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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 18

18 Consequences


We're at village elder's house right now.

"I have got the gist of things. Let us make use of this chance to speak everything on our mind."

The village elder drank a cup of water before he began.

Up until this point, father was the only one talking, explaining what happened.
No one else tried to speak.
The four boys shrunk from having the elder found out about what they did.
There was no embellishment on the things I said.

"First, you four. What compels you to carry out such act?"

"This guy is a jinx, he's gonna bring disaster, he's gotta get out..."

"You do not believe those words yourself, do you? That's nothing more than a prattle you parrot from your parents."

The elder lightly reproved.
But that was enough to make the four turn pale.

The gangleader also seems willing to listen since the elder sits higher in the pecking order than his father.
But apparently he's not going down without a fight.

"This village is losing vigor because of this guy..."
"The villagers here do not even mingle with him, many may very well have even forgotten about him. In fact, we have had abundant harvests for the past few years, everybody is overjoyed."

"Cause of this guy, disaster..."
"There were times when this village suffered from flood thrice a year, but that was a thing of the past. This guy has nothing to do with that. Thanks to a better implementation of flood control during the year you lot were born, we no longer suffer flood damage."

"Misfortune came to this village cause of this guy..."
"What are you talking about. Many families have been blessed with children. Everybody is living their life full of laughter. No issue at all with work either. If there were any misfortune, it would be the passing of that old lady by the village's gate, due to old age. None other."

Elder, are you an S? Enumerating reality without mercy.
The boy even got into [orz] position see?
Still, I could only say 'My condolences' in my mind witnessing an orz in real life.

"Next up, your turn. Listen well now okay?"

Please take it easy on me, or so I wanted to say but I couldn't.
I don't wanna hear about fact that only hurts my heart okay?

"You are permitted to stay in this village until you are of age as long as any problem that arises is not directly perpetrated by you. That is the reason the people here take their distance from you. You yourself have been keeping your end of the bargain well."

Aka let the sleeping dog lie. Guess elder is a realist eh?

"Sure enough, you have not caused a single issue. I have no reason to believe that will not continue in the future."

Phew, I sighed out. Got the elder's seal of approval.
Father sighed in relief next to me as well.
But I guess this condition can't be changed still,

"However, it cannot be denied that there are those who feel uneasy. None can tell what lies in the future. Regardless of whether you have a hand on it or not."

So he's saying that if anything happens, those people will forcefully pin their misplaced unjustified anger on me as an outlet huh.

"You are to be banished at once were you cause any problem, but you have done no such thing. Many have even forgotten you exist."

Elder joked a bit there.
Well since I plan to take care of this matter thoroughly, it'd have likely turned into a problem.

"Letting you stay in this village until you are of age is a matter of responsibility. A bare minimum it may be. Seeing as you are born in this village, after all."

The elder patted father's shoulder as he said that, while father looked grateful for it.
I could feel my father's strength once again here, flaring me up.

That was when the trembling orz boy suddenly stood up and shouted out loud.

"Everything will be right! If only you die!"

He took a knife he had been hiding in his trousers pocket and pointed it at me with a face full of hatred.

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(Well, I knew he had a blade on him. I mean that bulge on his pocket was obvious.)

I had also expected this outcome. Even if I wished it didn't come true.

(I never believed this guy's parent would let it end with just a bow... guy's way too devious to.)

From the answers we pressed out of him, it was obvious that he ultimately wished for my [Death].

(In a worst case scenario, he'd stab me dead. By his own hands. I mean what other reason he was given a knife.)

Perhaps the parent is scheming to seize power in the village by using his son, promoting him as the village's savior who slayed the disaster or something?

(No way, can't be that rotten. Gotta stop with wild idea.)

I took my time pondering about things all while a knife was pointed at me.
After all it's not moving, it's stopped dead in its track.

(Because I've turned on the [Switch] within me.)

It's an [Acceleration] that would even surprise some 009 somewhere.

Turning on the [Switch] in my head stop the surroundings.
To be more precise, I've [Accelerated] myself out of the world's space and time.
And I can even control the [Gear].

From having everything in my surroundings stand completely still, to a slightly faster slow motion, I can freely choose which level.
What makes this possible?
Without a doubt, due to my [Blessless]-ness.

How come my physical body can endure this [Acceleration]?
Because I work out. Every single day. And no I'm not joking.

For sure though, that may be what really happens.
The basis for that interweaves with [Blessless].

How come my thought process works normally during accelerated state?
It's likely because of [Blessless] as well.
But I noticed another explanation.

(I was desperately thinking how to avoid that light in that temple.)

My thought process clearly moved at high speed back then.
That state is then combined with this [Acceleration].

Despite all the conjectures, I still can't grasp the principle behind [Blessless] and what changes it brings to my body.

(Things wouldn't have come down to this if only I got a Blessing. Maybe I should've let myself be bathed in that light... but...)

At the end of the day, I chose to remain as myself.

(Let's not deny my desperation at the time.)

Either way, the answer is clear.
[There is no correct answer].

However, that doesn't change the fact that I've found myself in a tough spot now.
I want to go back and play fighting games. Even if I'm aware that can never happen.
Reminiscing every little detail day by day.
Might as well live a secluded life somewhere and spend my days reminiscing.
I want to keep replaying that masterpiece in a loop in my head forever.
Yup, I've decided on my life's goal. Let's work toward that once I'm old enough to leave the village.

My mind wandered far astray but it wasn't without result. Alright!
Time to look at reality for once now.

After that lengthy pondering, in reality only a bit of time had elapsed, I finally shifted my attention at the knife.





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