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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-7

11-7. The Whereabouts of Zena


Satou's here. There's this saying 'a bolt out of the blue', you don't know when something happen in life. That's why, spend the day enjoyably without regret--that's what my grandfather in the countryside always told me.

Zena-san is missing?
I quickly open the map, and pick not the search bar, but the marker list.

Her current position is--the lower layer of the Labyrinth?
Why is she in such place.

"Zena-cchi might've been kidnapped by a monster! Boy, you have a lot of influences right? I beg you please search for Zena-cchi!"

Lilio grabbed my arms and begged.
Tear lines overflow on her cheeks.

For the time being, Zena-san isn't hurt. Doesn't seem like she's in abnormal state either.
That said, we don't know if it will keep like this, I have to act quick.

"I understand. I'll go look for her."
"Please wait."

Miss Iona beside her catches my shoulder.
Her armors are also broken, her shoulders are bare.

"What is it?"

I want to quickly rescue her.

"Where are you going without knowing the place she's gone missing at and the situation."

Damn, I was too impatient. Was it a bit unnatural.
An excuse. Deception skill, show me your serious mode.

"I'm going to gather people. I know someone who's good with searching magic, so I'm thinking of asking his help. I'll listen to the situation later, so please go ahead to the temple branch to heal yourselves."
"Yes, I understand. Since Zena-san had serious injury before she was kidnapped by the thick fog, please get someone who can heal her too."

Serious injury?

Looking at the map, she's been completely recovered though.
Moreover, [Kidnapped by the thick fog], was there such a monster?

Oops, let's postpone questions for later.

I took Miss Iona's request and left the guild.

I go back to the mansion with cab carriage, and move to the Labyrinth Area 66 with [Return] magic from the basement. I'm glad that I've put a carved seal board there when we were subjugating the floormaster.
I go down to the middle layer from there, and look for the shortest path to the entrance of the lower layer.
Just in case, I've changed into Kuro when I arrived in the Labyrinth.

I contact Arisa with [Telephone] magic while I'm moving.

"Arisa, sorry but could you please suspend the food-sampling, and make the preparation to enter the labyrinth?"

An immediate answer without even asking the reason, as expected of Arisa.
She's too handsome.

I tell Arisa about the [Disappearance of Zena], and get her to organize a dummy search party.
I'm sorry for Lulu who's doing a special training for the Duchy Capital Cooking Tournament, but I'll be borrowing the three advisors, Liza, Arisa, and Mia for a bit.

While relying on the Hiding skill, I make my way through the labyrinth's passages near the ceiling using Sky Drive in order not to let the explorers who are hunting in the middle layer notice me.
Some winds may be left in my wake, but please overlook that much.

I drilled a hole through a gigantic slime that blocked the way, smashed some carnivorous plant monsters that had grown closely together to become a forest, and repeatedly mowed down steel string nests in the Massacre Spider's area before I came out of the middle layer.
I had also exterminated some large monsters who blocked the way, but it's just trivial things.

I stop at a mysterious metal door on the path that continues to the lower layer.
Apparently it's a sealed door with Riddle.

I immediately knew the way to open the door with [Riddle] skill, but since it seemed that it'd take time to do, I forcefully severed the door using the holy sword Caliburn, opening the way.

Moment time is precious right now.

I wonder how long the spiral staircase beyond the door continues underground.
The radar finally notified that I had entered an unknown area.

I use the [All Map Exploration] after a long while absent, and check the lower layer.

The lower layer of the labyrinth is apparently slightly different than the upper and the middle layer.
If I liken it to plants, imagine there are eight gigantic bump-shaped rhizomes, connected to several hundreds mesh-shaped small rhizomes.
These rhizome parts are what you call 'Area' in the upper and middle layer. The smaller parts are only as small as 1-3 average area, but any one of the eight larger parts is big enough to put the whole Selbira city inside it.

And Zena-san is in the biggest one among those.

I immediately knew the one who kidnapped Zena-san after searching the map, but it's someone I can't be careless with.

A Vampire--in addition, a True Ancestor.

Whats more, it has a skill called [Concentration]. It smells like a unique skill although I don't have any proof.
Moreover, the level is 61. Looking at its skill composition, it's more of a Magic Swordsman than a Magician.
The name displayed on the map is [Ban Helsing]--I can't help but feel that the name is somewhat wrong for a Vampire.
It's plainly the name of a reincarnated person.
I was thinking that it might be a descendant of a reincarnated person, but its detailed information is [Founder of Count Helsing House], so it probably made the house name itself. There was probably no one who retorted [It's not Van'?].

There is a big castle which occupies almost all of the large area where Zena-san is.
Inside the castle, there are seven Vampire Lords, countless Poltergeists, and 17 human women.
Strangely enough, there is no normal vampire.

Inside the room where Zena-san is located, there are six other women who have been seemingly kidnapped, there's also the woman whom I've heard to have disappeared in the Explorer Guild, Gelca.
The ten people outside this room have the title of [Maids of Perpetual Night Castle], so they're probably people who are working in the castle.

I can break through the front gate just fine, but it'll be troubling if they make Zena-san a hostage, so I've decided to invade it stealthily.

I use earth magic to make a path on the labyrinth wall from the small area directly under the large area.
I had used the same magic to escape the underground labyrinth in the Duchy Capital back then, but this labyrinth strongly resisted me making the path, thus the work consumed large amount of magic power.

I wanted to come out on the basement of the castle where Zena-san was, but since there were massive quantity of water which seemed to be an underground lake, between us, I avoid it.
I can store the water in my storage, but the structure above would collapse if the water suddenly disappear, the Vampires would notice it, so I decide against it.

Nevertheless, the path-making is complete in 10 minutes, and I've safely invaded the large area where Zena-san is being held.

I slip out of the hole and hide myself in the nearby bush.
I put my head out of it and calmly check the surrounding.

Scenes that fit the word 'Underworld' more than 'Geo Front' spread before my eyes.
I reflexively confirmed my map, but I am still in the labyrinth.

Skeleton Farmers are working on a large vineyard, Marionette-like Living Dolls are harvesting the crops and carry it with awkward movements.

There's an underground lake beyond the field, and a white castle on top of it stands out against the moonlight.
Yes, even though this is underground, there's a moon in the sky illuminating this vast space. That moon is most likely a magic or a magic tool.

A twisting bridge has been built connecting the shore to the castle.
My Magic Perception skill tells me that there's some kind of barrier on the lake.

I fill the hole I've used to invade with earth magic, and recharge the used magic power from some magic sword just in case.

I want to invade stealthily, but the people in the castle would surely find me if I put my feet on the bridge.
I can also see Gargoyles-like shadows on the lake, and it seems there are monsters underwater too.

Now then, how should I invade this I wonder.
I can of course discuss with the lord of the castle directly to get her returned, but Zena-san's safety is my maximum priority.
They did heal Zena-san who was seriously injured, but although they're probably not evil, they're still vampires after all is said and done. There's a high possibility that they've captured Zena-san and the others to make them work in the field or make them into vampire's brides.

For the time being, I'm going to check the place where Zena-san is with [Clairvoyance] magic.


It's failed to work, it seems space magic is being restricted here.
Wonder if it's because of the lake barrier?

Since it seems my Map and Radar aren't inhibited, I make Zena-san's marker to be active and her location to appear on the AR reading.
The function is originally used to navigate to NPCs for quests and the like, but it seems it's possible to use it like this.
To be frank, it's too convenient.

Zena-san's marker on the AR reading seems to be moving, wonder if it's just my imagination.
Don't tell me, she's trying to escape herself?

When I check the map, it seems only Zena-san and Miss Gelca that are trying to escape themselves.
On the map, a luminous point appears at the place where they are heading--It's the True Ancestor.
It's probably going to apprehend them.

--There's no time.

I predict the place where the girls will move, and decide to charge straight ahead there.

I take out the Divine Sword from the storage, and run past the lake with Flash Drive in a straight line.
I tear through the barrier along the way with the Divine Sword, penetrating through the opened way.

After leaving the barrier, I put the Divine Sword back into the storage.
I stand still just before the castle wall, and then create wall with [Air Curtain] magic behind me to scatter the squall produced from the Flash Drive.

I place my hands on the castle wall, and use earth magic to create hole in one go toward the passage where Zena-san and the other girl are.
Alright, I can see Zena-san's face.

Since Zena-san has stopped moving while facing toward her destination--she's probably squaring off against the True Ancestor--I appear before Zena-san with Flash Drive, and then I put both girls on my shoulders before they can raise their surprised voices, and use the [Return] magic.

Just before the teleport, the surprised Zena-san hardened her body on my shoulder.

I was worried whether the teleport would be inhibited like with the [Clairvoyance] earlier, but maybe because I had broken the barrier with the Divine Sword, I teleported away without problem.

It was slightly at the limit, but Mission Complete.

>Title [Rescuer] Acquired
>Title [Fugitive] Acquired

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-6

11-6. Omen


Satou's here. When I hear the word 'stray child', I remember department stores and amusement parks. The time when a teary-eyed lost child holding his trousers asked me, "Mother, where?", feels nostalgic.
Since my appearance was suspicious due to an all-nighter, I immediately pushed the child to a sales clerk nearby though.

As I go toward the alley where the voice is, a sexy prostitute-like woman with emphasized cleavage is waiting for me there.

"Young master, it has been a long time."

She touches my neck and then leans herself to me coquettishly, making us look like we're having a lovers' talk.

"Mou, please be a bit more embarrassed."
"Forget about that, do you have any new information? Say it quickly."

I urge the woman who's playing her index finger on my chest like she's sulking to press ahead.

The woman is an intelligence agent of the Marquis house.
Due to the matter with Inquisitor Vilas back then, the Marchioness instructed them to tell me about various info.
The information are mainly about nobles who bear ill-will toward me, explorers with bad attitude, and the movement of criminal guilds.
For some reason she doesn't inform me with letters, but by directly telling me while acting as a prostitute or an explorer instead.

"Mou, I've put some effort to look like a prostitute and all, at least gently rub my hair or butt please."
"If you don't have any business, I'll go okay?"

I know that she has some, but we'll be like this forever if I follow her pace, so this kind of attitude and tone are needed.
In short, she's of Arisa's kind, someone who likes young boys.

"I'll do it seriously! First, about the matter with the Fiend Drug--"

In the end, my fear about coup d'etat in the Royal Capital didn't happen, and the one that got regarded and disposed as the mastermind was the subordinate general of Marquis Kelten, instead of the marquis himself as Sir Sokel had told me.

"--the lizard no doubt cut its tail to save himself, but since the the uncle of Sir Sokel, the one who gave the testimony, was in Duke Oyugock's faction...."

For that reason, Duke Bishtal who hated Duke Oyugock the most, came to protect Marquis Kelten.

Who was Duke Bishtal again?

I check Toruma Memo after a long while since I couldn't remember it. According to it, he's a family member of the Labyrinth Army's general, and a lord of a big territory north of Marquis Eluett territory that's north of the Labyrinth City itself.

In the end, it seems the head of the army that were found managing the fiend drug warehouse was to become the criminal and got disposed of.
It was the one I found when I went to the Royal Capital back then huh.
Who'd have thought that the warehouse of the regular army would unashamedly store illegal items...

"There's more about the fiend drug matter, the seized drug were taken by the Royal Research Institute, but some part of it flowed to the outside--ah, please keep this a secret from other people."
"Ah, of course."

Some of those fiend drug were taken to the Foreign Trade City, and were smuggled away on several ships. The ships' nationality was unknown, but it seems they were heading toward the western part of the continent.

"Fumu, by the way, isn't the later part of the story unnecessary?"

I do have something to do with the Fiend Drug matter, but it was mainly as Kuro, so I think there's no need for Satou to know the particulars.

"No, that's a side issue."
"And the main issue?"
"Yes, do you remember an organization called  『Wings of Liberty』?"
"Yeah, they were fanatics who not only kidnapped Sera-sama, but also planned to resurrect the demon lord right?"

I was being vague, but [Wings of Liberty] were the bunch who resurrected the Golden Wild Boar King.
Although, it's unclear whether it was really their intention or they were tricked by the greater demons that acted as their executives.

"Some of the guys who smuggled the Fiend Drug were members of the 『Light of Liberty』."
"Light? Wasn't it 'wings'?"
"Yes, [Wings of Liberty] are the extremist group driven out of the [Light of Liberty]."

According to her, it seems [Light of Liberty] has a headquarter in Parion Holy Land located on the west of the continent. To have demon lord believers existing in the country of the god who summons heroes to exterminate demon lords, what a strange story.

As a sidenote, it seems that there's a similar organization in the royal capital called 『Wind of Liberty』.
It seems that there's actually a faction of [Light of Liberty] too here, but they're moderate, or rather, they seem to be just a small-time group which collect forbidden books, and perform immoral ceremonies as they like.
They didn't even have anything to do with the Fiend Drug matter from before at all.

"Yes, the remnants of 『Wings of Liberty』 might possibly get their hands on the fiend drug through 『Light of Liberty』, so..."

So she wants to tell me that some [Wings of Liberty] guys who have grudges might use the fiend drug and attack us huh.
I'd have liked if she made it briefer.

She told me that the political situations on the western part of the continent were unstable as the last irrelevant information.
Currently, it's only at the degree of trade closure and small-scale skirmishes, but it seems at the level where war could break out anytime.

Wars between nations should have been difficult to happen during the Demon Lord Season, so why is this happening. I wonder if demons and demon lords are instigating it behind the scene after all?

Apparently, that's the reason why the date palm has stopped being distributed here.
As expected, stopping wars in order to ensure date palm distribution here is 'that', but I wonder if Shiga Kingdom and Saga Empire can stop war by pressures?

I'll try to consult it with the hero who's searching for a demon lord in the Weasel Empire's Labyrinth once he's returned to the surface.
Come to think of it, one of the oracles said that a demon lord would appear in Parion Holy Land too huh. Hero Hayato should have investigated it before he went to the Weasel Empire though....

Arguments between some men and women are resounding from the Guild's entrance.

"Like I said! Gelca isn't the kind of child who would disappear in the middle of a battle!"
"We've reported it to the guild, so we should know immediately if she merely escaped right?"
"Why aren't you going to search for her."
"Even Sosona understands that it's impossible to go into that area without a magician right?"
"I can use earth magic!"
"Without a fire magician, the best we can do is becoming fodders for the monsters. Give it up."

The Leprechaun girl is flaring up to the leader-like warrior, but the leader treats her curtly.
I thought I had seen them from somewhere, they were the guys who were fighting against monsters in the duchy capital during the yellow-skinned demon assault.

I'm not eager enough to deliberately search for her, but since we have somewhat of a connection, I'll at least search for her name when I enter the labyrinth.
By the way, it seems she's not in the labyrinth city.

I passed through the quarreling party, and went to the guildmaster's room.

"Look at this Satou! This luster--enough to make you drool as you imagine the taste right?"

The guildmaster flaunts some transparent high-quality liquor contained in a bottle.
So it's really about this after all....

That bottle should be from the famous liquor brewery in the Royal Capital, the Shiga Sake. Judging from its cost, it's not a liquor that the guildmaster, whose alcohol bill keeps piling, can afford.
It's most likely a bribe from some merchant.

"Is it good?"
"But of course! Although it's not comparable to your Dragon Spring Liquor, one of this famous sake is enough to sink some Baron-class fortune."

The guildmaster is flaunting the sake bottle bullishly, "Hey hey, ya want it?", but I'm not that desperate to drink it, so I'm not particularly interested. Moreover, I don't think it's only as cheap as sinking baron-class fortune though.
I'm not a child who will speak that out loud though, so I accompany her with, "I'd have loved to taste it."

"Alright! Then it's a banquet tonight! I'll leave it to Chevalier for the liquor snacks!"

The guildmaster gleefully smiled as she pushed me the work to prepare the dishes for the feast.
So that really was her aim. However, I want to check the labyrinth tonight.
If the dog-head demon lord came from the lower layer--or maybe even below--there may be other 30 demon lords after all.

"I'm sorry, I already have a previous engagement tonight. I'm open tomorrow, but I've been invited to a dinner with the Marchioness the day after tomorrow."
"Women again huh? Yer' going to get yourselves stabbed before long y'know?"

How scandalous.
Please stop talking as if philandering is bad. At the very least, I've never played around with amateur women you know?

"By the way, have you called me today just for the drinking bout?"
"Ah.... Of course, it's not the main subject."

I'd like to ask the reason why she was hesitating, but it'd have made our talk longer, so I put it aside.

"Do you know that weapons made from monster material in the labyrinth city have sudden price jumps?"
"Yes, I've heard about it from a familiar weapon store."

I've heard it as Kuro though, but there's no problem with that.
Someone from [Pendora] said that there were a lot of requests for hunting monster material, so the competitions were fierce.

Apparently, merchants outside the city are buying all the magic weapons at twice the market price.
Judging from the intelligence's story earlier, it's probably flowing to the western part of the continent.

"It'd be alright if they gather the material the honest way, but some fools have tried to steal it from inns and houses of explorers."

However, I think there aren't a lot of explorers who leave magic weapons in the inn.
There's probably some guy who make them sleep with drug and then steal the weapons.

"They're aiming for Red Iron-class guys or someone who lives in a big mansion like you, so be careful okay."

This seems flag-like, but I never leave magic weapons in the mansion.
Maybe I should put some dummies?
I should better put some information-gathering Scarecrows just in case.

I confirmed the schedule for the feast with the guildmaster, thanked her for the information and then left the room.

When I left the guild hall, I met a group of metal-armored people with wounds all over their body.
It's probably a party mainly consisting of nobles and knights. Normal explorers don't use these Chain Mails and Plate Mails since the price-performance ratio is bad.


Oh, it's Lilio.
That means, this group are people from Seryuu City Selected Labyrinth Corps huh.
I didn't notice it since Zena-san's marker wasn't present.


Lilio continues her words as if affirming my unease.

"Zena-cchi has gone missing in the labyrinth!"

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-5

11-5. Karina's Weapons


Satou's here. I like meat, not as much as the beastkin girls do though. Or rather, besides vegetarians, there should be not a lot of people who aren't fond of meat
This doesn't have anything to do with the above, but there was an illustration of a heroine's silhouette with only the word 'meat' written on it in a light novel I read long ago .
Meat are nice, aren't they.

"Fuh, I feel so refreshed."
"Please wait Karina-sama, I haven't tied the girdle."
"Karina-sama, don't move until after I dry your hairr~"

Lady Karina and her companions who had refreshed themselves on the bathroom in the main building after the long journey entered the room.
She does wear the same bathrobe that we usually use after bathing, but I didn't think that she would enter the living room just wearing that.

Lady Karina is wearing the knee-length robe so the area around her waist is covered, but the breast area is dangerous.
I feel like getting sucked into the deep valley.

Ah, the devil is whispering to my ears. I'm in the same mental state of Adam who was being tempted to reach his hand toward the [Fruit of Knowledge] by the snake--

"Guilty. ■■■■ Darkness"

--The joyous image was cut by Mia's spirit magic.

I won't ever forget the image just now.

"What? Magic?"
"That's right, you can't entice him with those cheat weapons."
"Karina-sama, the stimulus from those clothes is a bit too much, so I'm sorry, but please change into this one piece."

Bewildered Lady Karina was getting complaints from Mia and Arisa, and then Lulu followed up.

I cannot see them since they are on the other side of the darkness curtain made by Mia's magic.
Of course I could have seen it if I just used [Clairvoyance] magic, but that would be like peeping, so I restrained myself.

Mia canceled her magic, and then Lady Karina who had her breast area firmly guarded came back to the room.

It seems these girls didn't bring any change of clothes for their journey, they had only prepared the dress Lady Karina was wearing earlier for her.
I feel sorry if they have to change back to dirty clothes after taking a bath, so we've lent them Lulu's and Nana's clothes for today.

It seems to be a bit too tight, I wont' say where though. The clothes are screaming.

"Please bear with those clothes today, I'll call a tailor to make new clothes for you first thing tomorrow morning."
"I still have the dress I've got from before, so I don't need a new one desuwa."

Lady Karina curtly refuses my suggestion.

I don't know if it's because she has just got out of the bath or because of the bathrobe appearance from before, she's blushing in slightly cherry blossom color, it's a bit sexy.

"We have been invited by the viceroy's Madam to a tea party, you can't possibly attend with the same dress right?"
"I will be absent. I'd like you to convey my refusal desuwa."

That can't be accepted, so after some back-and-forth arguments, she agrees to have new armors and weapons to challenge the labyrinth.

And also one other thing.

"We will be departing to the Royal Capital for the Kingdom Conference in five days. A letter jointly signed by Consul Nina and Baron Muno has arrived, instructing me to take Karina-sama along."
"No desuwa!"
"The matter has been decided."

Lady Karina is throwing a tantrum like a child.

"Karina, selfish~?"
"Your right will be scolded if you don't do your duty properly nodesu!"

There come supports from Pochi and Tama, but the content of the persuasion is subtly strange.

"You can go back to the labyrinth city again once the Kingdom Conference is over right."
"But, won't they tell me to go back to the barondom then?"

I personally think that's fine, but returning home five days after arriving from a long journey seems bitter.

"I'll support you when that happens."
"You absolutely will desuwayo!"

I will support you.
I can't ascertain that you will absolutely go back to the Labyrinth City though.

"Meat-san, why are you meat nanodesu?"

Pochi is being melancholic while staring hard at the meat on a picture book.
Was she really that shocked with the meatless dinner earlier.

Even though I, Lulu, and even Mia accompanied Pochi by eating meatless vegetable-only dinner.
Tama's share wasn't without meat, but there were only half of the usual quantity, so she looked a bit painful.

"Pochi, tomorrow--"
"Do you mean! The meat ban is lifted tomorrow nanodesu?!"

Pochi hyper-reacted to my words and said such things, but she really has to introspect herself this time, so I won't be lenient.

"--there's no meat, but I'll make the curry that Pochi loves."
"Dejected~ nanodesu."

Pochi who had a short-lived elation helplessly crumbles on the cushion.
Her favorite curry didn't help to recover her huh.

I pick up the jerky that Tama tried to secretly give to Pochi with [Magic Hand].

"Tama's feeling is already quite enough nanodesu. Pochi the criminal has to receive her punishment nanodesu."

Pochi looks like she's acting somehow, looking at how she keeps glancing at me, it must be suggested by Arisa, so I ignore it.

After putting everyone to sleep, I move to the Ivy Mansion's underground workshop in order to make equipments for Lady Karina and her companions.
I wanted to investigate the lower layer of the labyrinth tonight, but I postponed it to tomorrow night since some unexpected jobs came up.

Leriril in her sleep-wear met me and then started to prepare the work bench, but since she was being unsteady and looking sleepy, I returned her to her bedroom.

Oh right, let's check Zena-san's condition in the labyrinth before I start working.

By relying on Zena-san's marker, I peek at her situation in the labyrinth using [Clairvoyance] magic.
Apparently, they're still in the Beetle Area since the dinner time.
I was worried whether they would go to the neighboring Mantis Area, but if they're in Beetle Area, they should be fine since the only dangerous monsters are the Labyrinth Beetle, and the Short Horn Beetle that are around level 20s.
The overflowing Labyrinth Crickets from the Gushing Hole would be dangerous for normal explorers, but since there are two people who can use area attack magic among them, they shouldn't be in any danger. Rather, it's tasty exp.

I begin to work on the equipments after feeling relieved.

First, for Lady Karina, swords are no good.
She couldn't control the blade part well that she was banned to use them by Sir Zotor in Muno Castle after she broke several swords.

Blunt weapons are probably better for her.

I thought of Knuckle Guards and Thorn Gauntlets, but since there are many enemies that are dangerous to fight in close combat in the labyrinth, I ought to make a long weapon.
I also thought of Flails, Maces, and Tonfas, but since she has superhuman strength from Raka, she'd probably better off with a Hammer or something along the line.

Pure Mithril Hammer is fast to swing, and has good power to match, but I can't imagine Lady Karina managing magic power well, so I'll make it from Mithril and Iron alloy.

I'll make one with a small hammer on its tip, and then change it into bigger hammer as her level increases.
I quickly make a casted hammer and then etch it with Baron Muno seal.

I lightly swing it to check the balance.
I made it by referencing the great hammer I had used at the Dwarf Hometown, so it has come out well in just one try. Samples are important really.

Her armor should be good enough with the Hard Newt leather armor, just like Arisa and the others' armor in public. I create the helmet and armor by matching her size which Arisa's measured.
Just in case, I make it so the breast area can be adjusted in three sizes. Since the size that Arisa's measured is different from what I've observed by one or two cup.

I've made Lady Karina's armor to be easy to move with, and also added Knuckle Guards for close combat after all.
I guess some normal pre-made one-handed swords and round shields are good enough for Erina and the other.

"Ah, the fukufuku smell makes me feel like I'm in heaven nodesu. "

Pochi and Tama look so happy as they put their nose toward the yakiniku's smell coming from the stalls, I think they're mistaking fukuiku (sweet smelling) with it though.
Even though they've just eaten curry for lunch, it's probably, "There's another stomach for meat."

"Master, reporting my arrival."
"Mornin', masta."
"Good morning, masta."

Nana who've come carrying Shiro and Crow put them down to the ground.
These two call me master, looks like they've been influenced by Nana.

"The pronunciation is different. It's 『Mastar』."
"That so? Mastar?"
"Is it Mastar? The pronunciation sounds different than Nana-sama's though..."

Shiro acts its age, but Crow speaks like an adult despite its 1st year primary grader age.
<TLN: Their gender is unknown according to the author.>

"Pochi, Tama. Let's go! Our battles are waiting desuwa!"

Lady Karina who's shouldering a Pole Hammer gazes at the west gate toward the labyrinth with an expression full of fighting spirit.

"Satou! Let me fight you once I get back okay? I'll let you check my body which will have rapidly grown in the labyrinth!"

Lady Karina who's laughing fearlessly speaks something slightly erotic.
The peanut gallery that only heard the half-end is buzzing.

It didn't seem to be a remark with innuendo as Lady Karina pulled Pochi and Tama with her hands toward the west gate triumphantly.

Now then, I had specially came to see them off since I had other business.
I've come to heed the guildmaster's summon, but that granny probably only wants to boast about some rare liquor she's gotten hold of, so I can't be careless.

"Young master."

I heard someone calling me in low voice from the alley next to the guild hall.
A suspiciously swaying slender hand invites from the shadow, and I move my legs toward the alley.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-4

11-4. Reunion (3)


Satou's here. When you meet old friends in a class reunion, I wonder why do things that happened such a long time ago can be so vividly recalled? I usually can't remember them at all, it's strange.

"When did you arrive at the Labyrinth City?"
"Yes, it was late at night yesterday."

I knew about it of course, but I refrained from accidentally going to the Corps where Zena-san was since it would have made me look like a stalker.
These girls were staying inside their base during the parade so I shouldn't know that they were here.

"Excuuse me. Okay, okay, separate now~"
"Nn, shameless."

Arisa and Mia push themselves between Zena-san and me who were inadvertently talking while hugging, pulling us apart.
Zena-san who noticed that we were hugging parted away while swinging her hand, saying "wa wa wa."

"I, I'm sorry, I was...."
"No no, I'm happy that you're exalted with our reunion."

Zena-san unexpectedly has a passionate side huh. She also hugged me, tackle-like, when I escaped Seryuu city labyrinth back then.

"You two seem to be quite close don't you? Would you introduce her to me?"

Lady Karina puts her hand on my shoulder and grinds it from behind.
When I looked toward Lady Karina, Princess Mitia and even Lulu stared at us curiously.
Huh? Lulu should be acquainted with her though?

"She is someone whom I'm very indebted with during my stay in Seryuu city, one of the magic soldiers of the territorial army, hailing from Chevalier Marientail house, Zena-san."

I've heard her house name once before, but it's the first time I've said it.
I've always only called her Zena-san after all.

The way I introduced her seemed bad, Zena-san's expression got slightly clouded.
Maybe I should have said that she's my friend?

Behind us, the peanut gallery started to buzz about Seryuu city's rumors, like, "The city was safe even though an upper-class demon attacked it", or, "They're ruthless army whose soldiers even fight wyverns."
It must be quite popular to have many people know about it even though it's a territory located on the opposite side of the kingdom from here.

"Zena-sama. Although you might have forgotten, I am Liza whose life was saved by you in Seryuu city. Owing to that, I am now serve under Master, and have been able to accomplish great feats. I can never thank you enough."
"Thank you~"
"Thank you, nanodesu."

Liza puts her weapon on the ground, kneels, and respectfully bow to Zena-san.
It seems that Pochi and Tama also remember that their life have been saved by Zena-san, they convey their thanks while looking meek.

『Oy, Black Spear Liza let go of her spear!』
『Rather, she saved those three's life huh, just how incredible is she.』
『So the rumor saying the soldier of Seryuu city treats wyverns like they're small fries is really true after all.』
『That girl looks plain, but don't you think she's unexpectedly cute?』

The peanut gallery are fussy.
Should we move to the guild's business room where only Red Iron holders and nobles can use?

"My ability might be lacking, but please order me if you need me for anything. If Master permits, I will rush over immediately."
"Oh no, your words of gratitude are already enough."

Zena-san is at a loss from Liza's sincere words.
Even though dragons are still impossible for the current Liza, she can easily solo something like a wyvern.

"Hey, introduce her to me."

Lady Karina who was unusually sociable today demanded me so.
Someone intruded when I was opening my mouth to introduce Zena-san to Lady Karina.

"Ah! Arisa-chan, why are you still here!"
"Arisa, and Mia, quickly go to the stage. I've asked the intro guys to stretch their part, but they can't keep doing it forever."

Jenna and Iruna of [Beautiful Wings] who are in charge of the stage have come to call Arisa and the others.
Come to think of it, Arisa and Mia said that they were going on stage.

"Uwaah, I forgot."
"Oh no nanodesu! Karina, let's go together nodesu! I want you to look at the gallant figures of Pochi and her friends closely nodesu!

Lady Karina is pulled by Pochi and Tama from both sides toward the stage.
She was calling my name even while being pulled so she might have some business with me, but I can just listen to her tonight.
She probably came here thoughtlessly without arranging for the lodging.

"You too Master, please don't keep flirting, come look at the stage!"
"Yeah, I'm going of course."

I replied positively to Arisa who asked to make sure of it, and sent her out by waving hands.
Princess Mitia also said, "I certainly have to listen to Mia-dono's performance!", and then she pulled Merian who seemed to still have something to say toward the stage.

"Master, I declare myself to go collect Shiro and Crow."
"They're probably tired of waiting, you should get them quick."

Nana excused herself and left to the orphanage.
I think Lulu said that she would go back to get the kitchen knife.

"Lulu, when you're going back to fetch the kitchen knife, tell the girls who are house-sitting to prepare the detached room. Karina-sama and her companions probably going to stay there."
"Y, yes."

The preparation for their lodging should be alright with this.

"Sa, Satou-san, umm. She was.... Um--"
"Boy, been awhile~ Were there your mistresses or fiancees among the beauty army just now?"
"There aren't. Incidentally, there is no lover either."

When Zena-san was hesitating over how she should ask, Ms. Lilio asked the question with the crux of the matter like she was sending a life boat.
It was groundless, so I denied it immediately.

Arisa and the others are important to me, but if I have to say, they're more like relatives or family to me.
Lady Karina feels like an annoying junior, or a daughter of my superior. It feels like those demonic breasts would snatch my soul, but I don't intend to yield just yet.
More than anything, Aze-san wasn't present in the group earlier.

Right at then, the rough voice an adult man who can't read the mood cut in.

"Black Spear Liza! I am Kerun the 『Knight of White Spear』! I challenge you to a match!"
"Master. May I?"
"Go for it. Don't kill him okay."
"Hahhaa! Now's the only time you can afford to talk big!"

Since bloodshed is forbidden inside the guild, Liza and him went to the temporary arena space in front of the Labyrinth Army fortress.
This arena space has been built because there are usually a lot of people who start having brawls during the height of a festival, and buildings could collapse if they fought carelessly with their high strength.

"Um, Satou-san, is it alright for you not to follow them?"
"Oh it's alright. Liza can defeat him without sustaining any injury."

There's the level difference too, it's probably going to end up a one-side game.
If I were to go see it, Liza would be in high spirit and her opponent might get injured.

After the four of them have finished registering as explorers, we go out of the guild together.
Zena-san and her colleagues are going to meet with her fellow territorial soldiers in front of the west gate to assault the labyrinth in one hour.

It hasn't even been a day since they arrive in the labyrinth city yet they're already going to enter the labyrinth, quite aggressive.
Although I guess we're not one to talk about challenging the labyrinth in the same day of the arrival.

"Have you purchased the provision?"
"Yes, we've been told to prepare only our own equipments since the engineers will be the ones responsible for the provision."

I see, the engineers have it rough since it seems there are 12 people in all.

"Zena-cchi~, we're going to the stalls to recharge our spirits."
"Zena, remember to get some grub besides the love affair."
"Ruu-san, you don't need to speak unnecessary things. Zena-san, just be careful not to be late for the meeting okay."

The three Zena-san's colleagues slipped into the crowd after saying such nosy things.

"Mou! Everyone is like that!"
"Shall we go, Zena-san."
"Y, yes."

I take Zena-san's hand so she won't get lost, and go toward the stage where Arisa and co. are performing.

Since now is immediately after the parade, some unfamiliar explorers and townspeople called me [Young Master].

Some brothel onee-sans also called me, but they practiced their tact when they saw Zena-san beside me, they changed the subject very naturally, saying, "Please visit our establishment at least once."
As expected of employees of high class establishments. Truly tactful interactions.
Let's give them generous tip when I go visiting them with [Pendora] guys.

The venue has seats not only for nobles, but also for us as the leading actors today, but only Lady Karina and her companions, and Nana who are with Shiro and Crow on both her sides are there.
I was going toward there too, but since Arisa's stage had begin, I decided to view them from the general audience's seats.

"The music is wonderful isn't it. I wonder if the light orb behind that girl produces the sound?"
"Yes, it seems to be a fairykin magic called 『Instrument Player』. However, the music is wonderful because the skillful players."
"Yes....That's right, I can understand. It's quite wonderful sounds."

Mia who's doing the orchestra alone is certainly amazing, but I can't make light of Arisa who's accompanying her by singing the anime theme song.
While listening to the song, I get myself healed by watching Pochi and Tama who are dancing on the stage by matching to the song. Some shrill voices hang on the venue as the two are flying in the sky in pixie outfit.
When I listen closely, it seems Pochi and Tama are also singing while dancing.
I guess the singing coming from the venue are of the orphanage children?

Arisa who's singing with all her soul doesn't notice me, but it seems Pochi and Tama do, they wave their hands while rotating in the sky.
I wave back at them, which seems to have made them happy, the number of the sky rotations increases.

After Arisa and co. stage is over, I enjoy the festival together with Zena-san by snacking some meat skewers, and potato chips made from Hopping Potato around the stalls. It reminds me of the time when we were going around the stalls in Seryuu city.

Right, since I was introduced to the Seryuu city specialty products by Zena-san back then, let's introduce her to the specialty products here this time.
So I thought, I went to the shopkeeper who was exhibiting dried fruits, but--

"I'm sorry, the date palm is sold out. The load coming from the western part of the continent has been scarce for the last half month."

--unfortunately, it's out of stock.

The shopkeeper-san indiscreetly joked, "The demon lord might have been revived beyond the desert", but I couldn't laugh since it sounded probable.

We watch Lulu's Labyrinth Monstrous Fish Dismantling Show, and enjoy the freshly-made fried fish.
Since the fish was a bit grotesque-looking, Zena-san was hesitating to eat it, but she resolved herself and put it in her mouth after she saw me eating it.


Zena-san opens her eyes wide from the shock.

"....Amazing, the taste is so delicate even though it looked like that. It looks like a croquette from the outside, but it's soft and crunchy inside your mouth, it's really tasty. Moreover, it matches so strangely well with this white sauce."

After she's finished chewing it, a faltering impression comes from Zena-san.
The fried fish that she was holding disappeared into her stomach in a blink of an eye.

"Even though she's that young, she's amazing."
"Lulu is the greatest chef in the labyrinth city after all."

I leave behind my praise, "It was delicious", to Lulu and turn over the place to other guests.
Having staggering queue is only natural for food this delicious.

I encourage the little girl maids who are helping Lulu and then escort Zena-san to the west gate.
Unfortunately, we're running out of time.

"Zena-cchi, it'd been alright if you were a little bit late."
"I can't do that since I'm the squad leader."
"Are you seeing her off boy?"
"Yes, and this is a present."

From my bag, I take out a small bag containing several intermediate healing potions and magic recovery potions, and also some all-purpose antidotes made from dragon white stone. The magic potions have ordinary effect since they were compounded by other people.
Zena-san was declining since they were expensive items, but it didn't continue since Iona-san beside her accepted it.

"Have all members gathered? These people are the explorers who are going to guide us this time, Heliona-dono, the daughter of Baron Ketel, and Gina-dono, the daughter of Chevalier Daryl, both from [Moonlight]."

The young knight who appeared to be the captain of Zena-san and her colleagues introduced miss Gina and miss Heriona who are acquainted with me.
According to AR indication, miss Heliona and Captain-shi seem to be related.

Miss Gina noticed me after she was done greeting Zena-san and her colleagues.

"Ch, Chevalier-sama! Please continue the favo--"
"Calm down, Gina. That's the line for wedding. Chevalier Pendragon! I endeavored to catch up to you who was a Red Iron holder, but I wouldn't have dreamed that you would defeat the floormaster and acquire the Mithril Plate! Allow me to selfishly make you my aim from now on too!"
"It is an honor."

I wonder since when did we became rivals?
If I'm not mistaken, I've only ever talked to Ms. Heliona once.

"Chevalier? Pen-dra-go-n?"

Zena-san looks dumbfounded at me with wide eyes without light. Her speech was broken for some reason.
Huh? Haven't I said it?
Come to think of it, the townspeople up until we came here all called me [Young Master].

But, is it really something to be that shocked about?
According to Consul Nina, many people got elevated to the lowest ranked honorary knight in any territory every year.

"Did I not say it? Actually, I have been given the rank of honorary knight from Baron Muno, so I am called Chevalier Pendragon now."
"Eh, then, then the leading actor of this festival was you boy?"
"To be exact, one of the leading actors. There were a lot of people who challenged the floormaster."

To be more correct, the leading actress are our girls only, I'm just a bonus.
Captain-shi who can't read the mood shouts "Then, let us depart!" out loud, and the people of Seryuu Earldom Army begin moving toward the labyrinth gate.

"I will guide you to visit recommended shops when you've gone back from the labyrinth. Would you be willing to hear the full story when that happen?"
"Y, yes. Surely, okay?"

I promise Zena-san who's still not recovered from the shock.
I wanted to go together with her, but Zena-san's standing would fall if an outsider tagged along with her on a military exercise to the labyrinth, so I refrained myself.

The guides are the two people from Moonlight, so they shouldn't go that deep.
Let's confirm her safety with [Clairvoyance] magic once in a while.

I've forgotten to ask their scheduled return, but they probably won't go for several days for their first attempt, I guess I'll reserve some restaurants and bring her there everyday until I depart to the Royal Capital in five days.
During the days she can't go out, I can just let acquaintances who have worked hard like Ms. Miteruna to go instead.

What awaited me when I came back to the venue was the complaints of Lady Karina who was in the noble seat and got exposed to the curious eyes of the onlookers.
Even though Lady Karina is a beauty, she's not used to people's gazes strangely enough.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-3

11-3. Reunion (2)


Satou's here. The word shuraba is originally about a pathetic scene which involves complication of mad love. Fortunately, that kind of shuraba has never entered my life, but the kind of shuraba that happens in the clean-up of a crashing project is an everyday occurrence for me. I wonder which one is better...

I had already noticed it from my radar beforehand, but I kept it a secret to make it a surprise for other members.

『Oy, look at that.』
『N, no way.』

I understand their feeling, but the last guy is exaggerating.

『How beautiful....』
『Oh! My beautiful goddess! Have you forgotten--』

I saw that the Great Shield Gell was removed in the middle of his talk beyond the stirred crowd.


She flew in the sky from beyond the crowd and appeared before us.
The lobby of the explorer guild has high ceiling so she didn't hit it, but I'm not sure what to think of flying while she's in a dress.

Even while thinking such thing, my line of sight was robbed by two shaking miracles.

"I've come!"

While looking shy in red face, she declares so with folded arms so arrogantly.
I wonder why is this person mistaken in this kind of thing.

"Now, let the match begin nanodesu!"

Ah, wait.

Pochi jumps out energetically like there's a 'gyun' sound effect, and Tama also jumps triangularly using the ceiling to assault Lady Karina.

Pochi indiscreetly breaks through the barrier created by the magic creature Raka, and blows through the wall behind together with Lady Karina.
I was able to stop Tama barely in time, but both Pochi and Lady Karina are on the other side of the wall.

"Oppai-san is sinking. Namu~"
"Pochi great."

Arisa and Mia are being cruel for no reason.

"Karina-dono should be alright. She often played with Pochi and Tama in Muno Castle after all."
"They certainly also played happily in the duchy capital, but she doesn't look too well..."
"She would have been dead if she were a common life-form, so I assert."

Liza doesn't seem to be worried, but Lulu peek through the wall worryingly.
Of course, just as Nana had surmised, if Lady Karina took a serious blow from the current Pochi, she would have died instantly regardless of Raka's protection.

It only ended in her fainting since Pochi was going easy by not using Flickering Movement, and I followed up by immediately using [Magic Hand].
She usually could control her strength, but it seems she was really happy about reuniting with Karina. Yet, I still have to scold her in this regard.

While I'm nursing Lady Karina, both Liza and me scold Pochi together.
The punishment is three days without meat.

"Karina-sama~, where are you~?"

I heard someone searching for Lady Karina beyond the crowd, and there was Erina, the combat maid of Muno Earldom, when I looked there.

"Erina, she's here."
"Ah! Chevalier-sama!"

There is a figure of female soldier behind her I've seen for the first time. I feel like I've seen her somewhere before, but I can't remember. There wasn't someone like her among the baron's maids and the territorial army's soldiers---

--I remember now.

It was the girl who was ran over by the carriage rode by Toruma at Muno city.
Still, I didn't think she would work under Baron Muno after what she had been through.

The other party shouldn't know about me, so I greet her, "Nice to meet you."

"Did Pina not come here?"
"Yes, Pina has been promoted, so it's only me and newbie-chan this time. Taruna looked like she was wanting to go too, but she had been selected to guard the exchange students from the duchy capital."

Lady Karina seemed to have recovered when we were catching up, she opened her eyes.

"How are you feeling?"
"Sa, Satou, I'm, fine, desuwa."

Even though I've especially looked after her on my lap, lady Karina awkwardly gets up and takes some distance away from me.
Pochi apologizes, "I'm sorry, nanodesu" while looking dejected.

Then, a new intruder appeared.

"Chevalier-sama! Congratulations for your achieve...ment?"
"Thank you, Merian."

Merian, the daughter of Baronet Dyukeli, appeared and congratulated me from the crowd, but it was changed into a question halfway through.
Her eyes shifted to Lady Karina, or rather she focused on her breasts.

After Merian, Princess Mitia and her exclusive maid-san came together. She's also together with a bodyguard-san with scary face of course.

"Satou-dono! Congratulation for your exploit noja!"
"I am honored, your highness Mitia."

Princess Mitia talked to me innocently like usual.
Lady Karina muttered, "Your highness?", beside me.
Erina is whispering, "It's a formidable rival!", to the newbie's ear, but the true formidable one exists at the world tree.

Lady Karina pulled my sleeve from behind like some shy girl, and whispered, "Introduce me."
This is quite rare for this haughty girl. I've always intended to do just that from the beginning of course.

"Your highness, she is the daughter of my master, Karina Muno-sama."
"Oh! To raise Satou-dono as their retainer, your parent must be a very noble-minded statesman! You are also truly beautiful noja! ....Perchance, are you not the fiancee of Satou-dono?"
"N, no--"
"That is not so, your highness."

Since Lady Karina clogged her words, I told Princess Mitia that she was not my fiancee in her stead.
Lady Karina seems discontent about me talking ahead of her, she sends some reproachful glance toward me.
Please don't look at me with such eyes. It is contrary to the fact, so I cannot exactly affirm it right?

"Karina-sama, she is Princess Mitia of Norooku Kingdom--the western leader of the kingdoms union."
"Satou, don't tell me, you!"

I can guess what she wants to say, but please be relieved since I won't make a move to the loli-faced princess Mitia.
Therefore, I corrected it, "That imagination is a misunderstanding", close to her ear.

However, the peanut gallery are being noisy since a while ago.

『Not only he has the Shield Princess, and Jenna, he also hid such a beauty?!』
『Damnit, he wouldn't make Noja princess his mistress right? Right?』
『You, she's still at that age....』

Like always, someone who has almost done lese majeste is mixed among them. No, it would have been out for him if he were heard huh.
Now then, leaving that aside, the favorite is arriving soon.

『The real Explorer Guild is packed after all.』
『You're right Iona-san. It might've been better if we went to the East Guild as advised by the knight.』

I still can't see her behind the crowd.

『Ruu, give me one of those meat skewers too.』
『Ou, awright. Trade with that red skewer.』
『Mou! I was wondering where you two were, so you're buying and eating!』
『I mean, every stall is free. Can't do without eating them.』
『There seems to be some kind of festival, but it's quite lavish for them to have everything free.』
『Un, they say this Chevalier Pendragon subjugated a very strong monster even though he's a noble.』

They're noisy like always.
I saw her sun-colored hair beyond the crowd. Blond color that's brighter than Nana's and Karina's.

『Mou! We have to register as explorers, and greet the staffs--』

Our eyes met.

"Sa, Satou-san!"

She gives her luggage to Lilio like she's throwing it, and then she pushes her way through the crowd, running.
While apologizing to people whom she's almost bumped, her gaze never separates from me.


She couldn't stop her momentum, I gently caught her who jumped into my arms.
She's lightly dressed in leather armor, but her softness is in good health.


I wait for her who repeats my name.
She looks up from my chest, tears are gathering on the edge of her eyes.

"--I've come."

The word is probably filled with many emotions.
She spins her words with shaking voice.

"Welcome to the Labyrinth City, Zena-san."

Hearing my words, although slightly looking anxious, Zena-san smiles like a flower in full bloom.

I'll patch things up with Lady Karina who complains about the different in treatment later. Pochi and Tama clap Lady Karina's legs, like 'pon', from both side, but there should be no ill-will in that.

It has been awhile.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-2

11-2. Reunion (1)


Satou's here. Having an unexpected reunion with an old friend is a joyous event. Even if you can't remember the name of the person you're reunited with.

"My, that's quite a big magic core. It looks as if it's the magic core of the floormaster--"

Even though Arisa has half of her face covered in bandage, she presents the huge magic core while looking proud.
The face of the guild staff who received the magic core while looking slightly surprised froze. Since she has item appraisal skill, she probably understands what that magic core is.

She turns toward me, moving like a rusty robot.

"Umm, this is perhaps."
"That's right! We've defeated the floormaster of the upper layer!"

Arisa answers but the guild staff matches her eyes with me, staring as if she wants me to deny it.
Does she really not want to believe it?

"Yes, it's the magic core of the floormaster."

After I declared so, that guild staff fell down fainting. It'll be troubling if the magic core is dropped, so I catch it together with her.
I've never seen her before, wonder if it's a beginner staff?

An older guild staff behind her contacted the guild and took over to nurse the fainted staff.

As for us, we're going to the labyrinth city with his guidance.
Since it seems to be customary for the party who've defeated the floormaster to carry the magic core, I bring it along with me.

Noise spread when we exited the west gate.
There were some uproar when we got out of the labyrinth gate, but it's even bigger here.

We are equipped with old equipments which have been made to look damaged, and also used special make-up and bandages to make it looks like we had a fierce battle.
We don't actually have any real injury, but defeating a floor master without any injury would lessen the authenticity, so we make it like such.

『Oy! Those [Wound-free Pendragon] bunch are injured!?』
『It's true! Even the Shield Princess's shield's been split in two!』

By Shield Princess, do they mean Nana?
However, [Wound-free] is too exaggerated. They just have always been healed before we return to the surface, there is never a case where the members, including the three rear guards, are not injured.

『They couldn't possibly challenge the Floormaster right?』
『No way that can be even for the Pendragon bunch.』
『Yeah, even the [Depth Round Dance] guys who went out in fanfare after gathering several Red Iron bunch got partially destroyed when they tried to hunt the magic core needed to summon the floormaster, let alone the floormaster itself.』

So such a thing happened when I was running around to many places.
We continue to go toward the explorer guild while I vaguely listening to the hustle and bustle around.

『Those two armored children the Black Spear Liza is carrying aren't death right?』
『Ah, since she's carrying them well they're probably alright? Look, they're even waving hands.』

Pochi and Tama who are playing dead wave their hands sociably.
There's no point in their serious injury make-up like this. Well, it's fine.

"Fuhahaha! See this well!"

Arisa whom I'm giving a ride on my shoulder raises the beach ball-sized floormaster's magic core up high, showing it off to the surrounding.
Buzz, buzz, explorers and the townspeople are exchanging words noisily.

Arisa is dressed with bloodied-bandage that looks like an eyepatch on her face, acting like she has some serious injury. She's properly equipped the blond hair wig together with a hood.

"This is!"

Arisa stops at that interval.
The people around who are making buzzes hold their breath together, anticipating the next words.

"This is the Floormaster's, 『Thunder Squid』's Magic Core!"

When Arisa declared so, explosion-like uproar burst out.
She really is someone who likes to show off.

"Geez, you've really gone and done it, defeating the floormaster."
"Yes, although it was thanks to the alliance with these people."

I reported the detail of the subjugation in the guildmaster's office.

Each of the people who act as if they were the party leaders who participated in the subjugation are in this room.
The other members are in my mansion under the pretext of healing their injuries.

"Then, you challenged with 7 group of 72 people, and came back with 15 survivors huh. There are a lot of victims, but this is the shortest record."
"That's because the parties' composition prioritized firepower."

I was slightly surprised about the shortest record, but I made (Poker Face) skill to work hard.
For the time being, let's make up some story.

Nevertheless, even though I had properly added the calculated time needed to travel in the labyrinth, and there should have been time loss from when I destroyed the dog-head demon lord, we still got the shortest record huh.

Secretary-san continues the talk while lining up various documents on the desk.

"Then, there are five parties of 15 people, 『Pendragon』, 『Samurai General』, 『Blue Rose』, 『Twin Oni』, and 『Blessing of Great Spirit』 that apply for Mithril Plate, are there not?"
"I will politely decline."
"It's unnecessary for us."
"I do not intend to be affiliated with a brat who haven't even lived for 50 years."
"U, umm..."

These masters should have done another rehearsal for their performance. Looks like the contents of the lecture from the party yesterday have all but vanished.

Since Secretary-san seems troubled with the unexpected replies, I send her a lifeboat.

"We will apply for it."
"Y, yes, then, other parties besides 『Pendragon』 will not apply, am I right?"
"We'll leave Sir Pendragon to manage the rest."

Looks like the guildmaster and secretary-san have decided to pull back after the masters said so. The guildmaster allowed them to go out of the room.

They probably intend to negotiate with them later.
The guildmaster and secretary-san wished for me to negotiate for them, but I indirectly declined.

They asked me regarding the masters' origin, but I deceived them by saying that I just scouted people who seemed strong outside the labyrinth city so I didn't know the detail.

I was asked to choose one among the treasures, so I selected the [Item Appraisal] orb.
It seems to be a skill that's coveted on the same level as [Item Box] among the treasure orbs.
I'm planning of letting Lulu uses it for appraising ingredients.

The next day, we are made to participate in a parade jointly sponsored by the guildmaster and the viceroy.

Looks like we have to ride on three separate gaudily decorated horse-drawn carriages and parade around the town.
The masters have all gone back to Boruenan Forest yesterday, so it's just our members now.

The very first carriage has me, Arisa and Mia. The second has Pochi, Tama, Liza, and the last in line has Lulu and Nana.
Besides me, the members' composition seem to have been decided in a lottery lot yesterday, but to even have a preliminary lottery draw to decide the drawing turn is too strict. They must have really been looking forward to this parade.

Everyone has dressed up, on top of that they've also equipped the equipments taken from the loot, sprinkling smiles around.
Of course I've also worn a robe more formal than usual, and a gold-braided short mantle that Arisa's picked.

『Arisa-cha~n, look here~』
『Mia-sama, your figure is so beautiful, it dazzles my eyes!』
『Arisa! I'll treat you to some skewers later!』
『Ah, Mia-sama. Your fresh profile today is like a refreshing lily of the valley--』

Oh, Mia is popular. When I commended her, "You're quite popular", she strongly denied, "NO." I might have been unthoughtful. Gonna reflect on it.

Still, I feel sorry for Arisa who get called only by little girls and brats.
I leave it alone since Arisa must also not want to be consoled for it. Arisa has been sending glances to me while muttering, "Another brat huh~", but since there can be time when gentleness is painful, the correct answer should be to ignore her.

Some prostitute-like onee-sans wave at me along the way while calling, "Young master~", so I wave back at them. It goes without saying that Arisa and Mia pinched me from both side.

While being led by [Pendora] children who are swinging a rod that had flower basket on the tip, the parade train entered the venue for the unveiling of the floormaster subjugation.

And then, we safely finished debuting the floormaster subjugation which took two hours.

Although the first subjugation greeting was embarrassing, it was quite painful when I had to listen to celebratory messages from the nobles, the city personages like the Mithril and Red Iron explorers while smiling.
Afterward, Arisa debuted the loot by reciting them in entertainer-like way of speaking, in addition to Mia's musical performance, the excitement of the people doubled, making the tension on the venue increased dangerously.

After all the programs from before have finished, the buffet party on the venue begins.
Various dishes and liquor have been prepared on the stalls on this venue, and they're all free to take.
It seems the cost is burdened by the Explorer Guild--or rather the King himself. I didn't particularly mind paying for it myself, but since it was a custom, I decided to rely on the kindness.

"But hey, is it really alright?"
"What is?"

Arisa talked to me while looking awkward when we were walking to the waiting room of the venue.

"I mean, you've always said that you don't want to stand out right."
"I don't mind. I didn't want to stand out because I was afraid that some strange guy would have an eye on our girls before they could protect themselves."

Right now, they should be able to do something against even an army, as long as there is no poison or powerful trap involved.
I've built enough personal connections too, so if there's someone influential that's hostile to us, I will naturally hear about them, and I can just make use of the enemy of my enemy to quickly eliminate them.

In my case, demon lord flags seemed like it'd be raised if I were to eliminate people who set their eyes on me, so I didn't want to stand out. It would be hard to enjoy the trip if we were being chased by the people around us.
For the same reason, I don't intend to reveal the fact that hero Nanashi is me myself to anyone besides my companions.
I don't want to become like the hero Hayato who's too busy with official businesses he doesn't have time to play.

"However, won't we get pushed with some weird positions from Shiga Kingdom?"
"It's probably alright. Most positions besides the guildmaster's minister, and the general are filled with nobles. Even if they come to invite us, it's probably for a position such as a knight captain or intelligence right? If something like that happens, I'll pull my connections to refuse them so it's fine."

Rather, the possibility of me becoming a chef in royal palace looks way higher.

I carry the presented loot from before to a safe underground while being accompanied by some guild staff.
It's the job of the guild staff and the royal knight to bring them to the royal capital from here on. I've put a marker on the Item Appraisal orb just in case.

"Everyone, thanks for your hard work. I'm going to greet some big-shots on the buffet party now, how about everyone? You can get back and rest on the mansion if you're tired okay?"
"No we won't! I'm going to have a live stage with Mia and the others!"
"Tama is a fascinating dancer~?"
"Pochi is also going to dance spin, spin nodesu!"

The four youth troupe live performance huh.

"That sounds fun. I'll go see it later."
"Nn, promise."
"You have to absolutely come okay?!"
"I'll work hard~"
"We'll make the best stage!"

These energetic four seem fine, but how about other members?

"Master I will go to the orphanage to collect Shiro and Crow."
"I cannot rest in the mansion. Because I have the mission of conquering all the meat on the stalls!"

These two are unchanging.

"Master, I have been asked to perform on the labyrinth monstrous-fish dismantling show, is it alright if I go?"
"Of course it's alright. However, use the normal kitchen knife from the mansion okay."

Still, the labyrinth monstrous fish only appear in the middle layer, I wonder who hunted it?
There shouldn't be enough time between our return to the present, so it might be a leftover item from the viceroy's request.

I walk back to the ground floor of the guild while hearing everyone's plan.

There, we reunited with a nostalgic person.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-1

11-1. Victory Celebration Party


Satou's here. Celebrations are pleasant to have, but I prefer to refrain from showy things such as a parade. Arisa and the others who like attentions are happy about it though....

"Celebrating the Floormaster subjugation, cheers!"

Today, I've lead people to have a toast several times already in the Ivy Mansion.

The plan is for us to return to the labyrinth city after three days.
It seems that there's never a case where people who've gone to subjugate a floormaster come back in the same day, so after considering the time to travel there and subjugate the floormaster, the schedule has become like such.
It has already been half a day since the victory celebration party started after we crushed the floormaster and teleported back to the Ivy Mansion though.

We teleported back to the Ivy Mansion after we had finished collecting the booty and the squid's body and tentacles that had relatively little damage.

I'm concerned about the situation above, but I should really straighten up the things with my companions first.
I called only Arisa to my private workshop in the Ivy Mansion.

I made up my mind, and told her the information about the reincarnated people and demon lords, unique skills, and god's fragments I've heard from [No Life King] Zen and the Dog-head Demon Lord, I also added my opinion regarding them.

"--that's about it."
"I was wondering what kind of secret it was...."

Since she had fallen silent with severe face, I hugged her, put her head on my chest, and was about to pat her, but she lightly replied, "Of course I knew about it", so my hand which was going to pat her head froze.

"I mean, god had explained about those things when I was being reincarnated."
"Can you tell me the detail?"

Since Arisa put her hands below her lips and said some half-asleep things, "I'll talk anything if you give me a sweet kiss", I made her talk with [Order].

"Uuh, you cheapskate."
"Okay okay, just talk."

Good grief, I don't understand how far is Arisa's action being serious.

"U~n, you see. I can't talk about everything I've heard you know? God forbid me to speak, or rather put a restriction about it."

Arisa began to talk with that preface.

There's not much new information.

--When someone gets reincarnated, they acquire the god's fragments, one fragment gives one unique skill.

I've already roughly guessed this.

--The soul of the human needs to have the aptitude in order to receive the god's fragment.

Most reincarnation candidates can't even accept one fragment and get their souls annihilated, someone that can accept two or more fragments seems to be a rarity.
According to Arisa, it seems that she could somehow feel about, "I can still go on", or, "It's already impossible", when she was receiving the fragments.

--The reincarnated people who have acquired the god's fragment won't necessarily become a demon lord themselves.

Rather, it seems them becoming a demon lord is something that's quite rare. Although there are cases where a single-fragment holder became a demon lord, most are the one who has three or more fragments.
....That means, more than Arisa who has two fragments, isn't it more dangerous for me who have four?

--The usage number of the unique skill is the limiter of soul.

You can exceed the number of uses, but the soul which exceeds the unique skill usage limit will become unable to hold the god's fragment.
And then, at the time the soul can't hold it anymore, the soul, which is the vessel, will be either broken or annihilated, and transformed into a demon lord.

The, "Fall into despair and become a demon lord" that the Dog-head Demon Lord was going about probably referred to how reincarnated people who've fallen in despair exceed the unique skill usage limit and transform into a demon lord.

Lastly, I inquire her information about the god.

"So, what's the name of the god who reincarnated Arisa?"
"That you see~, the god only told me 『God』 so I lightly consented, 『I see~, it's the god~』. Like in stories about reincarnation, there's no one who asks the name of the god right?"
"Did you see how the god looked like?"
"The god met me as a soul without a body, so I don't know. I don't know whether the god was a man or a woman, an old man or an infant, handsome or uncouth, I didn't even know if the god had human-like appearance."

She heard some unfamiliar word such as god reincarnation, but she ignored it since she somehow understood it.
In conclusion, the god's identity seems to be unknown.

I can guess god's identity to a certain extent, but since it's not good to arbitrarily decide upon it, I put aside the conclusion.
Since the other party is a god, there's a possibility that I may have been misled.

Before all that, I don't even know if it was really the god.
A devil or a third party pretending to be a god is a cliché in tales after all.

I feel chills down the spine when I heard that Arisa was going to exceed her limit to fight the Dog-head Demon Lord when we met him.
I make her taste eight pickled plums so she reflects on it. Of course the underlying cause was because of myself who was hiding my true level, so it might be a good time to tell her about it soon.

I could just tell it to Arisa, but I decided to also tell Liza who tends to worry like her.
Since other members don't seem to mind about my capability in battles, I'm considering whether to tell them about it after I see these two people's reaction.

"Three hundreds and eleven?"
"As expected of Master."

'Poka~n', Arisa's mouth falls like there's a sound effect, looks like she can't continue talking, her mouth is still open.
Liza speaks words of admiration like she's proud about it while being surprised, she nods marvelously.
Liza grinning like this might be quite rare.

The difference in these two's reaction must depend on whether they have the actual feeling about the abnormality of the news.
Especially Liza, since she has been focused in fighting higher leveled enemies with the boost and her equipments, she must no have the actual feeling of needing more experience points as her level increases. From her viewpoint, she must recognize level 311 as only, "Something that can be reached someday if you just work hard."

I'm thinking of telling it to other members if they ask me to tell them.
I instructed the two to keep the information about my level an absolute secret.

Now then, the thing regarding my companions is enough with this, next let's care about the mansion like the employees and such.

Before calling Arisa, I had checked the situation in the residence and the city with [Clairvoyance], it seemed to have become quite a big uproar.

Ms. Miteruna at the mansion, Porina at the worker row house, and the two Beautiful Wings at the orphanage and the training school each struggled hard to keep the order at their respective place.
Thanks to them, looks like people who tend to feel anxious aren't panicking. The infants were grandly crying, but I expect the older children around to comfort them.

The city is the one in big uproar instead.
People are flooding to the viceroy's mansion, Explorer Guild and the Labyrinth Army's garrison, and are making uproars big enough it could cause riots.

At the Explorer Guild, the guildmaster shot fireballs to the sky and declared, "The demon lord will come if you don't be quiet!" which did stop the uproar from getting bigger, but she got scolded by an elf girl and the secretary-san beside her.

On that subject, Ms. Sebelkea the elf is a beautiful little girl that looks calm, although I've never met her directly. When I heard about her heroic tale from the guildmaster during our drinking bout, I imagined that she was unimaginably cute.
The guildmaster probably exaggerated.

Since we couldn't possibly join the uproar, and more importantly, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the party like this, I conveyed, "The demon lord has been defeated by the hero" to Ms. Sebelkea via Aze-san. It took a bit of time to reach her since it had to go through the high elf of her clan.

Nevertheless, it seems to have been properly conveyed, the labyrinth city that was on the verge of riots has now returned to its festive mood.

Akindo the self-proclaimed, "merchant acquainted with Satou", presents a feast to the orphanage and the training school as a congratulatory gift for the, [Demon Lord's Fall].
Of course, the real identity of Akindo is me myself in disguise.
Ah, how complicated.

Just in case, I notified the hero about the Demon Lord's extinction with the transceiver I had received from him before.
Of course as Nanashi, not Satou.

Since the hero seemed to be in the middle of investigating a labyrinth in the weaselkin empire, the one that got in contact with me was a woman with monotonous voice called Nono.
Since she had immediately departed the labyrinth city Selbira to tell the hero in our place, I didn't directly meet her.
She must be a kyonyuu since she's a hero's companion. I wanted to meet her once.

"Hfey, are you dringing?"
"I'm drinking."

The drunken Arisa leaned herself on my collar to entwine my body.
Since Tama and Mia continue to have their furious fight on my lap, she seemed to have given up that side and came from behind.

I've especially permitted them to drink liquor since today is the celebration for the floormaster subjugation.

"That's riight~ andthen violatte this unripe body~"
"Okay okay, I'll gladly accept in 10 years okay."

While tearing Arisa, who's holding my face and going to steal my lips, off me, I vaguely answer her.

"Aren't Tama unfair? I think she's unfair. I mean, not allowing monopoly while monopolizing herself, that's baad isn't iit? That's why, shouldn't you hand it over to me once in a while? Hand it overr."
"Nyu~? Here is Tama's place. Because, it's relieving~?"

Mia having a long talk is rare, but Tama having it is even rarer.
She said monopoly and all, but Mia often sat on my lap herself when Tama wasn't present.

"Liza! This silver meat is really too strong nanodesu!"
"This is quite splendid! Pochi, listen to me okay? First spread magic power on your teeth. However, be careful not to pour too much or your teeth will feel pain."
"Aye nanodesu! Magic Teeth nanodesu!"

As a joke, I've prepared the hard part of the whale that even Lulu's kitchen knife can't cut by cutting it with a holy sword, making it look like sashimis as decorations, not as food, but....
Apparently, it has plucked Liza's and Pochi's heartstrings somehow.

"Kunyunyu, I can't chew it nodesu."
"This chewiness is something I've never encountered before. The taste resembles whale but my stomach won't be able to digest it if I don't chew it properly."
"This meat person is too strong nanodesu!"

Liza and Pochi are probably drunk.
They hold the sandal-sized piece of meat that glitters palely and bite it with all their might, but it seems they can't chew it.
It's amazing they can even leave tooth marks on it.

I'll prescribe them some digestive medicine later so they won't upset their stomach.

"Master, an obstacle in my magic power circulation has emerged. Please the maintenance!"
"Wait, Nana-san, you can't! Don't take off your clothesss~!"

Lulu who's holding a sheet intercepted the drunken Nana who was in the middle of taking off her clothes.
Lulu's action has become too fast ever since her level increased, I feel that the Lucky Lewd Rate has fallen.

The masters and people who've acted as a padding for party are also enjoying themselves with the liquor and the dishes in the party hall.

The drunken masters were grumbling about how they wanted to try new techniques, so I brought them to a hunting ground in the upper layer.
Apparently they've been fired up from our girls' battle.

Even while drunk, they let me see various secret techniques up close, and then I brought them back to the party while they were looking pleased, but for some reason, Mia and Arisa branded me guilty.

I guess it was bad for Ms. Poltomea to be upper half-nude after all?
It's quite upsetting since there's no way I'll crave a girl of around middle-schooler age.

Putting that side, the party continued until morning, we drank the night away by stuffing ourselves with many valuable things like the Dragon Spring liquor and the Dwarf Slayer.

Having more people in a party really is the merrier.

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Main Characters' Level and Skills Change (End of Chapter 10)

I'm using this occasion to revise one thing.

'Nature Magic' is renamed to 'Force Art Magic'.

There are actually two kind of 'Force Art', and I've always translated them as 'Nature Magic' but this is not correct. 'Force Art Magic' is a magic that needs chant, while just 'Force Arte' is a kind of active skill and doesn't seem to need chanting. Revising them in past chapters will be a gargantuan task so I will only make this effective for new chapters for the time being.

IIRC only Nana, Ringrande and Trazayuya in one side chapter use the active skill one, Force Arte, so far.>

● Main Characters' Levels and skills change.

Arisa Level 51
[Never Give Up]
[Over Boost]
[Status Check]
[Hide Skill]
[Item Box]
[Space Magic Lv10]
[Fire Magic Lv8]

Liza Level 51
[Heavy Blow]
[Spiral Spear Strike]
[Magic Edge]
[Magic Spear Dragon Strike (Drag Buster)](new)
[Magic Edge Explosion](new)
[Magic Edge Cannon]
[Magic Armor](new)
[Magic Operation](new)
[Flickering Movement]
Flickering Movement Spiral Strike is not skill but combination skill of [Flickering Movement] and [Spiral Spear Strike]

Tama Level 51
[Short Sword]
[Two-Swords Style]
[Magic Edge]
[Magic Edge Twin Fangs (Vanquish Fang)](new)
[Magic Edge Cannon](new)
[Magic Operation](new)
[Flickering Movement](new)
[Enemy Search]
[Trap Release]
[Trap Discovery]
[Space Grasp](new)
[3D Maneuver](new)

Pochi Level 51
[Short Sword]
[Heavy Blow]
[Helm Splitter]
[Magic Edge]
[Magic Edge Rush (Vorpal Lance)](new)
[Magic Edge Explosion](new)
[Magic Edge Cannon](new)
[Magic Armor](new)
[Magic Operation](new)
[Flickering Movement]
[Enemy Search]

Lulu Level 51
[Life Magic]
[Force Art Magic]
[UNKNOWN (Plural)]

Mia Level 51
[Short Sword]
[Water Magic]
[Spirit Magic]
[Musical Performance](new)
[Spirit Seer]

Nana Level 51
[One-handed Sword]
[Heavy Armor](new)
[Shield Bash]
[Flickering Movement](new)
[Magic Operation](new)
[Force Arte]
[Space Grasp](new)
[UNKNOWN (Plural)]
Force Artes:
[Magic Arrow]
[Short Stun]
[Light Boost]
[<<Floating Board>>]
[Sense Magic]
[Sharp Edge]
[Fake Patch]
[Magic Shelter]
[<<Flexible Shield>>](new)
[Flexible Sword](new)
[Magic Hand](new)
[Break Magic](new)
[Mana Drain](new)
[Mana Wall](new)
[Multi Shield](new)
[<<Multi Mana Scale>>](new)
[<<Multiple Javelin>>](new)

Name: Satou Pendragon
Race: Human
Level: 40
Affiliation: Shiga Kingdom Muno Earldom
Occupation: Mithril Plate Explorer
Rank: Chevalier
Title: Magician of Dinning Table
[Force Art Magic]
[Water Magic](new)
[Life Magic]
[One-handed Sword]
Rewards and Punishments:
[Muno Barondom Medal of Blue Gleam]
[Muno Barondom Army Medal of First-class]
[Oyugock Dukedom Medal of Blue Flame]

[Muno City People Medal of Honor]
[Gururian City People Medal of Honor]
[Puta Town People Medal of Honor]
[Selbira City People Medal of Honor]

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 13

SS: The Melancholy of Leriril


"I can't believe it!"

No one will reply even if I raise my voice in my private room.
Even though I've been entrusted to take care of the mansion left behind by Sage-sama, a human brat becomes the new master....

It would have been nice if it was the elf Misanalia-sama instead.
Moreover, he made up a foolish story like being a friend of the high elf-sama and even made Misanalia-sama to take part in that. He's a vexing guy.

Furururu, the Manager Medallion is making a sound.
When I looked at the Medallion while thinking it was probably the brat calling, turned out it came from the world tree.

I check my appearance in a hurry, then I tap the Medallion lightly, turning it into a telephone.

『Nice to meet you, you're Lirerul right?』
『Aze-sama, that's wrong. It's Leriril.』 <--<TLN: This is not Leriril's line, but most likely Lua's.>
『Eh? No way oh. I'm sorry, Lerirul』
『I said it's Leriril.』

I usually would have shouted, "Stop mistaking other people's name", but I don't have leeway to do that now.
Because the one who's projected from the Medallion isn't just a normal elf-sama, it's the Sacred Tree-sama that looks so divine as if it's smashing my eyes--High Elf Aialize-sama....

I will surely die today.
Even just meeting an elf-sama has taken me 10 years of my duty, to think that I'm exchanging words with the Sacred Tree-sama whom my senile Grandfather never meets.

I don't care about something like mistaking my name.

『Lirerel, please treat Satou well okay. Satou should be able to use the Ivy Mansion's facilities effectively. He's also aware of Touya's last will, so I'm sure he will only use it for good.』
"I will follow Sacred Tree-sama's wish. I will serve him with all my heart."
『Aze-sama, there's a call from Birowanan clan regarding the philosopher's stone matter from before.』
『Ara, I should go see them right away. Then Leriril--um, it's right isn't it? Do your best to help Satou okay.』

To get an encouragement from Sacred Tree-sama and called me by name!
Aah, I'm elated enough to die happy. I'll help the brat with anything if there's an additional gain like this.

"Huh? Are you not with Misanalia-sama? Br-, Satou-dono."
"Yeah, Mia is working hard in the labyrinth. I've come to use the workshop."

For a mere human to call elf-sama with her nickname, he's a very impolite guy.
However, since Holy Tree-sama has asked me, this Leriril will smash her selfishness and help you.

He probably won't be able to operate even one facility of this mansion without my help anyway.

....Why is he operating a device he's just seen for the first time like it's usual for him?

"Ah, that's because I've looked over the documents left by the late Trazayuya. Moreover I've been in [Hearing] with Giril about the Ivy Mansion's facilities, so there's no problem. Leriril, sorry, but I'm going synthesize the culture fluid, so can you please bring me some hygienic tray and large bucket?"
"Y, yes."

He shouldn't be able to use them even if he has been taught though.... He's managing them well isn't he?
Weird. Even this Leriril-sama learned the way to use those equipments only after undergoing hellish training from senile Gramp for several years.

But, brat, Satou-dono is using them normally.
He's like a chef cooking a dish using tools he's familiar with.

He's using several alchemy equipments with magic in parallel, I can't believe my eyes.
Moreover, even though he's assisted by the Fake Core of this mansion, he hasn't lost his magic power even after using those many magic at mad pace, I can't believe he's a human.

It's too impossible my head's hurt, geez.
He's certainly fit to be recognized by Sacred Tree-sama.

That's it! Satou-sama must be a demi-god or an apostle of the gods pretending to be a human, no doubt 'bout it!
I can consent to that.

There's no way a human can be a friend of Sacred Tree-sama, and married to an elf-sama.

"I'm going back to the mansion since some urgent business came up. Leriril, I'm sorry but please clean-up the workshop."
"Yes, I understand Satou-sama!"

I have to serve him with all my heart from now on!
After seeing Satou-sama who's going out, I rolled my sleeves and went to clean up the workshop.

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