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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Blast! New Finisher


And here's our destination. A slightly large room. Protruded rocks scattered here and there, with around 10 Lostshrooms enshrined within the room. Yep, they're not walking around. Wonder what this means? However, this is just convenient for roasting them. My remaining MP is about half after several battles with intermittent rests. Tama-chan's and my HP are at max. I carefully get closer to them until I'm within the range.

And activate! The last ranged magic for today!!

"Fire Storm!"

Bwoosh, blazing flames swallow the Lostshrooms again into a whirlpool. Burn, buuurn.
After confirming that they've turned into cinders, I undo the magic and approach them to check out the drop items.


Usually the bodies disappear into light particles and leave drop items behind, but one of them isn't this time?


A purple-like thing spread out of the blackened lump that should have been burned down and then I got blown away.

Owowow. What just happened? I was completely caught off guard. It fortunately hit my breastplate and didn't give that much damage.

The black part of the Lostshroom that should have been scorched cracks, I can see something purple underneath. The crack gradually spreads to its entire body, and fall off, eventually a purple Lostshroom that's one size smaller is looking at me. Not like it has eyes though.

D Lostshroom Lv11
HP:30/45 MP:6/12
Mutated form of the dungeon-born walking type fungi class Lostshroom. An evolution of a specimen that had a certain amount of mana and underwent a period of blank mind. It is capable of cutting off its weakness, fire element, by sacrificing its outer skin. It also has more attack variety, a completely improved version of the species.

What's with the D?
The D Lostshroom launched its attack while I was thinking that. Hold on, it's already within attacking range even though I put a distance when I got blown away!?

ZUO, its arms lengthen out to attack me. Wait, it can stretch both its arms. How bothersome, that'll make it hard to grasp the timing.
Is the D from a certain traveling Indian fighter or something? It's not going to teleport now, is it??

Wait, there's no room to think about stupid things. It's surprisingly fast, it's hard to charge in.
I grasp the timing to attack back while parrying with Defense Form.
1, 2, and 3, now!


Eh? My timing should have been perfect... or rather, the D Lostshroom who was right in front of me disappeared!?
Where'd it go... Eh, behind me?


Right when I tried to get away, something that seemed to be mist attacked me from behind.
Damn, I couldn't make it in time even though Tama-chan went and informed me.
It's sticky and smells bad. I quickly chanted Dry and made it evaporate.

However, how did it even manage to get behind me? Can it be, can it really teleport....

I got the answer soon after.


I parried the stretched arm and took some distance away this time. Then, the D Lostshroom's stretched arm caught a rock behind me, and then it moved its entire body to where the rock was when it restored its arm. What a brute force way.

Then how about I take some distance and shoot it with fire. I shot four fire arrows in succession and only one hit. Moreover, the part where that one arrow hit turned black and scrapped off, not giving it much damage.
What an exceedingly annoying evolution. Huff, puff.
What's this, I'm losing breath. Pretty sure I didn't move that much though.


Kuh, it's not giving me times to ponder huh. And then my eyes got blurry. Why now of all time.

My movements obviously became duller afterward. What the heck is this. I quickly check my status, just the summary's fine.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
State: Lethargic Poison

Poison! That mist earlier was a poison mist huh. This is the first I've heard Lethargic Poison, but it probably a poison that slows you down. That's one troublesome poison.

"Cure Poi..."



The D Lostshroom launched fierce attacks, not allowing me to use detox magic. Worst of all, my iron sword was flung far away. Damn it, I've got no choice but to ask for it, though I'm uneasy about it.

--Tama-chan, help. keep it away from me just for a little bit.

After I sent the SOS signal to Tama-chan who was hiding behind a rock, a small green mass stood before a queer creature. I'm sorry, I'll cure myself quick, so bear with it...

"Cure Poison."

I erase the poison and also heal myself in a hurry. This is bad, Tama-chan's HP is decreasing fast.
I can't exactly run out and grab the iron sword now.
That said, Tama-chan might get dragged into it if I used magic. There's no time to open my rucksack either.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

The offenses and defenses continue, but she's obviously at a disadvantage.

--Tama-chan, it's fine already, get back!

When I told her that, Tama-chan received a blow from the D Lostshroom and got flung in the air. Tamachaaaaan!

"The hell you done to our kid, you shitty piece of funguuuuuuuuuuuuuus"

I'm, enraged. Can't control my emotion. I'm gonna beat you to a pulp now.

I rush toward the D Lostshroom that has stiffened for an instant after hitting Tama-chan.
It didn't really go well during practices, but I've got no choice here. I'll make use of the chance Tama-chan gave and finish this thing off!

I concentrate mana on my right hand and formulate the image. Modified Earth Wall. Turn clay wall into a wall of rock. Sharp, brutal, with lots of thorns!
I'll hit the stiffened D Lostshroom with a surprise blow from the Attack Form. This is the combination of magic and skills!!


I launch my right fist from a slightly crouched down position with an added twist toward the seemingly side stomach part of the D Lostshroom. At the same time, the magic I imagined manifested on my fist as rocks clad around it, and in addition, several thorny rocks wrapped it. Each thorn is about 5cm long, and they've pierced the D Losthsroom deep.

Not yet! It's not over yet!


All the thorns went inside the D Lostshroom along with an explosive sound. The added formula is like a zero distance shotgun blast. I have added fire magic in the magic composition, so the power should increase. The recoil on my right fist is absorbed by the remaining rock wall... or it should have been, it's quite painful still.

Yup, it's more powerful than expectation. Even though the D Lostshroom barely survives, its upper half body where I drive down my fist has been shredded into pieces. This technique is too powerful for interpersonal combat, it could make things turn real gross. There's many rooms for improvement still.
Afterward, I take out an iron spear from my rucksack and thrust the D Lostshroom with it at once. The D Lostshroom's HP turned 0 before it disappeared into particles of light.

Ah, is Tama-chan alright!?

Tama-chan is lying slightly away from where I am. She still has 2 HP remaining. Oh good. And I'm sorry Tama-chan. It's completely my mistake this time. I apologize to Tama-chan while healing her.

shake shake

Don't mind it huh. Thank you Tama-chan. I quietly pat her body.

Tereretettette~♪ Thief, Otherworlder Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Acquired Composite Magic
Tettere~♪ Grapple Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Magic Modification Leveled Up
Tettere~♪ Thief has Leveled up to 10, 『Treasure Hunter』 Class has manifested.
Tettere~♪ Tama-chan's Bond has turned into Deep Affection, Differing Soul Telepathy Leveled Up.
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan Leveled Up. Reached Moss Ball's Level Limit. Met the requirement to Class Change.

And that solemn mood is wasted by the NoGoddess's fanfare. Read the mood, dangit.

Either way, that's a lot of increases.
But still, so Tama-chan can class change!? Who would've thought that this kid's hard fight would be rewarded this way!

When I imagine tapping Tama-chan's Class to see the reaction, there's only one possible Class Change.

『Super Moss Ball Lv1』 <TLN: Super Marimo in Japanese.>

...Is it all right in various ways? She's a Moss Ball after all, there's no problem right? I set it at once since there's no other choices.


Tama-chan's body is immediately wrapped in light. Then the lights goes down... Looking closer, her glossy fur has improved, and the mofu-ness also gets nicer when I touch her. Her soothing level to me has risen indeed, but what about her fighting strength? Guess it needs future inspections.

And when I look around again calmly, I see two purple things lying on the ground. Yes, those things I've been searching for.

"Eggplant Mushroom, gotcha------------!!"

I inadvertently raised them high up on both hands and shouted out loud.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-24

16-24. Sania Kingdom (4)


Satou here. Cleaning things up is unexpectedly troublesome. Simply cleaning things is simple, but you've to pay attentions when you're trying to uphold the spirit of [A bird does not foul the nest it's about to leave].

"Hmm, looking at it like this, it really is huge..."

I muttered while looking up at the body of the Land King sinking at the center of the sand sea.
The Land King who had stepped inside the capital got pushed out to the sand sea in the middle of its fight with me.

"Master, I've retrieved the magic core."

Liza comes back with a magic core that's taller than her on her shoulder.
A red magic core whose grade seems quite high, it's already a fortune itself. It's practically the same size as the Great Monstrous Fish Tovkezeera's core.

"Master, I have secured the crystal body at the head so I report."

Nana reported while shouldering an amber colored crystal.
I wasn't planning to get this one, but since I rescued Haifa through a peculiar mean, I took it anyway to hide that.

"Thank you--I'll store it right away."

I lengthen the magical psychokinesis that is the force magic [Magic Hand] toward the gigantic crystal and put it in the Storage.

"Now then you two, let's have a triumphal return to the royal capital."

Tama and Pochi have returned to Shiga capital after the battle, so there's only us three here.
I walk on the sand toward the port together with Liza and Nana who gave their affirmation.

The port's facilities have turned into mountains of debris after getting crushed by the Land King's feet and stomach.
Reconstructions will probably take a considerable amount of time and money.


We could hear a huge cheers from the soldiers at the port.


Looks like someone have spread my name, people who call my name wrong have decreased sharply.
That's fine and all, but it didn't end with just them calling my name as they began to stand before us, asked for my handshakes, hugged me and said their blessing.
I don't mind getting hugged by young beauties, but please just spare me from the rowdy men.

As I walked toward the palace while waving hands to people who called my name, a wagon stopped in front of us.

"Sorry for the wagon, but come and get on it! I'll get ya straight to the open space in front of the palace!"
"Thank you, it really helps."

Now I can avoid the machos' hugs and handshakes with this.

I thanked the soldier and got on the wagon with Liza and Nana.
The wagon's frame creaked when we got on it since the Land King's magic core is gigantic.

The route on the way to the palace is filled with people who went out of the shelter, extolling the god's name [Heraruon], and shouting [Pendragon] house name.
Good chance as any, I raise golden sword Heraruoph up high to reply them and let it shine golden colored light.

"Heraruon!" "Pendragon!" "Heraruon!"

Since the golden sword looks quite showy, the reaction is remarkable.
With this much praises from people, I'm very sure that the [Trial of God] is cleared.

However, not everyone was speaking good things.
There were some who reproached [Clan of Sword], or said something like, [It's good enough as long as the true owner of Heraruoph, Pendragon is here] or 「We don't need 『Clan of Sword』 and 『Clan of Wand』 anymore].

There were also men who seemed to belong to the [Clanf of Sword] mixed among the soldiers, looking at me with bewildered and loathsome expressions on their faces.
I never planned to sow seeds of discords in this country, so let's deny it when I found a good timing.

I continued the golden light performance until we arrived at the open space before the palace.

"Sir Pendragon! You did well to subjugate the Land King!"

When we reached the palace, Sania King who brought the prime minister with him greeted me at the gate.
But they're not the only ones here.

"Apostle Pendragon! Good job accomplishing the 『Trial of God』!"

Head Priest of Heraruon Temple wearing a gaudy robe also greeted me in front of Heraruon Temple that faces the open space.
I don't mind you taking high ranking priests and miko(s) with you but please stop with the [Apostle] thing.

Now then, this situation is like when you're presented with the option [Which is it!] in a GP match.

Walking to the head priest here would be the correct answer for my objective, but I turned toward Sania King first.
Sania King breathed a sigh of relief, the head priest had a sour look on his face.

"King of Sania, I have killed the Land King as promised."

I smiled and lightly bowed per Shiga Kingdom's custom.
And of course, there is no such promise.

I ignored the king who was walking to me with both arms open and turned around toward the people.

"Everyone! Listen well!"

With the aid of Amplification skill and Deception skill, I announce to the surrounding people that Sania King requested me the subjugation.

"The 『Land King』 which played a part in the destruction of the world led by the 『Dog-Headed Evil God』 once has been destroyed by the power of great God Heraruon and divine sword Heraruoph!"

For now, I told them that the pillar of light reaching to heavens and the gigantic golden sword shaped from it were all god Heraruon's power.
The people who have gathered here seem to believe that, they're unanimously chanting god Heraruon's name.

Alright, the [Trial of God] should be good with this.

"However! Not everything was accomplished through the power of God and divine sword!"

After I said that, people begin to repeatedly call my name after God Heraruon, that's not it.

"Before I fought the Land King, the 『Clan of Sword』 and the soldiers stood on the front line to drive back the Land King's familiars, the <<Desert Scorpions>>, then the 『Clan of Wand』 and other magicians came rushing in to rout them."

For the time being, I'll praise the [Clan of Sword] and the [Clan of Wand].
Sania King had a grim look on his face, the expressions of people of [Clan of Sword] and [Clan of Wand] softened.

Additionally, the Sand Demon Scorpions being the Land King's familiars is just a setting I made up on the spot, I don't know if it's true or not.

"Furthermore! The one that protected the powerless capital from the Land King's attack was the King of Sania's 『Protection of King』!"

In fact, the shock wave from the breath attack I blocked would have destroyed quite a lot of the capital's buildings if it wasn't for the protective wall Sania King erected using the [City Core].

"By the words of God Heraruon!"

I shouts out while lighting the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] golden like its name.


I forgot to praise the priests who helped healing people evacuated from the front line.
But it'd be awkward to retrace my speech here, I'll give donations to other temples besides Heraruon Temple too later, forgive me with that.

"『Clan of Sword』 and 『Clan of Wand』, take each other's hands, and together be the shield that protects Sania Kingdom and the glaive that destroys invaders, shoulder Sania Kingdom, devotes yourselves to Sania Kingdom! Without forgetting your gratitudes for God Heraruon who watches over the kingdom, live well!"

I don't think this will make everything goes well in this country, but it'd be nice if it helps people facing toward a peaceful future even a bit.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

After the performance at the open space, I returned the [Golden Sword] Heraruoph to Sania King and visited Heraruon Temple.

Just like the time I received the trial, I reported to God Heraruon through the [Oracle Miko].

『--Splendid. I bestow you my mark.』

God Heraruon's words were really simple.
I think he should have said something more, but since I've completed the [Trial of God], my objective here, I'm not complaining.

>Title [Heraruon's Mark] Acquired.
>Title [One Approved by Heraruon] Acquired.
>Title [Heraruon's Saint].
>Title [Heraruon's Apostle].

Un, I don't need the last one.

After the short meeting with god, my consciousness returned to the temple.
Lights pouring down from heavens gathered into particles of light and turned into one slim dagger.

I catch the dagger that's slowly falling.

According to AR reading, it's called [Golden Dagger Heraruseph], seemingly a kind of [Divine Gift Holy Sword]. Just like the [Golden Sword] Heraruoph, the blade is golden colored, made of orichalcum with a small Sun Gem embedded on it.


The miko who had come to sounded surprised to see the dagger on my hand.
The other miko(s) and priests who are helping with the ceremony also look shocked.


Miko-san eyes couldn't see, could they.
In fact, light isn't reflected in her eyes there--then it hits me that she's seeing the divine gift dagger through me who's connected to her with mind magic.

Her cheeks are flushed red as she looks at the dagger like a maiden in love.

As a miko serving God Heraruon, a dagger granted by God Heraruon must be special to her.

"It appears that God Heraruon told me to give it to you."

I present the dagger to the miko as I say that.

I've decided to give this dagger to Heraruon Temple as thanks for helping with the trial.
I hesitated a bit to give something I got from someone else, but God Heraruon himself didn't say that it was specifically for me, thus there's a chance that it's for the miko I'm with. That probability is low though.

I do hold a slight interest to research the small Sun Gem, but that's it, I'm no really interested in the thing besides for that.


I smile back at the perplexed miko.

"I'm only able to clear the trial because of your help and Heraruon Temple's cooperation. It is only right for you and the temple to keep this sacred treasure."

I'm good with just the mark anyway.

"Now, please take it."

The miko timidly reached for the dagger and reverently received it.
After admiring the look of a miko in love hugging the dagger, I leave the temple.

"Hee~, so that's the Land King's body~"

Arisa and Mia who are standing on a high ground at Sania Kingdom voiced their impressions while looking at the sunk Land King's body at the sand sea.
After finishing the work at Sania Kingdom--Greeting the king and transferring the right of Land King's body to Sania Kingdom, managing the dispute with the master swordsman, Zanza boy and Myufa siblings, holding a meeting with the head of [Clan of Wand], the father of the problematic girl Haifa, donating a large amount of money to other temples besides Heraruon Temple, and fulfilling requests to distribute food at the slums--I go on a tour with the girls.

The damage isn't that severe besides on the port and the sand marine facilities, so there's no shortage of places to tour around.

"That's Land King of the Dog Head's Four Devas.... I'm really glad it didn't come out in my active years."

Hikaru said that while trembling.

"But Land King should have been sealed in the 『Sandstorm Labyrinth』. I wonder who unsealed it?"
"Ah that's--"

I answered Princess Sistina's question.

The girl who caused the trouble at the Land King's seal, Haifa took a secret ritual handed down among the [Clan of Wand] with her, therefore she's apparently going to be executed per Sania Kingdom's law.
However, since it's a scandal that would shake the country if they told the truth, they'd tell people that the seal was undone by demons.

Well, if I wasn't happen to be here by chance, not only Sania Kingdom, the surrounding nations would have also been destroyed for sure, thus I don't have any objection against the atonement miss Haifa has to take for the mess she caused.

"Next time, let me fight against a strong opponent desuwa."
"Nn, agree."

Lady Karina and Mia said some meatheaded thing.

Lulu, Hikaru, Sera and Princess Sistina are warmly looking at the two.
Looks like those girls aren't that interested to fight against strong enemy.

"Satou-san, the priests of this kingdom are really active aren't they."
"Yes, that looks like so."

Sera gave her praise as she watched priests giving out food at an open space nearby.
They're probably actively trying to gather believers because I've made generous donations.

"This is! Nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi sniffed the drifting aroma and pulled my hands toward the source.

"Pilaf, totally delish~?"
"The goat meat skewers here are superb nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who arrived in front of a store gave their recommendations to the girls who saw it for the first time.
Since Zena-san is in the middle of her journey to Seryu City, those girls are Arisa, Mia, Lulu, Hikaru, Sera, and Princess Sistina.

"Master, do sand fish live inside the sand?"
"Yes, that seems to be the case."

While replying to Lulu, I look for the sand fish swimming in the sand sea, and project them on my palm with space magic.

"Ichi--Satou sure is skillful."
"Satou-sama's magic is always wonderful no matter how many times I see it."

Hikaru sounded a bit tired, Princess Sistina spoke with a longing look.

I relished Sania Kingdom's specialy products together with the girls, and in the end, we took a stroll on camels' backs in the arabian night-like night desert along with a caravan.

Sipping on a cup of sake while gazing at the moon on a shaking camels in the desert was quite something.

Now then, I managed to clear the first trial though with an over production.
I set the airship's route toward the [Garleon Union] on the western edge of the continent in order to take the next trial.

Wonder what kind of trial would God Garleon give me.

I lean my back against the airship's seat while feeling slightly anxious.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Tama, Mushroom and Me


"As a magician that is."

Master, please don't drop me down after lifting me up.

"You're obviously better as a magician. Bearing four elements. In addition, no-chant and chant shortening are stuff that even professional magicians might not be capable of. Even then, the firepower is lower. And yet, that doesn't seem to be the case at all for you."

I'm sorry, I didn't even know that chant exists. I might be a BS existence for people who study magic the honest way.
After confirming those stuff, we begin the technique development. Now then master, bring me your unreserved opinions.

--30 minutes later

"How's that. So when you're combining them, wait for this timing and do it like... this and that."

--One hour later

"I see, I see. Then the loss would kept at a minimum if I change it like this when invoked right?"

--One and a half hour later

"Niice. Then turn this one..."

Master's and my secret move development went way over the time. Master's subordinate even came to pick him up since he was way late, the guy was really mad. Eventually, the subordinate dragged Master with him with teary eyes when he said, 『Eh, just forget about that』. I'm sorry Mr. subordinate.

There's no training tomorrow, thus I'm gonna accept a quest and train in the dungeon.

Tama-chan's with me after all, if there's some quest that can be done inside the dungeon, might as well do it while leveling up.
I'd also like to test my new techniques and our coordination. Now that's decided, to the guild.

Adventurer Guild 10 AM. It's packed with people unlike the sparse times I've been here up until now. I mean, several parties are overrunning the quest board, I can't see anything!? Kuh, being short is hard.

I somehow managed to get in front of the board by slipping through the gaps between the adventurers. Wh, who the heck touched my butt?

Wonder if there's a good quest around~?

<< Rare Mushroom Gathering >>
Please gather 『Eggplant Mushrooms』 (smooth elongated mushrooms) dropped by 『Lostshrooms』 in Dungeon Fonbran. Get as many as you can.
Reward: 1000 mani for each
Date: Evening of the third day
Client: Solomon's Pavillion innkeeper
※Please bring the requested item to the client directly and ask for the completion mark.

It seems the client is Donur-san. For now, I'll decide after checking this quest's details. But still, is it an eggplant or a mushroom, what an unclear ingredient.
Err, and Eleanor-san is... Ah there she is, I'll line up at the queue in front of Eleanor-san's quest counter.

15 minutes later.

"Thank you for waiting. Next one please... Wait, Nobusada-san. Are you accepting quest?"

"Actually, I'd like to decide after knowing more about this."

"Eggplant mushrooms? I think Nobusada-san would be fine on 2F as long as nothing unusual happens. However, you have no choice but to leave the drop to luck. Do you have a map? If you do, I'll mark the place where they group together for you."

"Oh! I do, I do. That'll really help. Then I'll take this quest."

"Yes, I've ascertained it here. Be careful okay."

I even got informed of the places they swarm, must be a good omen. Awright, Tama-chan, let's do our best.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

We quickly walk toward 2F once we get into the dungeon. Going straight on 1F will get you to 2F. There's really a lot of beginner adventurers on 1F. Or rather, I'm one of them. Oh right, got to set my first class to Thief. Kinda feel like it'll increase the drop rate somehow. Please go up, I'm begging you. My second class is still Otherworlder. I'd love to gain a bit more MP for the magic and technique development.

Sounds of my footsteps echoed in the quiet dungeon. And then a Pawn Dog is standing tall on a passage with no obstructions.

Pawn Dog Lv 3
HP:15/15 MP:0/0

"Wind Bind!"


Here's a mutt whose hind legs are tied up by a ring of wind and cannot move. Fuhahaha, you shall be become nourishment for Tama-chan.

"Tama-chan, go!"

Tama-chan hurls herself at the mutt with my signal. Do your best Tama-chan. Its mouth and forelegs can still move, so be careful.
Afterward, Tama-chan beat up the mutt while I re-invoked the Wind Bind every time it was about to run out.
And then, Tama-chan was right below the mutt's chin when it started to stagger.

"Tama-chan, uppercut!"


I called it uppercut and all, but it's actually a whole body blow. Well, it's all about feeling. The mutt's HP finally turned zero with Tama-chan's body blow. Good job, Tama-chan.
I kindly pat Tama-chan. She's shaking like she's feeling good as I pat her. What's this lovely thing, I wanna take it home. ...Oh right, I did.

Teretettette~♪ Thief leveled up
Tererete~te~tentettere~♪ Tama-chan leveled up

The fanfare's different than mine for some reason! This stuff is way too elaborate, Levellit-sama.

Since it's a body blow, Tama-chan also receives damage depending on the enemy's and Tama-chan's defense. Her HP decreased a bit since she hit some bad part, so I used Heal on her just in case. I wasn't sure if it would work on a monster even though it was a Tamed Monster, but I was relieved to see that she healed just fine.

Afterward, Tama-chan hunted a Pawn Dog that appeared along the way and we went down to 2F.

2F doesn't look too different than 1F, but the atmosphere feels heavier somehow. And it's a bit dim. Since it's the first time I'm on this floor, I put Tama-chan on my shoulder and advance cautiously.
Fortunately, I reached the place where the quest monsters group together without any encounter along the way.
Looking around. ...There they are! Mushrooms as tall as a kid, walking around. It's the kind with limbs that's common in stories. However, there's no face, I don't know how to distinguish the front and back. And, one, two, three... Seven mushrooms huh.

Tettere~♪ Discerning Magic Eyes leveled up

Lostshroom Lv6
HP:24/24 MP:2/2
Dungeon-birth fungal genus lost mushroom Lostshroom. They don't have eyes, but they will come attacking you if they detect you. They can link between themselves within a certain range, be warned. The Lostshroom itself is not a food, be warned. There are also specimens that spread poison around.

The info is more detailed than ever, maybe because Discerning Magic Eyes-sensei leveled up. Still, scientific name? or rather, they can link. It probably means to say that Link will turn inactive monsters into active ones if there are same specimens inside the combat range. I assume that Discerning-sensei displayed the info in a way that's easy to understand for me. Still, link-type huh... It'll be bad if it turns into a train of monsters.

Since the Lostshrooms are looping their movements, attacking when they're far from us and drawing them here sound like a good plan.

"Tama-chan, wait."

Tama-chan stands by diagonally behind me. I'll have her evacuate behind a cover if she needs to.

I'm gonna use pure magic without modification this time.

"Fire Arrow!"

Bwoosh, with that sound, a fire arrow flies toward one of the Lostshrooms. It hit a Lostshroom nicely. Just as I thought, the hit rate is higher than the modified one.
Not sure how to find out how much damage to death when it doesn't even show it, it's coming straight here either way. I grab my iron sword and ready myself. Unlike before, my posture is that of the Attack Form/Kata.


The Lostshroom is charging here while roaring weirdly, where does its voice even come from.

Lostshroom Lv 6
HP:8/24 MP:2/2

Mumumu, the damage is higher than expected. Perhaps fire element is its weakness.
I just need to finish it after this much damage. I change into Counter Form/Kata and measure the timing. Right when the Lostshroom is about to headbutt me, I swing my sword toward it. The Lostshroom that was nicely cut in two disappears into particles. With no drop, aphew.

Fire element is their weakness.... Then maybe I can kill them all in one fell swoop using Fire Storm? If not, it's highly possible that I can create high temperature blue flame through image modification. Alright, let's give it a try once there's only a few of the separated ones left.

I beat the Lostshrooms one by one along with Tama-chan. When there's only three left, it's experiment time. By the way, the total killed so far is four. One gave red magic stone, and one gave Hen-of-woods (maitake). Guess I'll make some maitake tempura next time.

I got right outside their sensing range to measure the fire storm range. Doing so had gotten easier since I somehow understood the effective range after Discerning-sensei's level up.
Then I invoke the magic once the three Lostshrooms have gone inside the range.

"Fire Storm!"

Torrent of flames roast the mushrooms. I cancel the magic once they had been burned to cinders. The fact that the Lostshrooms cannot move from the swirling fire was a nice miscalculation.
The 『Filth sterilization!』 plan is very possible with this. In short, I'm just going with <<Search and Destroy>>.

I turned the cluster grounds into scorched earths as I went around the places Eleanor-san marked. Hahaha, filth sterilization! How sad, this is really extermination.
Whoopsie, I got too much into it again. But it feels like I just have to inspire myself like that.
I mean, the eggplant mushroom aren't dropping at all. I've burned more than 40 shrooms now, yet just why. Well, I got myself Hen-of-woods, shimeji mushrooms, Fly Agaric and magic stones though.... hm? There's poisonous ones mixed in them.

The time is nearing evening already. I also need to tread the way back, guess I'll end it after the next cluster ground.
By the way, apparently, Tama-chan receives experience point even if the enemy is killed by my magic. She's growing up nicely. I think she can most likely win against a Lostshroom in a one-to-one fight.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Strongest Sage, Defeats


『Plan B... Close-quarter combats with random movements is it.』

『Yeah. I won't give you instructions anymore, fight like I taught you.』


Looks like the demon plans to fight in close quarter combat.
Close quarter combat against a Disqualified Crest huh, they really underestimate me.

It's true that demons surpass me in pure magic deployment speed.
No matter how fast a Disqualified Crest in that regard, it hasn't even been 20 years since I reincarnated.

That's why they think that they have a winning chance by making random actions with some kind of tricks and remove all foresights, however--.

"This can't be, how are you able to cope with it!"

The actual fight is one sided.
The demon misses all his attacks, all of my attacks hit him.

It's not like I read the enemy movements ahead of time or something.
I simply deploy magic to deal with all possible patterns that can be predicted from the demon's actions and remove the unusable ones.
Of course that means always deploying four to five magics in any one time, but that much isn't that hard with the capability of short range magic control of the Disqualified Crest by decreasing the magic power.


The demon who keeps missing his attack begins to fret.
My sword doesn't have that much power because of having to deploy many magic at once, yet I'm whittling down the demon's health and mana little by little.
Judging from the fact that he's not changing his battle style after all this, these demons probably don't have any hidden cards left.

And then... Dozens of seconds after the battle started, I make a bet.
I squeeze down the multi magic deployments I've been doing up until now to one attack magic on my sword.
The sword this time is an order of magnitude more powerful compared to all the slashes I gave the demon.

When the demon begun the close quarter combat, his attacks had this confidence to win the match.
However, the demon right now doesn't have that.
He's begun to abandon the idea of defeating me.

There's no way he can maintain his focus in such situation.

I evaded the dispirited sword by taking a half a step backward.
At the same time, I crush a magic stone on hand and augment my sword with the 【Special Magic Enchant】.

『This is bad, evade that!』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I could hear a flustered voice from the comm magic.
Looks like the commandeering demon noticed the power of this sword.

--However, it's pointless.
Giving orders through comm magic is too slow in this fast tempo combat.
That demon probably stopped doing so because he knew that.


The demon immediately tried to use a barrier to block my sword, but that level of barrier is practically nonexistent before a sword augmented with 【Special Magic Enchant】.
The sword easily penetrated the barrier and chopped off the demon's left arm from the shoulder down.

Of course, I don't have a reason to stop my attack with just this.
I crush a magic stone and augment the sword with the 【Special Magic Enchant】 again.
And then I swing horizontally, aiming at the demon's neck.

"Defensive magic--"

The demon tried to block it, but there's no way he can do that after losing his left arm when he couldn't in perfect state.
My sword easily lop off the demon's head.


『I killed the demon.』


『Amazing! I believed that Mathi-kun would win, but for it to be this quick!』

『I could beat it this easily thanks to Ruli's supports on the Dragon Vein. And the two guarding Ruli. ...Alma and Iris, are they alright?』

『Yes! It was bad when the number of monsters suddenly increased, but not even one monster came to where I am! They're fighting right now, but the two are safe!』

Looks like there's a sudden increase of monsters on the floors above.
I guess it's not odd for that to happen after all the interferences on the Dragon Vein.

However--The two will have to guard Ruli for a bit more.

『Ruli, don't leave the Dragon Vein yet... There's still something to be done there.』

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 165

Chapter 165 Strongest Sage, Sees Through the Ploy


I position myself relative to the demon while readying my sword.
Positions are important for the success of this plan.

Right when our positions are such that the trap is straight ahead of me, I run forward.
And then...


The moment I stepped on the installed trap.
I gave Ruli the order through the Dragon Vein on my feet.

There's not enough time to wait for her reply, but I'm sure it will go well with Ruli.


And the moment the other demon contacted this demon.
The surrounding mana fell into disorder, cutting off the transmission.
--It's the best timing.

『Eh, what just!?』

The demon is bewildered that he couldn't catch the order.
Outwardly, he looks ready with his sword pointed at me, but it's obvious that he can't focus on the combat.
This demon probably never expected that their communication magic would be jammed.

I'll use all the attacks I can use on this huge opportunity.

『Magic Debuff』, 『Barrier Breaker』, 『Anti-explosive Reinforcement』――
I augment three magic on the sword and swing it toward the demon.

And here's the important part.
There would have been no need to create an opening if it were just for one blow.

Right before the sword hit--I deployed a small attack magic on my left hand and shot it at the demon.
And then an explosion that's too big for the magic I shot occurred at the place the magic hit.


The demon sounded shocked.

That's right. This explosion is the ploy to block my sword.

--Explosive Reactive Magic Barrier.
This barrier will create an explosion at the place my sword hit it to push it away.

Because blowing the sword away is the same as blocking the magic augmented on it.
However--there's no way this large of an explosion can be triggered in succession without a time lag.
Once it blocked an attack, it should need at least half a second for the second explosion to trigger.

That's why I purposely triggered an explosion right before the true attack, the sword, hit it along with the augmented magic.

And the sword hit the demon--
The barrier that wrapped the demon's body broke with a glass-like breaking sound.

"You monster!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
The demon who noticed the barrier's destruction activates the trap magic on my feet in a hurry.
My attack this time was for breaking the barrier, thus the demon could still move freely even after getting hit.

"...Why doesn't it activate?"

The demon activated the trap.
Ruli used the 『14th』 magic, nullifying the activation.

"Activate? What are talking about?"

I swing down the magically augmented sword at the demon as I said that.
This time it's a genuine attack stressing on firepower.
I didn't have much time to prepare so it's not powerful enough to defeat a demon of this class in one hit, however--.


However, it's enough to cut off the demon's wings, preventing it from flying.
Now the enemy can't run.
This demon will have to die here.

『Oy, what's happening!』

『I don't know, the comm suddenly got cut off--my barrier has been broken! He got my wings too, I can't fly anymore!』

『...Do not panic! Go with plan B!』

The comm magic was restored and the demon received a new order.
It appears that these demons have prepared a second plan.
--However, they don't have anymore chance to win now that the barrier has been destroyed.

Next, I just need to have them show their cards and beat them.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 16-23

16-23. Land King's Subjugation Fight


Satou here. Directions in a play are important. Viewer's impression change greatly depending on the way one presents the play. Doing everything yourself, though rarely happen in tv shows and such, will have the opposite effect when found out, so you can even say that it's a forbidden move to take.

"Master, it's dangerous, perilous so I report."

Light particles have gathered in the open mouth of the Land King.
That's probably a preliminary stage of the Breath. Its aim must be the royal palace.

"You're right. Let's go help them."

I take the girls to the top of a tower on the line between the palace and the Land King.


Liza warned me with a tense voice right after we teleported.
She's looking at the middle head of the Land King that's just about to fire its breath.

Liza clads her magic spear with magic edge, ready to shoot out an extra large magic edge cannon anytime.
Nana has also begun to prepare for her force art, a magic circle is shining on her forehead.

"Leave it to me--"

I draw the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] I collected from the sand sea earlier.

The sword itself is about as powerful as the divine gift holy swords that heroes have.
The grip is carved with a holy verse, apparently it's read [Glory to God Heraruon] in a language from the age of gods.

I don't really care about that stuff, but let's try using it for now.

『Glory to God Heraruon』

The Sun Gem on the base of the sword shined brightly when I loaded the sword with mana and recited the holy verse.
It seems to have buff effects as it's giving me reaction speed up, physical ability up and such buffs.

That's fine and all, but--.

>[Golden Sword is demanding Life Force]

--Something dangerous shows up on the log and there's a Yes/No option below it.

I don't mind if it's simply using the health or stamina gauges, but not if it's draining my life and soul.
I promptly choose [No] and decide not to use the [Golden Sword Heraruoph]'s true power.


The land king fired a dark red beam kind of breath.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

I shouted the special technique those swordsmen were using out loud and unleashed the copy-by-eyes version of it.

Golden blade of light shot out of the sword, clashing with the Land King's breath mid air.
The blade of light intensely scattered sparks around, bisected the breath vertically, and reached the Land King's forehead.

The light that was dampened by the breath broke through the Land King's barrier but it only managed to make a small wound on its forehead.

The breath that was divided by Sun Slash are coming toward us and the capital.

"I guess a shell-type skill isn't suited for countering a continuous-emission type skill after all."

I position the sword level to my eyes and cut down the breath into harmless particles.
It wasn't a Sword Skill but the space magic [Isolation Wall (Deracinator)] and [Dimension Slasher].

From outside perspective, it should like the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] I had ripped the beam apart.

As a proof of that plan's successful result, people at the palace and those who took shelter on the high ground raised shouts of joy.
Now that enough people's eyes have gathered on me, let's do a performance to increase their faith on God Heraruon.

"My name is Pendragon! With holy sword 『Golden Sword Heraruoph』 bestowed to me by the authority of God Heraruon, I will destroy this ancient monster Land King!"

I made it so that it would reach Sania Kingdom people's ears through amplification magic and wind magic.
While I was at it, I also used light magic to make the Golden Sword shine for stage effects.


Cheers loud enough to shook the earth resounded in the capital.
Getting my name wrong is fine, at least it doesn't look like anyone gets the god's name wrong.


The Land King roared in anger though I don't think it has anything to do with the cheers.
I thought it was going to use earth magic to attack, but it appears to be dedicating the magic to support its defense for the time being.

The Land King makes a step forward with enraged eyes.
Thud, thud, transmitting vibrations that shake your stomach with a gap at each steps.

"The port is cracking nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who have taken refuge behind Nana are looking at the disastrous scene of the port sadly.

Since I'm fully prioritizing on clearing the [Trial of God] this time, I've decided not to mind about property damage, though human damage is another thing.
I plan to give the material from Land King as the repair fee.

"Master, it's coming."

The sea anemone-like thing on the Land King's back extends its tentacles and swings it down while drawing an arc in the air.
Its shadow is falling on the place we are at.

"Oh Jesus, nanodesu"

Tama and Pochi who're looking at the attacking tentacles that are several meters long in diameter sound ambiguously happy.

"Spread out!"

The girls jumped off the place with my instruction.

A few seconds later, the place we were standing on is pierced by the tentacle.
The tower broke down yet the the tentacle didn't stop its momentum as it pierced the ground, even the tower behind it was tilting and barely standing.

In addition, several tentacles are tenaciously coming at me.

--This is bad.

There's a building sheltering people at a direction one of the tentacles is heading.
Unfortunately, it's at the opposite direction of where I'm running to.

"Nana! Block it!"
"Entrusted with Master's order so I report."

Nana ran out while saying a line resembling a killing machine from somewhere.
She arrived with enough time left by the combination of Physical Reinforcement and Twinkling Movement, and blocked the tentacle with 15 [<<Flexible Shield>>] and a force art rivaling advanced level force magic [<<Flexible Wall>>].

The ground Nana stood on wasn't that sturdy though, it caved in with tremors, tilting the ground and buildings around her.

She could have blocked it more easily if she used the hidden [Fortress] and [Castle] capabilities on her equipment, but I haven't given the permission to use it.

Since the opponent's level is just 88, Nana who's amply supplied with defensive skills and magic should be able to defend against it easily.

"Ooo! Awesome!"
"Who's that beauty."

The people who were saved by Nana praised her in high tension after narrowly escaping death.

"Escape while you have the chance now, so I inform."
"O-ou! Gotcha!"

Urged by Nana, the people she saved ran out of the building toward the castle.

This should be enough attractions.
The high ground behind me has been broken off by the tentacles, and the way ahead is blocked off.

"--Now then, about time to go on a counteroffensive."

I shine the sword in golden colored light with light magic.

Two tentacles are coming to attack me diagonally from above.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

Since the technique imitating the secret art is weak, I cut the tentacles with space magic [Dimension Slasher] the moment the golden light hit them.


The Land King screamed.
Looks like having its tentacles cut is painful even with that huge body.

I wave my hands at the people and rapidly shoot out the fake Sun Slashes.

The people cheered out loud every time I cut off one of the Land King's tentacles.

The cut tentacles fell on the downtown, breaking buildings and raising dense cloud of dust around.
The foul smelling blood of the Land King seems to be a strong acid, buildings that have been bathed in the blood are burning and raising white smoke.


The Land King's roar echoed in the capital's sky.
Hidden behind the dust cloud and white smoke, the Land King shots out its beard clad in red light toward me.

"Beard Slasher~"
"Won't let you, nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi chased after me and cheerfully intercepted the beard.
I'll leave the beard for the two to handle.

"Let's go, Liza."

While appealing to the people with the golden light emitting sword, I jumped to high grounds with Liza and ran toward the Land King's head.
I could hear a mix of cheers and screams from the people behind.

With those on our backs, we jump from capital building's roofs to roofs toward the Land King's head.
Tentacles and breaths assaulted us many times on the way, but we eliminated them all the same way we did earlier.
Since the sacrificed buildings are increasing geometrically, I'd better provide temporary dwellings and food later.

"Even rollercoaster is put to shame nanodesu!"

I heard Tama and Pochi's voices passing overhead.

Pochi and Tama who latch on the beard are going along it toward the Land King.
The Land King are swinging its beard around with tremendous speed, but that seems to be no different than an attraction to those two.

"Oh that looks nice."
"I-is that right?"

Liza tilted her head at my words.


A Land King's tentacles are coming toward us while roaring.
It's coated its tentacle with earth magic in an attempt to counter my blade of light.

"Liza, let's make use of that to go above the Land King."

We evaded the tentacle that pierced the ground by jumping, kicked the air and landed on top of the tentacle.

The heavy tentacle doesn't seem to be as agile as the beard.
I ran past the tentacle along with Liza while it was still stuck on the ground. What a thrill.

Other tentacles and beards were coming for us, but the Land King seemed to have miscalculated our speed, we didn't even have to evade them as we ran past them.

"Liza, attack the Land King's back."
"Leave it to me!"

I jump down the tentacles after telling Liza that.


Rolled up sands on the Land King's feet is coming toward the its head like a tornado.
It's probably trying to get rid of me like removing bugs.

I deploy Magic Armor to defend against the sand tornado.

The Land King is swinging its head around, but it's not a problem since I'm holding on with [Magic Hand].


The Land King screamed.
Liza is probably rampaging around on the Land King's back with Magic Edge Cannon and other finishers.

It seems to be in agony, the three heads have begun to randomly shoot out breath.

The breaths tear through the sand sea, annihilating mountains and islets on the sand sea.
I'm casually blocking them off, but there's no doubt that Sania Kingdom's capital would be in danger if it was hit by those breaths.

I arrived at the Land King's head and went to the forehead where the gem casket was located.


I tried calling Haifa who was embedded in the Land King's head, but of course, there's no response.

I could have used Primeval Magic if I wanted to be doubly sure, but I don't feel like going that far for Haifa's sake.
The usual space magic should be good enough.

"--Teleport, there."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
I used forbidden spell of space magic [<<Aport Any Object>>] and took Haifa out of the gem casket.
Looks like she's still alive, but her condition doesn't look too good.

With Miasma Sight, I see that there's a curse-like magic line connecting Haifa and the Land King.
I produced holy edge on the tip of my finger and cut off the magic line.

Next, sprinkling elixir on her head below should be good enough.

After finishing her treatment, I teleported Haifa to the outskirts of Sania Kingdom like with the others.
I'm sure someone would nurse her there.

"Hm? What'st that?"

A wand with Sun Gem attached on it is left behind in the depth of the gem casket.
It's probably the wand Haifa had.

I took it with [<<Aport Any Object>>] like with Haifa and put it into the Storage.

--Crisis sense.

A yellow gem near the place where the wand was emits a dark yellow aura that's extending to me.
It seems to be called [Yellow Gem of Soul Bind] according to AR reading.

The real nature of the thing was made clear after I skimmed through its detailed info.
Apparently, Haifa attempted to rule over the Land King by using this.

It somewhat seems similar with the spell art that was put on Lalakie Princess I saved from the Sea King at the sugar route during the Divine Punishment. <TLN: Detailed events of this are on the light novel version.>
Since the spell art that was used to control the Sea King originated from the yellow skinned demon, this item was highly likely brought here by the same demon, or its followers.

"Gotta purge dangerous stuff away, purged you go."

I purged the [Yellow Gem of Soul Bind] with [Space Disintegrate].


The Land King screamed out loudly from feet to head.
The purged parts seemed to cover a wide area.

"Deyaaaa, nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi unleashed their finishers on other heads of the Land King.
Looks like the damage passed poorly since they're not equipped with their true weapons.

"Tama, Pochi, come back here."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu."

Tama picked Pochi up with Shadow Movement and went to me.
Tama's ninjutsu is way too convenient as always.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

I shouted out loud, showed an even flashier golden light than earlier, and cut off one of the Land King's head with [Dimension Slasher].


The Land King screamed out loudly.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

I cut off another head of the Land King.


The Land King is swinging its head around to try to shake us off.

"Shake nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi hug my legs while screaming and having fun.
I contemplate a bit while patting their heads.

Only this head we're on remains.
Cutting this one off is simple, but I'd like a bit more drama for the [Make God Heraruon's authority widely known] part.

"Liza, I'm pulling you back here, okay."
『Yes, Master.』

I talked to Liza with space magic [Tactical Talk] and pulled her back with Unit Arrangement.
After telling Liza the plan after this, I teleport the three to where Nana is.

Left alone, I take the stance for the fake secret art for the third time.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

The third fake Sun Slash is a dummy that only consists of light.

I wrapped the Land King's body with purple colored light using light magic, and made it look like it guarded against the dummy Sun Slash.
Additionally, I restored two of the Land King's heads with advanced water magic recovery spell.

The Land King apparently is capable of restoring its heads to begin with, it's even adding more heads like Hydra of the Greek myth.

"Did I overdo it?"

That thought did cross my mind, but all is right since it accomplished my objective.
Now it should like like I'm in a pinch from the view point of people watching on the castle and high grounds.

Matching the timing of the Land King's head swing, I made myself get blown away to the direction of the capital.
Of course, I didn't forget to make the sword shine golden brightly to make it clear that I was blown away.

The direction is a bit weird physically speaking, but I think only a few would care about that kind of thing.

I crashed to a building like a cannonball, destroying several buildings.
Since I clad myself with Magic Armor, let alone injury there's not even a speck of dirt on my clothes, however I put dirt and clotted blood-like paints on my clothes for the sake of the performance.

『Master, are you hurt anywhere?』
"Yeah, I'm fine."

Liza asked anxiously through the still connected [Tactical Talk].
I'm more worried I'd make a mistake holding back and instantly kill the Land King.

"Oops, not letting my guard down--"

I blow away the falling debris and cloud of dust with one swing of my sword.
When I jumped from the collapsed building to the roof of a nearby building, cheers erupted from the spectators.


The spectators' cheers are heating up nicely.

"Now then, think it's fine to finish it off now?"

Sun Slash barrages are fine, but I'd like a more dramatic attack.

That reminds me, Zanza boy of the [Clan of Sword] mentioned something about a higher version of the [Sun Slash].
If I'm not mistaken--it's called [True Sun Slash] or something clichéd like that.

I'll borrow the master swordsman' lines while I'm at it.

"O God Heraruon, who witnesses from heavens!"

I expand golden light around me using light magic.
Of course I'm broadcasting my speech using wind magic the same I did earlier.

"O 『Golden Sword Heraruoph』! Eradicate the wicked apostle of demon lord with your radiance!"

I raise the sword toward heavens, at the same time, the golden light that wraps around me extends to the sky.
Furthermore, I change the shape of the simple light pillar that extends to the sky into the golden sword shape.


Looks like the performance went well.

For some reason, the Land King began to step back when it saw the illusion sword.
It might even go away with just a bluff at this rate.

"Secret Art--<<True Sun Slash>>"

I estimate the right time and swing down the sword while saying some embarrassing line.
Right when the illusion sword hit the Land King, I used the advanced level space magic [<<Divine Dimensional Blade>>] and cut the Land King's in two vertically.


The split Land King is sinking into the sand sea with people's cheers as the BGM.

"--Did that do it?"

I tried raising a clichéd flag, but it doesn't seem like it's rising up again.

This would have been the time for it to transform into the second stage if it were a demon lord, but it doesn't seem like the Land King, a mere familiar of a demon lord, has such regenerative capability, its corpse has been turned into an object on the sand.


I keep the light on the golden sword to respond the rooting.

Well then, wonder if this accomplished God Heraruon's order?

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Strongest Sage, Predicts Moves


『The 14th is ready!』

『Roger! If you see a weird reaction from the Dragon Vein, immediately activate it!』

I resumed my attack after Ruli reported she was done preparing.
This time I'm not attacking with a sword, but hitting fast by using magic on myself and on the ground.


The demon evaded it while sounding irritated.

--He's acting.
In fact, I'm attacking in accordance to this demon's plan.

As a proof--there's a trap that the demon has prepared beforehand on my feet now.

Since it's installed inside the Dragon Vein, the trap is hard to find and powerful.
Of course, I step on it because I've predicted it.

And then the demon attempts to activate the trap on my feet just as I predicted.
If the demon activates the trap, Ruli's magic will nullify it and I'll hit the demon with the real attack during that chance.

『Hold it, don't be lured by his trick! Defense magic!』

The demon got a message through magic right before he activated the trap.
Hearing that, without hesitation, the demon immediately stopped the activation and deployed defense magic.

....I see.
Reading moves is the job of the demon giving the instructions huh.

『Lure, does that mean... He found out about the Dragon Vein magic?』

『No, I doubt he could find that skilfully hid spell art in the middle of this fight. ...He must have guessed something because you were acting suspiciously.』

I heard their conversation in the communication magic as I ceased attacking and jumped backward.

Looks like they haven't realized that I've detected the magic in the ground... The demon giving instructions seems to be well experienced in combat.
In fact, this demon did act suspiciously, thus even if I didn't directly find the trap, that was enough hint for the trap's existence.

『So the rumor that says Mathias Hildesheimr is the reincarnation of Gaias is true?』

『Impossible. The era is too far apart, and if he were really Gaias, you'd have long been dead, I'd have long been blown away by his magic too.』
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
Such a rumor is circulating among the demons huh...
Well, the part about Gaias reincarnation is correct though.

...Still, does that means the demon that's giving orders here knows the past me. He's quite ancient if he really does.
Well, every demon that met the past me should have all perished after all, so it's probably something he heard from his fellow demons.

Either way, that demon is giving quite the accurate instructions, and it seems this demon here has been trained to follow those instructions.
However, that fact can also be used in itself.

Jamming their comm at the right moment will create an opening.
The comm magic that they use is a type that's easy to intercept yet hard to jam... But the magic I taught Ruli should be enough to block it for 10 seconds by disturbing the environment mana.
And 10 seconds are more than enough time.

『Ruli, prepare the 17th magic along with the 14th magic. Use the 14th when there's a change on the Dragon Vein, and the 17th when I tell you to!』

The 14th magic is for annulling the activation of the trap in the Dragon Vein.
And the 17th is a magic to disturb the environment mana, obstructing long range magic... especially comm magic and such.

Those magic have their own names but assigning numbers to them makes things easier in coordinations like this.
These two supports will help me smash the demon's defense magic.

And a few seconds later.

『It's ready!』

Ruli contacted me.
Now then... Let's break apart this anti Disqualified Crest magic plan.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 29

Chapter 29 If I Can't Use Weapon Skills, I'll Just Make One


The fact that I don't have the disposition for Weapon Skills is shocking, but I'm not giving up.

"Well don't worry about it. To begin with, everyone worked out their own techniques before Weapon Skills and martial arts came to be y'know. Then you should just make one yourself. You can use magic, right? Combining that with your techniques, and creating a way to fight exclusive to you have a potential to be far stronger than those."

As expected of master, he's largehearted. His logic feels Marie-ish somewhat. <TLN: Not sure which Marie he's talking about or if the author really means 'Marie' here.>
However, currently it's unclear whether I don't have the disposition for the skill or for the weapon skill itself. Perhaps, I can't acquire it since I'm an outsider from another world. With that in mind, I really should better do a variety of trials and errors just like master said.

"Furthermore, I'm curious to see what kind of techniques you will work out. It looks like it'd be fun."

Oufh, it's completely a mere curiosity. But sounds like working out a technique while listening to master's experiences will be many times faster than not. He's cooperating this time, but I'd even beg to get him teach me.

"Then father. Let me make our breakfast."

"N-no wait, Eleanor. I'll do it... okay, okay."

Master's complexion turned pale at once. Faces can really turn pale this clearly in reality huh.

"Father, you have to train Nobusada-san, don't you? Let me make it as it's been awhile."

"W-wait I said..."

Mumumu, looks like master would really rather avoid Eleanor-san's cooking no matter what? Ah right, I made breakfast already, completely forgot about it.

"Ah, then would you two like to have these food I made? I thought I should do this much at least as thanks for allowing me to learn here."

"Is that so! Since you've gone all the trouble of making them, we cannot let them go to waste!!"

Master made a thumb up while saying that outside of Eleanor-san's view. Looks like I did a good job.

"I've made it easy to eat outside, let's spread a mat and enjoy it here. The weather's fine today and all."

"R-right. My apologies, Nobusada-san. Looks like we've caused you trouble."

"Please don't worry about it. I like to cook myself, you see."

I spread a mat and put out the food I made.
Honey toast, deep-fried bread, walnut jam, custard cream, fruit juice and also some fruits. I've peeled the apples into rabbit shapes.
Master and Eleanor-san sound impressed when they see them.

"Well well, these look solid. You can open a store with these."

"These might be even better than the store bought ones."

"Please help yourself while they're still warm. Here's the honey toast. They're good as is, but putting jam and cream on them are also nice on their own."

"Hou hou, then I'll go with this."

"I'm getting this one."

Master picked the deep-fried bread, Eleanor-san bit on the honey toast. And then they let out indescribable smiles with one bite. Umu, seeing them making those smiles makes me contend making these.

"This crunch is quite nice. And the egg and ham inside ooze out some nice flavor too. I'm never gonna get tired eating this."

"Waaa, this bread is so soft and good. Adding this jam here also gives nice flavor to it. Why are you an adventurer when you can make food this good?"

No well, I learned to cook out of necessity. It's also a kind of obsession. I mean, might as well eat something tasty if I have to make them right.

"Since I was living alone with my grandfather, I naturally ended up taking charge of our food. But it's only for our own shares. I won't be able to play if I turn it into work."

They're disappearing fast while I'm talking. Their eating pace is seriously fast! There's only a few remaining even though I made more than enough shares for three people.

"That was really good. I'm completely satiated."
"It really is... Nobusada-san is better at cooking no matter how you look at it, as a woman I..."

Eleanor-san's voice got quieter and I couldn't hear the latter part, but she seemed down about something. Ah, right, I've gotta feed Tama-chan too.

"Tama-chan, house!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
When I said the call I taught her yesterday, Tama-chan bounced toward me like poyon poyon.
I created water with magic and pour it into a cup where Tama-chan went into and soaked in.
Huh? The two look stunned? Is Moss Ball unusual?

"Nobusada. What is this?"

Master asked while pointing his finger at Tama-chan.

"Eh? It's my tamed monster I met yesterday. She's Tama-chan, a Moss Ball. I've registered her as a Tamed Monster so there's no problem taking her into the city, you know?"

"M-Moss Ball, as a tamed monster? I've been in the guild relatively long, but this is the first I've seen one..."

"So do I. I know some beast tamers, but no one tried to make Moss Ball their tamed monster. In the first place, we don't even know how to have a mutual understanding when these things don't even let out a voice."

Well, it was due to specific circumstances and skill in my case. I just went with the flow and she was my Tamed Monster before I knew it.

"Putting that aside, Eleanor. Shouldn't you go to the guild right about now? You have work today, don't you?"

"Eh? It's this time already!? I-I've got to hurry."

Eleanor-san fiercely dashed back into her house, got out in her uniform in a few minutes and ran to the guild. I mean, she's fast. She's already out of sight.

"Fhuu, considering her age, she'd do good to calm down a bit."

"I think she's doing well at the guild. Well, the usual Eleanor-san is nice and fun too."

"Haahaahaa, then how about making her your wife?"

"EEH!? I still haven't got steady earning yet, so that kind of thing is still to early."

"I'm joking, joking. Now then, I can only accompany you for one more hour, and since we've got a topic now, wanna try working out a technique? First of all, what kind of skills do you have?"

Master is looking at me with excited eyes like that of a boy. Looks like he's looking forward to see how many techniques I could make. I'm hoping for this myself too. I might be aiming too high, but it'd be nice if I could materialize one or two techniques here.

"I am not sure how much should I unveil, but since it's master, I'm willing to fully disclose it. Please point it out if you think there's something amiss. For combat skills, I have Swordsmanship Lv3, Grappling Lv1, Two-handed Spear Lv2, Throwing Lv2. As for magic, I have Sacred Magic Level 2, and all elemental magic Level 3."


The second stunned master today.

"Wait, why a vanguard, with that many magic... Fumu, that many skills, there must be peculiar circumstances. I get that skill composition in that case..."

He's confirming the situations while muttering. He got that far even without me saying anything huh.

"Fumu, well, there are classes like Magic Warrior and such after all, it's not that odd in itself. However, the amount of skills is unbelievable for a beginner. You might get in a scuffle about invitations and stuff if you stand out too much. If you don't want that, might be a good idea to search your own party members."

"For the time being, I'll be solo... No, I'll work it out together with Tama-chan. If fate allows, I'd like to make a party, but I'm still a greenhorn in regard to combat skills and such..."

"That might be a good stance to take. Still, elemental magic leve 3 huh. Let me see, try shooting at that wooden dummy."

Guess arrow type is fine for now. I shoot fire, water, wind and earth arrows in succession.
I looked at master with a 'what do you think' face but he urged me to use more magic. Aren't you enjoying watching magic this closely too much, master?
I'll use magic I can use one by one as requested for now. Or rather, wouldn't fire storm or wind storm bother your neighbors? Just don't blame me if they come complaining about their laundry catching sands, okay?
After having used several magic, master speaks.

"Nobusada. You're already outside the norm."


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Strongest Sage, Intercepts


"...I haven't been able to control the Dragon Vein since awhile ago... Is that your doing?"

The demon suddenly turned around when I was approaching him while concealing my presence.
Well, I already knew that surprise attacks wouldn't work against this level of demon, so it's not a problem.
Might be different if the opponent were defenseless, but they were in high alert after that cave in.

"And what if it is?"

I replied with a vague answer that neither deny or confirm it.
Letting your enemy keep holding their own misunderstanding is a basic of battle.

The mana around the demon shook unnaturally before he showed a reaction.

This is... It's most likely a communication magic.
With that in mind, I see what the content is about by reading the surrounding mana.

『Don't be fooled. Mathias Hildesheimr might be capable of obstructing our attempt to control the Dragon Vein, but not when he's moving. Assume that someone is lurking near the Dragon Vein and doing the sabotage. Judging from the magic used, the one hindering us is most likely a Glory Crest. Each of the magic is likely not of high level, but it's skilfully used.』

『Understood. Then I will fight him while pretending to have been fooled.』

There's probably another demon who's giving instructions to this demon here.
Judging from the content, like the things with magic and Dragon Vein, that demon knows his stuff.

I can destroy their comm here, but... the fight might be easier if I intercept their communication while pretending to have no idea about it.
And I can find out the enemy's skill level with this too.

"...I see. That means, I can manipulate the Dragon Vein as much as I like once I've killed you."

The demon deployed a barrier as he said that.
However, unlike an ordinary barrier, the spell art is concentrated at the center.

A countermeasure against Disqualified Crest huh.
Since the spell art is located at the center, it's hard to destroy this type of barrier with Disqualified Crest.
....Well, at least that's how it is for those who don't know how to make us of Disqualified Crest.

I tampered only a part of the deployed barrier magic's spell art.
Breaking down the entire barrier is difficult if you don't destroy its spell art, however... It's not that hard to slip in by simply breaking a part of it.


I quickly augment my sword while the demon was shocked.
Then I attempted to stab the demon, however...
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"...Sturdy as expected huh."

A demon with proper strength is sturdy.
Well other demons so far were all scouts after all.
But... That's not all.

Judging from the mana reaction, this demon has probably used a magic to defend against melee attacks on himself.

『Looks like the countermeasures against Mathias work well.』

『Yes. His strength is stronger than anticipated, however it doesn't seem like he can break through it.』

『Finish it before he could break it. Long term combat is disadvantageous against a stronger opponent.』


Just as I thought.
This demon is considerably more powerful than all other demons I've fought so far... And more than that, he's seemingly drawn up a plan to cope with Disqualified Crests.

However... This demon only know Disqualified Crest that fights with magically enhanced swords.
And in fact, that was mostly how I fought against all demons I encountered so far.

However--the Disqualified Crest wouldn't have been praised as the strongest crest if that was all there is to it.
It's true that augmenting a sword with a huge quantity of attack magic makes for a powerful weapon, however that's not the only trick a Disqualified Crest has.

『Ruli, prepare the 14th magic circle.』


I prepare to attack while giving instructions to Ruli.

At a glance, it might look like a defensive magic from the way it blocked my attack earlier... But it's actually not.
It's impossible to have the magic permanently active to protect against an attack magic that powerful.

There is gap you can breach here.
The question is where to create that opportunity... since they've prepared a nice material for it and all, allow me to use it.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-22

16-22. Sania Kingdom (3)


Satou here. I have some knowledge about ways to exterminate gigantic creatures. It was from a robot anime I watched, many times I nodded in agreement at the methods used in it.
I never thought that I would end up putting that into practice myself until I came to another world though...

"Secret Art--《Sun Slash》"

I'm currently watching the Master Swordsman rushing toward the gigantic Land King.
A crescent-shaped golden light is approaching the Land King's head.


The light exploded at the Land King's head, and the shock wave raised a cloud of dust.

"--Did that do it?!"

The master swordsman went and raised a flag with his clichéd line while glaring at the cloud of dust as he fell.
Thought that's not really the reason, light pole-sized black whips come out of the dust cloud and assault the master swordsman.


The master swordsman parried the black whips.
The black whips and the 『Golden Sword Heraruoph』 clashed, scattering intense golden and black sparks around.

"He parried that well."
"He's also handling the next attacks well so I comment."

Liza and Nana exchanged their impressions of the master swordsman's fight while standing next to me.


The master swordsman managed to parry the blows from several of the whips, however, he couldn't deal with a black whip coming diagonally from above and jumped up to evade it.
He's unexpectedly nimble for a heavyweight-class mass of muscles.

"Master, desperate situation so I inform."

Four black whips charged in to attack the master swordsman in air.

"Secret Art--<<Scorpion Ball>>"

The master swordsman made use of the recoil from using the move.
What a desperate battle if I ever see one.

The identity of the black whips came to light when the cloud of dust cleared away.

"Master, those black things appear to be that Land King thing's beard."
"Yeah, that seems to be the case."

Apparently, those things are the beard of one of the Land King's heads.

"Quite a close combat so I report."

An intense combat between the master swordsman and the freely moving Land King's beard is unfolding before us.
Haifa of the [Clan on Wand] stuck on the Land King's head seems to have suffered no damage as she's protected by crystal-like gem.

There's a reason why the Land King who's on a whole order of magnitude different level keeps on fighting the master swordsman.

"Crunch crunch~?"
"They're like snacks nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi suddenly showed their faces up from the shadow on my feet.

Just like the two said, tentacles growing from the sea anemone on the Land King's back have been catching the fleeing Sand Demon Scorpions, bringing them to its mouth and crunching on them.
Its attacks on the master swordsman feel more like swinging your hand to shoo a bug away than to kill an enemy of equal level.

But well, I have to praise the master swordsman who manages to keep parrying attacks that would have been fatal if even one hit him.

"Is the school over already, you two?"
"Aye aye sir~"
"Pochi made sure to do the end of blast greeting too nodesu."

The two made the shutan pose when Liza asked.
Pochi probably meant to say [end of class] there.

"Master, the master swordsman's reinforcement so I report."

Several sand ships approached the Land King.

"--We are the herald!"

Swordsmen of the [Clan of Sword] who saw the master swordsman's fight came forward to challenge the Land King.
Their attacks are repelled by the Land King's protective barrier, but that barrier's health gauge is decreasing every time their attacks hit it.

Mowed down.

Blown away.

The swordsmen keep on fighting recklessly nonetheless.

The Land King who was eating the scorpions while ignoring the swordsmen seems to find it annoying, it's inhaling greatly, getting ready to shoot a breath.

"Secret Art--<<Sun Slash>>"

The master swordsman's attack reached its wide open mouth.
However, the Sun Slash only managed to break the Land King's protective barrier.

"Oh no nanodesu."
"Master, it's a dangerous pinch so I report."

Tama, Pochi and Nana brought their peril to my attention.

"Don't worry."

Two white lights flying from the other side of the sand sea hit the Land King's eyes now it's lost its barrier.


The Land King screamed for the first time.
Even a gigantic creature would feel pain on their eyeball it seems.


A sand ship that was standing by on the other side of the sand dune showed up.
Looks like Zanza boy and Myufa of the [Clan of Sword] are on board that ship.

It seems the white lights earlier were Sun Slash shot by Zanza boy and Myufa.

"Zanza! Myufa! We're gonna kill the Land King with the golden sword!"

With the master swordsman leading, Zanza boy and Myufa jump onto a slanting boulder on the desert and run on it.
Apparently, they intend to jump on the Land King's head from that boulder.

The Land King's beard come to attack them midair.


The master swordsman who was rushing in the air shouted.

"...■■■■ Air Hammer"
"...■■■■ Air Hammer"
"...■■■■ Air Hammer"

Wind magicians that remained on board the sand ships used their magic to forcefully changed the three's directions midair.

That was quite an acrobatic coordination.
They must have been trained from the twice-in-a-year Sand Demon Scorpion Hunt.

"""Special Move--<<Golden Sword>>"""

The master swordsmen and the two's swords are emitting golden colored lights.

Just when they were about to reach the Land King's head, they were stopped by the restored Land King's barrier.

"I'll do it!"

Myufa unleashed her finisher, creating a huge crack on the barrier.

"I'm sorry, Nii-sama."
"Leave it to me!"

Zanza boy's golden light sword hit the crack that Myufa made and completely broke the Land King's barrier.


The two that landed on the ground along with the barrier fragments shouted together while looking up.

"Double jump~?"
"He used Pochi's technique nodesu!"

I didn't see it myself but apparently the master swordsman landed on the Land King's head with a double jump.

"Perish, Land King!"

The golden light sword of the master swordsman is stabbed into the Land King's head.
Then the master swordsman shoved down the sword into the head.


The Land King screamed and shook its head.


The master swordsman is clinging on the sword stuck on the Land King's head.

"Ah! It came off nodesu!"
"Fly high~?"

As Pochi and Tama were watching restlessly, the master swordsman got blown away in the air along with the golden sword.

Then the black whip-like beard rushed in to attack him.
The master swordsman managed to evade the first one by double jumping midair, but he couldn't cope with the second one coming from the side in time and got sent flying and bouncing on the sand sea at high speed.

"Stone skipping~?"
"It's the stuff you do at the river nanodesu."

Well it does look like one for sure.

The golden sword that fell from his hand is sinking into the sand sea.
I lengthen the [Magic Hand] and put the golden sword in the sand into my storage.

I'll teleport the master swordsman who's sinking in the sand to the outskirts of Sania Kingdom like with the others.

Priests and magicians have gathered at the outskirts, probably because I've been teleporting people there.
They surely would receive treatment in time even if I leave them alone now.

"Master, should we intervene, so I ask."
"No we can't do it here as that won't clear the trial's condition."

God Heraruon's order was to show off his power to the kingdom's populace, therefore the Land King has to get a bit closer the kingdom's shore.
I'll make sure to decrease the number of victim as much as possible for the time being.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Master, the Land King has come into view so I report."

The Land King finally came into our view after we teleported back to Sania Kingdom and waited at a high ground.
It should arrive at the port in an hour.

Swarms of Sand Demon Scorpions that are running away from the Land King have arrived at the port first.
Sania Kingdom's regular army and magicians are fighting them back, but they're having a hard time since the main forces, the [Clan of Sword] and the [Clan of Wand] aren't with them.

"It should be some time before the Land King arrive, let's give them a hand."

"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi replied with the shupin pose, Liza and Nana nodded like they were saying "I've been waiting for this."
We jumped off the high ground and went from roof to roof toward the port.

Fort-like structures and iron fences buried in the sand are working to hold the Sand Demon Scorpions back from landing on the port.
However, the structures are squeaking, the iron fences are distorting.

Really drives down the feeling that Sania Kingdom is in a precarious situation right now.

"We'll back you up, so I gallantly inform."

Nana positioned herself between the soldiers and the Sand Scorpions, and cut off the scorpion's scissors in one slash.

"""The 『Clan of Sword』 are here!""""
"We can do it now!"

"Negative so I inform."
"We are subordinates of Earl Pendragon."

Nana and Liza corrected the soldiers who had a misunderstanding.

"Tally ho~?"
"Oh no, so many prey nodesuyo."

The two are running on the sand sea while cutting down the Sand Demon Scorpions in one hit.
Pochi must have said that because she was hesitating which prey to beat.

"Who're those brats?"
"Ain't them an elf and a dwarf?"
"A-awesome, they're stronger than the 『Clan of Sword』."

While watching that, I jump on one of the structures.

"W-who are you?"
"We're reinforcements."
"Yes, the Sania King has given us his permission."

With the help of Deception skill, I made up some excuse to the soldiers on watch, took out a magic bow from the magic bag and took a stance.

I picked ordinary arrows from the storage and shot them at Sand Demon Scorpions located away from the girls.
Since I've put minimal amount of magic edge on the arrowtips like before, the Sand Demon Scorpions are sinking nicely.

"J-just who are you?"

I only reply the asking soldier with a smile and focus on decreasing the Sand Demon Scorpion's number.

"Something's coming from the sand sea!"

A scout soldier gave a warning.
It's probably because the sea anemone-like thing on top of the Land King has come in sight.

"S'that, a Sand Worm?"
"There's also Sand Bugs coming to prey on the scorpions, lots of them."

A voice of despair was mixed among the confused soldiers.
Looks like there's someone who noticed the identity of that thing.

"What is?"
"That's the Land King."
"That's... The Land King from the legends."

The soldiers whose faces had turned pale looked at me with imploring looks.
Not sure why they were looking at me, but since I'd like them to quickly take refuge, I gave them an affirmation it with a serious look on my face.

"W-we've got to run."
"Run and what then! Behind us are the kingdom's populace!"

The soldiers are stuck between a rock and a hard place as their fear and their sense of duty clash, so I'm going to give a push on their back.

"You should evacuate the people around the port."
"Evacuate? Right, we've got to lead them to safety!"
"H-however, Sand Demon Scorpions swarms will flood the city if we abandon this place!"

Looks like I haven't pushed their back enough.

"Please don't worry. Look, the reinforcements are coming over there."

Since I had defeated most of the faraway enemy, I put down the bow and pointed at the main street connected to the royal palace.

"""It's the 『Clan of Wand』!"""

The people riding on the back of the running camels are of the [Clan of Wand].
Sania King probably helped them escape their confinement.

『Everyone, come back here.』

I called the girls back with space magic [Telephone] so they won't get swallowed up in the [Clan of Wand] magic attack.

"Take position to bombard the Sand Demon Scorpions! The big one is coming later. Don't waste your mana!"

An elderly Clan of Wand person gave directives to his subordinates with a very loud voice belying his age.

"I'm baack~"
"Returned nanodesu."

Pochi and Tama who came back leaped and hugged me.
Nana and Liza came slightly later.

"Master the bombardment has started so I inform."
"That's quite the firepower."

The Clan of Wand's magic annihilated the Sand Demon Scorpions one after another.
Vivid enough to make [Clan of Sword] and regular army's struggle earlier seem sad in comparison.

The magic Clan of Wand used looks like explosion magic at a glance, but it's slightly different than the explosion magic we use.
A magic circle is produced before the wand before the magic is invoked, then that magic circle compresses the user's mana and shoots out.

I've never seen the formation of that magic circle, I think it's a local technique of Sania Kingdom.
It kinda feels similar to the vile magic circle Demon Lord Believers used somehow, but investigating further is too much work, ignoring it should be fine as long as the sparks don't come flying here.

"Now then, looks like it's about time for the star performer to take the stage."

The Land King is coming closer the port.

"Do not fret! With our 『Clan of Wand』 secret move, a creature that's merely big--"

The elderly person who was making a speech noticed something and stopped speaking.

"--Haifa? Did she take away the Sun Gem Wand and attempt to control the Land King--"

I see, that's how she got stuck on the Land King's head.

"All members, aim at Haifa!"

The [Clan of Wand] people sounded perplexed at the elder's words.

"If the Land King was resurrected in incomplete state through the Domination Art, it should cease when the core of that art, Haifa is eliminated."

I'm not sure if the elder is telling the truth, but it seems the [Clan of Wand] people believe in it.

"Anti Sand Demon Scorpions attack might not work on it. Put as much mana as for when you're up against a Sand Bug or a Great Demon Scorpion!"

The [Clan of Wand] point their wands at the Land King.
Similar to the one Haifa carried, topaz-like gems are attached on the tips. Those don't seem to be Sun Gem.

And when they finished chanting, countless magic cannons were shot from the wands at about the same time.

"Kagiya nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi shouted like they were watching fireworks.

The magic cannons hit the Land King's barrier and broke it into pieces, scattering crystal-like glitters around. Quite a sight to behold.
The offensive capability of these attacks didn't seem to rival the [Golden Sword Heraruoph] that the master swordsman had, the Land King suffered little damage having only its outer skin scorched.

"Here comes the counter~?"
"Danger nodesu."

The Land King mowed down the structure where the [Clan of Wand] encamped themselves.
Furthermore, the Land King is taking a deep breath with its head pointed toward the royal palace.

This one would be dangerous if left alone.

"Wall of light?"

Liza muttered quietly.

Looking closely, there's a transparent wall enclosing the palace that shines faintly. It's [Protective Barrier: City Core] according to AR reading.

However, I'm not confident it could block that.

"Everyone, let's go."

It's hero time.

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