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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 501

501 Don't Do Anything Risky Now


Now then, it's still early in the morning and all yet there's plenty of people going to work and food stalls open.

"Come on in, we've stocked up the freshest meat today! How about it, lad over there! Our special sauce tastes both sweet and salty! Legit good stuff~. How about a piece?!"

I jumped at it. Bought three meat spits and bit on them. It's a little heavy in the morning, but this body is that of a fifteen year old. I'd probably get a stomach ache if I was as old as my mental age, but this is just about right for my young bodily age.

"Uncle, you know where Gora Family is? Tell me about it. I'll pay the info fee."

"Hey, ain'tcha the lad from yesterday? Wait. Quit saying that stuff out loud, will ya. Ssh, ssh!"

Uncle put his finger over his mouth. He then gestured me to get behind his stall.

"Ou, lad. Whaddya want asking that? No risky business, I trust? I don't wanna help someone get himself killed, okay."

I don't blame him for doubting me. I recall what those site workers said. This Gora Family is a violent gang that recently made a name for themselves.
Around the same time as Bandoro.
The stall uncle started narrating rumors about them.
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"Heard they're backing a merchant that goes by the name, Bandoro. They'd go wild somewhere then that Bandoro guy conveniently showed up later to drive them off with little cash. Then he convinced the store's owner to leave their place if they don't wanna die when the gang come back later. Then this Bandoro would take over the store not a moment later, pretty much screaming they're in cahoots. The gang's also been throwing their weight around everywhere. Heard rumors about the kingdom gathering evidence to crush 'em for good in a bit. But I ain't believin' that."

Uncle stared at me with a frown on his face.

"I saw that Bandoro getting together with the guard's higher ups, y'see. Guy probably bribed 'em. I been in this business for years, so I can get a read on someone to an extent looking at their faces. Those guys musta have some shady backroom dealings. Didn't wanna paint a target on my back as a witness so I got the hell out. This is for yer' own good lad, don't get involved with 'em."

He's genuinely worried about me. But that won't do. In fact, I already guessed as much.

"Ah, thanks. But I'm here to crush this Gora Family. Uncle. Just tell me, okay?"

I replied just as seriously. To honor this stall uncle for seriously worrying about me.

"...Yesterday and today, just what are ya anyway lad? I ain't ever got this many surprise in a day... I got ya. I'mma get my ass on the gear too. I've come to this kingdom to open my stall. I ain't gonna let those folks keep letting loose for too long. But, y'know, your looks don't exactly scream yer' up for the task."

My sincerity seemed to reach him. But now he's doubting my strength.





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