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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 76

Welcome, to This World...


We sparred for a few hours today.
We took several short breaks to have meals in between sessions, yet Reina still quickly used up all her stamina due to her low SP pool.

"Uuu... My belly's bulging even though I'm so hungry, it feels gross... Hah, is this the infamous stopmach!?"

"Quit that unfunny joke. Fumu, I see so that's what happens when your stamina goes poof on a full stomach. Apparently the food inside will get digested over time and gradually restore your SP, bear with it."

...Huh? Then what's going on with my stomach?
I cleaned up more than 30 plates the other day yet my belly never swelled, and my SP got restored instantly every time the food went down. It's as if they get digested the moment they get in... It's like that blue haired protagonist of a certain gourmet manga. Wasn't planning to turn into such a monstrosity.
...Subspace Stomach might not be too far off. Now I'm scared of my own belly...

The day after.
Each three of us experimented on energy control individually.

Due to her low SP pool, Reina practiced how to instantaneously buff herself only at the crucial moments to preserve her stamina.
Yup, I gotta learn that too. Our eating expense gonna explode if I'm not careful with SP consumption.

Alma seems to have learned the basics, so now he's trying out energy control on Skills. I can't use Skills, so hers doesn't make for a good reference.
She's trying to rearrange Martial Arts Skill, a Skill that consumes SP to use.

Lv1 'High Jump', exactly what it says. An ability that allows you to jump higher than normal, and prevent injury on landing by toughening your legs until impact. She can jump higher by powering it up. Extremely simple.
Lv2 'Fair Wind Ear' an ability to strengthen your hearing. Pretty much the same as the one I used previously. Gotta be careful with this as too much buff make all sounds louder and deafen you instead... Are your ears alright? Ah, they're hurting huh. I know that feeling.
Lv3 'Quick Step' a high speed movement over a short distance, useful for dodging. Normally it can't move as fast nor cover as much distance as Ground Shrink, but those weaknesses are covered by powering it up with energy control. However, doing so consumes a lot of SP so you gotta take care.
Lv4 'Ki Clad' an ability that raises all Attributes besides Luck. Rasfin used this ability against the Werewolf during Stampede, kinda takes me back. This also buffs Resistance Attribute unlike raw Energy Control buff, not sure what's the difference. Alma doesn't seem to understand which part of the body that needs to be buffed to get the effect. Too bad.
Lv5 'Air Step' an ability that creates a foothold mid air after jumping, aka a double jump. The limit is one foothold per usage. She tried to make more but constantly failed. Guess the higher level an ability the harder it is to arrange them.

Martial Arts Skill should be a boon to both Alma and Reina. I can't use it though. I can't use it though. Said it twice cause it's important.

As for me, I'm trying to focus hyper buffing parts of my body.
Starting with the image of powering up my entire body, then focusing in my right arm, then narrowing it down to my palm, before ultimately putting all the energy into the middle finger.
I dunno what I'm even buffing by now but I can tell there's a tremendous amount of power concentrating in my right hand's middle finger.
I tried tracing the cave's wall with it and it sunk down the wall like it was whipped cream on a shortcake.
I resisted the urge to draw on the wall. Seems like this is gonna be useful for destroying enemy's weapons or the likes.
I tried picking up a fist-sized rock, threw it midair and flicked it with the middle finger.

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...The rock got utterly pulverized.
Turned into fine particles when I thought it would just flew off or got smashed. What the heck, scary. Feels like I've been repeating that lately.
Seeing that, Reina's face turned pale while Alma was twitching with her usual expressionless face.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry, I won't go for your vital anymore so please don't use that on my head, I'm gonna die, seriously gonna die, sorry sorry sorry."

"...Hikaru you absolutely cannot use that on people. Everything above their neck will be vaporized."

"I don't plan to... Hopefully."


I might if the other party gets on my nerves... No of course not, just joking.
I don't want to watch splatters up close myself. Eh? What about the bear boss's head? I can't hear you.
I urged the two to give it a try as well but they put on this really pensive look instead... But why.

"Nothing less to expect from Kajikawa-san. He just casually went above and beyond my expectations..."

"Hikaru ignoring common senses is an everyday thing. You get used to it before long."

"Yeah yeah, say what you like. Just know that you two are already uncommon enough from other people's perspective."


"...I'm scared of myself for being unable to deny that."

"Welcome, to this side."

"What do you mean by this side!? Don't just drag us into your oddball path on your own!"

I flicked at the air with my powered up middle finger! BANG! Or so the loud sound went.
Never heard a flick that sounded like a gunshot before.

"Who's an oddball again?"

"I'm sorry, was just a figure of speech."

Very well.
Now that we're done for now, time to have lunch.

After meal, Reina and Alma are sparring today.
Alma has a wooden sword, while Reina gets a wooden dagger. Due to the gaps in Status, they can't use their usual weapons. It's fine for me thanks to my mana defense.
Reina was desperate to get in range to negate the difference in their blades' reach, resulting in her losing any advantage of her weapon.
Meanwhile, Alma kept repelling Reina's dagger and maintained the distance between them.

"Mugaa! I can't get close at all!"

"Don't be hasty. Simply trying to close the gap will push you back. One way to go about this is to drive your opponent to the wall, or pull back and look for a chance."

"Or you could also try luring them in to attack and then focusing everything on dodging before countering straight away."

"Easy for you to say, that's super hard to pull off!"

"Err, like say, well seeing as Reina is so tiny, her lunch tomorrow gonna be kid sized."

"W-H-O asked for a lecture in provocation game!! That's just rude!"

"Uwaa, don't throw your dagger! That's dangerous! Wait, isn't this the bear one!?"

Thus our pleasant training took place today. Eh, it was unpleasant for Reina? Oh yeah.
Then just as I was about to call it a day with Reina downed, Alma walked up to me.

"I've still got energy left. I want to try sparring with you Hikaru."

"...Fine by me. You can use your usual sword."

"Won't you get injured? You're not fighting not yet of age Reina, it's risky."

"I'll give it my all at defending. But I'm gonna stop the match if my life force goes out of the window. Honestly, unsure if I can guard everything."

....Come to think of it, I've never had a serious match with Alma.
She's not an opponent I can hold back on. Heck, she might very well be the most formidable foe I'm facing so far.
Time to go all out so she and I don't get hurt.





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