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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 16

16 Rage at the Malice


I threw back all the arrows in my hands at those guys.
Of course I made sure these arrows pass by every one of these four, near missing their faces.

"Hii!" "Hii!" "Hii!" "Hii!"

Their fear paralyzed them in their place, making them forget their attempt at running away.

"Let me ask you again, what's the big idea?"

It's not only due to fear, how I'm standing in their way and speaking to them like this is something that had never happened, so they didn't know how to react.

"Hmm, I don't think staying silent counts as an answer, no?"

I tried my best to sound monotonous without showing emotions.

"D-dammit! You're getting full of yourself! I'm gonna ask dad and get you outta this village!"

I sigh at a reply that's not really a reply.

(What the heck? Is this what they call... template? Never saw a real life example before.)

I'm losing my drive after seeing that, but things will keep getting more bothersome if I don't settle this once and for all here, so I persevere.

"Are you planning to kill me by bringing those bows and arrows with you?"

"Shut up! Get outta our way!"

"Even with no tips, these arrow can be dangerous or even fatal if they hit my eyes you know? Are you sure about it?"

"Just get outta this village! You pest!"

Geez, I really can't with this, we're not even holding a conversation.
The leader is the only one who kept verbally abusing me. The other three would just add stuff like 'Yeah yeah', 'Get out'.

"You know, you have to be prepared to get killed yourself if you go in for the kill."

"Don't get cocky you mere blessless!"

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During matches in game centers, it's all about [Beat] or [Beaten].
I've gone through countless of them. In my past life that is.
You can't really compare human life to one coin of course, but in this world, there are those who think those lives are even beneath that.
Even back then, there were news of people killing other just because of a few tens of thousands yen.

I came to know the [Worthiness] of life after my experience in hunting here.
Hence, I don't plan on ending this matter inconclusively.

"Did you guys do this [All] by your own will? Or..."

So here I push forward to clear my doubt.
I hope it wasn't true, but in the off chance it is, things will get more annoying than ever.

"Did you parents tell you to?"

"Hmp! Dad told me! A nuisance like you is better off gone! We should shoot you so you get out, he said!"

It's clear now. These four were induced to pick on me by their parents.
The enemy is not of children's mind, but adult malice. A sly one at that.
No wonder this never stops even though my father kept protesting.
Normally, you wouldn't want to even get near me.
Even the condition states that a contact from their side is their own responsibility.

Yet their parents instigated their children to [Bully] me without dirtying their own hands.

Oh shit. It's pissing me off like nothing else. I'd end up acting on impulse if I don't calm myself down.

(Acting impulsively from losing patience...)

In all my lives, including the past one, I've never gotten this angry.

Help came in timely.
Father came to fetch me since I hadn't gone back even long after noon.

The shock was so big I lost count of time.

"It's you four again! How many times is it now!"

Even father who had seen similar scenes so many times before changed his countenance when he saw the bows and arrows.

"What's the meaning of this! Explain!"

I was the one who replied ahead of anyone in order to soothe my father who unconsciously shouted out loud in anger.

"I'm not hurt anywhere, dad. Don't worry."

Afterward, I informed him the gist of event.
That helped calm me down.




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