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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 13

SS: The Melancholy of Leriril


"I can't believe it!"

No one will reply even if I raise my voice in my private room.
Even though I've been entrusted to take care of the mansion left behind by Sage-sama, a human brat becomes the new master....

It would have been nice if it was the elf Misanalia-sama instead.
Moreover, he made up a foolish story like being a friend of the high elf-sama and even made Misanalia-sama to take part in that. He's a vexing guy.

Furururu, the Manager Medallion is making a sound.
When I looked at the Medallion while thinking it was probably the brat calling, turned out it came from the world tree.

I check my appearance in a hurry, then I tap the Medallion lightly, turning it into a telephone.

『Nice to meet you, you're Lirerul right?』
『Aze-sama, that's wrong. It's Leriril.』 <--<TLN: This is not Leriril's line, but most likely Lua's.>
『Eh? No way oh. I'm sorry, Lerirul』
『I said it's Leriril.』

I usually would have shouted, "Stop mistaking other people's name", but I don't have leeway to do that now.
Because the one who's projected from the Medallion isn't just a normal elf-sama, it's the Sacred Tree-sama that looks so divine as if it's smashing my eyes--High Elf Aialize-sama....

I will surely die today.
Even just meeting an elf-sama has taken me 10 years of my duty, to think that I'm exchanging words with the Sacred Tree-sama whom my senile Grandfather never meets.

I don't care about something like mistaking my name.

『Lirerel, please treat Satou well okay. Satou should be able to use the Ivy Mansion's facilities effectively. He's also aware of Touya's last will, so I'm sure he will only use it for good.』
"I will follow Sacred Tree-sama's wish. I will serve him with all my heart."
『Aze-sama, there's a call from Birowanan clan regarding the philosopher's stone matter from before.』
『Ara, I should go see them right away. Then Leriril--um, it's right isn't it? Do your best to help Satou okay.』

To get an encouragement from Sacred Tree-sama and called me by name!
Aah, I'm elated enough to die happy. I'll help the brat with anything if there's an additional gain like this.

"Huh? Are you not with Misanalia-sama? Br-, Satou-dono."
"Yeah, Mia is working hard in the labyrinth. I've come to use the workshop."

For a mere human to call elf-sama with her nickname, he's a very impolite guy.
However, since Holy Tree-sama has asked me, this Leriril will smash her selfishness and help you.

He probably won't be able to operate even one facility of this mansion without my help anyway.

....Why is he operating a device he's just seen for the first time like it's usual for him?

"Ah, that's because I've looked over the documents left by the late Trazayuya. Moreover I've been in [Hearing] with Giril about the Ivy Mansion's facilities, so there's no problem. Leriril, sorry, but I'm going synthesize the culture fluid, so can you please bring me some hygienic tray and large bucket?"
"Y, yes."

He shouldn't be able to use them even if he has been taught though.... He's managing them well isn't he?
Weird. Even this Leriril-sama learned the way to use those equipments only after undergoing hellish training from senile Gramp for several years.

But, brat, Satou-dono is using them normally.
He's like a chef cooking a dish using tools he's familiar with.

He's using several alchemy equipments with magic in parallel, I can't believe my eyes.
Moreover, even though he's assisted by the Fake Core of this mansion, he hasn't lost his magic power even after using those many magic at mad pace, I can't believe he's a human.

It's too impossible my head's hurt, geez.
He's certainly fit to be recognized by Sacred Tree-sama.

That's it! Satou-sama must be a demi-god or an apostle of the gods pretending to be a human, no doubt 'bout it!
I can consent to that.

There's no way a human can be a friend of Sacred Tree-sama, and married to an elf-sama.

"I'm going back to the mansion since some urgent business came up. Leriril, I'm sorry but please clean-up the workshop."
"Yes, I understand Satou-sama!"

I have to serve him with all my heart from now on!
After seeing Satou-sama who's going out, I rolled my sleeves and went to clean up the workshop.

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