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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 11-3

11-3. Reunion (2)


Satou's here. The word shuraba is originally about a pathetic scene which involves complication of mad love. Fortunately, that kind of shuraba has never entered my life, but the kind of shuraba that happens in the clean-up of a crashing project is an everyday occurrence for me. I wonder which one is better...

I had already noticed it from my radar beforehand, but I kept it a secret to make it a surprise for other members.

『Oy, look at that.』
『N, no way.』

I understand their feeling, but the last guy is exaggerating.

『How beautiful....』
『Oh! My beautiful goddess! Have you forgotten--』

I saw that the Great Shield Gell was removed in the middle of his talk beyond the stirred crowd.


She flew in the sky from beyond the crowd and appeared before us.
The lobby of the explorer guild has high ceiling so she didn't hit it, but I'm not sure what to think of flying while she's in a dress.

Even while thinking such thing, my line of sight was robbed by two shaking miracles.

"I've come!"

While looking shy in red face, she declares so with folded arms so arrogantly.
I wonder why is this person mistaken in this kind of thing.

"Now, let the match begin nanodesu!"

Ah, wait.

Pochi jumps out energetically like there's a 'gyun' sound effect, and Tama also jumps triangularly using the ceiling to assault Lady Karina.

Pochi indiscreetly breaks through the barrier created by the magic creature Raka, and blows through the wall behind together with Lady Karina.
I was able to stop Tama barely in time, but both Pochi and Lady Karina are on the other side of the wall.

"Oppai-san is sinking. Namu~"
"Pochi great."

Arisa and Mia are being cruel for no reason.

"Karina-dono should be alright. She often played with Pochi and Tama in Muno Castle after all."
"They certainly also played happily in the duchy capital, but she doesn't look too well..."
"She would have been dead if she were a common life-form, so I assert."

Liza doesn't seem to be worried, but Lulu peek through the wall worryingly.
Of course, just as Nana had surmised, if Lady Karina took a serious blow from the current Pochi, she would have died instantly regardless of Raka's protection.

It only ended in her fainting since Pochi was going easy by not using Flickering Movement, and I followed up by immediately using [Magic Hand].
She usually could control her strength, but it seems she was really happy about reuniting with Karina. Yet, I still have to scold her in this regard.

While I'm nursing Lady Karina, both Liza and me scold Pochi together.
The punishment is three days without meat.

"Karina-sama~, where are you~?"

I heard someone searching for Lady Karina beyond the crowd, and there was Erina, the combat maid of Muno Earldom, when I looked there.

"Erina, she's here."
"Ah! Chevalier-sama!"

There is a figure of female soldier behind her I've seen for the first time. I feel like I've seen her somewhere before, but I can't remember. There wasn't someone like her among the baron's maids and the territorial army's soldiers---

--I remember now.

It was the girl who was ran over by the carriage rode by Toruma at Muno city.
Still, I didn't think she would work under Baron Muno after what she had been through.

The other party shouldn't know about me, so I greet her, "Nice to meet you."

"Did Pina not come here?"
"Yes, Pina has been promoted, so it's only me and newbie-chan this time. Taruna looked like she was wanting to go too, but she had been selected to guard the exchange students from the duchy capital."

Lady Karina seemed to have recovered when we were catching up, she opened her eyes.

"How are you feeling?"
"Sa, Satou, I'm, fine, desuwa."

Even though I've especially looked after her on my lap, lady Karina awkwardly gets up and takes some distance away from me.
Pochi apologizes, "I'm sorry, nanodesu" while looking dejected.

Then, a new intruder appeared.

"Chevalier-sama! Congratulations for your achieve...ment?"
"Thank you, Merian."

Merian, the daughter of Baronet Dyukeli, appeared and congratulated me from the crowd, but it was changed into a question halfway through.
Her eyes shifted to Lady Karina, or rather she focused on her breasts.

After Merian, Princess Mitia and her exclusive maid-san came together. She's also together with a bodyguard-san with scary face of course.

"Satou-dono! Congratulation for your exploit noja!"
"I am honored, your highness Mitia."

Princess Mitia talked to me innocently like usual.
Lady Karina muttered, "Your highness?", beside me.
Erina is whispering, "It's a formidable rival!", to the newbie's ear, but the true formidable one exists at the world tree.

Lady Karina pulled my sleeve from behind like some shy girl, and whispered, "Introduce me."
This is quite rare for this haughty girl. I've always intended to do just that from the beginning of course.

"Your highness, she is the daughter of my master, Karina Muno-sama."
"Oh! To raise Satou-dono as their retainer, your parent must be a very noble-minded statesman! You are also truly beautiful noja! ....Perchance, are you not the fiancee of Satou-dono?"
"N, no--"
"That is not so, your highness."

Since Lady Karina clogged her words, I told Princess Mitia that she was not my fiancee in her stead.
Lady Karina seems discontent about me talking ahead of her, she sends some reproachful glance toward me.
Please don't look at me with such eyes. It is contrary to the fact, so I cannot exactly affirm it right?

"Karina-sama, she is Princess Mitia of Norooku Kingdom--the western leader of the kingdoms union."
"Satou, don't tell me, you!"

I can guess what she wants to say, but please be relieved since I won't make a move to the loli-faced princess Mitia.
Therefore, I corrected it, "That imagination is a misunderstanding", close to her ear.

However, the peanut gallery are being noisy since a while ago.

『Not only he has the Shield Princess, and Jenna, he also hid such a beauty?!』
『Damnit, he wouldn't make Noja princess his mistress right? Right?』
『You, she's still at that age....』

Like always, someone who has almost done lese majeste is mixed among them. No, it would have been out for him if he were heard huh.
Now then, leaving that aside, the favorite is arriving soon.

『The real Explorer Guild is packed after all.』
『You're right Iona-san. It might've been better if we went to the East Guild as advised by the knight.』

I still can't see her behind the crowd.

『Ruu, give me one of those meat skewers too.』
『Ou, awright. Trade with that red skewer.』
『Mou! I was wondering where you two were, so you're buying and eating!』
『I mean, every stall is free. Can't do without eating them.』
『There seems to be some kind of festival, but it's quite lavish for them to have everything free.』
『Un, they say this Chevalier Pendragon subjugated a very strong monster even though he's a noble.』

They're noisy like always.
I saw her sun-colored hair beyond the crowd. Blond color that's brighter than Nana's and Karina's.

『Mou! We have to register as explorers, and greet the staffs--』

Our eyes met.

"Sa, Satou-san!"

She gives her luggage to Lilio like she's throwing it, and then she pushes her way through the crowd, running.
While apologizing to people whom she's almost bumped, her gaze never separates from me.


She couldn't stop her momentum, I gently caught her who jumped into my arms.
She's lightly dressed in leather armor, but her softness is in good health.


I wait for her who repeats my name.
She looks up from my chest, tears are gathering on the edge of her eyes.

"--I've come."

The word is probably filled with many emotions.
She spins her words with shaking voice.

"Welcome to the Labyrinth City, Zena-san."

Hearing my words, although slightly looking anxious, Zena-san smiles like a flower in full bloom.

I'll patch things up with Lady Karina who complains about the different in treatment later. Pochi and Tama clap Lady Karina's legs, like 'pon', from both side, but there should be no ill-will in that.

It has been awhile.

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