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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 93

93 Morning


I woke up just as just as the surrounding got brighter. Seems like the girls never entered my tent. I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

(After experiencing that even once, I can see myself losing all restraints.)

Three great desires are dreadful indeed, any one of those indulged in excess turns into a 'sickness'.
Humans need those desires to live on, but sexual impulse is the most controllable one.
At the same time, once you've lost the restraint, there's just no easy way to put a brake on it. Especially with six beauties flocking to me. There's nothing more terrifying than that.

I left the tent to do my business and all the elves who were briskly but quietly doing morning chores bowed. Together all at once.

"Good morning, milord."

Thus they greeted. How are they so synchronized anyway? I greeted back as that thought crossed my mind.

"...Morning. You're up early. No, I guess I was tardy?"

Morning coldness promotes the urge to urinate. I relieved myself into a hole hidden behind a partitioning screen placed by the elves.

By the time I got back, everything was done besides breakfast. I could only admire at their swiftness. They put back my tent into the magic bag lastly.
You simply need to lift up one edge of the tent and put it into the bag's mouth, then it gets sucked in just like that. I could never get used to that scene. Not nauseating enough, just creepy.

One of the girls offered breakfast as I watched. I took my seat and the girls once again wouldn't move before I told them to.
However, they had this difficult expression on their faces. Is sharing a table with me such an unpleasant experience to them? I don't get it.
I touched upon last night while thinking I need to confirm about this matter later.

"You never asked me to take my turn night watching."

"We have determined not to trouble milord in such a trivial matter. We shall take charge of night watching."

Here, I decided to act like a temporary master for once.

"I already told you. We're all traveling companions. We're equal."

I interrupted her as she said, 'But...'

"I'm on the lookout shift tonight. Yep, it's settled."

"We cannot allow..."

All six had a really bitter look, Serena spoke for them.

"Then I shall partake the next shift."
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"Yea, sure. Thanks."

Around there should be good to draw the line. Forcefully closing the conversation here should be the correct action rather than letting it go back and forth forever. They look like they've still got something to say though.

As we finished breakfast, I asked something I forgot to ask yesterday.

"I didn't wipe my body before going to bed last night, how about you girls?"

"We did thus early in the morning as we got up. If you wish to cleanse your body milord, we shall help and..."

"No need for that stuff. Like for real, I'm begging here."

They looked disappointed, but I gotta be firm here.

I poured water in a bucket, put a big piece of cloth half in the water and went behind the partitioning screen.
I wiped my body top to bottom. Once done, I threw the dirty water in the hole, buried the hole and handed over the tools to the elf in charge of our bags.

I don't know other elves besides Serena. I never asked. I think that's for the best, and it's not like the elves question it either.
I plan to make them all go back to their homeland in the end, thus it's better if I keep our contact at minimum.
The chat last night was not for the sake of getting to know them better, but to gain necessary information. To make sure that they would get accepted back at their home without any issue.
Had it not, there's a huge chance they'd keep following me around forever. These girls aren't included in my plan for the future. So that's gonna be a huge pain.
As there's no telling what they'd do if I disclosed my plan, I never say a word about it to them.

"Time to get going. Chop chop."

The girls bowed all at once.
They've already put away table and benches we used for breakfast. There's almost no trace of this spot ever been used for camping, even mark of fire pit was gone.

(They said they're forest people and all, but this camping skill is on a whole different dimension... kinda scary y'know?)

We moved to the road as I had that thought in mind and let them lead the way like yesterday.




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