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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 198

Craftsmen Incredulous


Two weeks have passed since my bombastic encounter (physically) with Fierce God of Fist-Sensei.
I have been visiting the place once every two-three day to work out and have sparring matches with Sensei ever since.
My current goal is to last 10 seconds.
...Usually I could exchange blows for twice or thrice before finding myself getting blown away out of the blue. Gununu.

I'm trying to burn Sensei's motion into my brain every time we spar.
Everything happens instantaneously so I have to put all my focus into observing him or I can't even so much as perceive it. Missing my chance means I've wasted that session.

Then I try to mimic Sensei's martial arts move using the motion I barely managed to observe as a reference.
Of course that's impossible with just my power of observation alone, so I have Menu correct me as I go.
I can't even get the straight punch perfectly imitated right now but it'd be nice if I can get more moves to mimic one of these days.

Just like how you can cook without Skills, I'm sure martial arts can be recreated too. Hopefully.
Unlike Swordsmanship, Spears and such, Kempo and hand-to-hand combat fit snugly with my Mana Control, no harm learning them.
Thus how my physical power up training goes these days, it's barely even started yet I think it's going swimmingly.

On the other side, the weapon making process is progressing well, I would sometimes drop by the workshop and get asked for opinions which they then implement.
For example, when I showed the broken prototype, there was a concern of the handle having the same thickness wouldn't last long even if it was made from adamantite.

"Uumu, I suppose we should make the handle thicker to increase durability."

"Ain't no chance, any thicker and thing's gonna be unwieldy. Without a proper grip, it's gonna slip right off even with Kajikawa's absurd strength."

"Ah, no, I'll manage..."

"Don't be absurd. That's like sayin' ya can hold and swing around that oil-filled drum with one hand. Keep the handle this thick and just hold back whenever ya make the thing explode, that's the most realistic solution."

What's the point of changing the material if we do that.
If this weapon can't be made sturdy enough to be swung at full force without worrying about durability, it's just gonna break again when I come face to face with powerful enemies.
...I'm not big on flaunting my power though, can't be helped.

"Hm? Kajikawa, what you gonna do with that drum...!?"

I wrap the aforementioned drum with mana and lift it up with one hand.
It's a bit tough with my base specs, but a bit of energy buff and it's a cinch.
Then I swing around the drum. Yup, I should be fine if this is how it's gonna feel like.

"Err, I think I can manage this just fine, what do you think?"

"What are ya, a monster!? I only said that as a joke, why'd ya went and done it!"

"...Seriously what the hell are you...?"

Gen-san and Higuro-san are taken aback.
...Why do I get called a monster whenever I demonstrate Mana Control anyway.
That term is reserved for beings like that Black Dragon I saw at the prairie or Alma's parents I'm sorry I'm just joking.

"W-well, that settles the grip problem."

"Umu! You can absolutely swing and make it explode all you want! Fuhaha!"

"But that means we gotta order more adamantite ingot to cover the increase, thought you'd wanna know."

I-it's gonna get more expensive again huh.
No wait, I guess we've brought the main material ourselves already. Expenses for the service and adamantite themselves shouldn't be that high.

"I'd like to order more stuff once this weapon is done, are you up for it?"

"Mumu!? Have you already thought up the next weapon you wish to create?"

"Yea. In fact, I've got heaps of things in mind, you won't be looking for job for a while."

"Fuhaha! What a delightful news! Would you mind giving a rough idea on what kind of objects you wish to produce?"

"Yeah. Like say..."

I listed out my ideas on magic tools and weapons.
Julian looked as jovial as ever at first, but the more I enumerated the more twitching his smile became.
Hmm, guess they're too hard...?

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"...My customer, a word if I may."

"Go on."

"You are positively dreadful! What is up with all those devilish ideas of yours!? They are very much on par with hero's weapons!"

Well I mean, I hail from the same land as the past heroes after all.
I got to see Julian looking agape for once. That's probably the same reaction most people have after seeing your weapons.
Alma, Reina and Hiyoko who were watching us from behind put on dubious looks on their faces. It's nothing suspicious I swear.

"...What did you order?"

"We're talking about Kajikawa-san here, it must be some wantonly ludicrous weapons for sure."

"Unlike the romance filled hero's weapons, the stuff I'm asking all have practical uses though."

"They may be highly powerful indeed, but every single one of them requires the usage of disposable elemental mana stones. The average magic tool stores likely won't be willing to undertake this request..."

"How about you then? Can't it be done?"

"No, they are intriguing. Allow me to take a stab! However each and every one of them will demand a hefty sum, just thought you wanna know."

...Figured. Feels like my share of cash is mostly getting funneled into magic tools and weapons.
Personally, I'd like to put it toward food and ingredients instead...

"Oh yeah, the weapons and armor you lot ordered are all done, give 'em a spin. Lemme know if they don't fit right."

"Oh, finally!"

"The fur coats made from those Unique Monsters' mats are gonna be way hot in this season though."

"Right, yes. I suppose they will have to wait until it's cold outside."

I asked Thunderclap Byakko's and GoldSilver Wolves' fur be turned into coats instead of torso armor.
Skinning that splendid fur felt like a waste so coat it was, but since it's summertime right now, into storage they go. Gonna wait till winter.

"So how do those Platinum Cock's gloves feel?"

"They're so smooth I was afraid they'd slip right off but they actually fit so well in my hands. The size is just right too."

"Turning those feathers into fiber was a toughie ya know? I may have the right Ability from my Skill, but the work took stupidly long still."

Thanks to the feathers used, the gloves are as comfortable in hands as they are durable.
Unlike with gauntlets, these don't obstruct my fingers, they're super nice.

"Got your dagger done pretty well if I do say so myself young miss, whaddya think?"

"I-it's so good! The blade looks like it's crackling and all too!"

"Cause it's made from a lightning elemental magic beast's mat yeah. Whetting that stuff was some scary experience..."

"Higuro-san, so you were in charge of whetting. I can see it's been honed really sharp!"

<<[Lv1 Lightning Tiger Dagger] ATK+185 Confers additional lightning damage on attacks. It has a slight self-repair ability however currently even a chip takes a long time to repair.>>

Oy oy, this thing's got an even higher base ATK than a mithril dagger.
Then there's the lightning element, not to mention it's still at Lv1 meaning it can grow further.
...Equipment made from Unique Monsters are all way strong.
When can I get my weapon I wonder~. Eh, in another week? Oh okay then.

We dropped by a magic tool store in the town to fetch pearl earrings we left there for enchantment.
They look the same as ever but they've got a super good effect added now.
Which took a lot of money. Not sure if 200000 en is expensive or cheap, considering.
...My sense of value has really warped these days.

<<[Earrings of Magipal] [Automatic MP Recovery] Enchantment, wearer automatically recovers 1 MP every 2 minutes.>>

Yup, your MP recovers by 30 every hour wearing these. They're super handy stuff.
MP recovery potions are expensive so constantly having your MP recovered is so nice. You can purchase 20 vials of MP recovery potions with the price of this enchantment.

"The enchant effect is nice and all but more than that, they look really good on you."

"Yup yup, they're not really catchy, more tasteful and really add to Alma-san's charm."

"...Thank you."

It seems Alma isn't used to getting praised for her fashion, she looks slightly bashful and happy.
There's only a limited way to be fashionable in this adventuring business after all.
On the other hand, she can't walk around comfortably in casual attires during holidays because she's too attractive.

Guess now the only thing left to do in this town is to wait for my weapon.
Now that I've got Fast Travel, we can fetch it anytime.
Meaning it's about time to travel to another town.

But y'know. There's nowhere in particular I wanna go to.
Guess I can ask for the girls' opinions on this.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 463

463 Same as Ever


Mirza groaned painfully while rolling around on the ground.
All the air in her lungs has been forcibly taken out, even breathing seems painful.
This was when the mansion's front door flung open followed by Eltros coming out of it.
He's walking hurriedly here while trying not to run.

"...Good for you Mirza. You get to keep your life. Recall what I told you? You must not mess with this person."

Eltros said to Mirza once he got close enough.
That was the honest truth spoken by a third party. His words seemed to carry more weight than anything to Mirza as her expression changed to that of resignation and she just lay there on the ground.

"...Kill me." she muttered feebly which I overheard. So I spoke.

"What's with you guys anyway. Kill me, kill you, kill kill. Must everything be so savage, it gets to the mind. Does this world not have anything that warms the heart? I told you already, I'm not looking to order you guys around. You don't agree to that? How spoiled can you be. Fine then, you'll to listen to whatever I tell you yeah? Admit your defeat?"

I spoke while keeping my distance to Mirza. She replied that with 'Do whatever you want' curtly.

"Alright, got your consent. Eltros, you're the witness. Wait, you. You really showed up out of nowhere. Have you been peeking from inside the mansion?"
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"Yes I did. I was notified in the middle of my work. I made haste only to find everything had been settled already. And this was what I found when I arrived here. My stomach aches..."

Eltros's language and attitude toward me have softened a bit.
Initially he was very careful, likely scared of dying.
But he seems to have figured out how to deal with me and is now gradually building an interpersonal relationship. He might have grasped the right distance between us.

"So Mirza? Err, keep working for the organization the way you've been doing. The same as ever. It's an order, you okay with that, yeah?"

Mirza's reaction to this was a whisper, 'How far you gonna look down on me dammit.'
She didn't let out any more curse word and stood up while glaring hard at me.
I could tell there was still a hint of murderous intent in those eyes but she didn't seem like she'd hound me anymore.

"I'm not looking down or anything. Well whatever, can you do one more thing for me? Escort Linda and the ladies back to the federation. To Sir Lolengus's mansion. Ah, Eltros. I'm gonna borrow your time for a bit. It's related to this."

Hearing that, Eltros hung down his head while yet again muttering, 'My stomach aches....'





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 197

Oni Sensei


...Hello there, good evening.
Right now the suddenly appearing Acala-like magic beast is still busy chomping on my late-night snack karaage.
I understand that all sounds like nonsense, but trust me, I'd like nothing more than to know what's going on myself.


Ah, crap the karaage's all gone!
More! More karaage incoming! I'll even throw in the stewed pork I made for tomorrow breakfast!


T-that was close...! I was sweating bullets thinking it might move on to me once it's done with the karaage.
...What do here. At this rate this person... Person? I mean, Oni yep. Should I keep offering food until Oni-san got a full belly? How'd it come to this.
It can probably outstrip me with the speed it came here if I tried to run away.
Ah, right. I have Fast Travel. Completely forgot, dumb me.


Ah yes, I've got more coming right up, gladly!
C-crap, I moved and put out more food reflexively due to fear.
...Gotta use Fast Travel somehow before I ran out of food to--





Oh crap. I stopped paying attention to my surroundings cuz I was focusing my all into the super dangerous ogre up front.
I didn't even realize there was a herd of Ogres encircling me and Oni-san.
Heck, I usually only see ogres acting alone, never in a group. Why'd they form one now of all time, dangit.


One of the ogres used [Ground Shrink] to close the distance on me.
I'm guessing it's aiming for the one that looks obviously weaker than the neighboring Oni-san.

I ain't scared of you at all, not when there's this thing's up in my face.



I raised my STR to 2000 for a brief moment, grabbed the arm thrust at me and shoulder threw the attacking ogre onto the ground hard.
I also added Mana Control to bind and stop it from breaking the fall.
Eating the throw full with its huge body should take all the air out of its lungs, but you made the first move so you gotta pay the price.


The other ogres got slightly taken aback after witnessing that.
Why are these ogres here all together like this anyway?



...Huh? Why's Oni-san taking a combat ready stance towards me?
Are these ogres your friends, Oni-san?
In that case, I'm sorry, forgive me so please lower your fists if you could, oh okay no can do--

CRACKLE!! A sound I've never heard in my life before resounded.
It would have sounded quite a bit more pleasant if I wasn't the recipient of that strike.

Not a moment after Oni-san readied its fist, I already got hit before I could even process what was going on.
I'd have likely died then and there if I didn't reflexively and explosively raised my Attributes.
I mean my HP went down to mere 80 from more than 1000.

Oh crap. Just one hit landed me here despite energy boosting my Attributes to the very limit.
One more hit and I'm out for good. Dead. I'm gonna die.
I was such a fool for thinking I could rely on Energy Control to bury the gaps in our Attributes.

This Oni-san possesses something special that neither Skills or Attributes can signify.
It's probably experiences from countless carnages, times between life and death and enormous combat experience it went through. Adding to them must be the innumerable time this Oni-san swung its fists.
The straight punch it just unleashed was so fast I could only barely make it out. And yet the motion was so beautiful it gave me goosebumps.
There's nothing I can do about this. I should have run away the first chance I got.

Ah, but a chance to see that punch was quite a valuable experience.


I dunno if I'm just imagining it but Oni-san looked a bit surprised to see me still alive.
Err, I'm sorry truly. I got carried away. I'll bring you all the food you want so please let me off.


As my thoughts were filled with loser mentality, another ogre rushed in to attack me.
Think it's your chance after Oni-san got me good huh, you're absolutely right.
In fact, I've used up all my energy from defending that attack earlier.

Can't do it no more. Gotta run away. Menu, Fast Travel to...


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The incoming Ogre suddenly stopped moving.
It seems to be terrified of something, or rather, it's frozen up from being glared by Oni-san?


Uwaa, can you please stop instantaneously moving in front of me.
What does this Oni-san want anyway. What, is it unwilling to let its prey be taken from it or something?

...I got nothing to lose, might as well try to talk it out.
I'll head home using Fast Travel if things start looking dicey. Menu, please get me away from here if it's taking an offensive action.


"Ah, err, umm, could you let me off today...? I'll bring back more food if you're willing to."

It might look like I'm going insane trying to establish a communication with a magic beast.
But perhaps due to Menu's Automatic Translation function, I feel like my words get transmitted in some way to select magic beasts ever since I reached Lv30.
For example, my verbal threat to that monster snake during leveling the other day made it flinch, so maybe simple words get conveyed just fine.
...Well there's also a high chance of that all being in my head, let's see.

『Guru... Hmph...』

I've no clue if my words got through but Oni-san nodded once, turned its back at me and said something to the group of onlooking ogres.





I think that went like, Ogres 『Err, are you not going to kill him?』 to which Oni-san lightly nodded which then met with 『Sir, yessir!』 by the ogres who all straightened their backs.
What's the deal with these ogres anyway. Are they Oni-san's disciples or what?
What do I do if that's true. I mean I've beaten up like a few of Oni-san's disciples thus far.
No wait, this Oni-san is probably just the boss of this herd. There's no way magic beasts can have a master-disciple dynamic going on.


"Ah, thanks."

Oni-san threw back the karaage plate at me.
Can I interpret this as him giving me the OK... That'd be nice.

This Oni-san is strong. Beyond anything.
You can't get to this point just from high Attributes and Skill Levels alone. His every action is extremely polished.
It's just incomparable to me who has no basics down, relying only on my gradually increasing Attributes, Mana and Energy Controls.
I've got mountain of things I can learn from this Oni-san. It would be a huge boon to me if I could learn even the slightest bit of Oni-san's techniques.

I've made my decision. I'll drop by Oni-san's place once every few days to do workouts and have a sparring match.
I had convinced myself that learning the basics wouldn't do much anyway but it's about time to rethink that mindset.
So yeah, I'll be in your care, Oni-san. No, Oni-sensei.


PAH! A dull impact and pain assaulted my head.


He seemed to infer me making up a weird nickname in my head, he went and flicked my forehead.
My remaining HP went down to 0... Can't believe I'm still alive.
'Oni Sensei' is a no go it seems. Then what about Oni Shisou? Ah, I'm sorry Sensei, I'll just call you Sensei from now on so please cut me some slack with the forehead flick owowowow

...Seems like Sensei can't take a joke. I mean I guess he is a magic beast...





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 462

462 Advisory for Surrender and Wounded Pride


Whenever I want to avoid killing, I poke at my target's shoulder.
They end up getting blown away while spinning like figure skaters. They then crash and roll on the ground before stopping altogether.
This lets me damage their fighting spirit without fatality.
I'm getting used to this method. Most victims end up fainting. This looks to be an effective strategy to neutralize my adversaries.
However, Mirza managed to hold on to consciousness as she struggled to stand up while feebly groaning, "...Uguu."

"Wh... What did you... What have you done to us..."

She must have calmly assessed that her subordinates were already knocked out as she stood.
Her legs are shaking even now, she must be a highly skilled fighter if she could immediately check her allies in that state.
I've learned not to let my guard down in this situation. Keeping my alert level high.
The most effective time to strike is when your opponent is sure of their victory.
There's a possibility of her acting like she's done for to draw me near too.
I speak to Mirza while keeping my distance. Advising her to surrender.

"Hey? Isn't this enough? Haven't we come to an understanding now? Right, despite me winning this 'game' of yours, I won't order you guys around. Isn't that good enough for you?"

That seemed to have wounded her pride bad.
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"How dare you look down on me! You're dead meat!"

Mirza mustered her strength and took a step forward with her trembling legs.
I made my move here. I'm done letting my opponent always nearly get a hit on me.
I've also learned to stop doing wait-and-see for my opponent's next move only to land myself in trouble.
I entered Acceleration and walked up to Mirza. The spot where she turned her angered gaze is empty now.

(Should I kick her legs? She's not of a sound mind enough to entertain the idea of giving up, so I gotta get her understand through the gap in our strength. Folks who act on their anger tend to hold a grudge forever if you don't give them time to calm down.)

Characters who love to strongly insist that they haven't lost yet have a tendency to constantly lose themselves in a fit of rage if you don't make them understand.
'Understanding' as in the theatrics of the respected winner gently but cruelly telling the loser 'How have you been so blissfully unaware of your weakness?'
In most cases, the losers may understand that they've lost but their emotions won't allow them to.
Which is an extreme pain in the arse to deal with.
Soothing and calming them takes a lot of work, and they need an after-care afterwards. It doesn't matter if they're aware or not, they just won't stop.

(She'd hurt badly if I kicked her... Plain. The way to avoid fatality is so plain...)

I crouched down and poked at the tip of Mirza's shoe she put forward.
This scene must look surreal from the sideline. Had there been a witness, they'd surely ask me 'Whatchu doing?'
Thankfully I'm the only person who can move in this Accelerated world.

Once I was done, I took some distance from Mirza and undid Acceleration.
In the same exact moment, Mirza spun in the air before crashing down hard on her back.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 196

A Meeting with Master (Death)


It's gonna take around 2-3 weeks till the completion of True Explosion Buster.
In the meantime, we'll be busying ourselves in Monster Mountain Range in order to secure the fund for the project as well as for leveling.

I'm currently transporting magic beasts for the two girls to defeat like usual.

"This one's is a High Mountain Bear. It's Lv30ish, thing is pretty much equal to High Cave Bear. Don't need me to remind you, its claws and fangs are particularly dangerous. Also beware of Quadrupedal Skill's Roaring Rush."


"Aaaaaah!? I-it's a bear! Noooooo!!"

"...How deep your bear trauma runs anyway. It'll be fine, it should be a cinch for you if you just deploy Energy Control well, Reina."

There's a surprising amount of magic beast variation inhabiting this mountain range.
It's a good place to learn how to deal with all kinds of beasts, not just for leveling.
Though it's mostly about finding out what beasts are edible and how to process them. There's also inedible ones like bugs and ogres.




While the bear magic beast was busy roaring menacingly at Reina, Hiyoko finished it off with an energy and mana boosted Mana Claw Gale.
The tremendously fast claw attack sent the bear flying several meter away.


『Cluck, cluck.』

"I think that goes, 'Lemme take it on if you're gonna cower over there,  you coward.' ...Aren't you developing quite a sharp tongue lately?"

"M-mukiii! Who're you calling a coward! I can beat that bear on my own just fine, thank you!"

These two have started developing a rivalry ever since the level gap between them disappeared at the dungeon.
As a result, they're now undaunted against powerful beasts and their levels are steadily rising.


"Hikaru, next one please."

...As for Alma, it's been going extremely well, or rather, it's as if she's being chased by something.
She defeated 21 upper Lv40s beasts today alone. She's not even using her finisher as she keeps swiftly loping heads or casting multiple elemental spells in one go.
...At the rate this is going, the magic beasts around this area would be hunted to extinction before our weapons are done.

"Alma, don't you think you should take a break now? You're kinda rushing it a tad..."

"I'm fine. I still have plenty of mana and stamina left."

It's true that she's still got half of her SP and MP left even after culling that many beasts.
But I'm worried about the burden on her mental health more than anything.

Ever since the fight with that stupidly huge worm, Alma looks like she's been forcing herself, probably due to me getting minced up trying to protect her.
I hope it's just me worrying over nothing. But I won't stand it if Alma is overworking herself because of me.

No, that's no it. The one who's been overdoing it is--

"Alma, I'm telling you to take a break. You've been acting restless for the last several days..."

"...That's not, true."

"...I'm really sorry about that time in the dungeon's final floor."

"...No! You have nothing to apologize--"

"You kept telling me not to act rashly yet I never seem to learn."

"You're wrong, that's not it! That was my fault for losing focus!"

"I finally realized how it feels to be the one that constantly worries over those who always go overboard watching you now Alma."


She had a look of disbelief after I said that.

"...I'm not one to talk but please don't work yourself to death. I'll be careful not to myself."

"...If you promise me you won't, then."

"Yea, I promise."

"...Got it, I'll rest."

The strained air coiling around her softened up somewhat afterward.
...Yup, keeping things in moderation is best. I gotta take care too.

"Fuuhahaha! Oh oh, what's up? Are you done already Hiyoko-chan~? I've still got plenty of spunks left~."

『C-cluuck! Cluck!!』

...I should remind the two mascots behind us to take a break too.

Now then, Leveling is important and all but I gotta work out something for the new workout regime I've developed to train my Attributes too.
I was panicking seeing the inn floor about to give in when I tried the regime in my room last night... Somewhere around here should be a good place to work out without troubling anyone, free of prying eyes.
I'm gonna stealthily slip out tonight with Fast Travel.

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So yeah, here I am at nighttime Monster Mountain Range.
Nocturnal beasts are prowling the place replacing daytime ones, it feels fresh seeing all the new faces.
Hmm, everywhere is chock full of magic beasts, can't find a nice place for my workout regime.

Oh? I don't sense magic beasts presences on the summit of that mountain for some reason.
That place seems to fit the bill, let's check it out.

The summit is surprisingly flat and it's spacious enough to do not only muscle training but even running and the likes.
There's no beast around too for some reason, it's truly an ideal place. Time to get training.

I clad my muscles in mana in a way that obstructs their movement, increasing the load on my body.
It's like the plaster casts in a certain major league manga, but apparently those things are useless as a baseball training... Got off track.
I put additional mana to drag on the ground and then add several hundreds kilograms of weight.
In this state, my too high of Attributes get equalized into my 'original specs' so working out should give bonus Attributes.
U-umu, this is incredibly burdensome... It's just mana wrapping me, how is it so toilsome. This gonna work wonder...

And the result, I ran out of steam after just 20 minutes of workout and running.
U-ugugu, I could have kept this stuff up for several hours without the equalizer...!
But I feel like I'm actually forging my body for once.
I'm sure the bonus Attributes from this would accumulate to a stupid number after a few days.

Uumu, but man, all that sweat emptied my stomach even though I just had dinner.
...I feel kinda guilty snacking at this hour, should be fine if it's just for today.
Now then, guess I'll grab the premade karaage I stowed away in Item Screen.

Umu, tasty. After-workout meals are really special.
Having the food's state preserved when you fetch them is super handy.
After a postmeal break, I'm gonna take a shower and call it a day.

<<Warning: An extraordinarily powerful magic beast is fast approaching. Fall back immediately-->>

Eh, what?

A moment after Menu displayed that warning, that thing appeared in front of my eyes.
Arriving at speed so overwhelming my Mana Sense didn't even pick it up.


"A, a, a..."

I could only stare in agape.

Only later I realized I had so many avenues like [Fleeing with Mana Flight] or [Warping away with Fast Travel], but my head was fully occupied with the thought [Ah, I'm dead] at this time.

A humanoid that's about 2 meter tall is standing in front of me.
It's muscular but it has a smaller build than an average ogre or a hob goblin.

However, however. The pressure emanating from it is on a whole different dimension.
A presence so overwhelming it makes ogres look like babies in comparison.

Also, it's got a scary face. Really scary.
If Ogre's face looks like that of an oni, then this one looks like a temple guardian statue's, or like the messatsu fist aku-man, a face that bears both dignity and wildness.

Checking its Status kicked me down a pit of despair.

What the hell is 【★Fierce God of Fist Lv96】!?

What the heck is 4400 STR!? All other Attributes are at latter half of 3000s too, numbers I can only reach by squeezing absolutely everything I have and for a brief moment. Give me a break.

What the, what? How are you supposed to go up against this thing, it's hopeless.
Forget Ogres, even Gluttony Slime is no match against this thing, heck, I doubt that Black Dragon is.

The only beings that have a slightest chance of victory would be Alma's parents. And that's with them together, after a long arduous struggle.
In short, I'm way out of my league. Dead. I'm dead.

And I just promised Alma I wouldn't go overboard too, I stared at the Fierce God of Fist while inwardly  apologizing to Alma.



Its interest lies not on me, as it's delightfully grabbing and munching on the karaage instead.

...What the, what?
No really, what?





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 461

461 Misplaced Anger


"Finally found ya, in the middle of this mansion of all places, how dare you make me look like a clown!"

Mirza is glaring hard at me with her arms folded.
I was at a loss for a moment.

"...Hm? Huh? Have I done something to anger you... Ah, right playing tag, we were doing that game. Huh wait, it hasn't been three days yet? I see, that's bad, completely slipped my mind."

She replied back roaringly.

"Bastard... How far are you planning to clown me! Fine! No idea how you pulled it, but I'll recognize your ability to elude us this long. But now that you've shown yourselves up, there's no escape. No more playing around! We'll kill you using all we got here and now!"

Mirza's veins popped up as she roared in anger.
She gripped a dagger in each her hand, ready to jump at me anytime.
She actually did the same moment that thought crossed my mind.

I had put my guard up the moment she declared 'kill you'.
You can easily die in this world the moment you drop your guard. Of course, letting loose is important for your mental health too but not in front of someone full of murderous rage like this.
I lack the mental fortitude due to possessing this 'power' in a half-baked state.
I was made fully aware of that after my run-in with that Epithet Holder mercenary back at the federation.

(Good thing I made it in time, but this crap is always so nerve-wracking. That blade is only 50 cm off my neck...)

The lunging Mirza was aiming straight for my throat.
I managed to deal with it thanks to entering Accelerated State, but this really shows my overwhelming lack of practical experience in battles to death.
There's a fundamental difference between a friendly spar and a deathmatch. I'm still not able to process that.
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Looking around, five of Mirza's subordinates have rushed in as well.
They must be the follow up if the first strike failed. A full frontal assault intended to kill me for sure.
The five of them are positioned with slight a gap between each of them holding all kinds of weapons in their hands; a sword, a knife, a small handaxe, a spear with a shuriken-like tip, a sickle and chain.
These six people are coordinating their attacks to produce a sure fire kill of their target, me.

(This isn't what she said in the beginning! Wasn't she going to make me suffer first or something? No wait, I guess it's the same result? I'm dead either way!)

Eltros begged me not to kill her, but should I really? I'm having a second thought.
I mean, she absolutely won't give up on her attempt if I just leave her be, no?
It's clear as day these six are full of murderous intent toward me.
I could have brushed them off. But these types would keep hounding me even in my sleep. That would eventually spell my defeat. It's only a matter of time before they succeed.
Might as well kill them first. You're only gonna get yourself killed if you don't have that much resolve. It'd be akin to being suicidal.

I'm stumped. And keep ruminating it. Would they back off if I showed them the vast gap between our strength?
Eltros is the top man of this organization, he might be able to persuade them or so my naive thinking goes.
But it's hard to believe things would go that smoothly looking at these six's expressions.

(Dunno what gets them so mad, but I think the template for this kind of situation needs you to play along with their way of doing things in order to settle the matter somehow or another. Somebody please tell me I'm right.)

Thus, I poked all the fully stopped six people's shoulders while concentrating my hardest to hold back my power.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 195

Side Story (2) Respective Party's Leveling - Latter Part


This chapter starts with the POV of the three girls, Fifraila, Shiurmani, and Miokusmel.

"Ah, it's finally over... We sure took on a real pesky commission this time."

"Those ants were really weird, making a colony in a mountain outside a magic beast territory. Uu, I feel sick just remembering them..."

"That nest was so big inside too. It took us two whole weeks just to clean everything up. Aah, I don't wanna see another ant for a while..."

Us three grumbled as we made our way back to our inn exhausted after reporting in to the guild.
We took on a commission to exterminate ant type magic beasts that made a nest near the town, it ended up being far more than we bargained for.
All three of us want nothing more than to get on our bed now.

"The nest was in a cave so explosion-type spells were a big no no for fear of cave ins and arrows had limited reaches indoor."

"Thanks to that, I had to do all the work against those ants and used up all my stamina in no time..."

"But Fifra-chan leveled up a lot because of that. It's just a little bit more till you get Intermediate Job now."

After this ant extermination commission, my level went up to 22, Mioru's to 23 and Fifra's to 24.
All of us were Lv21 before the commission, and now there's those odd gaps...

Though it's all because the commission this time was a bad match to archers like me.
Fifra being a vanguard gained the most experience.
Mioru received a portion of exp from buffing her.
Meanwhile my ranged attacks couldn't really do much inside a cave, so I only leveled up once.

"Cutting up those ants day in day out was truly revolting. I've had enough ants for a lifetime!"

"Yet you never asked to cancel the commission and saw it through to the end. Fifra-chan is really earnest."

"I mean, all that hard work would have been for nothing if I gave up midway."

"No comments on your responsibility as an adventurer or feeling sorry for the client...?"

"Gaining so many level ups this quick was a boon. With how rough the world these days, you want the strength to protect yourself fast."

I'm in agreement on that point.
I actually wanted to get more levels too.

You're responsible for your own well being. That was the impetus that prompted us to delve in the dungeon near Daijel.
Our vanguard Fifra got caught in a trap and passed out, then a herd of magic beasts ganged up on me and Mioru when we tried to save her, I was sure we were done for.
...If Alma and that old mana didn't come to our rescue, those beasts would have made a meal out of us.

I shuddered just recalling that time.
That old man terrified me more than those beasts. Just what is he.

...He killed a Hob Goblin in one hit, used random magic beasts as throwing weapons then in the end, he electrocuted himself along with a beast.
That all sounds like nonsense, even I who saw it first hand had no idea what was going on.
Let's stop reminiscing it. Yup.

We got back to our inn, had our dinner and took a breather.
We can finally rest easy tomorrow, goodness.

Fifra sipped her after-meal tea while reading a newspaper.
Wonder if there's anything interesting written.

"Stampede at Iruyudi, destruction of the third continent's capital Gurururan, recruitment drive for anti-demon army...  It's all so depressing."

"T-that's just how it is. Demon King has been revived after all, so demons are getting rowdy... B-besides, look, they're holding a martial art tournament on the fifth continent in two months. It's not all bad news, see?"

"Martial art tournament huh, that'll make for a good diversion."

"The hero who was summoned at the same time the demon king was revived might turn up... Oh, there's an article about this hero. They've got a pic too."

"Uwaa, so cute! H-Hero-sama is a girl...?"

"Apparently most past heroes were boys, but who knows there might have been girls too. She's currently training on the first continent, it said... Hm, what's up Fifra?"

Fifra froze up when she saw the pic of Hero and her companions.
She didn't move for several more seconds then she started trembling.

"E-err, Fifra-chan, is something bothering you...?"



"That idiooot!! Why are you there with the hero, Leviaaaaa!!!"

Fifra roared out in indignation.
W-what's her deal!?


"O-oy, calm down! You're bothering other guests!"

"That stupid girl!! I won't stand this! I'll drag Levia back right this instance!!"

Like, right now? It's dead at night!

Wait, Levia? I think Fifra's little sister is called Leviaria.
Eh, are you telling me the girl standing next to hero is Fifra's sister!?
...Just how did she get to accompany the hero.

I mean no, cool it! What are you packing up for!?
There's no transport wagon running at this time of the day!

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~~~~~~Hero's POV~~~~~~

...We live to see yet another day.
I mean we'd get revived even if we dropped dead so we'd be fine regardless, but you know?
Getting pushed to your absolute limit puts your survival instincts to overdrive, the feeling of being truly alive is unlike anything before.

"Okay, that's that for today's training~. You're all so unbalanced, onee-san's shocked~. At least you've got the fundamentals down I guess."

Aina-san smiled like a goddess while announcing the end of today's training regime.
But I mustn't let her trick me.
She's a devilish instructor who'd nonchalantly spout the most absurd orders.

"Hmm, the present goal is to kill 20 upper Lv30s beasts in a day and you only got 12 huh. Aren't you taking too much time and wasting a lot of stamina?"

"B-but our Levels are still around 20s. Fighting magic beasts 10 level higher is unreasonable..."

"What are you saying now, Neora-kun. I never said you have to do it solo, have I? It should be a cinch if you work together as a party. From the sidelines, it's crystal clear you all make so many wasted movements."

I mean yeah we would be from the lens of a Lv70 like Aina-san.

"Olivie-chan has a solid foundation for an adventurer but your stamina is a bit lacking. You want to build it up by doing stuff like running, river swimming and so on."

"Y-yes. I'll do my best."

"On the other end of the spectrum we have Levia-chan with her lack of foundation yet she kept making surprisingly sound moves in combat. Like throwing her spear immediately followed by Quick Step to zero in and Kempo. It'd be way better if you could do that while taking note of what your companions are doing, however."


Due to her sickness, Olivie's body can't keep up in battles.
And Levia tends to rush headlong on her own and sometimes gets in the way of Olivie's magic.

"Lastly, we have Neora-kun. Despite all your varied Skills and high Attributes, it almost looks like you don't have it in you to master them. Your dormant specs are the cream of the crop, so first you want to think long and hard how to best use them."

"Yes. I am well aware of that myself."

"So yep, Neora-kun is having a private lesson with me after dinner. Your first goal, try to land a hit on me."

"...Come again?"

Eh, hold it right there.
I'm already at the end of my rope from today's training, I wanna hit the hay so bad right now.
Sparring with Aina-san right now? Is this a joke? I'm gonna die you know? Gonna get revived though.

"You may decline but that gives me the right to sneak in Neora-kun's bed tonight and--"

"It'll be my honor to spar with you!"

"...Tch. See you after dinner then~."

That was close! She might sound like she was joking around but her eyes were dead serious!
I mean she clicked her tongue and all, I gotta get in the gear or who knows what she's gonna do.
...Will I get out of this training regime safe and sound...

"N-Neora-san, please give it your all. I'll, be running to build up my stamina too."

"Me too, I should go study how to plan my move in combat so I don't get in everyone's way..."

Both Olivie and Levia are making the effort to cover their weaknesses.
I can't be the only one getting fainthearted. That's lame.
I gotta pull myself together. Getting zealous isn't really my style, but I mustn't lose to these two's enthusiasm.
...Wonder what kind of hell awaits. I'm absolutely getting beat up, shiver.

Or so I once thought, turned out it was another type of hell instead. No, I guess it's heaven to some people?

"Neora-kun, the way you step in is a bit awkward~. See here, you have to loosen up here uhehehe."

"Ah hey, why're you rubbing my legs."

"Hm, I'm not playing around, you know? This is simply the best, easiest and quickest method to get you understand, there's absolutely no ulterior motives involved, aa~ it's so smooth and nice to the touch~~"

"No no no! You're looking and sounding like a perverted old man!"

During our spar, she'd correct every single actions I do, sticking real close to me every single time.
I'll be honest, getting touched by a beautiful onee-san is a bliss but when she's this proactive it's a bit...

"Nfufu, this is~ oh~ so fun~."

"I knew it, you just wanna feel me up, don't you!? Take it seriously!"

"Oh you, I'm just being silly~. Don't worry, I'll elevate you all to a whole new level of strength in two month time."

"Two months? Is there an event around that date?"

"Yup. A martial art tournament is going to be held on the fifth continent. The plan is to get you strong enough to snatch the first place by that point."

"Martial art tournament, huh."

No way, there's no way we can snag victory in just two month training.
Or is she planning to have us train even harder than today in order to reach that point. Scary.
...Wonder how many times I'm gonna die in the next two months.

~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~

At the zenith of the highest mountain of Monster Mountain Range at night.
I'm bringing present for 'Sensei' yet again.

"Good evening. Today I have chicken teriyaki and pork cutlet with me."

Sensei who was lying in a cave immediately relished on them.
Sensei prefers meat, he tends to set vegetables aside.
He's probably able to produce vitamins and stuff inside his body like carnivorous animals.
Well, look-wise, he's scary enough to fit the bill after all, I'm sure that's it.

Once he was done eating, he got up and took a combative stance.
...You sure you don't need to rest a bit. Won't you have a stomach cramp.
Well whatever, if he's up for it, so do I.

"I'll be in your care, Sensei."


I made a light bow and started my training with [Fierce God of Fist] Sensei.
...Now then, let's see how many seconds will I last today.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 460

460 Those Who Await


The man bowed before immediately getting straight to the point.

"Welcome to the kingdom. What business do you have today?"

"Nothing much. Was just thinking I'd let you guys in on something. Tell the PM. The issue at the federation has been taken care of yesterday, open up the trade back. The folks there are having a rough time with it closed."

I too told it to him straight. We know each other already. There's no need for needless small talks. I don't care about doing mind games and this guide has no reason to do that either.
His eyes opened wide before immediately putting his usual expression back.

"Understood. I shall have it conveyed at once. And what are you planning to do now?"

"I'm departing for the commercial city right away. Dropped by here just to tell you that. Leaving now."

I appeased him right off. There was no change on the guide's face but I could tell the restless aura coiling around him.
The guide breathed a sigh of relief as he patted his chest and said, 'Allow me to see you to the gate'.
Guess he won't feel at ease unless he does that much. Or perhaps it's part of his job to ascertain me leaving with his own eyes.
Thus, I was led to the gate in the commercial city's direction and bypassed all the procedures there.

(Man, amazing stuff. Wasn't that door intended for VIPs? Guess the kingdom sees me as a big deal. Good grief.)

I was made to go through a special gate without having to queue with common folks.
He led me through the normal gate the last time. Does that mean they've reconsidered their stance on me?
I got nothing to lose with all this so I just took it for granted.

Once outside, I entered Acceleration again and ran with all my might toward the commercial city.
It's the last spurt now that I've come this far. I put even more effort as I step on the ground.

As the scenery kept changing and I lost myself in running, I arrived at the commercial city.
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Finally here at last. Here I am again.
It hasn't even been three days since I left. Then I recalled one thing.

"Ah, right didn't buy any souvenir. Well whatever. Not like I need to for Eltros. News about the federation would serve as a nice present for the ladies."

There was one other thing I completely forgot until after I got to Eltros's mansion.
The matter was simply that trivial to me.

I got in the city still under Accelerated State. I'm through having to pass the gate every single time.
This isn't my first and it's just going to be gatekeepers getting surprised by 'Second Class Pass' anyway.
It's a pain and a waste of time. Time is of essence.

I undid Acceleration once I was inside. There's a lot of people on the main street. Bumping into them in Accelerated State would be disastrous. I'd like to get to the mansion asap but it's only a stone's throw away now anyway.
Thus I retraced the step I took last time and arrived at the mansion.
The gatekeepers were startled when they noticed me at first before straightening their backs.
They must have been informed on me as they bowed and opened the gate.

They greeted me lively altogether, 'Welcome back!'. I got slightly taken aback as I passed by them.
Then, what came into my view was the silhouettes of six people. Standing menacingly in a neat formation as if waiting for me.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 194

Side Story (1) Respective Party's Leveling - First Part


The name's Darandizma.
I'm a nice guy who leads Rank D party [Heavenly Dragon].
We finally ranked up to D this month. We gotta get our act together.

"Leader, Nock finally hit Level 16!"

"My fist ain't been working right ever since I punched that black haired monster. No more, they're fit as new now! Hahaha!"

"Hyahha! Hell yeah! Time to get wasted!"

...I feel sorry for myself sometimes, being stuck to babysit these dumbarses.
We all been together before we came of age, but man these guys're kinda weak on the heads.
It hasn't even been an hour since we started working on the magic beast culling commission doubling as leveling, and they're already making this racket. Forget the cash to order booze, we barely have enough to cover our inn rooms...

"Not yet. Gotta get 'least 20 body down first."

"Eh, haven't we been working way hard lately? Gotta let loose once in a while yano."

"You heard the man, our favorite tavern just hired a new cute waitress y'know? Don'tcha wanna see her?"

"Y'all been nothing but loose dangitall! This is why that black haired pair manhandled us real bad."

I got a flashback to the time we tried to invite that Paladin girl, 'Almatina' and got stomped hard by that black haired bastard.
Almatina got that super strong [Magic Sword] Skill that killed a Werewolf in one hit.
Things woulda been easier for us if only we had that power, but beggars can't be choosers.
Ain't really my style, but we added more days to cull magic beasts, from two to three now.

"Naw man, t'was inevitable."

"Yer fist cracked instead when ya hit his face, guy could use Ground Shrink, there's even some rumors saying he cut a sword bare-handed. We were way outta our league."

...Well, I get what they're saying.
Ain't no way that guy was a Rank E. He's a monster to put it lightly.
He must be at least Rank B if he can use Ground Shrink, heck might be a Rank A even.
Why'd someone like that cozing up with Almatina who just come of age anyway. Is he a lolicon or something?

"You guys haven't forgotten our goal of reaching Base Level 20 before this month ends, have ya? We only got three weeks left, meaning we gotta raise our level by one each week."

"But ain't that way too hard?"

"A level a month was a good pace to us just recently. Aren't you getting too impatient, leader?"

"'Course I am! The world's in chaos thanks to those demons under Demon King laying waste everywhere. We gonna end up dying a dog's death if we ain't tryin'."

"Don't hear no rumors 'bout demons round these parts tho'.... Oh wait, there was that stuff about ancient weapon or sumthin' at Vinfitt.."

"That got sealed up right away, barely anyone got hurt last I heard."

Yep, we've got cases of demons nearby.
It'd be the end of us if we got caught up in their destruction.

"Fine, I ain't gonna stop ya guys if ya wanna escape reality with boozes. I'mma keep going alone if I hafta, do whatever ya wanna."

"C-come on! We're soz, don't get all pouty on us leader."

"Go look for more beasts if ya got it! Ya can drink all you want once we're done!"

"Ya heard the man, boys, it's booze tiiiiime!"

""""Hyahhaa! It's booze tiiiiime!""""

"I said once we're frickin' done ya dumbarses!!"

...These guys may be dumbarses, but they're willing to put up with me.
I gotta get them strong enough to protect themselves at least.

...But uh, wonder what kinda girl the new waitress's like.

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~~~~~~Rasfi Bared POV~~~~~~

"Wheeze, wheeze, R-Rasfi, haven't we, had enough, for today...?"

"Huff, puff, n-not yet...!"

"No, 'We can keep going', being a trap is one of adventurer's basics..."

"I've prepared several mana and health potions just in case we run into trouble. It's fine to go all out."

"So you say, but have you forgotten how we almost got done in by a group of High Goblins when we were beat up just the other day. Going further is ill-advised."

Lately it feels like Rasfi is trying to rush things too fast.
Or rather, she's been working really hard to get stronger ever since Daijel's Stampede.
Did something happen back then I wonder.

"I get that we're doing this so we're better equipped to deal with demons, but don't you think you've been rushing things too much as of late?"

"...I might be. But whenever I imagine myself lacking power during a critical juncture, I just can't settle down."

"Uh, I was prepared to die for real when we those High Goblins ganged up on us... I don't believe we'll find ourselves in an even more precarious situation often."

"...You might be right, but if I can't protect you when you're down like that time during Daijel's Stampede, I..."

Hold it, how come she's presuming she's gonna protect me? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

"We might have died for real if Almatina and Soarer didn't come to our rescue."

"...Well, yeah. Got caught off guard and knocked out, that was my biggest blunder."

"There is no upper limit to strength. Even now that I have raised my base Level to 28, I can't help but worry if I'm still not strong enough... But, sorry. You're right, I might be too impatient... Let's head back."

"One more."


"We're going back after beating one more beast. Ain't gonna completely quell your worry but it should work as a bandaid."

I can't not get stronger if she's gonna remind me of that Stampede.
Rasfi wouldn't have obtained this weird mind set if I didn't make that mistake.
I gotta show her that I've gotten strong enough to not worry her, so she will stop getting hasty.

"Got it, let's find one more beast... Thank you."

"Oh come on, drop that stuff. Oh, something's coming clos... er..."

A presence approached while we were having a relaxing chat.
Rasfi and I froze on the spot when that thing made itself shown.


The one that knocked me off during Daijel's Stampede, a Werewolf.
One evolution above that, High Werewolf. That thing was coming for us.

...A magic beast over Lv30 is a tad rough for our current state.

"Forget what I said! We're hightailing it!!"


Rasfi nodded looking unconvinced... You only got one life. Forgive me.
We're not running because we're afraid of that wolf, it's a strategic retreat! But man, this thing sure can move those legs! Can we even shake it off!?

~~~~~~Radiasta POV~~~~~~~

Finally, I finally reached Lv25.
I've Job Changed to the Intermediate Job [Dagger Fencer], I can tell my Attributes and Skill Levels have risen.
Felt like just the other day I changed Job from Apprentice to a full-fledged one.
Well I guess it was about two months ago.

Switching my hunting spot early from Pea Green to Yellow Area in the Monster Prairie was a good decision.
At first, even defeating one beast was a battle to death but I can easily do it now, I can even manage multiple of them somewhat.
You can do it alone.

But, it's so lonesome.
The faces of my mom, and little brother back at home came up on my mind whenever I felt lonely.
Then a bit after I'd reminisce the time I was together with Kajikawa-san, Alma-neechan, and Reina.
...Why am I doing this again.

To one day, reach that guy.
To get himself recognize me being the better man, to get even on him.
To drag him back to where everyone is, and then--

Argh, quit it me.
I've finally gotten the Intermediate Job. I'm gonna head back early today and get some rest.
The recipes Kajikawa-san gave me were all good, but I'm gonna treat myself to some luxurious food just for tonight.
Got plenty of gold anyway, I'll head to the Fifth Continent once I've got my equipment sorted out. Wait for me, new land!

Ah, I'm hungry. Wonder what to eat today. Might as well go big and try that [Seafood Rice Bowl] with the raw fish.
...Wonder how'd it taste.

The following day, I was assaulted by the most horrific stomach ache and had to delay my departure by one week.
I ain't eating raw fish ever again darn it!!






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 459

459 One's Nature, Shape of Power


I believe humans are a creature that changes their true nature when their environment shifts from peace to tumult.
In an environment where no strives exist and nothing threatens their life, their nature is that of peace.
It turns rough in a critical situation where their safety comes into peril.
Both are the same one truth to every individual.

(My nature has greatly changed ever since I came to this world.)

Japan where I lived is a country that ensures the law is uphold.
Your life is not in constant danger. Livelihood is stable too and there's nothing to get particularly mad about.
Though there were some occasional repulsive news every now and then.

Yet it's got nothing compared to this world.
Just look at me now. I've been eliminating villains, brutes and the likes like it's the most normal thing.
The existence of 'power' in me is what enables me to take those actions.
Otherwise, I would have feigned ignorance even if their evils took place before my eyes or run away in order to stay alive.
The life of a single man is too cheap in this world.
Protecting one's dignity is low on the priority list.
Commoners have barely any rights nor do their life weigh heavily on the scale.
Hence, there's one tacit understanding shared between the people in this world: you're responsible for your own safety.
So when they get attacked by bandits, the end results vary.
You're dead if you're weak, you get to live on if you're strong. You either get everything taken away from you, or you get to keep your life.
Running away is a valid option too. The ability to run is too, a shape of 'Power', you're simply dead if you fail.
The law won't protect you, strength is everything in this world.
There are many kinds of strength. Money, authority, position, prestige, popularity, number, connection, information, etc.
The way you use them also differs.
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(I'm out of luck the moment I got this absurd extraordinary and mysterious unreasonable power though.)

This power is the source of all my problems. Trouble awaits no matter where I go, forcing me into sticking my neck deep into all kinds of mess.
Feigning ignorance is never an option since all of them would leave a bad taste if I did.
Just how many there were anyway? It hasn't even been half a year since I left my village.

I was lost in thought while running, and found myself nearing the kingdom before I realized.
It's not long now. I undid Accelerated State in front of the gate and queued up for the checkpoint.

The reason I went all this trouble is to notify my personal Kingdom's 'Guide' who usually dealt with me.
I took off my hood to expose my black hair and eyes as I waited in line.
I'm sure someone would notice me and inform the man of my coming by doing this.
My guess was right on the money, somebody approached me immediately after the gatekeeper finished inspecting me.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 193

New Function - New Weapon Order


First, we stopped by the dungeon receptionist after exiting.
I would rather avoid flaunting our achievement of dungeon conquest, but dungeon delvers are all duty bound to report their records.
There might be delvers who do unsavory things after all, guess we gotta follow the rule.

"Thank you for your hard work. You're back earlier than previous session, I see. Well then, please don't mind me checking your records... Eh?"

The receptionist checked our dungeon delving Log just like before. She suddenly froze while she was on it.

"E, err, the Log says your party has cleared the final floor of this dungeon, that is to say you have conquered this dungeon in seven hours... Is that correct?"

"Yes. We took a lot of detours previously while we prioritized going deeper and clearing the dungeon this time around."

"D-do you now... Thus far there had been only two parties that succeeded conquering this dungeon and both took around 16 hours. Taking less than half of that record is a surprise... You must have had extraordinary luck to avoid magic beasts and traps... Wait, your party defeated a Lv63 magic beast on the final floor!?"

"Ah, yes. Luck wasn't on our side and a surprise monster turned up on that floor, we almost couldn't make it out alive."

"I-It's hard to believe all of you got through that..."

I think so too. Really, so glad nobody died...

"Your party has taken Rank 1 spot with a major lead. Clearing the final floor at a record time as well as defeating a surprise monster there is a record that will surely be hard to topple without exceptional skills."

"Oh not at all, we're still wet behind the ears. This dungeon delving experience really drove that home."

"Surely you jest. Well then, we await your next visit."

Now that we've gotten the object of desire, we've got no plan to delve in again in near future though.
Seeing as we're all beat up today guess I'd save bringing this thing to Julian's place for tomorrow.

I'm gonna be making pudding for dessert, and that'll take the last of my vanilla stock.
Menu-san, isn't there a shop selling Banisoi beans somewhere?

<<Daijel, Vinfitt, Randaorainam, Nyushina, Ringranaita... None has a hit.>>

No no no, how is that right!?
Other towns aside, Vinfitt is a commercial city, and Randorainam is a port town with a trade route that goes to other continents you know? How come none sells a raw material for perfume.

<<Banisoi beans are an ingredient for an extremely minor perfume only dilettantes collect. Hence the amount in circulation is extremely small.>>

But it smells so good. Heck, I don't understand people who don't connect that fragrance to food. It's just weird.
Dangit past heroes! Why didn't you guys spread the word about Banisoi more. I wanna have my vanilla-flavored snacks and eat them too!
Haa, no point in getting angry to people I never meet. Menu-san, is there really nowhere nearby I can purchase Banisoi?

<<...Confirming cultivation of Banisoi beans at Keruna Village.>>

That should be the one I abandoned there.
This plant may be able to grow all year round but there's no way it can grow well enough to be harvested without a proper care.
They must be either overgrown by weed, eaten by bugs or dried up from lack of water.

<<Nay. During Kajikawa Hikaru's absence, the villagers have been alternately tending the Banisoi field, as such they are growing well.>>

...Eh, for real!?

<<They can be harvested in one week time. Visiting the village around that period should afford you Banisoi beans.>>

W-what a nice village. It was my idea and I never even asked them to.
...No, that's not it? They might just be reusing the field I left behind to cultivate a new product for their village.
Yup, that must be it... I should drop by and apologize soon. Would be nice if they could sell me the beans too.

"Uu, I'm so famished even walking is tough..."


Reina muttered sadly while holding her belly.
Hiyoko riding on the shoulder feebly chirped while nodding in agreement.

"Bear with it till we got to the inn. Dinner won't fit in if you eat now."


"But I agree, walking is a pain... This is a good opportunity as any for Menu's new function debut."


Is Ringranaita's inn a registered spot on the Map Screen?

<<It is considered a registered spot, the new function can be executed.>>

Cool, let's get to it then.

Menu, [Fast Travel] to 'Ringranaita's Inn'!

<<Affirmative. Consuming 100MP, executing Fast Travel.>>

With the activation of Menu's new function, the scenery of the midway point road between the dungeon and the town instantly changed to that of Ringranaita inn's front entrance.
Fumu, there's virtually zero lag time. This looks usable as an emergency escape depending on the situation.

"Eh, huh? E, eeeeeeeeh!?"

"But we were just on the road between the dungeon and the town...!?"


"This is the new Menu Function, [Fast Travel]. By consuming 100MP I can get us to places registered on Map Screen, instantaneously, super handy stuff."

Wish they let me use this handy function from the start.
Would be great to have this in Japan too. Woulda cut down the travel time to and from work a lot.

"I-I thought there's nothing that can surprise me anymore after hearing Kajikawa-san's Stats, but this is yet another blow to common sense..."

"But it's really handy. We won't have to use wagons or beast carriages to go where we want now."

"It's limited only to registered places though. What places can be registered entirely depend on Menu's criteria, so it's not like I can go anywhere and I gotta have to have visited a place at least once to get it registered."

Well, I don't have to be there physically, there's also another function to expand Map and register places, but I probably won't have the opportunity to use it anytime soon.
...If only I got that function before I met Kanakmatt-san, I'd have a whole Map opened up. Too bad.
Well, now that we're at the inn, it's pudding making time.
Hope I can do it. It should be done in a jiffy if I just use mana control to manipulate heat and coldness, just gotta be careful I don't make it into a habit.

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The morning after, we made our way to Gen Workshop early on.
That turtle shell is stupidly heavy, can Julian handle it?

"Kajikawa-sa~n, don't you have more of those pudding treats~?"

"I do but they're off limit for now. You scarfed down three of 'em yesterday. You'll get fat you know."

"I-I won't! I was just taken aback by such a tasty treat I didn't know existed in this world, I'd emptied a few plates by the time I came back to my sense..."

"Those are, dangerous indeed. It's so bouncy and soft, tastes strong yet really sweet and cold, it's hard to stop once you start... But, it was just so good."


Two girls + one chicken have this enraptured look as they reminisce the taste of pudding.
Who knew it'd be so popular. I thought I managed to replicate the pudding commonly being sold in Japan, but watching them eating with relish more than they were with the birthday cake back then made for a complicated feeling.
I know that just because something is more toilsome to make doesn't guarantee result, but still. Gununu.

"Higuro! Ya pulled an all nigther again didn'tcha! Told ya to cut that crap, it's gonna affect yer performance the next day!"

"M-m'bad old man! I just cannae' forgive myself for losing on my Skill level to this guy..."

"Oy oy, I say all nighters are a big no no if you wish to produce excellent goods. I have been making weapons for 12 years and last year I finally realized going to bed early and waking up early give better results than pulling an all nighter."

"You realized that way late!? Heck, I always see you working the earliest here, what time you get up anyway...?"

"Three in the morning, is there a problem."

""That's still darn late night!""

...Adding Julian in the uneven master-disciple mix softened the intensity of their quarrels, but their exchanges are looking more and more like comedy skits now.
I'm full just from watching. Can I go home?

"Oho, my customer, good morning. Have you perhaps procured the material?"

"Morning. Yeah, I got it here with me, can you process this thing?"

I took the shell in question out of a bag. Ugugu, it's heavy.
Julian and the uneven master-disciple pair popped their eyes wide open when they saw the thing.

"Uooo...! I-isn't this a material from an S-ranked magic beast!?"

"Volcanic Giant Turtle's shell...! Thing's outrageously sturdy and heavy, ya gotta be something else if ya plannin' ta process and wield it."

"Oy oy, I ain't ever seen this super rare material before! M-mind if I hold it for a tad? ...Wh, t-this thing's darn heavy!? H-how the heck you gonna process it!?"

It feels heavy even for me with 800 STR. Lifting the thing must be a hurdle in itself for production type folks.
As I was thinking that, Julian frowned with a troubled look as he stared at the shell. What's wrong?

"Uumu, this is an ideal material for the making of True Explosion Buster indeed, but I must be frank with you, it would be difficult to process this thing with my current Blacksmith level."

"Eh, you can't do it!?"

"It can be done, but it will take a long time. At the very least, it would likely take several months time... My deepest apologies for my ineptitude."

We unexpectedly hit a snag here. That's just too long.
A month would be fine, several is a bit...

"Several months... Can't you shorten it somehow?"

"I cannot promise. Engraving the explosion formula through the use of fire mana stone should only take me around a week but processing it into the shape of a weapon cannot be done that quickly. If only my Blacksmith Skill level was higher..."

"Hold up, yer' sayin' ya won't take long s'long as ya can shape the weapon part?"

As Julian cursed himself, Gen-san interrupted.

"Yes. I only need the main weapon body done. But an S-ranked material that's also this heavy is too tough for me with my Lv6 Skill..."

"Yeah? ...Kajikawa, show me yer hands."


Gen-san suddenly grabbed my hand and stared intently at my palm. What you doing?

"U, uumu? The heck's up with these hands. Look so soft at a glance yet the feel's nothing like it... Yer' really odd through and through eh."

"Err, what are you?"

"Aa? 'Course I'm checking how yer' holding stuff if I wanna make yer wepaon."

"...Gedagan-san, could you be."

"Ou. Yer' demanding a faster turnover ain'tcha. Lemme take care of the main body, Julian, you work on that magic formula."

Gen-san kept going as he observed my hands.
...That's a surprise. Didn't expect him to offer help on his own. I was under the impression that this man is the type that'd absolutely refuse to touch other people's work.

"A-are you sure about it? However, this is a job I have accepted, I cannot possibly impose on you..."

"Yea it's no sweat. Got no decent hustles 'sides from stuff this party ordered anyways. 'Sides, been years since I got to work on a material this fine. Heck, I ain't mind doin' it for free even."

"...My customer. You have heard Gedagan-san, what do you think? Personally, I believe this is the optimal course of action."

"I'm not gonna complain if both of you are fine with it... But, it'd be nice if you could do away with the quarreling when you're working together."

"That's likely unfeasible."

"Yeah, ain't happening. Our opinions definitely gonna clash. And it ain't gonna end just once or twice... But worry not, all of that's gonna culminate in the best possible outcome."

I can't help but worry though! My head aches just imagining Julian and Gen-san quarreling!
But considering they both know beforehand that it's gonna happen, I guess that's just how it goes when multiple blacksmiths are working together.
...Think it's better if I don't turn up here until completion...







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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 458

458 Running Feels Good


Sir Lolengus saw me off at the gate. He passed over a pouch of gold.

"It will be a long journey. This should serve you well. I have my reservations asking you to take care of everything but it's also true that we are lacking manpower currently. I apologize. It's in your hands."

In the end I only stayed for two days in the federation, but that's not a bad thing.

(Situation was critical after all, wasn't ideal for sightseeing.)

Those ladies must be wanting nothing more than returning home too. I'd like to notify them asap.
They could get sick from worrying too much. I want to avoid delaying this just because I don't feel like it.

I said nothing back to the chairman and passed the gate.
I then entered Acceleration and ran off. I don't wanna get dragged into a mess during this trip so I'm doing this early.
I've got quite the distance to cover too, can't slack off.
Hence, I dash off like attempting a time attack run.

(I haven't had much training lately, this will do just fine.)

===  ===  ===
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I turned off Acceleration and took a break in a midpoint town I skipped on my way to the federation.

"Phew, I'm not losing a breath despite running so much, can't talk back to people calling me monster no more..."

It's still early in the morning. There's a lot of food stalls offering breakfast here and there.
People on the street seemingly going to work are stopping by.

"This place sure is lively when the federation is having it rough."

That is simply due to all the merchants who decided to open stores here because they were hesitant to enter the federation.
Rather than braving the danger, might as well do business here.
Can't say if they're bold, audacious or shrewd.
The town is enjoying a boom in economy thanks to this phenomenon but that's something I'm ignorant of.

There's nothing for me to stock up in this town. I'm just here for a short break.
I was a bit curious to see what it's like since I skipped it the first time though.

I walked straight on the main street. Once I had my fill, I entered Acceleration again and ran at full speed toward the kingdom.

===  ===  ===

My next rest stop is a midpoint village I also skipped the first time.
You could also find stranded merchants hesitant to keep going after hearing the bad rumors about the federation here.
I overheard some of them grumbling about spending money to stay in this utterly unremarkable village.

"They must have left the kingdom before the news broke out and only found out about it in this village. Guess that's the tricky part of timing for you."

It's a midpoint that's too far to go back or to keep going. Of course there must be capable merchants who immediately turned around and resorted to do business at the kingdom.
The merchants that remained here must be the indecisive type or the wait-and-see ones.
The courageous merchants would press on and find themselves in the earlier town. And surely they'd open up shops there.

The deciding factor here is guts. And so, the money all these merchants brought to the village ended up revitalizing it but of course I'm none the wiser about all that stuff.

It's the silver lining to all the bad things that happened in this country.

"Now then, guess I'll resume my march."

I ended up enjoying running under Accelerated state a tad too much.
At this point, it hadn't even been an hour in real world time since I first departed the federation.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 192

Clear Reward


Kajikawa Hikaru

Level 40

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Indeterminate)

State: Hunger (Major), Fatigue, Anemia (Minor)


HP (Health): 1030/1030
MP (Mana): 640/640
SP (Stamina): 60/402

STR (Strength): 826
ATK (Attack): 826
DEF (Defense): 825
AGI (Agility): 824
INT (Intelligence): 829
DEX (Dexterity): 845
PER (Perception): 841
RES (Resistance): 819
LUK (Luck): 819


Superior Slayer, Fearless, Magic Beast Killer, Magic Beast Genocider, Demon Slayer, Miracle Healer, Fear Incarnate, Infringer of Natural Order, Overcomer of Death, 1000 Wall Breaker, 2000 Surpasser, Onward to 3000 Realm, Handy, Gormandizer

Oh... What?
No no, no no no no. Wait a dang minute.

First of all, aren't my Stamina and Mana getting weirdly high?

<<It is likely due to the effects of 'Miracle Healer' Title acquired from an action of restoring loss limbs, and 'Gormandizer' Title acquired from consuming a certain quantity of food in a single meal. Both Titles raise the maximum as well as growth rates of MP and SP.>>

O-ou. Really now.
..That's nice and all but I'm scared of my own Status encroaching monstrosity level like this.

My Attributes have even gone over 800.
Err, 2-10 added to 54, 11-20 added to 155, 21-30 added to 255, 31-40 added to 355.
In total, 819. Yup, the math seems to check out.

...These stats are about equal to that of platinum chicken's. And I'm 10 level lower.
But all the training I did seems to have barely any effect on my Attributes. I've been working out every night before going to bed too.

<<As your Attributes get higher, ordinary workouts become ineffective. This can be alleviated by simply adding the load.>>

O-oh really now.
No wonder pushups and situps feel like a cinch these days.
...Maybe I gotta pile rocks on me or something next time.

My equipment got wrecked thanks to that stupidly huge worm.
Those bladed boots ended up doing nothing...
Well, we're getting new equipment soon anyway, I can just order new boots then.
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The issue is my Titles, what's even [Fear Incarnate]...?

<<A title conferred to those who have inflicted abnormal status such as fear, fainting and shock on a certain number of people. The effect adds an overpowering pressure with intimidation.>>

I'm not sure if I want that effect. Heck, the name of this Title sure gives off a bad vibe... Oh well.

I'm guessing '2000 Surpasser', 'Onward to 3000 Realm' are given to people who have their Attributes at 2000s and 3000s even temporarily.

<<Affirmative. The Titles majorly increase acquired experience points. For humans, both are extremely rare Titles that have only ever been conferred to S-ranked Adventurers and similar class.>>

Hmm. Well I got them from explosively raising my Attributes with Energy Control. They're kinda like windfalls, in reality I'm nowhere near as strong as S-ranked folks.

Also, 『Overcomer of Death』 is apparently a Title given to those whose HP goes to 1 or less and comes back to live. Mine has been frequently gone to 0 though...

...Final question. What's [Infringer of Natural Order]?

<<A Title conferred to those who command direct control over Mana, Stamina, and Life Force... In fact, Kajikawa Hikaru should have acquired this Title sooner.>>

So it's like a warning from the natural order of things, like, 'I'm watching you.'

<<Unanswerable, as it pertains laws of the world... However, as there exist no other holder of this Title, that conjecture may be apt in all likelihood.>>

I knew it. Natural order-san must be getting annoyed watching me. Yay, are you seeing this? Ah, sorry forgive me please don't hand down divine punishment or anything.

"Hikaru, your face is twitching, what's wrong?"

"Hnn, so you see I just checked out my Status..."

"I bet it looks real nasty. Like maybe your Attributes being over 500 or something?"

"No, they're over 800."


"Well, it's like a compensation for my inability to use a Skill. Allows me to fight stronger foes somewhat."


"K-Kajikawa-san always betrays expectations in the wildest way..."

The two are looking blankly at me.
Just so you know, you two can easily get these numbers through Skills and Energy Control okay?
Difference in Attributes can be overcome through ingenuity anyway, this much is just a margin of error... Or not I guess.

Now that we're done checking our stats, time to go home through the Escape Portal.
...Speaking of which, where do you get your reward for conquering a dungeon anyway?

<<A treasure chest will emerge once you have returned to the entrance through the Escape Portal.>>

Oh okay. Won't someone snatch it?

<<Anyone other than the Dungeon Conquerors touching the reward inside the dungeon will incur heavy penalty, therefore that worry is unfounded. The same rule applies to attempts to harm Dungeon Conquerors.>>

I see, that's a well made system.
Well then, it's probably some sort of nuts again anyway.
I'm just glad we're still alive. Gonna wait till we get stronger before we take another stab at this dungeon conquering business.

We got on the escape portal and returned to the surface.

"Phew, we can finally go home."

"Good work us."

"Good work~."


We stretched together while voicing our appreciation for coming out alive.
Really, I'm so glad we're all safe and sound.


"Ah, it's a treasure chest! ...Whoa, it's huge!?"

"It's as tall as me huh... Wonder how big of a nut inside."

"No, please don't assume it's a nut already! I'm gonna snap if it turns out to be one after going through that battle to death, okay!?"

"I mean you know, all the treasure chests I opened always turned up nuts in the end. All stuff I really wanted deep down though."

"Then what if we all open it up together?"

"That sounds good actually. I'll make a scaffold with mana, you guys can get on it."




"Here we go!"

We all put our hands on the chest and pried it open.

Inside is... a rock? The heck?

"Huh, it's not a nut?"

"Why're you so hellbent on it being nuts anyway! We're here to get the material for your weapon, remember?!"

"...A rock, hmm, a fragment of, turtle shell?"

Turtle shell? Ah, it does look like one.
Menu-san, analysis please.

<<It is a fragment of the shell of an S-ranked magic beast [Volcanic Giant Turtle]. Extremely sturdy, but due to its even more extreme weight, it is unsuitable as a material for armor. It is the perfect material for the great hammer, but unless one possesses Attributes around the level of current Kajikawa Hikaru's, it would be unwieldy.>>

Oou. Sure is one plot convenient drop.
Is my Luck actually paying off in spades for real this time around. Any other time would have been nuts.

"Heck yeah, this thing works real great as the mat!"

"Truly? ...that's good."

"F-for sure. We'd be stuck fighting that super strong magic beast again if it didn't..."

"Sorry for making you guys go along with me. As a thanks, I'll make you pudding."

"Pudding? What's up with that tasty-sounding name..."

"...Can't wait."


We've finally gotten our hands on the Reborn Explosive Hammer's material.
All that's left is to gather the rest of the material while leveling and maybe order more equipment along the way.
Could always look in other weapon and magic tool stores, but the stuff that guy (Julian) makes seem like it'll be more interesting.
I can't wait, fuhahahaha.

"Kajikawa-san is making that scheming look again..."


No no, I'm not scheming something sinister or anything.
I mean, Reina aside, Alma looking that scared of me is such a heavy blow, give me a break...






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 191

Trial Overcame


We're now standing in front of the final floor's escape portal.
This would be the first time we completely conquered a dungeon.

Sheesh, who could've imagined I'd get half of my body finely minced up.
That much damage left me with half of my HP. I shudder at the thought of Alma taking that attack.

"Haa, it's all my fault. I didn't think the possibility of a surprise monster spawning on the final floor. I'm really sorry..."

"Hikaru wasn't at fault at all, it was because I stopped attacking..."

"No! My insufficient strength was the reason, my shuriken couldn't finish that beast off!"

『Pipii! Pi!』

...Each of us apologized and pointed our mistakes.
By the way, I think Hiyoko's nuance was 'If only I was stronger...!'. No no, you seriously did a good job buffing Alma with your energy back then.
That situation just wasn't the fault of any one of us (mostly me though), and it likely just wasn't possible to come out of it without anyone hurt.

A Lv60, likely an upper echelon A-ranked magic beast gave a lot of experience points, we all leveled up.
Here's our Status now:
<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >

Name: Almatina
Level: 34
Age: 16
Race: Human
Job: High Paladin
Status: Hungry (Large), Fatigued

HP (Health): 735/735
MP (Magic): 569/569
SP (Stamina): 17/375

STR (Strength): 407
ATK (Attack): 407 (+580)
DEF (Defense): 375 (+100) (+70)
AGI (Agility): 382 (+180)
INT (Intelligence): 421 (+300)
DEX (Dexterity): 319
PER (Perception): 411
RES (Resistance): 317
LUK (Luck): 318

Swordsmanship Lv.9
Martial Arts Lv.10
Ultimate Martial Arts Lv.1
Throwing Lv.4
Magic Sword Lv.5
Offensive Magic Lv.10
Intermediate Offensive Magic Lv.2
Spirit Magic Lv.2
Support Magic Lv.2
Kempo Lv.2

【Master Skills】
Aura Mitigation

Lv.2 Dragon Eater Black Sword
ATK +580, INT +300

Bear Leather Breastplate
DEF +100

Boots of Raging Gale
DEF +70, AGI +180

Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer
Demon Slayer
Skill Master
First Paladin
Thousand Wall Breaker

Ooh, likely thanks to her Job Changing to High Paladin back at the Monster Prairie and 'Living Fast and Furious' Title, her Attributes saw some large increases.
...Her LUK especially. What's up with that number!? Its twice as high as her LUK at Lv25!

<<There is a specification that enables those who level up alongside those with high LUK to enjoy an increased LUK growth rate. Kajikawa Hikaru's abnormally high LUK has affected Almatina, as well as Reinamiure and Hiyoko's LUK growth rate.>>

O, oh. Is that right.
Guess I've got a really high Luck stat all things considered. Sure doesn't feel like it.

Many of her Skills leveled up too, Martial Arts and Offensive Magic reached Lv10 and got their upgraded... Huh, [Intermediate Offensive Magic]? Not Advanced?

<<Those who can only use two elements acquire Advanced Offensive Magic, but those who can deploy three or more elements acquire Intermediate Offensive Magic instead. Once it has reached Lv10, Advanced Offensive Magic Skill will be acquired.>>

Fumufumu, so you skip over Intermediate if you can't use lots of elemental types. But guess you also lose the chance for one slot of Master Skill.
So what's that unfamiliar sounding Master Skill about. [Double-Tongued], what?

<<It's an always active Master Skill that enables its users to cast multiple Offensive Magic Skills at once. Despite the name [Double-Tongued], there is no limit to the numbers of spells that can be cast at once. However, it is not possible to cast multiple of the same spell.>>

The heck, how is that fair!?
Like, this means she can bind her enemy with Dark Whip while barraging them with other spells, or simply bombard them with a huge array of spells at once isn't it?
I mean, she can already do something similar with Mana Control, but being able to parallel cast multiple elemental types is gonna expand the tactics available to her.
It'll be fun like how that Mage young man showed us in Vinfitt. Intriguing.

And, what's that 'Thousand Wall Breaker' title deal?

<<A title acquired when a base Attribute has reached more than 1000 without the bonus from equipment. It can be acquired with the help of temporary boosts through Skills and Energy Control. The title slightly increases acquired Exp.>>

That's another Title good to have early.
...Wait a minute, can't I, Reina and Hiyoko get it with energy buff as well?

<<It is possible.>>

Alrighty, let's grab this Title ourselves too later.

"You've got several new Titles and Master Skills. This [Double-Tongued] especially lets you cast multiple spells in parallel, might wanna give it a whirl."

"Un. Can't wait to see what it can do."

Next up is Reina's.

Name: Reinamiure
Level: 25
Age: 15
Race: Human
Job: Poison Flower Kunoichi
Status: Hungry (Large), Fatigued

HP (Health): 390/390
MP (Magic): 297/297
SP (Stamina): 18/208

STR (Strength): 199
ATK (Attack): 199 (+80)
DEF (Defense): 191 (+80) (+10)
AGI (Agility): 315 (+24)
INT (Intelligence): 171
DEX (Dexterity): 275
PER (Perception): 301
RES (Resistance): 201
LUK (Luck): 237

Dagger Arts Lv.7
Martial Arts Lv.6
Stealth Lv.7
Ninjutsu Lv.4
Throwing Lv.3
Kempo Lv.1
Trap Lv.1

Bear Fang Knife
ATK +80

Bear Leather Black Garb
DEF +80

Wind-Slicing Tabi
DEF +10, AGI +24

Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer

Her Attributes saw some nice increases as well. I ain't commenting on LUK no more.
Hm, huh? Her Job is no longer Ninja.

"Reina, your Job's been replaced with [Poison Flower Kunoichi], did you have a Job Change?"

"Ah, yessire. Got a Job selection floating in front of my eyes when I came to, so I chose one right away. The other choice was High Ninja, but I just felt like I wanna this one."

"...Please consult me first next time. Menu can help tell what kind of Jobs they are. There'd be no backsies if you picked a weird Job, you know."

"...Yes, I'm sorry."

"Well, this one seems the right one though. No harm, no foul."

According to Menu, High Ninja is a direct upgrade of Ninja with nothing of note besides a better growth rate.
While [Poison Flower Kunoichi] may have a slightly worse growth rate, it gets you a special skill [Trap] which will greatly expand her combat strategies.

By the way, apparently you need [Kunoichi] and [Handy] Titles in order to get this Job be selectable.
She got Kunoichi the moment she picked Ninja Job cause she's a girl. Handy requires her to have a history of defeating magic beasts with tools besides weapons.
Must be thanks to her usage of Explosion Pearls, Lightning Peppers and suchs. I mean I've got this title too.


"Huh, this title on the list... Yusha (Hero)?"

"E-eh, H-Hero!? Me!?"

"Ah, got it wrong, it's 'Ban'Yuusha' (Foolhardy). You get it when you beat a magic beast over 40 level higher, it gives yet more bonus Attribute points on Level Ups."

"O-oh... Just one word difference makes for a world's different."

Uh, well, at least it's a useful Title. Nothing to lose having one.

Next up, Hiyoko.

Name: Hiyoko
Magic Beast: Iron Cock
Level: 25
Status: Hungry (Large), Tamed (Kajikawa Hikaru)

HP (Health): 350/378
MP (Magic): 220/220
SP (Stamina): 11/211

STR (Strength): 300
ATK (Attack): 300
DEF (Defense): 287
AGI (Agility): 321
INT (Intelligence): 104
DEX (Dexterity): 123
PER (Perception): 284
RES (Resistance): 111
LUK (Luck): 141

Magic Beast Lv.3
Claw Arts Lv.7
Fang Arts Lv.7
Martial Arts Lv.6
Kempo Lv.1

Superior Slayer
Living Fast and Furious
Magic Beast Killer
Humanity Ally
Gourmet Magic Beast

Likely thanks to platinum chicken's Succession, Hiyoko's stats are higher than Reina on average.
Though maybe it's because Hiyoko is a magic beast that can't get more Attribute bonus from equipment.
No wait, maybe we can get Gen-san make one for Hiyoko? I'll ask him later.

The Skill Levels are getting up there too.
...Speaking of, how'd Hiyoko manage to get Kempo Skill. Not even that platinum chicken had one.

<<It was due to Hiyoko watching and repeatedly mimicking Almatina and Reina's sparring, resulting in skill proficiency gains.>>

Getting a skill by just mimicking. This chicken's a cheat too.

The Titles aren't that much different from Alma's and Reina's. Weird Titles like Humanity Ally and Gourmet Magic Beast aside.
Successor must be due to being a magic beast that has performed a Succession.

"You've grown into quite the force. Pretty impressive for a chicken that's just been born not too long ago. Well done."


"So yeah, you're part of the gang in our next Ogre culling. Fighto."

『Pi, pipii...』

Why do you sound reluctant. Scared?
It's fine, it's fine, you won't die right away so long as you use Energy Control well.

Now then, it's finally time to check my Status, wonder how it looks?
I do know that Menu has gotten a new Function, but I haven't seen my Attributes yet.
...Why does looking at my own stats scare me most?






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