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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 457

457 Schedule


Unfamiliar ceiling. Right, this place is the federation chairman's mansion.
I haven't been waking up on schedule as of late.
When I always did when I was still living in my village.

(Have all these trips destroyed my inner routine? Is this a good thing? Or a path to laziness.)

I got up and opened the curtain to be greeted by the bright morning light.
Judging from the light height, it's still early out.
As I stretched my body to loosen it up from the chilly morning air, someone knocked on this room's door.

"Your breakfast is ready. How would you like it?"

"Please bring it to this room."

That all it took. 'Understood', after that the presence vanished behind the door.

(These people always pick the right timing to ask this stuff, how'd they do that?)

It simply means the servants are standing by outside the guest room, ready to respond to their needs once they wake up, but as a commoner, I had no clue about that.
'Excuse me', they brought my breakfast in and I began silently working on it.
I stayed quiet as I saw the servant off the room.

"Phew, now then. Good time as any to check my schedule."
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First of all, I gotta go back to the kingdom. I plan to inform the PM about the federation's situation.
That should resume the halted traffic of goods and people.

Second of all, I need to return to the commercial city and notify the ladies.
I'll tell Eltros about the federation as well. It should make for a good business opportunity for him to transport goods here.

After that, I'll think about my next move once it's time. I have no concrete destination. Heck, I might as well keep wandering around everywhere. Aimlessly walking to find somewhere calm and quiet.
It seems it's my fate to deal with these issues perpetually. My goal is retirement, yet the reality can't be any further.

"Welp, enough break, time to get moving. Man, I just got through that road too yesterday..."

I'm so fed up of the trip by now.
I'll have Eltros hire mercenaries or something to escort the ladies back here.
I don't have the energy left to do it myself. I'm so done with round trips.
Heck, it might be a good idea to stay in Eltros's mansion for a while.

"Haa, guess I gotta mind my manner and greet him before departing for good."

Thus, I ask the servant by the hallway to take me to Sir Lolengus's room.





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