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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Strongest Sage, Hunt Monsters at 6


As I looked at Biffgel with pitying eyes, his face became red.

"What's with those eyes! You looking down on me?!"

Nope. I'm pitying you.
For now, I should regard knowing what 『Disqualified Crest』 means and how pointless it is to deal with Biffgel as good results.
I felt like I already knew the later before I talked with him though.

"Oy! Say something!"

This time it seems he's quite displeased at me being quiet.
In the end, Biffgel started to chase me with a raised stick in his hand.

Even though I think disposing of him in the name of self-defense would be for the benefit of mankind, I'd better not be careless considering I don't know the handling of crime in this world.
And thus, for now I should run away.

I strengthened myself with Physical Reinforcement and immediately increased my speed.
I only walked briskly, but it was already faster than Biffgel running with all his might.

"Damn it, wait! gasp, gasp.... Why can't I catch up!"

Isn't that because the magic god chosen one-san couldn't use Physical Reinforcement magic that even a trash who couldn't use magic well could?
That was what I thought, but I didn't say it out loud since I had shaken off Biffgel and entered the forest.
And then I noticed the burden on my body and magic power being lighter than my expectation.
The Fourth Crest is originally a crest well suited for Physical Reinforcement, but this is beyond even my expectation.

"For now, let's hunt some animals."

Animals in this world have magic power in them even though it's of little amount, as they can be detected by 【Passive Detection】.
Moreover, magic power of animals and monsters carry a peculiar property, that is, we take their magic power every time we defeat them, strengthening ourselves.

Of course, the growth will be faster if you fight a strong monster, yet on top of being hugely risky, there's only a few that can be hunted so I don't recommend this method.
--By the way, it's not like there isn't a way to strengthen yourself using human's magic power, but it's inefficient on top of requiring a very complex magic, thus its usage is quite limited.
It was a magic developed by the past life me, but I didn't use it much at all in practice.

The first animal I found was a bird. I don't know the name but it's a bit bigger than a chicken.
The bird is perching on about a five meter high branch.

I'll shoot it down with magic at once.... is what I'd like to do, but magic range of the Fourth Crest is short.
The me right now probably can't reach that place with magic.
Therefore I picked up a pebble on the ground while erasing my presence.

I concentrate Physical Reinforcement on my legs and take a step forward. Once I had enough momentum, I changed the target of the Physical Reinforcement to my arm and swung it with all my might.

I restricted the Physical Reinforcement like this in order to maximize it to the pebble.
And thus, with the strength and magic power of a six year old, the thrown pebble reached hundreds km/h of speed.
Even though I was hiding my presence, the bird seemingly noticed me after all the movements I did, but it was already too late.

The bird got hit by the stone in its face and fell to the ground.
At the same time, I felt my strength and magic power slightly increased.
Originally it's not something that can be noticed, it's probably because the growth is big in the first battle.

I neatly picked the fallen bird, cut its head and drained its blood.
It's a precious nourishment. Unfortunately I can't exactly say that the meals in my house are enough to sustain this body's growth.

The protein is particularly lacking.
I plan to strengthen my muscle by breaking them before getting to bed with magic then rapidly recovering them with magic, but it'd have the opposite effect without nourishment. That's very troublesome.
The reason for this situation seems to be a lack of ingredients, but I should be able to eat proper stuff if I bring this back home.

I continued to hunt five birds and left the forest afterward. Earning magic power is important, but it's not good to overhunt either.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Audience At Night (Intelligence Gathering 5)


I walked in the night town.
The sounds of Getta hitting the stone pavement rattled on.
And then I arrived before the royal castle in the center of the town.

Of course the huge double gate is shut tight.
I talk to a middle-aged gatekeeper standing beside the gate.
"Good evening. I'd like to ask something."
"Who.... Wait, you're Hero-sama. Good evening."
"Do you know where the king's bedroom is?"
"If I'm not mistaken His Majesty's bedroom is on the top floor facing the courtyard at the south.... But why do you ask?"
"Oh it's nothing, I'm just curious. Thanks."
I left the puzzled gate-keeper and the gate.

I sneaked around the outer wall of the castle.
Stopping at the wall on the south side.
I call forth wind that abides me and then kicks off the ground.
I fly in the sky, drawing an arc.

And then I got on the roof of the castle.
I use <<Senrigan>> to see rooms at the south side. There's a lot of rooms.
The king is reading a book in one of those rooms. He's wearing nightclothes with a nightcap.
Illuminated by a lamp on the table side.
"This place huh."
I flew in the sky again, jumping down to the room's balcony.
I open the terrace's window, entering the room. It's not locked.

The king moves his face away from the book when I enter the room.
"Hm? Aren't you the new hero. Was it Keika.... Hero is permitted to meet me anywhere anytime, but couldn't you think about the time? I'm about to take a rest here."
"Sorry for visiting this late. However, I had to ask your maesty something no matter what."
"Hou. What is it?"
"Do your majesty wish to defeat the demon king?"
"Mu? You ask some strange thing. Of course I do."
I didn't feel any lie in his words.

I straighten myself and ask again.
"Then, are you aware how far the demon king's influence reach in this country?"
And then the king deeply furrowed his brow.
He seems to know something.
He squeezes his words bitterly.
"I see. I understand the reason you sneaked in the middle of the night. You didn't want to let someone else hear it did you."
"Yes, that's right."
"As expected of Hero. What you're looking at is different.... I do feel that there is something wrong somewhere in this country. And that has been for quite sometime. I've vaguely realized that the demon king has influenced this kingdom."
"As expected of your majesty."
"However, there is no evidence. I couldn't do anything but nod at what they told me to do. Since I could be erased like my father if I did something careless."
"I see. A wise decision."
"Just how long have I been waiting for a hero who could defeat the demon king..... However, I will advise you one thing. You are also one of those who cannot defeat the demon king."

I went to the bedside.
"Even with this?"
I stare at the king.
While looking puzzled, the king stare at my eyes like seeing through my depth.
And then his lips shake.
"Y-you! You're a true hero bearing the power of light! I don't believe it! Back then I didn't see the light."
--As I thought, the king has the power of a Shepherd to see status.

I powerfully nodded.
"Yes, I needed to hide it a bit in order to pass through the Holy Gate."
"Wha...! You could do that....! Wait?"
"Yes, that's right. The Sinner System is a system to kill people who have the potential to become a true hero."

The king sighs out a long long breath. His beard shakes weakly.
"Is that right.... I had an inkling of that too. Then that young one also holds the light.... My incompetency is pathetic."
"Please don't be discouraged, your majesty. I really appreciate that you can be reasoned with."
"Did you come here just for that?"
"Could you abolish the Sinner System if I defeat the demon king? Along with an apology and a revision explaining that it was the demon king's scheme."
"Umu. I can promise you anything if you defeat the demon king."
Alright. Now Celica can [live on] as a true princess after regaining her kingdom. Then I just need to defeat the demon king.

"Also, could you inform me every time you find a sinner?"
"Umu. The church manages everything related to Sinners. That'd be difficult."
"Vanus Belief is it."
"That's right."
I guess it won't be easy to intervene if the church holds huge power.
And there's no mistake that it's been contaminated by the demon king.
I should purge the top people of the church when I have free time.
I should ask it just in case.

Thinking of that, I ask the king
"Anything else?"
"Right. What would you like to do to the people who've become the underlings of the demon king?"
"U~mu. That's a difficult problem. We have to think about the possibility of them being forced to obey or threatened after all."
"That's true. Then I'll only remove people who seem malignant."
"Umu. I'll leave that to Hero Keika to decide."
The king calmly nodded. His nightcap shook.

I bowed to him.
"Thank you. Then I'll take my leave."
"Do your best. Please take care of this country, this world. We can only rely on you."
The king surprisingly bowed his head to me.
I didn't expect him to bow to someone who's younger (in appearance) than him.

"Leave it to me your majesty."
I thought that I'd be fine working hard for this king.
I bowed once again and left the castle.

When I went back to the inn, Celica was sleeping in nude with Lapisia on her side.
Lapisia's dress was also rolled up, her childish underwear and flat stomach could be seen. Her face is on Celica's breast. Buried in them like a baby.

Celica is frowning painfully.
I separate the two, take out the 【Emblem of Hero】 and fiddle with it.

『Choose the person you'd like to add to the party.』
The arrow appeared and I turned it toward Lapisia.
She entered the party. I looked at the 【Emblem of Hero】's back just in case, confirming her name engraved on it.

I sighed once, put myself in the vacant space, and went to sleep.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15 Intermission 2

15-Intermission 2. At the Eastern End of the Continent (1)


※ This isn't from Satou's POV

"....Furry mountain?"

I muttered as I saw a small mountain of fur in my dim view.


A warm lump touched my body.

When I look down, I see a creature resembling a newborn rat.
It might be cute if it were small, but it's as frighteningly big as an adult man.

I almost reflexively jumped out, but I couldn't put any power in my limbs, I was only able to bend backward.


I heard gibberish words from the small mountain.

Apparently the owner of that fur is alive.
I wonder if I've been carried here to be his food--.

Right when I thought of that, I noticed.

"So this is reincarnation..."

I had never thought that I would be thrust down in the animal realm.

I couldn't fight again the rapid drowsiness of my body as I fell asleep just like that.

And then I recall my shitty past in my dream--.


"Mom, I'm  hungry."
"I'm sorry, we have no money, so get some meal from our neighbor okay."
"Eeh, again?"

Hearing my mom's and elder sister's conversation in the corridor, I realized that mom had offered all the food to [God].
Since dad disappeared with a young girl, mom was always absorbed into [God].

"Tarou, let's go."

Together with my elder sister, we went to the neighboring diner.
Of course nowadays there's no one kind enough to feed us free of charge.

We were finally able to eat after I washed plates while enduring the cold water while my sister acted like a waitress.
It was not that good, but I didn't care as long as it made me full.

One day my sister ran away from home after she graduated middle school.
I was always a baggage of my sister....

I survived somehow while enduring hunger.
I'm sure I would've long been dead if there was no lunch service in my middle school.

After graduating middle school, I was picked up by a small factory in the town, I left my mother who offered everything to god as I began to live alone.
The wage is low, but I was satisfied with living a life where I could have meals three times a day.

Cause I wanted to be apart from my mother who raised queer cry at night and endlessly repeated her god's teaching, no matter what.
After living alone, I noticed that my heart had also started to fall ill.

After some time, when I (boku) started to call myself with ore (I), I met an unexpected person.

"Is that you Tarou?"

The dad that I hadn't met for more 10 years was wearing priest-like clothes.

"What are you doing now?"
"I'm an instructor of the Eastern Joy School."


Don't tell me that even dad had been influenced by some good-for-nothing cult?

"Tarou, won't you go with me?"
"I'm not interested in cult."

I shook off the arm of my father who started to be delirious and spat out.

--I don't wanna have anything to do with cult and god!

"This is different! Don't group up the Eastern Joy School with the average cult! This is a school dedicated to finding happiness for people!"

That's the same thing, dad.

"You have a job right? Would you like to join the Eastern Joy School?"

My dad said that after seeing my factory uniform.
His eyes, mixed with flattery and contempt, were unpleasant.

"I've no interest."
"Then why don't you try investing in the school's benefit society? 100,000 no, just 10,000 yen is fine! This month's quota is tight you see. Please."

I felt sick looking at my father acting like the model of shamelessness.
I lightly pushed him aside and ran away.

Even though I noticed that the pay envelope in my pocket fell, I ran through the alley without stopping.
I almost vomited hearing my father saying, "Thanks, Tarou" behind.

"God can go die!"

I frantically shouted out the sordid feeling overflowing in my heart.
I felt like I'd get swallowed by that sordid feeling if I didn't do that.

I kept running while staring at the sky.

"Oy! Look out!"

Before I could see who said that, I heard a high-pitched noise of a brake, and got hit by an impact, my sight was wrapped in darkness.
Truck guy, sorry for jumping in front of ya....


I faced a self-proclaimed god in a purple space.

The self-proclaimed god told me that they'd reincarnate me to another world.
Moreover, they'd give me a special power that only I could use called Unique Skills.

--Too suspicious.

"I don't have money."

The self-proclaimed god replied with something with 'denial' and 'unnecessary' as the points.

Apparently, it's hard to communicate with this guy.
It feels like having a conversation between extreme ends in the factory.

"Like I said, I don't need no power! More importantly, let me hit you."

I don't mind if my soul is erased here if I could hit god who had wrecked my life.

And then a purple sphere emerged in front of me.
I didn't know if that was a god or not, but I hit it with all my might while thinking of my shitty father and cult mother.

It felt like hitting a water surface and then my right arm got sunk into the sphere until my shoulder.


I pulled my arm in panic, but two lights were coiling about around it.

"Chose? Chose what?"

I asked the self-proclaimed god, but the other party didn't reply, instead an image got unilaterally transmitted to me.

"Gods? There's other gods? Hit them all I want if I meet them?"

I tried to grasp the purple lights and then I felt my body got filled with power.
It seems I acquired two power, [Lucky Star] and [<<Reflect Unlucky>>].

"If this power allow me to hit gods, then I'll accept it."

I grinned at the image transmitted by the self-proclaimed god.

"I'll beat you the last as a thank."

The self-proclaimed god replied like it was nothing, annoying me.

"You're looking forward to it? I'll make you eat those words someday."

I was melting inside the purple darkness as I heard the laughter of the self-proclaimed god who heard my declaration of war.


"Sheesh, is this primitive age...."

I muttered while looking at the people living in pit-dwellings.

I thought I was dropped into the animal realm when I just got reincarnated, but it turned out that I'd just been reincarnated as one of beastkin races, the weaselkin.

My father in this life seems to be the patriarch of this poor hunting community at the eastern end.

After losing to the powerful tigerkin and lizardkin, we were driven away to the barren land near the coast which had few prey, a lot of people died of starvation during winter.
I wanted to discard this unstable hunting lifestyle and pressed forward with agriculture, but the land here is really bad it's impossible.
It seemed my father tried to procure sea products, but he gave up after 30% of our tribe were eaten by the monsters living in the sea.

I spent many days without food, but strangely enough, there were many times where I got food myself before I died of starvation.
Gods and cults are still my enemy even now, but I don't mind thanking that self-proclaimed god for the [Lucky Star] I got.

"Ou, are you alright going out today?"

I support my youngest weak little sister walking.
I dunno if it's because my father is fertile or if it's just the tribe thing, but I have a lot of siblings in this life.

"You look like a princess today."

She usually wore some dirty crude clothing, but today she's wearing something that looks like a traditional costume.

"Ehehee, it's a ritual."
"Ritual? Ritual huh--"

I felt a foreboding at the [Ritual] my little sister told me.

And that foreboding became real immediately.

"Tarou, don't obstruct the ritual!"
"Yes! That good-for-nothing sick is finally good for something."

My father and my eldest brother sneered at me for trying to stop them.
Even though I tried to forcibly shake them off, this child's body couldn't make it happen.

I could hear shrill laughter of my little sister.

"Look, she's having fun right."
"That happy medicine is exclusive for the offering after all."
"That's just a drug!"

The moment I snapped, my little sister's laughter stopped, and I heard shouts of joy from the tribe people overlooking the ritual.
My heart froze looking at the lump of flesh that was my little sister.

"You should thank her. If he didn't become the god's sacrifice, the corpse over there would have been you, the 『Taboo Child』, instead--"

My eldest brother told me that while laughing repulsively.

"--You sure are lucky."

Hearing that, I lost control of myself and hit my eldest brother while screaming.
Of course, a seven year old like me couldn't possibly win against my eldest brother, I laid on the ground after getting beat up.

--I want power.

Not the vague lucky power I got from the self-proclaimed god, but a power to have my way with....


"Nii-san, I should go with you after all."
"Al, there's no need for you to pull the short end of the stick too y'know?"

The brightest one among my siblings, Alrusuri came before me in traveling clothes.

My eldest brother drove me out of the tribe once he took over as the patriarch, perhaps it was because he didn't like me kept pressing the agriculture.

"They say you're going abroad to study about agriculture but--"
"I know."

--In reality, it's an exile.

"Besides, my dream is the same as Nii-san's, that is having agriculture as our tribe's mean of survival."
"I see."

I left the familiar pit dwelling village with Al and two guards.
A tinge of loneliness recurred in my chest when I could not see the village anymore.
Looks like I'm attached to it even though it's a poor village.

"Where are we going?"
"I heard from father who went traveling in the past--"

We know little about outside world as there's no peddler who comes to our village.

According to father, our race is a nomadic people who peddle around the world.
It seems there's extremely few who settle down like this village.

"If tigerkin or lizardkin people found us, we'd probably be killed or become slaves. So we need to head toward the humankin country while avoiding their regions."

According to father who was once a traveler, we should be able to reach either Rumooku Kingdom or Doraoku Kingdom.

We hid ourselves from huge monsters and tigerkin's assaults, ran away with all our might from the slow lizardkin, and finally arrived at a human settlement with our emaciated bodies.

While feeling nostalgic at humans living at the village, I was thrust before the reality; beastfolks like us are persecuted.
We helped the farmwork in that village while getting treated like slaves as we learned their language.
It was the long-awaited agriculture, but the things the village was doing was just a primitive farmwork where they plowed, randomly sowed seeds, and scattered fertilizers without even ridging the field.

We ran away from the village once we learned how to talk imperfectly, heading toward the western big kingdom, Shiga Kingdom.

"Nii-san, there's a village."
"Yeah, the field looks splendid."

Going out of our way to Shiga Kingdom looks to be the correct choice.
We rode our horses to Puta Town along the highway since the field belonged exclusively to villages.

"Young master, the town seems strange."
"Yea, it seems you're right."

The guards didn't need to stop us.
We could hear tumult from the people inside the town.

There must be trouble.

"Let's avoid this town and go to the next one."

I turned the horse around as I said that.

"Nii-san, that!"

Hearing my little brother, I turned back and saw a foxkin girl with purple fur who tumbled out of the town gate.
And she's bloody all over....


I heard my little brother's worried voice far in the back.
Apparently, I'd run the horse without thinking of the consequences.

"Gimme your hand!"
『Ui? Mofumofu?』

--Japanese language?

I pick up the young foxkin girl, passing through the townspeople who carry crude weapons such as farm tools.

"There's more of those cursed beasts!"
"Kill the No Life King's kin!"

Ignoring the mob-like townspeople's shouts, I run the horse.

"Nii-san, they're chasing us."

Three armed men are pursuing us.

"Young master, please leave this to us."
"No you can't. I'd rather dump this girl than you guys."

The body of the young foxkin girl on the back seat stiffened hearing me rejecting the guards' reckless suggestion.


I turned my line of sight back to the front at my little brother's shout, a ratkin riding a six-legged boar jumped out of the forest.

"I ask! Are you criminals?!"
"We're not, we just saved a girl who was about to be killed by adventurers."
"Understood. With justice in hands, Warrior Mize of Ash Ratkin will assist you!"

That ratkin was strong.
To think a level 30 warrior was this strong!

Warrior Mize defeated the pursuers in no time at all and we got out of the trouble.

"Thank you. I'm Tarou of weaselkin. I came to Shiga Kingdom to learn about agriculture."
"Hou? That's unusual for a beastkin."

Warrior Mize was surprised after my introduction, and then he folded his arms while looking a bit troubled.

"Is it that unusual?"
"Sorry, it's not about that."

I urge the hesitant Warrior Mize to continue.

"Presently, Shiga Kingdom is in a dangerous state due to the murder of a noble by the 『No Life King』."

The town earlier certainly looked strange.

"Umu, and?"
"That 『No Life King』 is a Cursed Child--In other world, he has the same purple fur as you and that girl over there."
"In other words, we cannot enter Shiga Kingdom?"

I exchanged looks of loss with my little brothers and the guards at the outrageous situation.

We must have looked really pitiful.

"This must be fate. If it's fine with you, would you like to go with me?"

Warrior Mize told us that.
We don't really mind as long as we can learn about agriculture--.

"To where?"
"Elf Village, Boruenan Forest."

Thus, our destination changed from Shiga Kingdom to Boruenan Forest.

※ Next update is planned for 3/5
New chapters will come rushing in from 3/12!

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 9

Chapter 9 What's Life Magic?


Hi, good morning, it's Nobu-sada who woke up before dawn here.
Too early. The light goes out fast in the night here, so my life cycle isn't turning well.

Now that I'm awake, might as well maintain my sword. I had wiped off the blood from cutting the goblin back then, but I completely forgot to sharpen it. I head to the inn's backyard with a whetstone.
I only know how to sharpen kitchen knives, but I can try at least. I gotta learn how to do it properly once I get to the city.

Swipe swipe swipe swipe

I indifferently sharpen the sword.

Swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe

Umu, shine my iron sword! This iron sword starves for blood this night, kukuku. It's early morning though!
I also polished the knife, shiny.

I finished right at a good time. Wonder what's for breakfast.

Black bread and soup. (´・ω・`)
I don't have anything else to say.

The two sisters got down as I indifferently ate the breakfast.

"Good morning, Nobu-kun."
"Good morning, you two. Is your injury alright Mitama?"
"....It's fine. Thanks to the potion, I can even run already."
"That's good to hear."
"By the way, the next room where Nobu-kun was was a bit noisy yesterday, what were ya doin'?"
"Ah, please look forward to it later. Futsuno-san, could you tell me the plan for today?"
"Today we just hafta continue along the highway. We're gonna camp tonight."
"Fumu fumu, so we're taking turn for the night watch right?"
"Seyea, Nobu-kun can go last since you're probably not used to it rite'. I'm first, Mitama second, Nobu-kun last."
"Got it, I'm fully prepared. I've had my breakfast so I'm ready to go anytime."
"Then please wait a bit, we're gonna have ours real fast."
"Then, I'll wait outside. You don't need to hurry, take it easy."

I return the tablewares and go outside.
My baggage is only the rucksack and the weapon after all. Any preparation is over fast.

I should think about my plan from now on while waiting for them.

1: Secure a place to sleep once I arrive at the town.
2: Register as an adventurer and secure requests and such. In addition, investigate the dungeons.
3: From the fact that my HP and MP increase with a level up of every class, raising the classes looks to be a nice shortcut for getting stronger.
4: Looking at Magic Clad, putting various skills into practice seems pretty effective, it might be a good idea to develop original magic and skills. I don't know if it'll turn out well though.
5: There's also that SE☆C☆RE☆T, but this is impossible at present. I lack funds and connection. This is a future problem.
6: Since there are ingredients for potion and such in my baggage, I can probably make them myself if I change my class to Alchemist. Looking for someone who can teach me how is a priority.
7: I also want to visit a blacksmith in order to learn how to maintain my arms. Actually, forget about maintenance, I'd like to learn how to make them myself. I want to make a katana someday. I actually have a blueprint for it in my head already, but knowing one is a different story from making one. However, this is a men's romance. Top three weapons I want to make are Japanese sword, shuriken and b*am saber. Eh, the last one is strange? You lose if you mind.

"Oy, what gets you that deep in thought?"

Mu, I didn't notice that the two are ready. Looks like I got too much into it.

"I was just thinking what I should do to earn income once I get to Gramada."
"Since Nobu-kun is very good at housework, I think you'd be in high demand anywhere right?"
"No well, for my main job.... I'm thinking of getting big as an adventurer you see."
"Oh my, then we'd be in the same trade. Maybe I should take this promising young newbie before too late."
"Hahaha, please treat me well senpai onee-sama."
"Kufufu, you really are interestin'. Now then, let's break a leg and go."
"All right."

Toward the king future!
Looking around as we walk, I see that this world hasn't developed at all.
They call it a highway but it's only been minimally maintained (they keep weed out of the path), there's no signboards at all, it makes you doubt whether the road will really take you to the city. To be honest, I'd probably get discouraged if I were alone.
I'm glad I'm with these two.
Even just having silly conversations really help.
Well, I don't have many subjects to talk about though. There's too many stuff I just can't carelessly talk about.
Nevertheless it was a rewarding intelligence gathering. About adventurers, the town's situation, Futsuno-san and Mitama's preferences. Thanks to it, I learned many things.
We're chatting without stopping our legs, advancing on. Still, I can't believe I can walk this far. I'm quite sure I would've gotten worn-out in 10 minutes if it was the me before I came here.
The evolution adaptation is going well. I wonder if my stamina also increased due to the level up.
The sun went right above our heads without anything special happening.

"Futsuno-san, Mitama. Should we take a break and have lunch?"
"Seyea. Well, we've got nothing but black bread and dried meat tho'."
"....They're hard but better than nothing."
"Ah, I'll make the lunch. Futsuno-san and Mitama can wait."
"Oo, yer' serious!"
"I am I am. How about we stop near that hill?"
"Aye aye, yaan, looking forward to it. We usually ate flavorless stuff y'see."

I should ask the two to watch the surroundings as I prepare the food.
That said, I can only make something simple since there's not enough seasoning.
I was making udon dough from the flour yesterday.
I hadn't got that psyched up in a while.

My hands are dyed white with flour! Stretch the dough and roar! Knead with love and gratitude, and get fired uuuup! Noodle! Noodle! Noodleeeeeeeeee!

I couldn't get into it without doing that.

I crush the dried chars in a cloth. And then I look for dozens of stones at the right size. Yup they're heavy enough.
I build two furnaces with the stones and set a pot and a small pot on them.
I boil the crushed dried chars in the pot. Once it's been simmered enough I pour it to another pot with a cloth on top, creating dashi (stock soup). I crushed the fish to make the dashi easier, of course I'd taken out the entrails.
I pour the dashi into the udon and regulate the flavor with salt.
I mix the edible wild plants I collected when I was in that hut with flour and water and throw them into the small pot with oil.
Edible wild plant tempuras, complete!
Once the udon is boiled, I put it into bowls. I put the tempuras beside the udon, they can eat it as is or put into the udon.
Ah, I crave soy sauce and miso. Let's make them once I settle down. I'll spread the home-made recipe of my grandma's miso in this world!

"Hoi, it's done. Although we only have forks, please enjoy them."

Of course I'm also using a fork. I wanted to eat with chopsticks but since there's no such culture here, I gave up the idea. I'll shave my own chopsticks once I get to the town.

"A-ain't those 『Udon』 and 『Tempura』! They were mom's specialties."
"Hohou, even though I'm not sure if they're as good as Futsuno-san's mother's, let's eat before they got cold."
"Then, let's dig in. Mmugu, so good."
"....zuzuzu, omnomnom."

Mitama ate with undivided attention. Could it be, this girl has Gluttony Element!?

"Nn, good."

Mitama said that while looking at me wistfully. Her cat ears are flopped down, looks like she's absentminded.

"Ah, I still have more. let me have the tableware. I'll put it for you."
"Thank you."

She submits her tableware while grinning bashfully. Oh nooo, I'm falling for her.

The lively meal continues. Futsuno-san says this while we're eating.

"Come to think of it, Nobu-kun's clothes are dirty aren't they? Why don't ya clean them with Clear magic?"

Nu? I don't know that magic.

"What's Clear magic? I never heard of it."

She looked dubious for an instant, but then she looked like she got it.

"Oh yea, you wouldn't get the Baptism when you were 10 cause you lived in the forest."
"Seyea, it differs by countries, but at least in this country, once a child turns 10, first their Class gets identified in the guild. Then, once they picked their Class, they get baptized in the temple that suits their Class; it's common knowledge ya."
"For examples, if you're taking Fighter class then you get Baptism in the 'God of Military and War - Aren' temple, if you're of Merchant class then in the 'God of Wisdom and Business - Ordis' temple."
"By the way, how about the Goddess of Growth and Talent Levellit, which class suits her?"
"Ueea. That goddess. Um, yea er well...."

Huh, she seems extremely hesitant?

"Huh? Is it something bad to talk about?"
"No, it's nothing like that. Un, it is hard to say. That goddess isn't that popular you see."
"Eh!? Really."
"Un, look, with the other gods, the direction is clear and it's easy to believe. Since talent and growth are something you're born with, they can't be changed later on, and above all, the Class itself can't be changed easily anyway, most last a lifetime right? Thus in the end it was biased because of Class."

Hmm, that might be right when you think about it. Rather than growing faster, I guess raising your own potential yourself would be more popular. Well, since people can't raise many stuff easily like me, I guess the bias is only natural. Afterward, I asked her for other examples.

People who aspire to become vanguards choose "God of Military and War - Aren."
People who want to become rear guards or merchants then "God of Wisdom and Business - Ordis."
If it's to do with agriculture and food and drink then "Goddess of Life and Harvest - Ametoris"
People who engage in administration of justice and politics then "Goddess of Spirit and Principle - Rutia"
If it's to do with medical care and funeral, then "Goddess of Death and Fate - Hadin" (Apparently, many people who defy death believe in this goddess).
Umu, the direction is clear.
Benefit of "Goddess of Growth and Talent - Levellit" definitely exists, however since the frontage is too wide, it seems vague and inconclusive. Looks like it's popular to a niche of actors and poets. However, since actors and actress operate around big cities at most, they never visit rural areas.
Could it be that she's set her eyes on me since she's got nothing else to do due to the lack of believers?

"We got out of topic. Life Magic is something you get when you're baptized you see."

Life Magic is a set of magic that's useful in livelihood, it's a common thing in this world.
The Clear magic she mentioned earlier is a magic to wash away dirt on your body and clothes. There's also Igniter and faint firefly light magic too. Dammit, I looked like a fool for struggling with flints.

"Can anyone receive the Baptism?"
"Seyea, you'd need to set your class if you want to be an Adventurer anyway, doing that is a good idea. But, I think you need 200 mani for Baptism."

My god, there's a fee!

"Un, I think I can manage that much with my saving. I'll ask for it immediately once we get to Gramada."
"That's a good idea. Lemme use it on you. Since you treated us delicious lunch, it's free see?"

A complacent smile with her high canines on display.

"Please do."

Gotta say that right?

"Then here I go. Pure stream, cleanse the body. Clear!"

Oh, some light wrapped me and then the dirt disappeared. There's no need of washing.
How amazingly convenient.

"Thank you, Futsuno-san."

*Pull, pull*. Hm? Someone's pulling my sleeves.

"....I'll do it too."

Gotta say that right! Right!


Yup, it doesn't look different, but I feel happy somehow.

"Thank you Mitama."

I put up the best smile I could possibly do and thanked her.
Somehow my heart felt warm and fluffy, even my fatigue got washed away.
Now then, let's go toward the target area before sunset! After tidying up, we walked again.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Strongest Sage, Pity His Elder Brother


First I activate a magic called 【Passive Detection】 as a preliminary arrangement of the training.
Just as the name suggests, this magic can detect magic power emitted by magic items and creatures, it's a magic to investigate the surroundings situation.

Even though there are some things that can't be detect by the magic, it's one of the most used detection magic because enemies won't notice its usage and it consumes no magic power.

And yet, it's actually a difficult magic to master if one intends to improve its accuracy and range.
This magic is crucial if I want to enter the forest since the me right now can die easily.
It's closer to art instead of magic since it doesn't consume magic power at all though.

I was able to activate it immediately. There's no problem at all using it with this body since it doesn't consume magic power.
However, since my control of magic power has been quite lowered, there's a lot of noise, and the detection range apears to be considerably constricted.

The past me could detect within a several hundreds kilometer radius, but I have no choice but to settle with around a one kilometer radius for now.
Well, at the present condition, this much should be enough to evade dangers.
After all, I didn't sense any strong animals, let alone monsters.

"Mathias! Why did you go outside!"

Someone shouted that to me who was triumphantly walking toward the forest just when I was several hundred meter away from the house.

I knew who it was just from the voice. It's Biffgel the second son.
Apparently, he doesn't like me going outside.

"I can't go out?"

I replied without stopping, or rather, I hastened my pace.
All the present memories tell me. There's no point in keeping this guy company.

"'Course you can't!"

Biffgel replied angrily his face became red. To the point that I worry his blood vessels would snap. It'd be nice if they did.

"Why can't I?"

I ask again while quickening my steps even more.
I tried using physical buff magic while I was at it.
It's just a light buff, but good enough to let me walk faster.

"Cause you're a disgrace of our house! Once I succeed the house I'll banish a Disqualified Crest like you at once!"

『Disqualified Crest』 again huh.
Even if you disparage with some unknown term, I don't know how to react.

One thing I know for sure, I was never treated as a disgrace by anyone but Biffgel, and no one ever told me not to go outside.
I did overhear plans to reform Biffgel in our house several times.... But looking at him now, looks like it's not going well.

"What's that 『Disqualified Crest』?"

"You don't even know that huh. Shame on you Disqualified Crest!"

What's the point of telling that to a six year child....
By the way Biffgel is 14 year old. As you can clearly see, a 14 year old pouring those words at a six year old child shows how abnormal Biffgel is.

Rather, does this idiot really think he will succeed the house. Even if we disregard his bottomless stupidity, you're a second son y'know?

"Then I with my Glory Crest will teach you. Look at your left arm!"

Well if he's going to tell me, I'll hear him this once.
After thinking that, I move my sight to my left arm. Yup, there's the Fourth Crest.

"What's wrong with this?"

"That's a Disqualified Crest. A proof of trash who can't even use magic well! And this one is a proof of those chosen by the magic god, the Glory Crest!"

After saying that Biffgel raises his own left arm up high, showing it to me.
....Uwaa. It's painful to look at. I feel embarrassed just by seeing it, please stop it by all means. If I were a disgrace of the house, then this guy would be the disgrace of humanity, no, of organic matters.
This is bad. Simply the fact that I was born as the same race as him makes me want to die. Should I reincarnate again?

I observe Biffgel's arm while enduring the headache.
Judging from the arm's direction, the thing he wanted to show me seems to be a crest.

I knew what that crest was at a glance.
--It's the First Crest. I'm absolutely sure I'm correct at this one thing. Cause it was a Crest I got fed up of looking at for several hundreds years in my past life.
I send a pitying look at Biffgel.
It's okay, I understand. This guy must have got his personality twisted cause he fell in deep despair at his own Crest, I'm sure about it.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 25

Chapter 25  Touching Princess Knight's Nude Body All Over! (Intelligence Gathering 4?)


The inn room at night.
I ordered Celica to strip in order to fulfill her 'wanted to be stronger' wish.

"Then take off your clothes and lie in the bed."
"Eh, so sudden..... Y-yes...."
Celica begun to take off her clothes while blushing.

She took off her undergarment and blouse. One of her arms is hiding her big breasts, warping the softness.
"Ah, that's enough. I'll do the rest."
"Hau.... P-please be gentle...."
Celica lays in the bed with only a red skirt. Her white body with blond hair on top looks beautiful. Her limbs are slender, her waist is narrow.
The breasts that are too big leaned sideway. They shake whenever she breathes.

I sit down beside her.
"The first time might be hurt, bear with it."
"Au.... I-I'll do my best."
Celica's upturned eyes are moist.

I put my hand on Celica's cleavage. Warm smooth skin. Yet it's white like snow.
She twitched and trembled. The big breasts shook.

And then I use <<Truth Sight>>.
--Now then, how should I rewrite this.
I trace my finger on Celica's breasts and collarbone.
She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth like enduring something. But she couldn't hold it as a sweet voice leaked out of her mouth.

"Celica, why did you become a knight?"
"Eh....? It's partly because I was strong when I was little, but it might be because I yearn after its legendary coolness."
"I see.... You'd become a better magician with your current growth rate, but if Celica wishes for it, I can change the growth rate to fit Knight."
"I-Is that possible!?"
She straightened up. The big breasts heavily shook.
Celica holds her breasts with a red face.
She slowly lies down.

I speak while tracing the gently-sloping line of the breasts and waist.
"Well. Even after tampering Knight into Magician, it's still bad."
"I-is that right.... Au."
For some reason, she sighed painfully.
When I look closer, her face and body are wet like she's out of bath. Wonder if she's got a fever.

Well let's finish the rewriting first.
Still these big breasts are obstructive.
I grip it with my left hand. My fingers grasped, altering them.
Celica bent backward in surprise.
"Mu. Are you alright?"
"Hauu.... What did you do so sudden."
With tears on her eyes, she put her hands on mine which is on her breast. Her slender fingers wrap mine.
It feels like I'm teasing her now.
"Don't worry. I'll finish the tampering soon."

Celica stopped moving when I said that.
She holds out her slender arm and catches my Wafuku's sleeve.
"Keika-sama.... What are you doing."
"What you ask, I'm changing your ability and class right?"
"Fe!? ....B-but, you told me to strip."
"I can't do it to other people unless I touch them directly."
"So that was the case...."
Celica looks away with reddened puffed cheeks.
What a strange girl.

I concentrate my eyes and fingers.
"Hmm. What should I do.... Would be nice if I can do something about this hidden Lv 17."
I should tell her.

"You're hiding something right?"
"Uu... That's."
"You still can't say it? I'd like to hear it from Celica if possible."
Celica opened her red lips cutely, but then she sighed.

She loosened her body. The breasts move slowly.
"That's right. Keika-sama can see it.... I'm sorry for keeping it a secret. It's not because I didn't believe or doubt Keika-sama."
"I know."
"I'm a princess of Edelstein Kingdom. My real name is Celica Rem Edelstein. It was a small kingdom destroyed by demon king. My dream is to someday break the demon king's control over it and revive my country."
"W-what'd you say (monotone)."

Celica puffed her cheeks and pointed her slender finger at me. With just that, the breasts shook like they were drawing a circle.
"Please don't say that barefaced lie. I can't go back to become a princess, my body is being touched by a man like this.... Forget about revival, I can't even be a bride anymore."
Celica wipes her eyes with her fingers. Looks like she's crying.

I move my hand from her breast to her head and pat it.
"There's no need to be one."
"I said before right. Keep your body pure for my sake."
"Hau.... I-is my body still pure in this situation?"
"This is a ceremony. There's nothing indecent about it--besides."
"I'll regain it. Celica's wish was, "I still want to live" right. A kingdom is needed for a princess to live."
"Ah.... Keika-sama...."
She called my name while sighing weakly and teary eyed.

I pat her head to relieve her. Sob, Celica sniffled.
"Also, don't worry about the fact that you hid it. I also kept this ability of mine a secret. Since I didn't want it known until I became a hero. In other words, we're even."
Then Celica laughed even though tears were piling on her eyes.
"Keika-sama is too kind.... I'm glad I was able to meet you...."
"Don't say was. We still have a long way to go. And, don't tell anyone about my ability okay?"
"Yes, I understand. Keika-sama."
Celica nodded with her slender chin.
"Then, let's continue."
I got back to the rewriting.

--But, what to do.
I thought of changing her 『Sinner』 to 『Townspeople』 since it's just a hindrance, but then it'd be strange when her 『Princess Lv17』 got revived.
Her Princess skills must have disappeared because she lost her kingdom.

Then it hit me.
"Perhaps if I do this to this...."
I press my finger on her flush smooth body. Soft elasticity is transmitted back.

My finger crawled from her tiptoe to her knee when I altered her 【Agility】. My hand got inside the slender thigh hidden inside the red skirt. It's soft and damp by sweat.
Celica's slender limbs became stiff. With a red face, she bit her finger and hair to hold back her voice.
I push my finger on the root of her thigh. Drawing several circles.
Her delicate body stiffened every time.

However, it seemed she couldn't hold back anymore, a sigh that sounded like a suppressed screamed leaked out her red lips.
"Did it hurt?"
"I-I'm fine."
Celica replied while breathing roughly. Her cheeks are red.
"Endure it a bit more."
"Yes.... Keika-sama."

Next my finger crawled on her blond hair to her thin neck and white nape to change her 【Class】.
"And then--finished! Oh the numerics increased! Be glad Celica! For your sake a new Class is--"

Right at that moment, a dim light wrapped Celica's nude upper body. Surprised, she held her breasts and straightened up.
"What's happening!?"
"I don't know! What the heck is this!?"
I look at Celica hastily.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 Year Old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Princess Knight Lv22 (High)
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 90(4) Growth Limit 375
Agility: 68(3) Growth Limit 290
Magic: 45(2) Growth Limit 215
Wisdom: 46(2) Growth Limit 180
Luck: 23(1) Growth Limit 051

Vitality: 790
Willpower: 455

I shout out unintentionally.
"They increased! And I was just trying to make a new class by joining two classes together!"
"M-my body feels like it's filled with power!"
"What a dreadful Your growth limit increased to three digits?"
"What's the matter?"
"Your growth limit was two digit when you were a Knight...."
"And it became three digits.... So such a thing can happen. What has my Class become exactly?"
"It's Princess Knight Lv22. There's High thing attached to it. It looks very strong."

Celica put her hand on her mouth and shouted.
"P-princess Knight!? The legendary Princess Knight, me!?"
"What. That Class actually exists huh. That means your Class got forcefully evolved huh."
It's probably two digits for basic classes, three digits for upper class.

Celica jumped at me while still in nude. I got pushed down by that momentum.
The big breasts are directly pushed on me. Ultimate softness.
"Keika-sama! Thank you very much! I will forever be on Keika-sama's side!"
"R-really.... Do your best."
"This feeling, I'm serious!"
Celica hugs me tightly. Slender arms, delicate body. The puff-puff gets pushed even more. The nice scent from her blond hair tickles my nose.

I touch her white body, patting her blond hair and back.
And then I speak while gripping the small hips.
"You sure became bold."
"Eh....? Kya"
Celica ran away to the edge of the bed and covered her front with a blanket.
She blushes whhile looking at me with upturned eyes.
"Keika-sama is a meanie."
"Hou. Are you saying that I'm teasing you right now? It wasn't my doing you know?"
"Uu.... That's."
"And my teasing isn't nothing like this y'see?"
Celica looked frightened for an instant.

I stand on my knees and approach her. And then she shrinks back and bend her legs.
I catch that thin ankle and pull her.
I dragged her in the wide bed, her red skirt got rolled up. I could see her white underwear and her white thigh.
"No.... But.... Isn't the modification already over...?"
"That's why I'm teasing you."
I open her legs, push her thin shoulders and mount her. At a distance where our breath unite.
Celica sighs sweetly, 'a...." like she's expecting something. Her white skin is dyed pink.
And then she closes her eyes and open her red lips like inviting me--.

I smirk and hold her down suddenly.
And hug her tightly!
Celica screamed cutely and bent her body. The directly pressed breasts shake bit by bit.
And then she said, "funya", and strength fell out of her delicate body.
"Huh? Celica? O-oy."
I tried to shake her but only her breasts shook. Shaking like a doll.
I thought she died and looked at her Status in panic, but it was 【State: Fainted】.

I sigh in relief.
"...I shouldn't tease the princess too much...probably."

I covered her beautiful body with the sheet.
And then I'm thinking while looking at her faintly reddened cheeks.
--Her 【Sinner】 status won't change even if she gets her country back.

I have to uphold the 『Promise』 in order to protect her.

I left the room quietly and left the inn.
Walking straight to the center of the city through the main street scarce of people.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Teach Me Futsuno-sensei


Three people are walking on a road. We arrived at a highway-like road slightly away from the place we fought the goblins earlier.

Right now we're heading toward "Gramada" city.
It seems to be the second largest city in this Taikun Principality, and these two's activities are usually centered around the city. The city's most peculiar characteristic is that there are several country-managed dungeons near it.
Dungeons produce monsters and generates treasures out of nothing to lure people into them. Dungeons then absorb the lured people and grow, ultimately, monsters will overflow outside, causing great disasters. Thus, cleaning up monsters inside dungeons is a needed business in areas where dungeons exist.
And when one takes total control of the Dungeon Core that exists in the lowest part of a dungeon, they can stop the dungeon's growth and make it so only weak monsters appear. In other word, it's the most optimal environment for a beginner adventurer.
By the way, in case the core gets destroyed, that dungeon will disappear (apparently the people inside will be forcefully ejected outside).

There are multiple unexplored dungeons around Gramada, adventurers from beginners to veterans have gathered in this city. Thus it's called the "Town of Adventurers", apparently it's quite prosperous.
It's the most suitable city for someone aimless like me. A town called the Town of Adventurers should have various info and documents.
Especially if you're planning to make a killing in dungeons, it's the best place. Because it seems there are occasions where defeated monsters drop treasures or item. The deeper the floor, the stronger the monsters, the higher the probability of them dropping good stuff. Of course it's not that sweet of a deal, as it means you're playing with death or something even worse. Like getting enslaved by monsters while you still have awareness.... Even with all the danger, adventurers going inside dungeons never ceases to exist.
Well, since I also seek strength and money, I would most likely go into one too. In my case, the less people see me doing stuff, the better anyway.

I listened to the two while we were walking.
The two are sisters, Futsuno-san is the elder one. Mitama is her half younger sister. Futsuno-san was the child from her mother's previous marriage.
The relation in the family seemed to be quite good, however, their parents passed away from epidemic around one year ago. That's why they sympathized with my false setting. I'm sorry for that random story.... I didn't mean any harm.
Afterward, it seems the two lived together for a while, but some bad bug creped on these young beautiful sisters.

The third son of the territory lord who were inspecting their village by chance set his eyes on the two. So they really exist, these rotten nobles.
The stupid brat threatened the village elder to give him the sisters, but the elder was a friend of their parents and he secretly gave them traveling expenses and let them escape.
The two decided to be adventures after getting out of the village. Since they didn't know when the stupid brat's pursuers would come at them.
Thankfully, due to the Miko class Futsuno-san learned from her mother, and Hunter class Mitama's father taught her, it didn't take too long until they adapted to adventurer's lifestyle.
They settled in the town around three months ago. Apparently, they judged that the pursuers wouldn't come to a big city far from their hometown.

"Wonder why ya, I usually didn't talk about this stuff. I did since Nobu-san, our lifesaver, asked, but don't go telling it to other people 'kay?"

Not a word my lady, it's a secret between you and me. The slightly bashful Futsuno-san was too cute, my heart skipped a beat.
I hurriedly change the topic since my face feels like it'll redden.

This is a rare chance, so I'm gonna ask Futsuno-san some things I have in mind.

"This is the first time I heard Soul Stones, what are they?"

"Soul Stones are crystals generated inside the body, its size and color changes depending on the owner's strength and magic power. The Soul Stones we got from the goblins earlier are the lowest ranked Soul Stones ya see. Monsters weaker than them won't leave a Soul Stone as it gets destroyed along with them."

Guess the stone gets destroyed in case of Moss Balls, no trace at all. What a joke.
Soul Stones are needed to run Magic Tools so they're always on demand. Thus it makes up for the majority of an adventurer's income.
Soul Stones goes from Black the lowest, to Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, and then White. Rarely there's even rainbow colored Soul Stones. It's rainbow since it shines in seven color, it's very rare and sought after as ornament by nobles and such, thus it's very very expensive.
Looks like the size changes depending on the owner's strength and magic power, the stronger they are the bigger the stones.

"Come to think of it, you were surprised about Housework Lv5, but is it that high? I don't understand that part, could you teach me?"
"It's the same with every skill, think Lv5 is about Skilled. I can tell ya some vague comparison, but don't expect a detailed explanation 'kay."

Futsuno-san tabulated it as such.

Lv1 Beginner
Lv2 Novice
Lv3 Professional
Lv4 Expert
Lv5 Skilled Adventurer Grade
Lv6 Knight Captain Grade
Lv7 King Grade
Lv8 Hero Grade
Lv9 Demon Lord Grade
Lv10 God Grade

Yup, how do I take this. Well, individual differences exist even if they have the same skill at the same level, for now, I should just treat it as a target.
That reminds me, I wonder what does other people's status look like. Even though I understand it's not a good thing to do, I'm deeply curious.
Three si.... No no, that's bad. But, I stealthily appraise....

Name: Futsuno - Gender: Female - Race: Beastfolk
Class: Miko Lv15
Title: None
Fire Magic - Wind Magic - Life Magic - Barrier Art - Dagger - Staff Art - Negotiation
Three Size -  Unfortunately, your level isn't high enough! ( ・᷄д・᷅ )

Name: Mitama - Gender: Female - Race: Beastfolk
Class: Hunter Lv13
Title: None
Dagger - Archery - Life Magic - Instinct - Concealment - Night Vision
Three Size - Not good, she'd notice your presence! ( ・᷄д・᷅ )

What's with those emoticons! That Gune must be awake doesn't he....
Oh? What is Life Magic? I'm intrigued.
Also, the information is quite scarce compared to when I appraise myself, maybe because my Magic Eye's level is low. The skill level isn't even displayed. Wonder how far I have to level it before I can see skill levels. I guess I have no choice but to appraise everything I see.
That reminds me, I leveled up didn't I, let's see.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race:???
Class: Fighter Lv5
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 42/60 MP: 75/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Magic Clad Lv2 (Up!) - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Evasion Lv1 (New!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv1 - Disguise Lv2

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv1

As I thought, the HP increase of Fighter is nice. MP didn't increase at all though.
Magic Clad has leveled up, wonder if it's because I got damaged while using Magic Clad when I fought the goblins.
I'm glad that I got Evasion without knowing. I'm gonna level this up since I don't plan on equipping a shield or such. It's gonna be effective if I have Instinct skill like Mitama, but I dunno how to get it.

"Nobu-kun, we're about to arrive at the post town. There's only one inn since it's more like a small village tho'."
"I'm glad that we'll likely get there while it's still bright. Futsuno-san, does the town have a general store? I'm thinking of purchasing some supply you see."
"There's one but the line up isn't that nice. I think it's still open at this hour."
"I'd like to shop a bit since I don't have many tools with me."

If possible, I'd like to get various things. It'll be nice if it has ingredients too. Wonder if I can trade with the fruits I picked.

As declared, we arrived at the post town before nightfall. And it's really only big enough to be called a village.
The inn is also not that big. It's only used by people who are going to the forest. Looks like there's quite a few adventurers who visit here for gathering quests and such.
Now then, gotta go to the general store after booking the inn ya. Oops, I got affected by Futsuno-san's accent.
The inn rate was 500 mani. But Futsuno-san was able to lower it with this and that to 450 mani. Yer' good fox girl-san. I'll use her negotiation as a reference.
I parted way with the two who looked tired and headed to the general store they told me.

"Good evening, old lady. May I look at the wares?"
"Aye, please do. We don't have much, but do buy them if you see anything you like."

Looking at an old lady running a shop alone made me recall an old small candy store in the past. Oops, not good, wonder if there's anything good~.

I take the things I'm interested in in my hands.

Some reasonably good stuff are lined up on the shelves.
Oh, there's flour. There's also dried river fish. Appraising them, looks like they're chars.
I bought rock salt, cooking oil, vegetables for three people and two meals, a small pot and various cookwares, several porcelain bowls and several clean cloths. Since I bought a lot, the old lady lowered the price to 730 mani as a service. I felt a bit bad about it so I gave her several fruits, she was quite pleased.
Apparently, things that enter that Rucksack, like fruits and such, deteriorate slower. Fruits that I took two days ago didn't look withered up at all. I'm gonna make some elaborate stuff tomorrow noon. Gotta prepare a bit of things in the inn.

I return to the inn with a satisfied face.

And then, it's time for dinner.

The inn's meal.... was a black bread and soup. Ok, I didn't expect much, but it looks like the food situation of this world isn't that advanced. Gotta endure until Gramada town. I'm sure some of my expectations will be meet in a big city like it. No really seriously please.
Before I returned to my room, I asked for some hot water and a bucket to borrow from the innlady. They cost 5 mani. A delicate amount that's neither expensive or cheap. I was thinking, 'I'd like to take a bath', while washing my body in the room. Japanese would love to take a bath everyday wouldn't they? It's the second thing I'm unhappy with in this world. The first one? Rice, meat, in other words, the meal....
I'll prepare for tomorrow with the remaining time. It'd be nice if it can please the two.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-Intermission 1

15-Intermission 1: Hayato Masaki


※ This is from Hero Hayato's point of view

"Looks like there's a time limit for God Parion to connect worlds. I have to go soon."

Gentle light falls from the heaven, wrapping me.

My body floats in the air and my view is swallowed by the light while my friends and Satou are watching.
I could dimly hear Rin's sorrowful voices calling me.

--Sorry, Rin.

I apologize to my friends in my mind.

『My gratitude, Hero.』

I heard a voice mixed with noise, like a badly tuned radio, inside my mind.
This cute childish voice is of God Parion.

She conveys her thought with flowing images.

Looks like she's thanking me for subjugating the demon lord.
I regret that I can't see the young goddess inside the whitened view.

『Parting, Apologize.』

--Don't worry about it. I'm the one who chose to do it.

I shook my head at God Parion's apologetic thought.

『Great Happiness, Future, Blessing.』

--Yeah, I'll find so much happiness so that Rin and the others I left behind won't have to worry.

Hearing me, the young goddess sent a smiling image at me.
That's right, children gotta have to smile!

"This place is--"

I was standing on a stone pavement when I noticed.

--The precincts of a shrine?

Right! I was in this shrine when I got summoned.

"So I've come back...."

I run down the stairs.

I passed through a vermilion arc gate, arriving at a gray road that smelled of exhaust fumes.


I heard a girl's voice on the side.
Looks like she was surprised because I rushed in.

"My bad--Tachibana!"
"--Eh? Masaki-kun?"

I found my childhood friend with her loli face--Tachibana Yumiri and I immediately hugged her slender childish body.

"No, w-wait, Hayato-chan! Please do this at a more romantic spot."

When I heard my panicking childhood friend's voice, I couldn't hold back my nostalgia and ended up weeping.

"What? Are you hurt anywhere? Heey, Hayato-chan."
"Yumiri Yumiri, I'm back. I've come back."

Yumiri gently hugged this unseemly me back even while being at a loss.

"Here you go, Pekari. You like it right."
"T-thank you. Ah to think I could drink Pekari again--"

Yumiri offered a handkerchief as I got in tears again when I saw the sport drink she gave.
I feel that Yumiri's cheeks look red, maybe because of the hug earlier.

"What is it now."

Yumiri frowns quizzically.

"Why are you in sailor uniform?"

From what I remember, this guy doesn't have a cosplaying hobby.

"You're really! We were together at the school earlier."


I stare at Yumiri's eyes.


Yumiri crosses her arms in front of her body, taking a guarding pose.
She was shaken enough that she began to act strangely, but I only noticed that after I got home.

There was something more important for me at this time.

"What year and date are now!"

I caught the puzzled Yumiri's shoulders and asked.

"Tell me!"
"U-un.... It's the third of March 2013, the time too? It's 12:15."

I don't remember the time, but there's no mistake about the date.

This was the day I got summoned.

"I thought Time magic didn't exist...."
"Hey, didn't you say that you'd graduated from chuunibyou in your middle school days? Did it recur again?"

Yumiri who heard my muttering said something, but I couldn't afford to mind that as I touch my face all around.

"Are you really alright?"
"Mirror! Do you have a mirror?"
"I do though?"

I look at the mirror Yumiri handed to me worryingly.

--It's the high schooler me.

"Huh? Come to think of it, why are you wearing a suit? Interview for a part-time job?"
"It's a long story--"

I talked to Yumiri about the other world while feeling pleasant with the surprise from the young goddess.
At first Yumiri didn't believe me at all, but she consented after I crushed a coin into four parts with my fingers.

My strength had been badly lowered compared to when I was another world's hero since I couldn't use my skill here, but there was still enough unreasonable strength remaining for me to do that.
I feel that I probably could join into the circle of top athletes if I just trained a bit.

"Hmm, you went through a lot. And, did you leave lovers or wives in the other world?"

Her words were light.
Looks like she didn't completely believe it.

Well, whatever.

I also would have laughed someone if they told me something like this.

"Nah, I didn't have any lover nor wife--"

--The one that's always been in my mind.

Yumiri blushed as I stared her.

Let's not talk about Princess Arisa.

"Sorry, Yumiri, I have to go home and say 『I'm home』 to my little sister."

When I said that with an earnest look, Yumiri's shoulders dropped down a bit for some reason, but then she waved her hand and said, "Bye bye" while looking astonished.

"Un, see you tomorrow."

My cheeks loosened from Yumiri's farewell.

"Yea, see you."

Yumiri looked satisfied when I replied her.

"Ichirou-nii's friend?"

A beautiful woman who feels similar to Satou is looking at me suspiciously.

"Yes, I'm here to deliver a letter he's entrusted to me."
"How old are you?"

I almost said my age when I was in the other world.

"Then you knew Ichi-nii when you were seven?"

--What does she mean?

"No, it was two years ago."

Her expression disappeared from her face when I said that.


The beauty whose expression changed into that of a noh mask said, "Go home", and turned back into the entranceway.

"P-please wait. At least please take letter."
"If you want to prank someone, do it somewhere else--"

She said that with a cold voice, and then she slammed the entranceway's door right before my face.

"Oh my? Do you need something here?"

When I turned back at the voice behind, there was a middle aged woman who looked similar to Satou, holding a shopping bag.

"Are you Suzuki Ichirou's mother?"
"Yes, I am?"

After introducing myself, I told her the same thing I said earlier.

"Don't you know that our son went missing 10 years ago?"
"10 years ago? He left me a business card though--"

I hold out a business card that Satou gave me.

"I think you're mistaking him with someone else. That child went missing when he was attending an university. He shouldn't be working anywhere."

I recalled, the words "The world might be different" that Satou said when I listened to her.
After apologizing to her for the clamor, I left the Suzuki house.

A little while after leaving Suzuki house, something that I didn't notice earlier hit me.

"--Why didn't Satou's family even consider the possibility of him surviving?"

The two didn't seem like they hated Satou.
Yet the two didn't seem to even consider the possibility of Satou being alive at all.

I hesitated if I should talk to them again, but for some reason, I ended up only putting Satou's letter inside a nearby postbox and went home.

"Hayato-nii, what a' you doin'?"

My little sister Aika who had just turned three talked to me clumsily.

"I'm making a doghouse."
"Do'! Keep do'?"

Aika gleefully asked while climbing my back.

She's adorable today too.
Truly an angel.

"Right. We should keep one."

Aika happily jumps up and down.
I quickly supported Aika as she was about to fall from my back and lowered her on the ground.

"Ride on do' back!"
"I see I see. Then we gotta keep a big dog."

Looks like my image library will get additional pics of my pretty little sister riding on a dog's back.
Aika was watching me making the doghouse for a while, but then she dozed off halfway through so I let her sleep in the sofa.

"--Alright, complete."

Lastly, I nailed a nameplate written with word, Satou, on the doghouse.

This nameplate was sent to me from Suzuki family.
It was probably because I sent a letter of apology to Satou's family the following day.

I got a message from Satou through his family's letter.
Dunno why, but he asked me to make a dog house and put this nameplate on it.

"Well it's that guy's request, so this must have some meaning to it."

I muttered while stretching myself.

I clap my hand to brush off wood chips and dust.

"Hayato-chan, are you inside?"

I heard my childhood friend Yumiri's voice from the entranceway.

After our reunion recently, she came to call me "Hayato-chan" like she used before, instead of "Masaki-kun."
I got thoroughly made fun of in the school, but since it somehow felt like I regained my lost youth, I gladly enjoyed it and then it waned before I knew it.

"I'm here!"

I called Yumiri from the garden, thinking of bragging the doghouse to her.

At that time, a presence appeared behind me.

"Hello, Hayato-sama. It's been awhile."

I turned back and saw a man who looked like he was just before his thirty coming out of the doghouse.

"Don't tell me, you're Satou?"
"Yes, it's been a while isn't it."

It's my friend with the same atmosphere, but aged.
I don't know how he crossed worlds, but Satou could probably do it indiscreetly.

"Thank you for coming. I'm happy to see you again."
"Yes, me too."

It's only been several months for me, but it's probably around 10 years for Satou.

"Satou, what happened to that world--"

I asked my friend's business while exchanging reunion hugs with him.

"Ha-Hayato-chan? Onee-san thinks BL is bad for you!"

Yumiri who saw us exchanging reunion hugs said some preposterous remark.

"Would you happen to be Hayato-san's elder sister?"
"N-no, I'm Tachibana Yumiri, Masaki-kun's childhood friend and classmate."

Satou shrewdly talked to Yumiri.
He murmured, "Tachibana" when she heard Yumiri's name.

"Sometimes ago, Hayato-san really helped me when he picked up a briefcase with a large sum of money in it."
"Yes, that's right. If I couldn't find that briefcase--"

Looks like Satou is fit to be a first-rate fraud.
Yumiri who got deceived in the blink of an eye said, "It's nothing important, I'll talk to you at school tomorrow", and went home.

"I'm glad we cleared the misunderstanding."
"You bet yea."

I ask Satou again while sighing in relief.

"And, did something happen to that world?"

--I won't spare anything if my power is needed.

"Arisa asked me for something."
"My honey--sorry."

Oops, it should be about time for her to become Satou's wife and have children.

"No, you're free to call her what you like."

Satou is all smiles like usual.
For some reason, he's drinking the cheap instant coffee with great relish.

"And, what do you need? Ask me anything if it's something I can help."
"Then, could you guide me to the drugstore or supermarket nearby?"


"Arisa said that she wanted to eat instant food, thus I'm here to buy various kinds."


This was the time when my jaw dropped.
Who would have guessed that he was teleportating between worlds, which even gods couldn't do, just to buy instant food!

"You never change...."

While sighing, I lead my friend to the city in order to fulfill his wish.

"You even had a driver's license."
"Yes, I couldn't exchange that thing with money if I didn't have an ID card."

Satou got his fund by selling a mysterious object made of gold in a precious metal purchasing shop.
After the exchange, we went into a back alley and his appearance changed to the 15 year old Satou I'm familiar with.

"The effect of illusion magic is truly short in this world isn't it."

Apparently, it's not that 15 years have passed in that world, he just had it prepared to match his appearance on the driver's license.
After buying several boxes of instant foods, Satou went back to the other world satisfyingly.

Afterward, he occasionally came to visit once every several months.

I was surprised when he brought along Rin who looked and got younger, but right now she's got along well with Yumiri and Aika.
Satou prepared her family register in this world.
His cheat performance is really dependable like always.

"Satou, how is the world over there?"
"Yes well, it's really peaceful like this world."

I asked Satou while watching him playing with my little sister in the garden.

"Hey, did you do something to that?"

The TV was full of news about wars and disasters when I got back to this world, but they decreased every time Satou came visiting.

Satou only smiled and laughed without answering me back.

Geez, looks like Satou is Satou no matter the world.

※ The next update is planned for 2/26.

※ 2017/2/21 Changed a bit of Satou's family reaction and the matter about dog house nameplate

※ The part after ◆ might change depending on the development of the main story

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Strongest Sage, Drew a Strong Crest


I woke up in a hard bed. My memories feel a bit fragmented, but my consciousness is clear.
It seems the reincarnation is largely successful.
I jumped out the bed while thinking that and looked at my left arm first thing first.

"--Alright! It's a hit!"

The one there is not the First Crest I'm used to see, but the Fourth Crest.
This crest specializes in close-quarter combat and as far as I know, it's the most suitable crest for magic combats.

I shouted out loud unbecoming of my age. Since the memories of my past life and current life have mixed together, I wonder if my sense also got younger.

No. It's more correct to say that I got influenced by my past life. My memories simply resurfaced, so it's not like I took over someone else's body and consciousness. My proper age is six year old.
I decide to stop getting influenced by my past self or acting like an old man. My personality isn't like that in the first place anyway.

This current me is not the me who was called Sage. Let me introduce myself again.

My name is Mathias Hildesheimer. I am six year old.
I'm Baronet Hildesheimer's....

I got goosebumps hearing what I just said. I really shouldn't force myself. Let's start over.

My name in this life is Mathias Hildesheimer.
Just as the name suggests, I'm the third son of Baronet Hildesheimer.

I'm not familiar with this 『Baronet』 term, but according to the little knowledge the current me has, it seems to be a sort of government worker with lineage system that administers a local region. People also often call them 『Lord』 or 『Master』. If I'm not mistaken, it's a nobility system or something.
Baronet is most likely the second lowest rank, but nevertheless, it's the top position in this region. Yet from the country's viewpoint, the position should only be about above the bottom.
--At least I believe that's it.

"What happened to the world?"

I couldn't have imagined the world in the memories of the current me from the state of the world in my past self.
I never saw even one Magic Tools that were called indispensable in my past life.

There's no flying-type artificial agriculture fairies, no accelerated molecular motion machine for cooking, no magical machinery for construction.
I wondered just how do they live, but the populace plow the field with human power, and raise crops themselves to sustain their life. Furthermore, the present head of Hildesheimer and the lord of this region, my father is also working among them.

It was an unthinkable spectacle during the Magic Era 12700.
Just what had happened during the time I was reincarnating.

...Well, there's nothing I can do complaining about the present environment.
Fortunately, I have memories of this era too, I'm also experienced in living a survival life in building-less forests for years.
I should have no difficulty adapting.

First, I gotta gather intelligences.
It seems the me until now was not that studios, living a carefree life without ever looking around the region nor reading books in my father's study.
Well since my past self also preferred real practices to studying, I guess it wasn't my current self's duty to do that either.

"Hey, Mathi. Do you need something in the study?"

Reich the eldest son called me as I was walking to the study.
He's the earnest one among two of my older brothers. He's 15 year old.

His crest is the Second Crest. It excels in mid-range ranged magic, a required crest in a group battle.
It seems that right now he's not training in magic, I think he'd become a good magician if he just trains.

"I wanna read books."

I replied my brother with my usual tone. He'd be surprised if it suddenly changed.

"Books huh. I think it's still too early for Mathi.... Which books do you wanna read?"

"I guess books about combat. And magic books."

Nothing else are more important to check first.
I'm also interested in histories to find out just what happened, but that can do later.
Cause it's possible that new combat arts and magic have been developed when I was in the dark.

However, my older brother Reich's face looked complicated when he heard me say magic.
Then his smiling face comes back immediately and he speaks.

"Then I'll read you a book about battle."

Apparently he ignored the matter about magic.
I'm thankful for his offer, but I can read books myself just fine.

"No, I'll do it myself..."

I opened the study door while saying that.
And then, I looked for books that seemed to be related to combat and magic--.

"...What's written there?"

There were a few books in the study.
However, the problem is the spines of those books.
I can't read them.

I had mastered 27 languages before I noticed it as I continued to battle for several hundred years, but the language written on the books' spines didn't match any of those languages.
I probably can read it if I use Translation magic, but it needs a relatively large amount of magic power and throughput. The me right now can't use it.
Even though I have the knowledge, I don't have the resource to materialize it.

"Haha. I figured as much. Then, I'll read this for you."

After saying that, my older brother Reich pulled out a book from our father's study.
That book seemed to be a sort of heroic tales, monsters that could destroy a country alone appeared one after another, and the main character went to defeat them.
How very enviable. There were also monsters like that in my past life, but they were few far and between.
Share me half of them.

Well, that kind of story is too good to be true and can't possibly be real, this book is just a fiction so it didn't help me understand the situations of this world.
However, I was able to comprehend the language somewhat by comparing what my older brother Reich said and the words written in the book. I've got to thanks Reich.

However, it looks like it'll take times before I could read books about combat arts and such, so I'm going to postpone that until later.
And it might be faster for me to train my magic power until I can activate the Translation magic.
By the way, the spoken language wasn't much different to the one in my past life, so I was able to understand it immediately.
There were several terms I don't understand like [Disqualified Crest] and such though.

After he was done reading for me, my older brother Reich went back to his work in the fields.
In this village, you'll get your own field once you turn 11, and you've got a duty to work there.

Both of my older brothers have their own fields in accordance to this rule.
However, it seems the situation is a bit different in my case.
Right now I don't have a field due to my age, but there's a high chance that I don't get one even after I turn 11.

The official reason seems to be because there's not enough area.
Certainly, this village lacks area for fields, so it's not like I can't understand with just that reason alone.
But, judging from the behaviors of the villagers, my parents, and my other older brother Biffgel, I feel that there's more to it.
My parents were looking at me like they feel sorry, while Biffgel was clearly looking down on me.

Apparently, it's got to do with 『Disqualified Crest』, but my older brother and my parents don't want to talk about the particular, and I don't want to ask Biffgel. I probably won't get a decent answer even if I ask him anyway.

Now then. There's still some time until dinner.
First of all, I should train.
It's important to train your stamina and magic power everyday you see.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 24

Chapter 24 The Mystery of the 【Emblem of Hero】


After having a meal, I'm in the inn room with Celica.
I've left Lapisia to Minya since I have something to talk about with Celica alone.

We're sitting on the bed next to each other. Celica is sticking close to me somewhat. I can feel her bodily warmth.

I took out the 【Emblem of Hero】 from my breast pocket and stared at it.
"Every places we went to today was a free pass huh."
"The emblem permits the holder to go to any place. Besides, people would be suspected of doing something bad if they refused a hero's visit."
"Figure. I have the authority of a police, a prosecutor and a judge for anything related to demon king after all."
"Po-lice? Pro-secutor? What are those."
"Ah, sorry. Never mind. More importantly, looks like this has a party function. I wonder how do you set it."

I tinkered with the palm-sized flat silver disk.
And then an arrow and some words appeared.
"Oh here it is. 『Choose the person you want to add to the party』 huh."
I point the arrow toward Celica and set it.
"Ah, something clicked just now."
And then, Celica's name was engraved in a small word on the 【Emblem of Hero】's back.
Looks like I can register up to 8-10 people.

"Ooh. We're joined up as a party now huh."
"But is it alright? If I remember correctly, experience points will be shared between party members."
"I'm strong enough as is. It'd be better if Celica and Lapisia got stronger instead."
I'm a god in the first place, I can't power up unless I gather believers.

Celica nods earnestly.
"I understand. Please allow me to receive the favor."
"Fumu. Seems like it can see the party member's location. I'll add Lapisia later."
"She's a child after all, we can rest easy that way."
Celica laughs.

I look at the 【Emblem of Hero】 once again.
"Next is the exclusive skills of Hero huh. I should be able to acquire them... or should have been."
"Is there any problem?"
I activate <<Truth Sight>> and look at my own 【Skill】 screen.
Katana Slash: Slash with a katana
Katana Stab: Stab with a katana
Iai: Ignore defense + probability of instant death effect

Gale Slash: Flying wind blade. One row.
Gale Revolting Blade: Produce multiple blades of wind that wildly about. Multiple rows.
Roaring Storm Slash: Wind blade that calls forth storm. Ranged attack.

Moon Water Slash: Flying water blade, cut the enemy. One row.
Roaring Waterfall: Push the enemy with a waterfall like water pressure. Multiple columns.
Water Demon Slashing Destruction: Conceive power of sacred water on the blade to destroy evil. Great damage to one enemy.

【Unmastered Skill】
Cut - (Great Warrior)
<<Break Down>>
<<Earth Break>>
<<Sky Saber>>
<<Giga Break>>

Pierce - (Holy Knight)
<<Gale Sting>>
<<Critical Strike>>
<<Multiple Sting>>
<<Holy Strike>>

Explosive Flame - (Holy Sage)
<<Fire Ball>>
<<Shining Rain>>
<<Prominence Tower>>
<<Aurora Detonation>>

I tilt my head in puzzlement.
Accurately speaking, there's one open space on Cut - Pierce -  - Explosive Flame.

I can't see it even with Truth Sight.
Furthermore, if I get either of Cut or Pierce, I can't acquire the other skills.
If I did that, my Class probably would become [Great Warrior] or [Holy Knight] instead of Hero.

I explain to Celica since she looks confused.
"When I equipped this, there were only three unmastered skill tress of Hero, there was a blank space. I think it's possibly because I'm not of Light elemental."
"Eh... Then."
I removed the Emblem of Hero and put it on Celica's neck.
"Let's try it."

I smiled and stared at Celica.
Celica slightly twisted her body in embarrassment. The big breasts shook.

--Oops, Celica's status is still the modified one. Gotta fix it.
Name: Celica Rem Edelstein
Gender: Female
Age: 17 year old
Race: Human
Job: Sinner (=====)
Class: Knight Lv 5=====Lv 17
Element: 【Light】

Strength: 10 (1) Growth Limit 25
Agility: 17 (3) Growth Limit 30
Magic: 19 (4) Growth Limit 75
Wisdom: 12 (2) Growth Limit 50
Luck: 02 (0) Growth Limit 03

Cut: Cut with a sword
Stab: Stab with a sword
Double Stab: Stab quickly. Twice.

【Unmastered Skill】
Cut - Pierce - Cover - Explosive Flame

Cover - (Hero)
<<Magnus Wave>>: Nullify enemy's buff. Does not affect ally.
<<Justice Slash>>: Holy attack that ignores defense.
<<Ultima Garden>>: Create a domain of absolute defense for a period of time. However both ally and enemy cannot attack.
Demon King Destruction Flash <<Ultima Slash>>: A blow to erase the demon king.
I shout out loud.
"This is it! The basic skill is 【Cover】 and the final secret art is 【Demon King Destruction Flash】, the <<Ultima Slash>>! Judging from its description, it seems to be a skill exclusively to kill the demon king."
Just as I thought, the Light element really is the key!

This is the reason why the demon king thoroughly removed Light elemental people.
He must be very afraid of this art.
--On the contrary, this suggests that this skill can definitely kill him!

Celica shakes as her blue eyes open wide.
"Could it be, Keika-sama can.... see ability and skill?"
"Ah, I can."
"Keika-sama even has the power of a Shepherd! My goodness!"
"Shepherd? What's that?"

"Shepherds were people of age past. Each village had one of them, they saw through proper ability and talent that people have and enlightened people the path they should walk on. Even if say, someone is smart in their childhood, they would teach him that he's more suited to become a Warrior or Monk instead of Scholar."
"So there are people who can see Skills and Status in this world. Then why didn't you consult them? Celica has more talent to become a Magician than a Knight right."

Celica frowns and looks down sorrowfully. She speaks like she's about to cry.
"S-so that's really true.... I was strong and fast in my childhood...."
"Figure. Since you've leveled four times, subtracting that, your initial status would be 『Strength 6, Agility 5, Magic 3, Wisdom 4』. No wonder you thought you were more suited to be a Knight or a Warrior in your childhood. Your growth rate is 『Strength 1, Agility 3, Magic 4, and Wisdom 2』, the magic one is higher. Since the Agility is also high, I guess Monk and Priest could be a choice too."

Celica frowned painfully.
"Ah, if only I had met Keika-sama earlier. Recently I sensed the limit of my power.... But the demon king had killed all people with the power of Shepherd."
"Can't you just change your Job?"
"We used to be able to change Job in Temple of Umo, but that was also destroyed by the demon king...."
Celica said weakly.

I think inwardly.
You can't choose a Job that suits you even if you can see your status.
If you chose the wrong job, you wouldn't be able to change it and finish without ever getting strong.
Light elemental people are killed by the Sinner system.
Even if they survive, they can't become Hero.
Even if they get ahold of the 【Emblem of Hero】, they'd be out if they chose the wrong skill to raise since they couldn't see the skill tree.

I unconsciously laugh.
"This world's difficulty is worse than even Lunatic and Inferno. Normally it'd have been impossible to clear."
Celica looked down weakly. Her blond hair hangs on her cheeks.

I take off the 【Emblem of Hero】 from Celica and put it on.
"Well I can just be of Light elemental."
I call forth my Status and tap it with my finger to rewrite 【Faint Gleam】 to 【Light】.
Since I'm a god of river where fireflies ride, 【Faint Gleam】 fits me better though. Can't be helped.

I look at my palm.
Umastered skill 【Cover】 appeared.
"Okay. Next, I just need to raise it properly and acquire 【Demon King Destruction Flash】."
Celica's blue eyes open wide.
"D-don't tell me.... Keika-sama also has the power of Great Priest to change job....!?"
"Hm? Well, I can do something similar to that."
Then Celica clung on my chest. Her blue eyes are moist with tears.
"Please, Keika-sama! Please make me stronger!"
"I think I've listened to your wish, 'I want to live', already though."
"T-that's true.... but I want to become stronger! I want to be of help to Keika-sama."
"You've helped enough... But a wish is different. Offertory--you gotta  offer something."
"Uu.... I don't have anything anymore...."
"I can't do it unless you offer me something. Well give it up. Don't worry, I'll protect you."
"I don't want that! --I-I will offer myself, could Keika-sama at least make me strong enough to be helpful please? ....not good?"

I fold my arms and think.
Celica has helped me a lot.
She might face dangers if we go together hereafter.
Celica should be safer if she gets a bit stronger.

I nodded.
"Well fine. Then take off your clothes and lie in the bed."
"Eh, so sudden..... Y-yes...."
Celica begun to take off her clothes while blushing.

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