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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 192

Clear Reward


Kajikawa Hikaru

Level 40

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Indeterminate)

State: Hunger (Major), Fatigue, Anemia (Minor)


HP (Health): 1030/1030
MP (Mana): 640/640
SP (Stamina): 60/402

STR (Strength): 826
ATK (Attack): 826
DEF (Defense): 825
AGI (Agility): 824
INT (Intelligence): 829
DEX (Dexterity): 845
PER (Perception): 841
RES (Resistance): 819
LUK (Luck): 819


Superior Slayer, Fearless, Magic Beast Killer, Magic Beast Genocider, Demon Slayer, Miracle Healer, Fear Incarnate, Infringer of Natural Order, Overcomer of Death, 1000 Wall Breaker, 2000 Surpasser, Onward to 3000 Realm, Handy, Gormandizer

Oh... What?
No no, no no no no. Wait a dang minute.

First of all, aren't my Stamina and Mana getting weirdly high?

<<It is likely due to the effects of 'Miracle Healer' Title acquired from an action of restoring loss limbs, and 'Gormandizer' Title acquired from consuming a certain quantity of food in a single meal. Both Titles raise the maximum as well as growth rates of MP and SP.>>

O-ou. Really now.
..That's nice and all but I'm scared of my own Status encroaching monstrosity level like this.

My Attributes have even gone over 800.
Err, 2-10 added to 54, 11-20 added to 155, 21-30 added to 255, 31-40 added to 355.
In total, 819. Yup, the math seems to check out.

...These stats are about equal to that of platinum chicken's. And I'm 10 level lower.
But all the training I did seems to have barely any effect on my Attributes. I've been working out every night before going to bed too.

<<As your Attributes get higher, ordinary workouts become ineffective. This can be alleviated by simply adding the load.>>

O-oh really now.
No wonder pushups and situps feel like a cinch these days.
...Maybe I gotta pile rocks on me or something next time.

My equipment got wrecked thanks to that stupidly huge worm.
Those bladed boots ended up doing nothing...
Well, we're getting new equipment soon anyway, I can just order new boots then.
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The issue is my Titles, what's even [Fear Incarnate]...?

<<A title conferred to those who have inflicted abnormal status such as fear, fainting and shock on a certain number of people. The effect adds an overpowering pressure with intimidation.>>

I'm not sure if I want that effect. Heck, the name of this Title sure gives off a bad vibe... Oh well.

I'm guessing '2000 Surpasser', 'Onward to 3000 Realm' are given to people who have their Attributes at 2000s and 3000s even temporarily.

<<Affirmative. The Titles majorly increase acquired experience points. For humans, both are extremely rare Titles that have only ever been conferred to S-ranked Adventurers and similar class.>>

Hmm. Well I got them from explosively raising my Attributes with Energy Control. They're kinda like windfalls, in reality I'm nowhere near as strong as S-ranked folks.

Also, 『Overcomer of Death』 is apparently a Title given to those whose HP goes to 1 or less and comes back to live. Mine has been frequently gone to 0 though...

...Final question. What's [Infringer of Natural Order]?

<<A Title conferred to those who command direct control over Mana, Stamina, and Life Force... In fact, Kajikawa Hikaru should have acquired this Title sooner.>>

So it's like a warning from the natural order of things, like, 'I'm watching you.'

<<Unanswerable, as it pertains laws of the world... However, as there exist no other holder of this Title, that conjecture may be apt in all likelihood.>>

I knew it. Natural order-san must be getting annoyed watching me. Yay, are you seeing this? Ah, sorry forgive me please don't hand down divine punishment or anything.

"Hikaru, your face is twitching, what's wrong?"

"Hnn, so you see I just checked out my Status..."

"I bet it looks real nasty. Like maybe your Attributes being over 500 or something?"

"No, they're over 800."


"Well, it's like a compensation for my inability to use a Skill. Allows me to fight stronger foes somewhat."


"K-Kajikawa-san always betrays expectations in the wildest way..."

The two are looking blankly at me.
Just so you know, you two can easily get these numbers through Skills and Energy Control okay?
Difference in Attributes can be overcome through ingenuity anyway, this much is just a margin of error... Or not I guess.

Now that we're done checking our stats, time to go home through the Escape Portal.
...Speaking of which, where do you get your reward for conquering a dungeon anyway?

<<A treasure chest will emerge once you have returned to the entrance through the Escape Portal.>>

Oh okay. Won't someone snatch it?

<<Anyone other than the Dungeon Conquerors touching the reward inside the dungeon will incur heavy penalty, therefore that worry is unfounded. The same rule applies to attempts to harm Dungeon Conquerors.>>

I see, that's a well made system.
Well then, it's probably some sort of nuts again anyway.
I'm just glad we're still alive. Gonna wait till we get stronger before we take another stab at this dungeon conquering business.

We got on the escape portal and returned to the surface.

"Phew, we can finally go home."

"Good work us."

"Good work~."


We stretched together while voicing our appreciation for coming out alive.
Really, I'm so glad we're all safe and sound.


"Ah, it's a treasure chest! ...Whoa, it's huge!?"

"It's as tall as me huh... Wonder how big of a nut inside."

"No, please don't assume it's a nut already! I'm gonna snap if it turns out to be one after going through that battle to death, okay!?"

"I mean you know, all the treasure chests I opened always turned up nuts in the end. All stuff I really wanted deep down though."

"Then what if we all open it up together?"

"That sounds good actually. I'll make a scaffold with mana, you guys can get on it."




"Here we go!"

We all put our hands on the chest and pried it open.

Inside is... a rock? The heck?

"Huh, it's not a nut?"

"Why're you so hellbent on it being nuts anyway! We're here to get the material for your weapon, remember?!"

"...A rock, hmm, a fragment of, turtle shell?"

Turtle shell? Ah, it does look like one.
Menu-san, analysis please.

<<It is a fragment of the shell of an S-ranked magic beast [Volcanic Giant Turtle]. Extremely sturdy, but due to its even more extreme weight, it is unsuitable as a material for armor. It is the perfect material for the great hammer, but unless one possesses Attributes around the level of current Kajikawa Hikaru's, it would be unwieldy.>>

Oou. Sure is one plot convenient drop.
Is my Luck actually paying off in spades for real this time around. Any other time would have been nuts.

"Heck yeah, this thing works real great as the mat!"

"Truly? ...that's good."

"F-for sure. We'd be stuck fighting that super strong magic beast again if it didn't..."

"Sorry for making you guys go along with me. As a thanks, I'll make you pudding."

"Pudding? What's up with that tasty-sounding name..."

"...Can't wait."


We've finally gotten our hands on the Reborn Explosive Hammer's material.
All that's left is to gather the rest of the material while leveling and maybe order more equipment along the way.
Could always look in other weapon and magic tool stores, but the stuff that guy (Julian) makes seem like it'll be more interesting.
I can't wait, fuhahahaha.

"Kajikawa-san is making that scheming look again..."


No no, I'm not scheming something sinister or anything.
I mean, Reina aside, Alma looking that scared of me is such a heavy blow, give me a break...






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