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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 452

452 Important Discovery


"Who in the world are you? How'd ya manage to stop that. Hmph! Whatever. That was just a warm-up! I'm gonna go all out now!"

He must have full confidence on his strength. Looks like he's implying me stopping him was just a fluke.
What this man did next was to raise his greatshield high up and swung it down.
He put everything behind that swing, that on top of the shield's massive weight.

This old man is wearing quite a bulky armor too. His fighting style must utilize both that and the greatshield.
He's got no mace, or a sword on his waist. There's a small knife but that's it.
He's only been using his greatshield to attack me all this time. Both offensively and defensively, quite an unusual style.

But there's no way such a slow attack would hit me. Even outside Acceleration. Easy.
I didn't learn all kind of martial arts in my previous life for nothing. I swiftly got away from the attack range.
A minor tremor was generated along with a small crater as the attack hit the ground like a giant falling iron ball.

"Who scary! Good thing I dodged that. Woulda sunk in the ground if I ate that head-on..."

Of course my body will be absolutely fine even if that hit. But not the ground.
My feet would have definitely sunk in if I took that.
Getting dirt inside your shoes is the worst feeling. I praised myself for choosing to dodge if only for that.
But the old man took my reaction wrong and spoke haughtily.

"Hmph! Nothing in this world can survive my great attack! Prostrate yourself before me and I might just let you off yeah? Turn around with your tail tucked between your legs. I'll look the other way. Now bow before the great me if you don't want to become a tragic corpse."
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I'm amazed by his pompous attitude. This old man must be another Epithet Holder mercenary.
He's acting way too careless despite witnessing another holder beaten just now. Do all mercenaries not measure the gap in strength between themselves and the enemies before them?
I've only come across two types of these holders, one who went all out right off the bat, and another who keeps trying to flaunt their strength like this.
Yet, that's enough to form a prejudice about mercenaries in me.

(Well, and the fact that these people are willing to work under Kanedor.)

They must be motivated by money.
And that's fine as mercenaries, but I dunno about that humanely speaking.
They don't feel danger because they're selling their life for money. With half-baked strength to back it up. 'I'm strong, there's no way I'll die'.
Had he been more careful, he would have raised his alert level to maximum after seeing me stop his first attack.
Being able to weight between your life and money should have been an important quality in this line of work.
No, that applies to any job. You can't get revived with money. This is not a game.
Once you're dead your money is worthless to you. No coming back to life. That's reality.

(...No wait, could it be that you can!? I mean magic exists here, resurrection magic might too, no?)

And now I found one thing that bugs me after all this time. I gotta find out about this matter somewhere.
If it turned out to be a fairy tale, then that's the end of the matter. But if the magic exists for real, it can't come cheap.

In all my short journey thus far, my ears never picked up the word resurrection once.
But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The word 'insurance' floated in my mind.

(Guess I could ask Sir Lolengus about it later.)

I almost got stabbed by that Swift Flash guy. Which means there's no guarantee I won't die in the future.
I'd like to have a means to be revived if that ever happens. To finally start worrying about my safety now after all this time, I really was drunk on my power.
I can get sick or wounded too. This world doesn't seem to have insurance company, but doctors exist. I'm not too confident about the quality of medical care in this fantasy world.
Gotta start researching about healing magic and healing potions. How bad a wound can they cure? What's the after-effect?
I'm in a fantasy world and all. Would be nice if there's really a means of resurrection.
And I'd like to have one. So yeah, I'm finally losing my nerve.

An angry voice interrupted my thought on this important discovery.

"You! How dare you keep muttering who knows crap and ignore me! I see you got a death wish! I'll grant you just that, now get crushed!"





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