouble even before it crops up."

"Grumbling won't solve the issue. This raid by ten or so magic beasts must be an omen. A Stampede of magic beasts coming from the magic beast forest likely draws near."

"It should be in three days at the earliest. Just about enough to evacuate the populace huh."

"What about reinforcements? I do not believe our town's adventurers would be enough to deal with the kernel."

"It'll be fine. Luckily for us, [Sword Lord] and [Grand Mage] are scheduled to arrive here from [Iruyudi] tomorrow. Those two should take care of the Stampede's boss. Our adventurers can deal with the small fry."

【Iruyudi】 must be the name of another town.
Alma looked surprised, froze up a bit and then put on a complex look on her face at the words 'Sword Lord' and 'Grand Mage'.
What's up?

"Will they accept our quest so readily?"

"'Course they will. They've got their daughter here 'fter all."

...Come again? Their daughter?
Eh, are Sword Lord and Grand Mage.

"Almatina, look forward to meeting your parents tomorrow."


Alma's parents!
From what guildmast said, they sound like some incredible individuals.
Wait, is this girl actually a super elite?

"Don't look so glum now. Even Apprentice Paladin should be able to catch up with hard work once you Job Change to Swordsman or Mage. Those two should understand your unwillingness to abandon either swords or magic by now, how about picking one?"

"I had a Job Change already. I did not pick either, nor did I abandon either."

"...? What do you mean? Shouldn't either skill disappear once you Job Change?"

As guildmast looked perplexed, appraisal master next to her spoke up while staring at Alma.

"...Almatina, I see you were able to choose a new Job. Neither Swordsman or Mage or Apprentice, a true Paladin. You have done well."

"W-what!? You're telling me Paladin actually exists!?"

Guildmast and Appraisal Master were taken aback.
Wait hey old man you appraised without asking, don't you know privacy? I'm not one to talk though.

"On top of possessing the good points of both, its growth rate is not inferior to either. I see an unfamiliar skill as well. [Magic Swords]."

"I learned magic swords under Hikaru's tutelage and became Paladin. I couldn't have done it on my own."

No no, I'm not that great.
...Despite thinking my help wasn't that much and it was mostly Alma's hard work, it did feel great to be praised.
I sure am easy.

"I see.... With a Job that good, your parents must feel proud. It might be a bit awkward after so long but try to talk with them. Those two seem really miss you."


Seems like this guildmast is in good terms with Alma's parents.
He must be the type that's kind to people close to him if he's trying to mend their relationship in this situation. His gaze is still scary though.
And now that scary gaze is directed at me. Hieee, did he read my mind!?

"Kajikawa was it, you've done a great deal to Almatina it seems."

"Oh not at all, I merely gave her a little push. In fact, I still couldn't give back all the help she gave me."

"I was asked by Alma's parents, 'Please take care of our daughter, she'll be living at Daijel', and while I taught her the basics of adventurers, I couldn't do anything with stuff that matter. It might be a request from my best friends, but I can't be too partial to her considering my standing."

Guildmast hung his head down a bit while looking apologetic.

"But looks like it's gonna be fine with you around now. She's no longer alone nor a failed Job after all."

"Well, he's been piggybacking Alma together into an inn lately, surely she's no longer lonesome."

"Oy bastard, you ain't telling me you made a move on her, are you!?"

"I did not!"

The heck this appraisal old man's spouting!?
Quit dropping a bomb when guildmast's making a good atmosphere!
You too guildmast, stop that glare, your eyes are too scary! Seriously!

"Tch, you didn't huh. Boring."

"What the hell are you blabbing! Those two will kill me if anything happened to their daughter!"

"It's okay guildmast. Hikaru only helped me back to the inn when I passed out from Mana Depletion."

"That's only good in hindsight! Take better care of yourself! You lack urgency!"

"It's okay with Hikaru."

I agree with guildmast there.
Just what does she think gonna happen if I harbored such vulgar thoughts.
Wonder if it's trust, 'Hikaru won't do that', or is it 'It's okay since he's a softie.'
Hope it's the former.

"Haa... Well fine. Kajikawa, you'd better not get any funny idea on Almatina. If you died, that's on you, but I shudder to think how enormous the collateral damage gonna be."

"I shall take it to heart."

Just how scary are those two.
I'd like to avoid them if possible, but I can't do that, I've gotta thank them for all the lending hands Alma extended to me.
At worst, they're just gonna beat me to kingdom's come due to some weird misunderstandings.
...Uh, maybe I should run?

"As for our immediate plan, us guild staff members are gonna get really busy to prepare for Stampede. Mainly with populace evacuation to next town and transportation as well as gathering forces to clash with Stampede. As mentioned earlier, there's a magic beast that becomes the boss of a Stampede, killing that particular beast will stop the Stampede and compel other magic beasts to go back to their territory. We're leaving the boss elimination to Almatina's parents. They will be accompanied by elite adventurers rank C and above as the spearheads while rank D and below are to eliminate small fry heading to this town. We'll be counting on you two too."

"It sounds like we're gonna need a lot of recovery potions. A pain but I suppose I ought to help gathering some after a while."

"Well, apparently there's a guy who's been bringing in lots of herbs these days, so we've got a lot stocked up."

Guildmast shrugged as he looked at me.
Is he talking about me. Did he hear Neia-san complaining?

"So yeah, there's a high chance a Stampede breaking out in three days, you guys go get ready too. If you don't buy what you need asap, the shops are all gonna close from evacuation order and you'll be left with nothing but guild provisions."

"Understood. Also, we shouldn't enter the forest?"

"Of course. There's gonna be a lot of magic beasts not commonly found in a territory prowling around right before a Stampede. Hob Goblins and Blade Wings aren't supposed to be beatable by adventurers below rank E, can't believe you rank F and G folk managed that."

"You in particular Kajikawa, you defeated a Blade Wing I see. What kind of trick did you use?"

I'd rather not talk about mana control though.
It's partly to have an advantage over people who can use skills, but that's not the biggest issue to me. Besides, it's not something you can learn easily anyway.
I was sensitive to mana due to my origin as an otherworlder, thus recognizing and controlling it wasn't that hard.
As for Alma, getting taught man to man by me was big, but she also only had a limited knowledge on other combat Job skills and her quick wits allowed her to control mana no worse than me.
Well other combat Job people should be able to do it too with hard work though. Which means I just gotta improvise on my own as well.

But you know, mana control has a possibility of becoming a means of self defense for non combat Job people.
For example, this appraiser old man has 30 MP and 200 INT, if he could use offensive magic, he'd be pretty powerful. He might even beat a Hob Goblin on his own.
If production Job people learned mana control and ways to defend themselves against magic beasts, combat Job people would all lose their worth by a lot.
Of course there should still be magic beasts only combat Job people can handle so it's not like they're completely useless, but there's no guarantee there won't be a distortion forming.
This Law of the World thing surely doesn't want that to happen. I mean, otherwise a world where Combat and Production Jobs coexist peacefully can't be maintained.
I might get some sort of penalty if they found out I was the cause. The punishment as Alma put it.
I'm not gonna be that person who sticks their hand into a pit of vipers, let's just go with the rough outline here.

"I blinded it with a Spark Wolf horn I had on me for self defense, then I chased it around after it crashed down the ground (once it lost its mana from shooting magic in panic) and burned it down using Fire Frog Oil."

"Oy oy, that's a lot of expensive stuff you threw around. Well, I suppose that's what made it possible. You could punch goblins to death after all."

"It hurt my wallet, but money can't buy life after all."

Yup, I didn't tell a single lie. I just never said anything about flying or using Ignite on my own.

"Alright then, you're free to go now. Stampedes are dangerous, but you better take care of yourself around Alma's parents tomorrow. Don't die on me now."

Guildmast left me with those unsettling message.
The heck, just how dangerous are those two.
I wanna run away from them, more than the Stampede. Can't I? I can't? Please.
...Tomorrow's gonna be just great. Just like it was back then.
And just when I started looking forward to tomorrow after coming here, why.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 100

100 Beyond Reason


It's a deer. A hundred percent deer, but the size is something else.
It's twice as big as a Grudos. It's got two horns on its head, beautiful reddish black and shaped like blades.
Serena stared hard at it to grasp the right timing to dodge.

"It's a Buster Horn! Run into the woods! Do not face it head-on no matter what!"

It's galloping at high speed with its horns pointed here like it's trying to skewer us.

"What a pain. Haa, we're never getting there at this rate."

===  ===  ===

I accelerated just before the horns could stab me. Since the deer has its horns pointed forward, I went around and chopped at its exposed lowered neck. Super lightly without any strength.
So long as I still can't control this power well, I'm gonna keep holding back to the extreme under Accelerated state from now on.

===  ===  ===

DON! Something furiously crashed sending a shockwave and a loud noise around.
That was Buster Horn crashing down the ground. Completely dead.

(What the heck's up with this result, I didn't even put any strength. How does it get like this from a slight graze...)
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I'm getting dejected from the total lack of progress I'm making in power control.
Someone timidly asked as I was left groaning.

"M-milord? What just did..."

"Ah, don't worry about it and let's just press on. Something else might crop up if we stick around too long."

"R-right. Let us go ahead."

They all had these complicated looks as we started walking.
By the way, Serena asked me if she could carve the monster again and I denied her, again.
The best mat to carve out of Buster Horn is sure enough, its horns, if crafted by a skilled artisan, it could turn into a sword sharper than your average swords. There were even some that got to be known as superlative swords.
Of course procuring them comes with the risk of getting skewered by the horns instead.
This one seems to have been quite an excellent catch, the elves put on their 'what a waste' faces for awhile.

And when they finally let it go, they started whispering to each other. I listened to them while pretending to overlook it.
"What kind of magic does milord use?" "Was that Gravity? Space? Wonder which ones?" "Both of those are Legendary class. It can't be." "Only the 'End' manifests. Whereas the 'Means' remains a complete mystery." "Milord's power stands beyond reason. Our minds cannot hope to comprehend it."

The girls seem to be under a false impression that I'm using magic, but I'm not gonna correct them.
I don't know how to explain my power, heck I don't even get what it really is.
There's nothing to lose from keeping silent on that. Yep, I'm gonna go with that from now on.

Traveling in a fantasy world, encounters in a highway. Are those simply inseparable?
We had just walked a bit when we came across yet another nuisance.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 99

99 Carving


Multiple shots of purple liquid poured down on us. None of which hit any of us.
The elves had regained their composure and easily dodged them all.
I was the only one spacing out.

(Okay I get how that rock throwing ended up that way, but how'd it work with Randolf back then?)

I simply matched my movement with Randolf and touched his clothes without putting in any power under Accelerated state, and yet he stopped moving altogether.
Where did the energy contained in his ramming attack go? Was it absorbed someplace else?
The way he stopped, it as it was never there from the start.
The sensation from that time is burned in my mind. I never felt any resistance nor push, a bizarre warmth just spread in my palm the moment my hand felt the soft fabric.
At that time, I thought that I would get blown away when I undo Acceleration if that failed to stop the ramming attack. On the other hand, I was worried that if it did work, the 'Power' I had would reap Randolf's life instead.
And yet neither of those came true in the end. But regardless how it works, I can't help but be worried about the future seeing how I don't even grasp what this power is about.

Suddenly an offensive smell assaulted my nose, I looked around and saw white fumes coming out of the toxic puddles on the ground.
The toxin has been mixed in the air, wafting unpleasant smell everywhere.

"Gross to the end, this is really a whole template...."

I threw the tree I had in hand at the Purple Eater in Accelerated state.
I just casually threw it without putting strength, which I soon regretted,

'Gusha', and 'DWOON!' two noises resounded. The sound of Purple Eater getting crushed and collided with the tree.
The tree then fell down the ground, scattering grotesque matters sticking to it everywhere.

(Eww, this is just gross... Ah, another result of me acting without thinking...)

The elves were dumbfounded, I pointed at the ground and pulled them back to reality.

"This doesn't seem good to breathe, does it? Any idea?"

Serena said, 'Allow me' then she smoothly pointed her fingers to the sky and mumbled something.
A moment later, arrows shaped water poured down before me. A downpour even.
The water arrows washed away the toxic pools.

"Whoa, awesome. Is this a Composite... Magic was it? Never seen one before."
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"We should be safe now."

The purple puddles littering the ground are gone now. Replaced by water puddles in the middle of the road.

"People passing by would have had a rough time if they were left alone. Thanks."

"Please do not mention it. What would you like to do now, milord?"

I couldn't figure out what she's talking about. Thus I asked back, 'What?'

"Should we carve these Purple Eaters?"

Hearing that, I blurted out, '...Come again?'

"The organs that create webbing in Purple Eater are highly valued. While clothes made from the webbing are considered super high class goods. I believe they would fetch for high prices. Although carving them out is quite a challenge."

I finally calmed down after slowly disassociating it with Monst*r Hunter in my mind.

"Ah, our top priority is getting ahead. We've got lots of funds from Eltros anyway."

"Should we leave the Toxin Sacs too? They could be used in the making of precious life force extender medicine."

"I mean this wasn't part of the plan, we defeated them by chance. Just leave them be as gifts for people passing after us."

"I believe they would get eaten by the wild life first."

"Sure, that's fine by me too."

'What a waste', the elves had that expression on their faces as they followed me who walked ahead.

Then a bit after we started walking, a cloud of dust could be seen in the horizon.
Gradually coming closer, straight at us.

"Are you for real... We haven't even advanced 300 meters ahead you know?"

We stopped and waited for it as the figure of this furiously charging object gradually became clearer.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 98

98 Encounter


The road is about barely enough to fit a wagon.
Thick jungles on both sides. Pretty much a kingdom of wild life there. Territory of forest creatures.
Naturally such a road carries a high encounter rate.
And on the third day, we finally came across 'Those'.

"All hands assume defensive position! It's Purple Eaters! Don't get hit by its venom! Watch out for its web!"

Serena loudly declared. With that as a signal, the elves took a formation to protect me.

(Ok, thanks for the explanation. Haa, still magic beasts huh... These ones look gross.)

Before me are big scooter-sized black and purple colored giant spiders. Three of them.

(Super gross... Man, this is rough... Can't stand it.)

"Kuh... Let's keep it at bay as we pull back! Do not get surrounded! Focus on one before going for another! Stay within formation!"

(What do I do. I really don't want to get close to these things. But we gotta eliminate them. I mean they're blocking the way and all. Doesn't seem like they're gonna let us go too.)

These Purple Eater spiders are simply moving their legs around while swaying, they're not coming at us. Their heads are surveying around, seemingly cautious of us.
Their compound eyes would reflect lights every time they did that.

The panicking Serena readied her weapon against these unmoving spiders.
I was calm. I was just getting grossed out by the spiders. Staying optimistic all the while.

(I'd have to approach these gross things if I use a sword, out of question. Then throwing weapon?)

"Dammit! We could barely beat one, and there's three of them... No! I gotta focus or else they'd quickly turn us into fodder."

While Serena was panicking, I looked for a certain something.

(Yup, this should be big enough. Any bigger and the fluid might fly here.)

I picked up a palm-sized rock lying on the ground.

"Aim for the foremost one! Ready your bows! Focus! Draw!"

(Wonder if it's gonna hit? I've got no confidence in my aim.)

I recalled the time I threw arrows back at the village rascals.
Those arrows I threw back at them in Accelerated state drove into a tree. Arrowhead-less arrows.
This time I'm throwing a rock. It probably won't pierce through like arrows, but the weight should deal some blunt damage at least.
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===  ===  ===

I entered stage [4] acceleration and threw the rock with all my might. The rock got suspended in mid air the instance it came off my hand.
The rock follows my movement when it's still in my hand. Yet the very moment it completely got off contact, this happened.
I ponder while observing the ever slowly advancing rock. Not even myself has a grasp on the principle behind [Acceleration].
It's weird how I'm the only unaffected thing just because I can move around in a slowed down world.
And yet, I don't raise cloud of dust behind me even when I'm moving around in this Accelerated state, and there's no sonic boom when I likely exceed the speed of sound.
I undid Acceleration while spacing out with that in mind.

===  ===  ===

But the rock seemed to have produced a shockwave from breaking the speed of sound, leaves on the trees around us flapped furiously.
The rock pierced through the center of a spider's face, came out its rear end and flew high into the horizon.

KIN, PAN! Bichabicha, dosa. The noises came in succession before it quieted down.

They were sounds of rock breaking the speed of sound, the spider exploding from the rock piercing through its face and rear, the sound of liquid coming out and it tumbling down the ground.

I was dumbfounded by the power that exceeded my imagination.

(Nasty... This power is no joke... And the spider's getting even grosser now... Ewww.)

The elves who were readying their bow broke their formation.
Looks like they were frightened by the sound. I'll ask them later.
But it seems they were even more shocked by the sudden mysterious death of one Purple Eater.

By the time Serena realized it was my doing the second Purple Eater that had jumped to trees started moving some sort of white matter in its mouth.
Serena noticed that and gave an order right away.

"...Here comes the web! Spread out! Stay alert!"

White matter got spewed out of the spider's mouth and formed a web as it fell right above us.

(Huh? Don't spiders shoot their web out of their abdomen?)

Serena who missed her command by a beat cursed, 'Darn it'.
The web caught all six elves... not.
It vanished in less than the blink of an eye.

Of course that was my doing. I accelerated, felled a tree and swung it around to twirl the spider web.
I recalled how I didn't feel trees weight yesterday and went with this strategy.

Serena noticed how I was holding a tree with the web twirled around and immediately issued an order.

"N-now! Shoot!"

All the elves readied their bows and let loose their arrows right away.
Apparently the spider couldn't move while shooting web, all six arrows pierced deep in it.
The spider shrieked sickeningly 'Piiiiiiigyaaaaaa' at the pain of having its eyes pierced.
More arrows flew in the air as it writhed on the ground. A volley six arrows, hyun then another volley, all at perfect timings and all hit the Purple Eater.
It finally quieted down once the spider stopped moving.

The third spider had climbed up a tree and faced its back at us. 'Bicha' with that sound a purple liquid that screamed 'I'm toxic', formed a puddle on the ground.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 11

Death to Magic Beasts, No Mercy


The weird bird in the sky. And goblins on land, they're all around us.
Not to mention the big Hob Goblin in the back. In fact that's the main actor.

The goblins didn't immediately attack us, they made a circle around me and Alma to cut off our retreat path.
Must be the Hob Goblin's order. That thing can give commands despite looking so dull huh.

Well, this actually works in our favor though.

"Hikaru, I'll stay here and lure the magic beasts away, you go back to the town and ask for help."

"Denied. Even if I went with that, and these goblins let me go, that bird's just gonna kill me dead. Of course the end result would be the same if I were the decoy."


Her self-sacrificing mind set is respectable, but honestly, it's not gonna do anything in this situation.
Even if I somehow managed to get to the guild and get help, there's a high chance Alma dying in the meantime.
There's no acceptable plans except one where both of us survive. I don't wanna die either.
Eh? I should have said I'd at least keep Alma safe? Uh, yeah, well, I mean dying is still scary...

"This must be, my punishment..."

Alma muttered dead serious.
You're not gonna be able to overcome this with that mind set you know?

"Naw, not at all. Heck, I think this is our rewards even."


"The higher level these monsters, the more exp we get no? God must be telling you to beat the crap outta this bunch, level up and Job Change pronto."

I tried to make a joke to loosen the tension.
Well, I'm half serious thought. God part aside.

"But, then how..."

"We're not gonna win taking them on head-on. 'Head-on' that is. Lend me your ears for a bit."

"Eh? U-un."

I briefly explained her my plan. Though uh, it's not that grand.
If it fails, we're just gonna die. Gotta steel my resolve.

"Don't worry. I'm sure it's gonna go over nicely. Ah, but no hard feelings if it fails ok?"

"It's okay. I'm sure it's gonna go well. I'm not gonna blame you even if it fails."

We proceeded with our plan while praying this won't be our last conversation in this world.

"Alrighty, let's do this!"

After which I threw the sword in my hand at the flying weird bird. Pooi.

Of course it's never gonna reach it, the weird bird is laughing like it's making fun of me.
I can tell all the goblins are laughing at me too.

After confirming their lines of sight were all concentrated on me, I threw a pouch filled with a certain something I had overhead and set it on fire.



The pouch burst open before emitting an intense ray of light everywhere.

The goblins, the big gob and the weird bird all took that light head-on, blinding them.
Their States all uniformly show 'Temporary Blindness'.

I just set off a powdered form of a horn that releases an intensely bright light when ignited, bought from the mat shop near the guild I mentioned before.

【Horn of Spark Wolf】
<<A horn chiefly made of magnesium. By filling it with mana and set it on fire, it will release a light more dazzling than magnesium could.>>

The intensity is such that even igniting an earpick worth of it emits a light so intense shutting your eyes still let it through.
...I seriously thought I was gonna go blind when I lit it up in a test run. I went 'My eyes, my eyes~!' like that character in a famous work.

The goblin gang descended into chaos.


『Kiiyii!? Kyugiiiyiiii!!!』

The weird bird started panicking and crashed down the ground.
Tch, was hoping it'd at least break a bone so it wouldn't fly anymore, seems like it didn't take much damage.

It's the same as in RPG and stuff, I believe the key to victory is in debuffing opponents to their lowest and buffing yourself to stratosphere.
These monsters should be pretty much neutralized now.

Both me and Alma are fine since we covered our eyes with our hands the moment it was set off.
We're the only two who can move around now.

We can run away for sure now. But we're not doing that. Of course not.
Why wouldn't we feast on these tasty exp!

"Aw yeah! Let's do this!"


I grabbed the sword I threw off earlier and went to eliminate the goblins one by one. Slashing their heads and necks to kill them.
...Oh good. Looks like I can barely feel a sense of guilt in the act of killing when my life is in danger. So yeah, die. Mercy? None. I ain't got any.
Alma raised her offensive power with Magic Sword skill and went for the Hob Goblin.

I couldn't hide my surprise when I saw her activating the skill.


"Uwoo!? That looks awesome!"

"W-what is this...!?"

It's clearly different from the sword being burned she's been practicing all this time.
The blade is enveloped by a giant gas burner like flame in the neat shape of a blade, it's even burning blue.

That must be the real deal, Magic Swords Lv1 [Burner Blade].

With the added INT plus her base weapon power, Alma's ATK is currently 181.
That much should be enough to get past even Hob Goblin's high DEF.

She swung down her blazing sword at the Hob Goblin's head.





That big oaf blocked with his club even while blinded!
The two of them are locked in a clash between a sword and a club.
He must have sensed the danger coming his way with that high Perception attribute.
Gob must be planning to push Alma back using his brute strength!
Not on my watch!

"Alma! Use mana control to stream your mana into you sword and power it up!"

"Uuu....! AAAAAAAAAA!!"

Alma poured her mana into her sword as she yelled out loud, turning the blue flame white.

Juuuuu! Jaku!!

The club got easily melted as the blazing blade cleaved through the Hob Goblin's neck.
Hieee, what's up with that firepower. Overwhelming.

"Haa, haa, I, did it...!"

"Nicely done Alma! Whoops, gotta take care these goblins now."

Alma and I went around and swiftly dealt with the remaining five goblins.

Only the weird bird remains.
To be honest, I was gonna eliminate that thing first, but it kept shooting magic everywhere to prevent anybody closing in while it was blinded, I couldn't get close.
It even took down two goblins. Damn you, that's my exp.
Looks like it's recovered its sight enough, it flew up into the sky again.
Perhaps it's planning to carpet bomb us from above and gradually wear us down.

...Hm? It's kinda flying funny. Maybe its vision hasn't fully recovered?
Feels like it's getting farther away from us too, is it trying to run away?
Let's check the status.

Magic Beast: Blade Wing


State: Temporary Vision Impairment, Mana Shortage (Small)


HP: 104/120
MP: 12/102
SP: 161/188
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I see, it's got its vision back to a degree, but not a lot of mana left.
Well I mean the thing did go crazy shooting magic.
One more and it's gonna fall to Mana Shortage (Large) or worst, Mana Depletion state.
Thus it opted to run instead.

Think I'd let you?

"Alma, mind letting me take care of that bird?"

"Eh? But, it's flying high up, how?"

"Like, this!"

I threw my sword to lighten the load. It's not gonna do much against that bird anyway.

I've just leveled up thanks to the goblins earlier, my HP and MP are fully restored with higher maximum. How handy.
I've got the mana. Should be enough.

Mana emitted out of my body gets harder and less precise to control the farther away it gets.
In other word, mana that sticks very close to my body is the easiest and strongest to control.
I wrap my mana around my gloves and boots, then harden it. Same with my body and head.
I control this hardened mana and launch it along with myself toward the flying weird bird!

That was the moment I flew in the sky. At super high speed at that.

Wait what, hiiii!? M-made it flew too fast!
How many kilo is it!? How many k/m!? It feels like moving at around 100 k/m on a highway!
Aah, so this is what it's like to be a Z warrior... Let's not go there, it's dangerous.


As the weird bird got startled by me who caught up to it in no time, I splashed it with liquid in a bottle.
A little smear turns firewood into charcoal instantly, [Fire Frog Oil].
What's gonna happen if an entire bottle gets set on fire? Can you bear it, bird?
Fire out of my hand, Ignite!

The bird blazed up so bright I thought another sun showed up.


The weird bird crashed down while loudly wailing to its death.
The Menu display turned red even before it reached the ground. That did it in huh.

The body kept on burning on the ground, by the time the flame went out, only a charcoal remained.
Kinda waste of mats and meat, but I got a feeling letting it run back to the forest would be bad, so let's not dwell on it.

T-that was tiring.
I leveled up after defeating the weird bird, restoring my HP and MP to max, but I'm just physically and mentally exhausted.
Flying with hardened mana was something I just thought up during mana control training, so that first flight was done without a rehearsal, there was a non trivial chance of it failing.
...Yup, let's not get ahead of myself next time.

Alma ran up to me. Ah, she picked up my sword. what a mindful girl.

"Good work. I'm just glad we're both in one piece."

"H-Hikaru, did you, just fly...?"

Her face twitched as she said that and handed over the sword.
Don't make that face now.

"It's actually pretty simple when you understand the principle behind it. Want me to teach you how next time?"

"I-I'll pass."

She's backing off. Is she afraid of height?

"Still, wasn't it rare for magic beasts to prowl these parts? And those were some powerful beasts."

"I had never seen such strong magic beasts coming out of magic beast forest before. Something might be up in the forest."

"Any guess?"

"Either they were driven out by strong monsters, or it's an omen of Stampede."


"When magic beasts proliferated too much, they form a swarm and leave their original territory to invade towns and villages. It shouldn't occur if we just cull out a certain number of them every month..."

"...It's not because you haven't been taking on magic beast elimination quests for the past week, is it?"

"I don't believe a Stampede would suddenly break out just because I didn't do it for a week. Something's not right."

"...Either way, we've gotta report back to the guild, let's go."


We started walking briskly toward the town.
If this Stampede thing is really going to happen, we've gotta plan it out.

Ah, right. I'll check our Status post-level up in the meantime.

First, me.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal

HP: 40/40
MP: 36/36
SP: 0/12

STR: 16
ATK: 16 (+30) (+2)
DEF: 16 (+15) (+5)
AGI: 15
INT: 17
DEX: 18
PER: 24
RES: 14
LUK: 14


※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 188
NEXT: 240


Iron Sword

Bear Leather Breastplate

Safety Shoes

O-oooh. All of my attributes got to two digits.
My level went to 5 from 2. Just how much exp points did that bird have.
Hmu, these values, do my attributes follow after my level?
They were all 0 at level 1, does this mean I'm a late bloomer type. Meaning, by level 20, my stats would be decent enough. A long road ahead.

And next.

"Alma, mind if I check your Status?"

"Un. I leveled up after beating the big goblin earlier, and the option to Job Change came up in my head, I chose Paladin. I want to see how it's like now."

So you can Job Change on the spot once the conditions are met huh.
I thought you need to go to a Church or something.

"Oh, well done! Let's see here..."



Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Paladin

State: Healthy


HP: 211/211
MP: 126/126
SP: 70/90

STR: 100
ATK: 100 (+30)
DEF: 92 (+20) (+10)
AGI: 105 (+16)
INT: 133 (+5)
DEX: 64
PER: 106
RES: 85
LUK: 45

Swordsmanship Lv4 - Offensive Magic Lv4 - Martial Arts Lv3 - Throwing Lv1 - Magic Swords Lv2

EXP: 2034
NEXT: 2500


Iron Sword (Buff: Int Up)
ATK+30 (INT+5)

Lizard Leather Body Protector

Boots of Wind
DEF+10 AGI+16

W-what the heck!
Had no idea you got a bonus with Job Change, these are incredible!

"Y-your attributes saw a huge increase. Skill levels too, Swordsmanship and magic at lv4, Martial Arts at lv3 and Magic Swords at lv2 now..."

"...That's a huge change. It's like I'm not me."

I gotta stop fooling around or else I'm gonna drag Alma down.
Gotta proactively level up and reduce the gap between our stats.
Let's get this reporting to the guild thing over and done with and prepare for magic beast hunting for the sake of my level. Destroy.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 97

97 Fantasy a Moment Ahead


"Ah, thanks. I'll go get changed over there."

"Allow me to assist..."

"No, cut it out already."

I told her no right away. I pretended to overlook Serena's disappointed face while thinking 'get the memo already.'
I wiped my body behind the partitioning screen and answered nature's call afterward.
That was when I sensed a glance from the forest but since it was pitch black, I could not even see one meter ahead of me. It's so dark, not even the moonlight and the campfire could pierce through it.
I shivered not out of coldness and changed my clothing before briskly walking back to the campfire.
I drank down my water flask to calm down.
As my gaze fell upon the campfire light reflected on the sword I swung earlier, I recalled something and asked Serena.

"Hey, do you know what Katana is?"

"Katana is it... I'm afraid not, milord."

"Err, it's a thin single edged sword. There's this beautiful wavy ripple pattern on the blade... Err, how should I explain it? Sorry I'm bad at this."

"I have never heard of such a sword. Perhaps it is best to ask the dwarfs who excel in metal-based crafts if it's something rare."

I was just asking in jest and got to hear another classic in fantasy, dwarfs, exciting.
Since it seems they're the blacksmith type here, I wonder if Orichalcum and Adamantite exist too? I got a bit thrilled before immediately deflating.

(It's not like I plan to get a weapon, or face off against some monsters or go on an adventure. This has nothing to do with my future plans.)

Since there's elves, of course dwarfs should be around too, I calmed down.

"Okay. I'll see if I get the chance to. Thank you. Good night."

I fetched my sleeping bag and went in. Not to the tent of course. I'm sleeping outside. I don't have even one micron desire to assault the elves, in fact, I'm worried they would assault me instead.
The possibility still exists. I won't carelessly get close to the elves for as long as the risk is there.

'Please have a good rest.', Serena spoke and it didn't seem like she'd make her move.
I closed my eyes afterward.

(Ah, gotta wash my sweaty clothes. Guess it can wait til tomorrow morning. Still, the swords in this world are the 'Western' type. Sure would love a Japanese katana. Yup.)

I fell into sleep with that Japanese spirit burning.
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In this non-scientific world, there is no culture that promotes keeping the light on throughout the night.
Thus, sleeping early is the norm. Once it's dark out, you go to bed. Then you wake up at dawn time.
I only took a nap this time, but since it was a quality one thanks to having moved my body beforehand, I feel quite refreshed.

"Good morning, milord. Are you not still tired? Or sleepy? Please take your time if you wish to."

"Naw, I'm feeling pretty great. Ah, you're done making breakfast..."

"Yes. We made doubly sure to before milord awoke."

These girls have been gradually solidifying their positions as my attendants.

(Oh crap... this situation is gravely bad. I'm aiming for a quiet single life of reminiscence. At the rate this is going, they're gonna follow me forever...)

One particular group might boo me, 'Get blown up', for this.
But nobody in this world could possibly understand my past life and my gaming hobby, thus having locals stay by me will only result in grief. Hence, alone is fine. Alone is nice.

"Oh yeah, what about my clothes from last night? I'd like to wash it, where'd you put them?"

"It has been done already."

"Eh? When?"

"It has been dried as well. They are neatly folded in the magic bag."

"...Isn't that way too fast? I mean it was just last night..."

"I made use of spirits power to swiftly finish the cleaning and drying."

"...Spirits? Uwaah, seriously. No, nevermind. Let me hear about that in detail later. Ah, still, spirits huh, I see."

Spirits after dwarfs, my adaptability gauge is about to burst open at its seams.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 96

96 Results


"...What? D-did you just..."

"What I wouldn't give to send a single full power punch at least once on that god's cheek."

All the elves looked flustered when they heard me. Did I say something bad? I started to get worried but nobody explained.
I can't swallow those words. Besides they're my true feelings, so I'm not gonna take it back.
The mood turned for the worst, and I forcefully changed the topic.

"Let's just get some rest for today. Ah, though we'd better prepare for tomorrow first."

They pulled themselves together and started to hurriedly began preparing.
They were done in no time with only night watching remained.
Which is me of course. And the next one is Serena who's sleeping in a sleeping bag.
Unlike yesterday, they should have more space in the tents. I used one all for my own yesterday. But now that they have two tents to split among themselves, should have plenty of room.

(Finally alone time. The night's still young, might as well working out or do some form training. When was the last time again, man.)

I recalled something and took a sword out of the magic bag.

(Ah... The lack of sensation when you take stuff out of this thing feels gross...)

Thinking again, adjusting my power under Acceleration with bare hands is difficult. The results of my strike look 'impossible' and nobody could 'catch' me even moving.
Then how about I make the 'results' be obvious to the surroundings.

Aryl asked me once if I used 'Magic'. She wasn't convinced with my denial then, nor was I trying to convince her.
I was also trying to avoid the topic.

Thus, in order to avoid similar scrutiny in the future, what if I carry around an 'Icon' that makes it easy to understand.
With a sword in hand, even if people can't see me moving, the result should make it obvious.
I don't have to match my speed to the enemy's then.
I came up with this idea from felling the trees earlier.
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I took some distance away from the tent with the sword. To the edge of the empty plot.

I've learned swordsmanship in my previous life. I traced back the move sets, as slow as possible as to not make a noise.
I was so into it people even called me a chuuni, but I really had fun learning back then.
No other motive, purely for learning. I focused swinging the sword while reminiscing.

Once I was done, I got caught in the moment and started tracing weapon-wielding fighting game character move sets.
I can't separate my life from games. It's the very foundation of myself.
Or even what I'm composed of. It's like energy that moves me.
Games are a component of me.

Hence my tension turned weird in this world that lacks all of that, manifesting in this embarrassing action.
I may have been thrown and reincarnated in another world, but of course I can't accept it with the way it was done.
I'm not sure what allowed me to move and denied god's blessing at that time, was it a miracle or something else.
But it's surely not the work of god. The rage deep in my mind shouted that.

I completely forgot about time as I focused swinging my sword. The sword's weight, how my body follows each swing and the changes in center of gravity, focusing all the cell in my body toward them.
This was when I noticed my abnormality. The previous me wouldn't have been able to focus this much.
Does that mean the me now is a completely different person down to my mental state? My head cooled down from that.

A sound of my sweat falling on the ground finally broke my concentration.

"How long... has it passed...?"

The one answering that was Serena who had gotten up before I realized.

"Allow me to take over, milord."

Serena prepared a water bucket and a towel for me who's soaked all over from sweat as well as change of clothes.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 10

Rewarded Effort, Two Under Attack


Good morning.
It's the morning of day seven of our magic sword training.
After training how to control mana emission for almost a week, Alma finally managed to at least not use it all up.

Well, she still did at the inn to raise her max MP though.
Eh? What did we do until then? She dried up her MP without sparing any left, what about it?
Since I piggybacked Alma back to town every single day, the townsfolk must be wondering what are we up to. How'd it come to that.

I myself trained on mana control next to Alma, but the mana blade reproduction effort still isn't going well.
I did manage to harden my mana with an iron-like property and a sharp blade like shape, but that just doesn't feel enough.

Since it wasn't going well, I played around with mana control instead.
I coated hardened mana on the whole sword and made it move around like a radio control.
The sword got suspended in mid-air like it had a mind on its own. Kinda scary if you've got no idea what's going on.
It looks kinda like a Living Sword in RPGs, but I can't really control it well when it gets too far, and I've gotta focus on controlling the sword making myself vulnerable, so I'm not sure about its practical usage.
Alma who saw the sword moving around funnily in mid air looked at me with a 'This guy's up to another weird stuff' expression.... Okay, I gotta pipe it down.

Well, I did manage to come up with a usable move thanks to this playing around. While neglecting the main topic, mana blade heh.

I bought other usable looking stuff in that mats store near the guild meanwhile.
They're pretty expensive for consumables, but I won't complain since the prices are right.
The old lady storekeeper would laugh 'Hiihiiihii' eerily as she dealt with me, kinda creepy at a glance, but she would kindly teach me how stuff she sells work and the likes.
I'll be her patron from now on. But they're not cheap...

And today, I saw Alma casting Ignite without the ring during breakfast.
Apparently she tried to cast a weak Ignite when she woke up and succeeded. That's dangerous, please do it outside. (Look who's talking).
I honestly didn't think she'd grasp mana control this quickly, this girl must be a genius.

Our usual training ground has been turned into a scorching ground, so we moved to another spot.
It's a rocky area so it's not like it's caused a problem, but the ground is burnt black, see?
We went somewhere in the opposite direction.
To the east of Town of Daijel, close to magic beast forest.

According to Alma, some magic beasts would very rarely wander around here, but it should be fine since only relatively weak magic beasts prowl this area.
I'm still feeling uneasy though.

The experience of getting attacked by kobold and goblins on my first day in this world seems to have turned into a trauma.
My first premonition of death ever. I don't think anybody could easily get over that.
But getting scared forever won't do me any good, it might even lead to me endangering other people.
Like how Alma ended up running out of mana and needed helping.

Alright, I've decided. Rather than letting magic beasts find us, I'll go after them instead. First strike win. Search & Destroy!
...Who's the magic beast here now.

"What's wrong, Hikaru?"

She asked me with a puzzled look as I was thinking that.

"Nah, it's nothing. Let's get to magic sword testing."


She looks so happy. I just hope she won't overdo it again.
She drew her sword and took a stance.

"Coat the blade part with flammable gas, and maintain it. Then ignite it."

"Hn... Controlling mana outside your body is pretty difficult."

"You'll get used to it, I'm sure. Alright, the coating looks well done."

"You can tell?"

"Yeah, focusing mana in my head enables me to sense the surrounding mana's movement and shape somehow."

I don't actually see it, it's kinda like how I can feel hot or cold.
Rather than sense, I guess it's more akin to intuition? No, I don't think that's right or is it.
Anyway, just think of it like a radar that senses external mana.

"...You learn a new move every two days, Hikaru. To be honest, that's kinda scary."

"Well that's pretty hurtful of you, young miss. Forget about that, how's it going with the magic sword?"

"Un, I'm going to ignite it now."

Gachi! Bobou!

Alma easily reproduced the flaming sword.
Well now that she can use 'Ignite' on her own, this result is only natural.
She's staring at the blade, full of emotion.
About 10 seconds after.



She suddenly sounded surprised and the flame went out.
What's going on?


"Hi-Hikaru. Can you, check my stats, now?"

She asked while looking unusually excited.

"Hm? Yeah sure, what's up?"

"I just had, the sensation you get when you learn, a new skill."

"Oh, for real? Let's take a look then."

Menu, display Alma's stats.



Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Paladin

State: Normal


HP (Health): 196/196
MP (Mana): 14/119
SP (Stamina): 70/85

STR (Strength): 90
ATK (Attack): 90 (+30)
DEF (Defense): 82 (+20) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 95 (+16)
INT (Intelligence): 123 (+5)
DEX (Dexterity): 59
PER (Perception): 101
RES (Resistance): 78
LUK (Luck): 42

Swordsmanship Lv2 - Offensive Magic Lv2 - Martial Arts Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Magic Swords Lv1

EXP: 1894
NEXT: 2000


Iron Sword (Buff: Int Up)
ATK+30 (INT+5)

Lizard Leather Body Protector

Boots of Wind
DEF+10 AGI+16

Some of her attributes got raised
Her Perception even broke three digits. Thanks to mana control maybe?

She got a new skill, Magic Swords!
Detail, display the detail!

Skill [Magic Swords]
<<A skill that temporarily coats sword in offensive spells, with different traits depending on the spell element used.>>

<<Example, Skill Lv1 [Burn Blade]: Coat sword in flame, on top of granting fire elemental, half of INT value is added to ATK.>>

<<Originally this skill is obtained by raising Swordsmanship and Offensive Magic Skills to Lv4 each. Since Apprentice Paladin has a slow skill growth rate, they usually reach Lv10 before those Skills and Job Change to either Swordsman or Mage, losing respective Skill, thus the condition has never been met. Conjecture, Almatina raised her Magic Swords skill proficiency which she had not obtained by artificially reproducing a magic sword through direct mana control, thus granting her the skill.>>

<<A required Skill to Job Change into [Paladin].>>

Job [Paladin]
<<One option of Job Change for Apprentice Paladin. Apprentice Paladin has a lower growth rate in attributes and skills than both Apprentice Swordsman and Apprentice Mage, but by growing into Paladin, the growth rate jumps leaps and bounds, making it not inferior to either Swordsman or Mage. Superior Job. There is a high chance that Almatina is the first ever Paladin in existence.>>

It's way long!

Way too much information!
Hold on, I'm gonna make it simpler. Err..

"Alma, I'll explain bit by bit, okay?"


She had a face full of expectation and anxiety.
Worry not, it's all good news.

"First, you got a new skill, [Magic Swords]."

"I knew it...!"

"Normally you can't learn this skill unless you raise both Swordsmanship and Offensive Magic to Lv4. But thanks to reproducing something close to it through mana control, you raised Magic Swords, err, skill proficiency? and learned the skill as a result. It's pretty much a bug technique."

"Bug technique?"

"It's like something unexpected to the maker of this world occurred, wait, I guess you won't get that. In short, it's like not even god predicted something like this would happen."

"...I did that? Won't I get, punished...?"

Alma's expression turned from elation to anxiety.

"Naw, you won't. If the god were so narrow minded as to care about little stuff like this, both of us would have gotten that punishment way before, when we started using mana control. Heck, god might even thought, 'What the heck, these guys are a riot' you know?"

"Y-you think so..."

"What's done is done. Besides I'm not done with good news, y'know?"

"Eh, there's more?"

"You have one more option for Job Change with the acquisition of Magic Swords skill. [Paladin], the real one, not apprentice."

"Eh...? Eeh...!?"

She opened her eyes wide and placed her hands on her mouth.

"Apprentice Paladin is treated like a jack of all trade master of none due to the low attributes and skill growth, but Paladin's won't lose to Swordsman and Mage, it's a superior Job. I'm glad for you."


She called my name suddenly.

"This isn't, a dream, is it? Hikaru, magic swords, new Job, it's all true, I can believe that, can't, I..."

Her usual expressionless face is now about to burst into tears.
...I'm sure she understands it herself.

"...Yeah. How I'm alive now, your new skill and a new possibility opening up is all thanks to your hard work. You've done so much, Alma."

"...Fuu... Fugwuu.... Uuuuu~~.....!"

Large tear drops fell before she started to weep.
She's crying now. I guess she's that overjoyed? Well, after being told as failed Job by people around her and seemingly a strained relationship with her parents, I guess this is--.

Gyuu munyuu

Something felt like it made that sound on me.
Huh? I'm getting hugged? By a girl? Eh? Eh?! Why?!


'Fueee' not! Wait a minute, this is bad in many ways! Not sure in what way but it's touching! Something soft is touching!
Calm down a bit now young lady! You're hugging a 25 year old man! You should do this to a hot guy your age!
Ah, not good. She's not listening at all. Wait till she's done? Well I mean I don't hate it but you know? Ah it smells good... Ok let's not. Thinking just gets me straight to perverted thoughts. Head empty. Head empty return to nature.
I'm air... I'm air...
Like hell I can in this state! P-please stop crying.

Ah, yep. I do get Alma's feelings right now.
People pointing fingers behind her back, calling her useless, nobody accepted her no matter how hard he worked, seemingly no friend she could consult on or be frank with, and it seems she's in an awkward mood with her parents after her coming of age.

I've been living in this town for half a month now, and I've never seen Alma taking a quest, going shopping or out to play with anybody.
Well, in short she's a loner. I'm kinda like that in the previous world, so not like I can talk.
Then I came into picture, we'd have meals together, train (?) together and form a friendship.
Then her hard work was finally rewarded, and accepted. Even if the other party is me.

Kinda enviable.
Nobody in earth, about me--

...Nah, let's not. It's a time of celebration for Alma. Congratulations Alma.
...By the way, how long is she gonna keep this up?

Afterward, it took another 20 minutes for her to release me.
I was writhing all the while inwardly. There's probably smoke coming out of my head.

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"I'm sorry. I cried out all of a sudden..."

"NotatallIdontmindit. Hahaha."

"You, super are."

"Whatchutalkingaboutmyfairlady. Ofcoursenot."


I couldn't help the broken language. I dunno what I'm talking about myself.
C-calm down. Even if I didn't have any experience with women, the other person is a 16 year old girl.
Ah, but this world sees 15 year old as adults so getting flustered should be ok... Nope, that's still not good.
Deep breath, deep breath. Hihhiffuu, hihhiffuu. No no, not Lamaze technique. Quit it with slapstick.
By the way, Alma's turned back to her usual expressionless face barring some tear lines. She's quick on her feet.

"Cough! ...So, what now? Will you take on magic beast extermination quests to raise your level and Job Change?"

"I will. I've been neglecting going to the guild lately with all the training, I'm running short on money."

"Alright then, I'll tag along with you to the magic beast forest. We should be able to take rank G or F quests yeah?"

"Un. Exterminating level 1-5 magic beasts is Rank F job. Dealing with goblins and kobolds sounds about right."

Alright, let's make it 1-on-1 for starters.

"I see, then let's...!? Alma, that!"


A small group of around ten figures is heading our way.
Oy oy, isn't this place relatively safe from magic beast!?
That clumsy way of walking, must be goblins.
Average level is 1-5.
What to do. Don't think we can make this 1-on-1.


W-what is that thing?
A figure three times the size of a goblin is walking a bit behind the group.
Can I check the stat from here? Menu display.

Magic Beast: Hob Goblin


State: Normal


HP: 220/220
MP: 30/30
SP: 210/255

STR: 162
ATK: 162 (+40)
DEF: 150
AGI: 54
INT: 25
DEX: 34
PER: 129
RES: 30
LUK: 27


Magic Beast Lv2 - Club Lv2


Great Ore Club

Well dang, that's a big one.
Judging from its stats and its burly appearance, the thing must be a power fighter.
Kinda tough. Don't think we'd win in a frontal assault.
Okay, time to run back to town. Gotta ask the guild's help.

"That big one is Lv12! Alma, let's retreat back to town! We gotta ask the guild for reinforcement!"

"U-un. Got it."

Right as we started running toward the town, a weird shadow appeared on the ground.
Is there something up there?


A nearly 3m big green colored bird came down from above and stood in our path.
Dangit, another magic beast

Magic Beast: Blade Wing


State: Normal


HP: 120/120
MP: 102/102
SP: 172/188

STR: 120
ATK: 120
DEF: 80
AGI: 120
INT: 101
DEX: 71
PER: 112
RES: 27
LUK: 1

Magic Beast Lv2 - Offensive Magic Lv

Another two digit level.
Judging from its name and skills, it must attack with-


BYUUUUU, an invisible magic blade assaulted me along with that wind sound. Magic!

【Offensive Magic Lv2】
<<Wind Magic Air Blade: A basic offensive spell that sends out blades of wind element. Similar to Kamaitachi. Invisible, thus it's hard to dodge and block.>>




That was close! I'd be done for if I didn't guard!
I sensed the mana right away and blocked it with a mana blade-like coating on my hands, would've suffered some serious injury if I didn't make it.
I mean, the magic gouged the ground it hit and all. Can't believe I managed to guard that.

I consumed quite a lot of MP. Checking my stats just to be safe.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal


HP: 5/10
MP: 13/21
SP: 0/3

STR: 4
ATK: 4
DEF: 2
AGI: 3
INT: 5
DEX: 6
PER: 12
RES: 2
LUK: 2


※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 17
NEXT: 30


Iron Sword

Bear Leather Breastplate

Safety Shoes

Ah, some of my attributes went up. A lil' bit.

I've still got about half of my MP. Huh? My HP went down? But I'm not hurt anywhere though?

<<Conjecture, your HP was decreased by the damage you failed to block.>>

So HP to me stops my body from getting damaged, kinda like an armor?
It's really different for me huh.

Now's not the time though, gotta come up with a way to get over this situation.

The bird flew above after attacking us.
It'll be bad if that bird carpet bombs us from that height. Though it may be easier to dodge from that distance.

Around ten goblins and that huge thing have gotten quite close to us.
A situation far more hopeless than that time at the forest.

Okay, what now.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 95

95 Denial


That was another delay but I decided not to mind it and got back on our track.
That said, I actually don't know how much distance we should cover in one day.
Hence, I just left it all to the elves. Still, aren't we walking too fast, oh? or perhaps not.
We saved Tagdes during lunchtime, and yet it felt like we had walked for quite a distance since then.

"The sun is starting to go down. I would like to raise our pace a bit. Would that be fine, milord?"

I nodded to Serena. We still haven't found another open space like the one we used to camp out yesterday.
Or perhaps that was the only one. We just gotta push through here.

"Just don't overdo it, okay."

Despite what I said, nobody looked tired.
We finally found an open spot by the time the sun almost set.
It's only about half a classroom big. That's when I thought.

(This is way too cramped if we want to put out the tents, table and benches.)

I borrowed a sword from Serena and entered [Acceleration]. In order to clear out the trees here.
I looked around to decide on the scope. Then I stabbed a tree that was in the way with the sword at its base and slide the sword around. The blade sunk into the thick trunk without any resistance and slipped out on the opposite side.
I kept cutting more trees while getting appalled by that.
As I've focused myself into Stage [5], the elves likely can't catch me moving.
Afterward, I grabbed all the felled trees and tossed them aside.
Mysteriously enough, I didn't feel the weight at all, no clue how and why.

(Not feeling the weight when I'm in this state, yeah it's just way too bizarre...)

That fact bugged my mind but I kept working.
Next, I'm pulling the stumps. I don't feel any resistance, like these trees aren't rooted to the grounds at all.
I toss them aside somewhere out of the way.
I fill the opened holes with soil and level them.

Then once I'm done with securing a nicely snug spot, I get myself out of the state. There was no need to be in a hurry if I could do this, but it simply never occurred to me until today. Really stupid of me, I groaned when I woke up and realized the next day.

Alright! I clapped my hands to shake off the soil as I said 'This'll do' to the elves.
Of course, to them it must have looked like this camping spot suddenly manifested out of thin air.
They looked so dumbfounded you'd think they forget to breathe, so I called out to them again.

"Aah, let's get ready. I'm getting hungry."

They finally came back to their senses 'Ha!?' and hurriedly began preparing.
And sure enough, I didn't have anything to do but to stand idly again.

Apparently they've made preparation already in the morning, the stew is already boiling full of ingredients.
When did they light the fire again? But then I recalled the existence of the handy power of magic in this world.

(It's too much how I can't make use of such power when it's so close to me. Though I can't use it being a 'Manaless' and all.)

Manaless, lack of mana, incapability of using magic is a serious defect in this world.
To light a fire, there's no stove or 100 yen lighters, people in this world instead use magic.

However, I don't dwell much on that fact. Since I have some rough knowledge of survival skills which I honed since childhood.
I can easily make a fire just by rubbing some sticks together in 'Acceleration' state. Had to go through lots of trial and error at first though.
Therefore, I'm confident that I can camp out alone even if I had to journey out by myself.

As I was simulating that, I heard voices 'We're finished' spoken in unison. They were done with their chores and I was just losing in thought for a moment.
I took my seat while feeling down from my lack of helpfulness.

Then the elves started taking their seats, I was relieved to see they finally got the memo. Don't have to go through the usual skit now.

While having our meal, I asked again if I could help.

"Mind letting me wash the dishes at least? I wanna help."
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"Please allow us to take care of all menial chores."

She said it so flatly like it's final.
It's probably partly because they don't want to let their savior work, but after hearing about the team thing yesterday, it's also probably because of that too. I gave up and shut my mouth.

The atmosphere turned a bit awkward as we had our meal so I started talking to gloss it over.

"Since you girls told me about elves yesterday, this time I'll tell you about myself."

I gave a rough lowdown on my history.

Born in a certain village and shunned by the villagers, but managed to led a comfortable life without issues thanks to my parents, I'd help them with hunting and farmwork until I left the village when I turned 15.
Which explains my lack of common sense and knowledge.
I rescued a certain merchant and agreed to be her bodyguard, and by chance or fate ended up getting involved with a crime syndicate, which I ended up destroying in irritation.

Here, I gave another convincing attempt a try.

"So yeah, I only happened to save you due to my own circumstances, so you can forget about getting indebted or whatnot."

But it was in vain, they wouldn't agree to it.
I looked back to myself.

(Ah, right I'm still 15...)

I was born with my past life's self and ego, and even now I don't really feel like I've been living this life in this world.
I stop thinking about that as that doesn't seem to bring any problem for now.
Instead, I asked about the girls.

"Speaking of, how old are you girls?"

Elves are a long living race, or so it goes usually in fantasy. But the ranges can vary wildly.
Some works go to 300, 500, 1000 or even 1500 year old.
Some character looks like in their 20s while actually being 200 year old, some other looks 20 and really is 20 year old, there's so many patterns.
The one trait they share is looking young forever.
And it's no exception with these girls.

"All of us here are around 80s."

"Eighty... Five times my age... Please excuse me for talking so casually with you all this time..."

I stood up and bowed.

(Even compared to my previous life age, they're 2.5 me... I'm just a baby to them.)

But Serena hurriedly tried to stop me.

"Please cease that milord! Please raise your head! You're our savior, please don't apologize to us!"

"But you know, you've gotta respect your elders and all."

It's a standard etiquette as a member of society in my previous life, but it has the opposite effect here.

"Strength is the only thing that matters in the world of nature. Ages do not mean anything. Us elves could only prostrate ourselves before milord's strength. I beg of you, please don't lower yourself such."

Strength is everything, I tried to think up a word to get back at that, but decided to bitterly swallow that logic.

"Haa... I got it, I'll drop it."

No helping it. As someone who lives by my previous life's standard, there's no way for me to persuade the people in this world to change theirs.
When our roots are this different, even if it's possible to work together, mixing them up would be a herculean task.
I muttered in wonder as I thought that.

"It's all so strange huh. Even the slightest change of direction might have ended up with me never rescuing or coming across you girls. Ah, you really can't tell what the future has in store for you huh."

"It is exactly as you said milord. Perhaps it's god's divine work we found ourselves here too."

I ended blurted something after hearing the word 'god' and got into a bad mood.

"I deny the entirety of that god though."





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 9

How to Learn Magic Sword (?) 2


Time to begin the afternoon class of Magic Sword lesson.
You there! How long you're planning on doing that! No seriously give it a break. Please.

"Looks like you've got enough practice with controlling your inner mana, so now let's proceed with external mana."


"Yeah. Try to practice casting magic without relying on skill."

Skills seem to virtually auto pilot the usage of mana, hence she can't adjust its shape and power well on her own.

"You know Livelihood magic [Ignite] used for cooking right, how do you think that works?"

"It turns mana, into flame?"

"Roughly speaking, that's correct. Specifically, it turns mana into flammable gas that gets emitted on your fingertip, then another mana ignites it like a flint."

"Err... Flammable gas? Flint?"

My awkward explanation didn't seem to do the job. Well, that's why I've done my preps though.

"Ah, guess it's faster to see it in practice. Hold on a bit."

Seeing is believing. Let's give her a non-magic example.
I took a bottle of oil and firewood out of my bag.

【Fire Frog Oil】
<<Oil stocked up from the insides of a giant frog monster that spews flames. Highly combustible, use with care.>>

I bought some monster mats in a store near Adventurer Guild. 4000 en for 100ml. Way to pricey.
The store seems to stock up stuff for apothecaries and alchemists, it's even got Hiruka and Antidote grass for sale.

There's even some dangerous things like a needle that paralyzes you for 10 minutes if even the tip stabs you. Though they won't sell that just to anyone.
I could only purchase this oil after showing my guild member card too.

Oops, back to topic at hands. So here I plan to reproduce magic using this oil.
Err, and here's two stones.
I smear a bit of the oil on the firewood, done.

"Think of this oil as flammable gas, firewood as a sword, and these stones as flints."

"??? Eh? Eh?"

"Well, just watch."

I knock the two stones together with my hands to create sparks.

Kachi, kachi.

Mwu, it just won't ignite.
Dang, you!

Kaki! Gachii!

A blaze flared up the instance the oil got ignited.

"Nuoo!? T-that was some blaze... shocked me there..."

"! It's like that flaming sword...!"

"Y-yeah. That's right. I reproduced that with tangible objects instead of mana. Did that help with the image?"

"Un...! You're amazing, Hikaru. You showed stuff inexplicable with words through actions."

"I wouldn't have needed this if only I could explain better though. Whoa, the firewood's totally gone. This thing's incredible..."

This oil is way scary! Why isn't it banned! You can get your hands on this thing so easily!
Well, I guess they sell gasoline everywhere in my world too, barely safe then?

"What I reproduced just now is [Ignite] of Livelihood magic, the same flaming sword I swung around yesterday. It's like one application of Livelihood magic."

"They don't look the same at all, yet they share the inner working..."

"So, how about giving it a go. Using both your hands should make it easier for your first attempt. Ah, make sure to point in an empty space just to be safe."

Emit flammable gas with one hand and create sparks with mana flints on the other.
Doing that with one hand was impossible for me in the beginning. I could do it now though.

"Burning mana with one hand, and another is..."

"Flints, yep you create sparks like I showed you. Hey wait, Alma, you're pouring too much mana.


A 20 meter long flame spread out ahead of Alma.
Is that a flamethrower?

Oh crap!

Stop! Staaaahp!! Your teacher is commanding you to stooop!!

"Alma!! Stop now!!"

"Hii! Fire! Flame!"

She's too panicked to stop her mana flow!
Eei! Then how about!
Water it down! Wait no, it's not gonna be enough! It's just gonna create a steam explosion!

Then nitrogen! O mana, turn into 'Inflammable Gas' and wrap Alma around!



Barely made it. Fortunately it only ended up with a red scorched ground.

T-t-that was close...!
Guess that happens when Alma and her three digit MP did it, I mean even my low MP created that blaze...!
Had she pointed that to a person by mistake... They'd have turned into cinders.

"Alma, you discharged too much MP... Wait hey!"


She fell down like a deflating balloon.
I supported her before she could hit the ground... Huh, did she pass out?
Ah, could this be. Status check


State: Mana Depletion + Fainted

MP: 0/113

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Ah, I knew it. She's used up all her MP.
Man, this girl. If I recall right, you won't get up for at least 24 hours if you run out of mana?
I could bring her back to the inn, people will see us weird again~... Well, guess it can't be helped.

Hold it? What was it again, you can wake people suffering from mana depletion by supplying them with mana or something.
Maybe I should give it a try?
Wonder if it's safe though.

<<Kajikawa Hikaru has shared his mana to Almatina once during the mana control training. Therefore, it should be safe.>>

Ah, that huh. I did pass my mana through her hand. And Menu-san, aren't you way amazing? This is way more handy than Appraisal.
I've confirmed it's safe. Let's get to it.

I pass my mana to Alma through my palm to her hand, imagining it to circulate in her whole body.




Ah, I ran out of MP.
Guess I used a lot to extinguish that flame earlier.
Confirming Alma's stats.


State: Mana Shortage (Large) + Fainted

MP: 5/114

Oh, her MP's restored a bit.
Even her max MP got raised. A lucky break.

"Alma, get up. Alma!"


Oh good, she seems fine.

"Huh, was I sleeping? What was I doing again... Ah, the flame, flame!"

"Calm down. It's died down already. There's no harm done, no worries."
(While averting my glance from the scorched ground.)

"A-au... I'm sorry, I..."

"I should have told you to watch the output. Forgive me. Be careful from now on, okay?"

"Un... I got too much into it because I thought I could finally use magic swords and poured out excess mana..."

"Ah, yep. I had a close call with excess mana output during my first time too. Don't get so down, it's normal for things to not go well for your first time... Though I never realized just how incredible your mana is, Alma."

I pointed at the still smoking 20m long scorched ground .

"T-the ground it's... Did, I, do this?"

"Yup. Pretty incredible huh. Wonder how high your level gotta be if you want to reproduce this with skills. It's way overpowered..."


Alma-san? Why do you look so happy? I'm nonplussed over here.

"Welp, let's head back since you've depleted your mana and all, it's at 5 now."

"Depleted... Did Hikaru, share yours?"

"Yeah. Relax, I just gripped your hand and did nothing weird."

"Only clergies with Sacred Jobs are able to share mana between people. Amazing.

Sacred jobs huh. Is it something like 'White Mages' or 'Priests' from certain national RPG.

<<Sacred Jobs are Jobs that employ healing, support, revelation and holy elemental magic and Skills. They are partially Combat Job with Level.>>

Sounds about right. Revelation kinda caught my ear though.

"Not at all. I'm sure Alma can do it too now. Ah, but not right now, wait till your mana's refilled okay?"

"Me too...? Thanks to Hikaru's teachings...? Un, you are amazing, Hikaru."

"I'm really not... Ah, you're swaying. Guess Mana Shortage is really rough."

"Un... It feels heavy, like that time at the forest."

"...No choice. Get on."

I crouched down and turned my back at her.


"Get on my back. I know it's embarrassing, but I'm guessing you can't walk to the inn in that state, can you?"

"U-un. I got it."

She leaned herself on my back after hesitating a bit.
She's light. This girl's really slim.
Or more like, I can feel something soft on my back...!
Calm down me! I'm doing this out of necessity! There's no ulterior motive at all!
You, ghost in my head, stop that 'Reported' stuff!

"Ah, Alma. It's gonna touch if you lean too much..."

"...Suu... Suu..."

Aaand she's asleep. Isn't she way too defenseless?

Afterward, the townfolks we passed by would either look at us warmly or had a dubious look, even the innlady said, 'Alrighty, one room it is'. Stop that.
Are we doing this again tomorrow? Gotta take care not to run our MP dry at least...





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