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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 362

362 Cheat


I was so shocked as I watched the scene atop a rampart wall.

"Ooh, so that's the real deal... Cheat given by god, I'm sure. These Blessing stuff are out of this world."

I pat my chest in relief as the issue with federation army got settled without my interference.
I can see well from here. Including the full view of that 'Col*ny Laser'.

(Who knew that guy was this strong. Invincible might not be an exaggeration even...)

The gap between this and his beaten up figure by Chimera is huge.

"Well, that's about everything taken care of. I can finally leave this kingdom for good."

I had run all the way here when I overheard soldiers in the town talking about the invading federation army.
But by the time I arrived, Arcane Blade had just come out of the gate.
I thought for sure he'd need my help up against so many, that wasn't the cast as it turned out.
This country does have a powerful force. Meaning I have no more reason to stay here.

"Not like I regret worrying over this, but man I'm beat. Don't seem like there's gonna be any more incident too, time to go!"

As I stood up while muttering that, Chimera suddenly appeared next to me.
However, something seemed a bit off with it. Why is it taking a pose like it's going to pounce at its prey?

(Chimera showing up out of nowhere doesn't surprise me anymore. But why is in that pose...?)

I trace Chimera's line of sight. Leading my view to the federation soldiers who are running for their lives, scattering in all directions.
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(Don't tell me! Ah hey!? You're gonna lunge out now!?)

Chimera stopped wriggling and amassed power on its legs. We're on top of a rampart wall. It's gonna fall down if it jumps out. We're quite high up.
The only reason why I'm here is for the unobstructed view of the army.
Normal people don't usually enter here. And there are guards watching over the place as it's vital for security.
But of course I got in without anyone noticing thanks to Acceleration.

(No, Chimera's gonna be fine even it falls, it's a magic beast not an ordinary cat... Wait no, this isn't the time for that!)

I quickly reached out and grabbed Chimera before holding it on my chest.
Barely made it before it jumped out. It was definitely going to run after the fleeing federation army.

"No chasing those poor soldiers around now. Also, I'd like to avoid causing any more problem than necessary."

I patted Chimera's head as I said that. But its line of sight kept darting at the fleeing soldiers and there was no purring like usual.

"I'll be your playmate in a game of chase on the way to the federation, bear with it for now okay. I'll play along till you're satisfied."

Chimera finally started purring in a good mood after I made that promise.


I looked back at the fallen federation soldiers.
That was when I saw something odd happening. Which is.

(Hm? The knights coming out as the rear guards is understandable. But why would they go out of their way to tie those fallen soldiers in ropes?)

Arcane Blade's attack had killed those soldiers. What should be done next is to deal with the corpses. Yet that's not happening.
However, the answer to that was immediately made clear. The soldiers I thought had died were only sleeping.
The bound soldiers woke up one after another. Then they were dragged toward the gate.

Were those soldiers dead, this would have been the worst mass slaughter in this world I bet.
Yet what's actually happening is even more spectacular.
As this means there's zero death in this war.
And the reason for that was because the soldiers were forcefully made to sleep. Half of the army, in one fell sweep altogether.
This reality sounds more absurd than a dream. To those who are familiar with 'wars'.
Especially the people who lead federation army here.

"Arcane Blade, Arcane Blade huh? What a showy, cheat punk."

God must have given this power to him. A 'Blessing' if you may.

Then what about me? When you think about it, what even is this 'power' of mine?
I'm a 'Blessless' therefore a 'Manaless'. A being with no mana.

My power is the a true 'cheat' as it's not given by god.

(The more I use that word, the more it sounds irritating and fishy. It just cheapens the crux of the matter, hazing things up.)

It translates to 'foul play', 'trickery'.

(...Hm? Trickery? ...What am I tricking? The god?)

I left the place while taking a sidelong glance at the knights dragging their captives into the gate.

"Welp, no point in mulling over things with no answers. Nothing good's gonna come off it. Gotta skedaddle now before I got dragged into another mess."






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 87

Red Tomato Turned Not


That was cloooose!
I was so fixated on the Hypnosis Skill I saw on his Skill List, I got lax on Tame Skill.
Who could've guessed it's got the ability to forcefully turn a target below its user level into a puppet. I was sure it was a Skill for taming magic beasts or something.
He must have planned to brainwash me using Hypnosis Skill while I can't move. What is this a doujin?! Doujin?! Who wants that.

I couldn't move my body at all while I was under the Skill's effect, however, it didn't extend to my mana, energy control and co. Or else that would be the end.
At first I thought, 'wouldn't it be fun if I hacked this demon back?' But I got no clue how to do that, I crossed it out.
I tried to move my body using my mana wrapped around my body like a powered suit, but it moved too robotic.
I got fed up and had the bright idea of snapping the demon's fingers instead. Thus I executed the plan using remote controlled mana.
The Skill's effect weakened after the third or so broken finger so I walked up to the demon using mana armor wrapping my entire body.
The plan was to instill the fear that "I can't be controlled. His fingers kept snapping instead, he gotta undo the SKill and run." which all went well.

The demon attempted to blind me with a Spark Wolf Horn once he undid the Skill, but I'm way ahead of him at that stuff. Menu-san also gave an early warning.
I flew up and descended in front of the fleeing demon. And now, here we are.
I've got a few things to ask before proceeding to spanking time.

"Answer my questions... Have you killed anyone in this mess?"

"W-what are you say--"

"You're dead if you speak non-answers. You're also dead if I deem you lying. But not until you beg for it yourself, of course."

"Hiie...! J-just one! I didn't kill anyone besides a homeless slum man I took control of and made to undo the seal. He was that slime's first fodder."

...Hmm, this guy is a demon alright.
I don't care if it's a homeless man or just one person, I don't accept someone who kills for their ego.

"Are you the mastermind behind this mess?"

"I-I am. I was chosen to be the one in charge of destroying this city alongside my comrades, Ranauguru, Fulbatam and Nagumufuuri who sacrificed his life to erect the barrier."

In charge? Eh, are you telling me these demons gather round to decide who gets to destroy which city?
Heck, so there are other demons going around destroying cities out there?

<<In demon bases located all over the world, demons under Demon King's rule draw up schemes to slaughter mankind en masse. Four demons appear to have been assigned to destroy Vinfitt City in this occasion.>>

Just a group of four destroying an entire city sounds like a tall order. They probably didn't expect much out of these lots? I mean the red demon earlier wasn't that strong.
Yet, against all odds, these demons almost succeeded. Shoulda put all that enthusiasms on more productive things.

"..Got it. That's about all I wanted to hear."

"P-please! Spare my life!"


The demon begged for his life with a greasy sweaty face.
I went past anger and reached astonishment by this.

"Say a human begs you for their life, would you even consider it? No you wouldn't, would you? You already killed someone to release that monster, and was completely unfazed when it was coming here with the entire city at stake. You think nothing of human lives, don't you?"

"U... Uaa... aa..."

"But that's not your fault, is it?"


The demon looked bewildered to hear me say that.
I made an effort to speak with the gentlest possible voice.

"Finding enjoyment in slaughtering humans is intrinsic to demons. Asking them to be responsible for a trait they're born with is unfair."

"...W-what are you...?"

"You're not at fault, it's the demon's instinct that's bad. Also, growing up with other demons who have the same belief, that humans should all die, conditions you to believe that's just how it should be. Hence, I'm not going to blame you."

"...A-are you going to let me go?"

"Yeah, that's why."
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As the demon put on an expectant look, I closed in on him with pseudo Ground Shrink and grabbed his neck and clothes with energy control-powered mana armor.

"I'll give you a lesson on the wonderfulness of life."

"J-just what are you...!?"

I brought him with me flying with Mana Flight.


"I thought I was dead for sure when I got shot down earlier, y'see. The thought 'I don't wanna die' filled my mind so completely back then. So."

I smiled as I gently spoke to the yelling demon.

"I'm sure you'd come closer to understanding that feeling as well if you experienced some nice near death yourself, no?"


Right afterward, I started flying around all over the city at high speed.


"You scared? That's proof of being alive. You'd better relish that feeling."


The demon kept shrieking uncontrollably. Hasn't he ridden a jet coaster? Eh? Nope? Figured~.
Well, now that I can fly at much higher speed than that time I clashed with Blade Wings, this is way above Jet Coaster level.
I did some impromptu performances as well like making him slightly slide against buildings, flying upside down, and back down. I'm quite the entertainer.


"What's with the commandeering tone? Are you stupid? You wanna die?"

"P-p-please stoooooooooooooooooooooooop!!!"

"Why so casual? Are you dumb? I'mma let go."

"I-I beg of you!! I repent!! Please no more of thiiiiiiiiiiiiss!!!"

"Ah, the wind is too loud, I can't hear you, sorry~."


The demon begged with a face full of tears and snots. Ew, dirty.



I heard a weird sound midway and noticed the demon's right leg bending weirdly.
Ah, guess I got too close. Must have brushed against a street light or something. My bad. I'm such a klutz ahahaha. Unlike with a jet coaster, we do not guarantee your safety.
Whoa there, a narrow alleyway up ahead. Dunno if I could get through that without hitting anything.

BANG! GASH!! Slideslideslide!

"Ubu!?? Gaa!? Ubaaaaaaagagagagagagagaga!!!?"

Oh my, I knew I'd hit something, the demon's face got slid through some buildings. Poor him.

"Hii... higwu... Fo... forgive me..."

The barely alive demon with an polished face and bent limbs let out a voice.
Well, guess that'll do for now.

"Well alright, I'm sure you get the idea about how precious life is. Don't you?"


"So, you know?"

I kept flying up while talking. Think we're around 200 meter high up?
You can see the entire city of Vinfitt from here.

"I'll let you go with this city's beautiful spectacle as a backdrop. See ya, demon Murugabuio-san."


I let go of my hands holding the demon.
Resulting in him falling down the ground.


Yet another scream for today. The loudest one so far.

I remote controlled the mana I wrapped around the demon and made it stop right before he hit the ground.
He'd have been smashed like a tomato if I didn't, wouldn't want that. Not out of pity, I just think there might be some use letting this demon live on for a bit, being the mastermind and all.
The demon had fallen unconscious while frothing at the mouth. Isn't it nice to be alive?
That should be enough revenge. They'd probably execute the demon once they got all the information they need out of him, doesn't have to be me. Kinda a shame about the exp though.

<<Experience points gained from defeating demons is higher than magic beasts. Recommending slaughtering the demon for experience points.>>

Nah, I'm good. It's a pain.
Is it just me or is Menu-san super hostile toward demons? Scary.
Well now, time to meet up with Alma and Reina.
...Alma's probably mad at me for going off on my own. Hope it won't put me in the same position as this demon...





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 361

361 Overwhelming


"Oy,  zzat it? ...Oy, oy, oy! Yer' tellin' me ya brought an army of laymen 'sides from these guys!? Argh, boring! The worst for reals! Why do I hafta deal with these losers just cause I got ordered? Dammit! They ain't worth killing! Ain't none!"

Arcane Blade is speaking the truth. The 200 soldiers besieging him are the elite proteges of Baridol. The rest of the army are akin to cardboard cutouts made to line up.
But numbers are numbers. Used right, it could transform into a powerful 'pike'.

Or so it should be, but to him they're no different than straw men.
Thus Arcane Blade lost his motivation. The motivation to 'Rampage' and 'Kill' here.

"Tch... I'mma put you to shame! Curse your incompetence for bringing nothin' to vent my anger on! Yer' gonna regret it, dangit!"

Zordak raised his hands to the sky. The federation shield units who were inching at him stopped when they saw that.

"O Breath of God! O Wind of Gold! Grant unto these lost souls repose!"

Once he finished reciting that, a golden aura blew out of Zordak's body. Piercing high into heavens.

"Arcane Blade! What have you done!?"

Baridol couldn't move out of surprise. Naturally. Golden aura is mana of the chosen.
As Zordak slowly moved his palm from the sky toward the federation army, he spoke.

"I'm a hero ya know? I ain't gonna back down from beating down my enemies! But hero's just a title, ain't my reason not to kill! My amusement y'know! It's to look down on those high on their own crap! I'm great, I'm strong! Goes without saying! There ain't nothin' fun beating the crap outta weakass losers! Ain't no point knocking down buncha peeps I'd never lose to! Get to bed, ya losers!"

Zordak's golden aura spread out explosively afterward.
The light gradually swelled up with him in the center. Baridol could only stare in amazement at this ever expanding wave of light.
A light then pierced through federation soldiers in the direction Zordak's palm pointed.
Like a very thick light laser, cutting through the army right in the middle.
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The light dispersed into golden particles of light.
The soldiers who were bathed in this light tumbled down one after another. Nobody stood up again.

"Wha! What the!? What is happening here!"

Baridol had narrowly managed to dodge the light.
But the scene unfolded before him brought terror.
A lone man has neutralized around half of a 20,000 man army.

"Ooooooooooh... How, how could this be!? To think hero bears such tremendous powers...!"

Baridol has lost his will to fight. The shield soldiers that were dispatched to surround Zordak have fallen from the light as well. All of them.
There is no more plan to be had here. The word failure is nowhere near enough to describe this defeat.
They should have never started a fight with the Kingdom under the hero's protection. This plan should have never left its drafting stage in the first place.

"How naive I was... I see, a realization that came far too late. My duty was neither to invade the kingdom nor to carry out my order... I should have opted to exterminate those rotting leeches instead."

Zordak walked up to Baridol who'd fallen on his knees.

"Arcane Blade, nay, Hero Zordak. Come and have my head. I shan't resist. In exchange, I hope you spare the rest of my men."

"Ya gone senile on me, old man? Tch! What a pain, I ain't explainin' a thing. Feel free to stay depressed. Sure matches yer' old bones not long for the living."

Right after Zordak finished speaking, a huge group of knights rushed out of the gate.
Seeing that, some of the federation soldiers ran away, while some threw down their weapons surrendering.
Thus, Zordak versus federation army came to an end with zero casualty.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 86

Like Creature in Horror Story


"Ah found you! Alma-san!"


"!? ...Reina?"

Reina suddenly jumped out of a building's shadow.
It was a bit, no, quite a shock. Guildmast even shrieked.

"W-what was that? You slipped out of the shadow out of nowhere..."

"Fufufu, this is [Ninjutsu] Skill I learned after I got my Apprentice Ninja Job. I can move around inside shadows super fast, amazing aren't I."

Reina proudly explained her skill.
To be honest I still don't really get this Ninja Job, but I can tell that it's really rare.

"...I can hear the crumbling sounds of common sense staying around with you folk..."

"Ouch that hurts, I'm nowhere as bad as Kajikawa-san just you know. Smashing a demon to pieces like kaboom without a Skill, leaving all those stains behind..."

"What are you even saying! What are you guys really!? My brain refuses to accept that, only headache!"

...So he used the move that smashed a High Cave Bear's head that time during training.
Honestly, I still can't wrap my head around how it works even after his explanation. I don't think I can use it either even if I did.

"And, where's Hikaru?"

"We were heading here together at first, but then he said, 'I've got some minor business to do, I'll catch up later' and went somewhere."

"...Minor business?"

Acting recklessly again right after he got hurt from going off on his own.
...I'll have a little 'Talk' once he comes back.

"Hiie!? There's a monster behind A-Alma-chan!?"

"I-It looks like an ogre to me! Alma-san, calm down! I'm sure he's just going to the restroom!"

I concentrated my mana in my head to look for mana reactions around and Hikaru.
I've learned this from Hikaru, but a prolonged use hurts my head.
Hikaru seems fine though, wonder what's the difference...?

...? Hikaru is flying at high speed?
Together with an ominous presence like that of a demon. What is he doing?

~~~~~Going back in time a bit, a certain demon's perspective~~~~~

"Fumu, a failure is it. Good grief, so many nonsensical humans these days."

I look down on the humans wriggling below like maggots from atop the highest tower in this city.
I'd have been spared from the sight of these trash had that monster gone on a rampage as planned, truly vexing.
In the end, the only dead human was the one I made to undo the seal.
...Well fine, I now know the password. I will surely have another chance to get some random human undo it again.
Besides, I have found several humans fit to become my pawns. An unplanned gain if you may.
A female warrior whose strength in swords and magic does not fall behind specialized Jobs, no, higher even.
A girl who dives into shadows and move around at blinding speed.
A masked irregular who freely flies around in the sky, possessing the power to blow Ranauguru into smithereens in one hit.
Each of those excellent candidates is apt to become my tool.

"I shall turn you all into my puppet humans one day. Rue the day."

"No thank you, dumbass."

I turned around at the sudden male voice behind me and saw the irregular in question standing with a displeased look.

"Wha, since when did you, get behind me...!? I did not sense the slightest presence!"

"Right after I beat that red demon. I'm flying, 'course I can go around your blind spot without a sound."

"...How did you probe my location."

"Not answering that. I'm not limelight-crazy enough to disclose my cards to enemies, see."

...Eerie, too eerie.
Even the fact that this man is here brings up two, three questions.

"...Then why would you speak to me on purpose. You could have finished me off if you ambushed me with that move you used on Ranauguru."

"Yeah, that'd do if just killing you was my goal."
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Only the bottom half of his face could be seen under his mask, his mouth is visible despite the illusion effect.
A sinister smile came up on it. Like a magic beast who's found its prey.

"Before I went to reseal that thing, I had sworn I'd bring hell to the culprit behind this incident... Don't think you'd die easy, damn demon."

Terrifying. When was the last time I felt such sensation from a human, I wonder.
I do not know how many years have it been since the last time but I suppose humanity have evolved to this point.
...I want, I crave. This man who emanates such an intense aura and his power.

"Wonderful... Forget old forgotten weapons like that slime, finding you is my biggest prize in all this."

I released [Puppet String] ability of [Tame] Skill toward the masked man as I spoke.
These strings are so fine they're invisible to the eye, and once they're latched on a creature, I can control their nerves.
This ability only works on one target, cannot be maintained for long and the target's level must be below mine.
However, its effect allows me to control my target irrespective of their will.
I've confirmed that he's level 24 through a simple Appraisal Lens, while I'm level 35. All conditions met.


"Have you noticed? But, you're too late. You have now lost control of your body."

I spread out my thumb and little finger, the masked man mimicked me. Truly a funny sight.
Tame complete. All that's left is to brainwash him with Hypnosis Skill until he swears loyalty to me with his entire being, and that will be one more pawn to my collection.

"You may have killed Ranauguru in seconds, but see where it leads you when you're up against a foe you are not equipped to deal with. Ah, no need to fret. You shall soon cease to think of anything outside serving my every need."

Once I'm done with brainwashing, I'll have this man fight those girls, his former companions.
I can't wait to witness the expressions on those girls when they're pitted to death against their completely transformed companion.
If things go as planned, I might even manage to tame those girls as my new pawns. After which, I liberate the slime, and all is well.
I am still better off even after deducting the loss of Ranauguru and Fulbatam. A lucky break indeed.

"Now then, first hand over the card. That thing is beyond you."

SNAP, a sharp jolt of pain assaulted my little finger along with that sound.

"Giiiiii!!? Ggaaaaaaaa!!?"

What!? What just happened!?
My little finger was broken from the inside, seeping dark red blood.
How, why



My left index finger and right middle finger followed, alongside intense pain.
I thought I was under attack by some sort of curse, but no. Appraisal Lens shows I am not under any curse.
Which means, the culprit is, no it cannot be.
I look at the masked man in front of me and see him walking toward me, with a body he should have no control of.
It's slow and plodding, he's clearly still under my Skill effect and yet he's moving on his own.
What is the deal with this man.
I have him under my Puppet String, why is he moving.
Why are my fingers broken when I'm the puppeteer.

Not good.

This man is not good.

He's quite literally beyond my control.

He cannot be controlled!

I must escape.

I must escape.

Or else, this man, will kill me

I undid Puppet String and ignited a Spark Wolf using my unbroken fingers as my brain cells were screaming at me to run for safety.

As the powder combusted, the surroundings were lit with a dazzling flash. This should blind him.

I have to run as far away as I could!
I dashed toward the tower's door at full speed in an attempt to escape.

However, the masked man swiftly descended down from above in front of me.
His eyes seemed fine. Did he protect himself from that flash at split second?

"W-who, are, you!?"

"Not answering that either. Now then, you done yet?"

The masked man once again showed his sinister smile.
A premonition akin to conviction flashed on my mind then.

"So now it's my turn. I'll have you learn how wonderful life is to you who don't appreciate human life."

I am to die in the most gruesome way today.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 360

360 Arcane Blade Zordak


(Why the hell do I gotta deal with these losers... Well fine. There ain't enuff of 'em to vent my anger but whatever, I just gotta kill 'em all yeah?)

The man is Arcane Blade Zordak. He was under a medical care until the other day, and today the queen gave him an urgent directive to intercept the invading federation's army.

(Dammit! Who coulda thunk the girl really swiped the throne! The hell that PM's thinking... letting her get the position to order me around!)

Yet he can't refuse the orders given to him due to the 'Agreement'.
Despite the slight pain still stinging his body. The wound he suffered from that unknown magic beast remained still.
Getting wounded while in a state of lacking any mana makes his wounds heal slower. Since the damage skips the mana buffer, hitting his body directly.
Had he taken damage when he was in perfect condition, his wounds would have been healed by now.

(Dammit! Shouldn'tda gone all out at that time. Blunder of a lifetime... tch!)

This is no time to ruminate all that. The five knights of colors have been dispatched to quell the unrest happening all over the kingdom as well.

"We shall not stand down. Do you really believe you alone is capable of standing up against a 20,000 strong army? Let's see you try."

What seems to be the biggest of wigs replied to Zordak. The face looked familiar to him.
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"Oy, ain'tcha Baridol? The supreme commander of federation army. The hell yer' doing all the way out here huh? Why'd you lead this utterly banal frontline, no, this stupidly hamstrung plan?"

Zordak searched his memory about the man leading this haphazard army. He's sure the guy's not the kind of military buff who'd agree to this.
Arcane Blade isn't merely a barbarian. He's well aware on the importance of information.
All due to his confidence in his strength, thus necessitating the need to find the right place to show it off.
Baridol here is a capable man whom even Zordak admits.

"...You're... Arcane Blade! I see, your side has truly anticipated our plan then. Nevertheless, there is no turning back. Having you as an opponent makes for a good excuse. Come, kill as many as you will."

Zordak's face warped as he took off his hood.
He looked displeased at seemingly being compelled to take on a task he didn't ask for.

"Bastard... Yer' planning to profit off me ain'tcha? Tch! Every single one of you... making a fool outta me... like hell. Dunno what your goal is... but kill 'em eh? Well I ain't gonna just cause you told me!"

Baridol ignored the yelling Zordak and gave his order.

"Our opponent is the kingdom's strongest man! Do not let up! Invading the kingdom comes after! First we must kill Arcane Blade Zordak here and now! First unit! Second unit! Forward! Take up your shields! Flatten him from all directions!

Baridol chose to go all out against Arcane Blade here. Despite having the option to split his forces between dealing with him and going for the kingdom.

"Good decision. Me being here is proof that we've taken care of every agents you slipped inside."

Arcane Blade approved Baridol's steadfast decision.
The PM's private army had just done barricading the gate. Right before federation army arrived. They narrowly made it in time.
They have been given the directive to drive away all the gatekeepers and remove anybody who attempts to get close to the gate no matter their order.
A step taken to prevent federation army from breaching the gate.
This directive is only canceled once the PM himself has come to the site and 'end' it himself.

"However! I ain't gonna let ya have your way!"

Thus a clash between Arcane Blade and Federation's 'Twenty Thousand Man Army' took place, however, the result of this battle would come to leave an unprecedented mark in history.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 85

Forgive? Nope. Mercy? None.


"Where are you going now, miss."

Guildmast spoke to a hooded woman who was briskly walking into an alleyway.
She was glaring hard at the woman despite her carefree tone.
...I probably have the same expression.

"W-who are you people. We'll get eaten by that monster if we don't hurry up and leave."

"That's right. We might get eaten if we don't leave, so why did you shoot fireball at him earlier?"

Guildmast reproved the lady with half-open eyes.
The woman were wide eyed for a moment before quickly returning to normal.

"...What is this about? You must have got the wrong person. If we don't hurry up and-"

"Quit playing dumb or you're dead."

She pointed her wand with a freezing cold voice.
I can tell she's not bluffing.

"P-please stop! Just what have I done to you two! Please, I beg of you!"

The woman shouted tearfully.
From the sideline, it must look like the guildmast is randomly threatening a woman...

"Is that your last word? Demon, Fulbatam-san."

The woman's crying face turned into a wicked smile once guildmast said that.

"...My, where did you hear my name from I wonder?"

"Are you familiar with Spirit Magic? You'd better not make light of information network shared by Spirits. I know full well how you've been making attempts to obstruct the resealing effort alongside that male demon, Ranauguru."

"Spirit Magic, is it. Only a few rare magic beasts and elven mages should be able to deploy them, no wonder you can use it."

...Hikaru made the Spirits, employed by that magic beast we found in a dungeon, enter a contract with me, so that thing was rare.
I think mom can use Spirit Magic too, but it's not really her forte or something.

"Ordinarily, I should have gone straight to elimination against a demon, but you're a precious sample and all, see? It wouldn't be a bad idea to capture you alive here, surrender and I'll let you keep your life, how about it?"

"My my, everything about you is small, but I suppose that doesn't extend to what's inside your head, it must be empty."

"Hmm? What do you mean by that?"

"There's no way you can capture me, you damn brat... Oh wait, seeing as you're an elf, maybe I should call you a hag, I mean, grandma instead."

"Yup yup, I'm actually pretty long in the tooth despite my looks. That despite how smooth my skin is. By the way, I see wrinkles around your eyes even though you're decades younger than me. Anyone ever told you you got an old-lady face?"

It's not weird for them to be in bad terms being mutual enemies and all, but there seems to be a bad blood brewing between them in an entirely different direction.
I don't want to stay here...

"...Go die, old hag."

"No you, aunty."

They shot magic while verbally abusing each other.
The demon shot an ice ball while guildmast a flame spear, offsetting one another.
The demon dashed toward guildmast behind the water vapor.
She has a dagger in her hand. Thrusting right at guildmast's chest.

"! 『Sylph』!"

Right after guildmast shouted that, a gale suddenly blew ahead of her stopping the demon.
I think that's a Spirit Magic spell too.

"...Using both dagger and magic, are you. Must be Skill-enchanted equipment."

"Haa? Who needs that. Of course I can wield both magic and weapons just fine. Unlike your incompetent kind who have to pick either!"

She threw a dagger at the guildmast and shot icicle spears spread out forward with her left hand, erasing guildmast's path of retreat.


Guildmast cast magic at the ground, raising a thick wall of rock.
Looks like that's intended to block both the dagger and icicles, but obstructing your view like that is a risky move.
The demon rushed at guildmast from the flank with a dagger in her hand.
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"That again? How artless."

"...Watch your head, grandma."


A huge icicle flew over the rock wall, flying straight at guildmast.
The demon must have shot that the moment that wall blocked guildmast's view.

"Kuh!? ...Huh?"


"...Too close for comfort."

Right before guildmast was stabbed by both the icicle and the dagger, I rescued her with energy control-powered Quick Step... This person is really light.
Both guildmast and the demon looked bewildered, unable to process what just happened.

"...Oh right, there was another one of you. You have such a thin presence it slipped my mind, little miss. Was that [Ground Shrink]. You're pretty skilled."

"Sorry, I owe you one, Alma-chan."

"...Could it be that you're not used to fighting?"

"Yup, I'm mainly in charge of information gathering with Spirit Magic so while I'm not completely hopeless in combat, I don't get a lot of opportunity to practice."

"Then why did you provoke her and got yourself in combat...?"

"Uh, well it just happened. That aunty just pushed the wrong button."

...Please stop endangering yourself just because.
As I was astonished inwardly, the female demon smiled devilishly.

"You must be quite an adept if you can use Ground Shrink unlike that hag. Allow me to show you my true form."

Her skin gradually turned blue and the whites in her eyes turned black, revealing her true figure as a demon.
Her stats have probably gone up a lot too.

"Now then, come missy. That is if you have the courage."

"...Alma-chan, you should think that as an entirely different opponent. She's clearly gotten much stronger."

"Yes, it's obvious... But what of it."

Yep, what of it.

"I was never going to forgive her for hurting Hikaru."

"!? Eh, fast."

I closed in on the distance between us using powered up Storm Sword and Quick Step and slashed at the demon.
The sensation of cutting flesh was transmitted from my sword.


The sliced demon shouted as her face warped in pain.

"Y,you, brat...!?"

I kept slashing without pausing.
Slashing at this demon who hurt Hikaru, with Magic Sword, Hikaru taught me, slash, slash, slash!

Slice Slash Dice



Under the barrage of slashes, the demon let out a shriek and cast an explosion of cold air centered around her.
However, I dodged that with Quick Step no problem.

"Fu, fufufu, I see, someone's, strong."

The demon smiled despite all the blood she shed.
Does she still have a plan?

"But, I am the victor here."

Right after, dozens, no, hundreds of icicles got generated all around the demon.
Dodging this would be difficult.
Maybe High Jumping above, no, that'd make me an ideal target instead.
Can guildmast's Spirit Magic block this? ...Probably not, its firepower seems way above the magic she cast previously.
Hm, Spirit Magic?

"Get turned into a minced meat and dieee! You brat!!"

The barrage of icicles assaulted me and guildmast.
If we can't escape above or sideways, then.


Buildings the icicles crashed into broke into pieces like they were biscuits.
We would have turned into minced meat if we took that alright.

Nothing like that remained on where we were however.

"...Wha? Where, have they!? ....Kyaaaa!!?"

The ground the demon was on suddenly disappeared.
It's the usual pitfall I created with Spirit Magic. It may be one pattern, but it's highly effective.
This move stops the enemy while providing an escape path ordinarily unthinkable for allies, it's very handy.

"...Huh? Aren't you better than me at Spirit Magic? Wait, are Little Gnomes even capable of this?"

<We are, just give us lots and lots of mana. Can't do that with just Skill tho'.>

<But it's suuuper tiring, don't make us do this often!〉

<It's a breach of Labor Act!>


<<<Ma'am, no, ma'am!>>>

"...What are you, an army? She's got you guys on the leash."

Guildmast smiled wryly as she muttered. I wonder if I made that face too whenever Hikaru did something crazy.
I don't know what to feel since I'm halfway there myself... I'm still not as bad as Hikaru though. I think.

"You! Get me out of here!"

"...Good bye."

"Eh, wait, what is that, noooooooooo!!?"

I unleashed a fireball created from compressed mana inside the pitfall.
Its size isn't that different from an ordinary fireball, but its power is on another level.
After all, I've put around 30% of my mana into it, tremendously raising its destructiveness.


A pillar of flame rose into the sky from inside the pitfall. That's no fireball no matter how you look a it.
I think I put a bit too much mana. Half would have been enough.

"U-uwaaa.... Wasn't that a bit overboard...?"

"Might be. I wanted a surefire kill."

"I don't think there's even a bone left in there... Alma-chan, are you maybe, really mad?"

"Un. No mercy to those who hurt Hikaru."

"...Scary. She's gonna kept him on a tight leash..."

That went easier than I thought.
...Perhaps this demon was just an underling, and there's still other demons lurking nearby.
I asked guildmast to look for anyone acting suspiciously around with Spirit Magic.

I wonder how are Hikaru and Reina doing.
Please, don't overdo it and stay safe.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 359

359 Negligence


At a military camp of the federation army.

"General! We have lost all contacts with our periodical reports! I believe marching now will end in a disaster!"

One of the officers there plead to a man adorned with a splendid beard.

"The plan has been set in motion. There shall be no interruption. We are pressing on. We have agents that will open the kingdom's gate from the inside for us. There is no change to the plan. There are no obstructions. We have received the reports. We shall march on unimpeded."

The officer had a pensive look before saluting, 'Sir!', and went back to his seat.

"There is no turning back. The federation has come to the end of its tether. A big wave of change is needed. In order to survive. Even if it means throwing our lives away as sacrificial pawns, if that is what's best for our country. Succeeding here would still be most preferable however..."

The general in charge of the army muttered under his breath.

The federation is rotten. Rotting at the upper echelons. It's a union of many country states but the wealth is heavily concentrated in only three states, so much so the economy is barely functioning.
Those three states hoard so much wealth the poor don't get any while the rich live affluently.
This results in people fleeing poor states, accelerating the rot further.
You can't live without money. Therefore people go to where the money is. Thus young people go to big main cities.
But prices of commodities are high in such places, leaving those people no way to save.
Thus the rot kept accelerating. The main cities keep getting new people, they're bursting at the seams.

Hence how this plan came into being in order to reduce those people as disposables.
All is good if they succeeded in invading the kingdom. No problem either if the plan failed and the conscripted men died off.
Even the money that circulates in preparation for this war creates a temporary boom for the economy. The rich can also come up with a special tax under the pretext of 'war'.
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The rich only thinks of themselves while the politicians see their country and people as nothing more than money-making resources.
To them, people are statistics, they can't have too many or too few.
Their MO is all about profiting and exploiting off the populace.
Thus the federation is gradually headed toward its collapse over many years.

The army is 20,000 strong of mish-mashed men. Nevertheless it's a not insignificant number. It's large enough to sufficiently cause damage.
They also have covert operatives among the enemy ranks, from double agents to regular soldiers, lurking and awaiting their chances to sow chaos when this army gets close to the kingdom.
The plan is to take over the kingdom whole. They are to invade the royal castle amid the confusion before quickly capturing and publicly executing the royalty.
Part of the strategy is to spread the royal knights thin before they grind them to dust one by one.

(Such a crude plan... concocted by armchair analysts who know not wars. Those officials and secretaries hanging around the chairmen may have good heads on their shoulders. But all they do is looking down on others, none sees the reality.)

The general was about to grumble but knew better as doing that wouldn't change the situation. Hence he shut up.

(All that's left for me is to carry out my order and die in the line of duty. Besides, as things are now...)

His years of experience in battlefield has told the general. This plan is doomed to fail.
They're nearing the kingdom's gate. It's still closed even now.
The lurking agents should have opened it already by now. They have been acting there for years, having gained trust of the kingdom's officials.

"...It's not opening... That damnable Kuroin... He must have taken notice. But this is far from over."

The general never underestimated the kingdom's prime minister, but he couldn't help scowling at how easily his opponent saw through his longtime agents.
He had other operatives that should open the gate had the first plan failed.
Suppressing the gatekeepers through brute force and sheer number. Or so it should have been.

Yet the gate remained closed. There's not even a sound of battle happening behind it.

But then a lone man came out of the slightly opened gate.
He slowly made his way toward the federation army.
The general's intuition was spot on. But even he never dreamed it would end like this.

"Name yourself..."

"Ah, I ain't gonna chase you lot down if you turn tail now. But if you insist on keeping on, I'mma make you regret ever being born in this world. Also, who cares about me. Ain't gonna change a thing, I'm your enemy."

The man's face was still hidden behind his hood as he unilaterally said that.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 84

It's SpanKing Time


"Guh...! Bastard...!"

The demon is scowling hard at me.
At a glance, he looks like your ordinary relatively handsome man, but that's not gonna fool Menu-san. Unlike me, Menu-san is super competent... That makes me sad.

"No use playing the fool. I know you're the guy who shot magic at me when I was busy sealing that monster... Heck, you and your cohorts must be behind this whole incident, no?"

"W-what are talking about! I've been hiding here to get away from that monster."

"I'm telling you. I know what you are, you can skip those theatrics. Mr. Demon."

His scowl turned into surprise after I said that.

"And now it's time for a little spanKi- cough... discussion."

"You just said spanking didn't you, Kajikawa-san!?"

"Oh no not at all, I just need the guy to tell me a few things."

"You're cracking your knuckles with a seriously scary face though! That's no face open for discussion!"

I mean people almost died you know?
Even I was on the verge, all because of this guy.
I won't accept it if I don't put him through the wringer, and harsh punishments.

"So yeah, you've got lots of stuff to answer. Do so and I'll leave you half-dead... Why did you do that. So many people could have died."

Menu screen suddenly showed up in front of me after I said that.
Probably telling me to refrain from needless violence or-

<<Demons are natural enemy of humans as well as demi-humans. There is no reconciliation. Recommending delivering a quick death after getting information, not half.>>

...Or not, it's the other way around. Menu-san, you're scaring me.
I'd prefer to avoid killing if we can communicate...

<<Due to their disposition, demons may act like they can be reasoned with, however their thought process is entirely dedicated toward eradicating mankind. There is an extremely high chance of this demon harming Kajikawa Hikaru or his companions in the future if he survives.>>

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"Leave me half-dead? ...How dare a mere human look down on me!!"

Right after he said that, his skin turned red... Literally the primary color of red.
Apparently he was just disguising himself as a human using a demon Skill.
His attributes also grew exponentially. Around 1.5 times the previous values.
Rather than a power up, this looks more like his stats have reverted back to their original numbers.

"Why you ask? Many people could have died you say? That is precisely what we desire! Humans have no worth whatsoever, swift deaths are the only acceptable fate for them. Having your deaths provides an entertainment for us is more than you deserve, you ought to thank us instead."

"T-that's just not right! Why do you demons hate us humans so much anyway!"

"We do not hate your kind, there is no resentment involved. Have you ever felt like eating good food? There is no deep reason behind such impulses. You eat because you want to, the same way we kill humans because we want to."

"You're totally not right in the head!"

...I see, no reconciliation indeed.
Looks like their mental make-up have been made to be fundamentally different than humans'.

"Now then, any more questions?"


"Do you now, I can salvage this situation if I just liberate that card. Now die and give me that card before the barrier's gone!!"

He shot a fireball with his staff as he said that. Like such a little spark's gonna work now!
I swatted it with a mana cushioned hand, closed in on the demon with Pseudo Ground Shrink and hit it head-on with a Pile Bunker.


"Kuh...! Fu, fufu, it's useless!"

Hit by the Pile Bunker, the demon grimaced for an instant before quickly putting on a composed look.
His HP has barely decreased as well. The damage I inflicted before he undid his disguise remained, but my last attack barely registered in comparison.
Looks like he's buffed himself with Support Magic on top of getting his original Attributes back. Ordinary Pile Bunkers aren't gonna work anymore.

"You may deploy peculiar ability to repel my magic, but your attacks are nothing to me!"

He shot a ball of conflagration this time. Equal to one of the fireballs shot by the slime earlier size-wise.
Mana cushion can't deal with that. I mean, I got burned bad when I tried earlier.
Dodging it is a simple matter, but I won't. It's too much a pain to.

BWOOM!! The conflagration blazed up along with that sound.


"Hmph, dead from that, how dull...!?"

The demon must have seen me, done with my preparations, coming out of the blaze as he said that cliched line.
The attack burned through a lot of my HP, but I'm unscathed. Figured its firepower didn't quite match the slime's fireball.
I closed in on the demon with Pseudo Ground Shrink again.

"Again with that move! Do it as many time as you-!?"

He was gonna intercept me as he raised his staff before it suddenly flew off his hand on its own.
It's nothing. I just flicked it away with a remote controlled mana mass boosted with energy and lifeforce.
Distracted by that, the demon left a short yet fatal opening. I'm not dumb enough to overlook that.
If ordinary Pile Bunkers don't work, then it's time to introduce my new move.

I clad my whole body especially my right arm with mana cushion and then wrapped it over with thick mana armor.
I produced an explosive liquefied air (probably hydrogen or oxygen. I don't get the detail myself) over my palm. I then wrapped it in a cup-shaped mana armor with a pointed stake made of mana as its tip.
It takes me several seconds to create all this so it's quite impractical in real combat but thanks to the conflagration earlier acting as a smokescreen, I've got it all ready now.
I pointed the stake at the demon and detonated the liquefied air!


An explosive sound far louder than a normal pile bunker echoed.
The recoil was far severer as well, my arm would have been plucked off clean if not for the elaborately wrapped mana cushion.
The power of this stake is capable of easily exploding a High Cave Bear's head into smithereens. The outcome of taking this head-on is naturally, way past splatters as red pieces got scattered all over the place.
Of course the demon died instantly. There's no hint of its original form left, it no longer looks grotesque even. I gotta say even as its creator, this move is pretty dang nasty...

"U-uwaa... He's turned into pieces..."

"Umu, looks like it works well enough on demons. Good to see my training on High Cave Bears paid off."

"So this was the move you used to blow that bear's head that one time. It's got some serious firepower, super dangerous even."

"Yup, that took me by surprise as well... Ah, I'mma loot the staff. Seems a bit better than the one Alma has, gotta remember to hand it over later."

Honestly speaking, I could have ended that demon by crashing it down the ground from a high altitude with mana flight, but I'm reserving that move for when I'm acting as Soarer.
No guarantee that tactic is gonna work every single time after all, there's no harm in developing high powered moves like that.
Now then, we're done here, but how about their side? I believe they're gonna be fine but I guess I'll go take a look just to be sure.
Don't let up now, Alma, Lolimast.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 358

358 Unburiable Moat and Venting


(Now then... Think I've got an idea what to do? That is to say, 'Destroy'.)

I've gone down the rampart wall. The knights and the federation soldiers disguised as bandits are still fighting. And I'm here to break the stalemate.

I think all the piled up stress is finally catching up, my legs are moving faster toward the battlefield.
Like telling me to spit out all this pent-up anger.

(Damn you federation... I'm stuck with this crap thanks to you and your stupid ploy!)

I'm probably in the wrong here.
From the federation's perspective, I'm the one getting in the way of their plan, years in the making.
The federation's ringleader must be seething in anger right now.
But from where I stand, all this malicious scheme only serves as an obstacle in my plan.
My plan to live a peaceful life.

There's a moat that can never be buried between two sides.

===  ===  ===

I ran straight into the group of bandits in Accelerated state.
Without caring if I bump into them, or get their legs tangled. I don't slow down even when their arms and shoulders hit me.
I'm running without stopping right in the middle of these bandits.

(Daryaaaaaaaaa! Damn you alllll! Every single one of you! Quit dragging me into this crappppp!)

Looks like it's been piling up inside me without me realizing. Powers enter all corners of my body as if to release this pent-up stress.
Nobody stops me, nobody can.
As everything besides me has stopped moving in this state.
Those I bumped will get blown away without even knowing what just happened.
Truly a cruel end, perhaps making me a villain for doing it.

(That won't stop me though! Curse your own fates! Or curse this 'Something' inside me!)

Thus how I took the initiative I don't regret this time.

===  ===  ===
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The end result was hard to describe.

"Yup, I admit I did it. But I won't accept any blame."

Once I undid Acceleration, the bandit side turned tragic. People got blown away in the air, spinning all while taking people in their path. Flung all over the place with unceasing impact and speed, spreading the damage further.

"Like a human domino... Man this is just terrible..."

I have no regret but I can't stand watching the pandemonium taking place in front of me that's showing no sign of stopping.

"This scene was made by my hands... but it's just... Aa..."

The knights stopped moving at the bandits' sudden disarray before quickly realizing this was their chance.

"Now's our chance! Keep pushing at them! Do not let a single one escape! ...No idea why their ranks crumbled all of a sudden... but we must not let this opportunity go by!"

The knights gradually overpowered the bandits. The victor is clear now. No point in me staying here any longer.

"Nothing left for me here. I mean I've no obligation to keep helping these knights, do I?"

I'd collected the annoyance fee from the federation. At least for this side.
This side that is.

(Aah, since this looked like a plan to buy time... There must be a continuation somewhere, no?)

I can't hazard a guess where yet. I have no way of finding out what's the next step of their plan.
However, I'm fully aware that I can't relax yet.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 83



"You alright, Kajikawa-san!? I saw you got hit by a fireball!"

Reina asked worryingly behind a building.
No wait, we're inside the shadow? Both Reina and me. Is this maybe.

<<Ninjutsu Skill Lv1 [Shadow Dive]: An ability that turns user into shadow, erasing their presence and nullifying all damage. It is possible to turn other people designated by the user into shadow as well. However, recipients will get forcefully expelled out of the shadow under a light.>>

I knew it. It's a ninjutsu Skill. The heck, you're pretty much invincible when it's on! This thing's a cheat! Cheat I say!
Can't believe she can use a cheat skill right from level 1. Reina... terrifying!

"...Didn't I tell you to go hide cause it's dangerous."

"There's no point hiding from that thing! We're all done for the instant Kajikawa-san failed to seal it!"

That's for sure~.
The thing is formless so it can go through gaps on barricades, heck it can just destroy them with ease.
It's got terrifyingly high sensing ability. Alma's parents could seemingly pinpoint people by their presences alone, so this thing's probably capable of a similar feat, hiding is meaningless.
In other word, the moment I die, sealing the thing would be forever out of reach and surviving by hiding in this city is impossible for all intents and purposes.
All things considered, what Reina did was the best course of action. In fact.

"I made a huge blunder rushing out in a hurry without checking your Skills, Reina... Sorry, you were seriously a great help."

"Fufufu, so I'm finally good for something. Go on and praise me more~"

"Yeah. I would have died without your help, you have my gratitude."

"I-it's actually embarrassing when you praise me so much..."

Reina sounded bashful. I'd have stared at her face if only I could see her.

"Ah we gotta get out of the shadow soon. My mana keeps decreasing when this ability is active, I can't keep it for long."

"The slime's gonna catch us if we get out here though."

"It's okay. I can move super fast inside the shadow, getting away is a cinch."

<<While active, [Shadow Dive] consumes 1 MP every second. Maximum speed of moving in shadow is around 100 meter per second.>>

Err, so you're saying she can move around at 360km/h while being impervious to damage? It's seriously a cheat, Reina must be peerless in nighttime combats.
We moved in the shadows cast by buildings and materialized around 1 kilometer away from the monster.
Checking my body, I see plenty of burn marks. It hurts, it's hot.

"Ow ow... That slime went crazy with magic."

"T-that's a terrible burn, are you sure you're gonna be okay?"

"This is nothing a potion can't heal."
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I gulped down a mid-level potion.
Then swiftly healed my body using Lifeforce Control before sipping another potion to restore my HP to full just in case.

"That medicine seems super effective."

"Just drinking a potion won't heal me though. I did it by directly controlling lifeforce after restoring my HP. That aside, mind lending a hand, Reina."

"You mean in sealing that monster, using Shadow Dive?"

"You catch on quick. I understand that ability eats up lots of mana, but it should be fine with me supplying you. Are you fine with taking on this dangerous job though?"

"I'm super scared to be honest but this is our biggest chance at survival so I just gotta do it."

...Yup, of course she'd be scared. Me too.
But there's no way to escape and it'll end with us and Alma along with everybody in this city getting eaten if we don't do something, so we have to.
There's also the matter of a certain individual shooting fireballs mixed within the barrage earlier precisely aimed at me. I got hit cause I was dodging that. Seems like that individual has been gobbled up already though.
Well, let's leave that one to them. We gotta stop that monster quickly.

After refilling our mana, we Shadow Dived back to an audible range.
I took out the megaphone and made preparations to do the sealing again.

"Get ready to dive right away whenever I give you a signal."


Reassured by Reina's energetic voice, I started shouting the sealing password once again.

"『Jugemu Jugemu Gokō-no Surikire Kaijarisuigyo-no』..."

I saw the slime rapidly heading my way the instant I started shouting.
It's going really fast, seemingly feeling threatened by the near miss of my sealing attempt earlier. Think its speed is around 80 to 100km/h.
Slow, too slow.
Both of us melted into the shadow when I lightly tapped Reina's shoulder.
The slime tried to scan the area in confusion, but we're ways away from there already.
We materialized again within an audible range. And I resumed shouting the password.

"『Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu Kuunerutokorosumutokoro Yaburakōjino yabukouji』"

Alright, looks like you can resume just fine even with a slight time lag.
And sure enough, it's the 'yabukouji' version seeing as the word chains aren't coming off this time.
Reacting to my voice, the slime rapidly went for us but Reina quickly got us out when I tapped her shoulder again. Then I resumed shouting. Again and again.

"『Paipo Paipo Paiponoshūrin Gan Shūrin Gan no Gūrin Dai Gūrin Daino』"

...Just a little bit more.
But man, looking at how enthusiastic this slime  chased me around whenever I popped up makes me think it maybe looks kinda cute. Like a Pavlovian dog, I think?
I've absolutely no intention to keep it as a pet considering all the people it killed though. It's scary too.

<<It has taken in 27 people presently. All of them are still alive despite their clothing having been dissolved. Rescue is likely probable when the resealing is done.>>

Eh, you mean those people it ate can still be saved?

<<Highly likely as long as they have not been digested yet.>>

Well then, time to get this done pronto!

"『Ponpokopī no Ponpokonāno』...!"

A fireball came flying my way just as I was about to finish.
The slime didn't shoot that one. It's not the same individual as the one who shot me earlier either.
But, it's not like I didn't expect this!


I swatted it like a fly with a mana cushioned hand.
I almost blurted something out and managed to stop myself, we would have to redo this whole thing!

"『Choukyuumei no Chousuke』e!!"

Once I was done reciting the rakugo story, chains of words got painted all over the slime's body as it gradually shrunk down.
Meanwhile all the people it had devoured kept getting spat out like popcorn... Thank goodness, they're all alive. They're mostly naked though.
The slime kept getting smaller before eventually turning into a single card.
I picked it up. The card has hiragana characters written on its face. What the heck, this is so surreal.
I could still feel enormous lifeforce coming from it even in this state. I tried putting it inside Item Screen but it wouldn't go in, likely due to the Slime being sealed within.

"We did it! I kind of heard weird sounds like, ponpoko or something. What was that anyway?"

"The entirety of that is a series of names chained together as a sort of prayer for a long life. How about going ponpokopi when you have a child of your own too, Reina?"

"Um no, I'd rather not..."

Figured. I'm not into it either.

"Now then, let's see what to do with the guy who shot that fireball."

"You think he's the culprit behind this incident?"

"Or a cooperator. He's hiding behind a building, guessing he's trying to find a chance to snatch this card. It's so obvious though."

I don't even need to see Map Screen. An unnatural presence that's clearly unlike the city populace's.
A mana wave that's far more sinister than magic beasts. Don't tell me, it's a.

We Shadow Dived and materialized behind the guy, I hit him with a mana pile bunker attack!



I blunted the tip to avoid a fatal hit since there's still some stuff I wanted to ask him, nevertheless, that should do some serious damage. It had enough power to instantly kill a High Kobold after all.

"K-Kajikawa-san, don't you think you're being too rough..."

"No need to be considerate here. This guy is definitely the culprit or one of them, heck he's not even human."


His identity is revealed with a Status Check.

Demon: Ranauguru

Level 27

State: Bruise


HP (Health Points): 293/487
MP (Magic Points): 357/384
SP (Stamina Points): 201/254

STR (Strength): 199
ATK (Attack): 199 (+20)
DEF (Defense): 244 (+68)
AGI (Agility): 210
INT (Intelligence): 308 (+67)
DEX (Dexterity): 198
PER (Perception): 177
RES (Resistance): 249
LUK (Luck): 44


Demon Level 3
Offensive Magic Level 6
Support Magic Level 4
Staff Arts Level 5
Martial Arts Level 5


Emerald Staff
ATK +20, INT +67

Magic Silk Robe
DEF +68

Demons. This would be the first time I come across one.
He looks pretty much human in appearance. No wonder he managed to slip in this city.
Well well well, time to have a little C H A T and hear out his reasoning for doing all this crap... Fufufu...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 357

357 What Role is There?


"I'm not kicking the bucket hereeeeeeeee!"
"You scumbags ain't leaving this place alive!"
"I shan't let a single hair strand of yours enter our kingdom!"

Seems like the soldiers have made it in time. A fight has broken out between them and the bandits.
Apparently they acted flexibly during the time of emergency and let those wanting to enter the kingdom in without inspections, so nobody is injured.
They're still doing a small skirmish since the fight has just started, neither of the side is going hard yet.

(Now then, here's the problem. How should I intrude and at what timing?)

My head cooled down after seeing the skirmish.
I've brought my legs here high on the idea of 'enjoy' but I have no role to play here.

(If a war broke out, those children and 'Numbers' could end up as casualty. Those kids have just started their lives, I won't let this stand.)

The question is whether there is a need for my after-sales service to prevent war happening in this kingdom or not?
Yeah, might as well see this through to the end. I've made up my mind.
But the problem is how. How should I 'participate' in this war?

(Maybe I should throw rocks from here while staying hidden, or perhaps I should annihilate the belligerents in Accelerated state? How much should I back up these soldiers...)

The small skirmish is still going on while I'm lost in thought.
I'm just wasting my time thinking about pointless stuff while the situation gradually shifts.
The more it shifts, the more thinking needed, wasting more time in an endless loop.
A spiral of ever-shifting battlefield and non-stop deliberations.

Yeah, there's no point in me just being here. Just thinking about it won't change anything besides putting this closer to game over.
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"CHAAAARGE! Rout them! Show them our strength!"

Reinforcement from the knights rushed in. Then just as I was thinking, 'everything is fine now'.
The bandits made a new movement. Bandits brandishing imposing greatshields took up the front line and stopped the knights' charge.
The same bandits who were equipped with worn-out armaments. Yet those shields looked obviously regal.
And they were moving systematically like they had been trained in it.

(Ooh, you can easily tell their movement from up here.)

I'm currently standing on top of a rampart tower, overlooking the battlefield below.
The knights were taken by surprise at this sudden show of leadership. Yet both sides managed to prevent huge loss as they clashed.
Like they're being controlled.
The bandits who had been fighting haphazardly against the soldiers you'd think they'd get pushed back soon, immediately became competent the moment the knights made their entrance.

"Ah, those guys are definitely trained soldiers. And it's obvious seen from above, this is a tactic to buy time..."

And that time came.

Enemy soldiers who showed up out of nowhere had finished setting up their formation in the great plain situated between the kingdom and the federation.
The number total to more than 20,000. It's a result of multi year planning stages.
But it's not over yet. The spies that have been lurking inside the kingdom are also making their moves to create chaos all over.
Thus began an unjustified war fueled by the federation's pure greed.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 82

Slime of Gluttony


...It's here!
Oh crap oh crap oh crap, it's the third most dangerous presence I've ever come across to.
By the way the second place is Alma Papa. First? Do I need to spell it out? ...Women are scary.
This thing that's currently making its way to this city isn't really a match to those two, but that doesn't change the fact how incredibly dangerous it is.
The slightest slip-up gonna get me eaten right away...

"Oy! Looks like the seal's done for, I can sense something big coming this way!"

"Eh, for real!? How'd you figure!?

"We'll talk later! Just give me the magic tool to reseal it!"


I received the sealing megaphone and put it away in Item Screen.
Lolimast was bewildered when she saw that, I ignored her. Now's not the time.
I asked Alma and Lolimast to support me in the resealing effort and told Reina to hide somewhere before leaving.
And then I flew in the direction where the monster was going to enter the city.

...I can sense the barrier around the city creaking.
It's breaking down already. This monster's speed and power are truly out of this world.
Do I really have to go up against this thing? Even tens of seconds are too long.
Several people are walking up to the gate like they want to take in the scary sight. No no, get outta there peeps.

"O-oy! The heck's that thing!? It's flying in the sky!"

"What's with that mask!?"

People raised their bemusement when they noticed me.
Don't point at the mask dangit. I didn't have a choice I was--(omitted).
No wait, this ain't no time for that!

"Get away from the gate now! The monster sealed in magic beast cave is going to enter from that gate! You're gonna get eaten if you dawdle there!"

"W-what! Wait, who even are you!"

"Someone tasked by guildmaster Ivuranmii to seal the monster! Now get the hell away unless you wanna get eaten alive!!"

I yelled at them to evacuate but it's just a matter of time before the barrier gets broken in, at this rate...!
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CRACKLE! Sound of glass breaking echoed.
The barrier around the gate has been destroyed. Dammit, it's faster than anticipated.

Something seeped into the city through the formed crack.
A black liquid. It's like black coffee moving around with a mind of its own.
I can't tell its exact volume due to its ever-changing shape but it looks like like it can fill up an entire 25 meter pool. How is this thing so big.
So, this is the full view of that monster. My whole body get goosebumps just from looking at it and its overwhelming presence. I can't believe this was originally a slime.
...I'm afraid to look but I have to check its Status.

Magic Beast: Slime of Gluttony

Level 68

State: Starving


HP (Health Points): 4875/4875
MP (Magic Points): 3417/3417
SP (Stamina): 381/8754

STR (Strength): 1784
ATK (Attack): 1784
DEF (Defense): 2640
AGI (Agility): 1402
INT (Intelligence): 697
DEX (Dexterity): 874
PER (Perception): 1751
RES (Resistance): 1374
LUK (Luck): 248


Magic Beast Level 7
Viscous Beast Level 10
Martial Arts Level 7
Claw Arts Level 9
Fang Arts Level 7
Swordsmanship Level 8
Spear Arts Level 4
Archery Level 4
... and many others.

【Master Skill】

Gluttonous Growth

That's just way over the top! What the heck is this, it's beyond cheating! A bugged unit?!
As expected, most of its Attributes reach four digits. Only LUK stat is lacking a bit? Trying to fight this thing head-on's gonna get me devoured in no time.
Its Skills are so high too, both in quality and quantity. There's plenty of Skills a Slime shouldn't have been able to acquire, can this thing absorb Skill from the things it devoured?

<<Master Skill 'Gluttonous Growth': A Skill attained by reaching Viscous Beast Level 10. Enables acquisitions of part of Attributes and Skills from devoured targets.>>

How much has this thing been eating anyway. Seems like devouring the hero multiple times played a big part.
...You telling me to reseal this? How even. It's gonna get me good before I could finish.

<<The sealing is possible as long as it is done within an audible range. Shouting the password from a distance safe from its assaults should make resealing relatively doable. However, pay attention to ranged attacks from Offensive Magic and such.>>

Guess that's the only way. Think I'm gonna stay 100M above, well above the 20M of this thing's reported range. I'll have Menu-san measure the precise altitude.
Whoa, this Slime moves fast. It's looking for prey at car-like speed.
Several people nearby have been devoured... RIP. Death comes at you fast huh... Scary.
It's gonna claim more victims if I don't reseal it quick.
I promptly moved to a safe altitude, took the megaphone and turned it on. Preparation complete. Aah, test, test, umu, nice echoes.
Now then, it's time to get loud!

"*Inhale*....『Jugemu Jugemu Gokō-no Surikire Kaijarisuigyo-no Suigyōmatsu Unraimatsu Fūraimatsu』..."

The password the hero came up to is a well-known rakugo story.
I heard the phrase 'Jugemu' twice before the father fell asleep... It would have been a checkmate for us if I didn't have this rakugo memorized.
Think it was in an OP or ED of some anime a little while back? I only memorized it thanks to a certain 4-panel plumber manga though... Let's get back on track.
The slime's body is gradually getting wrapped by chain-like things made of words as I'm progressing with the password. Ironic considering the content of this rakugo.

"『Kuunerutokorosumutokoro Yaburakōjino burakōji』 ...Ah, the chain came off."

Dammit, it's the 'yabukoji' version not the 'burakoji' one! Personally I think this one rhymes better though!
The chains melted away. Oh no, the slime shifted its focus on me now.
It's launching a barrage of fireballs, each one meter wide, like a heavy machine gun.
Oy oy oy! What in the blaze, Alma's magic is nothing to this!
I narrowly managed to dodge the attack but I can't afford to continue the sealing like this!



That was close! I managed to defend myself by deploying mana cushion before a fireball hit me, yet half of my HP still flew out of the window.
Not good. I'm gonna get shot down before long. Yet lowering my altitude would put me in its devouring range.
...We're done for.
Ah, dammit, let's try again and


I defended again with a mana cushion but my HP went to zero.
Followed immediately by pain. My whole body burns, it hurts.
Falling. I'm falling. I can't maintain my focus to keep flying due to the damage. I'm gonna die from crashing down the ground before the slime eats me at this rate.

...People really die just like that when their time comes huh. I'm no exception. I thought I was aware of that.
Ah dammit, I don't wanna die yet. There's still so many things I wanna do. So many food I want to treat Alma and Reina to.
I wanted to hold a luxurious birthday party for Reina.

Ah, here comes the ground. Hopefully it won't hurt much.

Black arms came out from the shadow of a building catching me before I hit the ground.
I almost mistook it for the slime. But no, this small shadow is.

"M-made it in time...!"

Reina went and dragged my body into the shadow.
Eh, what's going on.







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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 356

356 Thoughts at an Intersection


A guide walked me through the castle's exit. I kept walking on the road ahead of the gate.
The guide man was no longer behind me. He must have gone back to the castle.

"Yup! I can finally leave this country for good now~... Just gotta hope there's no more trouble cropping up in this kingdom today~."

Of course, it's too late for that. My biggest slip up was getting into that event with the princess before even reaching the kingdom in the beginning. There's just no way to overturn that.

"Would have been nice if I could find some nice corner deep in the forest where I could live alone."

Nobody could find that spy lurking until I came in the picture. If only I could stay in that forest, things would have been perfect.
Yes, that place simply checks all the marks.
But I just can't bring myself to after coming across that incident.

"Federation huh~... Uh, they're not giving me a good impression? What's up with that country anyway..."

My memory once again lapsed here. I thought that the spy I let go would go back to his army and reported the plan's failure.
And with that, they would withdraw the entire army.

However, that was but one plan among many they had.
They were brewing three simultaneous plans intended to sow chaos in the kingdom.
Only the plan using the children failed, the other two were still active.

Of which one of these two plans is now in motion.

"It's a fire!! Firemen! Get ready to sortie and evacuate the area! Go! Go! Goo!"

I was walking on the main street heading toward the gate that leads to the old federation road.
That was when it took place. Around a hundred big and burly rugby players-like men showed up on the main street, leaving behind dust of cloud as they ran.

"...What? A fire? ...Nothing to do with me..."
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"Oy! We're under attack by a bandit gang! There's a lot of them! Call the guards! Send a messenger! Request a knight reinforcement from the castle! We have no clear picture on their scale yet! Many civilians are still outside the gate! Rescue them and defend the gate! Keep casualty at a minimum!"

The second plan was also here, soldiers ran to the opposite direction of the fire to deal with that.

"...Oy, it can't be... I've got nothing but bad feelings about all this, dammit."

I got anxious. Specifically at the timing.

(I just got done taking care of the children, you know? And you telling me a fire break out right after? ...Followed by a bandit gang... at the same time? Like hell it's all a coincidence!)

No, it might be. But not this time.
After all, it's happening now, baseless as it may sound.

(Federation's ploy huh... So they went ahead with their plan huh... I see...)

An event preceding war. I'll surely get dragged into it with no way out. My experience so far tells me as much.

(Don't seem like... I can avoid this? Then what if I just run away... No, won't it just end up like that time with 'White Fang'?)

I got lost in my thoughts at a corner of the main street.

"Think... There must be a way to dodge this... But doing that is definitely gonna cause more troublesome events in the future..."

Finding myself at an impasse, I calm down.

(...No matter how annoying or troublesome these events are, doing what I think is my best course action is pretty much the most optimal way to avoid them, isn't it?)

Doesn't look like I can escape with how big scale this event seems to be, then might as well going hard at it.

(I don't want to make a show out of my 'power' to the public. That'll attract all the annoying people trying to exploit it.)

What do I wanna do? I've gotta find the best compromise to draw the line at.

(I can just keep my identity a secret. Easy. Just gotta put on a mask. Then time my entrance right somewhere that'll minimize casualty.)

At this point, my thought process had transitioned to 'If I can't escape, I might as well smash it.'
Maybe there were other ways. Even 'do nothing' was an option.
I myself had no idea why didn't I think of those.
Perhaps I pushed the wrong button in my head?

"What was it again? Wisdom of Zen? 'Those who are ignorant cannot prevail against those who know, those who know cannot prevail against those who enjoy' or something? Let's be positive... Alright! Let's just enjoy this!"

Thus, using a mismatched idiom as my justification, I ran out to do something I'm not obliged to do.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 81

Can't be Picky on Methods


The guildmaster briskly led us to the church.
Didn't know this area was here. We normally never came here.
There's a cross-like object erected above the building so you can tell right away that it's a church, but it's kinda scary how the thing on the center of this cross is shaped like an eye. You'd think it's a heretical symbol just from looks alone.

"So this place is the church, uh, what's up with the weird cross?"

"It's the 'Sect of Goddess'. A religion that chiefly reveres and preaches the importance of living with gratitude for the goddess who created this world, promoted loving your neighbors and granted Skills to people. Don't you know it? I believe it's the most popular religion in the world."

I didn't know.
Wait, goddess? So the one presiding this world is a goddess? I had no idea cause I never met her myself. Wonder if the hero knows.
Might be worth asking if I ever came across the hero.

"Appreciate the explanation. Sorry, I'm quite ignorant on religions and stuff. So the father is sleeping inside?"

"Sleeping alright, you might even hear him snoring, but just be aware that it's due to the assailant's Skill, okay?"

"Wonder how long he's gonna sleep? Don't tell me he'll never wake up without intervention..."

"Worry not. According to an Appraiser, he'll wake up in three days time even if we leave him alone. That'd get extended to forevermore if the monster got to us, of course."

"That sounds super worrying though!?"

"That's why we have to wake him up somehow and get him tell us the password. Apparently the password is quite long because that strengthens the barrier but with the father's old age, we likely can't expect him to stay up for long, we have to hurry."

Old age huh. Wonder who's older, him or lolimast?

"Did you imagine something rude just now?"

"Not really..."

Man, she's sharp. Must be wisdom that comes with age.

"Did you just imagine--."

"I didn't. We've gotta hurry to the father."

"I'm not convinced. Hmmm."

I got in the church and went straight to the father all while parrying lolimast's glances.
I caught sights some people frantically praying with worried expressions here and there inside. You'd want to rely on god in this situation for sure.
A man wearing a priest attire is standing watch in front of the father's room.

"Guildmaster, how is the situation outside?"

"It's a chaos. Can't blame them with that monster coming here and no way to escape."

"I can imagine, just who would..."

"I'm curious too but that's not what's important now. We have to get over this situation. Has the father come to yet?"

"...He has not."

The man replied pensively.
Hearing that, lolimast put on a resolute look as she spoke.
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"We're left with no other choice. I will temporarily resuscitate him with Support Magic and get the password. That's acceptable, no?"

"Support magic... You mean [Detox Boost]!? That spell temporarily boosts resistance against status ailments by consuming the target's Stamina. We have no guarantee if father could endure such a..."

"That's the only hands we have that would likely work right now. I can't use Recovery Magic and you've tried and failed healing him with it anyway, haven't you?"

"...Yes. Not even Remedy spells had any effect. We likely need someone with an even higher Skill level."

"But there's a chance that boosting his resistance might do the trick. I believe it's worth a try."

"However, father isn't likely to withstand the burden considering his age. Even if it succeeded, it likely wouldn't last a minute..."

"A great many people will die if we do nothing, that includes the father. Don't you see that it's time to take an action now? Or what, are you suggesting we all just accept our fate and die together hand-in-hand, because you're worried about the father's condition?"

She's throwing sarcastic words but I don't blame him, the monster is coming even as we speak.
The man hesitated a bit before letting us into the room where the father is sleeping.
Good thing he's reasonable. Had he been some hard-headed old fart, we'd likely still be busy persuading him when the monster struck.

There's a white bed next to a small bookshelf inside.
A white haired old man is quietly sleeping like he's dead. So that's the father.

"...I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me if this results in your passing. I have a duty to protect this city... [Detox Boost]."

Lolimast bowed slightly before casting a spell.
A faint light wrapped the father's body, increasing his Resistance.
His Stamina is gradually decreasing in the process. He's gonna be in danger if this keeps up for too long.

"Father, wake up, father."

Lolimast swayed the father to no effect.

"Father! Please wake up!"

This time she yelled out loud while pinching his cheek.
The scene kinda looks like a grandchild trying to wake her gramps, kinda heartwarming,

"F! A! T! H! E! R!"

Clap! Clap! Clap! She yelled even louder while slapping his cheeks. Hey now, you're dealing with an old man there. Don't get too crazy now.
The father won't wake up even with reddened cheeks. Doesn't look like this is going anywhere. There's no sign of him waking up at all.

"Haa, haa... It can't be helped. I wish I didn't have to resort to this, please forgive me, father."

She took a vial with some sort of red liquid inside from her bosom pocket. The vial is so small like the one used for eyedrop, I've got a bad feeling about it.

<<[Lightning Pepper Oil]. An extremely stimulating spice. It possesses an extremely potent effect, putting anybody whose mucous membrane so much as touches it experiences intense pain and uncontrollable tearing.>>

Hee, really, scary.
And why is this person here just chugging this liquid down the father's nose.


She pinched the vial down to get it all inside. Are you a demon.


The father jumped out of the bed while yelling and crying waterfall.
He landed on the ground and started screaming while writhing around.


Alma and Reina were taken aback as they watched. Who can blame them after watching that...
Wonder if he's alright. Can he even talk under all those tears and snots?

"Hack! Cough cough cough! Haack! ...W-what's going on...? Oho, is that you Ivuranmii-san? Good morning."

"Good morning, father. Forgive me for the rude awakening. There's no time, so let me explain. The seal inside the magic beast cave is currently being broken down by an unknown party."

"W-what did you say...?"

"That unknown party, or their cooperator assailed father yesterday night and obtained the password by the use of a Skill before putting you into a coma."

"I-I see... So that's why, I'm feeling sleepy even after such an intense... shock..."

His energy from earlier was nowhere to be seen as his eyelids gradually started to lower.

"Hold it! Don't sleep yet! Please tell us the password to reseal the beast before you do! Or else the whole town will get eaten by the monster!"

"The, pass, word is.... Ju... Ju... Go..."

"F-father!? Father!! You haven't finished yet! Wake up! Please!"

He whispered a bit more before falling into another slumber, like a doll cut from its strings.

"...Nooo! Just a tiny bit more! Let's do it again!"

"Don't, he's been left with almost zero Stamina. Even if you did wake him, he'd likely die before he could speak from exhausted Stamina eating into his lifeforce."

Or so Menu-san said.

"...Blast it all, it was all for nothing. How should we, what should we do... Uuu...!"

Lolimast muttered in despair with teary eyes.

It's not for nothing. I caught what the father whispered before he fell asleep.

"No, I've got what the password is. I think."


"B-but it was barely intelligible, how'd you know Kajikawa-san!?"

"I can't say it's 100% correct, but the chances are pretty good. I think it's worth trying."

"T-the hero himself came up with the password and it only got passed down to the fathers of this church, nobody else should know about it...!? How are you so sure?"

"Well, cause I hail from the hero's homeland."

".............What, nobody told me about that."

Lolimast looked agape with her mouth hanging open.
The same reaction as Daijel's guildmast huh. Heck, so the letter he sent lolimast didn't specify about my otherworldly origin huh.

"So yeah, we're just gonna have to give it a shot now. It'd be the end for real if it didn't work out though, what do you say?"

"...Please. I beg of you... Please...!"

Lolimast who had been acting carefree all this time has a complete change of attitude.
...I dunno how to react seeing this sudden change though. Makes me feel bad now.
Welp now that's been decided, time to get ready.

...Should I deliver a punchline to the hero who came up with this password, or should I say thanks for using that as a password and giving future heroes a fighting chance.
Oh man, it's gonna be embarrassing saying that out loud over a megaphone....





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