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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 362

362 Cheat


I was so shocked as I watched the scene atop a rampart wall.

"Ooh, so that's the real deal... Cheat given by god, I'm sure. These Blessing stuff are out of this world."

I pat my chest in relief as the issue with federation army got settled without my interference.
I can see well from here. Including the full view of that 'Col*ny Laser'.

(Who knew that guy was this strong. Invincible might not be an exaggeration even...)

The gap between this and his beaten up figure by Chimera is huge.

"Well, that's about everything taken care of. I can finally leave this kingdom for good."

I had run all the way here when I overheard soldiers in the town talking about the invading federation army.
But by the time I arrived, Arcane Blade had just come out of the gate.
I thought for sure he'd need my help up against so many, that wasn't the cast as it turned out.
This country does have a powerful force. Meaning I have no more reason to stay here.

"Not like I regret worrying over this, but man I'm beat. Don't seem like there's gonna be any more incident too, time to go!"

As I stood up while muttering that, Chimera suddenly appeared next to me.
However, something seemed a bit off with it. Why is it taking a pose like it's going to pounce at its prey?

(Chimera showing up out of nowhere doesn't surprise me anymore. But why is in that pose...?)

I trace Chimera's line of sight. Leading my view to the federation soldiers who are running for their lives, scattering in all directions.
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(Don't tell me! Ah hey!? You're gonna lunge out now!?)

Chimera stopped wriggling and amassed power on its legs. We're on top of a rampart wall. It's gonna fall down if it jumps out. We're quite high up.
The only reason why I'm here is for the unobstructed view of the army.
Normal people don't usually enter here. And there are guards watching over the place as it's vital for security.
But of course I got in without anyone noticing thanks to Acceleration.

(No, Chimera's gonna be fine even it falls, it's a magic beast not an ordinary cat... Wait no, this isn't the time for that!)

I quickly reached out and grabbed Chimera before holding it on my chest.
Barely made it before it jumped out. It was definitely going to run after the fleeing federation army.

"No chasing those poor soldiers around now. Also, I'd like to avoid causing any more problem than necessary."

I patted Chimera's head as I said that. But its line of sight kept darting at the fleeing soldiers and there was no purring like usual.

"I'll be your playmate in a game of chase on the way to the federation, bear with it for now okay. I'll play along till you're satisfied."

Chimera finally started purring in a good mood after I made that promise.


I looked back at the fallen federation soldiers.
That was when I saw something odd happening. Which is.

(Hm? The knights coming out as the rear guards is understandable. But why would they go out of their way to tie those fallen soldiers in ropes?)

Arcane Blade's attack had killed those soldiers. What should be done next is to deal with the corpses. Yet that's not happening.
However, the answer to that was immediately made clear. The soldiers I thought had died were only sleeping.
The bound soldiers woke up one after another. Then they were dragged toward the gate.

Were those soldiers dead, this would have been the worst mass slaughter in this world I bet.
Yet what's actually happening is even more spectacular.
As this means there's zero death in this war.
And the reason for that was because the soldiers were forcefully made to sleep. Half of the army, in one fell sweep altogether.
This reality sounds more absurd than a dream. To those who are familiar with 'wars'.
Especially the people who lead federation army here.

"Arcane Blade, Arcane Blade huh? What a showy, cheat punk."

God must have given this power to him. A 'Blessing' if you may.

Then what about me? When you think about it, what even is this 'power' of mine?
I'm a 'Blessless' therefore a 'Manaless'. A being with no mana.

My power is the a true 'cheat' as it's not given by god.

(The more I use that word, the more it sounds irritating and fishy. It just cheapens the crux of the matter, hazing things up.)

It translates to 'foul play', 'trickery'.

(...Hm? Trickery? ...What am I tricking? The god?)

I left the place while taking a sidelong glance at the knights dragging their captives into the gate.

"Welp, no point in mulling over things with no answers. Nothing good's gonna come off it. Gotta skedaddle now before I got dragged into another mess."






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