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Okami wa Nemuranai 36.13


"Won't you be present during knight Kaldan's interrogation?"

"Oh? You've promised that I won't have to do anything. Now that Prado-sama is completely back on your feet, do the rest yourself. Besides, I've got an errand to run at the temple."

"It was truly shocking to witness the temple gave the permission to deploy <Bell of Truth> so easily like that. Just what kind of trick did you employ Norma-sama?"

"Oh it's nothing much, Kanner. I simply sent a letter to the temple. With this written inside. <As a medic, I determined the cause of Herb Saint Skalabel's poor physical condition using a research done by my late father, Sasfrey, as a reference. With that knowledge, I led medic Eda to treat Guide Skalabel. I, medic Norma shall give an explanation on the truth of that treatment if you will be willing to give me the permission to deploy <Bell of Truth>."

"My goodness."

"I'm the only one who can give an in-depth theoretical explanation on that matter. Although the temple likely has grasped a rough idea of what happened. They can have me tell the secret behind it. It's not a bad trade at all."

"But. But is it really all right to speak of that?"

"Not like they told me to keep quiet. Besides, it's not something that can be kept secret forever anyway, I believe all temples at the capital are carrying out their own investigations even as we speak. However, by hearing from me directly, Vouka's Ceres Temple would gain information a month, or even further, earlier than the neighboring temples. The most accurate information on the topic in the whole kingdom. As this gets them such an important information earlier than even the capital, Vouka's Ceres temple stands to gain so much from it. I'm sure their sphere of influence will see a huge boost."

"Simply astounding, Norma-sama."

In fact, getting the town lord's permission was the harder part, yet he gave it just like that. Crimus seems to have considered Norma as a VIP after witnessing her interactions with guide Skalabel and priest Amamir. Her relationship with Lecan and Eda might have influenced the decision as well.

"But to think all ten entries ended up being <True>. Thanks to that, we didn't have to pay one big gold coin since the bell did not ring once."

Once <Bell of Truth> is activated, you designate a target, after which the bell will ring if the target speaks a lie. The bell will not ring if the target speaks the truth. The bell is not counted as used if it does not ring and can be deployed again right away.

Utilizing that property, you start by getting the target say things with the lowest probability to the highest in order to fish as much information as possible. However, this town's bell can only have up to ten entries per the rule.

As the bell cannot be used again until a year if it rings even once, you must pay one big gold coin once it does.

The first entry as prepared by Norma was 'I know the person who ordered me to stab Prado Goncourt with a poisonous needle.' If they could at least get this, they can torture Nirfut then.

The last entry was, 'As ordered by Cassandra Boldrin, I murdered Dopus Goncourt, and stabbed Prado Goncourt with a poisonous needle.'

So long as the first entry turns out as true, that will be more than enough reason to torture Nirfut or have a priest cast mind magic on him to draw further testimonies out of him. However, testimonies obtained through torture are seen as weak evidence in the court no matter how valuable it is. Facts gotten formally from the bell are the strongest form of evidence. As such they got results from all ten entries before proceeding to torture and had Nirfut tell everything he knew.

"We found it difficult to get a good progress on knight Kaldan's interrogation, perhaps Norma-sama could grace us with an advice?"

"Well now? That's Prado-sama and your problem, not mine. Though I think letting him know his position by enumerating all the facts we got at the temple before him would be a good starting point. Also, telling him that you wouldn't pin the responsibility of the assassination on him and that you wouldn't hand him over to the Wazrof should help the man obtain a huge sense of relief."

"A relief that is a debt that he should pay back, I take it."

"I think not going after immediate gains and not handing down excessive punishments in this matter would do you good in the future. Cassandra-sama has lost her piece in Nirfut. The influence Boldrin has on Goncourt has been greatly diminished. Bear with that much for now. By doing thus, they'll give a huge preferential treatment to you on their own when you do business with them later."

"I do not believe they would have incurred that big of a loss from merely losing a lone assassin."

"I don't think so. Judging from Kusandria-sama's and knight Kaldan's behavior during the family council, this spy Nirfut seemed to be a man Cassandra-sama puts quite a bit of trust on, he held the authority in that group. It's nothing more than a guess though. But losing your trusted subordinate is a hard blow to anybody."

"It is as you said. I lack your insight."

"Is Nirfut dead?"
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"I see."

He might be an assassin, but there was something that made it hard to hate the man. And yet, he's unlikely going unpunished even if they let him back to Boldrin. Further, Kanner's grudge and anger wouldn't subside if that man was let go. And above all, Prado who has lost his grandson and nearly his life would definitely not bear seeing the culprit walk away scot-free.



"Are you satisfied now?"


"Have you done away with your frustration?"

"...I am humbled."

"If you have, it's time to forget your grudge."

"Some things can not be forgotten."

"Hm. You must never forget the past. But letting your emotion binds your limbs will only cloud your judgment. So, if you're aware that you still hold some grudge left, work toward dispelling that and take control of your emotion back."

"Is that something that can be done?"

"Didn't you just do?"

"It's all thanks to Norma-sama."

"Cherish yourself more. Well then, I'll be off."

"Do take care on your way."

Seen by other employees, Norma and Jinga boarded on a wagon heading for the temple.





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