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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 346

346 Spy


In the forest the following day. I was secretly depressed by one prediction that turned out right.
Something is lurking here. I gotta check out what it is now that I know to ensure the kids' safety.

We didn't go back to the hideout and opted to stay at Raine's house yesterday.
Thanks to having actual beds, food and a roof for once, the kids are full of vigor today. They had to sleep huddling up though.
Perhaps due to their hearty appetite and all the protein they consumed, I felt like their bodies looked more stout than yesterday.

(There's no way such a drastic change could happen overnight, I must be seeing things.)

I'm about to arrive at the place where Raine was attacked yesterday.
I'm alone. Of course I had already finished checking out the kids' state before handing them over to Raine. They're currently gathering edible stuff like wild grasses, fruits as well as sellable mats while looking for prey.
We parted ways as I made my way here by myself. What comes next has nothing to do with Raine's group. Once I'm done, I'll go back to the gate with them. And that'll be the end of my association with the kids.
I'm hoping this side will end with just some recon, but there's no telling if I'm gonna get dragged into another mess.

A mess I'm convinced to be here after hearing Raine's story.
There must be some suspicious bunch scheming something malicious in this forest.

(When did I sign up as an ally of justice anyway... I never asked for this. Yet there's nobody but me who can make things right.)

This matter should have been left to others. But without any proof, I can't just ask the kingdom to expend manpower.
And that'd likely take days to prepare anyway, by the time it might be too late.
This might not be an emergency that needs an immediate response. But I can't just look the other way now that I know.

(This whole thing reeks... I mean, the only thing anybody would do all the way out here is...)

According to Raine, those Forest Seekers showed up out of nowhere when she stepped into a certain boundary.
There were no signs of markings for their turf anywhere.
It was as if they were lurking behind the shadow, awaiting their prey. Without moving in the slightest.
Like watchdogs tasked by their owner to stand guard.

My hunch was proven right. A big hut stood in front of me.
I quietly drew close and checked the insides. It's quite spacious and I could hear voices leaking out.
I peeked in the only window that shone a dim light.
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(What is this, a spy movie, metallic gear... What am I even doing?)

Even if I'm doing all this for the kids, is there a need to go this far? That question crossed my mind. However, I couldn't bring myself to ignore this matter for some reason.
This place is a foundation where those kids are gonna live from now on. Can't let people threaten that. Kinda like an after-sales service.
I strained my ears while brushing off that thought.

"Hey? Those guard dogs been missing since yesterday. What do we do? Something might be up."

"Leave 'em, this noon gonna be our last anyway. No need to fret. We just gotta wait for the drug courier."

"Hehe. All that's left is to have these kids take it. This job was a cinch. Round up some kingdom's brats to sow chaos. Ironic. Hihi... Those federation bigwigs gonna send their troops right after."

"We got lots of brats here. Didn't give 'em a meal, but the drug gonna take care of that anyway. Piss easy. But that bastard that got in our way in the end... I'mma wring guy dead when I find him!"

The big man was worried about the watchdogs, while the lanky man didn't care.
Those two seem familiar. They're the thugs who were trying to kidnap the slum kids.

"Well, missing five or six ain't gonna be any issue with this many. A bit short for the plan but hey, it'll do. I just wanna off this boring place pronto."

"May I answer your wish then?"

"Who's there!" the two thugs shouted, and a completely ordinary looking man showed up.
He carried a small pouch on his waist as he slowly opened the hut's door.

"The password is 'Flower of Death'. Your reply?"

"'Cheers' to Representative Kelly. You the courier?"

I was dumbfounded. Password, hideout, the very picture of a spy movie!

(Can't believe I came across this embarrassing scene, I wanna cry...)

Who's the spy here. They should be, yet I feel like one instead.

"Here is the thing. A drug that compels its taker to rampage around until they die. They turn so vicious not even a group of adults can possibly contain them. Even kids do not escape its effect, allowing them to jump up onto roofs easily."

Must be a magic bag. He took out one vial from it. Containing blue liquid.

"Izzat banned magic drug? Ya bringing out that stuff eh... must be serious."

The lanky man took the vial like it's some kind of dangerous substance.
Yet there's no fear or rejection in his eyes. Indicating he won't hesitate to use it.

"Have those kids take it near the gate and you two can retreat after. Give them an 'order' beforehand. This order shall remain and those kids will keep rampaging throughout the kingdom. We shall dispatch our troops during that window of opportunity. Once I send the signal you two head back to the federation."

"How 'bout you? What're you gonna do after the signal?"

"I need to take care of some business afterward. It doesn't concern you two, your mission is finished by then, rest easy."

The men grinned signaling the end of their talk.
I couldn't bear with it anymore and went straight to the door.

"Yo, I heard everything. You're the type of humans I loathe. How could you carry on with a clear conscience doing something so cruel to children?"





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