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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 510

510 Grumble and Grumble


That took me by surprise. All while scoundrels' screams resounded in the background.

"You have been deemed as the greatest object of caution to this kingdom. As such, the watchdog we had tailing you immediately contacted us the moment you entered this site, explaining our prompt arrival here."

The clash which was effectively an execution came to an end as silence ruled over the place once again. Corpses everywhere you can see in this garden. It's been turned into a corpse field.

"I received another report from the other watchdog in charge of monitoring you inside the mansion as well, but none of it makes any sense. Thus, I've decided upon myself to get in touch with you in order to tell apart head from tail."

(What is this? Is he making fool out of me? But he's being serious isn't he? How should I answer?)

Nothing I say would help making sense of things anyway.
Quite the contrary, the more he digs the more mystery he's gonna find.

"I have a thing or two to say about this watchdog business, but fine. However, can you drop it? Now that I know, being spied on doesn't feel good. Put a stop to it will you? Can you tell that to the PM?"

"Actually, this matter should have been kept confidential but my intuition is screaming against antagonizing you. I'll be frank with you, I did this without permission. I must apologize for the act of disrespect, but I believe divulging the truth to you is the wisest thing we could have done."

Looks like he's speaking the truth. He didn't avert his eyes once.
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While we were having this conversation, the soldiers had begun collecting all the dead small fry in one spot.

"So? What do you want to ask concretely? I didn't do anything special. At first I was planning to have a talk with this gang but well you saw the end result. Never would've guessed how deep the rottenness run."

"There should have been a group known as the 'Ten Greats' besides Gora in this mansion. What happened to them?"

"Didn't your watchdog tell you already? You've heard all about it in detail I take it? I have nothing to add. Ah, right what was it again? You wanted to ask me in person since it didn't make any sense?"

I don't think he's gonna be satisfied with my point of view. What the watchdog reported should be a far more objective take.
And yet he can't believe it. So much so he chose to ask me directly.
Nobody can convince him if he's already made the decision to not believe.

"I see you aren't willing to answer. I beg your pardon. It appears you do not trust me. And my actions seem to only further your distrust against the kingdom. I shall refrain from prying further."

"Then can I get a turn? How are you gonna deal with the gang members returning from the Waking Grass Production Site? You'll handle them too, won't you?"

Their base of operation is done for, their forces are no more, and their leader is dead.
The returning members likely can't do anything regardless but I still gotta ask just in case.

"From the way you spoke, were you planning to spring into action yourself? ...If possible we would like to collaborate..."

"I don't want to. Why should I. And we don't know each other enough to work together anyway. Kingdom, do your job! Who was it that let the situation progressed this bad anyway? Sheesh. Could have minimized the damage and victims if only you guys worked faster. I never asked for this either! Ah, guess I'm grumbling now."

"I would like to offer my apologies on that note. Our superiors refused to budge demanding proofs and so and so, then there's the potential casualty incurred if we rushed in. I suppose this is how it goes for us foot soldiers. We may be called elite but we're nothing more than a slave to the papers, quite ironic if you asked me."

The young man, Leord let out a piece of his mind after mine as well.






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