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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 187

Reaching the Deepest Floor~


Hello there. We're having a steady progress on our goal of reaching the dungeon's deepest floor, we're currently making our way on Floor 12.
Our pace is approximately around twice as fast as previously cause I've been prioritizing going for the next floor, not mapping.

The magic beasts' levels are now around upper level 30s and early 40s so while it's not a problem for me and Alma, Reina and Hiyoko are having a tough time.
Well, they're getting a lot of experience points every time a beast is defeated thanks to it though.

"Oh, my level went up again~!"


With this Level Up, Reina is now Lv20, Hiyoko Lv16.
...They're getting shared exp from taking part of us defeating those beasts, is this considered power leveling?
I want to believe this is fine since their Skill Levels are rising nicely too.

<<As they are not killing magic beasts that are on the verge of death and instead fighting them in real combat, their Skill Proficiency is increasing naturally as well. Therefore, this poses no issues.>>

That's fine then. Oh yeah, gotta pay attention to our stamina and vitality.
Our MP and HP may be restored to full with each level up, but the hunger remains after all.

By the way, apparently if you level up with loss limbs, those limbs won't just regrow.
A loss limb will reduce your maximum HP, and restoring your HP gets it back to that reduced number instead.
Yet, Lifeforce Control apparently allows one to recover that maximum HP back. It takes a lot more HP than normal recovery though.

"Kajikawa-san! What's my level now?"

"It's 20. Sure went up a lot huh."

"Oooh, I'm definitely getting stronger!"

"Your Skills are getting up there too. And you've got multiple new Titles. Let's see, [Superior Slayer], [Fearless Daring], [Daredevil], [Living Fast and Furious]... Waitaminute, what's up with this line up."

"What what, those titles make it sound like I'm suicidal!?"

"Err, you got the first three from defeating foes 10, 20, 30 levels higher from yours respectively, probably got it from defeating that ogre. The effects get you the difference between yours and foe's levels added to your Attributes when you're fighting higher leveled enemies."

"Difference between levels... Well, guess it's better than nothing."

"No, the effects of these three titles are separately added, it might be pretty noticeable you know. I'm sure you'd feel the bonus whenever you fight another ogre."

"D-do I have to fight that monster again... I'm scared..."

By the way both me and Alma also have [Superior Slayer] and [Fearless Daring].
[Daredevil] isn't something you can intentionally obtain. Those who fight stronger enemies to get that title must be true Daredevils.
Or maybe they can slip in during the confusion.

<<One must takes an active role in a battle to obtain the title and not simply participate. Reinamiure obtained the title due to her contribution of flinching the ogre to support Almatina.>>

Meaning you won't get it unless you put in the work huh.
That was a nice assist indeed... So much so that I don't think they needed my instructions.

By the way [Living Fast and Furious] is a title obtained from reaching a certain level before you turn 17, it gives slight bonus Attributes upon level ups.
...It's called [Living Fast and Furious] despite being a Title most beneficial if you get it early huh. Is this a sarcasm.

We kept going and reached Floor 15.
It took us six hours so far. Really telling how slow we were the last time. Must reflect on it.

From this point on, only magic beasts beyond Level 40 spawn.
There's even a few Lv 50 ones mixed in... Let's try our best to avoid them. It's not like we can't deal with them, but it might take too much out of us, which would be the worst.

"Hikaru, something's coming this wa--"

"Move it!"

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A strong goblin variant (apparently a Goblin King) lunged our way out of nowhere, so I grabbed its head and flung it on the wall, caving it in.
I can easily handle mere Lv 40 magic beasts with Energy Punch and ordinary Mana Pile Bunkers now, doesn't take much.

"...That magic beast seemed quite strong and you beat it so handily."

"That thing specialized in ambush so while it got high AGI and STR, its DEF was pretty low. Think Lunatiara-san mentioned how she struck one dead with her staff during Daijel's Stampede."

"Does that mean, Hikaru's Strength is as high as mom's now?"

"No idea. Heck, how's Lunatiara-san so strong physically when she's got a mage type job..."

"I believe it's thanks to her high level and the efforts she put."

Must be. I've gotten a teensy bit strong now, but I'm still so far away from those two.
...Guildmast mentioned how their levels are higher 70, but now that I'm at this point, I know it must be even beyond that.
Should be 10, no maybe even 20 levels higher. I didn't check their Status cause I was scared.


"Hiiiy!? There's a group of wolf man thingies charging our way!! We gotta run!"

"Ah, it'll be fine. Actually, you really shouldn't move."


『『『Gwuaaaaaaa!!     Aa?』』』

The group of Great Werewolves that were rushing here suddenly vanished.


No that's not it. They just got themselves caught in a dungeon pitfall.
The bottom is loaded full of sharp thorns, so the plunging Werewolves are... Yup, RIP.

Now that we've gotten close to the deepest floor, there's a lot more deadly traps all around.
It's not impossible to discern them if I look closely, but the toll it's taken to get this far has dulled my sense.
Conquering this dungeon would have been much harder if not for Menu. Menu-san, thanks so much, for real.

『Gi...! Gigwa...!!』

Oh, one of them managed to barely survive by using Air Step.
It's gripping the pitfall's mouth, trying its best to get out. Just a lil' bit more, keep at it.


『Gaa!? Gugyaaaaaa!!』

...And just when it was about to make it, Hiyoko kicked it down. No mercy.

『Cluck! Cluuck!!』

"W-what 's going on? Hiyoko-chan is getting bigger!"

Oooh? It seems utilizing traps still counts as defeating, Hiyoko got a lot of exp and went above Level 20.
That kicked off an evolution process.

Hiyoko's fur changed from brown to lustrous grey, like polished iron even.
Its spurs got sharper, legs got twice as thick. Its body grew to around swan size.
Hiyoko has evolved from Bronze Cock to Iron Cock.

"This is my first time watching Hiyoko actually evolved. It was really cool."


"Fuwaa, its fur looks so glossy unlike wild chickens, must be thanks to being washed every day. It's so shiny~."

"Un, pretty."

"By the way, Hiyoko is Level 21 now, you got one upped already Reina."

"Y-you mean I'm the lowest leveled in the group now!? Gaan!"

『Cluck, cluck.』

"...Why're telling her you'd give up your mascot seat to her. That sounds like a provocation."

"Did this little one really said that!? Mugaa! I'm gonna overtake you, just you wait!"

Despite the shock of being one upped, her rivalry spirit is burning up now.
It'll be nice if this motivates her in the leveling, I just hope she doesn't get too reckless.

Ooh, we've finally reached the deepest floor.
Now then, wonder what's the drop item be for our first dungeon conquest?

As I was nonchalantly thinking that and entering the furthest back room, the path behind us suddenly got blockaded off.
Then something emerged in the center of the room.

A snake? No, a caterpillar? It looks like a mongoli-something worm, with a gigantic and long body.
Overwhelming life force, mana and pressure.
...Menu-san what is that? That doesn't feel like the aura of a Level 50 no matter how you slice it.

<<Due to the emergence of a Surprise Monster on the deepest floor, a magic beast one tier higher than this Dungeon's Level Limit has been summoned.>>

Ain't this bad news? You mean that thing is higher than Lv60? Like maybe as strong as the sealed slime of Vinfitt? Are they telling us to die?
...What do here.





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