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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10 SS 7

This is not from Satou's POV (Seryuu city Gate Inn's helper Yuni's POV)

SS: Letters to Yuni


"Ye~s, please wait for a bit. I'm going n~ow."

Heave-ho. These firewoods should be enough now.
I half-jogged to Martha-san who called me, and she pushed to me some kind of paper bundle.

"They were brought by the merchant just now. They're letters for Yuni he said."

Letters? Maybe it's!

"Aah! It really is!"
"It's amazing that you've acquaintances who contact you with letters like this, you're like a merchant or a noble-sama."

Ehehe~. I feel ticklish from Martha-san's words which sounds so envious.
I open the letters and read them.

First, it's from Tama-chan.

『Reached the labyrinth city. Tama.』

Tama-chan's letter is short.
But, I'm glad that they seem to have arrived at the labyrinth city safely.

Next, it's from Pochi-chan.

『Pochi and Master who had departed from Seryuu Earldom were attacked by more than 100 insects swarm in the mountain's foot nodesu. Pochi and Master together opposed the overwhelming insects by resolutely shot them down with crossbows nodesu. And then, the red helmet ratkin who was protecting a fairykin princess that we met--』

Er~rr, this is a letter right?
It looks like there are more than 100 pieces of Pochi-chan's letters.

....Yup, I'll read it later. Yup, that's good.

The next letter is from Arisa-chan. Even though we weren't too close, I'm glad that she's sent me a ltter.

『Dear Sir and Madam, I am pleased to hear about Yuni-sama's increasingly efficacious activities.
In regards to the present conditions of Pochi and Tama, everyone has safely arrived at the labyrinth city without a single injury. The package that is sent together with this letter is a token from our Master, Chevalier Satou Pendragon, please receive it willingly.
That is all we can inform you in haste.
Sincerely yours,
Arisa Pendragon』

Stiff. Arisa-chan, your sentences are too stiff.
There were some lines that I didn't know and had the landlady-san to teach me though, but it's not a letter written by a child.

Satou-san, I thought that he was rich, so he really was a noble-sama.
In the package, there is a [High-class Hand Cream] for the landlady, a coral necklace for Martha-chan, and for me, there are a comb and a hand mirror.

A hand mirror! It's the first mirror I've ever had!
According to the landlady, it's a mirror made from glass that's far away more expensive than the bronze mirror in the Seryuu city.
Uu, I'm happy that it's reflecting neatly, but I can clearly see my freckles.

Huh? There's another piece of letter.

"Ah, isn't it nice. After you write a reply letter, you can send it for free to the labyrinth city if you bring the letter together with this to the firm."

I can't send a letter to the labyrinth city if I don't save money for around a year.
I've to write a reply about my present state quickly.

But, before that, I'm gonna read Pochi-chan's masterpiece all night today!

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