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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 504

504 Shock of the Unknown


The man left for the afterlife still in a prostrating pose.
I'll let him be in that miserable state. This too is a punishment. Those who have been wronged by this guy would definitely jeer if they saw him in this state.

"Now then, should I kick the door open and make a show of myself? But I'm not a destroyer god or anything. But then, I've broken the wall already... Ah well, might as well."

I got carried away and let out a flying kick while screaming 'Achoo', flinging the door open.
A group of people had already gathered inside, likely drawn by the sound of broken wall.
They're all glaring at me, weapons in hands.
Swords, spears, bows, morning star. Knives, sickle and chain? are there too. There's ten of them.
That's fewer than anticipated. The rest must be out.
Right, they sent their forces to the Waking Grass site. These people must be house sitting.
I ran here with Acceleration, arriving faster than Bandoro.
Naturally the group of gang members Bandoro left behind aren't back yet either.

"Ah, Gora-sama? Which one are you? Please respond if you're here. I need to talk. Can you step forward, please?"

A filthy stern-looking man with a drunken reddened face made his presence known up on the second floor atop of a stairway ahead of me. He's got a liquor bottle in one hand.

"Hic! Oy! Who the hell're ya? Bah whatever! Oy, crush 'im. I'mma make that entertainment for my booze. Get it right ya hear me? I'm bored with all this snack, booze and woman. Guy's here to raid us. Musta think he's a hotshot. But today's the end for 'im, break him real good."

The man is drinking straight from a bottle while sitting on the stair and embracing a beauty.
He's rubbing the woman's breast, but it's obvious she absolutely loathes it.
That alone completely ruined my impression of him.

"I was gonna see if you could be reasoned with. But nah, you're beyond saving. I'll have you die right away."

Beautiful long blond hair, sorrowful eyes, pretty face, and a slim yet dynamite body wrapped in a dress. The lady is like the ideal of beauty taken form.
No decent human being would make such a beauty have that sorrowful look. I immediately entered Acceleration to get past the small fry, climbed the stairs and stood behind Gora.

(Not good. I thought he might prove useful like Eltros. But nah, this man is a good-for-nothing filth.)

I undid Acceleration. Then I took and drew my katana from magic bag.
After which, I stabbed Gora on his throat as he was gulping down his booze.


He let out that pitiful shriek as he met his end. My katana hit the bottle still in his mouth and let out a loud clinking sound.

The first person who noticed this gang leader's death was the beauty in his arm.
She must be afraid of Gora. It's natural for her to pay attention to his face at all time to avoid angering him and getting him violent with her.
As such, the exact moment of his death got reflected in her eyes. Her scream echoed loudly in this hall.
The beauty shook off the now lifeless arm of Gora and ran to the corridor, into the nearest room.

"I guess that's fine. I'll forget about her for now and take care of the rest."

Due to her scream, the people below must have seen me stabbing Gora.
Yet they showed no reaction. I pulled my katana off Gora's dead body. He slowly fell and rolled down the stairs.
Followed only by the sound of a liquor bottle rolling on the floor.
I took a piece of paper from magic bag and wiped the blood off my katana with it.
The one who broke the silence was a mohawk man with a sickle and chain weapon.

"Gyaha! Boss went and got himself killed!? Only means one thing, I'm the boss now!"
"Like hell you are! It's me, me! Y'all call me boss!"
"Ya think dumbarses like you can handle organizations? It can only be me."
"Ha! Y'all tryna make me laugh? I just gotta kill y'all here and show the boys I'm the best when they get back. There you have it, die!"

They kept protesting back and forth. That went on and on until it turned into a scuffle.
I don't know this kind of development. The members of this gang are much more insane than I imagined.

"Ah, yer' last get it? Dunno what kinda magic tool you got, but I ain't gonna lose to someone who relied on trinkets to kill crap. Whoa, no running away now. I'mma beat you up real good later."

I wanted to ask where that confidence came from. What followed next was a chaotic whirlpool of bloodshed.
They went wild killing each other while ignoring me standing above the stairs. I stayed quiet while watching them.

(...This betrayed all expectations... Is this how a shock feel like when things don't go the template way? This sensation is new to me...)

I could only stare in amazement while the insanity below progressed.






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