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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 360

360 Arcane Blade Zordak


(Why the hell do I gotta deal with these losers... Well fine. There ain't enuff of 'em to vent my anger but whatever, I just gotta kill 'em all yeah?)

The man is Arcane Blade Zordak. He was under a medical care until the other day, and today the queen gave him an urgent directive to intercept the invading federation's army.

(Dammit! Who coulda thunk the girl really swiped the throne! The hell that PM's thinking... letting her get the position to order me around!)

Yet he can't refuse the orders given to him due to the 'Agreement'.
Despite the slight pain still stinging his body. The wound he suffered from that unknown magic beast remained still.
Getting wounded while in a state of lacking any mana makes his wounds heal slower. Since the damage skips the mana buffer, hitting his body directly.
Had he taken damage when he was in perfect condition, his wounds would have been healed by now.

(Dammit! Shouldn'tda gone all out at that time. Blunder of a lifetime... tch!)

This is no time to ruminate all that. The five knights of colors have been dispatched to quell the unrest happening all over the kingdom as well.

"We shall not stand down. Do you really believe you alone is capable of standing up against a 20,000 strong army? Let's see you try."

What seems to be the biggest of wigs replied to Zordak. The face looked familiar to him.
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"Oy, ain'tcha Baridol? The supreme commander of federation army. The hell yer' doing all the way out here huh? Why'd you lead this utterly banal frontline, no, this stupidly hamstrung plan?"

Zordak searched his memory about the man leading this haphazard army. He's sure the guy's not the kind of military buff who'd agree to this.
Arcane Blade isn't merely a barbarian. He's well aware on the importance of information.
All due to his confidence in his strength, thus necessitating the need to find the right place to show it off.
Baridol here is a capable man whom even Zordak admits.

"...You're... Arcane Blade! I see, your side has truly anticipated our plan then. Nevertheless, there is no turning back. Having you as an opponent makes for a good excuse. Come, kill as many as you will."

Zordak's face warped as he took off his hood.
He looked displeased at seemingly being compelled to take on a task he didn't ask for.

"Bastard... Yer' planning to profit off me ain'tcha? Tch! Every single one of you... making a fool outta me... like hell. Dunno what your goal is... but kill 'em eh? Well I ain't gonna just cause you told me!"

Baridol ignored the yelling Zordak and gave his order.

"Our opponent is the kingdom's strongest man! Do not let up! Invading the kingdom comes after! First we must kill Arcane Blade Zordak here and now! First unit! Second unit! Forward! Take up your shields! Flatten him from all directions!

Baridol chose to go all out against Arcane Blade here. Despite having the option to split his forces between dealing with him and going for the kingdom.

"Good decision. Me being here is proof that we've taken care of every agents you slipped inside."

Arcane Blade approved Baridol's steadfast decision.
The PM's private army had just done barricading the gate. Right before federation army arrived. They narrowly made it in time.
They have been given the directive to drive away all the gatekeepers and remove anybody who attempts to get close to the gate no matter their order.
A step taken to prevent federation army from breaching the gate.
This directive is only canceled once the PM himself has come to the site and 'end' it himself.

"However! I ain't gonna let ya have your way!"

Thus a clash between Arcane Blade and Federation's 'Twenty Thousand Man Army' took place, however, the result of this battle would come to leave an unprecedented mark in history.





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