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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 34

34 Randolf's Perspective


Give it my all, thus is my order, but doing that to this slender young man could result in his death at worst.
I cannot understand what my employer is thinking.
Therefore I won't hold back but not without discretions.

Usually, people get frightened when I come out and pay their due.
Those who resist get one strike before getting the [Explanation].

But this guy is acting without a care in the world.
The young lady who's still trying to take some distance out of fear even now is how it should have been.

(I suppose I'll find out how good this guy is by the end.)

I just need to do the usual, thus I believe as I slowly take my stance and focus my strength.

(I should aim for the shoulder. Hitting the face could end with him dead.)

I do not wish that.
Then right afterward, I rushed to my target and swung my fist at full power.

[Bwoosh], right afterward, the sound of cutting wind could be heard.

~~~~~   ~~~~~~
The young man got blown away and lay on the floor...
~~~~~   ~~~~~
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That image flashed on my mind.

Yet there's no response.

I felt a warm sensation touching my fist.

(What!? He blocked it...!? No! He saw through it... No that's not it!? But how!!?)

Shock, shiver, and puzzlement all hit my back like a thunderbolt.

My eyes opened wide at this utterly bizarre turn of event.

"Still want to keep going?"

My body trembled when I heard that. I immediately swung my fist sideway.
I hit him this time, I thought.

But there is no resistance again.

I could not see him even move. He just vanished from my sight.
The young man is facing my stopped fist with his hand on it just like earlier.

I cannot fathom what kind of trick did he use. The unknown is fear in itself.
Losing patience, I raised my arms and swung them down twice just to shake him off.

I am confident in my ability. I'm not bragging when I say I was one of the upper ranked mercenaries in Mercenary Guild.
I got injured in a certain incident and went to work here until the day of my retirement.
Hired as a bodyguard of this Merchant Association for my strength.

But what of this young man here?
He kept dodging all my attacks, resulting in me exposing openings.
Then the young man suddenly appeared standing calmly behind me. I would have long died if this were a real fight.

He didn't counter, block, or dodge my attack in a perceivable way.
He simply slowly touch my arm the instance it stopped moving. Without attacking me back even once.
That is in a way, [Frightening].
I could have swallowed the [Fear] from getting countered with magic, but not this.

This young man is raising its eyebrow, saying, 'What should I do to end this?'
I shuddered as I saw that. His nature is completely cloaked in mystery with no visible end.

A windfall descended.

"You may stop now. Quite a ways off my expectations, no far beyond that even I suppose?"

My employer spoke.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 33

33 Looming Crisis


How did this turn into a [Combat]?
Is this the handiwork of the devil, god, or fate? No, I'm not going that far.
In the end, no matter what I did or didn't, no one, not even god can do anything about this if this is [Cause and Effect].
I don't think even god is capable of manipulating the spiral of causality, and if god were capable of such feat, surely god would only act as a spectator and wouldn't waste time on some random human.

I made a mad dash once the village was out of sight, met and saved Aryl, then we walked to the city together.
By this point, the [Motion has been set].
I would get dragged into some form of trouble no matter what.
Though my passiveness and letting myself get swept by the flow is probably a contributing factor.

Now then, I gotta make sure to keep my power a secret.
How do I get them recognize my power without letting its secret known yet not make me look weak?
My head hurts.

"He's a former mercenary once famed as the [Red Bear]. Oh but I suppose you can tell just from a glance, can't you? If you don't want to get hurt... still, that small young man, a bodyguard? Hahaha, and he doesn't flinch nor attempts to flee, quite admirable indeed."

"I'm honored to hear your praise."

I returned his sarcastic remark as is.

(Still this old man sure doesn't look like a small time villain. Who is he anyway? Seems like he's plotting something...?)

"Now then, let's make this quick. Are you ready?"

"Whenever you are."

"That composure of yours is comical. Fumu, then there is no need to hold back, Randolf, give it your all."

Aryl retreated far back behind me.
Randolf looked dubious to hear his order, but he gripped his fists with all his strength still.

He puts on a [Stance] as if pulling a bowstring to the limit, the pressure he's given off is unlike a boulder, instead it's like an unrestrained powerful whip.

(Ah, damn awesome... the pressure's no joke.)

Aryl who had retreated far back couldn't endure it and stepped even further back until the wall.

"Do it."

With that order, the giant fist drew near me.

====  ====
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With me in [Accelerated] state, it's like he's moving in slow motion.

(He must be super fast in reality. It's said that a jab from a pro can't be dodged by amateurs after all.)

But for some mysterious reason, I'm capable of this in this world.

(This [Acceleration] state would have sapped the fun out of fighting sport... Cheat? Nope, can't be, can it? Aren't those usually given by gods? I rejected god's blessing though...?)

Even though I learned martial arts by mimicking moves, I'm pretty much an amateur. I did do matches and practices against other people, but it was on the level of hobbyists.
This [Power] is beyond me. But thanks to this power, I'm no longer afraid of this [World], I manage to save Aryl and don't have to feel bad about it.
The leeway to have [Flee] as an option when it gets dangerous also helps lessen the burden on my mind.

However, I'd like to keep this to myself. I don't wanna get dragged into bothersome stuff because someone wants to make use of this power.
I wanna live somewhere hidden and spend my life [Reminiscing Good Ol' Days] without any human contact.
Not like the people in this world will get it even if I talk about [Fighting Games] or [Game Center] anyway.

(Ah, it's about to reach my face soon...)

I didn't try to think up ways to deal with this.

(Eyy, dangitall! Whichever goes!)

The action I took as the timer was ticking close to zero without hitting on any good idea was...

====  ====

With the full length arm extended, the giant boulder-like fist has stopped on a small open palm.

The one punching, Randolf himself felt a totally foreign fear of the unknown running down his spine.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 32

32 Way


I forgot just how intense the repulsion toward me, [Black], in my village.
Because no one tried to mess with me here despite the bizarre glances sent my way.
Aryl didn't say anything either, so I thought that's just [How it is].

"I am here to negotiate for my temporary registration at the Merchant Association. Could you spare the time to?"

"Fumu, I believe it's already closing time now. Oh, but I don't mind dealing with you with some [Gratuity], you get it?"

Aryl who got straight to the point, and the old man who responded to him unpleasantly.

(Asking for a bribe right out of the gate, damn...)

I decided to just watch over this sudden 'Low' development.
I'm in no position to butt in anyway, no turn for me. Or so I thought at this time.

"But from what I've checked beforehand, there should be plenty of time until closing time? I don't think there is a fee attached to temporary registration either."

"Hohou... So you're saying you're not going to show your appreciation for taking my time?"

"I've been taught that in business, [Trust] between clients and merchants as well as equal [Profit] are the most important things."

While I was getting captivated by the needlessly extravagant interior, the air in the room saw a sudden change.
The few other people who were in the room besides us quickly moved to near the walls or left altogether.

Glancing at Aryl, her face looks composed yet her body is trembling a bit.

I can't read the room. But even as someone ignorant of common sense in this world, I understand that this old man is bluntly asking for bribe money.

"But those words ring hollow without the strength to defend oneself, no?"

The old man slowly stood up, left his counter and clapped twice. The sound echoed well in this room, and further beyond.
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"Will you show me your strength? Young miss?"

With that line, a nearly two meter man who's built like a boulder came out of the door in the back.

The man lumbered here and politely introduced himself in a stern voice matching his build.

"A pleasure to have you acquainted. My name is Randolf, an employee of this Merchant Association. Nice to meet you."

Belying his appearance, his attitude was far from haughty, in fact, he sounded apologetic instead.

But the pressure emanating from him froze Aryl up. Her mouth shut, she's not greeting back.

(Greetings are important as a member of society. Guess I'll cover her here.)

The vestige of my office worker day gleamed here.
I walked up next to Aryl and greeted while ridiculing myself.

"Hello there, Randolf-san. I'm her bodyguard."

Even someone slow like me understood what's going on.

Defend oneself, strength, then a big man came out.
An implicit way to tell us to [Fight].
To make it clear which side is stronger. Easy to understand.
Something like this would have got you arrested in previous life, but this is another world.
I may not know the rules and laws of this world yet, but the way of [Combat] is another thing.
It looks to be my turn now, but there's something I'm anxious of.

(I still can't adjust my power even now... How do I go about this...?)

The reason I'm able to act calmly standing before Randolf is due to my experience demolishing a magic beast in the village.
I could have easily beaten this guy, but killing him will likely result in a huge mess, and I don't plan to to begin with.
I'm stumped, gotta figure out how to deal with this.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 31

31 Merchant Association


I pondered as I looked at the busy moving crowd.

(Wonder if there's a game center anywhere. Man, I just can't let go of this one lingering attachment...)

The flow of crowd made me hallucinate scenes from my past life.

I thought I had already accepted this reality after 15 long years, yet coming to this city made me realize 'It wasn't the case at all.'

(I had to work out and do form training every single day to deceive the frustration of not being able to play games.)

I kept walking behind Aryl as we entered the business district of the main street.

In the end, I accepted her 'Bodyguard' offer.

The conversation went like this...


"Um! If you're looking for a job, would you like to work as my bodyguard?"

"...Hm? A bodyguard?"

"Yes, I'm aware it's rude of me to ask that to my savior, but you're... um? S-strong? Aren't you? So I'd like to hire you as my bodyguard, or a helper, assistant if you may, even for just one dealing I have to do in this city. Your rewards will be included in your wages. What do you think?"

"Ah, okay. You mean something like a porter and such? Sure. Then, guess I'll be in your care for a while. Thank you."

"Eh? Ah! Y-yes, likewise."

"Well then, what's the plan after this?"

"I'm going to the merchant association to negotiate for a permit and location for my store, please come with me."

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So it went.

My brain didn't really grasp the meaning of 'Bodyguard'.
I started recalling a famous western movie as I watched Aryl talking in high tension.
Ignoring how her 'Strong' word had a question mark, I gave it a thought as she talked.

(I've got no concrete plan in mind anyway, might as well use this chance to study the world. No harm in it. I can learn about money and value of things too.)

She looked bewildered when I readily agreed for some reason. Did she think I wouldn't give an immediate answer?

And now the two of us are heading toward that merchant association thing on foot.

As I watched Aryl from behind, I was impressed by her brisk footwork as expected of a merchant, a novice she may be.
She pushed her way through the crowd while nonchalantly checking prices of ware in stores along the way.

Before long, we arrived before the association's building.
Next to me, Aryl is taking a deep breath to calm herself.
Can't blame her. There's a super huge open door in front of us.

(It's huge enough to fit two wagons side by side...)

The things that caught my eyes right after arriving in this city were wagons, a common thing in fantasy. However they weren't tied to the draft animals, it wasn't the full thing.
An entrance big enough to let the whole thing go in, isn't that a bit much?
I was shocked since merchant association differed so much from the image I had.

But next to me, Aryl went in undaunted. As her bodyguard, I followed after her.

We got into a wide open space.
It seems to be a space used for negotiations, it's fitted with many ornamented luxurious chairs and tables, even the partitioning screens are gorgeous.
The windows are of stained glass? Chandeliers in the ceiling. The flooring is of pure white tiles, jam packed.

(Way too bright! Eyes! My eyeees!)

My head is full of reference to a certain person's end.

Next to me, Aryl confidently walked up to a receptionist counter.
There, a plump aged man called out to her like he saw something curious.

"Oho, now this is unusual. I don't believe there is any appointment left today. You uninvited guest?"

His voice was deep and firm.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 30

30 Aryl's Perspective


I'm sure I was attacked.
But, I suddenly heard a young man's voice, then at the same time, 15 bandits got blown away.
I have no idea what happened.
But once I realized that none of them tried to get up or even let out a groan, I was flooded with relief.

(Am I saved...? But how?)

The young man checked out the surroundings.
But an unbelievable possibility came up on my mind.

(Asides from these bandits and me, the only other person here is this young man... Who showed up out of nowhere...?)

It's a process of elimination. All I could do was quivering in fear.
Then all the bandits got beaten down.
The only possible individual who could bring about this end result is this young man.

I said my thanks after thinking that far.

"T-thank you very much."

But I couldn't erase my doubt. How did he send all 15 men flying at the same time?
This completely ordinary looking young man...?...???

Black hair? Black eyes?

"These guys are all dead... What now?"

I replied to him calmly before it hit me.

"Eh? All of them? Dead? Eh?"

By this point, this whole thing flew way over my head.
I gave up trying to question it and just be glad I was saved.

But my thought process was delayed still.
I could only mechanically replied to the young man's question.

I pulled myself together when he started looting off the bandits and told me to 'Just talk casually'.
I said my thanks already, but I didn't have much on me.
Since he saved my life, I planned to compensate him no matter how much he demands.
You can't buy life with money.

Yet his reply left me agape.

"Eh? Ah, don't need it. Well then! Take care."

It was unexpected, no unimaginable.
There is simply no human in this world who would casually brush off rewards for 'Saving life'.
He even tried to quickly leave this place.

I can't let him.
I immediately asked him. To start with, where is he from, and where's he going?

I almost jumped when he said he was heading for the commercial city.
And asked if he would let me go with him.
So glad we were heading in the same direction.
I can't let him leave without rewarding him.
As a merchant, not as a human.

I introduced myself. So late.
I thought he was going to introduce himself, or give his name at least,

"Companies in travel and life."

A foreign phrase I had never heard before.
I didn't know how to respond and ended up stuttering.

We didn't exchange any word since we started walking, and just when I was getting worried I couldn't talk about his reward, I suggested us to take a break for lunch.
He agreed to it and sat down under a tree on the roadside.
I threw a daring question.

"Just who are you?"

It was very impolite of me, but I just couldn't think up any other question that would clear my doubt.

A mere villager who's good at hunting, he said.

Not just me, anyone would find that answer incredulous, not when he could beat 15 bandits instantaneously by himself.
But it seemed he didn't want to divulge further and asked me something instead.
So I thought I should talk about my personal history and pique his interest.

The topic came to him saving me when I was being attacked,

"I see you as my savior god has sent upon me."

I said that from the bottom of my heart.

On our way to the city, I talked about my ware.
I figured we'd [part ways] if I failed to get him interested even a bit.
'No need for reward'. I must do something to change that at least.
The air around him just shouted that.

"We'll be arriving soon. Are you all right carrying that much luggage? Should we take a break?"

I suggested us to take a break seeing as he was carrying a huge heap of items.
He had been steadily walking all the way here.
While carrying a load normally shared by multiple grown men, lightly at that.
That's just how abnormal it was.
Yet he replied back, worried about me instead.

"You want to rest a bit, Aryl?"

I had expected him to not sounding [Tired] at all, yet I somehow felt bad all the same.

As we lined up in front of commercial city's gate to wait our turn, I started wondering.

(He probably won't accept reward... Then I'll at least try to be useful in other ways. I'm sure he's going to get interrogated by the gatekeepers at this rate...)

The view was simply bizarre. Next to me is a young man standing while carrying a towering amount of baggage.
The glances around us are painful. We look way too suspicious.

I pulled myself together once it was our turn.
I gotta smooth things up.


I explained the situation to the guard.
Written contract of the empire's mercenary guild, how I was assaulted, how I was saved, the heap of loot from the bandits, how I would act as his guarantor, and my pass as well as ID.
In order to lessen the burden of my savior whose name is still a mystery to me, I tell everything that needs to be told.

(And the very last thing I could do is...)

I put on a smile during the interrogation in the hut.
To show how relieved I was for getting saved.
Since I knew it wouldn't be an intense interrogation, but a simple fact check with a witness around.

I also had information how the gatekeepers in this commercial city here isn't given a huge budget.

(Feel free to haggle it down. In fact, please do so they listen to my implicit request.)

"I have him hired as my bodyguard. Will you please let us go through? And could you purchase the bandits' belongings?"

When I offered them to buy the loot at a low price, their attitude instantly softened up.

"In exchange, please give him the permit to enter the city right away. I will act as his guarantor."

You'll get arrested without a permit, and it takes one day for the inspection and two silver coins to issue the permit usually.
I fear that we will part ways then, never to meet again.
I won't stand not repaying this debt.
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The guard noticed that they wouldn't get another chance like this and hurriedly issued the permit.
I finally sighed in relief once they had it signed.

The young man thanked me, but I firmly said, 'I only did what's right'.
Still, I regretted offering the loot at too low a price. As a merchant.

We managed to get in the city. I followed behind him.
He was restlessly looking all over, worrying me a bit.

(Guess he really is from a village. I gotta act as a proper guide here. He's gonna get lost if I don't, for sure looking at him now.)

As his guarantor, and to repay my debt. I've got to do it right.
But I need him to accompany me somewhere first before I could take him on a tour around this city.
It's something that needs to be done.

"Will you go with me together to the mercenary guild?"

He replied with, 'Thank you'.
He must be feeling restless, I laughed a bit seeing him like that.

"Fufufu. I was the one getting saved you know? I should be the one doing the thank you."

Afterward, he told me how he wanted me to teach him common sense.
I readily agreed, that's not even sufficient as his reward.
When I asked him, where to start? I almost couldn't believe my ears.
I'm a merchant. I can talk about money all day long.
But even I was surprised to hear him asking about standard of value.

The young man was self sufficient and never left his village even once. 'I guess that does happen', I thought as I gave him the answer while swallowing the urge to ask back.

You can buy a meat skewer for two-three dimes.
One copper coin is enough for a lunch meal.
One silver coin lets you stay in an inn, two nets you a good one.
Commoners rarely ever deal with gold and platinum coins, even my master only handled silver coins and below.

The guild's signboard came into view while we were talking.
I asked him to be my witness while I handle the procedure.

The receptionist greeted us as we entered, at this point, a greenhorn I am, I was still seething with [Rage]

"I commissioned someone from mercenary guild to escort me from the empire to this town. I would like to claim insurance money and settlement."

The staff members may have only done their job as described, but it was a matter of life or death to me.
I couldn't hold myself back from the extreme gap.

(You've got to suppress your emotion in business. And yet...)

The lobby went quiet when the receptionist left to call the person in charge.
A sonorous voice reached my ears just as I was about to calm down.

"I would like to hear more detail in a room in the back. I hope you understand, if you'd please over here."

An individual whom I saw once before in the past showed up.
When I was acting as a chaperone for my master and came here, he had a meeting with this man.

Guildmaster. In the flesh.
I was getting more and more nervous on our way to the room.
I figured this matter was just that [Grave].

I regained a grip on myself as we entered the room.

(I can't let myself be taken lightly or behave too modestly... I've no choice but to speak the truth...)

With that resolve, I went straight to my chair. I decided to keep on with the [Rage] and push through.

But that resolve loosened up a bit. Due to the tea brought over.
I realized that was a top grade tea as I calmed down a bit.

(Looks like this matter is really being taken seriously here...)

They served a tea this luxurious. An implicit way of muzzling.
This is something beyond a novice peddler.
No choice but to tell it like it is.

I kept talking for a while without interruption.
The guildmaster listened attentively.
As for my savior, he's spacing out while sipping his tea.

(A tepid face even in this situation. Would a mere villager be this unabashed. Just who is this guy really?)

After I was done, the guildmaster explained their circumstances.
It was a piece of info I had grasped to a degree as well. Although I never imagined it would get this serious.
I almost lost my life because I didn't think through about that information.

I focused on listening intensely. And that was when the young man was brought into the conversation.

I had a cold sweat running down back as he gave his side of story after the initial, 'Eh?' respond.

There was no [Ambush].
I wasn't in a state to [Support] him either, nor was there any opportunity to in that instance.
That was something completely detached from [Too focused to notice] or [Luck].
I had no idea why would he lie needlessly and could only try my best to look natural.

Lastly when he was asked his name, I couldn't believe it when he flat out refused, 'I'm not worthy enough to name myself.'
Is there some sort of deep reason for it?
My mind was in disarray but a word from the guildmaster brought me back.

"Then so be it."

Regardless of who he is, he's saved my life and even accompanied me here, so I can tell his character.
He must be a [kind] man. Knowing that alone is enough.

I let out a long sigh after the guildmaster left the room.
Then I asked him something as an opening to ask why he lied.

"I'm amazed you could act so calmly..."

I explained to him why. That was the guildmaster here.

It's not like he knows that, and to begin with, it's got nothing to do with him. I recalled his reply. He had never left his village even once before, so his standard is slanted from the norm.

I get it but I can't really accept it, so I could only grumble at the conflicting emotion.

Then he asked me to do something.

Please don't spread what he did.

I don't get it. But he gave an explanation.
He doesn't want to stand out. Black hair, black eyes.
He attracted many glances even during our way here. If this matter became public, he would get dragged into trouble. I get his reason.

I used this chance to ask him back. Name. I must know his name at least.
But I had to give up after the second refusal. He only wanted me to teach him general knowledge, so I complied.
But I insisted to reward him for saving my life.

Our conversation was cut when someone knocked the door.
Then a sack of money comprised of security money, settlement and request fee refund all at once was put on the table.
In silver coins, usually reserved for big business dealings. This makes it all clear.
It's a hush money. For sure.

"T-there's no problem."

I replied back while quivering at this truth.
Fearing for assassination attempts in the future.
No, there's no way the famous mercenary guild would do that... so I thought, but we live in a world where a lone girl missing is not even newsworthy.
A scandal would have been a far bigger matter to guild bigwigs.

However, at this point I didn't realize that I was just reading too much into it.

After we left, I spoke my worry out loud in front of the receptionist counter.

"I didn't think they'd give this much... Oh what should I do..."

And that was when he blurted, "Wonder how much is the price of life in this world?", next to me.
There is no shame or dishonor in trying to persevere your life.

He already saved me once. Though I still can't tell how he did it.
The one who annihilated 15 bandits was likely him as well.
He might be willing to help if I asked.
It all now rest on whether I could convince him or not. I can't pay my debt if I'm dead.

"Would you be willing to work as my bodyguard?"

I decided to ask him straight up.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 29

29 Price of Life


On our way here, people on the streets looked at me like I was a rare animal.
Aryl had a cheerful countenance despite her idyllic look, so the contrast to me must have made us look a bit like performers.
All the more with me looking around restlessly.

"Black hair and black eyes are quite a rare sight, aren't they? I don't want to add more to the pile."

"I understand. I'll take care not to speak about it."

"Thank you. I appreciate that."

"But still, I don't believe I have heard your name either, have I. Do you mind if I do?"

"Ah, just like you heard earlier, don't worry about it. I don't plan to stick around that long anyway, you can forget about it. I don't need reward either. I'm good with a bit of lesson on general knowledge."

"...I understand. I won't ask your name. But please accept the reward. I insist."

The door was knocked and the lady employee from earlier came in.

"Here is your security money and settlement. We have also returned your commission fee. Please confirm it."

The leather sack put on the table was the size of two fists.
Stuffed full with silver coins.
Like they're about to spill out.
Aryl froze when she saw it at first, then she timidly started to count.

"T-there's no problem."

Her voice was shaking.
Can't blame her. That must be a lot of money.
Think there's more than 100 pieces.
I can't tell if that's the proper amount or not though.

"Well then, I shall see you off."

We left the room as told.
By the time we reached the receptionist counter, Aryl muttered.

"I didn't think they'd give this much... Oh what should I do..."

Still not feeling anything as real, I muttered haphazardly.

"Wonder how much is the price of life in this world?"

A world where brigands exist. A society where mercenaries are a necessity. What about laws? Any guarantee on life? Human's right?
I was on the [Capital Punishment] side in previous life. Those who do inhuman deeds should be removed from society.
That belief was the reason I didn't think too much with beating down those brigands.
Hesitation will only lead to dead, I'd rather go with [Cut Down All Evil] than failing to protect what's important to me.
Also, the me now doesn't have the knowledge to judge the [Good] and [Evil] in this world.
Left clueless like this, I have to use my own [Idea] as my standard in order to protect myself.
Looking back again, I sure was quite brutal back then.
Though seeing the reactions at the gate and the guild, I figured that was safe.

Anyway, now that I'm relatively well off from the brigands' loot, I should learn common knowledge while staying incognito, and just as I was thinking that,

"Would you be willing to work as my bodyguard?"

Aryl made an offer out of the blue.

Her words shaved down my sense of reality further.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 28

28 Fact, Lie and Truth


Aryl narrated her story herself.
The man in charge listened to her with a serious look.
As for me, I was just spacing out.

(What should I do after this? Testify, leave the guild, part ways with Aryl, and then what?)

Thinking again, I don't even have an ID. Homeless and unemployed if I go by previous life's standard.
Not knowing how the [Society] in this world works is a fatal mistake.
Am I heading straight to slum?

"I understand the gist of the situation. I shall disclose the situation at the Empire's guild as a review."

I was pulled back to reality when the man said that, I began listening.

Mercenary works have been decreasing at the empire in recent years.
Due to that, those with lower ranks can't find jobs.
Among those is the scoundrel type who started creating trouble for money.
Those who dip their hands in criminal activities carry them out in brutal fashions, the guild itself takes this issue seriously and proactively forces regulation.
Paying settlement is part of this effort.

(What's... the empire again?)

The word [Empire] caught my attention.
I'm utterly clueless about this world's geography and history, so the word doesn't ring any bell.

(Gotta study in library and likes... Also I wanna take a trip to many places.)

This just after I was feeling down for not having address or job, I can't believe myself sometimes.
I really don't know anything.

"Well then, before we proceed to the matter of settlement, I'd like to ask you a few questions, is that all right?"

"Eh? Me? W-what is it?"

I stammered at the sudden question thrown at me.

"Oh it's nothing complicated. I merely wish to hear more in detail from you. We collect any and all information no matter how trivial, for the sake of minimizing victims in the future. It would be a great help if you could cooperate."

The man bowed. To a youngster like me.
This man has been wearing a calm atmosphere all this time, emanating a bigwig aura. Guy seems high caliber.

I left my village after coming of age, came across Aryl getting attacked along the way here and ambushed the enemies, defeating them all in the process. Aryl also helped by throwing rocks at them and most of all, luck was on our side.

I won't speak the truth. It's clear as day that if my [Power] ever gets found out, I'm gonna get dragged into trouble.
It's as sure as burping after drinking carbonated drinks.
My answer had plenty of lies mixed in. I don't care even if they sound dubious.

The man kept asking a variety of questions, but I managed to give mostly non conflicting answers. I pushed through with, 'I was too focused to notice anything else', and 'I was lucky' excuses.

"Then lastly, please tell me your name."

"I'm not worthy enough to name myself."

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I said it.
A line I had always wanted to say just once in life.
Things were hazy and I had no sense of reality until this point, resulting in this shameful behavior.
That was just too much.
My regret was quickly returned with an adult-like response.

"Is that right, then so be it."

I was relieved to hear the lack of intonation in those words.

(Ah is this what they call reading the mood...)

That was appreciated since I have no intention to casually divulge my name everywhere.
Name is the most basic way to specify an individual.
Though there's no real point in fussing over that since I've got the supposedly [Unreal] black hair and black eyes.
In fact, I only saw blond hair and blue eyes all the way here to the guild.
The matter with name is nothing more than a [Mood] thing, a result of a fiddling line of thinking.

"Very well then, we're just glad you're safe and sound. We are currently preparing your settlement, please wait a moment here."

The man left the room after saying that.

Aryl let out a long sigh once the door was closed.

"Haa... That was nerve wrecking. I'm amazed you could act so calmly there."

"Eh? What's this about?"

"That man is the guildmaster, you know? I've heard he doesn't come out in person often. He only does so with large firms who have commissioned a huge number of requests, or those who belong to upper echelons."

"Eh? It's not like I know that, and to begin with, what does that got to do with me?"



A weird mood formed, then after a bit,

"I mean you're right and all..."

She reacted half given up.

I ask Aryl one thing here.

"Please don't talk about what I did to other people."





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 27

27 Optimism, Swept Over


Likely due to the barrage of shocks, my brain ended up being hazy.

(Why am I here again?)

My experience of working part time during my student days and the optimistic mind set of 'Eh, it'll work out somehow' played a role too I think.
Believing I could just pop up in some random stores asking 'Do you have work for me?', and finding one by luck.

And yet the end point of being swept over is Aryl's [Bodyguard].
How'd it come to this? Is this the natural outcome?

I'm in an inn right now.
In the same room as Aryl's.
I gathered my thought, recalling the chain of events that brought me here.

≠====    ≠====
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The insides of mercenary guild can be summed up as [Stout].
Its interior design is very utilitarian, and kept neat and clean.

"I commissioned someone from mercenary guild to escort me from the empire to this town. I would like to claim insurance money and settlement."

Aryl spoke without hesitation. Clear and sonorous without a hint of anger.

There was no one else in this place, either it was by chance or just the time period.

"P-please wait a moment. I am calling the person in charge."

The receptionist lady panicked for a bit before quickly regaining her composure.
Then she went in a door behind the counter.

I just watched it all while spacing out.

(Guild huh, sure is fantasy. And here I am? Never would've imagined it.)

And now I feel like escaping reality again.

(Gotta accept this is a complete 'Fantasy' now that I'm here...)

Before long, a young man quietly showed up and bowed his head.

"I would like to hear more detail in a room in the back. I hope you understand, if you'd please over here."

He said that calmly and proceeded to walk into a passage next to the receptionist counter without a sound of footstep.
Aryl followed behind him.

We were brought to a room in the furthest back.
The room has no furniture besides a table and chairs for four.

Aryl briskly walked to a chair and sat down even before she was told to.

(Eh? What's with this weird atmosphere... what?)

As I worked as a company employee who's been taught manners, I couldn't understand Aryl's behavior at this time.
I only realized later on that she was acting mad as a victim and put pressure on the guild so she wouldn't be taken lightly.

The man in charge offered me a seat as I stood there dumbfounded.

"Please have a seat as well. I've had people to bring us tea. Do take a breather for now."

The door opened right afterward, and another woman different from the receptionist brought a pot in.
She poured light brown liquid on cups lined up on the table.

(Tea? Quite the fragrant though... is this like Chinese tea?)

The fragrant spurred that thought, but I'm not actually well versed in tea.
I sipped my cup and tucked away the random thought into the corner of my mind.

The pot woman had left the room before I knew it.

"Now then, let me hear what happened in detail."

With that signal from the man, Aryl slowly explained the situation.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 26

26 Shock & Shock


My impression can be summed up as [It doesn't feel real].
My eyes have been darting all over the place. A complete bumpkin.
Later, Aryl told me my behavior was like announcing 'Please mess with me', that was embarrassing.

The townscape was the very picture of 'Fantasy' just like the people in it.
I never cared about different hair color in the village since it was a slow life.
And now I'm hit with another culture shock.

Aryl who was walking ahead turned around and looked at me.

"Will you go with me together to the mercenary guild?"

I was pulled back to reality with that sudden request. I must have got a goofy look on my face there.
I had no plan whatsoever after arriving at this town.
Like a windfall or perhaps I was just getting swept around, I gave my OK to her.

"Err... Sorry for the trouble? Thank you...?"

"Fufufu. I was the one getting saved you know? I should be the one doing the thank you. And also, I have to report to the mercenary guild, I'd like you to be my witness."

Aryl was right to laugh. The incoherent things coming out of my mouth showed how nonplussed I was being.
I wasn't able to gain such common sense or knowledge in the village due to the community there.
This world is vast. I need to learn common sense and general knowledge if I want to keep going.
It's a new wall I've got to slowly shave down. Otherwise, I won't be able to even glimpse the future.

"I've never gone a step outside my village, so I lack common sense. Could I trouble you to teach me a bit on that matter?"

"Oh, is that right. I'm happy to help as much as I could. It's a life you've saved after all. This much isn't enough to express my gratitude. I'll get proper rewards ready later!"

"Thank you. I'll take you up on your words."

I got a bit taken aback by Aryl's enthusiasm.

If you don't know something, just ask. I'm pretty much a foreign being in this world. I know nothing. I've got no shame nor honor.
I was delighted to find someone who would answer my questions, without realizing that I had gotten myself dragged into trouble by this point.

"Let us head out then. I'll answer what I can as we walk there."

We used the walk to the guild as a Q&A session.

"What should I explain? Anything on your mind you'd like to know first?"

"Sorry, since I'm completely clueless, I don't even know where to begin..."

That was when it hit me.

"Ah, please teach me about [Money]. I have no idea about standard of value."

Aryl had her mouth open in agape.
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"Y...yes, I understand. We're starting from the basic..."

Aryl seemed to have 'Got' it and gave a thorough explanation.
As expected of a merchant, she even brought out examples so I managed to form a concrete image on the general value of things.

A dime = 200 yen
One copper coin = 1000 yen
One silver coin= 10,000 yen
One gold coin = 100,000 yen
Platinum = one million yen

Each has a, dragon?, stamp on them.

Or so it's roughly like. It's fantasy.
Another shock hit me, I really am an otherworlder.
I thought I was already prepared for this, but in reality I merely averted my eyes from it. It's escapism.
I couldn't get [Used] to this world.

(I was too naive... Mom and dad must have limited what to teach me, seeing how overprotective they were...)

But the answer is clear. The fault doesn't lies on other.

(The thought should have crossed my mind, yet I was getting spoiled by my circumstances and didn't proactively seek it out... I was the problem.)

However, it was also true that my hands were full just trying to survive in this other world, so I 'Overlooked' it.
No one can possibly get everything right when they suddenly get thrown into this situation. None has the right to blame me.
Humans are weak. They won't go out of their way to look at issues they don't want to see. At least not until the issue gets shoved right in their face.

We arrived in front of mercenary guild before I realized. Aryl stopped in front of a building.
Next to it, the most eye catching thing is a huge [Sword] and [Shield] wooden sign.
Then a wide open entrance.

"I will take care of the things here, you only need to respond when asked."

Before long, Aryl went in the entrance.
I followed along.

"Welcome to Mercenary Guild. How may we be of help?"

A clear voice of a woman resounded in the room.




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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-36

18-36.  A Boy in Labyrinth City (10)



Is a huge herd of monsters coming our way?

"Directive to students. Run up the pillar stairway and stand by at the top, so I direct."

Instructor pointed at one of the pillars.

"Shouldn't we run away from here?"
"Unable to run to a safe spot at your exhausted states, so I foresee."

Instructor replied to noble lad Rojim.

"'Hurry' so I inform."

Someone's name?

"She's telling us to make it quick. Let's run to the top!"

Lachesis pulled my arm toward the pillar, followed by everybody else.
Looks like Lachesis could understand that kind of word just like my little sister.

"Oy, instructor isn't going up?"

Pointed out by Zaki, we all looked down and saw instructor staying on her spot.
She's holding a shield as tall as she is, not sure where she took that from.

"Instructor! Come on up!"
"The stampede's coming!"
"Worry not so I inform."

The explorers who shouted to us about the stampede ran past instructor.
Followed by other explorers with a dire look on their faces.

"Oy, move out the way."

Someone spoke from below the pillar.
I don't know him.

Apparently several other explorers have given up trying to get out, taking shelter on this pillar instead.

After we moved out, those guys went for a suspension bridge toward the next pillar.


Rasa muttered that and grabbed the arm of one of the guys going toward the bridge.

"What's your deal?"
"Aren't you from the same village as Gon's? Where's Gon's group?"

I remember now.
He's the guy who invited Gon's group to his party.

"Those guys ran off ahead."

'Get off', he shook Rasa's hand off, and continued on.

"Didn't they come here?"
"I see... Well they're with Gon and his shield, they must've taken another route."

He doesn't seem worried.

"You think Gon and the rest are fine?"
"I'm worried, but there's nothing we can do."

Zaki shook his head at my words.

"It's a herd of monsters."
"And it's not only goblins. There's Maze Ants and Maze Giant Rats too."

Sagu and Jimu spoke as they watched the stampede.

"Monsters! Keep your speed below legal limit so I declare!"

Instructor shouted out some unintelligible stuff.

"That's a shielder's Taunt skill."

Instructor held her shield aloof.

"Look at that!"
"There's lights around instructors? Are those magic arrows?"
"So many?!"
"It's like the Legend of Founder King."

Dozens of magic arrows emerged around instructor, then with a swing of her sword, they all shot out toward the monsters.
But they weren't enough to even put a dent on the countless monsters.

"No good. There's a huge gulf in numbers."
"That's not true! Look!"

The magic arrows that got close to the monsters burst open.

"That's so cool! Each arrow kills multiple monsters!"

Lachesis spoke in excitement.
She seems unaware at her pulling my arm.

"She did it! Those monsters stopped!"

The vanguard monsters fell down from the bursting magic arrows, and the trailing monsters behind them tumbled down creating a chain reaction.
Instructor then poured down magic arrows at them.

"Whoa... So that's the power of a veteran explorer..."

Priest apprentice Yuto talked in delirium.

I get him.

Her power is so overwhelming like it's straight out of hero tales.
The end came into sight as the fight between instructor and the monsters turned into a one side beat down.

"She won by herself."

Rasa nodded at Zaki.

"Ah! It's Keros!"
"And Shina too."

Other explorers who ran from the stampede are coming here from another path.
It's hard to tell from this far out, but Keros and Shina are among those explorers.

"I don't see Gon anywhere..."

Shina is shouldering Keros who's wounded all over.

"Something real bad there."

Ratkin Neze muttered that.

"What's bad?"
"Dunno myself."

Neze looked puzzled for not understanding what he means himself.

"Why do those guys keep looking behind them?"

Rasa looked like he realized something hearing Yuto saying that and put his ear on the pillar's wall.


I mimicked him.

It's faint but I can hear some deep thumping sounds.

"Oh no! Instructor!"

Rasa shouted at instructor below us.

"There's something coming from that direction! Probably a big one!"

Instructor jumped up to where we were instantly and stared at the pointed direction.

"This is stumping so I inform."
"For instructor to say that--."

Rasa's words were erased by a loud thundering sound.

Something came out breaking the walls behind Shina's group.
A giant worm-like thing. Wriggling string-like matters are attached to its tip

"What the heck's that?!"
"That's an Area Master, or its kin, so I guess."
"Area Master? But there's no Area Master in the first Area! That's just common sense!"

An old explorer man who brought the stampede here denied instructor.

"Rejecting reality thrust before your eyes because it does not conform to established notions is a fool's errand so I assert."

The explorer gnashed his teeth, 'Gununu.'

"We gotta run!"
"Yeah! This pillar won't do any good against that giant thing!"

Noble lad Rojim agreed with Zaki.
The older explorers pushed us aside and ran below after hearing their conversation.

"Instructor! Can you win against that, instructor?"

I asked instructor while running after those explorers.

"It is not possible with my current equipment so inform."

Not even that amazing instructor could...

"Keros, keep at it!"

I could hear Shina's voice, they were closer than I thought.
I turned around and saw Shina running while lending Keros her shoulder.

"Oh crap, it's gotten so close already!"

Rasa is looking at the [Area Master] that's coming our way while crushing down pillars and walls in its path.
Shina and Keros are gonna get swallowed by the [Area Master] at this rate.

I ran out.


While hearing Rasa trying to stop me behind.

"Eh? Sharon?"

I took Keros' other shoulder and helped them run.

"I'll take it from here. You're hurt too, Shina."

Rasa who also ran here took Shina's side but Keros was heavier than he thought and he tumbled down.

"Rasa, I'll do it."

Zaki came too.

"Sharon, behind you!"

Lachesis ran here and jumped at us, tumbling us all down.

"Uwaa, what are you doing?!"

Something mowed down right above us at high speed.

Breaking down all the walls and pillars nearby.

"That thing shot its tentacles here!"

Zaki's voice explained what happened.
A tentacle growing out of the giant worm's tip could reach far out.

"Thanks, Lachesis."

If she hadn't braved danger, we would have died then.

"Save it for later. We've got to run."

I shoulder Keros and run with Rasa who's pulling Shina's hand.
Zaki and Lachesis lead the way while watching out behind us.

"It's coming!"
"I shan't let you so I inform--Flexible Shield."

Several translucent shields showed up behind us and blocked the tentacles.

"Hurry on now."

Another tentacle got around the shield but instructor cut stopped its advance with her greatshield and sword.

"Oh no, if this keeps up..."
"Zaki, focus on your front!"

We put our trust in instructor and ran at full speed.

A loud sound exploded behind us, instructor got blown above us.
Around 10 tentacles assaulted her.

"--Watch out!"

Lachesis pulled me as my eyes tracked instructor.
Then a tentacle thrust the spot I was at.

"You saved me again."
"Forget about that now--."

I saw a tentacle coming at Lachesis while tearing down the ground.

Normally I wouldn't have made it.
Even if I pulled her down, we'd just get torn along.

--Ground Shrink.

Using my last resort skill, I barely managed to save Lachesis in time.
But doing that was apparently too much while shouldering Keros.


I crashed down the ground with Keros.
My body won't move from the recoil of using Ground Shrink.

"Run! Lachesis!"

Before another tentacle came.

Lachesis ran off.

Yes. That's good.

Lachesis stopped next to a big pillar.

"How could I run away here!"

She hit the pillar with her palm and shouted seemingly mad.
A wave of purple light ran across Lachesis's body.

"Come forth! Knight of Gold!"

With her shout, the pillar's surface undulated and a golden colored shining hand came out of it.
A hand gigantic enough to hold my whole body in its palm.

After the arm, the upper body of a giant knight manifested.

"One time isn't enough is it... Then one more!"

A wave of purple light ran across Lachesis's body once again, then the giant knight finally fully emerged.

"Haa haa haa--Come forth! Knight of Gold!"

By Lachesis' command, the golden knight moved out.

It took on the giant worm's tentacles.
But it couldn't stop them and fell down.

"I got it!"

Urged by Lachesis, Rasa, Zaki and I dragged Keros away.

"Lachesis you too!"
"I can't. That would turn back into soil if I did."

Lachesis's face is full of sweat.


The giant worm twisted its body and shook its tip.
The golden knight entangled in tentacles got thrown onto a nearby pillar, breaking some walls along the way.


Lachesis groaned while holding her body as if she could feel the knight's pain.

"I'm fine. This much is, nothing!"

Lachesis glared at the giant worm as she clenched her teeth.
A drop of red fell down her lips.

"Student Lachesis, well done so I praise."

Instructor who got blown into a rubble came back.

"You can win with golden knight's help, right instructor!"
"Negative. Student Zaki, just us two cannot hope to win so I evaluate."

We can't? Even with that giant knight and instructor?
Is that giant worm that strong?


I mustered my strength and got up.

"I will use my all to help."

My little sis' would get mad at me if I did nothing while leaving everything to the girls.

Instructor gently tapped my shoulder.

"There is no need to so I inform."
"I can act as a decoy at least."
"That is not what I mean so I correct."

Instructor pointed ahead.

Two figures made a rapid dash toward the giant worm.

"Running Dragon Kiiiiiiiick so I inform!"
"There's two of us so it should be Double Running Dragon Kick so I correct!"

The two figures crashed onto the giant worm's head at incredible speed.
They're riding bipedal running lizards.

"They are my sisters so I inform."

As the giant worm shrieked, four pillar-like translucent stakes got driven onto it from above.

"Are we late?"

A blond beauty that looks exactly like instructor landed on top of  a nearby wall.
There are also three other blond beauties. With the two on running lizards and instructor included, there are seven of them in total.

"No Adin. You just narrowly made it so I inform."
"All good then. Do you need a break?"
"Negative. Requesting my participation so I tell."
"Okay. Let's go with 'Formation C'. Do you have enough mana?"
"Yes Adin. I can cast one more advanced level spell so I tell."

"'Formation C'. Caster Mode so I explain."

"...Why in English."

Lachesis muttered while keeping the golden knight hold the giant worm down.

The instructors readied their wands.

"""Divine Lance."""

Gigantic lances around thrice their size showed up next to them.
Later on, I was told it was an advanced level force magic spell.

"Knight of Gold! Stop at nothing to hold it down!"

By Lachesis's command, the golden knight pulled the giant worm's tentacles with its crumbling arms.

"""Yes Adin."""

The giant lances shot out all at once, piercing the giant worm one after another.

"""Divine Lance"""

Second volley, third volley, fourth volley, they went and skewered the giant worm.


It's like a scene straight out of myth or hero's legend.

Our instructor, Seis, had run out of mana, so she just watched over her sisters.

"I'm at, my limit."

I held Lachesis as she fell down fainting.
I almost couldn't breathe from the pain when I received her, but it's better than letting her down after her great effort.

"Are you okay?"

Rasa looked down in amazement.

Beyond him, the giant worm is rampaging around from the pain while scattering its bodily fluid everywhere.
The golden knight is still holding down the other end of its tentacles.

Then as it finished its mission, the knight crumbled down into soil.

"It's over so I report."

By the fourth volley, the giant worm stopped making any noise.

"We made it."
"Spare me from something like this next time please."

Rasa and Zaki laughed at each other.

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Things were quite messy afterward.

Fortunately enough, Gon whom we all thought had died survived.
Instructor Huit found him buried under a wreckage.

Though he paid a huge price for his survival.

Gon lost part of his right arm from the elbow down, and stayed in the party using an artificial arm now.
Keros who was scared witless of the labyrinth retired and went back home. Shina apparently is working as an employee in the party's home base.

As for us--.

"Sharon! Time to go to our party formation ceremony!"
"I got it. Where's Rasa?"
"He went ahead."

After the beginner's course, we all decided to form a party together.
Unfortunately, noble lad Rojim and his servitor had already decided on their party beforehand, so they declined, but all other members are old faces.

"Huh? What about Lachesis?"

Lachesis was nowhere to be seen at the diner where we met up.

"She went there, said she got stuff to take care of or something."

Ratkin Neze pointed at the back of the diner.

"I'll go take a look."

I've got a bad feeling about it somehow.

"--Lachesis-sama. You have used your Authority at last."
"How did you know?"

Lachesis is talking with a person wearing a deep purple robe behind the building.
It's the hooded man from before.

"I have been informed by your guard."
"Guard? Don't you mean watchdog?"
"It appears there is a slight misunderstanding. Us, the cult is--"
"I don't want to hear it. Go home."
"Now that you have used your Authority, you should return to the cult and beg your sisters for their teachings."
"I told you already I'm not going. I only used my Unique Skill because it was a life or death situation. I'm never using it again if I can help it."
"Lachesis, cease your selfishness--"

The man grabbed Lachesis's arm.

She's gonna get taken away at this rate.

I ran out with that in mind.


Lachesis sounded perplexed.

"Let's go! Lachesis!"

I held out my hand to her.
Lachesis tried to take it but the man's hand was in the way.

"Get off me!"

Lachesis shook off the man's hand.
And gripped mine.

"I'm not going back! You guys go home and tell sisters. I will live in labyrinth city!"

As she ran with me, Lachesis looked back and shouted at the man.

"Are you sure?"
"Yes! I'm feeling pretty great right now!"

Lachesis smiled at me.
I smiled back.

We ran together.
Toward our friends, fellow labyrinth explorers.

◆◆◆At a certain village◆◆◆

"Reina-san, could you be--"
"No I'm not! You've got it wrong, Akindo-san!"

Reina's shout erased Akindo's stunned voice.

"Err, um, right! Remake! There was a retelling version! It's not a rebroadcast or the initial broadcast one!"
"I'm telling the truth okay?"

Reina cutely tilted her head.

"Yes, let's go with that."
"It's the truuuuuuuuuth."

Reina's shout echoed in the village's outskirts.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 25

25 Circumstances


I recalled the last words father squeezed out.
What kind of feelings did he put in them I wonder?
There is no way to ask him now.

"I have just left my village after coming of age. I'm nothing more than an ignorant country bumpkin."

"...Err, and your strength that defeated all those bandits alone..."

"Ah, that's because I'm working out every single day, I've also done a bit of forest hunting."

(That's not gonna convince her, but let's just push through.)

"You're a peddler, aren't you? Are you planning to open a business at the commercial city?"

I forcefully changed the topic and bit on my sandwich lunch to signify I don't plan on divulging further.

"...Yes. I was on my way to commercial city to sell my ware on my own after coming of age."

"And that's when I came across that scene huh, am I cursed or what..."

"I see you as my savior god has sent upon me."

Aryl said that lightly and jokingly, but that line displeased me greatly inwardly.

(I succeeded saving someone, fine. I can also accept how I somehow ran across it. But I reject the notion that I'm a savior sent by god. Absolutely.)

However, I didn't speak that out loud nor I showed a displeased expression.

Being a [Savior] of a god who kidnapped and forcefully brought me here is the very last thing I wanna be.
In fact, I'd like nothing more than sending a punch to that divine face's side.

After lunch break, we resumed walking.
Unlike before, Aryl started talking about the ware she's handling.
I listened to her while occasionally asking back or agreeing to distract myself from the boring mostly unchanging scenery of the forest on the roadside.

We came out of the forest after a bit, into a sprawling plain.
Far beyond at the horizon is a giant wall shining white.

"We'll be arriving soon. Are you all right carrying that much luggage? Should we take a break?"

As I've been shouldering a mountain heap of loot I got from the bandits, Aryl asked me.
She had been glancing at me at times before, but seemingly gave up asking after seeing me unperturbed.
She must have asked now after the long walk.

"Ah, no worries. Let's keep going. Or maybe you want to rest a bit, Aryl?"

"I-I'm okay. Despite how I look, I'm confident with my legs."

Thus we kept walking while minding each other.

And we finally arrived before the gate.

There was a queue of people waiting to get inside, but our turn came soon enough.
Though it was an uncomfortable period for me with all the glances.

"Take out your pass."

Thus the gatekeeper spoke. One with a leather chest protector and a long spear. And another with a long sword slightly behind him.
They're looking at me suspiciously.

(Huh? You need a pass... Man, I don't even know about common sense in the village, gotta start from scratch...)

A country bumpkin ignorant of the outside world. Knowing no shame nor honor, I'm gonna have to adopt the [Asking is a shame for that one time, not asking is a shame for life] mind set. And I'd be doing that to people other than my parents at this age.
Will I get shot down with 'complete stranger' magic word? I sure hope not.
And now I'm worried if anyone would smoothly answer my questions.

Information can be lethal weapons. Having it come back to kill me is not completely out of question.

"Yes. I have it here."

Next to me, Aryl took a piece of wood written with something from her small bag.

(Huh? She's a peddler... with a bag that small?)

As that question popped on my mind, Aryl started explaining the situation to the gatekeepers.

"Oy, you there, come with me. I need you to explain in detail."

Looks like they're gonna cross examine me. Aryl followed behind me.

"It'll be fine. I'll be your guarantor."
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I followed along after getting told that.

(I can always run if it comes down to it.)

We were led to a guard rest hut.

Afterward, they kept questioning me.
Birthplace, age, reason for leaving, how I defeated the bandits, yet they never asked my name for some reason.

(Maybe it's cause they're in charge of watching countless people coming and going everyday? No point in knowing some random bumpkin's name, I guess?)

Once I thought this questioning is nothing more than a formality, I stopped thinking too hard.

"I don't know the village's name. 15. I've decided to live alone once I've come of age. I launched an ambush and lured them all into a trap."

When I gave that concise answer with a bit of lie and nothing more than necessary, the guard had a 'What's with this guy?' expression on his face. Seemingly reading the room, Aryl didn't say a word while keeping her smile.

It really was a formality, they released us after checking on Aryl and got the reply, 'He's telling the truth' from her about me exterminating the whole bandit gang thing. Apparently that was the important part.

(No one pointed out my [Blessless]-ness from my black hair and black eyes thus far... Hmm?)

"I have him hired as my bodyguard. Will you please let us go through? And could you purchase the bandits' belongings?"

Aryl seemed quite used to this kind of stuff, she took care of everything in one go.
When I thanked her later, she told me, 'I only did what's right.' I thanked her once again.

The mountain heap of loot were quickly calculated, bulking up my pocket.
Are they gonna use one of the stuff as evidence? I quickly erased that unnecessary thought.
What should I do now. With that in my mind, I left the hut and went through the gate along with Aryl.

(I don't wanna get dragged into trouble, intrigues or incidents. Spare me. I'm fed up already.)

It hasn't even been a day since I left the village.

I followed Aryl who led us into a crowd.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 24

24 Companies in Travel and Life


I checked every single men I sent flying.

(They're all dead... And I was just poking them lightly...)

After what happened with the boar magic beast, I tried to hold myself back here.
I got dejected by my own power's abnormality.

(That Saiya grandson did training to control his strength. I can see how hard that is now...)

I have no issue in my normal state outside Acceleration.
But once the [Switch] is on, it's like I'm being toyed around by my power instead.

(Should I stop my daily workout? Kinda afraid I'd cause an even bigger mess than this...)

"Er, um! T-thank you very much."

The girl I saved had come next to me and said her thanks before I knew it.
Her words were filled with gratitude.

I stopped pondering and checked the surroundings. To ascertain no more foes lurking.

"These guys are all dead... What now?"

"Eh...? Ah, yes... you can just leave them here. It'll be fine as long as you report to the government office later... Eh? All of them? Dead? Eh?"

What is she surprised about? Well whatever.
But I'm a bit surprised at myself. Manslaughter. Even if those men were trash not worth hurting your conscience over.
Yet it didn't really feel real to me.
Punched a chin, kicked an abdomen, a light push, a direct punch on the chest, a chop on the neck, and a high kick on the head.
Even if I didn't have killing intent and was just testing my power.

"Won't they get eaten by carnivorous animals? Is that all right?"

I spoke as if I wasn't the one who did all that.

"Ah, if that's the case, please feel free to take all these bandits' belongings. Go ahead."

"Ah, really? So you can do that. Right, glad to see you're unhurt."

She noticed late and changed her tone.

"Yes, you have my gratitude for saving me in my..."

"Ah, no need for formality. I mean we're probably around the same age. Just speak frankly."

Afterward, I took all valuables from the corpses. No hesitation.
These guys no longer need them anyway.

(Have I always been this cold of a human...)

'I sure took myself wrong', I thought to myself.

"I would like to express my gratitude, but I'm sorry, I don't have anything on me right now..."

"Eh? Ah, don't need it. Well then! Take care."

Not like I was expecting reward. The trouble's been taken care of anyway.
As I was about to walk away, she called out to me.

"Um! Where might you be going?"

"Commercial city though?"

"I'm sorry. I know it's impudent of me for asking after you just saved me and all, but could you let me go with you?"

I thought for a bit.
(She got attacked, saved and still got some way to go left. Guess she'd feel uneasy being left alone now. She must want a bodyguard until her destination...)
"...Sure, I don't mind."

"Thank you so much! Oh, I'm Airyl. A peddler."

(I may have saved her and all, but isn't she a bit too trusting? Well whatever.)

"Well, as they say, 'Companies in travel and life'."

"Eh... Ha...?"

"Huh? That didn't go through?"

"Err, uh, umm? That's a nice phrase?"

"Well anyway. Let's get a move on."

I thought to myself as I lifted up my loaded baggage.
Man, what should I do about lunch.

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After walking for about one kilometer. I've already regretted my decision.

(She's slow. I'd have gotten there by now if I ran.)

Naturally she wouldn't have been able to catch up with me running in [Acceleration] state.

"Um, would you like to have lunch together?"

I affirmed her and the two of us walked under a tree.
That was the first exchange we did until this point. I wasn't going to make small talks.

"...Just who are you?"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 23

23 Each One


Ruminating over my options:
1. Completely ignore them and hurry on ahead
(I mean, it's not like I'm some big damn hero, am I?)

2. Call out to them and ask what's going on
(I'd rather not get involved, but it's too late now that I've come across this scene.)

It would keep weighing on my mind if the girl ended up in an awful situation.
Yet I don't want to actively poke my nose into bothersome matters. I recall the bullying done by those four in the village.
Also, I'm not some powerless commoner who can't stand up against violence.
If I were, I would have hidden myself in some bush and turned a blind eye.

(Helping others... Is [Going with It] the fate of those with the power to?)

I'm not a goody two shoes, yet neither am I a scumbag, nor a brute.
Thus, I'm unable to overlook this.

(Phew... Is this what they call a template...)

Trying to make it seems cool inwardly feels like nonsense.
I got closer and listened to the men talking.

Hoarse voices that grate the ears could be heard.

===  ===  ===

Dirty looking men started throwing gibberish at the shrinking girl.
"Stay still if ya don't wanna get hurt."
"We're gonna make ya feel reaaal good."
"Gehehehe, then we're gonna make a bank selling ya after, along with yer' baggage."
"Chill, I'm a gentleman 'see."
"It's gonna hurt at first, but as it goes on... buberabo!!"

The main source of the repulsive ear grating voice got blown 3 meter away.

"Aa~, thanks for making this simple with your cliched thuggish lines."

One after another, all 15 men were blown away in no time flat.

≠====   ≠=====  ≠=====
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I'm a merchant. A novice who's just started out by herself.
But I have learned a lot of trade art from my master who supported me until this point. I was confident.

I plan to sell my goods in the commercial city famed throughout the empire.
You need money to do business, make yourself known and build connections, so I had saved as much money as I could for this moment.
Money wasn't the only thing required. There's transportation, goods inspections, and expenditure which need careful elaborations.
As a result I could only afford to hire a [you get what you pay for] mercenary.

So this end result was brought about by my ignorance on the situation in the mercenaries guild, prioritizing on my own only instead.
My lapse of judgment on the importance of information has now cost me dearly.
Information is the most important thing to merchants.
Yet it had completely slipped my mind.
Forget being an expensive life lesson, I likely won't see the sunrise again at this rate.

As that fear dominated my mind, a sword was thrust before my neck, I lost strength on my trembling legs imagining what would become of me.
(Why... are they... ambush... from the start, they were planning to...!)

I took light of [Danger].
How the merchant that took care of me never encountered bandits, magic beasts, quarrels or even disputes also contributed to my carelessness.
Of course that was due to the fact that they hired trusted and highly skilled mercenaries to take care of the problems. This realization came too late, and the [Pain] wouldn't help me in the future.

(No! ...I don't want to get violated by these thugs...!)

Regret, terror, contempt toward these men and repulsion all got mixed within me.

You often hear these anecdotes. How travelers getting assaulted.
A common happenstance you never thought would befall you.
And in most cases, regret came too late, as they met an atrocious end with no salvation.

"I don't wanna die..."
I spoke while quivering. Despite fully knowing the other party wouldn't even consider my words.

"I don't wanna die..."
Even if I survived, only a wretched life would await me.

"I don't wanna die..."
Can a life wrapped in despair and misery along with a broken mind even be considered 'alive'?

I don't have a god I rely on.
I believe in money. Not as a miser.
It's simply the logical thing to. Because I'm a realist.

I'm fully aware that offering these men money now would only fuel their disgusting laughter further.

With a trembling voice so low no one would hear it,

"Someone help me... god..."

I whispered.

This was the first time the girl ever prayed in her life. Wishing for god to save her.

"Aa~, thanks for making this simple with your cliched thuggish lines."

≠=====   ≠=====  ≠=====

"Aw yeah, a big hit."
"Guess it's time to teach a young missy an expensive lesson on the way of the world."
"Yea, can't wait."
"Can't find a cushy job lately 'fter all."
"Gotta hide somewhere afterward. At least till things calm down a tad."

The men talked in whisper in a dirty alleyway behind a tavern.
One of these men had taken an escort job for a young merchant girl. However, he was the only one.
The only one hired.
While his client went somewhere to prepare for the trip, he gathered the men here.
They're to meet up in front of the gate. There's still time until then.

"Take her halfway. We'll go on ahead. It's an easy job, gonna be over soon. The rest is pleasure time."
"Whelp, I'm off now. Can't make my client wait after all."

Guhi guhi, the place was filled with repulsive laughter.
They all dispersed with that as a signal.
Every single one of them looks suspicious, all the more if they're in one group.
They all took different paths to get to the ambush spot.

The man greeted his client, 'Hello.'
The young girl who likely just came of age energetically replied, "Please take care of me", without even a shred of wariness.
This was the only word they spoke.
They kept silent along the way. And just kept walking forward.
The trip came to an end a bit after noon.

Once the man found his friends hiding in a forest along the roadside, he couldn't stop grinning and turned to look at his prey.
Breaking the silent, he uttered a word he had been waiting for.

"Whelp, it's time!"

During the moment the girl looked surprised at this word, he drew his sword and thrust it before her neck.

"Stay still if ya don't wanna get hurt."

More men came out of hiding one after another. Each uttering filthy words.
However, that place turned into hell due to the appearance of a lone intruder.

"Aa~, thanks for making this simple with your cliched thuggish lines."





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 22

22 Oneself


Later, father told me that the beast I killed is a magic beast.

Villagers who came across us on our way back trembled in fear, had funny expressions on their faces from shock, froze up they wouldn't dare move a muscle, or screamed out loud, really all kinds.

As we arrived back home, mother got knocked off her feet and passed out from excessive shock.

We woke her up and I explained, 'I did promise this morning after all', which she replied with a dry laugh, 'Ha, hahaha....'

Father and mother called their friends to help with stripping the magic beast clean.
These people have stayed friend with my parents even after I was born as a Blessless.
Being promised a portion of the materials as a give and take for helping also didn't hurt.

(Well, I could have finished it in an instant if I just used [Acceleration].)

But I can't do that. I'm staying out of the work.

I'll stay away from other villagers until the very end. Even if I'm leaving this village tomorrow, the condition must be upheld.

The dinner that night was grand.
Even liquor usually only served during harvest festivals was there.

"Alright, it's family time. Let's drink."

"I'm still not of age though?"

"My, what's wrong with it, you'll be one tomorrow anyway. Don't be cold now!"

Mother filled her cup and gulped it down in one dash.
I was surprised to see this side of mother I never knew.

The meal tonight became the most striking memory I had in this village.

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Morning the following day. Father and mother are seeing me off at the village's gate.

"Mom, dad, thank you for taking care of me all this time."

It was short because we already exchanged farewell during last night meal.

But father quietly squeezed a whisper with his face turned down the ground.

"Just who are you..."

Mother standing right next to him didn't seem to catch it.

Yet, I clearly heard it. I ended up hearing it.

I turned around while feigning ignorance, silently walked past the gate and left the village without turning back.

From this moment onward, I'm by myself.

(I am Saitou Shunichi, an ordinary office worker. Sales dept.)

Father's word made me strongly recall my previous life.
The one who lived in this village was [Me], yet also not.
'Who am I' huh?
The answer would be 'Me' before I got reincarnated.

I rejected having everything be reset. I reinforced the belief that I am me from the bottom of my heart. That time.

I recall the feeling I had forgotten from that time.

"I want to get a punch on god. A punch filled with this rage for getting me forcefully reincarnated into this world."

I put that hopeless and unrealistic wish into words.
So that I won't ever forget this anger. So that I won't forget who I am.

That said, it'd be boring to fixate myself on that so I tuck it away into the corner of my mind.

"Okay now, guess I'll run."

This morning, I've decided to head to a commercial city where I likely can find a job.
It's a straight road there from here. Running all the way there in place of the usual work out regime sounds like a good idea.

"What to do about breakfast?"

I took a stance while shouldering the big rucksack on my back like they're lightweight feathers.

"Yoi... Don!"

I vanished from the spot, appearing in the far horizon a moment later.

====  =====

I had been running for a while. And just as I was about to consult my stomach about having meal, I saw figures of people.
Their state brought about shock, astonishment and curiosity all at once.

"Oy oy, what is this, a prime [Template] or something?"

Around 15 men have surrounded a lone girl right in the middle of this nowhere road.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 21

21 Before Departure


Ever since the knife incident, the bullying stopped.
It was refreshing. But humans are a spoiled creature.
It also made me feel a bit lonelier.
I get that sounds contradictory, but those four were the only ones.
The only villagers who came in contact with me.

(Well that doesn't mean I [Regret] this though.)

I had a few friends in my past life as well, a dry human who didn't really mind being by himself.
It's nothing new to me.

"Now then, time to work on the field, weed it out and feed livestock, and after that it's workout time."

Thus I spent my uneventful daily life on the usual routine.

======    ======  =====

I've turned 14 and will come of age the next day.
Time goes by so quick, tomorrow I'll be departing this village.
Last night I made preparations for the journey and luggage. But I haven't decided where I'm headed yet.

Today, father invited me to go hunting from early morning.

"This will be our last outing together..."

Once I've left the village, I can never come back. That was one of the conditions put forward.
Mother forced herself to laugh despite her teary reddened eyes.

"Turning this that big a deal makes it all the more hard for me. Just act like usual, mom. It's not like I'm dying or anything."

"But it's going to get lonely. And when I think I can't see you anymore..."

I soothe mother who looked like she's about to cry again.

"I mean look! I'm leaving the village tomorrow right? You're gonna run out of tears if you don't save some, mom. I'll be sure to send you letters too."

I joked around a bit.

"We'll be off! We're gonna catch a big one for sure! Just you wait!"

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We made a quick work out of our first prey.

Normally we'd be deciding on whether to resume the hunt or call it off, but father was in a high spirit.

"It will be our last dinner together. Let's make it grand."

"I'm telling you just act like usual. There'll be less emotional upheaval like that, you know?"

"Save the difficult words. I want to celebrate you going independent. As a father."

"Oh come on, it's nothing that grand, is it. You're exaggerating, dad."

However, I was actually feeling thankful to my father's familial love from the bottom of my heart.

(Alright! I'll make use of my power and hunt some big one here.)

(Uwaa... It's pretty much that in the flesh... You hunt them in Monster (Hunter)...)
"Dos... Fan... Boar?"

That thing showed up from within the forest. It was the biggest beast I have ever seen in my life yet.

(Is this a [Boss]...? A big haul? Alright! I'mma do it!)

Knowing this would be my last hunt in this village, I decided to reveal the power I had kept hidden from father and mother up until now.

I picked up a pebble on the ground.

(I mean this is a good chance as any to measure up my power. Might be the first and the last time to.)

Since I had never got the chance to before this, I got heated up for once.

So I thought as I threw the pebble at the boar.

It hit the boar squarely, turning its attention to me before it made a charge.

The world moves in slow motion.
I'm in [Acceleration] state.

(Now then, the best move against a ramming attack would be that.)

I never usually got this excited, but my tension was uncharacteristically high this time, I even came up with a practical joke.

(Man, I remember playing around with it in Elementary school.)

I took the stance of a fighting game character which has a red headband, a white dougi, and seeks those stronger than him.

I charged up my strength, and waited for the side of the boar's face to slowly draw close to me before unleashing my punch.



That was the sound of a shockwave created from the beast getting punched.

Immediately after, the giant body crashed into the ground, 'ZUDON!', causing a tremor.

I was remorseful. I moved on to drain the blood in order to avert my eyes.

(That was shameful... Yeah sure I'm starving for fighting games, but that was just too much... Far too much... Way to be a grown up...)

Due to the unbearable shame, I ended up making some inane-sounding excuses to my father.

After slitting the neck of the hung boar, I ruminated what just happened.

(That punch... Wasn't at my full power... This stuff is dangerous... I can't seem to grasp the full extent of my power... I was just lightly tracing the motion and yet... That much power!)

I was planning to gradually increase my strength over a barrage of punch to then grasp control over this power, that plan crumbled in one punch.

(This is no joke... Gotta seal this power... Can't use it willy-nilly...)

Once the blood draining process was over, I snapped back to reality.

"Let's go home dad. Mom's waiting. Oh man, we're running late, aren't we."

I'm just glad I managed to hunt a big one as promised.
Though now I'm hit with a new problem on this seemingly bottomless power.

Additionally, I didn't notice the face father turned at me as I casually lifted and carried the giant boar around.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 20

20 Through the Father's Eyes


The bullying stopped ever since that day.

The four boys' parents were called to a village assembly where they were heavily rebuked and made to resign from their positions.
The father who was one of the witnesses also participated in this assembly, watching it unfold was liberating to him.

He also talked to his wife, about everything, giving her a peace of mind.
She had various expressions while listening, from sorrow, anger, and relief, and he would reassure her, 'It's all in the past', 'He's safe now', 'Our son is fine', 'The boy himself doesn't seem to mind'.

The person concerned himself is working in the field like usual.

His son calmly stopped a knife coming his way. Then he should be able to deal with problems on his own now.
That wasn't the nerve of a child.
The father's impression who saw it first hand was,

(When did he gain that strength... no, perfect body movement? No, I could not even catch him move.)

He himself could see the chain of event. And yet.
Despite his son moving like a child would, he couldn't even recognize what really took place.
Experience? Masterful? It's nothing like that. It's more...
Something that cannot be expressed with mere words... A domain men cannot ever hope to reach... That's...

(Monstrosity... Even if that's true...)

A word that remained in his ears crossed his mind.
But he recalled. The joy and relief he felt when his son was born.
There's only one thing his son is. Their irreplaceable treasure.

=========    ============
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A day before the boy comes of age, the two parent and son went to forest for their [Last Hunt Together as Father and Son].

"I'm not gonna lose to dad anymore now."

"Haha. Dad is just glad there's nothing to worry about. It's not about winning or losing."

"Thanks, dad."

"Look we've got a prey. Save your gratitude for tomorrow. Oh another one."

They got two game in this last hunting day.

"We got in too deep huh. Let's get back early."

They managed to catch the first prey but had a hard time finding another.
And though that's not all the reason, the two of them ended up going deeper into the forest.
The deeper they go in a forest the more dangerous it gets. A fact one must never forget.
But he wanted to cook up something extravagant today for his son's farewell party.

"See, I told you. You should have calmed down, dad."

The son admonished him.

"Just go like you've always been. I'll miss it, but that's all the more reason to..."

He was overjoyed at his son's growth hearing that.

(Can't tell which one's the adult here.)

The laughter only lasted briefly.
Thump, thump, those sounds echoed along with tremor coming from deeper inside the forest.

He forgot to move due to the shock.
This moment of indecisiveness shut off their chance to run away.

A giant beast showed up before him.

"You go run away on your own... I'll lure it and..."

He knows what this thing is.

Magic beast.

A beast that receives an abundant amount of mana through some kinds of means and grows up without dying.
Excessive mana brings about death, but there are rare cases where individual beasts survive and turn into magic beasts.

There had never been any record of one emerging in the forest surrounding their village.
Yet one now stands before them.

Its width is about the height of an adult. The length is double that.
Its body is like a giant round log with short yet thick quadruple legs.
It has a protruded snout and a big spread mouth below.
From inside that mouth, two mighty white tusks project out bending upward, each the size of a human adult.
Its dark brown fur is packed with bristle covering its entire body.

"Dos... Fan... Boar...?"
<TLN: Monster Hunter's Bulldrome in the localized version.>

His state of mind couldn't even afford to hear what his son said.
Mustering up all his courage, he's prepared to bet his life to let his [Treasure], his [Son], get away.
Unknown if that [Treasure] was aware of that resolve, the boy nonchalantly picked a stone and threw it at the magic beast, provoking it.

(What are you trying to puuuuuuuuull!)

His inner shouting never reached anyone.

The magic beast immediately changed direction, let out a 'Bufuu!' snort and began readying a charge swiping the ground with its hind legs and forelegs.

What took place afterward was brief.
The magic beast rammed itself toward his son in one bound like it was weightless.

Getting rammed by such thing means certain death to humans. And just before it hit.
It was so very brief he couldn't even afford to have that thought flash in his mind.

But what reflected before his eyes was the magic beast getting toppled and then spun splendidly in the air.

"DOGOON!" "ZUDON!" the tremor snapped him back to reality.
With his brain still suspended due to the shock.

That 'Zudon' was the sound of magic beast crashing into the ground.
He understands that much. But what was that 'Dogoon' his ears picked up for a moment there then?

This question the other person here does not even consider is bothering him.

His doubt was the crux of the matter here.
But his eyes could not catch this essential answer at that moment.

However, he instinctively understood.


"Dad, we got a big one. I'm going to donate this to the village as my farewell gift."

He couldn't even reply his son.
But he frantically try to deny that thought.

"D-don't be absurd. It's the parents' duty to prepare farewell gift. Why should you even gift the village when you're being banished?"

The toppled magic beast didn't even twitch.

(Did that kill it...)

"But y'know, I want to get back at them. Like, see, you guys drove out someone who can catch this big game."

He could only stare dumbfounded as his son started draining blood off the beast.
Why you ask?
Because the boy so easily lifted up and hung that heavy magic beast on a tree.
Then, using an only decently sharp skinning knife, the boy sliced the beast's neck 'Hyu!', cutting it off in just one swing.

"Well, I'll help if you're going that far. You're planning to use all of it?"

"Yep, better make it simple~."

"T-thought I'd take it easy and spend time with you today, things gonna get busy now."

He forced himself to clown around. For the sake of staying a father to his son until the end.
He's dumping everything he experienced here deep in the crevices of his mind.

The son would then carry the blood drained magic beast over his head.
His expression looked like the ordeal was nothing to him.

"Let's go home dad. Mom's waiting. Oh man, we're running late, aren't we."

"Ah... Y-yeah. Mom's sure to get knocked off her feet when she sees this."

He acts natural despite the impossible scene before him.
To protect his irreplaceable treasure until the very end.

And thus the last father and son hunt ended.

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