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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 96

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"...What? D-did you just..."

"What I wouldn't give to send a single full power punch at least once on that god's cheek."

All the elves looked flustered when they heard me. Did I say something bad? I started to get worried but nobody explained.
I can't swallow those words. Besides they're my true feelings, so I'm not gonna take it back.
The mood turned for the worst, and I forcefully changed the topic.

"Let's just get some rest for today. Ah, though we'd better prepare for tomorrow first."

They pulled themselves together and started to hurriedly began preparing.
They were done in no time with only night watching remained.
Which is me of course. And the next one is Serena who's sleeping in a sleeping bag.
Unlike yesterday, they should have more space in the tents. I used one all for my own yesterday. But now that they have two tents to split among themselves, should have plenty of room.

(Finally alone time. The night's still young, might as well working out or do some form training. When was the last time again, man.)

I recalled something and took a sword out of the magic bag.

(Ah... The lack of sensation when you take stuff out of this thing feels gross...)

Thinking again, adjusting my power under Acceleration with bare hands is difficult. The results of my strike look 'impossible' and nobody could 'catch' me even moving.
Then how about I make the 'results' be obvious to the surroundings.

Aryl asked me once if I used 'Magic'. She wasn't convinced with my denial then, nor was I trying to convince her.
I was also trying to avoid the topic.

Thus, in order to avoid similar scrutiny in the future, what if I carry around an 'Icon' that makes it easy to understand.
With a sword in hand, even if people can't see me moving, the result should make it obvious.
I don't have to match my speed to the enemy's then.
I came up with this idea from felling the trees earlier.
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I took some distance away from the tent with the sword. To the edge of the empty plot.

I've learned swordsmanship in my previous life. I traced back the move sets, as slow as possible as to not make a noise.
I was so into it people even called me a chuuni, but I really had fun learning back then.
No other motive, purely for learning. I focused swinging the sword while reminiscing.

Once I was done, I got caught in the moment and started tracing weapon-wielding fighting game character move sets.
I can't separate my life from games. It's the very foundation of myself.
Or even what I'm composed of. It's like energy that moves me.
Games are a component of me.

Hence my tension turned weird in this world that lacks all of that, manifesting in this embarrassing action.
I may have been thrown and reincarnated in another world, but of course I can't accept it with the way it was done.
I'm not sure what allowed me to move and denied god's blessing at that time, was it a miracle or something else.
But it's surely not the work of god. The rage deep in my mind shouted that.

I completely forgot about time as I focused swinging my sword. The sword's weight, how my body follows each swing and the changes in center of gravity, focusing all the cell in my body toward them.
This was when I noticed my abnormality. The previous me wouldn't have been able to focus this much.
Does that mean the me now is a completely different person down to my mental state? My head cooled down from that.

A sound of my sweat falling on the ground finally broke my concentration.

"How long... has it passed...?"

The one answering that was Serena who had gotten up before I realized.

"Allow me to take over, milord."

Serena prepared a water bucket and a towel for me who's soaked all over from sweat as well as change of clothes.





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