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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.10


A parked carriage.

What does that mean.

Roads around here aren't suited for carriage traffic.

No house here would warrant a visit from a carriage either.

And yet, it parked in front of Lecan and Eda's house.

(Was she kidnapped?)

A carriage that shouldn't have been there, and Eda that should have been at home, putting two and two together it's logical to guess that Eda had been abducted by that carriage.

There's only two possible party who would kidnap Eda.

Ceres Temple.

Goncourt House.

However, the vice temple head has vowed against taking forceful actions on this matter. She's also aware how their temple would be reduced to a pile of rubble were they dare to incur Lecan's wrath.

How about Goncourt House then.

It's too quick.

It's just way too quick.

They made the house call to Goncourt House yesterday morning.

Old man Prado surely wouldn't so quickly come out of his first peaceful sleep after so long. He might be surprised at his condition once he woke up. But even at the latest, that should take until yesterday's afternoon or today's morning.

Could he really realize that his wellness was unlike anything before and it was thanks to Eda's <Recovery> in a mere half a day time. On top of that, he came up with such an extreme measure as abduction, looked for and found where Lecan and Eda lived, got everything in order to send a carriage and abducted her. Is that really possible.

Besides, thinking calmly, the fact that the house did not get roughed up is weird.

Eda's reflexes aren't bad at all. Or rather, they're outstanding.

Even if she's taken by surprise, she's not a girl who would let herself get abducted without putting up a fight. Despite her usual demeanor, she's still an adventurer at heart.

Which means, she must have gone out on her own volition. Thinking that it was an abduction would be a mistake.

She wasn't leaving for good since she left her important belongings behind. She ran out for an errand. Something urgent that came up suddenly.

But what if the other party was someone with assassination skills like Dovor and Gido. It's not unthinkable for someone like that to invade unnoticed and knock Eda out before she could realize anything wrong.

Besides, this world houses all kinds of Grace-laden items. There might be a Graced item that can knock someone unconscious from a distance. There might be a magic tool that can hide an intruder's body and sounds.

Just how should he proceed with this.

(Why am I this at a loss?)

Anxiously worrying over things is wholly unlike Lecan at all.

Lecan's strength lies not on his brain, but his decisiveness to promptly take actions.

And yet, why does he keep mulling over this in circles.
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(Am I... upset?)

Lecan closed his eyes and looked back on Eda.

Their first encounter couldn't have been any farther from a good impression. They took an escort job together, she was completely useless from the start until the very end.

Their second encounter was at Vouka downtown. She called out to him out of the blue. Lecan treated her coldly, yet he told her about how she was a mana holder.

Which connects to their third encounter. Eda went looking for Lecan and made her way to Shira's house.

Then little by little, Eda stayed by Lecan's side. For some reason, Shira was very accepting toward her, she even had Lecan teach Eda magic and take quests together.

She was quite an inexperienced adventurer, but her being 14 came as quite a surprise. A fourteen years old who could move with such nimbleness and master a magic bow, she's in fact extremely adept. She's got talent in magic as well. Too much of it.

Lecan suddenly recalled their time at Kogurus

In the reception room of Zaikaz Company, how Eda stuffed herself full of snack like a small animal in defiance of bizarre pressures emanated from Zack Zaikaz, his butler and Dovor. Lecan found her figure back then comforting.

In that situation, an adventurer wouldn't have been able to even drink the tea served unless they had a heart of steel. Neither can you face that if you keeled over either. Her audacity is an indispensable trait of an adventurer that's hard to come by. You could even say that was the exact moment Lecan deemed Eda a comrade.

Zack too must have been impressed by Eda's boldness. It was as if Zack's pressure was completely ineffective on Eda. In a way, Eda came out victorious against Zack at that time.

However, was her behavior only possible thanks to her nature by birth.

Indeed, Eda may be naive, yet she's not a coward. But is that really all there is to it.

Probably not.

Eda believed in Lecan from the bottom of her heart. Hence how she could be so rambunctious at that time. She was even acting spoiled on Lecan.

That's right.

Not clear when it started, but Eda had placed her faith in Lecan for some reason. An unconditional trust. She took to Lecan, clung to him.

Except during their first escort quest, Lecan can't recall Eda ever bearing malice or doubt toward him. Eda always opened her heart to Lecan.

Why would she.

Why would she believe in Lecan and act that way toward him.

He doesn't understand why.

Lecan is bad at trying to guess how other people's minds work.

He's bad at trying to guess how women's hearts works.

He's bad at trying to guess how children think.

Eda is all three of that. There's no way he could understand.

However, he doesn't really have to. The issue is what Lecan himself thinks about it.

Lecan never considers the trust Eda put in him as being unpleasant. The opposite even actually, it's rather pleasant.

Which means, this is really all so simple.

He simply needs to move as his heart tells him.

To begin with, Lecan has taken upon himself to protect Eda.

It was never necessary to mull over this so hard.

If she went out due to some unexpected business or something urgent came up, she would return on her own eventually.

If that's not the case, and she's been abducted against her will, Eda is in a predicament right now.

He should move under the later assumption.

Which one is the most suspicious?

It's Goncourt House.

Then he's just got to head there.

Head there and see for himself.

Defeat anyone who stands in the way.

Smash any door blocking his way.

If Eda is not at Goncourt House, he just needs to look at the temple afterward.

And if Eda comes back home while he's looking for her in both locations, that's also fine. Nothing wrong with that.

Lecan opened his right eye wide and grinned broadly.

The grin of a beast of prey.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.9


"By the way, something's been bugging me."

"What is it?"

"Were you aware that Norma's mother was a <Purification> user?"

"Eh? No, first I've heard of it. Is that true?"

"Does that you mean you also don't know that she was confined in marquis Whatchamacallit's mansion and forced to cast <Purification> till her dying breath?"

"Oh my, is that so. I had no idea."

"I see. Listening to Norma's personal life made me realize just how deprived of freedom <Purification> users' lives are. So I thought you sent me and Eda under her on purpose."

"That wasn't my intention at all. But, did Norma really tell you two her life story?"

"Eda ended up casting <Purification> during a house call. She might have felt responsible for that."

"Even so. Norma must really trust you two both."

"Fumu. I wonder about that."

"That girl is actually quite tight-lipped, she won't say anything to anyone she finds disgareeable. The type that doesn't confide about herself to others."

"You know her well."

"It's not like we're particularly close or know each other for long. I've just been acquainted with people like her before."

"I see. That aside, I'm interested in <Graph Making>. Can I learn it."

"<Graph Making> huh. How do you go about teaching that anyway."


"Did you know that I used <Graph Making> just now?"


"No surprise there. <Graph Making>, you see, works its magic inside the caster. There is no way to demonstrate this kind of spell to other people."

"How did you learn the spell then?"

"Me? In my case it's... Huh. How did I learn it again?"

Shira pondered for a while.

"It's no use. I can't recall. It's been more than 350 years since then after all."

"Isn't there some kind of knack to it."

"Uun. I wonder. All you need to know is that it's a Perception type. It may be intermediate level, but it's not actually that complex of a spell. Knack eh. Right. Just try doing all kinda stuff inside a dungeon. Like you're <Appraise>ing the dungeon."

"<Appraise> dungeons?"

"Like, picture how a dungeon's floor is formed inside your mind. That should work as a knack, I think."
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"Okay. I'll give it a try."

Afterward, Lecan discussed magic with Shira for a while.

<Flash (Liliom)> is a magic that simply produces an exceedingly dazzling flash of light for an instant, but it also gives a fixed amount of damage to Soul Ogres and Specters. In addition, the spell is surprisingly effective as a distraction in a fight between humans, thus you're advised to immediately close your eyes the moment your opponent recites the spell <Flash>.

Afterward, Lecan continued his <Lightning> practice, and once he learned that, he tried to challenge <Acceleration (Mora)>. Another extremely useful magic Lecan is eager to learn.

They got too engrossed in their discussion and ended up taking more time than expected.

After leaving Shira's house, Lecan headed to the orphanage. He bought some spit-roast along the way and had his fill. That was when he recalled about shopping and bought some jerky, vegetable, hard bread and water. Enough food for the journey. For food intended to be consumed inside a dungeon, it's a good idea to purchase some right before delving in.

The children found Lecan when he arrived at the orphanage, he had a difficult time trying to tear them off him. Since vice temple head was present, he informed her he'd be out of town for about a month.

Then Lecan got back home. It was already dark out.

There's no Eda.

She's nowhere to be seen.

Of course he was already aware of Eda's absence the moment he arrived at home.

Lecan recalled about a woman he had spent some time together with, who disappeared while he was diving in a dungeon. He didn't attempt to look for her, but the sense of loneliness he felt back then wouldn't vanish for some time.

At first he thought Eda had left him as well.

But that's strange.

She was looking forward to going to the dungeon together with him tomorrow. Perhaps she didn't leave, perhaps she just had an errand to run.

As he was thinking, Lecan probed the house with <3D Perception>.


Lecan went into Eda's room in order to closely inspect the thing <3D Perception> found.

There's a <Box>. It's obvious the <Bow of Isya> is inside.

(Eda went out while leaving this behind?)

(Can't be.)

Lecan concentrates on <Life Detection> once again. This ability can detect in 1000 step range. Humans are displayed as red dots. Humans with powerful mana are displayed with deep red color. But it's not that precise, and it's hard to tell people apart unless they're someone with extraordinary mana like Shira. Nevertheless, there was no one who could possibly be Eda within 1000 steps.

He tried to peek at the well. since <Life Detection> sometimes do not show those on higher or lower elevations. But of course Eda wasn't in the bottom of the well either.

Eda's mana pool is large and has a unique quality to it. Hence it's possible to distinguish Eda using <Mana Detection>. However, <Mana Detection>'s effective range is only 20 steps, which further lowers when there are obstructions.

Lecan walked around the not so wide house.

He investigated behind a tree in the corner of the small garden.

Peeking into the kitchen, coming inside the only four rooms in the house.

He looked in the well once again.

But she's not here.

There's no Eda.

She's nowhere.

"Hold on? Maybe she's next door."

A middle aged married couple live in the house to the left. The house to the right was apparently inhabited by an elderly with bad legs a while ago, but it's vacant now.

There's no particular bad blood between them and the middle-aged couple. Eda went to greet them when they first moved in here, and he occasionally saw them having small talks from time to time.

Lecan stopped in front of the neighboring house and looked for Eda with <3D Perception> and <Mana Detection>.

But he couldn't find anyone that matches Eda.

He knocked on the door.

A middle-aged woman, the wife, came out and leaked out a shriek when she looked up at Lecan.

"Sorry for intruding this late, have you seen Eda?"

"N-no? Didn't see her since yesterday. Ah, but."


"There was this really luxurious carriage parked in front of your house this noon."

"I see. Much appreciated. Excuse me."

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki 94

Chapter 94 Sharing Happiness


"""""We're back.""""""

We arrived back home in triumph.

""""Welcome back.""""

There, Tino-chan + the three girls greeted us by bowing down with three fingers on floor. <TLN: Google 三つ指.>
Hold it, who taught you girls that. I look for the most probable suspect... There she is. I can see you peeking from behind there, Sefi-san.

Huh? Come to think of it, looking closer at the four. Ooh! They all look like general humans. Confirming with Discerning-sensei, they've all learned [Transformation] level 1. It seems even the lackadaisical Sefi-san did teach them properly, albeit lackadaisically.

"Is there anything you find strange with us, master?"

Gana asked while blushing a bit.

"Whatcha think, Nobu-niisan. I'm the picture perfect general human, am I not?"

Oltea is smiling boastfully.


Mashu thrust out a V finger sign. It's normal for me to find her being awake surprising, right?

"Nobu-oniichan. Everyone worked really hard, you know. Ehehe, give us lotsa praises please."

Tino-chan smiled wholly. She looks more like a puppy than an elf now.

I praised everyone for their hard work as I patted their head each. All of them jumped up happily when I told them I would make them sweets as their rewards. The four of them have grown very close, they're like real sisters.

Dilt-san was watching over them all smiles, so did Sefi-san warmly.

"Dilt-san, good work holding down the fort. You're a great help watching over the children."

"Oh not at all, I'm just glad my daughter has made new sisters, she's been bubbly all this time. And since everyone is such a good child, I didn't do much at all. Fufufu, I suppose differences in races aren't something to care about to children."

It's just as Dilt-san said. Adults make things unnecessarily complicated due to their weird prejudice and bias.
That's what I come to believe seeing these four frolicking around befitting of their ages.

"Nobu-chaaaan. And me, me~?"

Just as everyone was about to head to the living room to relax, Sefi-san slid up to me while sounding ever so slightly begrudging.

"We're back, Sefi-san. Or rather, it was you who taught those children that pose, wasn't it? Don't teach them anything weird please!"

"I mean, Nobu-chan, you looked so happy when I did that for you~. And then when I let that slip, these girls insisted they go for it too you know~."

Well uh, any man would have lost themselves if you did that in a naked apron. Umu, well, guess it's fine so long as she doesn't teach them the weird stuff?

"I guess there's no helping it. And thank you for teaching those girls how to do [Transformation]."

"Welll, it's more like they learned it in no time after I taught them a bit of the knack~. Maybe those girls have some sort of divine protections on them~?"

Aah, yeah yeah, they do have the no-goddess's. Fumu, I guess I can send some of the sweets I'm making as her offering. I should be a bit kinder to her.

"Ah yeah, we only managed to get to 8F this time. Apparently, something called [Turbulent Quicksands] is currently occurring on 9F so we couldn't get past there."

"My, haven't heard that term in a while~. That means, you won't be able to progress further for a while~. What do?"

"Let's see, I think we're going to take on some quests and go train on upper floors. Nothing's changed from what we've always been doing."

Sefi-san suddenly got lost in thought. Oho, that's a rare serious look on her face.

"Then, how about you go train those three in the dungeon for a little while during lull times~? Even though they've only learned Transformation recently, they can at least walk outside now right? Those girls should learn how to defend themselves for their own good, see~."

Fumu, I suppose the time is right with how we can't progress anyway. Training them on upper floors during lull times like in the evening should be doable.

"I got it. Let's all go together when time permits. Oh and we got honey for the loot this time, look forward to the dessert tonight."

"Waa, I love love honey~. I can't wait to see what comes out."

Afterward, I was briefed on our sales in the past week.
Stuff I made before the excursion like nutrients and cosmetics were almost sold out. The energy drink is sold out. Will be out of stock until we can reach 10F. Can't be helped considering the raw materials needed for it.
Also, we've got additional orders for high-class cosmetics from nobles with connections to us. Nice feedback.

The stuff I entrusted to Dornuko-san is doing well as well. Though the high-class cosmetics' sales could have been better. You won't know its effects until you use it after all, and it's just too pricey for common people. Ah well, let's take this step by step.

On the other hand, word of mouth spread about the lower priced variant, to the point that they had lines of people wanting to purchase. It was a temporary thing however, so the fervor quickly settled down, however they successfully made many repeat buyers in the process.
Looks like we'll have to farm Evil Tadpoles again soon. It's a nice miscalculation.
But thanks to the unexpected demands, the members who stayed behind at the mansion had to work at full operation.

Total sales are 497,000.

Here's the breakdown

Great Pig Medicine 20 bags, sold out. (5000 mani each, it exploded in popularity downtown it seemed)
Lipovitama Deluxe, all 300 bottles sold out even after increased production.
Same with Lipovitama Agent, 130 bottles.
510 pieces of Skin Beauty Water, and 38 pieces of Super Skin Beauty Water.
It's gotten to the point that we can live off only this endeavor.

Man, I gotta bring out the full power of my cooking skill tonight to show the stay behind members my appreciation.

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At the kitchen, I'm inexplicably fired up with a headband on.

I'll start with the main dish!

I mix a little potato starch in rice, then I mix it together with crushed rice grains at a 50:50 ratio.  And then, I roll the mixture up into 500 yen sized dumplings to make it easy on the mouth. Once it's done, I grill them on a frying pan till brown. I threw it together with chicken meat and spring onion in a pot.
Once it tasted familiar enough, I took it away from fire, [Mashed Rice Pot] done.

As for the dessert this time, I prepared [Mango and Banana Smoothie] by using Threshing magic and mixing in honey, as well as [Honey Soy Milk Pudding] which the girls compelled me to make after they heard about how it's good for skin.

My assistant this time, Futsuno-san was giving her everything kneading rice balls. The simple ones with only salt and seaweed.
Then after adding bear Hamburg Steak mixed with smell-erasing herb, deep fried chicken and seaweed salad, our menu today is complete.

Since I managed to make everything before evening, I delivered Master and Eleanor-san's portions to the guild, there the other receptionists were watching enviously.
Knowing it would come to this, I had prepared their shares of honey soy milk pudding as well. The instance I offered the sweet sweets bribe, "One serving per person!", "Hey, that's my share!!", a war between fierce ladies erupted.

I continued my chat with Eleanor-san while pretending to see nothing. I know from experience that a man's interruption won't do any good in a quarrel between ladies. It's just scary.

Come to think of it, the gazes from adventurers around us have become much more tepid than before. Not sure if it's thanks to that duel or because they see me like a commuting wife who's delivering things to her husband.

Now then, time to get back and prepare our dinner. The pudding seems to be popular with the receptionist ladies here, hope it's to the girls' liking too.


"Say, Eleanor-senpai. Is that also hand made by that person?"

My junior asked while peering into the basket Nobusada-san brought.

"It is. I actually wanted to make it myself, but he told me not to worry about this. In exchange, please support me in other matters, he said."

Shrill voices, 'Kyaa kyaa', erupted from the surroundings. The me from before would have not agreed to that, but now, I can accept that calmly. It's because Nobusada-san has informed me about a certain Divine Protection I have that would grant food I make effects that get severer the more love I put into it as a secondary effect of this protection.

Back then, when I cooked something for father, and another time when I served food for Nobusada-san, I was thinking about them when I was cooking indeed. I feel sorry for making those two go through something so terrible, but the food also acted as an undeniable proof of my love to them.

People had been speaking behind my back about me being a cold emotionless kid ever since I was young, and even after I started working as a receptionist, I felt like I had always drawn a clear line whenever I dealt with people.

And yet, now every day seems so colorful. I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried whenever Nobusada-san went in a dungeon, but I always look forward to the day we could see each other again, I would imagine his smiling self opening the guild door.

"Aah, Senpai. I bet you're thinking about that person right about now. You've got this happy look on your face."

"A-am I really. I had no idea myself..."

"Fuffuffu. But really, I thought that guy was just some creep, what's with his party being full of women and all, turned out he was pretty considerate unlike your average adventurers around here. That food he brought, it was so fluffy and sweet... if only I could eat that everyday, what a bliss that'd be."

Huh, was this girl always been this gluttonous?

"He's cream of the crop strong in his age group to boot. Thanks to betting on him since Senpai was so confident on his victory, my wallet is so plump now. Ufufu, I'm gonna get some new clothes in my next break. Ah, right, he had these terrible nicknames until his new one recently."


"I'm told it's [Magic Beast]. Probs because of that inhuman movement and magic."

I wonder if Nobusada-san just has got no luck in that stuff. I'm sure I'm putting up an indescribable expression on my face right now.
After all, it doesn't matter to me what he is called, I've made my decision to support him all the way to the end. I can't be with him right now, but once he has gotten strong enough to stand next to me, I want to be by his side. I will keep on supporting him from the shadow until that day comes.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-43

17-43. Netherworld Invasion (3)


Satou here. I generally worked in a team at the company, but our team members usually had a varying degree of skill levels. And thus, you would find some who loathed teamwork and preferred to work alone, but if you persevere and raise them properly, they will grow into the pillars that support the team.

『We shall await for good news at Realm of Gods.』
『And don't you forget Parion!』

God Heraruon, Garleon and Zaikuon turned into lights and vanished with a dazzling flash.

Three gigantic mountain of salt remained in their places.
It's probably the material that formed their bodies, but cleaning it up would be a pain so I secured them in Storage. It being a kind of holy relic, I'll give it to any temple who wants.

--Now then.

In order to fix the rips between Netherworld and Human World, I need to cleanse Demon God of impurities, the source of this all.

To that end, I plan to go visit Netherworld.
If that doesn't seem feasible, I might have to shelter the people and animals in human world in a sub-space before moving them to another world or planet. I loathe to make them discard their hometown though, so I'm keeping that plan as a last resort.

Just as I was about to get started, Core Two contacted me.

『Master Satou! A report from Core. The orbs are done, she said.』
『Already huh, pretty fast. Should I go to the dungeon?』

I had asked Phantasmal Labyrinth's Dungeon Core to create [Self Status] [Skill Orbs] for all the girls, and it appeared she was done making them even though I made the request not too long ago.

『They've been delivered here, I've got them with me now.』

I bring Core Two along with the orbs to where I am with Unit Arrangement.

"Master Satou, here!"
"Thank you, Core Two."

I distribute the orbs to the girls.
Since there was one extra, I gave it to the Core Two who looked curious.

"Nothing for me?"

The purple little girl whom I had partially forgotten asked, the look on her face was like she was being left out.
She's getting restless when she watches Pochi and Tama about to use the orbs all smiles.

--Can't be helped.

"You can use this."

I gave her a [Skill Orb] from some surplus dead stock left in my Storage.
It's just for Gathering skill anyway, should pose no problem.

"How do you use this?"
"You hold it up high up and then shout 『I'm gonna cease being human!』 out loud as you pour mana into it."
<TLN: Or alternatively, "I reject my humanity!">

Arisa teased the purple little girl with a famous line from a super masterpiece work of fiction.

"But I'm Demon God's familiar, not a human?"
"That's just how the law is."

"That was close nodesu. Pochi almost broke the law nodesuyo."
"Uy uy~"

Once Pochi and Tama who overheard Arisa's and the purple little girl's conversation went along with Arisa's manga reference prank, the other girls also followed along and used the orb while bashfully said the line out loud.
As the unexpectedly enthusiastic princess and the shy Zena-san and lady Karina used their orbs, Hikaru, who got the reference, patched things up for Liza and Lulu who were still hesitant, "That manners of usage..."

"Arisa, mind giving a lecture on the skill's usage and tricks?"
"OK, leave it to me."

Now the girls should be able to cast magic chantlessly like me and Arisa.
Since the beastkin girls and lady Karina didn't have magic skills, I handed them a set of Chant Orbs, Water Orbs, and Light Orbs for simple healing spells. Although I'm not sure they can memorize the spells, I write down some usable and easy to learn healing spells and pass them over nonetheless.

"Okay then, I'm off."

Now that the girls have powered up, I was going to depart for Netherworld to start the investigation.

"Hold it, Master."

The worrywart Arisa warped in front of me.

"Sorry, Arisa. You have to let me go. Netherworld and Human World would fuse together at this rate."
"No, not that. I'm not going to stop you anymore."

Oh good. I don't want to make her cry.

"But before that, let's all have our fill!"

--Come again?

"I mean, there's no telling when we can have our next meal."
"...You're right."

Even speaking pessimistically, the situation at the boundary between Human World and Netherworld is not critical enough to have it broken down in one or two days. There's plenty of time to eat.

And this might very well be our last supper.

I've got enough tact not to say that out loud though.
Besides this large spaceship is equipped with the latest auto magic cookery equipment, it can make most dishes in no time.

"Meat skewers combination platter~?"
"So many Hamburg Steak-sensei are gathered here nodesu!"

Tama and Pochi are on meat point like always.
Artificial gravity is active in the ship's dining hall, so we can eat like normal here.

"Mushroom skewers and vegetable curry."
"Master, Sera and I worked together on the curry so I inform."
"Oh but I'm not proficient at cooking so I only did some cutting."

Mia, Nana and Sera brought vegetable curry in.
Even though cutting and cooking can be done automatically, these girls have chosen to do it manually it seems.

"We have prawn and crab dishes here."
"And of course tuna of all kinds too, Master."

Liza and Lulu lined up big platters.

"Me, Hikaru-sama and Karina-sama made this soba together from dough as a lucky charm."
"Ehehehe~, we made it long and thin."
"I tossed it as hard as I could desuwa!"

Princess Sistina, Hikaru and lady Karina put three kinds of soba with different color each on the table.
I was wondering if the ship's machine wasn't up to their standard, but apparently they wanted to make it by hand since it was to be a lucky charm.

"Satou-san, I tried to make the mutton dish that's usually served in Seryuu army deployment ceremony."

Zena-san served an unusual dish.
Looks like she learned to make mutton cuisine from either her family house or the gate inn during her visit to Seryuu City back then.
Since this isn't in the auto cookery menu, she must have cooked it together with Lulu in the kitchen the manual way.

Within the time afforded, I ate the food everyone kindly prepared with great relish.
I didn't realize how hungry I was, I ended up eating surprisingly a lot.

"Now then, I'm off."

After enjoying some after meal tea, I stood up as if to shake away any regret.

"What are you talking about, Master. We're all going with you obviously!"

The girls voiced out their agreement to Arisa's declaration.
Even the purple little girl and Core Two.

I tried to stop them from doing something so reckless, but they managed to convince me by pointing out god Karion's Miasma Barrier installed in the spaceship.

Well, I suppose we need someone to watch over Nethergate's vicinity.

<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >

"All members, on your seat, do not forget your seatbelt, so I announce."

Nana who was sitting in the shell-shaped cockpit sent out a broadcast to everyone.
This ship's seatbelt is unlike the one you see in cars, more like the stuff in a fighter craft with six point locks.

"All hands on seat confirmed, releasing gravity control."

Right as Nana said that, a floating sensation enveloped everyone.
This would have been the scene where you see everyone's hair floating around if it were anime or manga, but since we all have a full face helmet on, you can only see your own hair floating inside the helmet.

"Deploying Anti Miasma Barrier so I announce."
"Miasma Barrier deployed."

The spaceship gets reinforced by Miasma Barrier, but I'm still a bit worried.

We could deploy more barriers, or--.

"Zena-san, could you permeate 『Saint Prey』 into the Miasma Barrier?"
"Y-yes! I'll do my best!"

An orange light pulsed over Zena-san's body, [Saint Prey] Unique Skill from god Heraruon went and strengthened the ship's [Miasma Barrier].

Figured as much.
This method is more effective than deploying multiple barriers.

"Deploying Anti Detection Shield so I announce."
"Anti Detection system and Hermit Hide activate."

Emerald light pulsed over Sera's body, Unique Skill loaned by god Tenion, [Hermit Hide] conceals the large spaceship from humans and gods' eyes.

"Master, all systems go so I report."

Nana informed me the latest status with a familiar sounding phrase.

"Well then, let us be off."

To prevent opening the mended seams in the World Boundary, I used Unit Arrangement to teleport the spaceship straight to the Nether Corridors.

"Dangerous level of miasma density nanodesu!"
"Master, the alarm has gone off."

Whoa, it's even denser than anticipated.

I pick [Miasma Barrier] on my magic list and invoke it.
I squeezed the range to cover the bridge and stacked several layers over just to be doubly sure.

Zena-san's Unique Skill is still active as well, the bridge should be fine now.

Next, reinforcing barrier that covers the entire spaceship.

"Satou-san, should we stack more Miasma Barriers?"
"Yes, we should. Don't forget to adjust the output of the Sacred Stone Furnace."

I gave the okay to Zena-san to stack more barriers over the entire spaceship.

"Understood desuwa. Raka-san, if you'd please."
『Umu, on it.』
"I'll help too!"

Lady Karina instructed <<Intelligent Item>> Raka to adjust the Sacred Stone Furnace's output. Core Two assisted them in the fine tuning.

After confirming the increased output, Zena-san adds more layers of Miasma Barrier over the spaceship.

"It seems we have problems inside the ship."
"I have dispatched maintenance golems. Allow me to take care of it."

Receiving Hikaru's report, princess Sistina immediately gave orders to her subordinate golems to help with damage control.

The ship's insides should be fine now.

I check the Map--.

"Deploying Detection System so I announce."
"Nn, Sanctuary Guard."

An indigo blue light overflowed out of Mia and permeated into the spaceship's radars.
[Sanctuary Guard] Unique Skill loaned by god Urion reinforced the ship's radar.

The ship's sphere-shaped radar suddenly saw an explosive increase of silhouettes displayed on it.
Those appear to be stealth-Skilled demons lying in ambush.

The radar shows the same response as my Map, nothing for me to add.

"It's choke full of hostiles."
"A mere superiority in numbers. There's nothing but lesser and mid-class demons."
"Yupyup yippie nanodesuyo."

A flaming blue light swelled out of Liza's body, stirring up other girls' fighting spirits.
Looks like she's unconsciously invoked god Garleon's [Hero Heart] Unique Skill.

"Should we get 'em?"

I shake my head at Hikaru's question.

"Doesn't look like they know we're here thanks to Sera-san's power, let's use this chance to blaze through the Dungeon Corridors."

The fact that there is no greater demons among them must mean that these demons are here to scout the area and detect us instead of attacking.

"Yes Master, initiating sneaky sneak mode so I report."

No no, this ship doesn't have such mode, you know.

We held our breath as the ship skipped through Nether Corridors before finally arriving at Netherworld.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.7_8


Their discussion lasted until late in the day.

Norma repeatedly offered them dinner at her place, but since Lecan's head was full of things to think about, he declined her invitation and left the medical center with Eda.

They stopped by a diner on their way.

Lecan's portion is several times Eda's. Lecan ordered many dishes on the menu, eating while gulping wine on the side, Eda was putting food in her mouth with a blissful look while frequently snatching some from Lecan's plate.

"Uun. This boiled vegetable's got this super dense flavor, it's so good. Wonder how they made it like this."

Asking Lecan about cooking is pointless, he knows nothing of the topic. Lecan ruminated the knowledge he learned from Norma that day while giving back random responses to Eda.

The information about <Recovery> and Red Potions is extremely important for dungeon delving. In that day alone, several points that were unknown or misunderstood have been made clear. That alone reinforces his desire to keeps studying under Norma.

Thinking again, there are some differences between <Recovery> he cast on himself and <Recovery> cast on him by someone else. He's got to ask about that. The more he ponders the more questions pop up.

"So like, we've gotta buy a deeper pot after all, Lecan."

"Yeah, you're right."



"What was I gonna buy again?"

"...What was it again?"

"Geez! You've gotta listen when people talk to you."

"You're the last person I thought I'd heard that from."

As Lecan said that, looking back, Lecan realized he had seen nothing but success at establishing conversations with Eda during the past several days.

Previously, she wouldn't listen to what he said and keep rattle on and on about what she wanted to say instead. Despite of that though, she would weirdly catch on and remember anything that she wants to hear and is positive to her.

But that's not the case now. She listens to what Lecan says, thinks about it and gives back proper responses.

Her way of speaking is completely unlike before as well.



"Are you really Eda?"

"Huh, what do you mean by that?"

"Like that, the way you speak is dubious."

"This is how I originally like, you know?"

"That's not, the Eda I knew."

"I told you, that was me trying too hard to be like an adventurer."

"Why would you change tone just to be an adventurer."

"Cuz' I wanted to change myself."

He's heard about it already. She wanted to live strong.

"So you strained yourself huh."

But then, how did that result in her tone and behavior.

"But now, since you told me not to force myself and all."

Lecan was bewildered when he realized he's oddly missing that rough tone of hers and her random topic leaping.

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"Say what? She cast <Purification> during a house call?"

"Yea. Yesterday. She cast <Recovery> on this old man, Prado, present master of Goncourt House, but it radiated a transparent blue light. Norma said that was the very <Purification> itself."

"My goodness. No doubt about it, Eda's talent is the real deal."


"And I'm impressed how you could laugh at that."


"Norma told us to leave this town for a time being. She'd watch over Prado's condition for the next ten or twenty days and think up a plan afterward. She told us to go ahead and leave when I mentioned about going to a dungeon."

"I see. The patient is aware that Eda recited <Recovery> spell. But he would realize that it was nothing like the usual <Recovery> after several days. She's gonna try and mask it as an advanced level <Recovery> huh."

"She said she would make use of the results of her research to demonstrate that as one possibility."

"Oh yes, I'm sure Norma will manage convincing them with her words. In that case, I guess it's fine, going to a dungeon and all."

"You don't mind?"

"Just go. Being later than planned would've thrown a wrench into our next herb gathering, but there's no problem if it's earlier. Do you know the way to Ninae?"

"I bought a map, with no road drawn. I'll just ask around along the way."

"Adventurer Society sells maps with roads. Only maps to nearby locations though."


"Town lords forbid the sales of maps with roads drawn, and maps with prominent buildings marked. It's a practice that started long before this country was founded. However with Adventurer Society, many quests require you to know your way around to destinations right? Hence, they've been given a special exempt to sell such maps."

"I see. Learned something new."

"Well, you're the type who completely passes over anything that doesn't pique your interest after all."


"That's not something you should be proud of. Got that roadless map with you now?"


"Lemme have a look."

Shira took a pen and began drawing roads on the map. Then she orally informed Lecan hospitable villages, and mountains that could serve as landmarks along the way.

"Err. Lecan."

"What is it, Eda."

"Shouldn't we contact Nike-san?"

"What do you need her for?"

"What do you mean by what do I need. We're all in the same party, you know. Nike-san would miss us if she came back after we left, wouldn't she? And for a month even. I think we ought to inform her about this. Besides, maybe Nike-san could come with us to the dungeon if her schedule permits."

Lecan's sole left eye opened wide as he stared at Eda hard.

Shira too while blinking over and over.

"Eda, you..."


"You've acquired consideration for others."

"Lecan. Don't say it like it's some kind of skill she learned."

"You're looking quite surprised yourself there, Shira."

"Shira-san. When will Nike-san get back?"

"Eda-chan. Thank you for thinking about Nike. I don't know when she's going to return here either. But, you see Eda-chan, Nike can't go into a dungeon."


"We have our circumstances, see. Both me and Nike dislike dungeons."

"Oh I didn't know. Of course I won't let a senior lady like Shira-san come to a dungeon though."

"Oh my my. You're such a good kid, Eda-chan. Thanks again."

Despite feigning herself as a meek old woman, even Lecan probably can't triumph over Shira in a battle. And physically speaking, Shira is youthful. But of course Eda isn't aware of that.

This is the first Lecan heard about her disliking dungeons, however.

Lecan doesn't believe there's anything in dungeons that could pose a threat to a mage of Shira's caliber. All the more since she's also a master swordswoman.

Just what kind of reason that makes her unwilling to dive into a dungeon.

He's curious, but there's no way he could ask her. He probably will find out about it when the time comes anyway.

"Right. Shira."


"Perception type magic has this spell <Graph Making>. What kind of spell is that?"

"Oh that's one odd spell. If you're inside a building, that spell will create a simplified layout of the building in your head."


"It only shows one floor if it's a building. It can also show the layout of a whole town, but the insides of buildings will be excluded."

"Fumu. You mean it can't be finely adjusted?"

"Well, that's about it. I suspect that spell exist exclusively for usage inside dungeons."


"Using that in a dungeon will show you an entire floor's layout. Meaning, you can see where you need to go. It only shows the floor you are on however."

"Can't you recall it back later?"

"Once you leave a particular location, you can't see the layout of that location anymore."

"I see. It hit on me when I was at the temple. That it would be nice if I got an ability to learn the route."

"Eh? Don't you have one, a highly accurate spatial detection ability?"

"It only tells me where the walls and passages are. I can't take a route if there are locked doors."

"Lock? Why would you even fuss over locks."

"What do you mean?"

"You can use <Move>, no? Pair that with a high performance search capability. Won't that take care most locks out there?"


She's right.

"Um, Lecan?"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm going back ahead. I wanna buy a new pot, also our house still needs some clean up."

"Very well. Do what you must."

"We're heading off to the dungeon tomorrow, right?"


"Wonder how much food should I stock up."

"I'll take care of that."

"OK, it's up to you. Shira-san, I'll take my leave."

"Will you now. Come again anytime."

"Yes. Then. Jericho, I won't be seeing you for a while. Stay well, okay."


"Take these back if you're going home."

Lecan fetched <Bow of Ishia> and Eda's valuables from his <Storage>.

"Thanks. Ah, right, Lecan. Since we're gonna be gone for a month, you should inform the orphanage about it. Well then."

Two people and an animal watched as Eda left.

"There she goes."

"Umu. I was sure she was gonna throw a tantrum demanding to be taught a new magic when she heard us."


"She's lost her fiery disposition, like an evil spirit's been banished from her, calm as water now."

"To tell you the truth, I'm still processing it."

"It must be a recoil from her overexerting herself up until now."


"Hang on a tree and swing forward, your body will naturally swing backward right? It's the same principle. She'll eventually stabilize in the middle, so don't worry about her."

"I'm not worried or anything."

"Really now."


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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.6


"That's the problem. Due to how sudden it was, the things with my mother flashed on my mind and I completely lost my cool back then, but after thinking about it calmly, there really was no reason to get that flustered."

"Hou. Do you really believe that."

"I do. Think about it. Even if they're a nobility, Goncourt House pales in comparison to a marquis house. Their standing is such that they have to be careful with how they interact with other nobles and the town lord. They don't have absolute power over anything. They can't just lord around wildly."

Lecan couldn't really agree with her opinion, but neither would he deny it. Norma put her forefinger on her forehead and muttered like she was talking to herself.

"Prado-san will surely realize how good his condition is once he comes to. But I believe that won't come as a surprise since they would sometimes call a priest to have <Recovery> cast on him."


"But after two, three or perhaps four days, he will notice it. His condition should have worsened yet it's not happening. He may find out that the color of Eda's <Recovery> is different from the norm then."


"But magic color can and do differ between individuals, thus he most likely won't realize that it's <Purification> right away. And Eda recited <Recovery> spell name back then, he must think that it was <Recovery>."

"Fumu. Perhaps so."

"How it's more effective than a priest's despite being the same <Recovery>. He will wonder about it."

"He probably will."

"What action would Goncourt House take then. They will probably summon me to ask about it. Like, how come he's such in a good health."

Considering Norma's relationship with Goncourt House, that's probably what's gonna happen. It's only natural, thought Lecan.

"What answer should I give them? I absolutely can't say that it's <Purification>. Otherwise Goncourt House might lose themselves over greed. Although the effect might not be as striking as having <Purification> cast on you over several months time, they might still resort to unsavory means if it means a chance to take hold of a <Purification> user."


"So I absolutely won't say it's <Purification>. But then, what should I tell them? Fumu."

Norma opened all five of her right fingers wide and put them over both her eyes. White, long slender and beautiful fingers. Her hands are big for a woman yet that in turn helps bring out their exquisiteness.

"That was a <Recovery>."

Norma raised her face and made a declaration with a determined look.
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"An advanced level <Recovery> that is."


"And, Eda's <Recovery> isn't the only thing that helped the seemingly miraculous treatment. All the medicinal herbs he had been taking all these years finally manifested their true effects right at that point."

"Will they really run with that."

"I don't believe there's anyone who can win against me in a theoretical debate in this town. I'll make use of all the theories I have been researching all my life in the debate. There won't be any lie. I shall present it as a hypothesis I've arrived at based on the results of all research I've done up until now."

"Hou. Maybe it'll go well then."

"I don't think my debate opponent has any choice but to believe in my explanation. But regardless of how much they believe or not believe, they most definitely will attempt to summon Eda there. Through me, naturally."

"Sounds about right."

"Lecan. Eda."



"Do you have any plan to leave this town for a while anytime soon?"

"Hou. You're asking that huh. We do have a plan to visit Ninae Dungeon once we're done training under you. Me and Eda. Including the round trip, it will be a one month long excursion according to Shira."

"That's it! You must go, right away. Your training is done for now!"

"That's too premature."

"I still wanna learn more."

"We'll continue your training once things have settled down. You both are truly excellent students and having your <Recovery> nearby helps with my research greatly. You're a lifesaver to me and my patients."

"The issue won't disappear just because we're not in this town. Wouldn't it just be a repeat once we got back."

"No no. What we need now is time for observation. We can't proceed ahead unless we know how Prado-san's condition is looking after several days, ten and twenty days. Please go ahead to the dungeon."

This is an attractive suggestion.

First of all, Eda won't be in danger while she's away from this town.

It'll be helpful if Norma could come up with a plan in the meanwhile.

And above all, Lecan had been wanting to go to a dungeon.

"I'll take you up on that suggestion. We'll go consult Shira."

Actually, Lecan still had one question remaining. Which is, the reason why Jinga is here. Jinga is supposed to be a knight who belongs to the marquis house. Or perhaps, belonged. Why is such an individual here.

But that would mean prying on Norma's private life. And to begin with, Norma would have told them about it had it been something she could divulge.

With that in mind, Lecan refrained from asking that question here.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Conclusion


"That one just now was well done, however your mana kneading and composition still have a long ways to go. A slight touch from this 『Meteor』 turning them back into magic essence is proof of that."

Temuro-san is quite spartan. And [Meteor] is that morning star's name huh.
Afterward, I tried the same chantless stone wall tactics twice more and he easily broke through both.
Apparently, the steel ball part of the morning star gets this destroying effect when it's set on its shaft part. Well dang, his fighting style sure isn't a flashy one, but how it steadily and soundly drives his opponent into a corner is devastating. However, knowing this is already a good result in itself. I'd still like to at least put a graze on him though. A perfect win would be way too much!

"Stone Skin."

An earthen-colored light was sucked into my body. Preps done. This will hurt, but it's the only chance I have.

I take a stance with Lunar Cat drawn out and take a breath in and out. Discerning Magic Eye in full throttle as to not miss any movement.
Then I step forward.
The javelin went after me as if waiting for that moment. I dealt with it with the same old half step dodge. Here comes the real thing.

"Again with the same trick?"

With a sound of wind being cut, the morning star is coming at my torso as anticipated. Trajectory read!
I concentrate Mana Clad on a single point of my torso. Grit teeth and bear it!




*BOOM*, the steel ball got sunk into the ground by Graviton. I used that as a boost to dash forward.
Closing in on Temuro-san while putting all my weight behind Lunar Cat. But he didn't seem to mind at all about the missing morning star and was already at the ready to block my blade with his javelin.


My swung sword suddenly changed its trajectory, twice as it went for a joint on his armor. I used [<<Air Thruster>>] on the blade to forcefully change its directions. Of course it's not without a price. Thanks to the impossible moves done, my muscles are getting torn apart. They've been ruptured on several spots. I could barely hold my grip on Lunar Cat, but I won't stop I can't stop. The after effects from healing these injuries once this is all over would be pretty severe for sure.


Temuro-san's gauntlet fell down as the clip holding his gauntlet was cut. Blood seeps out of his hand from a single graze.

"Nicely done, but this is as far you go."

*kachin* just when I thought I was hearing something, Temuro-san's morning star's shaft split open as he swung it down at me. From the shaft, a baton like thing was formed.

Geez, just how multifunctional that thing is really, *gosun*!

My consciousness was easily reaped by that single swing.

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I awoke with a splash of water on face.
Mitama and the girls are looking at me with a worried look on their faces.

"...You okay? Hurt anywhere?"

"Hnn, I'm fine. How long did I pass out?"

Looks like the peanut gallery has dispersed. Only us and Temuro-san are in the training ground.

"Only few minutes. Sheesh, you really pushed yourself, didn't ya."

"I would have never imagined milord could put up such a fight against that [Meteor]."

Ah, Wakamoto-san is shutting his mouth tight. He looks like he's got something to say, but he's keeping it shut.

Temuro-san peeked with a face that looked like it was saying he went overboard.

"Haha, sorry about that. I went a bit far. Been so long since anyone cut my War Armor, you see. Really though, I can't help but look forward to your growth in the future, what's with that strength of yours at such a young age. I get why master is so enthusiastic now."

He offered his hand as he said that. I stated what I had in mind as I grabbed that hand.

"That battle has truly opened my eyes on my lack of experience. I shall further devote myself and win our next match."

"Fu, hahahahaha"

Temuro-san laughed out loud heartily. Huuh, I was being serious though.

"Oh pardon. That sounded like what I told master almost word to word, y'see. Us disciples really are cut from the same cloth."

Temuro-san was a rascal back in the days huh? My impression of him feels like of a caring elder brother though. I mean, he even gave me advices during the mock battle earlier.

"You'll have to excuse me now, wouldn't want Eleanor-kun finding more excuses to scold me. This will be a nice tale for duke-sama and commander. Well then, see you around. I look forward to our next meeting."

Temuro-san left while waving his hand back.
The match really showed the gap in strength, but I managed to leave a scratch on him. My combat skill has gotten better for sure. Knowing that alone is a good result. Also I've got to create magic that's more precise and tougher. Also gotta come up with more combinations. Combining [<<Lightning Spin Break>>] with [<<Air Thruster>>] might make for a rush attack that covers both offense and defense. Oh dang, I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

As I was reflecting on the results of our match, I felt some kind of negative aura coming closer from behind. I timidly turned around and got greeted with Eleanor-san in an imposing stance. Her forehead is twitching a bit, looks like she's furious. Hiii, it's Asura, I can see Asura's aura!

"Nobusada-san. Fighting that person in a match at this point is too reckless! Listen here..."

Afterward, Eleanor-san gave me an hour long sermon, while fervently telling me how worried she was.
I'm sorry for making you worry.

The other members took care of collecting items seized from [Gottmanz] while I was having the sermon. Since the equipment seemed quite well used, they couldn't bring themselves to collect it and only took the cash and accessories. Yup, looks like the girls have got some leeway after winning big from betting on me. Me? I completely forgot to take a bet.
None of the accessories was anything rare and none of the girls was eager to use accessories used by men, thus they were traded for money at the guild. The cash is 180,000 in total. Well, let it be a lesson learned to those guys. Since we didn't touch their equipment, they can still work anyway.

As for quests, we sold all Boar's Livers and Guarana used for medicine making, six Treant Timber for making wands, and some sugar and honey for sweeteners.
Everything else besides stuff we intend to use later are sold.
Honey and sugar are reserved for the girls besides the portion needed for the quest. Otherwise, they'd never live it down with me.
As for the protein, aside from my shares, I plan to share it to Maniwa-san and friends.
I just know they'd be ecstatic.

Thus the total sales is 202,900.
The Brilliant Feathers were worth 50,000 each. According to Ranba-san it's an ornamental item for noble purveyors, with very low drop rate. Since they might be useful for something, I kept one and sold the rest.

Thanks to the unexpected income, a thought crossed my mind, ordering clothes for the three girls and Tina-chan from Maniwa-san might be a good idea. Since children grow up fast and they're going to get their clothes dirty while working, I should order plain clothes and work clothes. And also, I wanna order mufufu costumes for the ladies' night use! YES, Nobusada's Ambition starts now!

Ah, right, that thing I asked Maniwa-san to make should be done right about now.


"Dang, who woulda thought that guy turned out that amazing."

"Yeah, lost my bet cuz I completely made light of him."

"Still can't believe he put a scratch on that [Meteor]."

"The way he moved was inhuman, like some kind of beast."

"And he cast magic without chanting to boot, how crazy is that."

"Magic casting beast huh. How 'bout we call him [Magic Beast] from now on."

"Uwaah, that fits way good. I mean, he's got that many beauties around him, musta work a lot at night too right? [Magic Beast] is perfect."

"Nobusada the [Magic Beast] huh. Guess that makes those beauties his trainers then."


Unbeknown to Nobusada, his pool of nicknames is getting larger and larger.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 13.5


"I have a few questions."

"Go ahead."

"I thought Red Potions and <Recovery> don't work on poisons, am I wrong?"

"Now this is a surprise, never would have thought I'd get that question from an adventurer, especially a hardcore one like you. But yes, I have the answer to that. Red Potions temporarily work on poison. <Recovery> is also effective on poison, in most cases."


"Red Potions erase the symptoms of a poison for a period of time. But not the poison itself, thus those symptoms will bounce back before long. If it's only a weak poison, Red Potions can cure it."

"I see."

"<Recovery> can work on most poisons besides those that originate from mineral and foreign objects inside body. Explaining the technical stuff would be difficult, but unlike Red Potions, <Recovery> can be used successively with a fixed interval. How effective it is on a type of poison depends on the level of <Recovery> used and the mana put into it."

"Fumu. Think I've got the gist of it."

"And I have no idea what's what."

"Practically speaking, if you want to get rid of a poison with <Recovery>, don't cast a strong but short <Recovery>, but do a repeated casting of <Recovery> over a period of time."

"I see."

"Oh, I got it now."

"Well, weak <Recovery> won't catch up to strong and quick-acting poisons though, so generally speaking, you don't use <Recovery> to treat poisons. But if you're an adventurer, you'll get your hand on green potions. At the end of the day, there's simply nothing more effective than green potions for detoxification."

"Got it. Next about the marquis, did they not give him Red Potions, or cast <Recovery> on him."

"I believe they did. Red potions would simply fall on laps of powerful houses like the marquis, and they had several <Recovery> users on stand by. There were even upper level intermediate users. However, Red Potions and <Recovery> barely have any effect on aging bodies and the pain that accompanies. Thus, my mother became a special existence."

"Got it. Also, I need information on Goncourt House, anything of use on the possible action they'll take toward Eda. Why are you making house calls to Goncourt House, Norma. What's your relation with them."

"Like I told you, Prado-san is the father of my mother. However, I only found out about that after the passing of my mother and my return to this town."

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"After father had passed away, I received a request to make a house call at Goncourt House. That was when Jinga told me about the connection between Prado-san and my mother."


"I went to Goncourt House and performed examination and treatment like I always did, then once I was done they asked me to periodically make house calls there. They never mentioned anything about me and my relation to Goncourt House though. Neither my grandfather or my cousins came forward about it. But I believe at least Prado-san, Zepus-san and Kanner-san the butler are aware of it. I could feel it strongly from their attitude toward me."

"That's probably the truth if that's how you really feel."

"Goncourt House treats me politely. Not like a common-born medic, more like an upstanding one."

"Are they trying to maintain their connection with you, their family, by asking for your expertise?"

"Unn. It doesn't feel like that though. This is coming from me and all, but the knowledge and ability I have on medical treatment is on a pretty high level."

"It's true"

"Yep, definitely true!"

"This town houses five noble houses besides the town lord. Ah, wait, I guess it's four now that Avanklein's left. Among those four, only Goncourt House lacks an intermediate <Recovery> user. As such, calling someone capable and knowledgeable yet with very little mana and low level <Recovery>, that is me, isn't really that weird."

"Isn't it because they're expecting you to manifest <Purification>?"

This question seemed to have caught Norma off guard, her eyes opened wide before she got lost in thought.

"That never even crossed my mind. But, I see now. My mother also only had little mana and could only cast even weaker <Recovery>. Then one day she woke up to <Purification>. Uuun. I see. I can't say that they may not bear that expectation. Though the chance of that is unbelievably slim in reality."

"With that in mind, the non-high handedness of Goncourt House makes sense."

"True that."

"Goncourt House is aware about your mother's <Purification>, correct?"

"They are. Though he was saying that in a roundabout way, Prado-san definitely knew about it."

"I see. So let's get this straight, what will Goncourt House do to Eda?"

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-42

17-42. Netherworld Invasion (2)


Satou here. During the final death march in game development, it's not unusual to find more bugs triggered from fixing a bug.
But that doesn't mean we can just ignore those bugs, such is the lives of programmers.

"Oh no, oh no nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi were panicking to see problems cropping up all over the place.

"Calm down, you two."

As expected of Liza. Looks like she's got it under control.

"First thing first--"

Liza turns her line of sight toward the male gods who are struggling against black sludge enveloping them.

"We must get rid of the main culprits."

--Or not.

They might be the cause of this all, but they're still necessary existences for this world. As a breakwater mostly.

"Liza you too, compose yourself."
"I beg your pardon, Master."

Well, it's not like I don't understand their fluster though.

This all started because the male gods led their apostles to invade Netherworld, believing that Demon God had kidnapped god Parion.

At Netherworld, those gods were greeted by black sludge--high density miasma that yields [Forbidden Powers] and made an emergency escape to human world.
That's fine and all, but in doing so they broke the barrier I put between Netherworld and Human World.
Then the huge amount of apostles that followed after those gods made the rips even worse by widening them.

As a result, Netherworld is starting to unite with Human World once again.

First thing first, I need to do something about these male gods and apostles that are getting encroached by the black sludge and then onto repairing the rips between worlds.
Only then I can get to reconstructing the barrier between this world and Netherworld.

Well then, time to work together with the girls and deal with this emergency mission.

"--Or so I'd like to do."

I'm getting fed up looking at the male gods who continued their destructive rampage in the city while yelling 'Impurities!', and the countless apostles flying all over the sky.
There's no casualty since I've sheltered Pier Rock Kingdom's populace in the sub-space already, but they're turning every building on ground into dust.

To avoid future problems, maybe I should listen to Liza and--

『--Hold it. Haste makes waste, Satou should wait. Karion said so too.』
『I didn't, Urion spouted nonsense. But, it's true that I'd like you to spare some time before springing into action.』

Two noisy little goddesses manifested before my eyes.

Didn't these gods require a huge amount of Divinity to manifest in human world?

『These are avatars. Our real bodies are in Realm of Gods.』
『Karion is right. We sent compressed oracles to nearby miko for an automatic playback.』

I see, looking closer I don't feel that much divineness coming from them, and only the outlines of their blond hair have the respective personal colors of these two gods.
I think teleporting nearby miko here would cost a lot too, but I suppose that's nothing to gods. I mean even god Parion delivered hero's pleasure boat--Sub-Dimensional Ship Jules Verne for her heroes after all.

This feels a bit too interactive for a playback, but I'll just assume it's all thanks to some godly techs.

"So is there anything I can help you with?"
『We have two things to impart.』
『First, take out Karisfel the [Book of Wisdom].』

I fetched the Sacred Treasure god Karion had handed me from Storage as told.

The book flipped itself, then a complex multiplex magic circle emerged above it.

『Wait a bit.』

Karion pointed her avatar's finger at the magic circle.
As the finger began moving, the lines forming the magic circle reconstructed themselves into a new magic.

『This will do. This magic allows you to endure [Forbidden Powers] for a period of time with.』

--Whoa, that's pretty nice of them.

I decode the modified magic on the Book of Wisdom as I thanked Karion.
Since I found some parts that could be customized for me, I quickly modified the magic into a new version.

But if they had this magic, couldn't they cast it on those male gods before they rushed to Netherworld.
Though perhaps, they did and this was the result.

Anyway, let's give it a chant.

--Yup, it's coming together nicely.

『What is? Immediately casting a taught magic is normal. Karion is exaggerating.』
『Not that, Urion needs to be more attentive. He modified that magic and made it into his own during that short moment. That speed is abnormal. Satou is abnormal.』

You're going to lower my motivation, please stop saying abnormal.
Looks like my thought was transmitted to her, god Urion ignored the still shocked god Karion and continued the talk.

『Next one is regarding combat. Apostles are war machines similar to demons, feel free to destroy them. Even if they die, the same individual will be revived from the seedbed's archetype.』

--Archetype? Is it like the high elves?

『Urion's too concise. High elves are different, they are work of art Creator God made. Apostles are made from patterned divinity. They do not possess more ego than what's necessary to accomplish their missions, they are nothing but mass produced machines that only move as programmed.』

Later on, I found out that in case of demons, they're created by an origin demon called Mother by kneading highly dense miasma. Greater demons have egos from collected vestiges of miasma, and like demon lords, they are immortal as they will eventually get revived even after being killed.

『Karion's speech is too long. That is all from us. Feel free to knock some sense onto Heraruon and the other two, but please do not kill them. Karion said so too.』
『I didn--maybe. Even that Zaikuon is necessary to maintain the barrier and for handing down divine punishments. But, you should teach Zaikuon with some pain.』

The little goddesses seem to be fed up with Zaikuon and the male gods as well.

『End of imparting.』
『These bodies will go back to their original locations, just leave them be. Karion said so too.』
『Take care of Netherworld's encroachment after fixing Heraruon and those two.』

God Urion seemed slightly peeved at being ignored by god Karion.

『Garleon and Zaikuon are bad with fine work, recommending Heraruon instead. Karion said so too.』
『I didn't. But, in agreement with Urion here. Garleon is especially clumsy.』
『Take care now. Karion said so too.』
『Un, do your best.』

The two vanished once they were done.

"Everyone, gather round!"

I put the [Miasma Barrier] god Karion gave me on the beastkin girls.
Since there might be mental attacks like that time god Zaikuon collected black sludge in a Golden Chalice, I also put mental defense [Atism Shell] on them.

"T-this is?"
"Invincible nanodesu!"
"Oh those miasma barriers god taught me. With that you can get close to that black sludge but careful not to touch them, okay."

I believe it can block once or twice direct contacts, but overconfidence leads to ruin.
Liza wraps the girls in the Unique Skill god Garleon entrusted to her, [Hero Heart].

『Hikaru, Arisa, I'm sending a spell god Karion gave me. Install it on the large space ship's magic operation circuits and make it usable.』
『Okay, got it!』
『Just leave it all to Arisa-chan!』

I sent the [Book of Wisdom] Karisfel to the space ship using Material Transfer magic.

They have Sera with god Tenion's [Hermit Hide] and Mia with god Urion [Sanctuary Guard] there.
I'm sure the black sludge won't go after them until they're done preparing.

"You three, attack the apostles from a distance and lure them to the sky."
"How far~?"
"Get to the altitude where our space ship is stationed. Can you do it?"
"But of course nanodesuyo!"
"Yes, allow us to take care of this mission."

The beastkin girls drew the apostles aggro with Lyuryu's breaths and powered exoskeleton-empowered attacks, creating a train of apostles after them.
Neither too far nor too close, an exquisite balance of distance is maintained.

I also only just noticed several golden ships Zaikuon was riding on among the apostle train.
Laser attacks from the golden ships flew toward the beastkin girls, but not a single shot hit them as they freely moved around in the air using Flickering Motion and Double Jump. They would cleverly use Phalanxes whenever a shot almost grazed them.

After watching over them for a bit, I decided to do the things only I could do.

"First of all--"

I teleported next to the male gods with sight-based Unit Arrangement.

Then I cast multiple advanced level light magic [Divine Brilliant Purification], the same magic I used to save the encroached nymphs back then.

I can't exactly unleash multiple [<<Lesser Mythology Down>>] their way like that time with god Zaikuon.
He was being strengthened by the black sludge then, but these gods have their powers sapped right now, letting that loose could risk killing them.

"Nuooo, my strength is escaping me."
"Damn you human! So you're using this chance to entomb us!"
"No that's not it, the impurities have lost their power too. Now's our chance, shove them away."

This magic supposedly has no effect on gods though, maybe the impurities are draining their powers to fight against it and keep the miasma intact.

I deploy the next magic.

--Miasma Barrier.

"T-this is?"
"The encroachment's stopped!"
"Get the impurities off, now! Help me, Garleon! Zaikuon!"
"Shut up, you help me."
"You fools, now's not the time to squabble among ourselves! Why can't you understand that!"

I decided to save the relatively reasonable god Garleon first.

I put multiple Miasma Barrier on myself and then reproduce and strengthen their effects using Primeval Magic.

This should do.

"W-what are you planning."
"I'm here to help."

I grab the black sludge coiling around god Garleon and threw it away.
Then I entrap the black sludge in multiple barrier magic and annihilate it with [Mythology Down].


The barriers weren't strong enough to hold down [Mythology Down] power and burst open.
Vestiges of black sludge scattered all over the place, but it's weak enough for Miasma Barrier to block and I can erase it with [Divine Brilliant Purification] no problem.

"Next is me, the top seat of pantheon!"
"Human! Prioritize this great me!"

God Heraruon and Zaikuon howled.

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『Master, we've wrapped up the space ship in Miasma Barrier. What should we do next?』
『Liza and the girls are luring an apostle train toward your position, annihilate that train with the ship's main armaments.』
『Ichirou-nii! They won't get within range if we don't narrow them down a bit more!』

According the Map, the beastkin girls are leading the apostles by the nose, but they're unable to gather those apostles in one spot like sheepdogs with sheep.
They need some more helping hands.

『Satou-san! I'm sortieing out.』
『I shall fight alongside Zena desuwa.』

Zena-san and Lady Karina.
From their positions on Map, the two are riding on fighter-type dimensional aircrafts.

Zena-san's got [Saint Prey] from god Heraruon while lady Karina's got Raka. I should believe in those two here.

『I understand. Be sure to submerge into sub dimensions if it proves too much.』

Zena-san and lady Karina replied with [Yes].

『Let me get on board with Zena-san. I may not be able to cast Miasma Barrier, but my holy magic should be sufficient against those impurities to a degree.』
『I shall make sure to support Karina-dono well.』

Sera and Raka's voices came in.

A huge cone-shaped unit appeared next to dimensional aircrafts that had launched from the large space ship's catapult.

『Satou, Furubanian, Four.』

Mia's voice was transmitted.

That's a spacial artificial spirit, Furubanian 4.
It should work really well as a disposable lure.

『I'm offering my supports as well.』

Large space golems controlled by princess Shistina were launched from the large space ship and followed after them.

In the meantime, Lulu has been shooting down apostles with the large spaceship's cannons.
Arisa and Hikaru are in charge of preparing the main armament, while Nana is busy defending the ship.

"What's wrong human!"
"What are you idling around for! You too Garleon, help us!"

Whoops, the neglected god Heraruon and god Zaikuon got in bad mood.
I liberated god Heraruon and then god Zaikuon from the black sludge using the same method I used on god Garleon.
God Zaikuon who got his turn last is making a ruckus.

"Well done. Impressive work."

God Heraruon said his thanks haughtily.

"You did well human. Good grief, Zaikuon always brings trouble."

So did god Garleon though he quickly shifted to blaming god Zaikuon.

"This is all Demon God's fault. Forget that, you human! How dare you saved me last, such insolence!"

God Zaikuon went straight to complaining without a single thank you.
He's really not worth saving.


Arisa's and Hikaru's shout reached my ears through Tactical Talk.
A moment later, flashes ran over the sky, then the kind of chain explosions you see in anime were painted in the sky.

Looks like they took care of the apostles in one fell swoop while I was busy dealing with these gods.
And I wanted to see the girls in actions too.

"I will be off to repair the boundary between human world and Netherworld. Would you grace me with your help?"

I ask the male gods to help me with the clean up of the mess they created.
God Zaikuon was uncooperative, but the other two gods seemed reluctant yet not unwilling.

I check on the dimensional rips using space magic.
It's all been torn up to pieces, severer than I thought. Not too many big rips, but there are countless small ones.

"We have no choice. Zaikuon, Garleon, lend me your divinity. I shall help with the fine repairs."

Whoa, seems god Heraruon is up for it.
I'll act as his support then.

God Heraruon spurned divinity like a yarn, then he gave the order [Go] before the divinity thread began moving on its own to stitch the dimensional rips.
That's a pretty convenient trick. Gotta try my hand on copying it.

Since it looks like the stitching job would not be easy, I make use of space magic to help smooth things over for god Heraruon.

The thread god Heraruon controlled went on to stitch dimensional rips.


Space got pulled as the thread moved, widening rips in other spots.
God Heraruon kept working while getting irritated, but every time he repaired a spot, other spots got ripped open.

It's like trying to forcibly mend an already worn-out cloth.
Like a cloth getting stretched out and ripped, so does the space getting distorted and torn.

I'm giving my full support, but it's hard to perfectly cope with rapidly occurring distortions.

"--Tch, damn you feeble space!"

God Heraruon snapped.

It'd be bad he gave up out of frustration.

"Allow me to take your place."
"Eei, don't get conceited you mere human!"

I ignore god Zaikuon who's forgotten about getting beat up to a pulp by that same human and stare at god Heraruon.

"Do you mean to say you will control divinity, you who do not posses divinity?"
"Yes, if it's only controlling that is."

I had secretly tested that Primeval Magic could control divinity earlier.

"Have a try then."

Seemingly tired of it, god Heraruon jerked his chin, telling me to have a go.

Swish swish swish.

The rarely used Sewing skill finally showed its merit.

"T-this cannot be!"
"A mere human possessing such skill..."
"You're pretty good. What's the matter Heraruon, you're looking pale."

Stop quarreling over the most minuscule of things, guys.

"I pulled it off somehow, but this is..."
"Umu, it's only a matter of time before the pressure from Netherworld rip them off."

God Heraruon is right, there's already a lot of places where the rips look like they would reopen.

"Getting rid of the cause is the only way to protect human world."
"That's right! We've got to invade Netherworld and remove the impurities off Demon God! Then he would surely do something about the impurities spreading in Netherworld!"
"Shut up, Zaikuon. We wouldn't have so much trouble if it was so easy, don't you know that!"

Guess that's the root of problems.

I sure would like to fire a barrage of [Mythology Down] at the idiot who crammed [Forbidden Powers]--impurities into the White Radiant Crystal that was stolen from Realm of Gods.

"What are you looking at, human! Such insolence!"

God Zaikuon noticed my glance and snarled back.

"No, wait, oh yeah. You! If you can tear impurities off us, surely you can do that on Demon God at Netherworld as well!"

God Zaikuon is unusually correct.

"Shut up, Zaikuon! What'd happen if this guy got taken in by Demon God! Don't you know that?!"
"Oh no, that's not gonna happen."

The purple little girl told me that Demon God had attained his perfect form after taking in the dummy the gods prepared.

I'd have liked for these gods to clean up their own mess, but things would only get worse if I don't do something here, no choice but to get off my arse.
Geez, Arisa's scolding will be waiting for me.

"No problem then. Right, Heraruon?!"
"Umu. I order you human--Satou Pendragon. Go to Netherworld and wipe impurities off Demon God!"
"And save Parion while you're at it!"

God Zaikuon rode on god Heraruon's coattails and said something extraneous, but I'm not gonna nod to that.
I can't carelessly accept that mission, not when it's questionable whether she's really been kidnapped or not.

"Indeed, do save Parion if you find her. If you manage to accomplish my order and save Parion, us gods shall bestow you one authority and divinity."


Like a godsend, the marriage flag with Aze-san came to me.
I dunno if these seven pillar gods can easily hand over divinity to someone just like that, but gods are fundamentally unable to lie, supposedly. Once I'm done removing impurities in Demon God, I'll make sure to fetch god Parion if I find her over there.

And if she's not there, she's not there, yet if I could secure her back, then I get to raise wedding flag with Aze-san, she's essentially a bonus character.

I would have liked if each mission had a different reward, but we have no time to waste for negotiations.

For now, let's take a quick look at Netherworld to ascertain whether I can complete the mission or not--.

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