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Okami wa Nemuranai 36.16



"Master. My insight did not extend that far. But I do believe what Findin said hold some merit."

"Kanner. Does she truly possess such foresight?"

"It is not that she sees the future. That was but one way to interpret a mumble. By the way, master. Regarding Eda-sama's matter."

"Ah. Are you speaking about how Eda wishes to stay in this mansion. Of course I am not against that, but how in the world did it come to that, wanting to live in a mansion of the family that abducted her."

"The fact that Eda-sama is a <Purification> user was made public after Herb Saint Guide Skalabel departed this town last year. Due to the words left behind by herb saint-sama, none of the noble houses or bigger merchants dared to meddle with Eda-sama, but that did not stop the small fry from buzzing around her."

"Buzzing around like how."

"They would send messengers to Eda-sama's neighbors or shops she frequents in an attempt to lure her out and enjoy the blessing of her <Purification> or <Recovery>."

"Crush them to smithereens. The town lord or any noble house would not ignore Herb Saint-sama's ultimatum."

"Eda-sama has managed to deal with them well on their own thus far. However she cannot bear to get people around her getting involved. Hence she came to Norma-sama to consult about it in which Norma-sama responded with, 'How about you live here then.'"

"I see. So that's what happened. Having the <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> would be a boon to our house."

"Yes. We might be able to rely on her when it comes to it, and above all, she's a person of time after all. She is also a Gold ranked adventurer. It would be the highest honor to our house. Oh and also, she will come here with a Longarm Ape."


"Master, Kanner-sama. It may be wise to inform the branch family as well."

"Inform, is it. I see. You mean about Eda-sama."

"Yes. We should make it clear as soon as possible that Goncourt members will not be treated specially just because Eda-sama is staying at Goncourt Mansion."

"Right. That's good. Findin, make the arrangement."

"Sir. And also, master. Norma-sama may be completely off hand on the political side of things, but she serves an important function for this family."

"What? What does she accomplish. She has done nothing but shutting herself in her room writing manuscripts all day."

"She has made Utena-sama, Gaipus-sama, Elfus-sama and also Jona-sama and Yulila-sama to get along with each other."

"They're just chatting over tea. How does that makes her serve an important function to this family."

"She's laying the groundwork for a future where Elfus-sama's husband, and Yulila-sama's husband work together helping Gaipus-sama in his capacity as the present master of this house."


"It is not that Utena-sama and Jona-sama's relationship are especially sour, but they barely ever interacted with each other. They simply lived in the same Goncourt mansion. But now that Gaipus-sama, Elfus-sama and Yulila-sama have grown attached to Norma-sama, that has become an impetus for Utena-sama and Jona-sama to deepen their relationship."

"I see. It's not a bad thing indeed. And none but Norma can accomplish that."

"Yes. Norma-sama even extended her kindness to Kusandria-sama and Horkassa-sama."
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"I heard she's been visiting them every day."

"Tendoria-sama and her children are also included."

"It's probably easier for Norma to associate with women and children than with men."

"I do not think that's all there is to it. She had indirectly admonished Horkassa-sama, reminding him about his way of life as a noble and to cherish his family more. And above all, she even told him that he should seek consultation if he is troubled with something as he's at his mother's family house right now."

"So you are saying she's taken pity of that Horkassa."

"It may come to nothing, but neither is it harmful. And there is no telling if it bears fruit in the future."


"Master, regarding Don Cospe-sama."

"Ooh. How is it, Kanner."

"He had a secret agreement with Boldrin as we suspected."

"I see. Then we were treading on a thin line in that family council."

"Truly so. But it appears he wasn't planning to betray the main family, he intended to manipulate Boldrin and enrich his house."

"Like that man has the wit to go toe to toe with Cassandra. He'd be just used up like a rag doll at best. Besides, he must fully plan to take off with the majority of that rich."

"What will be your judgment."

"Fumu. Find out Norma's opinion on this matter first."


Findin muttered.

"It's as if I'm witnessing the <Sage King> of the past in Norma-sama."

"Heh. I see. Come to think of it, Norma is a descendant of that Sage King. What's wrong, Kanner. Do you not follow."

"Unfortunately, I am clueless in the matter."

"Findin. Tell him."

"Sir. During a period after the fall of Wapud Kingdom and up until the founding of Zaka Kingdom, Dresta Kingdom, Hensur Kingdom, Marl Kingdom, Shait Alliance and Zobres Kingdom, there existed smaller kingdoms in the now central area of Zaka Kingdom, also known as Central Plain. One among those kingdoms, Sarihaus Kingdom never had the name of its founding king handed down in history, they were only known by their epithet, the Sage King."

"Ah, I have heard of that."

"It is said that Sage King did not call themselves as a king. They would listen to people's trouble, and gave them closures before eventually they were extolled by people as king. And even after becoming a king, they brought the kingdom together without armed might."

"But how could a country last without a military."

"Among Sage King's retainers was a famous knight and even a <Purification> user. However, they were never one to initiate war in their kingdom founding."


"And, it is said that House of Wazrof is the descendant of that Sage King."

"Ah, I see where it's going. I understand now. Thank you."

Norma began living in Goncourt mansion on the 4th of month two. She's gotten completely accustomed to Goncourt family after two months. Her work in sorting out her father's posthumous manuscripts saw a remarkable progress as well.

Then on the 11th of month 4, something no one could have predicted happened.

A messenger of Wazrof has come paying Goncourt mansion a visit.

The messenger wished to have an audience with Norma, asking her to come to Wazrof for a matter they wish to discuss with her.


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