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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 29

29 Price of Life


On our way here, people on the streets looked at me like I was a rare animal.
Aryl had a cheerful countenance despite her idyllic look, so the contrast to me must have made us look a bit like performers.
All the more with me looking around restlessly.

"Black hair and black eyes are quite a rare sight, aren't they? I don't want to add more to the pile."

"I understand. I'll take care not to speak about it."

"Thank you. I appreciate that."

"But still, I don't believe I have heard your name either, have I. Do you mind if I do?"

"Ah, just like you heard earlier, don't worry about it. I don't plan to stick around that long anyway, you can forget about it. I don't need reward either. I'm good with a bit of lesson on general knowledge."

"...I understand. I won't ask your name. But please accept the reward. I insist."

The door was knocked and the lady employee from earlier came in.

"Here is your security money and settlement. We have also returned your commission fee. Please confirm it."

The leather sack put on the table was the size of two fists.
Stuffed full with silver coins.
Like they're about to spill out.
Aryl froze when she saw it at first, then she timidly started to count.

"T-there's no problem."

Her voice was shaking.
Can't blame her. That must be a lot of money.
Think there's more than 100 pieces.
I can't tell if that's the proper amount or not though.

"Well then, I shall see you off."

We left the room as told.
By the time we reached the receptionist counter, Aryl muttered.

"I didn't think they'd give this much... Oh what should I do..."

Still not feeling anything as real, I muttered haphazardly.

"Wonder how much is the price of life in this world?"

A world where brigands exist. A society where mercenaries are a necessity. What about laws? Any guarantee on life? Human's right?
I was on the [Capital Punishment] side in previous life. Those who do inhuman deeds should be removed from society.
That belief was the reason I didn't think too much with beating down those brigands.
Hesitation will only lead to dead, I'd rather go with [Cut Down All Evil] than failing to protect what's important to me.
Also, the me now doesn't have the knowledge to judge the [Good] and [Evil] in this world.
Left clueless like this, I have to use my own [Idea] as my standard in order to protect myself.
Looking back again, I sure was quite brutal back then.
Though seeing the reactions at the gate and the guild, I figured that was safe.

Anyway, now that I'm relatively well off from the brigands' loot, I should learn common knowledge while staying incognito, and just as I was thinking that,

"Would you be willing to work as my bodyguard?"

Aryl made an offer out of the blue.

Her words shaved down my sense of reality further.




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