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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.4


The knight is accompanied by two soldiers behind him. There's also many staff members nearby, but they're all hiding behind covers while watching the situation.


(These three are pretty good.)

The knight spoke.

"I am an aide of the town lord, Knight Baiad Rengra."


"Could you tell us what you're doing here."

"Knight Torog Benchara kidnapped innkeeper couple of <Rafin's Rock Terrace>, Nark and his wife Nell. Then he blackmailed adventurer Zoltan with them as hostages to kill me and steal the <Comet Cutter> I obtained in the dungeon. I came here after defeating Zoltan. After which I killed Torog and rescued Nark and Nell."

A rustle broke out. They must be surprised to hear Lecan beating Zoltan.

"Is that right. I was too late."


"However, we cannot let you get away now that you have killed Torog-dono. Would you come with us to the townlord's mansion."

"I refuse."


"I am fed up with this town's knights and town lord. I'm not gonna follow orders from a townlord who turned a blind eye to this outrageous act."

The two soldiers behind the knight let out their bloodlust and put their hands on their swords' grips.

Knight Baiad raised both his hands to stop the two.

"Quit it. You two cannot hope to compete with him. Never mess with depth walking adventurers, I've always been reminding you just that. Adventurer Lecan."


"Will you take those two to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> then."

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"Will you stay at that inn for the foreseeable future then."


"We shall inquire the circumstances at a later date. Where is Zoltan-dono now?"

"He's dead."

Lecan passed next to knight Baiad after saying that.

He saw the expression Baiad had at the time. However, Lecan was unable to tell what emotion did that signify.

As Lecan walked off, Nark and Nell followed.

The three left the building.

A large crowd has formed around the building, the commotion inside seems to be circulated.

The crowd opened a path as Lecan walked.

Nobody else got in their way afterward.

The three didn't say anything until they reached the inn.

They walked in silent.

They arrived at <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

Bruska was inside when they opened the door.

"Nark! Nell! You're all right! Lecan, so you've gone and rescued them."


"You marched right into the General Dungeon Administration office?"


"Man, you're really unbelievable. Knew that already though."

Bruska who listened to the rough flow of events from Lecan looked regretful when he heard Zoltan's death, but he pumped his fist and laughed when he found out Torog's demise.

Nark and Nell went to lavatory first before they made something to eat and listened while eating, they never made any fuss or got mad.

Lecan thought Nark and Bruska would grieve and blame Lecan after knowing he had killed Zoltan, so their reaction took him by surprise.

Before long, Tsuinga and Yoana also came back.

Yesterday evening the three <Grindam> members were puzzled when they found Nark and Nell absent coming back here, so they went to ask the neighbors. The three concluded that it must be knight Torog's handiwork when the neighbors testified they saw the two getting taken away by General Dungeon Administration's soldiers.

They went to the General Dungeon Administrative office today to ask about it but since they couldn't get a satisfactory answer, they went and asked around instead.

As adventurers who have reached floor 100, they're acquainted with adventurers who have reached floor 90s. Depth-walking adventurers get special treatments in dungeon cities, and these three are more well connected than Lecan imagined.

Surprisingly enough, Nark and Nell went out shopping to prepare dinner. <Grindam> heated the bath themselves and went in.

While Nark and Nell were busy preparing dinner, Arios came back.

He left the town on the 15th, so it's only been five days since then. Though it's not like he ever said he'd be absent the whole ten days it'd take to repair their armor.

"I have returned. Eh?"

Arios froze up when he saw Lecan quietly sipping fermented liquor on his table.

"Did something happen?"

Lecan asked back since Arios was acting oddly.

"What are you surprised for?"

"Do you even have to ask? Have you defeated a dungeon boss or something?"

"What are you going on about."

"I see you haven't realized yourself then. Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter."

"Weird guy."

Dinner was ready at last, <Grindam> joined Lecan and Arios's table. Nark and Nell have also joined today. The neighboring folks also came to check on Nark and Nell after finding out they're fine, along with dining customers, it turned into a festive dinner.

Lecan explained what happened while replying to questions. He disclosed how they reached floor 121, and how they got their hands on a <Comet Cutter>. How the number of magic beasts correspond to the number of people entering a room starting from floor 100, and how you must defeat floor 120's <Guardian> alone to open the path to floor 121. However, he said nothing about <Ring of Undying King>.

All three of <Grindam> were dumbfounded as they listened.

They were surprised about the discovery of floors beyond 120, but what shocked them most is the fact that the feat was accomplished by mere two people.

"You two are really not your ordinary adventurers."

"Indeed so. You two might end up leaving your marks in legend."

"What are you guys saying now. Ain't it obvious these two ain't no your everyday adventurers way back then."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.3


Knight Torog recited a spell.

"<Wall of Magic (Zak Do Boa)>"

A wall made of magic emerged out of the small shield on his left hand. It's likely invisible to ordinary humans, but Lecan can see it.

Lecan raised his left hand and turned his palm toward Torog.

"<Flame Spear>."

A <Flame Spear> with a weak output he shot got repelled with a dazzling light when it hit the magic wall. It's an anti-magic barrier.

At the other side, Knight Torog is looking smug.

(Feels like I could break through it.)

(If I put just a bit more power.)

Knight Torog drew a sword on his left waist with his right hand. A beautiful white blade showed itself. Torog poured his mana into it. A magic blade wrapped the physical portion of the blade at once.

Knights and soldiers around are looking at Torog with admiration. Some even voiced out 'ooh' loud.

(A magic sword eh.)

(Oh yeah, wouldn't be odd if this guy had one.)

Torog took a stance with the sword. A solid stance.


Lecan drew <Comet Cutter>.

And put mana into it. Just enough to manifest a blade at twice its length.

But he ended up putting too much mana and generated a blade thrice its length instead.

Knight Torog opened his eyes wide.

Lecan lunged forward. He instantly closed in the ten step distance at speed that surprised even himself.

Lecan swung the <Comet Cutter>.

<Comet Cutter>'s magic blade tore through the magic wall, and decapitated Torog.

The shield's barrier vanished, Torog's body fell down on the floor.

Torog also made an attempt to swing his sword but he was far too slow.

Lecan found it surprising.

(Thought he'd give a tougher challenge.)

(Felt like cutting a log there.)

(Guy must have been wallowing in self-conceit.)

People who are born in a good house, spoiled in their upbringings and put on a position where they can get all the best gear all they want are incapable of measuring up their own power, and then are led to believe they can defeat foes beyond their reach.

The knights and soldiers around them froze up at the unexpected turn of event.

Lecan recited a spell.


He shot a strong-ish one.

The ten soldiers got knocked out of their feet, but the two knights stood their ground despite stumbling down.
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(Nice equipment.)


The two knights couldn't stand up against the second <Lightning> and fell down the ground.

Lecan walked between the fallen knights and soldiers, and stood in front of the door to conference room.

Two soldiers are holding their swords up high on the other side.


He managed to cast <Lightning> beyond the door and knocked the two soldiers out.

He opened the door.

There they are.

Nark and Nell.

They've been laid further in the room.

Lecan got to them and shook them up but they wouldn't wake up.

(Were they made to sleep?)

Can't tell the state of these two at. However, their complexions don't look bad, their bodies are still warm and they're breathing fine. They must have been made to sleep with drug or magic.


The two woke up.

They were just fainted, Lecan's <Recovery> managed to rouse them.

He was going to use <Dagger of Harut> if that didn't work, there was no need it seemed.


Nark shouted when he realized Lecan in front of him.

"I'm here for you. Let's go back."

He cut off the rope tying the two.


He cast another set of <Recovery> on them just in case.

The two were clearly looking better afterward.

"Can't believe you managed to get this far."

"Yea. Let's go back to your inn."

"Can we?"

"It's your home, why can't you."

"Haha. You got a point."

Lecan took a step out of the room.

To the left is the administrator's office. Then further left of that room is a room with many magic tools inside. Lecan could feel three people with strong mana in that room but they don't seem like they're going to get out of that room. Yet he cannot be negligent here. They might come at him when he showed them his back.

As Lecan left the room, the two followed.


Nark stared in amazement at the swooned and some convulsing knights and soldiers.


Then his face grimaced when he saw Torog's dead body.

"Ya gone and done it eh. Ain't that Torog-sama?"



Nell screamed when she saw the headless corpse and clung to Nark.

"Let's go."

As Lecan walked off, the two followed.

Their steps are firm. Nell didn't complain even once.

These two are mentally tough, as expected of innkeepers in a dungeon town. Thinking again, Nark was a former adventurer even.

They got down the stairway to floor 2. There were a lot of people on the second floor, but they all quickly scampered away when they saw the three.

Lecan kept his guard up while going down the stairs.

The ceiling is packed with magic tools set up there. No telling what kind of functions they have. Yet Lecan can't exactly destroy them all as they walk.

(No wait.)

(Might as well wreck them all up.)

As he got down the stairs onto floor 1 with that dangerous idea in mind, a well dressed knight stood in their path.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.2


The sun was high in the sky.

(Well damn.)

(It's noon already.)

(How long did I sleep anyway?)

His duel with Zoltan may have been very dense but it shouldn't have taken that long.

Lecan went back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> right after lunch yesterday. After which he headed straight for the dungeon. The duel should be over before nightfall and then Lecan went to sleep. And yet it's noon now. He's way overslept.

(Now then.)

(Let's go.)

Lecan made his way to General Dungeon Administrative office.

The office's front entrance is situated directly to the opposite of the dungeon. Lecan went around several buildings and stood before the front entrance. There are other entrances on the building's sides, but going through the front would net the shortest route to his destination room.

Lecan searched the building's third floor with <3D Perceptions>.

Chubby told him that the two are in a room next to the chief administrator's room.

That administrator's room was probably the room he had a discussion with Eliza the other day. With that guess in mind, Lecan searched the rooms neighboring administrator's room.

(There it is.)

(This must be it.)

There are two people laying on the floor in a room to the right of the administrator's room. He can't tell in details at this distance, but they seem to be tied.

(Don't tell me they've been kept like this.)

(Since they were taken yesterday?)

Someone is sitting in the back of administrator's room. It's probably Torog.

Lecan probed the surroundings, but there's nothing especially threatening personnel strength-wise. They probably never imagined someone would launch an attack here.

Then he looked for the route to get to the third floor from where he is.

(Now then.)

(Let's do this.)

Lecan got up the three step stairs and went for the door.

"State your business here."

One of the soldiers standing guard asked.

"I'm here to fetch my acquaintances on floor three. Passing through."

"Hold it."


The soldier was about to catch Lecan's shoulder when he got hit by <Lightning> and crumbled down on the spot. The <Lightning> was supposed to only be a diversion, but Lecan poured a bit too much mana into it and cast a quite strong one instead. But he's probably not dead.

Lecan kept walking ahead.

'We're under attack', the soldiers made a huge fuss.

Lecan nonchalantly passed by the spacious lobby on the first floor.

As he was about to enter a narrow stairway connected straight to the third floor, a knight came slashing at his back.


Lecan didn't even turn around as the knight got fell down collapsing.

On the second floor, one knight and five soldiers were already waiting to ambush him.


He managed to knock out all six at once.

Lecan kept walking up the stairs.

Then he reached the third floor at the end.

As he left the stairway, he was met with a partition wall completely blocking his path. This wall wasn't here earlier. Lecan could feel mana involved, some sort of magic tool must have been used to create a partition wall this huge.

Lecan raised his right hand with its palm facing the wall.
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"<Flame Spear>."

He lightly shot out a <Flame Spear>.

He was going easy, yet the <Flame Spear> came out stronger and bigger than he anticipated, and opened a huge hole on the partition wall.

"Fumu. <Flame Spear><Flame Spear><Flame Spear><Flame Spear>."

Lecan shaved down the wall with five <Flame Spear> and left it behind.

His magic is doing really well today. Abnormally so. Almost even feels like he could shoot out 100 <Flame Spears>.

Lecan kept walking ahead in the unmanned corridor.

There were supposed to be some people in the corridor earlier, but they're now hiding in the rooms, holding their breaths while watching the situation.

Lecan's footsteps echoed in the eerily quiet corridor.

At the other side of the corridor, two knights and ten soldiers came out of some rooms, blocking his path. Knight Torog Benchara showed up behind them.

The room where Nark and Nell are held is right behind Torog.

Lecan kept walking ahead.

Two knights and ten soldiers drew their swords. The two knights had shields on their left hands.

Lecan stopped walking ten steps ahead of them.

"I'm getting Nark and Nell back. Get out of the way."

The knights and soldiers just kept glaring at Lecan without moving their mouths or bodies.

Just as Lecan was about to take a step forward, the soldiers made way for Torog to come out ahead of them. His sword is still sheathed. He's got a small shield on his left hand.

He's wearing different equipment than his usual ones. Heavy armor. And yet he's able to move around unhindered, shows how much strength this knight Torog has.

(Nice stuff he got there.)

(All Grace Gear, I see.)

(And some miscellaneous magic tools.)

(I can smell danger from that dagger on his right waist.)

"I heard a report of you going in the dungeon. Did you turn back on your way there?"

He sounds composed.

He's full of confidence in his own safety.

"I'm here for Nark and Nell."

"I would like to confirm one thing first. You really are not a magic knight of Palcimo then?"

"Told you. I'm an adventurer."

"Then there is no need to hold back. Oh one more thing. Where did you get your <Free Box>?"

Lecan had no idea what he was talking about for a moment there, but then he remembered.

Eliza believed that Lecan's <Storage> is this <Free Box> developed at Palcimo.

"If this <Free Box> you're talking about refers to newly developed <Box> at Palcimo, I don't have one."

"Oho? Has someplace else developed them then? Fumu. In any case, we can simply investigate it once it's in our hands. You shall meet your end here."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.1


Lecan woke up and raised his body's upper half.

Zoltan's body is lying next to him.

There should have been a pool of blood, yet there's little traces of it left on the darkened dungeon floor.

Zoltan looks like he's sleeping despite his missing right arm, cut throat and a hole in his chest. Lecan cannot see a hint of dread and sadness that come with death from Zoltan's body.

The hole on his armor is mostly repaired. It was cut on the right side and a hole was opened in the chest area, yet there's only a small tear and a little hole left on it now.

(He put Self-Repair on the Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor huh.)

Something caught Lecan's eye. <Shield of Wolkan>.

The other half of the cut <Shield of Wolkan> was lying on the ground a bit further away.

(There's probably no way to fix a Grace Gear.)

Despite thinking that, Lecan picked up the remnant nonetheless.

As he stood up, he realized how he was no longer fatigued and felt weirdly energetic.

He briskly walked, picked up the broken piece and put it in <Storage>.

He also picked up the broken splinter of Zoltan's Solid Sacred Silver sword and put it in <Storage>.

His body feels awfully light.

To run at full speed and jump around right away. It feels like his body is demanding him that.

Lecan feels a sense of omnipotence like he's capable of doing any kind of maneuver the way he is now.


(Looks like my body is still itching to go at it.)

The fatigue and lethargy he had before going to sleep are completely gone.

He took <Ring of Undying King> from <Storage> and stared at it.


<Name: Ring of Undying King>

<Type: Ring>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Daina Floor 100>

<Depth: 100>

<Grace: Invincible>

※Invincible: Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks for a duration of ten inner heart beats. Activation spell is <Tiri Warda Roa>. This Grace can only be activated once a day.

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This ability is simply unbelievable no matter how many times he read it. He doesn't really get the meaning of <Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks>. Does that mean physical and magical attacks. How about stuff like paralyze and sleep. How does it recognize something as an <Attack>.

He simply needs to put it into practice if he wants to know the answer.

Lecan gets all giddy when he thinks about it.

He realized he's starving.

Bodily and magically speaking.


(I should have gotten my mana refilled by <Guardian Jewel of Mana> before I went to sleep.)

(The Mana Restorative pill should still be effective too.)

The mana flowing from <Guardian Jewel of Zana> back then did stave off his mana starvation. Yet he's feeling hungry for mana now. But it's not a hunger from being tired, it's more like a healthy appetite.

He took a large magic stone and absorbed mana off it.

Yet his mana starvation wouldn't cease even after that. This is odd. Two magic stones this size should completely fill Lecan's mana pool.

He took another magic stone and absorbed mana off it while finding it weird. Surprisingly, he also completely sucked out the entire mana of the second large magic stone. And yet it didn't fill him full.

Feels like he could take in another one.

Lecan realized his senses weren't working right at this point.

When you're drunk and feeling too excited, you're led to believe that you can keep eating more and more food. That's because your senses have been numbed, trying to stuff yourself full when you're like that is a fool's errand.

Lecan went to the floor entrance. He turned around and bowed before entering the stairway. A very long bow. Then he warped to floor 50.

As he stepped on floor 50 from the stairway, a party of eight adventurers were having a discussion near the entrance. He passed by them.

The eight were looking at Lecan weirdly as he was walking alone deeper into the floor.

Lecan arrived at a deserted place, then he put <Ring of Undying King> in his left ring finger. He tried loosening and gripping his left hand into fist.

(No good.)

(It's hitting the Silver Ring.)

He took off <Ring of Undying King>, changed the Silver Ring's spot from his middle finger to ring finger, and put <Ring of Undying King> in his index finger.

(Would've preferred not having that many ring in my index finger.)

(But this ring's quite thin and doesn't get in the way.)

(Should be fine.)

He took <Necklace of Intuador> off and put it in <Storage>.

He took <Wand of Harvos> from his <Storage> and grabbed it with his left hand. It's the wand Shira gave him when he was learning <Dash Flare>. It played a vital role in the fight against Dungeon Ninae's boss. An exceedingly superior wand at mana control and mana convergence. He's got <Sword of Rusk> on his waist.

Lecan kneaded mana and stepped in a room.


He put up an anti-physical <Barrier>. There's four <Black Body> and two <Red Body>, they look like they're moving in slow motion to the Lecan now.

He waited for the four <Black Body> trudged toward him.

All four of them have axes for some reason.

They finally launched their offensive.

His <Barrier> was exceptionally well put, it blocked their attacks without any problem. This might be the first time he's ever put up such an unwavering <Barrier> like this.

Lecan took a step forward.

The <Barrier> is looking good. It's stable.

He took another three steps forward.

It's not wavering at all. His <Barrier> is extremely stable. Looks like he can move around quite freely at this rate.

The <Barrier> kept easily blocking <Black Body>'s attacks.

Then the <Red Body> opened its mouth, and started howling 'BOAAA.'


Lecan timed undoing <Barrier> right before the magic attack hit him.

"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

His whole body turned slightly dull white.

<Black Body>'s axes and <Red Body>'s magic came flying at Lecan.

However, he felt no pain nor even an itch.

There was an impact when the axes hit his body, but it's minuscule compared to what an impact from such attack should have been like.

It's working far better than he imagined.

Lecan drew <Sword of Rusk> with his right hand and cut down all six enemies with his left hand still holding the wand.

The ring's effect expired.

(Feels like it lasted longer than ten beats of my heart.)

(Gotta check that out in the next test.)

And now this ring is unusable for a day.

Lecan went back to the stairway, warped to the ground floor and exited the dungeon.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.13


"No fair."

Lecan came back to his sense when he heard Zoltan's voice. He was in a light daze after straining out all his mental power.

He got up and got closer to Zoltan. His body feels awfully heavy.

Still lying down facing the rocky ground, Zoltan muttered once again.

"You're, no fair, man."

The cut on his throat isn't completely closed. The effect of red potion seemed to have lapsed, its recovery had been stopped. The big hole on his chest also only closed a bit, not getting healed further. Yet it seems he still can talk in whisper.

"<3D Perceptions>, <Gust>, <Concealment>, <Flash>, <Fire Arrow>, <Recovery>, and also <Flame Spear> and <Lightning> eh? That thrust must have been some sort of skill too, no?"

Zoltan spoke feebly while breathing heavily, and yet his tone sounded somewhat peaceful. It even almost sounds like he's having fun.

The thought of giving him a Greater Restorative he brought from the old world never even crossed Lecan's mind.

The loser dies. This was that kind of match.

Besides, looking at Zoltan now, it's obvious that his age is catching up to him fast. Even if he used a Greater Restorative, it would only be a temporary stopgap. And most importantly, that will likely go against this man's wish.

"To top it off, an item that generates magic barrier, Overking Bear overcoat, <Shield of Wolkan>, and <Comet Cutter>. Shield that gives you crazy strength. You're way unfair."

'I could say the same to you.' thus Lecan tried saying, but he couldn't put power in his belly and no word came out.

No, it's far from same. <Gale>, <Shadow Blade>, <Colossal Strength>, <3D Perceptions>. Then Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor and that magic sword. Lecan wants to tell him you're the unfair one here.


Lecan thought Zoltan was no fair for holding too much advantage. Yet, Zoltan thought it was Lecan who was unfair. It's all so funny when you think about it. But that's just how the world works sometimes.

"That was fun."

Zoltan smiled as he said that.


Lecan managed to squeeze out a word this time. An awfully hoarse voice.

"That was the most fun fight I've ever had in my life."

It hit Lecan then.

(Could it be.)

(A chance to fight me.)

(Was this man's goal all along?)

While his body can still move like he wants to nearing the end of his life, to die in the highest form of battle against the most fearsome adversary.

That must be Zoltan's wish all along.

Hostages and stuff were all nothing but pretexts.

Had he been told that his opponent wasn't Lecan, Zoltan would probably cut Torog down on the spot.

That possibility crossed Lecan's mind.

But that doesn't matter anymore.

It was a terrific fight.

Lecan would never forget this fight for decades to come.

A fight he could always look back to in satisfaction no matter how old he becomes.

That's everything.

And now that it's over, even who the winner is is but a trifling matter.

"There is a ring around my neck. Take it as yours."


Zoltan closed his eyes. His candle of life is about to go out.

"J-just another sip of that booze..."

Zoltan died after muttering that.

Lecan sat down next to Zoltan.

And he just kept sitting there without thinking or doing anything.

His mana is gradually recovering thanks to ingesting mana restorative pill.

Just how much time has passed.

Lecan cast Recovery on himself, stood up and searched around Zoltan's neck.

There's a ring tied to a thin chain around it.

He took the ring off the chain and put it in his left palm.

It's an old-fashioned ring.

It's got no jewel attached to it.

Doesn't look like something valuable. Just an ordinary ring.

"<Appraisal>. What?"

<Appraisal> didn't work on it.

Lecan took his light brown wand, calmed himself down and recited the spell after preliminary casting.


The result came up inside his head.

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<Name: Ring of Undying King>

<Type: Ring>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Daina Floor 100>

<Depth: 100>

<Grace: Invincible>

※Invincible: Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks for a duration of ten inner heart beats. Activation spell is <Tiri Warda Roa>. This Grace can only be activated once a day.

"What! No way!"

What came out beggars belief. He appraised it once again. Same result.

(Receive no damage from any and all kinds of attacks for a duration of ten inner heart beats?)

(What in the hell.)

Ten inner heart beats are pretty much all the time needed for a high speed swordsman like Lecan to annihilate his foes. And Zoltan was also a swordsman capable of terrifyingly swift movements.


Why didn't Zoltan use this ring in his fight against Lecan.

Of course, that's because that wouldn't be fun.

It's highly likely he would have prevailed against Lecan had he used this ring at the right moment.

However, it would turn into a fight where he unilaterally cut down his foe all while ignoring their attacks.

He loathed to have such a boring victory in his final fight in life.

Hence he didn't use it.

(You damn skeleton bastard!)

In other word, Lecan didn't grasp his victory. It was given to him.

Lecan looked at late Zoltan's face.

He's got a peaceful satisfied look on his face.

(Up until the very end.)

(You're really something else.)

Thud, Lecan lay down on the spot.

He's got no drive to do anything now.

So he's going to sleep.

Once he gets up, he's gotta pay a visit to General Dungeon Administrative office, save Nark and Nell, and kill knight Torog. Just taking a gift like this wouldn't sit well with Lecan, he's obliged to save those two if he wants the ring for himself.

(Was this all within your calculations too?)

It's not just this ring.

It's difficult to even imagine just what kind and how many treasures this unusual adventurer had amassed. But there's no doubt that he must possess all kinds of objects with extraordinary ability. It wouldn't even be surprising if he actually got several items that rivaled <Ring of Undying King>.

<Boxes> in this world remain even after the owner's death, and anyone can take the content out but <Storage> from their old world can only have its content put and taken by its owner, and it will vanish when the owner dies.

Thus, with Zoltan's death, troves of treasures will be gone forever from this world.

And that's just another page in an adventurer's life.

(I'd love to breathe my last in a dungeon too.)

Lecan fell into sleep as he thought that.

[Episode 37 Death Match Floor 121] End/Next [Episode 38 The Fall of Benchara House]




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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.11_12


Lecan went in the crossroad through the right corridor and turned left.

Zoltan is standing 100 steps ahead of him.

Lecan's blood is seething.

He's never been in a fight where he keeps his fighting spirit flame burning at peak intensity this long. But it's not pain he's feeling. It's joy. His feeling of wanting to end this fight right away is mirrored with the feeling of wanting to keep this fight going on forever.

Lecan stepped toward his foe as his boots made rock hitting sounds.

Without a shadow of doubt, this man is his life's greatest adversary yet.

Zoltan has his usual magic sword in his right hand and a shield on his left. By a strange twist of fate, they ended up choosing the same equipment.

Lecan's breath is fiery. Like it's burning.

He grits his teeth to pin down his fighting spirit trying to escape out of his body. This is yet time to unleash it.

Zoltan lurched his neck to the right. Lecan saw that gesture as him saying, 'Let's end this with the next one.'

Lecan let out a subdued breath. His reply, 'That's the plan.'

Zoltan's expression had an abrupt change.

He opened both his eyes wide.

His usual buoyant aura vanished, replaced with a demonic face. Ghastly bloodlust overflowed out of his entire being. The bloodlust blew against Lecan like a storm.

Lecan was scared.

Which then turned into euphoria welling up from within.

The last time he felt fear to the point of wanting to run away was in his youth.

He will soon exchange blows with a foe capable of instilling him with fear.

The two adventurers take a step forward at the exact moment like they were in complete sync, then another, and lastly the third step which broke into a charge.

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Had there been spectators in this fight, none of them would be able to catch these two's figures in this instance. Their speed was such that it's just not doable.

Lecan charged straight at Zoltan.

Zoltan charged straight at Lecan.

The distance between two became zero in an instant as two storms clashed against one another.

Zoltan swung down the magic sword in his right hand as that clash erupted.

Against that, Lecan pulled away the <Comet Cutter> he had raised.

Zoltan's magic sword that should have hit <Comet Cutter> got stopped by Lecan's necklace's barrier, creating a bluish light outline mid air.

Lecan had wildly swung the shield on his left hand toward Zoltan the moment Zoltan raised his magic sword overhead.

Zoltan attempted to stop it with the shield on his left hand.

Up until this point, Zoltan had demonstrated how much his strength and burst of power outclassed Lecan. Which is why Zoltan must think that his imperfect stance would be more than enough to stop Lecan's shield.

However, the shield Lecan swung beat down Zoltan's shield, sending it flying into pieces.

By way of <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s Grace.

In its current full mana state, any kind of weapon no matter if it's a club or a shield, gets an enormous boost in physical power just once.

Even Zoltan was taken aback at this and greatly lost his balance. His left hand got blown away backward, his legs also almost gave out.

Lecan gulped down a large blue potion he had in his mouth.

Zoltan swung his magic sword ignoring his balance loss. It was going to cut off Lecan's left wrist. Due to Lecan swinging his shield greatly, his left hand had come out of the necklace barrier's area of effect. Zoltan has fully grasped the barrier's range from all their previous clashes.

Lecan swiftly pulled his left hand, but he failed to completely dodge the swing as the magic sword hit his shield. The shield instantly broke into pieces.

"<Fire Arrow>!"


The two recited spells at the same time.

Two point-blank <Fire Arrows> went at Zoltan's eyes.

<Shadow Blade> got stopped by Lecan's barrier, producing a light outline.

Zoltan lightly shook his face. As a result, the two <Fire Arrows> hit his face but missed his eyes. His face got gouged out by the <Fire Arrows> but Zoltan paid it no heed and recited another spell.


The blue light outlined part of the barrier eroded away.

Then a slash came flying.

Zoltan performed the slash as he was falling down yet it accurately went through the eroded part.

However, Zoltan's slash missed its target as Lecan swiftly twisted his body to the left.

Zoltan dexterously twisted his body to regain his balance all while keeping his barrage of slashes.

However, a momentary opening was created then. Which is exactly what Lecan has been waiting for.


He used up a huge portion of his mana to shoot <Lightning> all around Zoltan's face. Of course Lecan would suffer some damage too casting <Lightning> this close. But he paid it no mind.

Lecan filled <Comet Cutter> with converged mana he had finished kneading.


Even if Zoltan possess a highly precise <3D Perception>, having <Lightning> wrapped around his face should still disorientate him for a moment. In that instance, Lecan unleashed <Puncture> skill at Zoltan's throat while expanding <Comet Cutter> to its maximum length.

Unbelievably enough, even in this situation, Zoltan swung his own magic sword at <Comet Cutter>. However, <Comet Cutter> which expanded out at terrifying speed and loaded with Puncture tore that magic sword into pieces, and pierced through Zoltan's throat.

Lecan immediately swung <Comet Cutter> to the left.

Even after having his throat cut, Zoltan still attempted to slash at Lecan with a third of his remaining magic sword.

Lecan's barrier didn't stop the magic sword. Since the sword has lost its magic.

But due to Lecan raising his left elbow as he took a step forward to hit Zoltan's right sword hand, the remain of magic sword never reached Lecan.

Zoltan's throat is recovering itself. He must have swallowed the second large red potion. However, its healing effect was diminished. Zoltan suddenly slowed down.

Lecan slashed <Comet Cutter> cutting off Zoltan's right arm from the elbow down.

A moment later, <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade vanished. Lecan hadn't mastered the magic sword enough to maintain its maximum length, and his mana pool was nearing its bottom.

Zoltan's left leg made a wind sweeping sound as it went at Lecan. However, that kick was far from sharp. Lecan easily dodged it by stepping backward.

Thud, Zoltan tumbled down.

Lecan lunged close to Zoltan and pushed his left palm against Zoltan's chest.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Lecan poured every last bit of mana he had left into this magic attack.

Even the Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor and its high magic resistance was incapable of defending against <Flame Spear> with so much firepower at such a close distance.

The last resort <Flame Spear> pierced through Zoltan's chest, and hit dungeon wall behind him before exploding.

With a huge hole opened in its chest, Zoltan's body slowly fell backward.

Lecan also knelt down as dizziness assaulted him.

Then he could feel his emptied mana pool getting refilled back.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s Grace.

This jewel has <Refill User Mana> Grace. At Ninae, the jewel also refilled Lecan's mana after it had been loaded full with mana and activated its <Physical Boost Boost> Grace.

Lecan was hit by a sense of despondency from exhausting stamina and willpower beyond his limit, and relief from mana soaking his body as he relived the fact that the death match is over.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.10


For a moment, Lecan ceased moving.

Zoltan immediately swung his sword.

However, his slash was stopped mid air by a dazzling light.

Lecan's barrier had been reactivated.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan flew backward with the assistance of <Gust>. He turned right in the corridor before the entrance.

Zoltan isn't giving a chase yet again.

Lecan traveled to the wall end of the right corridor.

"<Recovery>! <Recovery>!"

First of all he cast <Recovery> on himself and absorbed mana off two large magic stones. Then he took a Stamina Restorative pill and put the remains of <Shield of Wolkan> on his hand in <Storage>.

As he regulated his breathing, he looked back at the fight.

There were some things that puzzled him.

First, how Zoltan's magic sword got blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier. This he doesn't get.

When Lecan was fighting against that magic beast who wielded a <Comet Cutter>, its attacks slipped past <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier. No mistake about that. Yet, Zoltan's magic sword got stopped.

<Necklace of Intuador> repels incoming external magic attack, but it doesn't do that to magic cast by Lecan from inside the barrier. Thus why, his <Comet Cutter> doesn't get stopped by the barrier. This he gets.

Then how come Zoltan's magic sword gets blocked.

The possibility would be either that magic beast had some sort of special skill, or Lecan's <Comet Cutter> and Zoltan's magic sword have differing properties.

It's probably the latter, but he's got neither the time nor ways to verify it. For now, knowing that his necklace's barrier can stop Zoltan's magic sword is good enough.

Next up, how <Comet Cutter> and Zoltan's magic sword are a match against each other. When two magic swords clash, they can stop each other's advance.

The feedback felt odd. It's wholly unlike feedback from a clash between two normal swords. It doesn't feel like two hard objects hitting each other, instead it's like getting your palm wrapped around.

Each and every swing Zoltan took was terrifyingly heavy and powerful. Yet, they were completely matched when their swords clashed. Meaning, clashes between magic swords involve a different force outside of physical strength.

Also, Zoltan flicked away <Flame Spears> with his magic sword. Something like that is possible. <Comet Cutter> likely can do that too. He's gotta give it a test later.

Next is <Shadow Blade>. That's a skill from their old world, it's no magic. Yet the attack Zoltan unleashed earlier was undoubtedly magic attack. Lecan confirmed it with <Mana Detection> and above all, the necklace's barrier wouldn't be able to stop it if it wasn't magic.

It appears magic and skills work differently in this world than the old world. And there are cases where skills from old world get replaced into magic in this world.

Come to think of it, Lecan who could not be a mage in his old world became one in this world. And he's even categorized as a mage capable of fine mana control it seems. Which is apparently due to his mastery of <Mana Detection> and <3D Perceptions>.

Then that <Devour> skill. It erased Lecan's magic barrier. Zoltan would always use that skill right after <Shadow Blade>. Probably because it cannot devour the barrier unless the barrier has been actived first. It can only devour once the barrier's light outline manifests after getting hit by <Shadow Blade>.

That skill didn't work the second time he used it. What's the difference with the first time. Lecan closed his right eye and recalled the scene.

Lecan greatly leaped backward. Zoltan also leaped to match. He recited the spell while jumping.

(I see!)

It's not that it didn't get activated. The skill did work. And it devoured Lecan's barrier. However, it only devoured the light outlined part where <Shadow Blade> hit. However, since they both moved around at high speed, Zoltan's magic sword missed the devoured part. Hence why the barrier stopped it.

Afterward, Zoltan shot out many more <Shadow Blade> and had a large portion of the barrier devoured. That must be it. That skill can only eat the pale blue light outlined parts where the barrier manifests to block magic attacks.

And one other thing.

Whenever Zoltan's magic sword clashed with <Comet Cutter>, or the necklace's barrier, dazzling lights would be produced but it didn't feel or sound like clashes between hard objects. Yet it sounded and felt like two metal objects clashing when Lecan blocked that sword with <Shield of Wolkan>.

That thing obviously works differently from <Comet Cutter>. After all, Comet Cutter would just slip through <Shield of Wolkan>.

No, that might be so because that was the magical blade part of <Comet Cutter>.

Thinking again, the length of Zoltan's magic sword never changed even after it had been supplied with mana. The magic blade only wraps around its base blade. Meaning shields or other hard objects can block that sword. Though it would likely cut them like butter unless it's made of some really tough material.

(Hold it.)
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(Does that mean, that sword's magic blade.)

(Consumes only little mana to maintain?)

(Then that guy can afford a drawn-out battle.)

(Not the case with me.)

Lecan opened his right eye.

The time for rumination is over.

Lecan took <Guardian Jewel of Zana>, poured it full with mana and put it away in his pocket.

Then he grabbed a large magic stone and absorbed mana off it. He didn't put that much mana into the guardian jewel but <Comet Cutter> continues to eat up a lot of mana even when he's resting like this. He's still got a lot of magic stones left on him, but this is the first time Lecan has ever burned through so many magic stones in one sitting, this can't go on forever.

And above all, he hasn't got much time left to keep maintaining his current heightened fighting spirit.

(Next one.)

(The next one will end this fight!)

Lecan took off Overking Bear overcoat and put it in <Storage>.

His defensive power now suffers greatly, but taking it off is necessary for swifter and finer mobility.

He took a large blue potion and put it in his mouth.

He grabbed a shield from <Storage>. It's one of shields he got in his old world. It pales in comparison to <Shield of Wolkan>, but this shield still boasts an extremely high defensive performance.

With the shield in his left hand, Lecan began walking toward Zoltan.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.9



A moment before Zoltan reached Lecan from above, Lecan activated a strong <Gust> and slipped right below Zoltan.


He accelerated further, arriving at the stairway entrance, then he kicked the wall next to it and used the recoil to charge full speed at Zoltan. At this point, Lecan held <Shield of Wolkan> in front of his chest, with <Comet Cutter> behind the shield.


He accelerated even further with <Gust>.

Zoltan was already on the ground, slashing his magic sword on his right hand diagonally as he turned around to the right.

Lecan forcefully brushed off the urge to defend against that, and put all his strength into kicking the ground. Then he thrust his sword straight ahead while twisting his body.

Magic sword collided with magic barrier, creating a dazzling flash of light.

Lecan's sword was thrust at Zoltan's right flank.

Zoltan swung his long arms, slashing down the Solid Sacred Silver sword in his left arm diagonally from above without slowing down his turning speed.

Lecan reacted by spinning his body halfway. Just at the right angle to make his back face the ground. With his face facing the ceiling.

The Solid Sacred Silver sword was coming straight down at his face from above, he blocked it with <Shield of Wolkan>.

An unbelievably strong impact assaulted Lecan. Zoltan's slash had that much power behind it. Solid Sacred Silver swords boast transcendental sharpness, they're short, thin and light. It's not a weapon intended for brute force. Zoltan's raw strength and offensive power must be beyond imagination if he could bring out such a blunting force from one such sword.

The <Comet Cutter> stuck on Zoltan's side also moved to his left as he twisted his body. Lecan could feel a sensation of ripping flesh and cutting bones.

With a thunderous sound, the Solid Sacred Silver sword broke apart, its pieces came flying off. Lecan's back was thrown hard onto the ground.

Zoltan half twisted his body and tried to cut Lecan in two with the magic sword in his right hand.

However, Lecan somersaulted backward using the momentum.

The magic sword slashed at the space Lecan's leg passed.

Blood spilled out of Lecan's leg as he spun in the air, then he bent the upper half of his body, and put his shield and sword in front of his body to brace for impact.


Zoltan recited a spell. Zoltan blew himself into the air, chasing after Lecan.

Lecan thought Zoltan would come slashing with the magic sword in his right hand, but he guessed wrong.

Zoltan has already discarded the remains of his Solid Sacred Silver sword, his left hand is bare now. He's coming to attack Lecan by punching with his fist.

Lecan attempts to block that fist with <Shield of Wolkan>.

However, the impact never arrived. Zoltan gripped the upper edge of <Shield of Wolkan> in his left hand and grinned.

"<Might (Gaspar)>!"

Oh crap, just as Lecan thought that, Zoltan pulled <Shield of Wolkan>. With astounding strength. Of course, because <Might> is a spell to activate <Colossal Strength> skill. Lecan's buddy, Boudo, had this skill thus he's well acquainted with this skill.

Lecan lunged forward. It was pretty much on reflex following his instinct. He jumped in the direction Zoltan pulled the shield at. This put his body open to attack, which surprised even Zoltan. It was a chance to slice Lecan's body in two, but Zoltan had lost his balance himself, missing his chance. The grip on Lecan's shield also loosened up, so Lecan wrenched it away from Zoltan's hand.

Zoltan slashed at Lecan's back as he landed, but the attack was stopped by the necklace's barrier.

Lecan spun around to face Zoltan.


The instance <Shadow Blade> got in contact with the barrier, creating a phosphorescence, Lecan greatly leaped backward. Zoltan charged on to match that jump and swung down his magic sword.

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Zoltan's skill was activated.

Yet his magic sword was stopped, creating a barrier phosphorescence.


Zoltan's skill devoured the barrier earlier, and that allowed his magic sword to reach Lecan's body. Yet, the barrier could stop his slash this time. What's the difference here.

Zoltan shot out more <Shadow Blades> in rapid succession.

"<Blade>! <Blade>! <Blade>! <Blade>! <Blade>!"

Five <Shadow Blades> assaulted Lecan. All of them get blocked by the barrier, creating phosphorescence. The blue light outline of the barrier is clearly visible.

Lecan looked at Zoltan's right side. It should have lost its flesh, bone and skin from the deep cut earlier, yet there was no trace of any gash. His Phantasmal Verdant Hornet armor has been cut out on that section, there's also blood, but that's it. As if there was never a wound in the first place.


The light outline vanished. The barrier has been devoured.

(I see!)

(He got a red potion in his mouth.)

(And he gulped it down earlier.)

Zoltan swung down his magic sword from overhead. There's no time to dodge it, and blocking it is better anyway. Thus Lecan made the decision in a brief window of time and held out <Shield of Wolkan>.

The sound of two objects clashing resounded.

A slash of pure strength even more colossal than with the Solid Sacred Silver sword earlier assaulted Lecan.

His shield blocked that attack.

But, a moment later.

<Shield of Wolkan> got split into two halves.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.7_8


Lecan grabbed another large magic stone and absorbed its mana.

He also took a mana restorative pill he made.

Still, it was right for him to choose <Comet Cutter> as his weapon. Any other sword wouldn't have been able to compete with Zoltan's magic sword.

Now then, Zoltan is an elderly. There is no doubt about that.

The reason why he's chosen to stay put in one place and meet Lecan's assault as his strategy is to preserve stamina. On the other hand, Lecan can jump around all over the place while doing his offensive.

That said, he knows Lecan's position and Lecan must go to the crossroad if he wants to attack Zoltan anyway. Lecan must traverse through one straight line no matter which directions he choose to attack from. Thus Zoltan can anticipate it.

Thinking again, this battlefield is to Zoltan's advantage.

Though it's also got some advantages to Lecan. He can put some distance away and hide in the corridors. If his strategy failed, he could always pull back to heal wounds and restore mana, then think up another strategy.

This battle can't go on for long. Once <Comet Cutter>'s blade has been manifested, undoing it and manifesting it back would eat up a huge amount of mana. Hence he's got not choice but to perpetually maintain the generated blade. Even maintaining this blade uses up a lot of mana. The necklace's mana is necessary for its magic barrier, while a Large Blue potion is only really effective once. In other words, Lecan got to end this fight before he used up all of his magic stone supply.

However, Zoltan has no clue that Lecan is bound by such a limitation. If he knew, he'd have tried to direct this battle into a protracted one, thus he must never know this fact.

Lecan equipped <Shield of Wolkan> on his left hand. He's reassessed that the shield will have its turn.

Lecan will spare nothing in this fight. Otherwise there is no chance of him coming on top.

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Once he's done with the preps, Lecan comes out of the corridors into the crossroad where Zoltan is standing.

Just like earlier, it's a very natural standing stance with nary a hint of wild excitement. Even his loosely hanging arms and relaxed legs look funny like they're doll's. However, Lecan has seen just how dangerous, swift and far reaching the attacks and movements those long limbs afforded Zoltan from the clash earlier. This man's entire being is a lethal weapon in itself.

His loosely hanging right hand is holding the magic sword. With the magic blade still manifested.

And his left hand is gripping a slightly shorter and peculiarly white beautiful sword.

Lecan knew at a glance what that sword is.

A Solid Sacred Silver sword.


(He even brought something like that here huh.)

Attacks from a Solid Sacred Silver sword cannot be blocked by <Necklace of Intuador>.

Could <Shield of Wolkan> stop it.

It might be able to, it might not.

If it can't, Lecan will have a taste of that sword's terrifying sharpness first hand.

That said, the idea of running away never even crossed Lecan's mind.


<Shield of Wolkan> manifested on Lecan's left hand.

Lecan stepped firmly forward on the rocky path slanting up.

Zoltan has his buoyant aura like usual.

Lecan kept advancing.

With every step of his advance, Lecan's whole body is firing itself up for the battle ahead. He's commanding his body to unleash the most superlative performance and reflexes it could muster up.

They're both only 30 steps away.

Lecan is still heightening his fighting spirit even now.

(Not enough.)

(This is far from everything.)

(The power sleeping within me.)

(This is nowhere near its full extent!)

That serene stance is probably what Zoltan arrived at the end of his long journey. That stillness which lacks any hint of bloodlust is where the secret for Zoltan unleashing his utmost lies.

But Lecan is not like him.

Lecan wields powers beyond his own by immersing himself in a fiery blaze that burns down even himself. Now is precisely the time for that.


(Ablaze, my heart.)

(Blaze up, burn down all that exists!)

An eerie light shot out of Lecan's right eye.

His entire being, down to the nerve at the tip of his hair awaits Lecan's command with every steps he takes.


Lecan recited a spell while charging ahead powerfully. An especially strong <Gust> blew Lecan's back, allowing him to charge at tremendous speed.


Zoltan recited the same spell. However, Zoltan's <Gale> pushed his body backward.

Lecan flew ahead, while Zoltan flew backward, maintaining a 10 step distance between them all the way.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan kicked the ground while accelerating himself with <Gust> to close in on Zoltan.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Zoltan flew backward while keeping his body afloat with <Gale>. Then as he arrived in front of the stairway's entrance to floor 120, he kicked a wall next to the entrance to leap above, and then he kicked the ceiling at the top to fall in on Lecan at full speed.

Lecan too responded Zoltan's sudden shift to offensive with a direct confrontation.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.6


It was one ferocious slash.

Zoltan's sword would have cut deep into Lecan's body had not for the Overking Bear overcoat he's wearing.

The slash cut apart Overking Bear overcoat, sliced his bones and diced his flesh, but it was not fatal.

"<Flame Arrow>!"

Two Flame Arrows emerged in empty air and flew toward Zoltan's closed eyes.

A sudden magic attack at point-blank range. And right after he committed an attack. Not even Zoltan managed to dodge this.

The attack did little to no damage, but due to receiving direct attack on vital points, his eyes, Zoltan stopped moving for a moment.


Lecan flew backward pushed by <Gust>.

Zoltan slashed once again as Lecan was retreating, but this time Lecan's necklace blocked the slash.

Nevertheless, the speed of these rapid slashes from those loosely hanging arms is simply astonishing.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan kicked the ground and accelerated backward with <Gust>.

Zoltan isn't giving a chase.

A 30 step distance was created between the two.

Zoltan is watching Lecan's every move with his sword right arm hanging loosely.


Lecan cast <Recovery> on his left shoulder using his right hand.

Then he thrust that right arm with the palm open forward.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

A barrage of five <Flame Spears>.

Zoltan blew apart a flaming spear aimed at his face with his magic sword.

The other four hit his body, creating a roaring pillar of flames. It looks oddly dramatic, but Zoltan is probably unhurt in there.

Phantasmal Verdant Hornet is a material with an extremely high resistance against magic. It's even capable of reflecting magic attacks. The inner side of the armor must be undamaged. It's an exceedingly difficult material to gather, Lecan has never seen an adventurer who managed to gather enough to make a complete set of armor.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

He shot out another five.

Lecan waited for the effect of <Recovery> to manifest enough on himself and sort out what he knew so far.

First, he understands that Zoltan can use <3D Perceptions> from the exchange earlier.

Lecan recalled his conversation with Zoltan.
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'What's the story behind your left eye?'

'Was on floor 42 of Dungeon Tantran.'

'Tritailed Serpent's venom eh? That thing's pretty nasty.'

Naturally, Zoltan must have conquered Dungeon Tantran and got the <3D Perceptions>. He likely knows <Mana Detection> as well.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan retreated further as he kept shooting magic.

Zoltan has <Shadow Blade> skill. This is a skill from their old world. It shoots out invisible blades. Lecan has seen this skill before.

Lecan's barrier disappeared after Zoltan recited the spell <Goar>. What was that anyway.

In his old world's language, <Goar> means <Devour>. Which originally comes from the word <Starve>. Considering <Wind>, and <Blade>, perhaps he should call it <Starve>. Either way, Lecan has no knowledge of any skill that makes use of that bizarre spell.

But there are countless skills outside Lecan's knowledge in his old world. Adventurers don't flaunt their repertoire of abilities, the more unusual, powerful, or special a skill is, the less likely they will disclose it. It won't be surprising if a man of Zoltan's caliber possesses three, four skills Lecan has no idea of.

That skill is probably a skill that devours magic. Zoltan cast <Shadow Blade> to activate Lecan's barrier, then he devoured that barrier and attacked with his magic sword through the crack in the barrier.

A chill ran down Lecan's spine.

Lecan is considered strong in this world thanks to the swordsmanship, stamina and skills he honed in his old world, and with those as a base, the boosts in basic attributes and learning magic.

But his enemy this time is a man who has acquired swordsmanship and skills beyond Lecan in their old world, and amassed even more powers in this world for decades before Lecan.

Lecan hid himself in the end of the left corridor, grabbed one large magic stone from the bag on his waist and absorbed mana off it.

Although Lecan never underestimated him, he always saw Zoltan as an elderly. Somewhere in his heart, he thought 'He's long past his prime as a fighter.'

But that was far from the truth.

He's strong.

Genuinely and legitimately strong.

He's a foe beyond me, thus Lecan admitted Zoltan's strength in his heart.

He could feel a sense of joy welling up from within.

The very first time in this world, an opponent where he must exert every last bit of his strength.

And it's an adventurer from the same world at that.


(Ain't this interesting.)

(Getting the chance to have such an interesting fight.)

(This is exactly what it means to be adventurers.)

He no longer gives a lick as to why they're fighting anymore.

Thoughts of what would come after the fight vanished from his head.

He can experience a fight against the toughest opponent he's ever faced in his life to his heart's content and with no one interrupting. Everything else is trivial in the face of that fact.

Lecan's entire being is trembling with euphoria.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.5


Lecan drew <Comet Cutter> out as he took a powerful step forward.

As if they were in sync, Zoltan too drew his sword. A long sword. Around a step long.

Lecan poured his mana into <Comet Cutter> as he took another step. Its magic blade manifested right away.

Zoltan also poured mana into his sword. Then its white blade got engulfed in a blade made of magic.


(He's got a magic sword too!)

Lecan charged out.

He lunged at Zoltan at tremendous speed and swung down <Comet Cutter> from overhead.

Zoltan held his magic sword high to meet <Comet Cutter>.

Blinding sparks flew everywhere as Lecan's and Zoltan's swords clashed.

This was surprising to Lecan. He had no idea this was what would happen when two magic swords clashed.

Zoltan kicked with his right leg.


Lecan recited a spell to employ <Gust> and jumped backward.

His Overking Bear overcoat flapped in the wind.


A bassy voice recited a spell. It's Zoltan's.

Zoltan charged out riding the wind on his back.

His speed far exceeds Lecan's.


Zoltan who immediately caught up to Lecan swung down his sword overhead.

Lecan tried to block it with <Comet Cutter>, but he was a moment too slow.


Zoltan had predicted him jumping backward with <Gust>.

A slash that would have split Lecan's head was stopped by an invisible wall. Magic barrier produced by <Necklace of Intuador>.

Zoltan looked surprised. Lecan as well. His necklace couldn't block <Comet Cutter>. Hence he thought the necklace doesn't consider magic blades as magic and will let them pass. But that's not the case. Or perhaps, Zoltan's magic sword is a special case. At any rate, he's saved.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

Lecan escaped backward with rapid <Gust> casting.

Zoltan isn't trying to go after him.

(That thing he used was no <Gust>.)

(It's <Gale>!)

The dungeon boss of Dungeon Karkassian is a Redwing Warbird, beating it could give you <Gust> skill at high probability. But in a very rare instance, a Goldwing Warbird would spawn instead and defeating it could grant you <Gale> skill at a fixed rate. Lecan spent many days in an attempt to get <Gale> there but could only obtain <Gust> in the end.


(You damn dungeon maniac!)

(How many damn days you stayed there to get that <Gale>!)

<Gale> is a more powerful version of <Gust> skill. It's activated by the same spell recitation, but its effect is superior to <Gust>.

Lecan quickly arrived near the entrance to Floor 120. He swiftly chose to go to the right corridor between two.

Then he pushed his left sleeve on his mouth and recited a spell.


Right after putting <Concealment> on himself, Lecan moved onto the next spells.


Lecan floated high up hitting the ceiling and moved to the left corridor.

The ceilings and walls on this floor are not floor, they're quite undulated. He hid himself in those undulations. And since he's got <Concealment> on, not even Zoltan should know that Lecan had moved to the left.

Lecan went around the left corridor while hiding his presence.

Zoltan hasn't moved from where he was earlier. In other word, he's a bit forward from the center of the four room.

(He's waiting.)
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(For me to go out of the right side.)

(But I'll actually attack from the left side.)

(And the slight opening created from that lapse.)

(Will bring me victory.)

There's around 120-130 steps from the floor's entrance to the left corridor edge, same distance from there to the left end of the crossroad. Then from that left end to the center of the crossroad is also 120-130 steps. Lecan ran a distance of around 360 to 400 steps at full speed while hiding with <Concealment>.

As Lecan reached the middle of the crossroad, he immediately turned right and raised his sword overhead to swing at Zoltan. Yet Zoltan who was supposedly taken by surprise is already in position to meet Lecan.


(Guy's got good instincts.)

But Lecan's got another trick.


A dazzling flash of light flooded out. Zoltan who was observing Lecan's sword got hit directly by it. He must be blinded now.


Lecan cast <Gust> to the left of his body and swung down his sword. To shift his attack position.

However, Zoltan moved his own magic sword to block <Comet Cutter> at precise timing without any hint of hesitation. Frightening level of instincts.


Lecan unleashed a barrage of rapid slash at his maximum speed.

From above, the sides, slanted, he swung <Comet Cutter> at Zoltan without even pausing to breath.

Zoltan easily parried every single slash with his magic sword.

Lecan's attack may be overwhelming, but he can't keep it up forever. A momentary opening was created. That's when.

"<Blade (Spartz)>!"

Zoltan shot out a magic attack.

(<Spartz>? <Shadow Blade>!)

A blade of magic manifested out of nowhere to assault Lecan, but <Necklace of Intuador>'s dim light barrier stopped it.


Zoltan recited a spell Lecan is unfamiliar with. At the same time, Zoltan swung his magic sword. Right toward the spot where his <Shadow Blade> got blocked.

Lecan thought the barrier would stop it again. But that never came to.

The slash was unhindered by the barrier and deeply gouged out Lecan's left shoulder.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.3_4


Lecan left <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

He swung by the store that was taking care of his damaged armor, but his spider armor hadn't been finished being repaired yet.

Nothing he could do about it so he headed for the dungeon. As it was near evening hour, there weren't that many people going in. He got in the dungeon without queuing up.


He picked Floor 1.


He warped to floor 1.

Went in a vacant room, rummaged his <Storage> and put on a chest armor, a stomach band, shoulder pads and a leather helmet he used in the past. He also replaced his trousers to sturdy leather made ones.

He grabbed <Necklace of Intuador> and equipped it. He's got his usual silver ring on his left hand. Also <Dagger of Harut> hanging on his waist. <Guardian Jewel of Zana> is in his chest pocket.

What will his main weapon be.

The one he's most accustomed with would be <Sword of Rusk>, it's so nice to handle and swing.

In term of sharpness, it would be Solid Sacred Silver swords. They're a bit shorter and with dicey durability but they're easy and quick to swing around with.

For power, it goes to <Comet Cutter> and <Power Sword>.

Length-wise <Comet Cutter> wins by a huge margin. He only manages 2x the length presently, but that's still longer than anything else he's got. Next up would be <Sword of Rusk>. Zoltan has longer limbs than Lecan's. Hence it's a good idea to pick a longer sword to compensate.

The issue is its usage time. Once you've run out of mana and can't maintain the magic blade anymore, <Comet Cutter> is nothing more than a weak short sword.

The other issue is <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s offense boost effect. Only <Sword of Rusk> can make use of this.

As <Comet Cutter>'s blade is made of magic, physical offense boost does nothing to it. <Power Sword> doesn't work with <Guardian Jewel of Zana>'s Grace. Combining its Offense Boost with Solid Sacred Silver sword's sharpness would produce terrifying results, but the blade likely won't hold out. Failing to make a blow decisive would be the end of it.

Which among four should he choose here.

Lecan chooses <Comet Cutter>. Petty tricks most likely won't work on Zoltan. This will be a clash of powers. Yet Zoltan is not someone that would fall in one hit. In which case, his only choice would be <Comet Cutter> and its highly destructive power contained within each and every swing.

Guardian Jewel, Necklace, Short Sword, and Silver Ring. All on.

<Necklace of Intuador>'s mana storage is full. He's got five large magic stones in a bag hanging on his waist, though he might not afford the time to use them. <Guardian Jewel of Zana> is not fully loaded with mana.

He doesn't have <Shield of Wolkan> equipped. He's got no plan to ever stop moving in a match against that total monster.

And now he's all set.

However, Lecan still hopes it wouldn't come to him having to fight Zoltan.

That man comes from his old world, a man who has trodden through dungeons in his homeworld.

Lecan prefers not to engage in a death match against this man.

(It's not set in stone yet.)

(He might even say this instead.)

('Help me get Nark and Nell back.')

However, somewhere in his heart, Lecan knew it wouldn't come to that.

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As Lecan went out of the stairway onto floor 121, Zoltan was standing in the crossroad ahead.

120-130 steps away. Lecan slowly approached him.

There are two rooms on each side of the middle passageway, then the stairway room further back.

It's a crossroad that splits four rooms and a square shaped passageway surrounding those rooms and the crossroad. Zoltan is standing in the middle of all that.

Zoltan's bearing is completely serene, no bloodlust drifting out of him whatsoever.

Lecan stopped moving about ten steps away.

He's really tall.

He's supposed to be only a fist or two taller than Lecan, yet Lecan feels as if Zoltan is towering over him, perhaps the result of his long years in battlefields.

Lecan immediately inferred material of the armor Zoltan is wearing.

(Damn it.)

(He's got Phantasmal Verdant Hornet Armor on.)

"Hey there. Sorry for calling you all the way out here."

Zoltan spoke jovially.

"What happened."

Lecan was trying to keep his cool, yet his voice came out slightly stiff.

"Nark and Nell have been kidnapped. On knight Torog's order. Torog demanded the <Comet Cutter> you have in exchange for their lives."

Gwislan the spy was speaking the truth.

Lecan spoke after thinking for a bit.

"I don't mind lending it if you swear you'll absolutely bring it back."

This is the biggest concession Lecan is willing to make. Lecan has no intention to let go of this <Comet Cutter>. However, a man of Zoltan's caliber might be able to make use of this <Comet Cutter> to save the two. He should have a pretty good chance succeeding with Lecan lending a hand.

"That is kind of you. However, I am unable to say I will bring <Comet Cutter> back if you let me borrow it."

"Where are the two being held?"

"General Dungeon Administrative Office."

This also matches with what Gwislan said.

"Young lady is under house arrest, so General Dungeon Administrative Office is controlled by that Torog fella now. He wants achievements by getting the <Comet Cutter>."

It appears Gwislan was speaking the truth.

"Can't we work together to save those two?"

"Fumu. We might manage, or the two of them might get killed. Even if we got them back to safety, they could never live in this town again."

"I see."

If that's his mindset, there's nothing Lecan says can change it.

There was an adventuress known as <Burstflame Dame Wojeni> in Lecan's old world. Her fame reached far and wide after conquering many dungeons, but then she married a shoemaker man and put her bloody trade behind her.

However, Wojeni never actually gave up being an adventuress.

When Lecan was much younger than he is now, the town Wojeni lived at waged war with its neighboring town. The town lord kidnapped Wojeni's husband and daughter and demanded Wojeni's cooperation. Wojeni blew the town lord to bits. And killed her husband and daughter. She burned down the town lord's mansion and killed every single person who went at her and perished herself. A few maids and servants who survived through the ordeal then spoke of the incident.

That's just how adventurers are like. Those who have been bound by something and lost their freedom are no longer an adventurer.

Zoltan has prioritized Nark and Nell's safety and happiness above his own freedom. Meaning he's given up on being an adventurer. That's how important his savior's grandkid is to him. Hence he cannot go against Torog. If he managed to kill Lecan and save the two, Zoltan would likely leave this town after. Warning Torog, 'You're dead if anything befell Nark and Nell when I come back.' Zoltan called Lecan here with that resolution already in place. Somewhere nobody else may interfere.

"I guess we gotta do this huh."

"Sorry about this, Lecan."

Thus began a fight to the death.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.2


"Lightning <Gwyntar>!"

Lecan groaned a spell, a cage of lightning manifested around him. Then thud, Chubby fell down behind Lecan. Chubby was going to escape through the door.

Lecan turned around and thrust his sword before Chubby's throat.

With his right eye still closed.


He cast <Recovery> on his eye. His vision hasn't recovered fully. But as someone with <3D Perceptions>, abnormalities on his regular vision won't hinder his capability in battle.

"How did Torog come to the conclusion that Zoltan would listen if he took Nark and Nell hostages?"

Lecan repeated his question like it was no big deal.

Chubby raised both his arms surrendering while still laying on the ground. Lecan might have purposely weakened that magic, but it still affected him too little. He must have some magic resisting equipment on him.

"Cause I reported it."


"Once Eliza-sama left, Zoltan-sama seemed quite close with the innkeeper couple. Especially after other guests had left, it was clear to me as I listened in to the conversation between Zoltan-sama and the innkeeper couple."

Which means this man was close by <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> that night.

(I see.)

(He was the guest in that house.)

That night Lecan was paying a close attention of the surroundings. He was especially on alert the night Eliza visited. There was no suspicious presence around <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>. There was a presence outside the usual family in a house next door, but Lecan thought it was probably just a guest staying and didn't think much beyond that. Houses around these parts accept people paying to stay at their houses even if they're not running an inn. That must be Chubby. But if he could properly listen the conversation here from that building, he must possess either <Farhear> magic or a skill of that kind.

"I've always found it odd, you see. Zoltan-sama never once went anywhere near this inn even though he owes so much to the family running this inn. He kept that up the whole time I was in this town. However, the closeness they showed that night was quite something. In other word, he deliberately never visited here to draw them away from danger. That's what I believed."

Lecan wondered about that too.

It looked like Nark hadn't seen Zoltan for a long time then. However, it was plain to see that Zoltan harbored a great sense of debt to Nark's grandfather. He was also obviously close to Nark and Nark's father. He's a man with no hometown. A man of solitude. Lecan found it odd that Zoltan never tried to visit the inn.

"Did you get any order regarding Zoltan from Torog."

"Yes. Like, you know. I was told to go look for his weakness."

And now Lecan's heard everything he needed to hear.
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No. There's some things left.

"Where's Nark and Nell?"

"They are held in the conference room next to the Administration Office."

"How many guard."

"There's probably no one inside the room. Outside, there should be two knights."

"That's all?"

"As far as I'm aware of, yes. But there's quite a few strong knights and personnel prowling the Administration Office just so you know."


And now he's heard everything.

Lecan raised his sword. And swings it down at Chubby's neck.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! You'd be better off not killing me you know!"

Lecan spoke with his sword mid swing.

"Any other last word?"

"I'm gonna work under you for a while, chief, if you spare my life here."

Lecan originally didn't have any intention to kill Chubby. No point in killing such a small fry. However he changed his mind after witnessing him dodging his slash. Thinking it would be dangerous to let this guy go.

"My intel gathering skill is something else if I do say so myself, you see. Listening in skill, infiltration, and tapping are all first class too. Not to forget my perfect memory."

Lecan was amused as he looked at Chubby's face as the man begged for his life. He's been driven into a hopeless situation, yet this spy looked like he's still clowning around somehow. Could one keep such a bizarre cool even when they're merely one step away from death's door.

Lecan slowly lowered his sword.

"Oh oh, maybe you'll consider it if I make a vow before priest-sama at the temple? I shall never again antagonize or bring you harm, chief. I'll follow your every orders."

The tip of Lecan's sword reached Chubby's neck.

"I'm gonna go out gathering intel for chief and chief's friends."

His voice turned to almost whisper. Naturally. Can't exactly shout with a blade on your throat.

KAH, Lecan unleashed his bloodlust as he opened his eye wide.

And Chubby just brushed that off. That is he didn't try to escape, get frightened or counter it. He's just staring back at Lecan with his usual innocent-looking eyes.

(This guy's fortitude.)

(Is uncanny.)

Lecan put his sword back in its sheath.

His thought changed to, 'Letting this chubby spy alive could turn out amusing.'

Chubby got up with a laugh on his face.

"Zoltan told me to go to a specific location in this letter, do you or Torog know where that is?"

"Zoltan-sama said nothing about it, but I bet it's the dungeon. This is what he said. 'Lecan will come if I ask him to.'"


That's exactly right.

Lecan will go because Zoltan asked him to come.

No matter what will transpire there.

"Get lost."

Told so by Lecan, Chubby briskly bowed and trotted away. While looking like he was the very picture of a harmless member of the general public.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 37.1


"So, can I go back now?"

The chubby spy spoke nonchalantly. Lecan looked at him with an icy stare.

"Where's Nark and Nell."

"They're at the General Dungeon Administrative Office."

Lecan didn't think the spy would answer that, it took him by surprise.

"Who took them away."

"It's Knight Torog-sama."

Knight Torog Benchara.

The representative of General Dungeon Administrator. A relatively skilled man with a suspicious look in his eyes.

"Why did he took them."

"To use them as hostages, of course."


"They're hostages to make Zoltan-sama do his bidding, see."

"What's he making Zoltan do."

"Kill you and take the <Comet Cutter> off you."

So they've kidnapped Nark and Nell as hostages and forced Zoltan to kill Lecan. But it's hard to believe Zoltan would just comply.

Perhaps he's only pretending to go along with it while plotting something else. Either way, he must not take Chubby's words at face value.

That said, he lacks so many information currently. He's got to draw as much intel as he could from Chubby. Sorting out the false from the truth can done later.

"Did General Dungeon Chief Administrator order Torog to do all that?"

"Eliza-sama is under house arrest presently, soo."

"House arrest?"

"Eliza-sama went to elder Termin and apologized to him after that talk with you here the other day. And she managed to bring the elder to the town lord's mansion. Townlord-sama has put Eliza-sama under house arrest for her oversight in coordinating the matter with the elder, and granted the permission for elder Termin to appraise all the treasured swords in House of Notz's custody all he wants. It's a huge pile of swords amassed from years of <Dungeon of Swords> loot. Elder Termin is fully focused in appraising every single one of those swords, you see. All while receiving hospitality at the townlord's mansion."

Looks like they managed to win over Termin. But at least there's no need to worry of them harming him then. Lecan has no right to complain about it if the man himself is fine with it.

"Meaning the one behind all this shady stuff is Torog huh."

Chubby shrugged, furrowed his brows and put on a facetious face.

"Speak what you know, no lies."

Lecan gave the order with his hand gripping his sword's handle.

"Sure, I think so. This isn't how the townlord usually do stuff. Just that"

"Just what."

"Knight Commander, Orug Benchara-sama would probably be on board of this kind of stuff."

"What's Orug Benchara to Torog Benchara."

"It's his father."

The son of the knight commander who lost to Zoltan huh.

"Why does Torog want the <Comet Cutter>."

"Who knows? Maybe he's going to present it to the townlord and rack up achievements. Or maybe he wants to make it into his own sword."

"His own sword?"

Could Torog even use <Comet Cutter>. Don't think he's got that big of mana pool. But a wealthy noble like that guy might have a few Grace Gear which can boost that pool.

"I mean, he was so surprised he yelled out so loud when he first heard about that sword's capability."
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"Heard about capability?"

"Yes. He leaped in joy with sparkling eyes when I reported the results of appraisal tag and all."

"You peeked at the appraisal tag and reported the content to Torog then."

"Yes. I mean, it's my job and all."

"Speak what you saw, now."

"Name Comet Cutter. Type Magic Sword. Offense 20. Hardness 20. Firmness 20. Sharpness 50. Wear Rate None. Endurance 100. Spawn Spot Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 121. Depth 121. Grace Magic Blade and Damage Restoration. Magic Blade's description is Offense tenfold, sharpness tenfold, length two-fivefold. That's that."

He did read all that's written in big letters after all. While missing words with small letters and that were written in the back. Hence Chubby had no idea about the part that's read 'even mages with an abundant mana pool with the help of mana boosting and mana storage Grace Gear could only barely generate and maintain this sword's magic blade.' and never reported it to Torog.

(Hold it.)

(Eliza was clueless on <Comet Cutter>'s actual ability.)

(Which means.)

"So you told Torog about Secret Appraisal content but not Eliza."

"Yes. I mean, that's Torog-sama's job."

"Who's your master."

"I'm hired by Torog-sama."

"Not the townlord huh."

"Nope, I don't get wages from the townlord."

Torog purposely omitted the important part when he reported to Eliza. Not sure what his motives are, but it means Torog isn't a loyal subordinate of Eliza.

Torog wants to get his hands on <Comet Cutter>. But he has deemed getting Lecan to surrender the sword impossible. Hence he's trying to snatch it by force.

Since his father is the knight commander, he might be able to mobilize the knights to mount an assault on Lecan, but that's gonna turn into a huge mess with tremendous loss on his side. Not to mention if Lecan escapes to dungeon depths, they won't be able to go after him. Hence he turned to Zoltan.

Lecan understands that much. So far. But he can't grasp the thinking behind his actions afterward.

First of all, Lecan doesn't get why they took Nark and Nell hostages.

How come they believe Zoltan would listen to them by taking those two as hostages. Zoltan could easily reap Torog's head had Torog incurred his wrath. Lecan wondered why they picked that means.

Besides, if they knew that those two were Zoltan's weakness, they should have taken them hostages and got their revenge on Zoltan much earlier in time. Why did they leave those two alone until this point.

"Oy, Chubby."

"Are you talking about me?"

"Yeah. How did Torog come to the conclusion that Zoltan would listen if he took Nark and Nell hostages?"

"Ehehehehe. That, you see. Riii"

Chubby stretched the word 'Ri-' before suddenly speaking rapidly.


Chubby activated <Flash> magic on the base of his throat. A brooch was the casting object. In other word, it's a brooch-shaped wand. <Flash> spell had been loaded in it. Lecan never considered the possibility of Chubby casting magic since he only had a sliver of mana.

Lecan didn't have time to close his eye. The dazzling light blinded his eye.

However Lecan's got <3D Perceptions>.

Lecan swiftly drew <Sword of Rusk> and slashed at Chubby's neck.

However, Chubby dodged Lecan's slash with unbelievable agility. Chubby's presence vanished in that exact moment.




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