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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 87

Red Tomato Turned Not


That was cloooose!
I was so fixated on the Hypnosis Skill I saw on his Skill List, I got lax on Tame Skill.
Who could've guessed it's got the ability to forcefully turn a target below its user level into a puppet. I was sure it was a Skill for taming magic beasts or something.
He must have planned to brainwash me using Hypnosis Skill while I can't move. What is this a doujin?! Doujin?! Who wants that.

I couldn't move my body at all while I was under the Skill's effect, however, it didn't extend to my mana, energy control and co. Or else that would be the end.
At first I thought, 'wouldn't it be fun if I hacked this demon back?' But I got no clue how to do that, I crossed it out.
I tried to move my body using my mana wrapped around my body like a powered suit, but it moved too robotic.
I got fed up and had the bright idea of snapping the demon's fingers instead. Thus I executed the plan using remote controlled mana.
The Skill's effect weakened after the third or so broken finger so I walked up to the demon using mana armor wrapping my entire body.
The plan was to instill the fear that "I can't be controlled. His fingers kept snapping instead, he gotta undo the SKill and run." which all went well.

The demon attempted to blind me with a Spark Wolf Horn once he undid the Skill, but I'm way ahead of him at that stuff. Menu-san also gave an early warning.
I flew up and descended in front of the fleeing demon. And now, here we are.
I've got a few things to ask before proceeding to spanking time.

"Answer my questions... Have you killed anyone in this mess?"

"W-what are you say--"

"You're dead if you speak non-answers. You're also dead if I deem you lying. But not until you beg for it yourself, of course."

"Hiie...! J-just one! I didn't kill anyone besides a homeless slum man I took control of and made to undo the seal. He was that slime's first fodder."

...Hmm, this guy is a demon alright.
I don't care if it's a homeless man or just one person, I don't accept someone who kills for their ego.

"Are you the mastermind behind this mess?"

"I-I am. I was chosen to be the one in charge of destroying this city alongside my comrades, Ranauguru, Fulbatam and Nagumufuuri who sacrificed his life to erect the barrier."

In charge? Eh, are you telling me these demons gather round to decide who gets to destroy which city?
Heck, so there are other demons going around destroying cities out there?

<<In demon bases located all over the world, demons under Demon King's rule draw up schemes to slaughter mankind en masse. Four demons appear to have been assigned to destroy Vinfitt City in this occasion.>>

Just a group of four destroying an entire city sounds like a tall order. They probably didn't expect much out of these lots? I mean the red demon earlier wasn't that strong.
Yet, against all odds, these demons almost succeeded. Shoulda put all that enthusiasms on more productive things.

"..Got it. That's about all I wanted to hear."

"P-please! Spare my life!"


The demon begged for his life with a greasy sweaty face.
I went past anger and reached astonishment by this.

"Say a human begs you for their life, would you even consider it? No you wouldn't, would you? You already killed someone to release that monster, and was completely unfazed when it was coming here with the entire city at stake. You think nothing of human lives, don't you?"

"U... Uaa... aa..."

"But that's not your fault, is it?"


The demon looked bewildered to hear me say that.
I made an effort to speak with the gentlest possible voice.

"Finding enjoyment in slaughtering humans is intrinsic to demons. Asking them to be responsible for a trait they're born with is unfair."

"...W-what are you...?"

"You're not at fault, it's the demon's instinct that's bad. Also, growing up with other demons who have the same belief, that humans should all die, conditions you to believe that's just how it should be. Hence, I'm not going to blame you."

"...A-are you going to let me go?"

"Yeah, that's why."
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As the demon put on an expectant look, I closed in on him with pseudo Ground Shrink and grabbed his neck and clothes with energy control-powered mana armor.

"I'll give you a lesson on the wonderfulness of life."

"J-just what are you...!?"

I brought him with me flying with Mana Flight.


"I thought I was dead for sure when I got shot down earlier, y'see. The thought 'I don't wanna die' filled my mind so completely back then. So."

I smiled as I gently spoke to the yelling demon.

"I'm sure you'd come closer to understanding that feeling as well if you experienced some nice near death yourself, no?"


Right afterward, I started flying around all over the city at high speed.


"You scared? That's proof of being alive. You'd better relish that feeling."


The demon kept shrieking uncontrollably. Hasn't he ridden a jet coaster? Eh? Nope? Figured~.
Well, now that I can fly at much higher speed than that time I clashed with Blade Wings, this is way above Jet Coaster level.
I did some impromptu performances as well like making him slightly slide against buildings, flying upside down, and back down. I'm quite the entertainer.


"What's with the commandeering tone? Are you stupid? You wanna die?"

"P-p-please stoooooooooooooooooooooooop!!!"

"Why so casual? Are you dumb? I'mma let go."

"I-I beg of you!! I repent!! Please no more of thiiiiiiiiiiiiss!!!"

"Ah, the wind is too loud, I can't hear you, sorry~."


The demon begged with a face full of tears and snots. Ew, dirty.



I heard a weird sound midway and noticed the demon's right leg bending weirdly.
Ah, guess I got too close. Must have brushed against a street light or something. My bad. I'm such a klutz ahahaha. Unlike with a jet coaster, we do not guarantee your safety.
Whoa there, a narrow alleyway up ahead. Dunno if I could get through that without hitting anything.

BANG! GASH!! Slideslideslide!

"Ubu!?? Gaa!? Ubaaaaaaagagagagagagagaga!!!?"

Oh my, I knew I'd hit something, the demon's face got slid through some buildings. Poor him.

"Hii... higwu... Fo... forgive me..."

The barely alive demon with an polished face and bent limbs let out a voice.
Well, guess that'll do for now.

"Well alright, I'm sure you get the idea about how precious life is. Don't you?"


"So, you know?"

I kept flying up while talking. Think we're around 200 meter high up?
You can see the entire city of Vinfitt from here.

"I'll let you go with this city's beautiful spectacle as a backdrop. See ya, demon Murugabuio-san."


I let go of my hands holding the demon.
Resulting in him falling down the ground.


Yet another scream for today. The loudest one so far.

I remote controlled the mana I wrapped around the demon and made it stop right before he hit the ground.
He'd have been smashed like a tomato if I didn't, wouldn't want that. Not out of pity, I just think there might be some use letting this demon live on for a bit, being the mastermind and all.
The demon had fallen unconscious while frothing at the mouth. Isn't it nice to be alive?
That should be enough revenge. They'd probably execute the demon once they got all the information they need out of him, doesn't have to be me. Kinda a shame about the exp though.

<<Experience points gained from defeating demons is higher than magic beasts. Recommending slaughtering the demon for experience points.>>

Nah, I'm good. It's a pain.
Is it just me or is Menu-san super hostile toward demons? Scary.
Well now, time to meet up with Alma and Reina.
...Alma's probably mad at me for going off on my own. Hope it won't put me in the same position as this demon...





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