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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 347

347 What is Adept?


"Who goes there!", the two thugs shouted again.
Contrary to them, the courier man is looking at me with zero reaction.

"Hm? What's the point telling you that. Didn't you hear me? Shouldn't it be clear to you lot that I'm not on your side?"

I'm standing in the doorway blocking their exit. I won't let them escape.
There's only one window here and it's not big enough to fit an adult.
Besides, the thugs probably never had any chance of leaving this room to begin with.

"You... What're you doing here..."

The lanky man quickly took a knife from his bosom pocket. The big man equipped knuckle duster-like objects.
The courier man is observing calmly. Like he's not perturbed at all.

"Who is this man? I take it he's an obstacle to our plan. You two seem to know him..."

"This guy got in our way during our last brat hunting. Guy's pretty good... Caught us off guard that time, but that ain't gonna happen again..."

The lanky man replied to the courier man.
The courier man seemed to have inferred that I'm alone. Must have deemed that I'm no threat.
But he grew a bit more wary when 'pretty good' word was thrown out.

"Then I shall lend you an aid in order to dispose of him for good. I'll let you take the front."

There's not much space between them and this door. I'd have to get out if I want to dodge the thugs.

So the courier man must have assessed. But he's miscalculated one thing. I have 'power'.

The two thugs gradually approached before rushing in at once.
And just as the thugs got between me and the courier man.

"Blow away! Eliminate all that stands in your way! 'Destroyer Sphere'!"

The magic 'cast' by the courier man was intended to blow me away along with the two thugs.
The man had never planned to let the thugs go for sure.
Part of the plan. He was waiting for the right time to execute them and deemed my entry to be that time.
Three birds with one stone, the right amount of power and range. The magic should have been more than capable to kill all three of us.
Should have been, as I don't plan to go along with it.

(I mean it's so predictable. The courier man is obviously more a bigwig than the thugs.)
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Same old story. Employ dregs of society in the land they're bringing chaos to. Sweet talk them into following your orders.
Then once they've outlived their usefulness, remove them from the picture.
The difference in 'air' and 'elegance' between those thugs and the courier man is so obvious.

(It's a classic development. Why did I never consider the possibility of finding myself getting dragged into one after all the crap I've been through?)

This must be one of the 'template' developments, no? But I'm not obliged to follow it to a T.
I'm no longer in front of the thugs. I've accelerated and gotten away.
None the wiser, the courier man grinned as if saying, 'That went well'.
I'm still inside accelerated world right now, which affords me to observe him.
I'm also using this chance to observe the mass of blue magical light that has stopped midair.

(Hmm? Well well... Is this simply a dense form of mana that exerts a physical property?)

That 'magic ball' thing you see often in fantasy work.
But this courier man must be a mage if he can cast this.

(This man just shot a magic that can blow through three men right? He must be quite an adept, or not?)

Mary of 'White Fang' is the only other person I can compare him to.
But she's got loads of equipment to raise her magic output, so I dunno if the comparison is apt.
Elves who wield Spirit Magic are too far above them as well, I can't really tell this courier man's ability.

(Considering the guy's got entrusted with this mission, he must be quite reliable at least.)

He said something about 'Federation'. However, I can't conclude yet if this scheme is truly concocted by the federation or not.
It might have been part of the plan as a smokescreen. There's no end to it if I suspect everything, yet doesn't mean I can just blindly believe what they said either.

I undid acceleration after having my fill of observing the magic.
A moment later, the thugs looked surprised at my sudden disappearance before immediately getting struck by the magic in their back.
The thugs got blown outside, sprawling on the ground.
That magic ball had enough power to easily knock out two men.
The courier man looked at the two who didn't even let out a groan like they were trash before his face warped in anger.

"Dammit! How could this be!? That should have been perfect! How isn't that man dead?!"

The courier man seems to have lost sight of me who's simply standing behind him now.
He's too agitated to notice me.
No I guess it's the natural outcome, nobody can track me in accelerated state.

"Hey? I've got lots of questions for you. Though eh, I probably won't get an answer."




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