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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Your Name is....


Tettere~♪ Moss Ball showed sentiment of allegiance. Activating Differing Soul Telepathy Lv1.

After the noGoddess's fanfare ended, my left hand's gauntlet gets hot.

Some kind of pattern floated up from my left gauntlet. Wait, isn't this my family crest. A sakura drawn inside the moon. I believe grandfather said that it was called, 『Sakura of the Moonlit Night』.

And when I look at the moss ball again, there's a pink sakura-like point on the part that seems to be its forehead. Oh, now I can distinguish its front easy... Wait, no.

This is probably the effect of the mysterious skill, Differing Soul Telepathy, but just what happened here?
Discerning-sensei, can you check skill detail too?

【Differing Soul Telepathy】
Connect those who have knotted a bond with Soul Contract. Various benefits will be given as the skill level goes up.
Lv1 - If the master desires so, they can vaguely understand what their followers think.

It really went and did... this easily. And what's Soul Contract again? It seems that I serve as the master here, but it kind sounds eerie like a contract with the devil. And this Lv1 benefit is really plain. And Moss Ball, you've just met me today, why are you this attached. I'm a bearer of 【Moss Ball Killer】 ya know? In other words, I'm an enemy of your race, are you fine with that?

Poyon poyon, a jumping moss ball.
Eh? You're fine?

Ah, although vague, I really could understand what it's thinking. Well, I don't mind if you're fine with it. Then, I gotta give you a name. Calling you Moss Ball feels too cold.



Honestly, I don't have a good naming sense.
Hmm, how about Pochi?

Shake shake
No huh.

Shake shake.

Shake shake.

Shake shake.

Poyon poyon.

You're okay with that!? Then you're Tama-chan from now on.

Tettere~♪ Liberated Beast Tamer Class.
Tettere~♪ Acquired Title 【True Moss Ball Killer】.

WHAT? The heck is 【True Moss Ball Killer】??

【True Moss Ball Killer】
True Moss Ball Killer who does not only shoot down life but also heart. Increase moss ball follower's ability.

What the heck is this... Ah well, not like I lose anything, guess it's ok.

Oh right, how does Tama-chan's status look like I wonder.

Name: Tama-chan - Gender: Female - Race: Moss Ball
Class: Moss Ball Lv1 - State: Healthy
Class: None - Bond: Trust
HP: 5/5 MP: 1/1

Weak! That's a newborn for you! And Tama-chan was a female!? Or rather, Moss Balls have sexual distinction!?
I inadvertently found a companion in my travel. But, could I take Tama-chan into the city I wonder.
Well, no choice but to get back and ask about it.

Just going back is too wasteful. Let's check out my skills with Discerning Magic Eyes on the way. Really, I could have had an easier time if I knew about it from the start.

【Elemental Magic Aptitude】
Displays aptitudes of elements besides the particular ones, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Additionally, every time they are invoked, it's possible to control things like the mana consumption and scale at the user's will.
Usable Magic List ※ Liberated in accordance to level
Lv1 Arrow type (Fire, Aqua, Wind, Sand)
Lv2 Wall type, Bind type (Flame, Aqua, Wind, Earth)
Lv3 Storm type (Fire, Aqua, Wind, Sand)

【Sacred Magic】
Magic to performs miracle by offering prayers to Gods and borrow their power. Effect does not differ in the God you believe, but the extent of the miracle changes depending on the blessing and faith level.
Usable Magic List ※ Liberated in accordance to level
Lv1 Heal, Light Arrow
Lv2 Cure Poison, Cure Paralyze

【Magic Modification】
Modifies magic at will. However, the mana consumption differs depending on skill level of the related magic, and the suitability of the image power. The necessary mana jumps up the more the magic is modified, performance of the modified magic will become permanent if it is named.

Hm hm, I see. It's super easy to understand. Maybe I should call it Discernpedia?
And here's my current status.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Fist Fighter Lv5 - Otherworlder Lv6
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 105/105 - MP: 52/146
Otherworlder Lv6 (Up!) - Fighter Lv10 - Fist Fighter Lv5 (Up!) - Monk Lv3 - Magician Lv4 - Conjurer Lv1 - Merchant Lv1 - Farmer Lv1 - Househusband Lv1 - Thief Lv1 - Hunter L1 - Beast Tamer Lv1 (new!)

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv1 - Magic Modification Lv1 - Housework Lv1 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv1 (new!) - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv2 - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv2 - Sacred Magic Lv2 - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv3 - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2

【Class Skill】

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv3 - Levellit's Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monster】

【True Moss Ball Killer】 is very effective on Tama-chan. Applying the title gave her HP and MP 10 point increase each. Thankfully enough, don't want my travel companion to die early. And there's a new entry, Tamed Monster, from having acquired Beast Tamer class. Getting monster to be tamed would surprise even mutsu*rou-san, I'm sure of it.
By the way, Tama-chan is riding on my shoulder right now. I've gotta level up this kid too before long.

I walked toward Gramada while thinking the future plan.

It was right before sunset when I arrived at Gramada.
Now then, I have to confirm about Tama-chan. I guess I'll ask at the north gate's guard station.

"Excuse me, I'd like to ask something."

"Ou, what's wrong. Oh, you're safe. Met any goblin on the way?"

This person is Occha-san. He may be an unfashionable bearded old man, but he's the guard head of this north gate y'know. I got acquainted with him when I was reconfirming the forest's location on my way out.

"Yes, I met three and beat them all. It's nice for some pocket money."

"Hohou, that's some skill. Since Goblins multiply quickly, you'd want to kill them the moment you meet one. So, what do you wanna ask?"

I put Tama-chan on my palm and ask.

"This child got attached to me you see, she's a monster, can I bring her into the town?"

"Wha? Is that a Moss Ball!? Haa, never heard of this before. I know you can contract tamed monsters if you've got Beast Tamer class, but to think you can do that with a Moss Ball. People see Moss Balls as the weakest monster, but apparently their ecology is full of mystery you see... this got derailed. You've got to register your Tamed Monster's info at the adventurer guild. I'll issue a temp registration card for know, but make sure to register at the guild by the end of this day. If you dawdle till tomorrow, the temp register will no longer apply and you have to pay the penalty."

Thank you for a very detailed explanation. I'm sorry for calling you unfashionable. Let's register once I've delivered the herbs to Sefi-san.

"Thank you very much. I'll be going to report my quest completion now."

"Gotcha, good work."

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The north gate is quite close to Sefi-san's store.
Oh right, I don't know the store's closing time, wonder if it's alright?
I can see lights when get near the store. Not sure if it's still open, but there's someone inside for sure.

"Excuse me."

The door easily opened. It's still open, good.

"Yes yes~. Who is it... Oh my, umm, was it Nobu-chan~. What's up this late~."

That's some sexy attire like usual. It's really half-killing me. Gotta do some quality private time tonight.
Oops, the mood will turn stale from dirty jokes, let's abandon this topic.

"I took your quest at the guild. It's a quest to collect medicinal herbs, isn't it. I've gathered various herbs, could you confirm them?"

"Oh my my, thank you~. I put the quest but no~one ever took it, it was troubling~."

I think it's cause of the bad quest description, yup.
For now, I put the herbs I gathered on the counter.
Hira grass 24 bundles, Gedo grass 16 bundles, Maji grass 9 bundles, Para grass 10 bundles.
I got a lot in quite a short time. Now then, how many yen would I get.

"Just like before, their states are really nice~. My, you even sort out the Maji grass and Para grass~. The person I asked for it before mixed them up, I was stumped you see~. But this is just perfect~."

Hira grass, and Gedo grass is 50 mani each bundle. Maji grass is 100 mani. Para grass doesn't have that high of a demand so it's cheap at 40 mani.
3,300 mani in total... Huuh? It's more profitable than dungeon diving? No no, it must be because I was at shallow floor. But this is quite a nice extra income.
Ah, come to think of it, I still have that with me. Let's ask her about it as well.

"That reminds me, I found this thing in the dungeon. Is this an ingredient for alchemy?"

I took out the poison of Shut-in Poison Frog from my rucksack.

"Let me see~. Umm, this is a poison taken from the poison sac of a Shut-in Poison Frog right~. You can use it raw as poison, but it won't be really effective since the quality isn't that good~. It can be processed into cardiotonic drug, but your alchemy level has to be high or else it'll fail~."

"I see. Would you take it too?"

"Sure, but it won't be for much~. Well then, since these herbs' states are quite nice, I'll help some here, how about 3,500 mani in total~"

"I don't know the market price, I'm fine with what Sefi-san suggests. I believe in you."

She probably won't do such a cunning act like tricking people. It might be my wishful thinking, but that's just the impression I got from her. It's also hugely because she's a beauty though!

"Oh my my~. Geez, you shouldn't tease onee-san~. And here's your pay okay~. Oh right, this quest will now continue, please do help me whenever you're free Nobu-chan~. Would you~?"

"If you don't mind me doing it in my free time, yes. In exchange, do you mind if ask questions about alchemy and magic every once in a while? I'm slightly interested in them."

"My, if that's the case, you can ask me anytime~. If you want, I'd teach you all the steps real carefully, ufufu."

Thanks, but it feels like I'd get eaten, in various meaning! However, that might be exactly what a man asks for!

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