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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 4

SS: Tama's Stroll


"Ninja is~ Gake~"

I run on the back alley and on top of the wall, wearing the ninja costume that master's made for me.
Tama won't be find out by anyone. Because she's a ninja.

I peer into the irrigation canal from the bridge.

I can see small prawns in the bottom of the pure water. Look delicious. My hands involuntarily reach to the water surface--


That was close.
There's a lot of dangerous things in the irrigation channel nyan. Wrong. A lot of dangers degozaru. Or was it gozansu~?
Either way's fine nyan. I look at my appearance on the canal's water surface, pink really is better than black after all. Ninjas' attire has to be black! So Arisa said, but still, I asked master to make it pink after all.

I mean, that one's cuter.

"From gake to gakeee~"

Gake? Or was it kage? I guess either's fine~
<TLN: Gake=cliff, kage=shadow.>
Pyon, pyon, pyon, running through the rooftops.

『No, stop it!』
『Shut up you wench?!』

I look at the back alley since I heard a scream.
Mumumwu. A man is assaulting a woman, tearing her clothes! The woman seems sad since her clothes've been torn, she's beating the man while crying. Ah, her hands are caught, and then she's thrown on the ground.

I must help.

"Tenshil! Chisil! Miracurun! Tama the mysterious ninja appears!"

Ah, I said my name.
Well, it's fine.

Toward the man who's saying something from the ground, I headlock throw his head, "Eiya!" and make him faint. It's a technique Shiya's taught me, it has to be done well or the opponent'll die. If it's samurai, she'll be full-fledged after mastering taijutsu was it?

His eyes are white it's gross, but since he's twitching, he's alive right?

"Umm, thank you?"
"You're welcome~? Nin nin degozaru~"

Yes, Arisa's taught me that 'Nin nin' and 'gozaru' are important for ninjas.
In addition, ninjas have to leave immediately after saving someone or it's not good. It  the destiny of one who lives in darkness.

"Sabara, degozaru~?"
<TLN: Should've been 'saraba', meaning farewell>

I throw a smoke ball down my feet, slipping into the smoke to ju~mp onto the roof. Come to think of it, Arisa's said that ninjas use katana to jump, but I wonder how do they do that? They can just jump normally if it's to a roof.

Ah, this time an old man is being bullied over there. I must go save him.
Wait for me old man, I'll save you immediately.

When I come back to the mansion, Tama will have master listen to her activities from his lap~

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